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G.U.N. has captured Neos the Hedgehog with the intent of using him as a weapon. Their captive isn't exactly cooperative, however. The situation becomes even more complicated for G.U.N. when Gabriel the hedgehog gets involved. Gabriel ends up rescuing Neos and they, along with other villains, decide to attack downtown.


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Aly Parris


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Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Dana the White Wolf (RTH)

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk)

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk)

Angel Caroso (Gurahk)

Ivy Prower (Gurahk)

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk)

Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk)

Brittney the Bat (Gurahk)

Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk)

Sigma Hale (MaverickHunterSigma)

OmegaCorp Personel (MaverickHunterSigma)

Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)

Rapid the Hedgehog (RTH)

Sylvie Rabinur (Pigma55)

Candice the cat (Jaredthefox92)

Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)

Solar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)

Lunar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)


G.U.N. people (Anyone)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Anyone)

Rouge the Bat (Anyone)

E-123 Omega (Anyone)

Dan the Red Wolf (RTH)

Adam the Beagle (Gurahk)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)

Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk)

Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk)

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk)

Gi the Hedgehog (Shadowsic)

Equera the Dark (E-Josh)


Neos the Hedgehog (Maryxgil)

Gabriel the hedgehog (RTH)

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Craig the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Freeze the unknown (Frozen Scorpio)

Talian the DracoCat (Gurahk)

Alan the Grizzly Bear (Gurahk)

Uber-Seedrians (Gurahk)

Telos Nyctores (MaverickHunterSigma)

The Telos Rebellion (MaverickHunterSigma)

Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)

Deraj The Fox (Jaredthefox92)

Gicandice the cat (Jaredthefox92)

Iceheart the Hedgehog (Jaredthefox92)

Anti mobain Army soldiers. (and PSI-Guard)

Julius the Black Murderer (Gurahk)

Black Arms (anyone)

Wrath the fox (Jaredthefox92), (alligned with GUN)

Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)

Zane the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Dr. Eggman (RTH)

Nali the Dark (TeamSonicPrez)



(In an interrogation room)

Neos: *is chained to a chair with a smug look on his face*

General Tower: *slams his fist on a table* We're not giving you a choice. You are going to help us!

Neos: Nope.

Soldier #1: And you thought the Team Shadow members were uncooperative.

General Tower: Don't mock me soldier!

A chuckle was heard from outside the room.

General Tower: *glares at the soldier*

Soldier #1: It wasn't me sir! There's someone out there.

The sound of reloading and another chuckle was heard.

General Tower: Well get out there and check it out!

Soldier #1: *goes out of the room towards where the chuckle was heard*

A hedgehog stood there with a gun in his hand. He aimed it at the soldier.

Soldier #1: *freaks out and hold his hands up*

The hedgehog laughed and slowly walked towards the soldier.

Soldier #1: Stay back! Back!

The hedgehog laughed again. "Let Neos go."

Soldier #1: *runs back into the room* There's a scary hedgehog, sir! And he wants our hedgehog, sir!

General Tower: You go back out there and tell that thing he ain't gettin' him!

"I want that hedgehog!" Said the gun-wielder.

General Tower: Over my dead body!

The hedgehog reloaded and pointed the gun at the General.

General Tower: *knowing he can't actually fight a gun, grumbles and steps aside*

Gabriel went to Neos. He tried to get him out of the chair.

Neos: Pretty nice work.

Gabriel shot the lock on the chains.

Neos: *the chains fall off and he gets up* Let's get out of this dump. *cloaks them with his shadow*

Gabriel and Neos got out the building safley, until Shadow arrived.

Shadow: This is as far as you go.

Neos: Who are you supposed to be?

Shadow: I am Shadow the hedgehog, the ultimate life form!

Gabriel laughed. "Well then, Ultimate Life Form, can you take a bullet?" He asked as he shot at Shadow.

Shadow: *teleports behind Gabriel and attempts to kick him*

Gabriel got kicked. He fell to the ground.

Neos: *has his shadow grab Shadow*

Shadow: Rrrr. *starts to spin*

Gabriel shot at Shadow, hoping it would do something.

Shadow: *his spinning deflects the bullet then he bursts out of Neos' shadow*

Gabriel ran and jumped in the air, attempting to kick him.

Shadow: *gets hit and lands on the ground, his spin stopped*

Gabriel went up to Shadow, both of his guns drawn and aimed at his head. "You give up?"

Shadow: Hmph. Chaos control. *teleports away*

Gabriel laughed. "Wimp." He said.

Neos: They're all a bunch of loosers. Let's find some real fun.

Gabriel smiled devilishly.

Chapter 1

(They head for the city)

Gabriel couldn't help but destroy many homes on the way to the city.

Neos: *on the way there stole someone's large truck and began running over other cars with it*

Gabriel shot out the window while Neos drove.

Neos: *laughs as a man comes out of his house, yelling about his now flattened car*

Dr. EggPlankton: (appears) Hello Neos & Gabriel

Craig: (Appears) Hey there (breaks a Car in Half with his own brute Strength)

Kai: (appears) It's nice of you to drop in, do you mind that we enjoy the party?

Neos: Heh heh. Great, the more the merrier.

Gabriel laughed. "This will be fun." He said as he shot an energy blast at a house, ripping it to shreds.

Neos: *is having his shadow rip the front off of all the houses*

Gabriel saw a large blast coming towards them.

Neos: What the heck is that?

Dr. EggPlankton: (activates his Jack-4 Bots) Jack-4 Bots storm the City!

A white wolf and a red wolf ran to the Jack-4 Bots. The white wolf destroyed some while the red one stood there.

Neos: *approaches the wolves* Hey, what gives?

The white wolf was revealed to be female when she turned to Neos. She blushed when she saw him.

Neos: *grins* Aren't you a little to nice looking to be hanging around with that guy? *points at the red wolf*

Kai: Calm down, it's only one of them, stand down

Craig: I don't like standing down

The white wolf sighed. "That's my stubborn brother" She said.

Dr. EggPlankton: Anyways, who are you?

The red wolf mumbled to himself. "I'm Dan and the white wolf is Dana..."

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmm. We betta check to see if she's good or bad

The red wolf said, "She's good..."

Dr. EggPlankton: Then this means war!

The red wolf snapped at EggPlankton. "DON'T HURT MY SISTER!"

Dr. EggPlankton: Then perris by the all mighty Dr. EggPlankton! Jack-4 Bots Get those wolves!

(Jack-4 Bots starts attacking Dan & Dana)

Jack & Patricia: (appears & kicks Craig)

Craig: AH!

Jack: Not so fast!

Patricia: You have to deal with us first

Gabriel kicked Jack. Dan kicked Gabriel and Dana flirted with Neos.

Neos: *flirting with Dana, but as he does is having his shadow attack Patricia*

Dana leaned in for a kiss.

Neos: *kisses her*

Dana enjoyed it.

Neos: *smiles*

Jack: These guys are tough

Patricia: I can't even fight Neos' Shadow

Jack: Then we'll fight Shadow with Shadow. (activates his Arm Brace) CHANGE OF ATTRIBUTE! DARKUS (turns into Darkus Jack)

Darkus Jack: (starts attacking Neos' Shadow with his Darkus Powers)

Patricia: (punches Gabriel)

Craig: Oh no you don't (charges at Jack)

Darkus Jack: (trips Craig) Whoops a daisy

Neos: *turns around to Jack* Do you mind? I'm kinda busy right now!

Dana got hit with an energy beam in the back. "Ow!" She yelled. She fell down. Shadow stood behind her.

Neos: *glares at Shadow* You again? *has his shadow engulf Shadow*

Shadow struggled to move. "Ch-chaos B-blast!" He said. Nothing happened. But then Dan kicked Neos. "Touch my sister again, I'll rip your head off!"

Neos: *gets knocked down by Dan* You and what army?

Freeze:(appears, floating in midair) (cackles) (Makes large hail descend from the sky)

Dan summond clones of himself.

Jack: Not anymore your not, Neos

Patricia: (attacks Kai)

Kai: AH! Your good

Neos: *to Dan* Oh so that's your army? A bunch of cheap knock-offs of yourself. *his shadow stands up*

Jack: (crushes a Jack-4 Bot) Take that !

Patricia: (smashes a Jack-4 Bot by using Iron Tail)

Dana pulled on Dan's ear. "Leave the sexy hedgehog alone brother!"

Jack: Uh, are you talking to me or him (points to Neos)

Neos: She's talking about me, genious.

Dana pushed Jack out the way and hugged Neos. Dan glared angrily at Neos.

Brittney: (flies down) What's going on?!

{RTH: You've got quite a lot of heroes there! Make sure they don't overpower the villains.}

Dan looked at Brittney. "None of your buissness. Go sell some girl scout cookies and stay outta my way. Got it you rejected super hero?" He yelled.

Neos: *smirks*

Brittney: WHAT?!?!?! Why you little---!!!!

Joseph: (runs in) What's goin' on here?!

Dan growled. He charged at Neos and kicked him. He then shot an energy beam at Joseph and Brittney.

Joseph & Brittney: (scream in terror)

Neos: You're seriously bugging me. *kicks Dan*

(everyone gets shot at from above)

Neos: *ducks* What the?

Kyle: If this city can't be saved, neither will any of you!

Gabriel looked around.

Jack: I'm ok

Patricia: We gotta stop the villains from destroying downtown

Neos: Nope. *randomly smashes something*

Jack: Oh that's it. Let's get them! (charges at the Villains)

Craig: (grabs Jack) I don't think so, Chump! (throws Jack away)


Jack: (crashed into a car) (feels dizzy) I flinched, but I should've scurried

Dan threw a knife at Gabriel.

Shadow jumped in the air. "Chaos Spear!" He yelled. A spear shot straight through Dana. Dana held her stomach, which was bleeding heavily. "N-neos...I-I love you.." She said. She fell to the ground, dead.

Patricia: Yikes

Jack: Uh oh, this can't be good

Freeze: No, it isn't. IT'S WONDERFUL!!!! (Cackles, then tosses icicle at Jack and Patricia)

Jack & Patricia: YIPE! (dodges the Icicles)

Freeze: That not enough? THEN GET A LOAD OF THIS!!!!! (Launches several ice balls at Jack and Patricia)

Jack: Too late (holds up a baseball bat & hits the Ice Balls back at Freeze with it)

Frreeze: (blocks all but the last ice ball) Ya' know that hurt, right?

Patricia: Nice shot, Jack

Jack: Thank you

Kyle: (shoots a Smart Bomb at the gang and some buildings)

Neos: SHADOW! What'd she ever do to you!? *lunges at him*

Kyle: Hey! Get off my ship!

