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Taking a hike, Tailsalyn and friends call for help, It causes an avalanche. When they get down into a cave the rocks of the the avalanche block the doorway! Will they get out, or, Will they be stuck?

Plot Part 2

The Group execept Six are captured by a Mind-Controlled Six and Eggman's Goons, Will they survive or not?


  • Kendal345
  • Maria1234567890
  • RapidTH

Involved Characters

Part -1 Avalanche

Tailsalyn: Oh no! We're stuck!

Six: Dont Shout. It might cause a...

( Snow starts to rapidly fall down the Mountain. )


( They all Start to Run. )

Six: Remind me not too do this again!

( They notice a Cave to the Side. )

Six: In there!

Shuckz: The snow blocked the doorway!

Shimmer: *teleports behind everyone* Hi there, I see your stuck in a cave.

Tailsalyn & Shuckz: Ahh! SHIMMER! Don't do that!

Shimmer: Hahaha! Okay, I won't do that again. *trys to teleport back*.

Shimmer: Uhhh, I can't teleport back! I must have used up all my energy. Now, I'm stuck here.

Shuckz: Why don't you just punch the snow? And Tailsalyn why don't you just make static electricity with your tails?

Six: We could use my Acid Blood?

Shimmer: Ok! Try it!

Six: You may want to step back. ( She Opens her Mouth. The Little Mouth inside pops out. It starts to Spew out Acid. ) Urrgh... There's too much debree in the way... I'll lose too much Blood.

Shimmer: Oh. Hmph. I hope someone will help us...I know! Why don't I use my pyrokinesis! *trys doing pyrokinesis* Oh yeah. I used up all my energy.

Six:I dont like the Feel of this Cave... and when a Xeno dont like a Dark Place you know it's Bad... But i can lead us out... I hope.

Tailsalyn: *trys static electricity* I could hardly make a dent!

Shuckz: Oh my goodness!

Kyros fell in front of the cave head first in snow.

Shimmer: Who are you? Are you here to get us out of here?

Kyros struggled to get out of snow. His voice was muffled.

Shimmer: Huh? *pulls Kyros out of the snow*

Kyros shivered. "I j-just slipped of the edge of a cliff and landed here." He said, clattering his teeth.

Shimmer: You should come in here, to get warm. Six here is going to try to find a way to get out of here. By the way, I'm Shimmer, that's my best friend, Tailsalyn, my brother Shuckz, and our new pal Six.

Kyros smiled. "Cool. I'm Kyros. Most people call me Kai." He said putting his hand out to shake.

Shimmer: *shakes Kyros* So, Kai, can you try to help us get out of here?

Six:Umm... Guys?

Kyros looked at six. "Hello." He said with a smile.

Shimmer: Yeah, Six?

Tailsalyn: *looks at Shuckz*

Shuckz: Six, What happened?

Tailsalyn: What Six?

Six: You might want to grab the Popcorn... *A Predator uncloaks in front of Six. It readys it's duel Wristblades. Six lets out a loud Hiss* 

Shimmer: We don't have corn.

( Six and the Predator charge at each other. Six whacks it around the Head. It slices her Torso. Six slams it with her Tail. It punches her in the Face sending her flying. It picks her by the Tail and swings her around then lets go. She gets back up and leaps at it. The Predator fires it's Plasmacaster but misse's her. She claws at him rapidly. She grabs on. It punchs her off. She crawls on the Floor in agony. )

Shuckz: I have corn.

Tailsalyn: I have static electricity.

(Together they make popcorn.)

Six: I was Jokeing! Hisss!

( She gets back up. She stabs it in the Shoulder with her Tail. It stabs her in the Stomach. She rips off the Predator's Mask and Punchs him. It stabs deeper. )

Six: If your sceemish look away!

( She stabs it in the Back. It lets go of her. She grabs him and opens her Mouth. It yells in Agony as her Little Mouth smashs through it's Head. )  

Shimmer: Wow! *starts to get some energy back* Kyros do you see this?

Six: Now that's Aliens vs Predator! *Notices a Device on the Predator's Neck* ... Eggman! 

