The continent of Soumerica is under siege by an army of unkown forces lead by a mysterious warlord. This opposing force has made landfall on the Emerald Coast and is seeking to invade Station Square through the Mystic Ruins! The invaders have also been inciting rebellion in the region in order to plunge Soumerica out of G.U.N control and into chaos. It is unclear who is behind this attack and what their goal is, however it is known that they clearly intend to take the continent and set it up as a base of operations in the region. Will your heroes rise to put a stop to this invasion or will Station Squre fall?  (Free to join.)





Black Dragon


Zero1000 the Wolf

Teh spooderman

Involved Characters

The Eternal Army(Jaredthefox92)

Grief (Jaredthefox92)

Moros C. Nekrozia (Saren)

Blackrose the wolf (Tranz)

Lenseirus Valentine, Prince of Wrath (BDO)

Chace the Fox (AR)

Stephanie the Cat (AR)

Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64)

Beck the Wolf (Zero1000 the Wolf)


The Insurrection/Part1

The Village

It was a calm and warm spring day in the city of Stations Square. Not much was going on as both humans and Mobians were going about their normal day. Elsewhere near the Mystic Ruins groups of Mobians and human soldiers wearing what appeared to be black armor with green and purple paint were amassing in number and moving towards the location of Station Square in mass numbers. They first have stopped to visit a local village located outside the city and near the ruins for an as yet unknown reason.

Soon groups of soldiers with strange glowing weapons and humans with Mobians started to drive through the village with what appeared to be normal utility trucks with gun platforms attached to them through the village. The soldiers started to to go around asking if anyone was disloyal to the United Federation and if they wanted to be free from G.U.N presence in the region.

"People of Soumerica, it is time for you to rise up against your United Federation oppressors! G.U.N is a fascist state only wanting to serve the political elite and wealthy! They do not care for you or your village, see how they leave you to waste away outside their walls while their people live in luxury! It is time to rise up and take up arms against G.U.N! Join the Eternal Army and together we can rid this land of G.U.N and Soumerica will be yours once more!" One of the leaders amongst the soldiers was shouting while on the back of one of the trucks.

Moros looked at the soldier from inside the crowd before shaking his head in amusement and making his way out of the crowd.

Other onlookers in the crowd agreed with the man standing on the back of the truck however, several of the villagers flocked towards the soldiers and started to ask them questions on how to join. Some of the soldiers simply told them to gather as many weapons as they owned and to meet them north of the village.

Moros heard the instructions as he left and thought 'Why not? It'll cure my boredom..' With that in mind he proceeded to head to the north of the village, summoning two ethereal blades just for show and just in case things got hairy.

North of the village people were handed out better arms if there didn't own any and given very basic armor to shield themselves. A few soldiers belonging to this military however were wielding strange glowing weaponry. These guns illuminated a strange and unearthly hue of purple and red. Around the crowd what appeared to be a leader was speaking to the crowd about what appeared to be a play to assault the nearby city of Station Square via a revolt.

"Do not worry about the feeble might of G.U.N, for the gods are on our side! Grief, the Fighting God personally seeks the liberation of Soumerica from the fascist United Federation and is willing to grant those brave enough to take up arms against G.U.N a considerable amount of his power!"

Moros chuckled. 'If only these men knew what was among them.... Maybe this 'Grief' will provide adequate entertainment for me.' He thought.

"Go forth and revolt against the G.U.N fascists! Grief is watching us and with us! All he asks in return is to fight the G.U.N dogs with all your might! Tear down the oppressive walls of Station Square! Down with the United Federation, down with G.U.N! "A Mobian dog was yelling at the crowd.

Moros just silently followed the crowd as they probably started rioting.

Station Square Riots

The villagers, with weapons in hand and suited up as best as they could started to move towards the outskirts of Station Square near the border check points. Meanwhile more of the mysterious soldiers in black started to move through the Mystic Ruins as they headed towards Station Square.

Moros just smirked at the soon to be ensuing carnage. 