Ivy: I've got him Kyle! (trying to get a perfect target at Neos without damaging Kyle's Wolfen)

Gabriel stood in front of Neos and Dana. He took out his assault rifle. He fired at Ivy. "Take this!"

Ivy: (her ship takes damage) Oh no!

Jack & Patricia: (felt unharmed)

Jack: Yoo Hoo Mr. Enemies

Dr. EggPlankton: Never mind them, let's get outta here

Neos: *still attacking Shadow*

Craig: Hey Shadow, long time, no see. Prepare for my revenge (attacks Shadow)

Shadow took hits from both Craig and Neos. After a while he fell to the ground knocked out.

Freeze: (repeatedly lobbing ice balls at shadow) (cackles insanely)

Neos: Serves him right.

Craig: Shadow, you don't stand a chance against Craig the Hedgehog

Patricia: (carries Shadow) We gotta get Shadow outta here

Jack: Right, let's get outta here...for now

(many rays are shown throughout the city)

Neos: *goes back over to Dana*

Shine & Fetalia: (arrive via time portal)

Shine: Uh oh....looks like we arrived too late.....

Neos: What do you want?

Kai: (turns his Robotic Hand into a Machine Gun) Answer or die!

Fetalia: We're from the future, and we came to stop an indestructable alliance of evil!

Joseph: Uhhh, guys? (points to a group of Uber-Seedrians)

Jack: What's that?

Patricia: I don't know, they look like Seedrians

Shine: Uber-Seedrians.

Neos: We're supposed to be afraid of plants?

Shine: No. These are plants mixed with robotic parts. They're actually more dangerous than you think!

Jack: Like how much?

Shine: They're equipped with cyber blades, guns, machine guns, fire attacks, shurikens, ice attacks, water attacks, electric attacks, and dark magic! And they can even fly and attach themselves to large robotic armor!

Jack: Only that much? No problemo, I've defeated dangerous Robots & Star Ships like Eggman's Warship, Giant Jack-4 Bots & the Giant Egg Fleet

Uber-Seedrians: (all 12 of them in the same area as they are turn their robotic hands into machine guns)

Jack: Is Kai the only one able to do that?

Patricia: I'm afraid not

CyberSprout #1: All targets immobilized. Preparing to fire!

Neos: Bring it, techno-plant!

Jack: Let's see what you got !

Uber-Seedrians: Loading complete! Firing now! (fire their weapons)

Jack & Patricia: (dodging the Bullets)

Jack: Here I Come! (kicks a Uber-Seedrian away)

Patricia: (Uses Iron Tail on the Uber-Seedrians)

(about five of them are killed)

Jack: That's 5 down & 7 more to go

Neos: *sends his shadow to attack the uber-seedrians*

Patricia: (notices her Tail starts Glowing with a White Glow) (Gasps) Guys look!

Jack: Your Tail is evolving

Patricia: (her Skunk Tail splits into 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8 & finally 9)

DarkTulip #'s 1 and 2: (use their own cloaking devices to evade)

Patricia: (notices her 9 New Skunk Tails) Wow!

Jack: It's just like the Legend of the 9 Tailed Fox

Fetalia: Not bad....but there are more of those out there.....

Neos: Hmph. Not a problem.

Fetalia: Hmph. I bet you would say that.....

Neos: Yeah, 'cause it's true.

Fetalia: (rolls her eyes)

Neos: Now if you'll excuse me... *walks to a stand and steals a burger*

Shine: (facepalms)

Neos: *mouthful* What?

ThunderDaisy #6: (zips by in an electric blur and steals his burger)

Neos: HEY! No one steals my burger and lives!

ThunderDaisy #6: (eats it) Mmmm.....yummy! Fuel and energy restored! Fatigue dissentegrated!

Neos: Rrrr *lunges at ThunderDaisy #6*

ThunderDaisy #6: (smirks and speeds away with amazing speed)

Neos: COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD! *chases ThunderDaisy #6 but isn't as fast*

DarkViolet #3: (deactivates her cloaky device, right in front of him and slashes him with a Cyber Blade)

Neos: Ack! *gets hit with the blade but retaliates by having his shadow grab her feet to pull her down*

DarkTulip #3: (visor flciks on as she activates her cloaking device ability)

Neos: How many of you guys are there? *his shadow spreads out to cover the area and find DarkTulip #3*

ShadowViolet #9: (appears behind him and turns her hand into a dark volt; she fires a Dark Lightning attack at him)

Neos: *ducks and then kicks her* What I wouldn't do for some weed killer.

ShadowViolet #9: (left hand turns into a Shadow blade and right hard turns into a machine gun)

Neos: *stands ready*

ShadowViolet #9: (points her gun at him) Loading complete. Preparing to fire!

Neos: Oh great... *takes off running*

ShadowViolet #9: Target escaping! Initiating pursuit mode! (chases after him)

Jack: (Uses Chaos Ninjago on ShadowViolet #9)

ShadowViolet #9: (mkilled, spewing out machine parts and blue blood)

Jack: Now to get Neos! Wait, is he Good or Bad?

Neos: I'm insulted that you can't tell. *kicks Jack*

Jack: (dodges) Whoops, missed me

Patricia: Oh my goodness

Neos: Won't happen again. *punches Jack*

Jack: (dodges again) Missed me again

Patricia: Please don't hurt my friend, Neos

Neos: Give me one reason I shouldn't.

Patricia: He is my friend & I won't let you hurt him again

Dana crawled to safety. Gabriel sighed. "Sorry skunk girl, but we got to!" He said. He shot at Jack with both of his pistols.

Jack & Patricia: (dodges the bullets)

Jack: Whao, that was a close one

Patricia: Your telling me

Dr. EggPlankton: Farewell

Craig: Ta ta...for now

Kai: (throws a Smoke Bomb on the ground & when the smoke clears all of the villains we're gone)

Jack: They're gone

Neos: *looks around then at Kai* What'd you do?

Kai: I throw a Smoke Bomb on the ground, so we could escape. Why did you asked

Neos: Because we left and Dana's still back there!

Craig: Never mind about that now, we still gotta destroy downtown right now!

Alan: Hey....this Dana she hot?

Craig: (facepalms) Forget it

Dr. EggPlankton: But we all noticed that Patricia had grown 8 more Tails to make it 9

Neos: *grabs Alan* Don't even think about it or you're gettin' a black eye.

Craig: Let's get going

Gabriel ran back to get Dana.

Alan: (smirks)

Neos: *makes the "I'm watching you" sign at Alan*

Dr. EggPlankton: How was possible that Patricia has 9 Tails?

Neos: What's it matter how many tails she had?

Dr. EggPlankton: It's just like the Legend of the 9 Tailed Fox

Alan: Oh goodie....ripping off an overrated anime....

"Pffft, who cares about legends when you have power?" Telos scoffed, casually walking toward the rest of the villains.

Craig: (lifts up a Car & rips it to shreads)

Uber-Seedrians: (appear near the villians and go beside them)

Kai: (chuckles evily & turns his Robotic Hand into a Machine Gun)

Uber-Seedrians: 9look at each other, then to Kai) Alliance defection programming complete! New master: Kai the Hedgehog and the alliance of villians!

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmm, I like where this is going

Kai: I am Kai the Hedgehog & I order you too destroy the City!

Uber-Seedrians: Affirmative! (mspread out to destroy the city)

"And that is a shining example of why we shouldn't give a damn about what our enemies have." Telos chuckled.

Craig: (chuckles) This is gonna be fun! (Headbutts at a Bank Wall, destroying it with brute Strength)

LavaRoses: (using their fire powers to cause immense fires and destroy many buildings)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Laughs Evily)

Kai: (open fires at the Buildings breaking windows)

ThunderDaisies: (using their electric powers and speed to quickly slasha nd electricute the innocent)

Dr. EggPlankton: (orders his Jack-4 Bots to attack the City at any cost)

Alan: DAMN!! These girls are hot! Get it? Hot?! (laughing)

Telos chuckled, ordering his fellow Irregulars to destroy anything that moves, and anything that... doesn't move.

AquaLilies: (freezing all the moving vehicles and paniking people with their Freeze Cannons)

Craig: (smashes everything in his path)

"Damn, I'm missing out, aren't I?" Telos said, deploying his rapiers, stabbing the innocent and draining their power.

CyberSprouts: (killing all citizens with their hand machine guns)

Neos: At least we're back to good old destruction.

"Oh, what I would pay to see the look on that old Sigma's face now!" Telos cackled.

Alan: (grabs a gun) Now...time for me to go GTA on this city's ***!!!

Gabriel came back with Dana.

Alan: (whistles) My, my, my! What have we got here?

Neos: *punches Alan*

Alan: Oww!! What the hell?! I'm on your side!!

Neos: I told you not to mess with Dana!

Alan: I was only chekin' her out! I didn't do s*** to her!!

"Everyone knows you would! Put your damn hormones aside for once!" Telos scolded.

Neos: *narrows his eyes at Alan, then goes over to Dana*

Alan: Lucky b******!

Dr. EggPlankton: You know, I'm getting bored already without those Heroes to come after us.

Kai: Yeah, me too

Craig: So am I

"Well, then, why are we complaining and not doing anything about it?" Telos said.

Neos: Yeah... Forget waiting for the heroes to come after us. Why don't we go attack them?

Alan: That's a good idea!

"Exactly. Take them down now, then have our fun with this city later." Telos said.

Uber-Seedrians: Affirmative! (spead out to find and destrioy the heroes)

AMA pilot overhead: ATTENTION ALL GUN SOLDIERS ARE HERE BY ORDERED TO GIVE UP! (he is on a loud speaker)

  • AMA raven lands*

Deraj: status report?

Iceheart: Gicandice is buisy with the west flank, we should aid thease rebels.

Chapter 2: Let's Get the Heroes!

Tammy: I got a bad feelin' about this.....

"I get 'em all the time. Doesn't really bother me." Sigma said, apparently having joined the group recently.

Dr. EggPlankton: I got a bad feeling as well

(Telos: EggPlankton, whose side are you on?! That's the good side talking! D=<)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Notices an Orange Blur passes him super fast you can't see him) (Yells) Man your stations! Red alert! Red alert! ATTACK!

(The Orange Blur is Jack)

Jack: Hello there EggPlankton!

Dr. EggPlankton: Jack-4 Bots, ATTACK HIM!

(Jack-4 Bots tries to attack Jack, but fails when Jack spindashes at the Bots)

Telos sighed. "Do I have to do everything MYSELF?" He deployed his rapiers, pushing the Jack-4 Bots away. "Out of my way!"

Telos charged towards Jack, leaving an afterimage behind him.

Neos: *looks at the other heroes* Alright, which one of you wants to go?