Shimmer: Eggman! *starts turning into Dark Shimmer*

( Just then a Facehugger with a similear Device leaped at Shimmer. Six caught it and tore it in half. )

Shimmer: Thanks, Six. *starts to smash the predator and the device with his Piko Piko Hammer*

Six: Your welcome... You have no Idea how hard it is for me to kill my own though... I want Revenge on Eggman... But we must kill the Queen aswell... Or they will Spread outside.

Shimmer: *starts turning back into regular Shimmer*

( Hiss's and Raw's start to sound out. )

Six: Run!

Shimmer: Where?

Kyros looked around.

Predalien Cyborg: No where! Master? Intruders have been Captured... They have Xenomorph: Six with them.

Eggman: *Over Comms* Good. Bring them to me. Six will be marked up for the Program...

( A Group of Xenomorph's, Predator's and Mech's surround them. )

Shimmer: Oh, no. They caught us. *gets his Piko Piko Hammer and starts to smash the Predators, the Mechs, and the Eggman's group of Xenos*

Kyros forced a mech into another group of mechs. He then proceeded to crush them with his telekinetic powers.

( The Predalien Cyborg grabbed and started to choke both Six and Tailsalyn )

Predalien Cyborg: Stop! Or they die...

Kyros put his hands down. "...take me then."

Shimmer: What are you doing, Kai?!?!

Tailsalyn: HEEELLLL..*coughs*....LLLPPPPP!*coughs*

Shuckz: I'll try to save you too, Six and Tailsalyn!

"I'll take their spots. I'll die for both of them." Kyros said.

Six: Dont... Be a... Fool... He'll kill us... anyway!

Predalien Cyborg: If you insist...

( It drops the others and holds Kyros as a Facehugger advances forward )

Predalien Cyborg: I wonder what will pop out of you?

Shimmer: *thinks sad thoughs to turn into Dark Shimmer and gets out 7 Sol Emeralds* I hope this works... *He turn into Surpeme Shimmer* * Shimmer whacks his Super Piko Piko Hammer with alot of energy and force and knocks out Predalien Cyborg* *He faints*

Kyros healed Shimmer. "C'mon! Don't die on me!"

Shimmer: *wakes up* Wh, What happened?

Kyros smiled. "You fainted. But you knocked out ugly over there." He said, pointing to the Predalien Cyborg.

Shimmer: Wait, Where's Six, Shuckz and Tailsalyn?!?!

"He let them go. I was going to take their place." He said.

Eggman: Here they are. *He points to he captured Trio* You've caused me trouble... So i'll cause you some.

( Two Mech's grab Six and pin her down. They begin to attach a Device to her Back. )

Eggman: I'll have your Friend kill you...

( Six crawls on the Floor and Hiss's in agony as her mind is warped. )

Six: Arrgh!

Kyros ran to Six and attempted to heal her. "It's gonna be okay. I'm trying to heal you. Hold on."

Shimmer: No Six! Don't kill us! Remeber us Six, Shimmer, Tailsalyn, Shuckz, and Kyr...*starts crying, and turns into Dark Shimmer* HOW COULD YOU EGGHEAD! *He leaps on Eggman bashes him on the head with his hammer* ARRGH!

Kyros used his powers to levitate Shimmer in the air and then put him on the ground. "It's not worth it!"

Shimmer: Yeah. you're right... *gives Eggman one more hit*

Six starts to crawl forward. She grabs Shimmer and starts to open her mouth.

Shimmer: Hey, what are you doing, Six?

Kyros jumped in front of Shimmer.

Eggman: That's it! Kill them! Now!

Six looks at Shimmer and Kyros. She attempts to strike multiple times but relents.

Six: Never! Arrgh!

She holds her Head in agony.

Shuckz: Six I don't want to hurt you but please listen to me! We are your friends!

Six curls up on the Floor in Pain.

Six: Kill... Protect... Protect... Kill... Kill... Kill... Protect... Harvest!

She keeps rolling in Pain.

Tailsalyn: PROTECT! please.

Six: *Mind Control kicks in* Why? So i'll be judged by Humans again? So i'll be nothing but Sport to the Yautja? So i'll be an outcast from my kind?

Numerous Xeno's group around Six.

Six: Siblings... Hisss...

Eggman: Good. Now Six be a dear and take them to your new hive and Queen.