As the villagers approached the check points the G.U.N soldiers began to try to sho them off, however some of the villagers would not leave. The G.U.N soldiers then proceeded to fire warning shots at them. In retaliation the villagers began to fire upon the G.U.N soldiers with every armament they had. Soon a firefight started with both sides firing upon each other.

Moros just started grinning as he attempted to bypass the checkpoint during the conflict. 

The villagers continued to fight with the soldiers stationed outside the city. Meanwhile on the other side of Station Square soldiers began to engage G.U.N forces with heavy weaponry.

Moros probably slipped through the checkpoint undetected, but got bored of sneaking around so he got to work destroying the checkpoint, more specifically by firing void orbs that expanded to the size of a human sized ball and erased anything caught inside the expansion radius before dispersing harmlessly.

One by one the soldiers guarding the entrance to the city fell at the check point. G.U.N forces were forced to retreat as they fled into Station Square. Soon the checkpoint was clear and the villagers started to cheer. After this more trucks armed with guns mounted on top of them rushed into the breach and entered the city.

Moros just headed towards Station Square, intent on causing more Carnage.

As the entrance to the city was breached more and more of the soldiers dressed in black entered the city. While the villagers entered to start looting the city while nobody was looking, as well as engaging the local Station Square police department more and more soldiers entered the city. They took up positions in the local stores and buildings nearby to get a strategic position for them to make a foothold upon the city near the entrance. While this was going on the administration of Station Square has recieved word of this and sent riot soldiers to suppress the invading forces.

[A young man with ashen and crimson hair started to watch the fight with a bit of interest. He wore a black blazer with silver linings, nothing on underneath, showing a tan chest with a bit of scarring. Underneath is black weathered jeans with a chain around the right pocket. On his back lied an axe, and at his side, a sawn-off shotgun and upon the other, a sword. He looked with bloody red eyes at the whole chaos, and slowly grinned. He drew his axe and started to enter the fight, holding it at the ready, though seemingly not caring for who's in it. Or what.]

Moros looked around once he arrived at Station Square. 'Welp, i'm bored again...' He thought to himself.

Station's squares riot squads soon approached down the streets as police sirens went off. These armored vans carried entire squads of specialized and heavily armed and armoured special forces capable of supressing this attack before it went out of hand. However they were not prepared for the kind of opposition they would soon face.The vans stopped and began to offload their riot squads as they readied their shields and riot guns.

[The man charges straight and the middle, he then waits.]

"Hmm..." Atop a roof stood two people. A blue male fox, and a black furred red headed female cat who had multiple weapons attached to her back.

"So. What was the job again?" She asked the fox.

"Stay alert. If things get out of hand, go in and do anything to cushion the attack." The Fox responded.

"And also don't die."

"That too,"

(I'm contining after I left off with the text that I inputed before it was erased.)

The soldiers garrisoned soon fired upon the riot troopers who were helpless to return fire as the invading soldiers were at vantage points within the walls of the surrounding buildings. All the riot squads could do is either block the fire with their riot shields or perhaps lob a smoke canister or two into one of the nearby buildings in hopes of clearing them out

Blackrose was inside of one of the buildings, taking out some of the soldiers inside of it, and shooting at the soldiers in the other buildings. "Where the heck did these guys come from?" She says as she knocks out another soldier, " dont think I can take them all out..." She blockades the door and continues shooting at the soldiers in the other buildings.

Moros continued observing the chaos, feeling no need to get involved yet.

Soldiers in the other building began to notice her firing at them and they fire back at her in retaliation. Meanwhile the soldiers driving the machine gun mounted trucks arrive and begin to fire upon the riot soldiers with their heavy caliber weapons. Yet something was off about these heavy machine guns they were using, it appeared that their arnaments were glowing in a bright red and purple glow.

S11 tactical ute concept by lizardman22-d6798an

An EA technical exiting out of the War Room.

Moros looked at the machine gun mounted trucks, a grin of amusement on his face. 'Intriguing.' He thought.

"It's a goddamn war zone..." Chace stared down at the street.

Blackrose took cover and stopped her fire at the soldiers,"Ive Never Even Seen This Group Before, How Could They Just Pop Up Out Of The Blue Like This?" She said talking to herself waiting for the fire to die down.