Jimmy: (in a fighting stance)

Sigma stepped up, activating his S-Blade.

Telos caught sight of Sigma... but was sort of... pre-occupied at the moment.

Neos: Alright two for one. *his shadow stands up*

"Hmph." Sigma dashed toward Neos.

Jimmy: (still standing firm)

Neos: *prepared to counter Sigma's attack*

Sigma jumped into the air, skewering toward Neos.

Neos: *his shadow came in front of his to grab Sigma in a bear hug*

Sigma tried to react quickly, attempting to ward it with a wave slash.

The shadow withdrew some, but immediately came back for another attack.

Jimmy: Bring it!!

Sigma landed, charging energy for a second... then slamming his blade down, causing energy to discharge from the hit.

Neo's shadow easily dodged the attack, but Neos himself was another story. He was hit and stumbled down.

Sigma saw an opportunity, and skewered forward toward Neos.

Neos was pushed back by Sigma but then grabbed him in an attempt to push him back into his waiting shadow.

Sigma was grabbed, but tried opening fire with his Imperialist.

Neos grunted as one of the shots grazed him, but attempted to give one last hard push.

Sigma was unable to recover as he was pushed toward the shadows...

The shadow was in a position to engulf Sigma. Neos had let go after the last push and noticed that his arm was bleeding from Sigma's shot.

Sigma wasn't giving up this easily... he tried using a brief energy discharge.

The energy charge caused the shadow to break up some.

Sigma dashed toward Neos again, trying to hit him with a series of slashes.

Neos put his arms in front of himself to shield himself from the sudden onslaught, but the defense wasn't quit sufficient. His shadow became more solid and came up behind Sigma to put him in a choke-hold.

Sigma really wasn't expecting this, now... he tried to get free. (I think I'm kinda done whoring the battle now. =/)

The shadow tightened it's grip. Neos was breathing heavy, having sustained many wounds. ((What do you mean by that exactly? XP))

(I'm the only one fighting. :3) Sigma struggled, attempting to slash himself free.

((The other heroes don't seem to be online right now. :P)) The slashes didn't have a significant effect on the shadow. Neos straightened himself up and grinned at Sigma's predicament.

Jimmy: (waiting for Neos to turn his way)

Sigma continued to struggle... he deployed his Imperialist, charging energy for a powerful shot into the shadows.

Neos decided that he could still try and take Jimmy while his shadow was busy and went over to him. However, his shadow was getting weaker again thanks to the light from the shot.

Jimmy: (superkicks him)

Sigma tried using this strategy of firing charged shots...

The shadow began breaking up again due to the shots. Neos felt this and turned to look but got hit by Jimmy's kick.

Jimmy: YEAH!!! (slowly climbs up a nearby lambpost)

Tammy: Jimmy, what are you doing?! Get down from there before you get hurt!

Neos looked up at Jimmy. "He's nuts."

Sigma dashed away as soon as he was free... however, he needed to take a breather... (Done for the nite. :3)

Jack: (doesn't feel a thing) Phew, that was close

Patricia: Stop right there!

Jimmy: (hits Neos with a Swanton Bomb from the top of the lambpost)

Jack: (gets up) Alright, that's what I'm talking about, lots & lots of Action!

Neos: Ack! *ducks and rolls*

Jack: (Punches Craig in the Face)

Craig: (feeling a little bit dazed) Is that all you got?

Jimmy: (falls flat on the concrete) ACK!!!! UGH!!! Guess that's the problem....with high-risk moves....

Neos: *laying on the ground* Serves you right.

Tammy: (runs to his side) Jimmy!

Dana reached in her backpack. "I hope this will be any good!" She said. She pulled out a hand grenade.

Gabriel took the hand grenade.

Kai: (turns his Robotic Hand into a Rocket Launcher) Oh yeah, now that's the stuff

Jack: Look out! They're going for a Weapon!

Neos: You bet they are. Let 'em have it!

LavaRoses: (turn their hands into Flamethrowers)

Sigma continued to fire until he was free.

Telos got in Jack's way. "As much as I'd like to rub it in Sigma's face, he seems a bit too preoccupied to notice... so I think I'll start with you!"

Jimmy: (coughing)

Jack: I don't think so, Telos! (flips Telos on his Back)

"Oh, can't let you do that!" Telos mocked, trying to hold him back with his chains. (Weird, recent activity didn't pick that up.)

Gabriel started shooting at Jack.

Patricia: (stops the Bullets with her Magic) Stop right there, mister

(Spongebob100: I don't like someone killing my characters)

[RTH: Dude, use some common sense. The bullets are meant to hurt and weaken.]

Gabriel reloaded. "I'm getting pissed..."

(Gurahk: I don't like my characters being killed either, but I don't try to Gary-Stu my characters like that!)

Jimmy: (painfully rises to his feet)

Gabriel ran to Jimmy. "This ends here little kid!" Gabriel yelled.

Jimmy: (counters with a headlock, trying to keep him at bay)

Gabriel struggled to get out. He said a few words in Japanese and the both of them started to ascend into the air.

Jimmy: Wh-wh-WHOA!! I flying?!

Gabriel laughed. "Yes. Both of us are. I'm going to fly in the air until it's too hard to breathe!" Gabriel said. He started to ascend faster and faster.

Jimmy: (trying to hold his breath)

Ivy: Jimmy! (chases after him)

Gabriel flew faster and away from Ivy. Gabriel started to choke from air loss.

Ivy: (flying as fast as possible, hoping to catch them)

Jimy: (I....can't hold...on much...longer....)

Gabriel flew as high as he could and floated there.

Jimmy: (about to die)

Ivy: (flies up there) Jimmy!!!

Gabriel couldn't breathe and started to slip in and out of being alive. After a while, he fell down and plummeted down, knocked out.

Ivy: (catches Jimmy and flies down to try to get Gabriel too)

Gabriel was just 100 feet from hitting the ground.

Ivy: (speeds up with all her ship's speed and catches him)

Gabriel wasn't breathing. Dana ran to him. "C'mon Gabe! Get up!" She said.

Ivy: (lands; gets out and sets down Jimmy and Gabriel; Ivy's Wolfen is now heavily damaged from the immense speeds and altitude changes she just went through)

Gabriel lay there, motionless. "Neos! Do something!" Dana yelled.

Neos: Aw man! Uh... *grabs Gabriel and starts running to the hospital*

Craig: Let's get outta here!

Dr. EggPlankton: We'll deal with you later

Kai: Right, what my master said

(All of the Villains retreated)

Patricia: (heals Jimmy) There you go, good as new

Jack: They'll be back for more, anyways. Let's regroup

Ivy:.....(runs to the hospital)

Kyle: Ivy! Where ya goin'?'

Patricia: I think Ivy is going to the Hospital

Clyde: Hmmmm.........

Jack: Do you think we should go after Ivy?

Clyde: (nod)

Star Wolf: (pursues her)

Jack: Oh ok then (goes after Ivy)

Patricia: (follows Ivy)

Gabriel started to breathe after a while.


Neos: See? He's fine.

Dana hugged Neos. "You're so smart!" She said.

Jimmy; 9panting)

Neos: Heh, thanks Dane. *hugs her back*

Gabriel got up. He took out his pistols and aimed at Jimmy.

Neos: *notices Jimmy* What's that guy doing here?

Clyde: (points his gun at Gabriel) Don't! You! Dare!

Gabriel aimed one of his guns at Clyde.

Clyde: (shoots him)

Gabriel was grazed by one bullet, the rest missed. Gabriel reached in his backpack and pulled out a sniper rifle and dissappeared.

Kyle: (flying around) I got him in my sights, Clyde! I'll handle him!

Gabriel saw Kyle. "Hey! Flying dumba**! I dare you to fight me! I'll take on the sharpshooter too! No weapons, just bare fighting!" Gabriel said, throwing his gun.

Neos: Gotta love this guy. He almost dies and he's still ready to do something awesome!

Kyle: You think I'd actually fall for something like taht?! You're more pathetic than you look! (fires a locked-on charged shot at him)

Neos: *sends his shadow to block Kyle's targeting system*

Kyle: (deflects it with a barrel roll)

Neos: Oh come on! Who actually listens to that old rabbit guy?

Clyde: That old rabbit guy is the one that hires us for most of our missions!

Neos: That's the best job you could get?

Clyde: Hey! Being space vigilantes is the best job I could have!

Neos: Pfft. Whatever, Spaceman.

Clyde: (growls and shoots him)

Neos: *dodges* Hey!

Gabriel shot at Clyde. "Neos! I got this!"

Clyde: (dodges)

Craig: Grrrr!

Clyde: (slashes Gabriel)

Gabriel got his right arm cut wide open. "S#!%..." He said.

Clyde: (slashing his arms with his claws)

Neos: *grabs Clyde*

Clyde: Back off, punk! (elbows him)

Neos: Urgh! *has his shadow come and wrap itself around Clyde*

Clyde: (struggles to break free)

Angel: Clyde!! (accelorates to their position)

Neos: You stay outta this!

Angel: (starts shooting them)

Neos: Aah! *moves out of the way*

Ivy: (locks on to him)

Neos: Aw man! Forget this. *runs away*

Ivy: (fires)

Neos: *sees the blast behind him and backflip over it (basically a somersault not in a ship)*

Angel: (coos) That wasn't too bad....

Neos: You better believe it.

Kyle: (firing from above)

Neos: *running* What's with you guys?

Ivy: We don't like bad guys.

Neos: You're just jealous.

Ivy: Jealous? Of what?

Neos: The fact that I can do whatever I want.

Ivy: Like put millions and millions of people in danger?!

Neos: That's their fault for not getting out of the way.

Ivy: (growls)

Craig: So what should we do? Those Heroes have gotten stronger than ever

Kai: Yes, but we mustn't give up on World Domination

Neos: Whatever they aren't stopping us.

?????: If this is the best the city has to defend and destroy it, then it's no wonder my folks retired! This is pitiful!

Neos: And you are?

?????: (uses Chaos Control to teleport to the location of the group) I'm the most powerful being the world! I am Drake the Hedgebat, and I am stronger than my father in every sense!

Neos: Uh huh, sure. I'm sure both you and your father are losers.

Drake: You do realize that by calling me a loser, you insulted actual losers such as yourself, right?

Neos: That doesn't even make sense 'cause I ain't a loser!

Drake: That's the biggest load of crap I've heard in my life! You are are worthless! You're worthless, your friends are worthless, your enemies are worthless, not even that wh*** you like is worth a penny in my bank account! In fact, I'd rather sleep with an annoying 5-year old than that b****!

Neos: You have got to be the biggest load of bologna I ever met. And NO ONE talks about Dana that way!

