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Valkyria the Magician

Dawn the Fox

Gilford the Lightning

Mark the Fox

Frost the Monkey

Ellis the Hedgecat

Neutral People

Angel and Devil the Chao

The Sarge



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  • Only aloud to flirt or kiss.
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Chapter 1

(In a nearby forest)

Valkyria: -sits on a nearly worn-out rock- Wow... never knew how peaceful the forest is.

Mark: *walking through the forest* Hmm, I wonder what to do today...

-Angel flies through the forest and bumps into Mark-

Angel: Chao Chao! *Ow, I think I hurt my nose* -she covers up her face-

Mark: *rubs back head* Hey, are you lost?

Angel: Chao chao...*Yes, I'm looking for my owner and brother* -she starts crying- Chao *I can't find them!*

Mark: Hey calm down, if you like, I'll help you find them.

Angel: Chao? Chao.. *Really? Well, here's a picture of them* -she holds out a picture of her, Valkyria and Devil-

Mark: Is that Renée?

Angel: Chao... *Yes, most people call her Valkyria, because that's her magician name* -she yawns and streches her arms-

Mark: *picks up Angel* I know your owner actually.

Angel: Chao Chao! *Cool! If we can find her, my brother will be there too!*

(Meanwhile, deeper in the forest)

Valkyria: Devil, you can have all the fruit you want.

Devil: Chao -he makes angry chao noise- *But I can't reach them! Grrr...* -he punches the tree and the fruit all fall down on him-

Valkyria: -laughs-

(Back to where Mark and Angel are at)

Mark: Do you have any idea where Renée and your brother is?

Angel: Chao chao...Chao! *Um...Aha! Renée normally hangs out near a temple, you'd normally hear music*

Mark: Do you know where this temple is?

Angel: Chao...*Maybe, it has a cherry blossom tree near it, which never loses its leaves, see that, you're there* -she thinks- I think so anyway....

Mark: I got a faster way to get there. *tails start propelling and flies up* 

-Somewhere in the forest-

???: *Walks though the forest until he see a flying Fox* Hmmm...

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