Meanwhile down below her the trucks with the glowing weapons mounted on them continued to fire upon the riot squads. Their bullets were illuminated in the same bizarre glow as the weapons that fired them and were surprisingly so powerful that they could easily penetrate the riot shields of the swat teams. Soon the teams started to retreat as the situation started to become more perilous in the streets by the very second and G.U.N APCs were called in.

A large man carrying an axe walked out from the city, past some of the guards to look at the chaos that was ensuing. His brow twisted into a furrow as he saw common civilians had taken up arms alongside the oncoming soldiers, granted there were few civilians he saw. Hefting the axe, he slowly walked toward the front of the opposing units, forming a large shelled shield around himself. 

Behind the man walked a tall, blindfolded cat of some sort, with yellow fur and black markings, "Give me the signal, when you are close enough." The cat told the human, keeping his own head low.

'Well... Should I join in or watch..' Moros thought, having opened a portal to the void and walked through it only to reappear on the roof of one of the taller buildings in Station Square.

[The other axe-wielding man is in middle of the fight, having invoked a bit of a melee conflict between both sides, as not all civvies have guns.]

G.U.N's APC's started to rush through the city towards the conflict zone. As soon as they arrived, the APCs began to fire upon the trucks firing at the S.W.A.T teams. Two of the invading trucks were hit by the APC's rounds and both their drivers and gunners were killed. However, the other trucks decided to break off from the main group and rush through the streets to possibly flank the APCs. Some of the soldiers garrisoned in the buildings were carrying portable anti-armor rocket launchers and RPG rounds as well. They proceeded to fire downwards upon the APC's in an attempt to destroy them.

Lunari and Grief

Lunari was standing on the roof of a shorter building, watching the chaos engulf the city. Lunari was wondering who's side to pick. she had heard the rebel's story from the village, and thought it was convincing. She decided on the rebels. She used her electrokinesis, drawing from the nearby power lines, to send shocks at the riot troopers.She stopped for a while, planning her next move, when she noticed the glowing weapons. They reminded her of something she had heard in the village, about the god, Grief. She was thinking, "I could try using telepathy... but would that be too dangerous? I've never dealt with gods before. I'll give it a try." She focused. "Hello?"

"You try to contact me, mortal?" She then heard. She could see towering above the city was a large transparent image of a titan sized Mobian fox child with spiked bracelets.

Lunari kneeled. "Yes." she replied.
How big Griefan can get

"Don't worry, they cannot hear or see me, yet. So, like my little uprising?"

Lunari nodded. Thank goodness, he didn't act as intimidating as he looked.

"So what do you want, mortal?"

Lunari gestured toward the ensuing chaos, trying to stay calm. "It's not about what I want. It's about what you want. Do you want me to send a message down to the troops?" Lunari asked in return.

"A new recruit eh? The more the merrier! Sure, I have a little task for you. I want the cities's powerplants cut, I want it to go dark. My arrivial shall provide it all the light it needs. Can't have these human mortals leeching power from the people of Soumerica to waste away in their little military bases now can we?"

"Correct. I shall get to work right away. Thank you." Lunari replied. She was starting to calm down a bit now that she had something to do.

"Wait, before you go I have something for you. You seem useful so I'm going to bestow upon you a little gift in advance."

Soon a strange brand appeared upon Lunari's hand, it looked like the body and face of Grief but was grinning and around the picture it glowed an bizzared red and purple. The energy being emitted from the icon started to flow through Lunari's body.

"Show this to some of the boyz, tell to follow into the powerplant for this mission. However, keep away from Patrik and his forces, they have their own task I have given them. "

Lunari nodded, looking at the brand that she had been given.

"I'm sending some Geist Panzers to aid in the assualt. They'll help you breach the powerplant, take care of them though, they're my favorites."

Lunari stood. "Yes. Thank you." She replied.

"Well, off you go then. This city isn't going to liberate itself, well it is but you get what I mean." Grief replied as his image began to fade and vanish away.

Lunari nodded one last time. "Phew. That was getting a bit nerve-wracking..." Lunari thought to herself. She glided down and landed on the back of one of the mounted trucks.