Drake: Stop lying to yourself! You are as weak as she is, but I honestly feel that you need to go to the next corner and find a better hooker to waste your time with!

Neos: Hooker my foot. Dana's the only person worth caring about in this world.

Drake: Hmph! And here I thought you could gimme a wrong I was....

Craig: Guys! We need to stop those heroes together, as a team

Neos: Like I'm gonna work with this joker.

Drake: None of you idiots on either side could stop a traffic light!

Dr. EggPlankton: It's either world domination or get beaten up by those Heroes

Neos: If Drake's so tough let's see him do it.

Drake: Hmph! Too easy! (fires lots of Chaos Spears towards the heroes, which weaken them all and cause them to pass out)

((Maryxgil: Making them pass out seems kinda g-moddish.))

(Gurahk: I'm not intending him to g-mod; I'm sorry if I am....)

((Maryxgil: I understand. It's just that it's up to the person playing the hero rather or not they get knocked out.))

Drake: Hmph! That was too easy!

Dana hit Drake in the back of his head with a frying pan. "WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HOOKER?!"

Drake: head....

Dana started to get scared.

Drake: Now I'm mad! (grabs her by the throat and starts to choke her) DIE!!!!

Dana struggled to get away. She started to cry.

Drake: Hehehehe.....

Gabriel tried to help, but his leg was hurt somehow.

Drake: Ready to die?

Jack & Patricia: (appears feeling unharmed & knocks out Drake with a Full-Moon Frying Pan)

Jack: Can't you just leave us alone for about 10 Minutes?

Patricia: If you ask us why aren't we unharmed of the Chaos Spears, then don't bother because luckly for us heroes we've made Mokujin Replicas of us, just to throw you villains off track

Jack: Hi Five! (Jack & Patricia both hi-fived each other)

Neos: DROP HER! *attacks Drake*

Jack & Patricia: (attacks Drake also)

Drake: (holds her up and points his Shadow Rifle at her) Uh-uh-uh! I wouldn't!

(Spongebob100: Uh, which "her" are you talking about?)

((Maryxgil: I think he means Dana))

Neos: *stops* You wouldn't...

Jack & Patricia: (stops)

Drake: I would....

Jack: What should we do?

Neos: *is just staring at Drake*

Drake: (smirking,proud of himself)

Neos: Why?

Drake: Why what?

Neos: Why the heck are you doing this?!

Drake: Love and passion is for the weak ones only. I want to show the world just how weak you are!

Neos: *growls* Why don't you go show it somewhere else!

Patricia: That can't be good

Dana started to have trouble breathing.

Drake: Now show the world how weak you are! (flies up and throws her from a great height)

Dana flew to the ground very fast, about to hit the ground.

Neos: *runs and catches her*

Drake: (pulls out a Black Arms yellow laser gun and shoots them)

Patricia: (makes a Shield out of Aura protecting Dana & Neos)

Drake: (facepalms)

Jack: It's no use

Craig: Oh Yeah? (tackles Drake to the Ground & punches him, beating the heck out of him)

Drake: (fires a Chaos Lance at him)

Neos: *holding Dana protectively* Dana, you ok?\

Dana hugged Neos and cried on his shoulder. "Dont' let go of me!" She said while crying.

Jack: Craig, you saved our lives, but why?

Craig: (grabs a Chaos Spear & crushes it with his own bare hands) Even I'm not that evil (grabs Drake's Head & starts crushing his skull)

????: Stop please! (a bright light shows and an echidna that looks like Tikal appears)

Neos: *still holding Dana* What the...

Gabriel looked at the light. "Whoa..." He said.

{C {C {C}{C {C {C ????: Please, don't hurt Drake anymore!

Neos: Why shouldn't we? He's hurting us!

????: He may seem like a bad person, but I know there's some good inside of him! Please, stop hurting him!

Neos: Hmph. He almost killed Dana.

????: Yes,'s just how he is...please, just leave him alone!

Gabriel yawned. "I don't believe that."

????: Please....(almsot on the verge of crying) he's the only friend....I have left....don't take him from me....

Gabriel laughed. "I still don't belive it."

????: I'm begging you! Please! Don't kill him, please!

Gabriel laughed harder. "I want to kill him so bad though!"

????: I promise he will never bother you again if you spare him!

Neos: He better not!

Gabriel sighed. "Fine!"

????: Thank you....

Neos: Who are you anyway?

????: Oh! Forgive me....I am Maya...Maya the Echidna.

Neos: Well Maya you better make sure Drake here doesn't hurt Dana again.

Maya: I will

Dana hugged Neos and wouldn't let go. "That Drake is scary!"

Drake: And all of you are weak....the whole lot of you! (flies off)

Maya: Drake.....

Neos: *hugs Dana* He ain't gonna hurt you. Not on my watch.

Maya: I'm terribly sorry about Drake. It's just how he is....

Jack: Powerful?

Patricia: And Evil?

Maya: No, he isn't evil at all! He just goes his own way....

Neos: Peh. He's a pompous jerk that's what he is.

Maya: He just wants to prove how strong he is...and Shine and Fetalia are constantly roadblocks. So he feels that by beating Shine, he could be in a step in the right direction....

Gabriel got up. "Damn right!" He yelled. Dana threw a glass bottle at him. "Shut up Gabe!"

Jack: Guys, stop! We need to figure out a way to stop Drake & fast

Maya: Drake hasn't done anything bad! Why do you see him as a threat?!

Neos: Um hello. He knocked like ten people out then choked Dana and dropped her from very high.

Maya: But...he wouldn't try something like what you're suggesting!

Neos: Hey. I know what I saw!

Maya: He's not as heartless as you think!

As soon as everyone started arguing, a car flew towards Neos and Dana.

Neos: *sees the car and stands in front of Dana, then has his shadow go to stop it*

Jack: Excuse me, but how can Drake be possibly be good? Just look at him, he's trying to kill us for crying out loud

Maya: You don't know him!

As the car hit the shadow, it exploded, doing no harm.

A hedgehog was standing there, looking at Dana. "Dana! What are you doing! I thought you were good!"

Neos: What's it to you?

The hedgehog ran to Neos. He used his telekinesis to make Neos hover. "I'll destroy you!" He said.

Dana yelled. "Stop, Kyros! He's my boyfriend!"

Kyros let Neos fall to the ground. "WHAT?!"

Neos: *brushes himself off* You heard her.

Kyros sighed. "I would hate to hurt you Dana."

Kai: Never mind all of that Drake could be an even bigger enemy than we thought

Neos: Whatever. If that Maya person is right he shouldn't be. He better not be...

Shine: (runs in) Neos!

Neos: What!

Shine: (ready to fight) I won't let your actions doom my world!

Neos: Don't you people ever give it a rest!?

Fetalia: What can we say? Saving the world, saving the future! All day, every day!

Shine: That's something I would say, Fetty.


Patricia: Um guys, what should we do now?

Kyros ran and grabbed Dana and ran off. "Catch me if you can, loser!"

Neos: HEY! *runs after Kyros*

Kyros send abjects flying to Neos.

Neos: *ducking and jumping but being slowed down* Come back here you coward!

Shine: hey! What am I, chopped liver?!

Neos: You might as well be!

Shine: (growls)

Neos: Get over it! That guy ran off with Dana and I'm not letting him get away with it!

Dana managed to escape. Kyros ran after her. He grabbed her. He had a cloth on his hand and put it over Dana's face making her fall asleep. Kyros then put a barrier around her so no one could touch her. "Let's settle this like real men!" Kyros said, pulling out his sword.

Joseph: Who do you think you are?!

Jack & Patricia: (turns to Dr. EggPlankton, Craig & Kai) You 3 are coming with us!

Neos: Sheesh, you can't even let Dana make her own decision? *gets in a fighting stance*

Maya: (tries to help Dana while she thinks no one's looking)

Dana tried to talk to Maya, but she couldn't be heard. Kyros threw a fast punch at Neos.

Neos was hit but his shadow came up behind Kyros to hit him.

Kyros fell in front of Neos. He lay there. Dana tried to yell something, but nothing was heard. Gabriel walked up to Kyros. Kyros kicked Gabriel and used his telekinesis to pick up Neos. They both flew high into the air. This will be a fight with no distractions except for this!" He said. Dana hovered and was above Neos, unconscious.

Neos looked down, feeling off floating in the air. Then he looked up at Dana. "What the heck kinda 'good guy' are you!?" he exlaimed.

Kyros shrugged. "I do what I have to in order to win." He said. He then pulled out the sword and pointed it at Dana. "Let's see what you could do without her!" He said, about to stab Dana.

"You wouldn't!" Neos said, but he didn't give Kyros time to respond instead he lunged at him.

Kyros got hit, but grabbed Neos. They both fell to the ground because of Kyros. "We'll die fighting! I don't care!" He said. Dana then broke out of the barrier. "STOP IT!!!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, making movement slow down.

Neos froze when Dana yelled, still holding onto Kyros.

Dana yelled at Kyros. "DON'T HURT MY NEOS!" She yelled. She then kicked Kyros in the face. Kyros fell to the ground. Once Kyros hit the ground, Dana started repeatedly punching Kyros in the face.

Neos just stood there in shock. "Whoa... awesome."

Gabriel stood there with his video camera. Kyros yelled at Neos. "GET YOUR SEXY GIRLFRIEND OFF OF ME!"

Maya: (charging a light sphere at Kyros)

Neos: Hey if she wants to beat you up, that's fine by me.

Dana finally got off Kyros.

Maya: Perfect timing....take THIS!! (shoots a light sphere at Kyros)

Kyros absorbed the light sphere. "You idiot! You thought that would work?"

Maya: Huh?!

Neos: So you absorbed the pretty light. Big whoop.

Maya: (in a state of shock)

"When light fails..." Telos said, sending a dark wave at Kyros via a slash.

(Sorry for being so... absent.)

[RTH - No prob bro.]

Kyros wasn't paying attention so he was hit with the dark wave.

Jack: Stay back! I'm warning you (charges at Kai)

Neos: *laughs at Kyros* In your face!


Kyros started to turn red. "I'M GETTING TIRED OF THIS NOW!" He yelled. He turned Raging Kyros.

"Oh, what's this now? A rage form? Ahahahahaha! Trash times two!" Telos mocked.

Kyros demonstrated his power. He punched right through Gabriel's chest, killing Gabriel instantly.

Maya: (gasped in horror)

Neos: What the heck man? That was not cool!

Kyros laughed. "Neither are you, emo boy!"

Shine: OOOOH snap!

Neos: You got a death wish or somethin'?

