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Azura Academy is a once private school now accepting new students through auditions. The main focus though is on students of Class 2-B, (which is around 12-15 years old), and the adventures that they have, in and out of the school. Azura Academy is placed in Westopolis, where things are normally very smooth, but when a group of shady individuals begin making their presence known through small means, stealing and destruction of property, leading up to murder, authorities try to act, but these individuals only seem to have a weakness from the children, how is this possible? What is going on?


  • Godmodding is not allowed
  • Don't auto hit
  • Likewise, don't dodge everything
  • Cursing is fine in Moderation, do not go overboard with it
  • Students in class 2-b should be 12-15 years old. Teachers should be 18 and older, and other students in other classes can be any age you wish.
  • Only one character per user is allowed into Ruby team, alts will be in different teams and classes
  • Remember that this is a series, if you have a character in one part, it would be appreciated for them to return in future parts, especially if they are in Team Ruby.
  • Also, I'm also looking for people to help come up with ideas for parts.
  • When you have joined, add a character into one of the spots below. If they are a character in Team Ruby, then add them into one of the catagories that you think fits them. Either the king, queen, Bishop, knight, or Pawn. Whatever word used to describe the position that you think best fits your character is the one you should place them in. Rmember that King and Queen are just titles and it doesn't matter if a guy has the queen spot and the girl has the king spot.




William Hunteman Jr/MiDONE





Frozen Scorpio

User:Clastus The AshLynx/User:Saren the Dark Lynx



Involved Characters

Class 2-B

Ruby Team

The Tactical King: Katie Ferella

The Inspiring Queen: Mars the Lightning Wolf (as a 13 year old)

The Calculating Bishop: Carmen Prower (As a 13 yearold)

The Stalwart Rook: Allure the Merhog (14 years old)

The Loyal Knight: Solar the Wolf (14 years old)

The Resourceful Pawn: Mainstream the Fox (at age 14)

Sapphire Team

The Tactical King: Leon the Hedgehog (Age 14)

The Inspiring Queen: Saren Arterius (Age 13)

The Stalwart Rook:

The Loyal Knight:

The Resourceful Pawn: Matt the Hedgecat (15 years old)


Part 1: The first day (Coming Soon...)

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