"Who the heck are you?" The gunner said as he proceed to turn around to face her.

Lunari showed the gunner her brand. "Grief asked me to lead an attack on the powerplant. We're cutting off power." She responded, with a serious tone.

"Alright, now you're talking! What are your orders commander?" The gunner said.

"Let's get this hot rod to the power plant! And please don't call me 'commander'. My name is Lunari." Lunari replied. She focused, trying to find the power plant by sensing the flow of electricity. She found it, and pointed to her left. "That way!" She ordered.

"Alright" the man said as he pounded on the top of the truck.

"Hey! We got new orders, yeah this girl has the mark. We're striking the powerplant!"

"I hear ya." The driver replied.

"Go North."

Soon the truck started to head out.

Lunari used her electrokinesis as the truck drove along to shock more riot troopers.

She could notice that her electrokinesis seemed to be more potent and her sparks were more red than usual. The gunner on the other hand fired red colored rounds from his vehicle at more of the riot troopers.

"That's odd..." Lunari thought, not even realizing she had said it out loud.

"Well Lunari, don't we need more soldiers to breach the powerplant? I don't think this technical alone will be enough to punch through them."

"I know that. Grief is sending the Geist Panzers to help us get in." Lunari replied.

"They must be breaching the walls east of the city. Perhaps we should rendeviouz with them?"

Lunari nodded. "Yeah, let's do that." she replied. The technical broke off of the main road and started to head eastward until it moved through a heavily ruined part of the city. Lunari could see destroyed buildings and ruins set ablaze by fire. Nearby piles of GUN soldiers could be seen littered upon the ground. In the distance she could see what appeared to be a column of black and purple colored tanks with all sorts of bizzare paint jobs on them.

"Are those the Geist Panzers?" Lunari asked.

"Yes, Grief's elite Ghost Division, veteran tanks from long ago."

"Okay then." Lunari replied. "Let's go get their attention, shall we?"

"You'll have to do it, they won't listen to us." The gunner said.

"Fine." She responded. "Geist Panzers!!" She yelled through her telepathy, trying to get their attention.

Soon she observed as they betallion all turned and aimed their main turrets at the techncial. They appeared to either be ready to fire upon her or moving their turrets as if they were observing her.

"Um, you might want to get out and go over to them."

Lunari hopped out of the technical and ran out to them. She showed them the marking on her hand, hoping that they would listen to her if she showed them.

Soon the mark on her hand started to glow brightly. She could see the tanks being illuminated by a differnt uneathly glow around each of their bodies. They started to slowly advance towards her in formation and they moved up their main guns as to "salute" to her.

Lunari was amazed, but she had to keep her composure. "Follow my lead!" She ordered, and started toward the power plant.

The tanks started to slowly move in formation and follow behind her while resetting their turrets into postions. The sound of their errie clanking wheels and treads moving over rock was unnerving at least, yet they would follow Lunari's orders to the letter, as long as they suited their patron god's goals that is.

Lunari took the lead as the group made their way all the way to the power plant, picking up a few other gunners along the way. When they got there, orders were pretty simple. "Ok. Geist Panzers, you're going to stay in this area and fire. That will draw the guards away from their posts, allowing me to sneak in with the gunners and shut everything down. Got it?" She said, strategizing.

Soon the panzers rotated their guns in a syncronized manner towards the walls outside the powerplant and began to unleash their ordinace upon the wall and anything in that general direction. As the Geist Panzers fired their shells would illuminate the air around their main guns with  an unearthly red and purple glow as shell after shell was fired upon the outlying walls.A strange screeching sound could also heard before a normal whizzing sound as the shell flew through the air and finally a thunderious boom as it impacted it's target.

Meanwhile, Lunari circled around unnoticed to the other side of the building with the gunners. She placed her hand on the wall of the building and focused. She was using her telepathic abilities to search for any guards that stayed behind. There weren't any. "We're clear." She told the group. She busted open a small back door, and walked in, as the gunners spilled in behind her. "Okay guys. We'll all start going around and shutting down all the circuits. If you get in trouble, let me know." She tapped a finger to the side of her forehead.