"Hmm, pretty interesting toy you got there... now let's see..." Telos said, smirking. "What was it again...? Restriction 214 Released - Dimensional Interference Field Deployed - Code S.O.L., Azure Grimoire, ACTIVATE!" Telos said, going into his Unlimited Form.

Kyros looked at Neos. "Yeah, a death wish for you. Now go cut yourself, emo boy."

Jack: (slams Kai to the Ground)

Kai: ACK! Quick, let's get outta here & regroup!

Patricia: Aww, leaving so soon? Too Bad (kicks Craig at the Butt)

Craig: Hey!

Dr. EggPlankton: No time, let's get our butts outta here!

Neos: *to Kyros* How about I cut you instead?

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Sigma said, slashing down at Kai.

Telos sighed. "Walked right into that one, didn't ya?"

Kyros flipped Neos off.

Neos: *marching towards Kyros* You better take that back before I jam your hand down your throat!

Kyros laughed and returned to normal. "I'd like to see you try."

Neos: *punches Kyros*

Kyros wiped the blood from his nose. He punched Dana. "You wouldn't want her to get hurt." He said. Dana held her head in pain, shame, and sadness.

Telos groaned. "Are you serious?"

Neos: Oh come on! Even I don't fight that dirty!

Drake: Like I said; pa-the-tic!

Dana kicked Kyros in the crotch. "PAYBACK!" Se yelled.

Neos: YEAH! Go Dana!

Dana kept hitting Kyros with a baseball bat.

Neos: *cheering*

Telos was laughing. "Man, what a joke!"

Dana stopped when Kyros started squirming. Kyros fled.

Kai: (Tackles Drake & aims his Machine Gun at Drake)

Maya: NOO!! (jumps in front of Drake)

Gabriel jumped in front of Maya. "Shoot her or Darke, you die!"

Kai: (holds a gun with his other hand & aims it at Gabriel) One move and they are done for.

Gabriel cloned hundreds of himself. "How about 100 moves?"

Dr. EggPlankton: (activates 500 Jack-4 Bots) How about 5 times the Jack-4 Bots than your clones? Jack-4 Bots, ATTACK!

(500 Jack-4 Bots charges & attacks 100 Gabriel Clones, defeating them)

Gabriel sweatdropped. "S***...I'm screwed." He said.

Jack: Chaos Ninjago! (spins around like a Tornado & an Orange Tornado surrounds him, making a Chaos Ninjago Move & destroys the Jack-4 Bots in the Process)

Gabriel sighed. "Are you good or bad? If you're good, stop helping the bad guys!"

Jack: I'm Good. Please stop the villains from confusing me!

Patricia: (her 8 more tails pops out from behind joining her Original Tail) (her 9 tails have been coated with energy) Iron Tail! (uses her 9 Tailed Iron Tail on Craig & Kai & it's 9x More Powerful than the Original Iron Tail) Take that!

Neos: Heck, I don't even know who's on who's side anymore.

Strange voice: (giggling)

Gabriel looked around. "Who's there?"

Strange voice: Oooh, how sexy all you heroes are....

Gabriel shook his head. "I'm not a hero, so are you talking about those moronic heroes?"

Medusa: (appears out from the ground through a dark portal)

Boys: (dumbfounded)

Gabriel ran up to Medusa. "Sup babe?"

Medusa: (chuckles) Hello....

Gabriel kept flirting with Medusa.

Medusa:'re so sexy....

Out of the way, two others, one of them looking like a hedgehog and the other a tannish-looking cat, were sitting where nobody would see them, looking at what was going on.

"I kinda feel sorry for that guy." The one resembling a hedgehog said.

"Me too." The cat replied. "I would probably go over to warn him, but even I know when to not get involved with other people's lives."

Gabriel looked at Medusa's body. "So are you..."

Medusa: (chuckles)

The cat cringed. "I don't like where this is going," he said.

Gabriel got closer to Medusa.

Medusa: (kisses him)

The cat's eyes suddenly turned a bright shade of yellow. "Sylvie," He said, jumping down from where he was perched, "Thou must wait here."

He dropped down, and began to lower into a pouncing position.

Gabriel started to make out with Medusa.

Medusa: Mmmm......

The cat slowly began to creep up behind Medusa, unsheathing his claws. "Hush now, gorgon." He whispered.

"Alright, uh, just what the hell is going on? I know you got your own little thing going on there, but it's kind of worrisome when everyone starts ignoring me." Telos said. "Oh, and by the way... Dual Silencer!" Telos dashed up to Patricia, striking her once with a stamina draining slice, before performing a heavy strike forward.

Jack: (saves Patricia before Telos strikes her & saves her again from a heavy strike from Telos) That was close

Patricia: Thanks Jack, you saved me

Jack: Your welcome

"You annoying little pest!" Telos shouted, firing his chains into the ground, trying to bind Jack as they re-emerged. "Oh, I'm going to kill you so dead, you damned rodent!"

"...!" Sigma rushed over.

Gabriel sent an energy pistol bullet storm to Sigma.

Sigma attempted to defend himself with his blade.

(meanwhile back in the city)

Iceheart: we recieved a transmission from a secret source telling us about an emergency message to all GUN forces in the area, we came to aid you in defeating the GUN humans!

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the End

Gabriel ran to Sigma. "Take this! Hokkaido Blade!" He yelled, throwing a large sword with electricity at Sigma.

Neos: Let 'im have it Gabe.

The cat raised one of his claws over Medusa's head, before lowering it. "Is this really right?" He asked himself, not paying attention to the fact that he just gave his presence away..

Dan came and kicked Sigma. He threw an energy shield to Neos. "Take this and cover you and Dana. Gabe and I will take Sigma and that cat."

Neos: *turns the shield over, looking at it* Huh. *goes and holds it in front of Dana*

The cat jumped a pace back from Medusa and turned to Dan and Gabe. "Thou actually believest thine pitiful mortal weapons will be effective against mine own self?" He said, "I say unto you, nay, thou art clearly mistaken."

Dan and Gabriel bursted out in laughter.

Sigma tried to withstand the attacks, about to go on the offensive.

Neos: What's with Ye Olde Loser over there?

Dan continued laughing while Gabriel slashed at Sigma with an energy sword called the L - Slasher.

The hedgehog-type above them cringed. It looks like he got himself into trouble again, She thought.

The cat simply darted his eyes about the room. "Strategy confirmed", he said before slinking off into the shadows.

Gabriel back away. "Crap..."

Neos: *still holding the shield in front of Dana* What the...

"Hello!" A voice said from behind Dan. It sounded like the cat.

Neos: Who are you already!?

The voice reappeared up in one of the windows.

"Ohai. The name's Keno. You might have heard of me, but you probably haven't.

Neos: Nope. Never heard of ya, Kenny.

The voice returned from one of the air vents.

"Well, I've heard of you, Neon, but only because I keep hearing your name all-over here."

Neos: *looks to where the voice has moved* What can I say? I got a rep.

Then from the ceiling.

"I can tell."

Gabriel looked around. "What is your purpose of being here?" He asked. Dan looked around. "Something isn't right..." He said. After a =n awkward silence, hundreds of G.U.N agents appeared in helicopters, cars, tanks, and on foot. "Neos and Gabriel, get down on the ground or we will fire upon you."

The voice returned, this time coming out from one of the megaphones.

"It appears that my work here is done."

With that being said, the hedgehog-thing left the building.

Neos: Gah! Not you guys again!

Drake: (smirks, siding with GUN)

Sigma was trying to parry the blows that Dan delivered.

Neos: Stupid Drake...

Drake: Stupid?! I'm GUN's best agent!

Adam: Now, Neos! Surrender immediately, or else!

Neos: Or else what!?

Adam: It's not really in my agenda, but....(points his handgun at Dana) I may just have to "convince" you otherwise.


Drake: Cuz that unsexy hooker's your one weakness?! D'ya think we're stupid or something?!

Neos: *narrows his eyes, shadows start forming around Drake*

Gabriel pointed his handgun at Adam.

Adam: I've survived Middle Eastern terrorists and Neo-Nazis before, Gabriel. I'm not intimidated....

Neos: You should be...

Adam: And why's that?

Neos: Because. *shadows are now forming around Adam*

Adam: What the?!

The shadows begin engulfing Adam.

Adam: (remaining calm)

Neos: *glaring at him, the shadows keep coming and covering him*

Adam: (remaining calm)

The shadow moves to completely engulf Adam.

Adam:.......(smiles lightly)

Neos: Hmph. *the shadow covers Adam and you can't see him anymore*

Maya: What did you do to him?!

Neos: He'll probably suffocate or something. Who cares?

Maya: He didn't deserve it!

Neos: What are you talking about? He threatened to kill Dana!

Maya: But he didn't, did he?!

Neos: Oh sure. I'm supposed to wait til AFTER he kills her to do something? That's smart.

Maya: He didn't want to! No one deserves to die! Not like that!

Neos: It was him or Dana!

Maya: (sighs in frustration)

Jack: I'm getting very confused, which one are the bad guys again?

"Man, can any of you do a single goddamn thing RIGHT?! Talk about ignorance." Telos scoffed.

Neos: Argh! Forget it I don't even care what side anyone's on anymore.

Dr. EggPlankton: That's it, mister! You just lost your free will ! (slams the Mind Controling Bucket Helmet on Neos' Head & turns it on) Finished ! Neos, come in here. (chuckles) Or should I say Neos the...Slave Hedgehog. I put the Bucket Helmet on Neos you know. You've shouldn't have been a spoiled brat & you see I always get what I want & I want you to stop those Heroes! (presses the Button to control the Bucket Helmet on Neos, making Neos falls into mind control)

Shine:, nonsensical, Gary-Stu, cheating, cowardly B******!!!!!!!!!

Neos: *goes towards the heroes*

Maya: (readying her light powers)

Neos: *his shadow stands up and attacks*

Maya: (gasps)

Drake: (blocks her) Maya!

Dr. EggPlankton: How dare you! (slams the Mind Controling Bucket Helmet on Shine's Head & turns it on) (then he presses the Button to control the Bucket Helmet on Shine, making Shine falls into mind control as well) Now he's in my control now

Jack: You stop right there, EggPlankton!

Patricia: Yeah, leave our friends alone!

Shine: (laughing evilly)

Fetalia: Shine....

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm afraid Shine belongs to me now...thanks to the Mind Controling Bucket Helmets! (Evil Laughter)

Neos: *lunges at Drake*

Drake: Chaos...PUNCH!!!! (attacks Neos)

Jack: We gotta stop EggPlankton!

Neos: *gets knocked back but mindlessly continues forward*

Drake: (does a Chaos Snap on him)

Jack: (attacks Neos at the Mind Controling Bucket Helmet)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on Shine's Mind Controling Bucket Helmet)

Shine: (stops her with his Psychokinesis)

Patricia: Yipe!