Six and the Xeno's drag off the Group who are Screaming.

Shimmer: Let me go! *trys to teleport away from the Xenos* Ugh, I still don't have energy, since I used it all on Predalien Cyborg.

Six: Dont struggle... Or the Facehugger will be a nice way out.

She wraps him in Hive Webbing.

Part-Two. The Hive.

A while Later Six was guarding over the Group who were all in Hive Webbing next to each other. Shuckz either from madness or to annoy the Xenos was Singing random stuff.

Six: Oh be quiet already!  

Shuckz: Oh you be quiet!!!

(This is FAR different from what the roleplay was supposed to be...-RTH)

(I agree with RTH)

(It makes no sense. If you read what the roleplay's about, which is we get stuck in a cave, then look at this part you have two different roleplays on one page. -RTH)

( Yeah but would just a group being stuck in a Cave doing nothing but trying to Escape be an exciteing Roleplay? Whith this it add's excitement, Tension and thrills. I mean whats a Sonic Story without Eggman? This will keep the readers entertained. )

Shimmer: *trys to break loose* Ugh!

Kyros struggled to get loose.

Six: Have you fools learnt nothing? You cant escape that without assistence!

A few loud Footsteps were heard the Predalien Cyborg appeared from around the Corner.

Predalien Cyborg: Six. Master wants these Fools at the Command Center.

Six: But i thought...

She was cut off by it wacking her around the Face. She fell back and the Device cracked.

Predalien Cyborg: Do not Question me!

Six:Umm... Yes Commander.

Shimmer: *turns invisible so Cyborg and Six can't see him and holds Kyros, Shuckz, and Tailsalyn and teleports to Command Center and thinks of a plan*

Part 3 - the Plan of Command Center

Tailsalyn: So, What's the plan?

Shimmer: Don't know but I'll think of something.

Shuckz: I have a plan! We should try to- (Tailsalyn interrupts Shuckz.)

Tailsalyn: Simple!!!! Break the Device off of Six's Back!

Shuckz: Hey! (pouts)

Harumi: *walks in* Ni hao.What's da matter?

Tailsalyn: Hello? *Takes a pic of Harumi*

Shuckz *looks at Tailsalyn* What are you doing?

Tailsalyn:*Drops her phone*

Predalien Cyborg: *Walks in holding Six by the Neck* Harumi! Get back to Work. Im takeing this fool to the Torture Room... She failed to guard the Intruders...

Six: Get... Your stinking... Hand off me!

Predalien Cyborg: *Punches Six* Shut up... *Drags her off* 

Shimmer: Six! You're back to you're normal self, I see.

Predalien Cyborg: What was that? *Picks up the Floor Grate to reveal the cowering group* Aha! Our Plan worked... Six?

The device on Six's Back had short-circuited and she ripped it off.

Six: Ahh Freedom...

Predalien Cyborg: Oh Shi... *Six pounces at him* Get off! *Six repeatedly claws at him*

Six: Shut it Freak! You lot get in the vents! Quick.

Predalien Cyborg: *Punches Six off* Urrgh. I cant belive i'll have too take Orders from you if Eggman has his way. *Kicks Six* You're not worthy of being the new Queen.

Shimmer: *whispers to Six* If Eggman puts you in charge you should put the bad guys on our side.

Six: It wouldent work like that... I would be used as a tool of death and destruction... I would lay the Egg's that eggman would use to take over the world... I would be Evil... I would see you, my Friends, as nothing but Hosts and Food...

Eggman: *Walks in* So you know my Plan now. Good. Harumi? Take the Sol Emeralds from Shimmer and take Six to 'The Room'. You should be Honored Six... You will be the Mother of a World Ruleing Army. You may keep who you wish alive in return.

Six:*Devolops a Plan in her Mind* It will be a Honor. *Grins Evily* Come Harumi. I dont wish to be Late to my Coronation.

Harumi : Sure. I'll Take the emeralds from Shimmer. * takes all seven sol emeralds from Shimmer and tosses them to Shuckz* I'm done working for you Egghead! *takes Six to The Room and destroys everything with her razor sharp claws* 

Shimmer: Way to go!

Harumi: No problem.

Tailsalyn: You broke the device off of  Six's back?


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