The soldiers nodded and moved throughought the building clearing each room they came by. The soldiers would use molotovs, homemade grenades, and fire randomly at places they believed anyone could hide.

Lunari was left to shut down the power. She sneaked around, looking for the generators. She found them, and looked around frantically for a way to shut them down. She found a lever, and flipped it. The generators shut off, as she had planned. She snapped the lever itself in half, so that nobody could use it. "Mission accomplished!!" She said telepathically, to all of her forces. She met the gunners back at the door they came in, and they made their way back to the Geist Panzers.

"You're done?" Grief asked her telepathically.

"Yes indeed." Lunari replied.

"Good, however the others are still lagging behind, the slackers.

"The others?" Lunari questioned.

"Yeah, Patrik's trying to take City Hall and still there are GUN communications calling in pesky airstrikes all over the city."

"I could probably mess with G.U.N.'s communications, if that would help.." Lunari replied.

"That's good, but won't stop them when I appear. I'm quite big after all."

"Of course." Lunari responded, remembering their first interaction. "I'll still take communications down, if that's what you want..." Lunari suggested.

"Sure, go ahead. Nobody likes snitches anyway." Grief said as he laughed.

Lunari laughed with him. "Alright then. I'm headed out." She replied. She dismissed the gunners and Geist Panzers. She figured that she wanted to do the next operation with a new group. She took off, trying to find the G.U.N. communications base.

The Eternal Army soldiers and Geist Panzers then headed out to continue on their raids in the city.

Lunari climbed to the top of another building to get a vantage point. She was looking for the G.U.N. communications base. She spotted a tower, on the south end of the city. That had to be it! She jumped off the building, and glided down to the street. She landed, and quickly slipped into a back alley, to avoid some of the combat.

Soon a G.U.N patrol team was moving through the street, she could see a G.U.N humvee pass by as G.U.N soldiers scanned around.

"Those terrorists bombed the powerplant, the cities dark now, be on your guard. The terrorists could be hiding anyware" the G.U.N officer ordered to his troops.

Sh!t. She was on the wanted list. She was going to have to make her classic getaway. She focused, moving the G.U.N. soldiers' attention away from her, as she made her way deeper into the alleyway.

A wildcat stood outside what appeared to be a small warehouse. He had a large claymore drawn and was guarding it vigilanty. Inside the warehouse, technicians were hard at work, restoring power to the city from power reserves and by channeling the energy from other cities.

Lunari was continuing on her way to the communications base when she felt the flow of electricity coming back to the city. "How?" she thought to herself. She noticed something; it wasn't coming from the power plant. It was coming from other cities. She started strategizing as she kept moving. The communications base was on the southern outskirts of the city, so while she was there, she could mess with the electricity flow coming from the cities south of Station Square. But she couldn't do this alone. She focused. "Grief?"

"Yes mortal?"

"Power is being restored to the city. They're channeling power from other cities. I'll take care of the southern outskirts of the city and cut off power there, but we're going to need forces to cut off power on the other sides of Station Square."  Lunari replied.

"That's what sabatours are for. I'm pretty sure the locals outside the city will be willing to take back their own power from these moochers.I'll let the other villages know that G.U.N is leeching off their power."

"Thank you. I'll keep working on communications then." Lunari replied.

"Good, get to it then."

"I will." Lunari reassured him, before continuing toward the base. She turned a corner, and saw the tower. There was one lone soldier guarding the entrance. She had a few things to do before she went in. She used her telepathic skills to search the inside for soldiers. There were a few, but nothing she couldn't handle. She used her electrokinesis to shut off the security system temporarily. Good. She sighed. Using her powers so repetitively was beginning to wear her out. She shook it off.

The guard outside hasn't noticed her yet and he appeared to be quite drowsy.

The power coming pack to the city temporarily worked in her favor. She drew from the nearby power lines, and struck the soldier with electricity.

"ZZZZZZZZZZTT! Ahhh!" The soldier let out as several volts of electrictiy surged throughout his body. Eventually he recieved such as shock that his heart stopped and he passed out.