Jack: Uh oh! (tackles Shine to the Ground, freeing Patricia)

Patricia: (lands on both feet) Thank you

Jack: Your welcome

Shine: (fires some street lights at the gang)

Jack & Patricia: (dodges out of the way)

Shine: (fires three Psychic Knifes at them)

Patricia: AAAHH!!!

"Man, you are just ruining my day right now... perhaps it's time someone learned when to roll over and die!" Telos said, jumping as he created a large, draining crystal under his feet, riding it towards Patricia.

Neos: *is still mindless attacking the heroes*

Sigma growled, trying to plan something out...

Neos: *turns to Sigma*

"...!" Sigma readied himself once more.

Neos' shadow attacked Sigma. However, Neos' attacks weren't as good with EggPlankton controlling him.

Jack: (saves Patricia just in time)

Dana looked at Neos. "N-Neos? You aren't acting right with that bucket on..." Dana shot a glare at Dr. EggPlankton. "What have you done?! I will have you killed for this!" Dana yelled will tears streaminng down to her cheeks. Her fur changed pure white, her eyes went to a deep yellow color, her claws sharpened, her teeth grew longer and sharper, and she went insane. She charged at Dr. EggPlankton at a very high speed.

Sigma evaded, and growled. "Time to die, you INSECT!" Sigma dashed toward Dr. EggPlankton, his blade drawn.

"You annoying little pest!" Telos slammed his chains into the ground, and tried to trap Jack with them as they resurfaced.

Drake: Hmph!

Jack: (dodges out of the way with Patricia)

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices Sigma & Dana are charging straight at him) GASP! (covers himself)

Craig: (goes in front of EggPlankton & slams Dana & Sigma to the Ground)

Dr. EggPlankton: Thanks Craig

Craig: Don't start

Dr. EggPlankton: Neos & Shine, let's get outta here & let's return to EggPlanktonLand

Kai: Yes Dr. EggPlankton

(Dr. EggPlankton, Kai, Craig & the other villains retreated back to EggPlanktonLand with a Mind Controled Neos & Shine)

Jack: They're getting away

Kai: We will meet again, Jack Hedgehog (throws a Smoke Bomb to the Ground)

(The Smoke Bomb exploded with a Puff of Smoke & when the Smoke clears all of the Villains & the mind controled Neos & Shine)

Patricia: They got away

Jack: Along with Neos & Shine

Patricia: What are we gonna do now?

Jack: The only think we can do: Stop Dr. EggPlankton & his band of Villains before it's too late

Neos: *still mindlessly following Dr. EggPlankton*

Jack: Neos is still in EggPlankton's Mind Control along with Shine

Patricia: We gotta save Neos & Shine

(meanwhile in the city where the villains are)

Deraj: ok Iceheart, i want forward positions here and here! *points on map* set up field hospitals to aid the wounded behind us, and get your artillery on the line for fire support! Oh and please arm thease rebels, they look like they are outguned.

Iceheart: Rodger! Ok you heard him move move move!!!

  • AMA soldiers follow orders*

AMA soldiers: ok you Mobians! We have guns if you are on our side!

Dr. EggPlankton: Ok Jack-4 Bots, when our mission is complete we'll get back to EggPlanktonLand

Neos: ...

Dr. EggPlankton: Neos, keep an eye out for any goody goody heroes just in case they come back, you got that?

Neos: Yes... sir...

Kai: I believe it's time to capture more heroes & make them our slaves

Craig: (chuckles)


Dr. EggPlankton: And as for you Craig & Shine, you go with Neos

Craig: Yes Dr. EggPlankton, come on Shine, let's keep an eye on the heroes just in case they come back to attack us

Shine: Understood...

Dr. EggPlankton: When the Heroes came to us, Kai, you & rest of the villains prepare an ambush

Kai: Understood, my master

Neos: *goes to watch for the heroes*

Dr. EggPlankton: Good (hops inside the Bucket Pod)

Julius: (staring down, unimpressed)

Unknown to most, a single solitary black and brown hedgehog is spying on them. "Great. Now GUN will pay me triple for this footage! Moolah, baby!" he says. He then speeds after Dr. EggPlankton.

Neos: *notices him when he gets closer* Dr. Eggplankton, someone is coming.

Dr. EggPlankton: Huh? Who?

Neos: I don't know. But he's coming fast.

"Eh, I was never good at stealth anyway", the hedgehog says", but I excel at the technique of beating you up!" He then uppercuts Neos. "Now, EggPlankton, you can either come with me silently and quickly, or I'll take you by force!" He then takes out a Chaos Emerald.

Neos: *the uppercut knocks his helmet off* Huh? What the heck's going on!


Neos: *looks at Shine* What's with the dumb hat?

Shine: You have turned on us....(grabs him with Psychokinesis)

Neos: Hey! What gives?!

Shine: All enemies must die!

Neos: Sheesh when'd you become such a kill-joy? *sends his shadow at Shine*


Neos: *his shadow attacks Shine trying to make him release his psychokinesis*

Shine: UGH!!

Fetalia: (appears) Neos! Shine!

Neos: What?

Shine: (rleases him)

Neos: *lands on the ground* You guys are crazy...

Fetalia: It's EggPlankton! He hypnotized you and Shine, but you're free now!

Unknown Brown and Black Hedgehog: STOP! Chaos Control! (Time freezes. The hedgehog then approaches Eggplankton) WARP! ( The multicolored hedgehog and EggPlankton disappear.)

Neos: No one hypnotizes me! *looks to where EggPlankton was* Wait where'd he go!?

Shine: (throws objects at them)

Neos: Cut it out, will ya? *goes over to Shine and punches his helmet, knocking it down*

Shine: Huh? What happened?

Neos: You were acting like a doofus, that's what happened.

Shine: What was that?!

Neos: You heard me!

Shine: (punches him hard)

Neos: Ack! *grips himself, then punches back*

Shine: (hits an upercut)

Neos: *kicks him*

Shine: UGH!!

Neos: *hits him again* Stay down!

Shine: AAAH!!

Neos: That's what you get.

Telos scoffed. "Remind me to have the Rebellion execute EggPlankton next time we see his face, huh?"

Neos: Remind me to help.

Jack: Whatever he is, we have to take care of the rest

Patricia: Look out! (saves Jack from a Bullet shot by Kai)

Kai: (holding a Gun) I'm gonna blow their heads off

Craig: I'll crush their skulls

Jack: Come on Patricia, let's do it, to it !

Patricia: Right !

Meanwhile, at GUN headquarters....

GUN Commander: Alright Eggplankton, call your men and tell them to stop destroying downtown!

Dr. EggPlankton: Why should I do that? I'm just having fun blowing the buildings up

GUN Commander: We have ways to convince you, Eggplankton. Gi, get the Crippler.

Unknown Multicolored Hedgehog: Why? I just wanna get paid, then I'm leaving.

GUN Commander: Well, the deal has changed. Gi the Hedgehog, welcome to GUN.

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh please, I've seen Shadow & Rouge in G.U.N. before, but sometimes your business it's like someone ever bit you with the guitar, besides I ain't talking.

Gi the Hedgehog: What guitar are you talking about? Never mind that. Whenever I ask that question I end up regretting it.

GUN Commander: Fine then. I guess we'll have to change to Plan B. Seargent Peters, ready the bomb.

  • GUN humvee rolls in*

Sir! AMA forces have taken downtown city!

  • soldier opens a door and a dead GUN solider falls out*

Dr. EggPlankton: Well, this is my stop

(Jack-4 Bots appears & starts attacking G.U.N. Soilders, killing them)

Dr. EggPlankton: (grins) See ya!

(Jack-4 Commander enters in, grabs Dr. EggPlankton, blasts a hole through the Ceiling with his Arm Cannon & flys up up & away with his Robotic Jet Feet while carrying Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: And the next time we meet, I shall take over your Facility!

  • Dr Eggplankton fleet gets under attack by AMA jets thinking they are a part of GUN* (Assuming they are in the vacinity)

Gi the Hedgehog: Damn it, EggPlankton! (He runs after him.)

  • an AMA jet goes on a strafing run against GI,*

Pilot: eat lead!

Gi dodges bullets, ricochets off a building, and fliies straight at the jet.

Dr. EggPlankton: (to AMA Jets) You Knuckleheads! It's me, Dr. EggPlankton!

Jack-4 Commander: (punches Gi super hard, knocking him down to the ground)

Dr. EggPlankton: Nice punch

Jack-4 Commander: It is you that created me

Dr. EggPlankton: Quickly, back to the other Villains for more rampaging in Downtown!

Jack-4 Commander: Ai, ai, sir

(Dr. EggPlankton & Jack-4 Commander retreats back to the Villains)

(in downtown the AMA are in fierce street to street fighting with GUN forces, they have a well thought of deffinsive line and are also held up in the surrounding buildings)

AMA soldier: keep shooting!!!

"Enemy contact, initiating combat with forces on hand."

"10-4, regroup and engage."

OmegaCorp had now engaged the AMA forces, not particularly satisfied about working with GUN, though.

AMA soldier1: keep firing!!!

AMA2: I am throwing a grenade, Grenade out!! *throws grenade*

"Grenade inbound, evasive measure 61!" One OmegaCorp soldier reported.

"Affirmative, falling back and deploying countermeasures!" another coordinated, attempting to evade the blast and regroup to a new position.

AMA soldiers:*takes cover behind a wall and preform supprssive fire*

"Flashbang deployed!" One of the OmegaCorp soldiers tossed out a flashbang, trying to prevent his allies from being gunned down.

AMA:*soldier are falling back who got blind*, *rocket soldiers fire on OmegaCorp men through nearby buildings*

One of the groups fell victim to the rockets, followed by further pressure over their communication lines.

"We've lost contact with Bravo team. Status report."

"This is Foxtrot, explosive damage confirmed. Communications are down."

"Does anyone have an ID on the enemy?"

"...Acquired. Neutralizing." OmegaCorp's marksmen were scattered amongst the various buildings, taking careful aim as they engaged the AMA's explosive ordinance teams.

Dr. EggPlankton & Jack-4 Commander: (appears back)

Dr. EggPlankton: Time to activate my Jack-4 Bots to take out the G.U.N. Soilders (Activates his Jack-4 Bots) Now, go destroy those G.U.N. Soilders!

(Jack-4 Bots salutes & then goes to fighting the G.U.N. Soilders)

Gi: Oh know you don't! (He pulls out a bazooka)

(AMA Red Devil tanks come cover the AMA infanrty by moving in front of them, they use their plasma cannons on the OmegaCorsps men): Red devil by servantofentropy-d47pkhb

Kai & Craig: (appears right beside Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: Where did the heroes run off to?