Lunari drew a bit more electricity to make a small bolt, in case she had to fight more soldiers.She opened the door and went in. Since Lunari shut off the security system, no alarms went off. "So far, so good.." Lunari mumbled to herself.

"knew one of you would try something like this." Blackrose said walking up from the shadows in front of Lunari, "it always helps to know what other people are thinking" She said, grinning. " I can't beleive that none of the non-gun soldiers didnt notice though"

"Oh! Phew, you suprised me. Who are you?" Lunari asked. She didn't know whether to trust this girl or not.

"If you're an enemy, your worst nightmare, if you're a friend, not a nightmare." Blackrose said, "and by the way, names Blackrose, cause i already knew yours Lunari"

"Ok, I guess we're on the same side." Lunari replied, but she was still confused. Was she a mind reader or something?

"really, and no im not a mind reader if that's what you're thinking" Blackrose said, "so what are you here for?"

"I'm shutting down communications."" Lunari replied.

"Y'know, I really wish you never said that" Blackrose said, pulling out a gun, "cause I can't let you do that"

Lunari backed up a bit at the sight of the gun. "Why not?" She asked.

Blackrose took out a G.U. N. Badge, "G.U.N. Special Agent Blackrose, and from what I can tell, you're working with the rebels, so I suggest giving up now and leaving"

Lunari backed up another few steps. Then she remembered the speech from back in the village. "Do not worry about the feeble might of G.U.N.,.." they had said. Easy for them to say.

Suddenly, Grief's mark proceeded to glow brigther in an unholy red and purple mixture. The eyes of Grief upon the mark began to glow purple as well. Lunari could feel her body becoming warmer and her adriniline starting to pump through her veins.

Lunari mouthed a silent 'Thank you' to Grief, before getting ready for combat.

"That's gonna be the worst decision you ever make, lunari" blackrose said before opening fire at her.

Lunari sprung into a cartwheel, dodging the gunshots. She noticed how much quicker she was moving, and responding.

"hmph," Blackrose continued firing, moving towards Lunari while doing so, " You won't win this Lunari, even with the help of your 'Friend' Grief"

Moros watched the two battle with an amused expression on his face. 'Hm.. Perhaps I'll join in to make things interesting..' Moros had been off the grid out of boredom but this fight seems to have peaked his imterests somewhat.

Two ethereal blades were launched at Lunari and Blackrose with the intention of annoucing his presence.

Blackrose noticed the blade right at the last second, and barely dodged it, "what the hell?!" she said looking in the direction of the blades

Lunari knew who's blades those were, so she didn't have to turn around and check. She smirked, launching a bolt of electricity at Blackrose while Blackrose was distracted.

Moros walked out, a rather bored expression on his face as he conjured six ethereal blades that circled him defensively.

Suddendly, a hooded wolf entred the battlefield, using his shield to stop the bolt Lunari shot. He then took out the hood, revealing it was Beck. He looked at Grief. "I won't let you destroy the city."

With Beck there, Lunari realized how badly she had messed up. As if she had snapped out of a spell, Lunari quickly apologized. "I don't even know what I was thinking, helping them..." Lunari said, ashamed of herself.

Grief's mark on her hand then starts to glow again.

Beck looks at Grief hands and quickly throws a small fireball at them. "No you won't!"

Lunari let the fireball hit her hand. "I-I'm sorry, Beck." She said, covering her face.

"Lunari? You are on his side?" Beck was surprised. "Well, if that's the only way then i will do it no matter what!" Beck then started throwing barrages of medium sized fireballs at Lunari, which can cause a small explosion when they hit anything.

Moros launched his six ethereal blades at the barrage of fireballs in order to intercept them, if the blades made contact the fireballs would seemingly fizzle out harmlessly along with the blades. '....'

Beck fireballs made contact with the blades, so they were harmless. "Those blades, could it be?" He then looked and found out that Moros was there. "You!"

'Yeah.. Do I know you?..' He mouthed before he conjured six more ethereal blades.

"My name is Beck. Do i know you?" Beck said to Moros.

'Probably not.' Moros mouthed as the blades just circled around him in a defensive manner.

"What are you doing here?" Beck asked to Moros

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