Kai: They got away sir, but we've managed to stop them just like you said

Craig: They don't stand a chance against the EggPlankton Empire!

"Enemy armor inbound, requesting reinforcements."

"10-4, sending unmanned weapons to your location, ETA 10 minutes. Try to stay alive until then."

The OmegaCorp Exalted Knights tried to employ anti-tank measurements, utilizing their Surge Launchers.

Gi: (Shoots bazooka at EggPlankton and the AMA.)

Dr. EggPlankton: ACK! (dodges out of the way along with Jack-4 Commander, Kai & Craig)

(Should Gicandice get involved ot not?)

(Shadowsic will not be posting in the roleplay for sometime, so I give the creators of this roleplay permission to use my character, Gi the Hedgehog, until the 31st of March. See you later!)

Gi: (Takes out Chaos Emerald.) Chaos Control! (Time freezes. Gi attacks the frozen EggPlankton, Craig, Kai, and Jack-4 Bots)

Combots: (appears with their Time Freezing Proof Armor & attacks Gi, making Time moving again)

Dr. EggPlankton: I forgot to mention that my Combots had Time Freezing Proof Armor that can be resisted by the Time Freezing

Iceheart: are they normal freezing proof? *freezez the Jack-4 bots* and then *shoots a freeze ray at GI*

Dr. EggPlankton: Right

Gi: (Backflips away from the Freeze Ray) Okay then! You want me angry, you got me angry! Batorumōdo B! Kurai henkan wa, gō! (All of a sudden, a black and purple light surrounds Gi the Hedgehog.)

Dr. EggPlankton: And you want me Evil, I'll show you Evil ! CHUM BEATER BATTLE SUIT, ACTIVATE!!! (All of a sudden, the battle suit connects with Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. EggPlankton goes inside the Chum Beater Battle Suit [looks similar to the Egg Beater Battle Suit] ) Now, it's time that I DESTROY YOU !

A flash of light occurs and blinds Dr. EggPLankton. After the light disappears, Gi the Hedgehog's brown and black fur had become all black. The tips of his spikes were purple.

Dark Gi: You thought I didn't have any tricks up my sleeve. You were wrong. (Gi then moves at the speed of light and sound combined, and reappears behind Iceheart. He punches him in the back, grabs him by the hair and throws him into a building.)

Dr. EggPlankton: (swings the Wrecking Ball at Dark Gi, damaging him)

Dark Gi: Hmph. That robot's tougher than it looks. But then, so am I! (Dark Gi throws Chaos Spear's at the Chum Beater. He then Homing Attacks the robot at every weak spot, severely destroying Eggplankton's robot.)

Dr. EggPlankton: (the battle suit didn't get damaged) I'm gonna ram'em! (fires his battlesuit's wrist lasers at Dark Gi's Weak Spot, damaging him very hard)

Dark Gi: Darn.... What's that suit made of? I've gotta use my Special Move..... (Dark Gi is surrounded by an orb of energy.) Come on EggPlankton! Hit me! I dare you!

Dr. EggPlankton: Gotcha! (presses the button that traps Dark Gi inside the Power Drain) I have you now ! (activates the Power Drain & it drains off Dark Gi's Powers, making him weak.)

Dark Gi: Hehehe... This is exactly what I need. (The orb surrounding the powered up hedgehog expands and starts neutralizing the Chum Beater) You almost beat me. Almost. But the battle has always been with me. (Finally, the Chum Beater is halfway gone)

Iceheart: (to Dark GI) you are my next target, prepare to be eleiminated... *shoots a freeze beam at Dark GI*

A familiar green hedgehog fell from the sky and landed on a destroyed car. "This place is trashed! What happened?" He asked. He looked around. "Looks like Dana's gone insane, Kyros is beat up, and the heroes are turning against each other and helping the villains. Everything necessary for an opening for Dr. Eggman to do something dangerous that will result in himself getting hurt and being the worlds greatest failure. I guess I'll be forced to fight and the characters that are controlled by specific users will g-mod, making some other user's character to kill everyone in sight, making the roleplay go insane and this roleplay dies in a matter of months, then my creator will restart the roleplay, making everyone have to rejoin and then make a roleplay that makes no freakin' sense." Rapid said, breaking the fourth wall so many times, it's stupid.

Dr. EggPlankton: Computor, activate the Instant Self-Auto Repair Kit (When he said that, the Chum Beater starts repairing itself, making him 100% Fixed once again) You not the only ones that can pull a sneaky trick & that is exactly what I'm hoping for too (activates the Power Drain & the machine starts Draining Dark Gi's Power out of him)

Neos: *Stares at Rapid* What the heck are you talking about, dork?

Jack: (appears) Guys, what's going on here?

Patricia: (appears) Oh dear


Dark Gi: Omega! Thank God it's you. Hurry, or my goose is cooked.

Omega: (shoots the Power Drain Device and destroys it.)

Dark Gi: Now, the grand finale! (throws a grenade at the Chum Beater Suit and destroys it.) You failed as miserably as you could. Maybe in a few years you could beat me. But not today. I wasn't even trying my best! P.S., your chum sucks!

Dr. EggPlankton: (smirks) (has some of Dark Gi's Powers) (the auto repair kit on the chum beater is still on & fixes itself making it 100% once again) And you bet you didn't see that coming either. P.S. I HAVE YOUR POWERS GI ! (slams Dark Gi to the Ground, making him lose his powers to Dr. EggPlankton)

Layla: (appears on her Dark Flying Broom) (sinister giggling) (grabs Dark Gi by the Throat) Mmm, you look like your in good shape

  • AMA Ravesn fly over them*

AMA soldier:(to Iceheart) Field Leader! Our brothers in the skies have come!

Iceheart:*gets on a radio* Shoot all Primes! (Mobian Primes)

Pilot: rodger we'll drown them in bullets! *gunships start fireing*

Xhc 310 raven by thexhs-d4q8eb5

Dark Gi: (reverts back to normal)

Gi: Look lady, I know I'm awesome, but you just aren't my type. Omega, hit it!

Omega: Affirmative. Die, bruja. (Shoots Layla's broom and breaks it.)

Gi: Sorry, but it looks like I gotta jet. GUN looks like they're about to haul butt. (As he says it, hundreds of GUN tanks attack) Later Chum-For-Brains!

GUN Tank Driver: Ready? Fire!

(erm Tanks are a a poor match for Aircraft, in fact thease Ravens are Tank Hunters)

(Eh, whatevs.)

AMA soldiers: HA! GUN thinks tanks are a match for aircraft! How foolish!

AMA pilot: heheh, fireing missles! *fires AT missles*:

Layla: (snaps her fingers & the GUN Tanks all got destroyed in the process) I'm no ordinary Witch (uses the Force to Choke Gi, making him hard to breathe)

Dr. EggPlankton: (goes back inside the Chum Beater) Sorry Gi, looks like your finished. Layla...finish him (snaps his fingers)

Layla: (chokes Gi using the Force even harder, making him even harder to breathe)

Zane: (appears & rams into Omega)

AMA pilots: sir! we have multiple boegys on the HUD, shall we engage?

Iceheart: Negative the tanks are destroyed, we will fight here now, RTB (Return to Base)

AMA pilot: rodger, give em heck Field Leader! *the group of Ravens fall back base* (aircraft need to refuel and they have compleated their mission)

Gi:(breathing heavily) D-do you th-think you have a s-say on when I d-d-disappear? Surprise! (Pulls out the Chaos Emerald) Chaos Control! ( Gi warps away).

Omega: Get off, annoying life form! (Shoots at Zane and hits him multiple times.)

"Unmanned reinforcements deployed. What's your status?"

"Counter-assault on the AMA is holding."

"Enemy aircraft is currently retreating. Permission to pursue."

"Clearance granted. Give 'em hell."

OmegaCorp continued their ground assault to further pressure the AMA forces.

AMA soldier: Field Leader more forces more armor is heading our way!

Iceheart: signal the Heavy Hitters, and fall back.

AMA soldier: Rodger!

  • AMA forces start falling back*

Zane: (wearing Bullet Proof Armor) Heh (grabs Omega & slams him to the Ground) Your not the only one that can pull a fast one Omega.

Layla: (had her Dark Flying Broom fixed) Looks like you guys could be great fighters

Dr. EggPlankton: Jack-4 Bots, stop G.U.N. from getting closer to our generals & me

Jack-4 Bots: Rodger Rodger!

(The Jack-4 Bots starts appearing & then attacks at G.U.N. with everything they got)

Dr. EggPlankton, Kai, Jack-4 Commander, Layla & Zane: (hops back inside the ChumPod)

Dr. EggPlankton: Farwell !

(Dr. EggPlankton, Kai, Jack-4 Commander, Layla & Zane got away in the EggPod while the Jack-4 Bots attacking G.U.N.)

Jack & Patricia: (goes after Dr. EggPlankton & his generals)

Jack: Hey! Stop right there !

AMA soldiers:*wait*

Iceheart: just wait until they get in range.

"Sir, the enemy is falling back."

"Bring out the railgun. We'll blitz them with that and then hit them hard while they try to regroup."

OmegaCorp started rallying more armored divisions, including a large railgun.


  • vave after wave of artillery shells and rockets start pounding their postions*

AMA soldiers: (at a distance) HA! suckers!!

Omega: Analysis: Situation Hopeless. Retreat is the best solution. Goodbye! (Throws a smoke bomb on the ground. When the smoke clears, Omega is gone.)

(GUN jets, GUN tanks, and the machine Flying Dog appear, as well as foot soldiers. They attack AMA Forces)

Jack: (sighs) Dr. EggPlankton got away

Patricia: He might be back for more. But he's nowhere to be seen

Jack: Your right, I think we betta tell the others about this & then plan an Ambush on them & who are these 2 other guys I saw with EggPlankton

Patricia: I don't know about the Gorilla one, but I do know about the Female one. Her name is Layla the FoxSkunk, she is the Dark Witch & my arch-nemesis. She is also Fiona Fox's Older Sister

Jack: Whao. Wait a minute, how come Layla's a FoxSkunk while Fiona's a Fox huh?

Patricia: Acculty Fiona's Mother is acculty a Fox. But there is a Dark Secret within Layla

Jack: Really?

Patricia: Yeah, I'll tell you on the way

Jack: Ok, let's go

(Jack & Patricia goes back to tell the others)

Gi: (he reappears) Looks like GUN is losing and EggPlankton got away. But where are those two running off to? I better follow from a safe distance. Tekunikku 51! Camaflauge! (Gi turns invisible and undetectable.)

AMA "Shrieker" Jets engage GUN Jets and also Shrieker jet bombers pound the ground with bombs

AMA soldier: HA! This GUN assault is pathetic!

AMA soldier2: Yeah, do thease people have anyone left to challange us?

(All of a sudden, GUN Falcons, the strongest in GUN infantry, bomb the AMA forces.)

AMA soldier: fall back!

Iceheart: *calls in support.*

  • AMA Ravens pepper the Falcons from the sky*

Jack & Patricia: (hides inside the Dumpster)

Part 4: The Final Battle

Eggman appeared in a giant metal robat covered in armor. "It's my time to shine! MWAHAHAHA!" He yelled. He had chain guns on his robot. Rapid instantly jumped at Eggman. "I won't let you get away from me this time Egghead!" He said. Dana ran in front of Neos. "I'm scared!" She said.

Dr. EggPlankton: (appears inside the Chum Beater [Similar to the Egg Beater]) Not before I can squash you down to size along with G.U.N. you nasty little pincusions!

Jack: (climbs out of the Dumpster & hides, getting ready for an Ambush)

Patricia: (Climbs out & hides as well)

Rapid looked around.

Gi: (reappears) Hello guys! (Sees Eggplankton) Aw crap, not you again!

Neos: *wraps his arms around Dana* Don't worry about it, I'll handle this!

Jack: (comes out with Patricia) Hey, EggPlankton! Looks like we've meet again !

Patricia: Then prepare yourself for a serious butt whooping!

Dr. EggPlankton: Then I'll more fun on destroying every single one of you.

Candice: *just comes out of a cloathing store with new cloathes in a bag she bought* *sees the Chum Beater* whats going on?

Jack: It's Dr. EggPlankton, he starts attacking G.U.N. along with the other villains & now he's in the Chum Beater that is about the size of a Giant.

Dr. EggPlankton: Now then, let's see how you like it, when I squash you into Jelly !

Candice: (to Dr Eggplanktin) HEY YOU! You better not come here to cause trouble!

??????: Hahaha... I'm here to smash you all to pieces!

Josh: (arrives) Hey there. EggRey?

Solar & Lunar: (arrives)

??????: You again?!

Josh: Hmph. Now, it's time to defeat you once & for all!

Dr. EggRey: (appears in the Equera Beater) Now, I'll squash you all to goo!

Josh: Oh really? Let's go!

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices Candice) And who are you suppose to be?

Candice: Candice the cat!

Josh: Hey there.

Dr. EggRey: Hey Dr. EggPlankton, let's get ready to squash them!

Candice: you squash me? Hah!

Dr. EggRey: Get ready to be smashed! (activates the cannon systems of his Equera Beater)

Candice: *grins and enlarges to where she is bigger then the Egg Beater* (as in giant, not um well you lnow)

Dr. EggRey: You have still no match for our power. (shoots purple beams at Candice)

Candice: *gets hit and they make small burns and burn some of her shoulder part of her outfit off* grr you should not have done that! *lifts the Egg Beater up*

Dr. EggRey: Activating jet pack. (turns on his Equera Beater's jet pack to burn her face) You've no match for our technology! Ha ha ha!

Candice: *gets burnt but shakes it off* grrrr you little pest! *takes out her claws and jabs them into both sides of the Egg Beater*

Dr. EggRey: Oh man.

(The Equera Beater is damaged)

Dr. EggRey: Here, swallow these missiles! (fires missiles on Candice)

Josh: Oh no, you don't! (uses Chaos Spear on the missiles)

Candice: *slowly crushes the Egg Beater*

Dr. EggRey: Oh no! (activates his electric net to trap Candice)

(JoshTheHedgehog12: Um, Jared, that isn't an Egg Beater. That's an Equera Beater, EggRey's version.)

(wait there is 2 people tp'ing against her now?)

(JoshTheHedgehog12: No, only EggRey for now. Josh's helping you.)

Candice: ahhh! *struggles*

Josh: Candice! (cuts the electric net via Ancient Power) You okay?

Candice: no they burnt my favorite shirt! (she is)

(The Chum beater tries to tackles Candice)

Jack: Candice, be careful

Patricia: That Battle Suit of EggPlankton's is really strong.

Canidce: HA! *grabs it like a ball* I am stonger!

(well she is she HAS to have super strengh even at normal size to be able to move and have a stable body at that size, everything about her must be stronger, like a building. The bigger it is, the more support and internal strengh it must have)

Dr. EggPlankton: Yipe! Put me down!

Candice: No! Not until I crush you for runining my shirt!

Dr. EggRey: (Thought: She thought that EggPlankton ruined her shirt, but it was me!) (laughs)

Dr. EggPlankton: If you don't put me down, then I'll make you!

Chum Beater: (punches Candice in the face) (then punches the Equera Beater)

Dr. EggPlankton: And that is for framing me EggRey, cause while I'm in this battlesuit, I can hear everything you say & every thought you said, you knit wit. Now don't even think of lying your way outta this, because I can hear you!

Dr. EggRey: Who are you saying that I'm framing you, huh?! I'm not really EggRey, I am the mighty ghost, Boogar!

Nali: (comes in holding light blue nun chucks, hits Candice with them, which freezes her) Boogar? (snicker) That's your real name?

Dr. EggRey: Yes.

Dr. EggPlankton: (to EggRey) AHHHHH, SHADDAP!!!

Chum Beater: (bonks the Chum Equera, giving damage to the Chum Equera)

Dr. EggRey: Why you plankton...

Dr. EggPlankton: Maybe that'll teach ya to never frame me again. Now if you excuse me, I'm very busy here (to Nali) And who are you?

Dr. EggRey: Hmph. (gets very angry)

Equera Beater: (shoots purple beams at the Chum Beater, giving it damage)

Chum Beater: (Shoots Red Beams at the Equera Beater, giving it more damage than the Equera Beater has to offer)

Dr. EggRey: You're making me very mad!!! (infuses virus on his laser beams)

Equera Beater: (shoots big purple beams, giving it more damage than the Chum Beater has to offer next)

(If Iceheart was on her side he could fix that)

Candice:*bust out of the ice* HA! Iceheart has done worse to me!

  • picks up Nail*

Candice: now you are going to pay!

Josh: Nicey!

Solar: (arrives) Take this! (burns the Chum Beater via burning phoenix aura)

Chum Beater: (Immune to the attack)

Solar: Immune, huh? You'll not be immune to this! (uses Iron Melter, melting the Chum Beater's hands)

Dr. EggRey: We are now enemies, plankton! (shoots 3 rockets at the Chum Beater, creating an explosion)

(JoshTheHedgehog12: Excuse me? It isn't Chum Equera, it is Equera Beater.)

Nali: No. I won't. (hits Candice with her nun chucks 3 times) Name's Nali the Dark.

Dr. EggPlankton: (emerges from the smoke, still ok inside the Chum Beater) Fine! (shoots 6 Rockets at the Equera Beater, creating a bigger explosion)

Dr. EggRey: Oh man.

Equera Beater: (cloaks itself with Virus Barrier)

Jack & Patricia: (Spindashes at the Equera Beater, giving it more damage to the Equera Beater)

Dr. EggRey: You're irritating me, puny little beings!

Equera Beater: (grabs Jack & Patricia & electrocutes them) (slams them on the ground)

Candice: HA I am giant! do you think thoase little things will hurt me?

Nali: (twists, trying to free herself) Let go!

(wait what? I thought she had Nali?)

(Tsp: Yeah, I get my charas mixed up, there are too many...)

Nali: (kicks)

Candice: That isn't going to work.. read my lips. I,,,AM,,,Super...Strong...I,,,,

Nali: (sighs, pouts)

Equera Beater: (fires purple beams at the Chum Beater, giving it more damage) These impudent hedgehogs are distracting me!

Josh: Hm? It seems EggRey doesn't want to battle us. He's battling EggPlankton!

Nali: (focuses on bringing her power to a center, as a final ditch effort to get free)

Candice: *gently drops Nali into a pile of mud*

Nali: (screams) My fur! My beautiful white fur! You ruined it! (not trying to be racist, her fur color is white)

Josh: Heh.

Candice: hey you asked for it! (Candice is a hero, but she can be a little mean sometimes)

Nali: You are goin' DOWN. (flicks some of the mud at Candice's clothes, gets up, pulls out her nun chucks)

Candice: (she is nice until you get her cloathes messed up), *raises her foot to squash Neli*

(Tsp: spelled NALI)

Nali: (dodges, climbs up Candice's leg getting her clothes even more dirty)

Candice: *shakes Nali off with her leg*

Nali: (lands on feet) HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?

Candice: grr why you little!

  • suddenly Candice is pushed down from behind*

????: HI sis!

Candice: oh crud not you again! *looks up it is Gicandice her anti*

Gicandice: *giggles* yes ittttsss me!

Nali: Oh, hi... Now if you'll excuse me... (starts messing with Candice's hair)

Gicandice: Stop! Gicandice does that! *swipes her off of her sisters head*


( Candice: )

Gicandice: since Daddy said Icy (her nickname for Iceheart), is buisy with the humans (he is assaulting station Square). Daddy said Gicandice could go play with sis. (Her father told her basicly to go fight Candice so Candice could not reniforce the GUN forces defending the city, Gicandice's "playing" refers to her fighting her sister for the fun of it)

Candice: sister you are psycho!!

Gicandice: Gicandice does not want to eat Taco's sis! (she thought she said Taco)

Nali: (weirded out)

Star Wolf: (shooting the enemies)

Uber-Seedrians: (fighting back at the heroes)

Nali: (snaps out of it, attacks the heroes with nun chucks)

Gicandice: *gets an idea from Nali* *runs of towards a train track and takes the train of the track to makes herself a giant pair of numchucks* tee hee hee.

Candice: Did you have to give her ideas?

Nali: Hey, weapon of choice is legal, and mine is the Numchucks of Ice.

Gicandice: weeeee!!!! *swings her Train numchucks at everyone*

Candice: I told you she is crazy!

Nali: (ducks, swings numchucks at Gicandice which freezes her temporarily)

Gicandice: *breaks free* (not that long)

Gicandice: does a downward ground attack witht them*

Nali: (rolls out of the way, into the mud) Okay fine! You win. Just be careful. (attacks the heroes)

Chum Beater: (doesn't get the damage, because of the New Reflected Shield) (Throws the Equera Beater at the Heroes)

Jack & Patricia: (dodges)

Dr. EggRey: Oh really?

Equera Beater: (puts itself a repelling shield & charges to the Chum Beater, headbutting it on a wall)

Nali: (shakes off mud at Josh and Patricia, blinding them momentarily while she attacks and freezes them with the numchucks)

Josh: You can't freeze me that easily, fool. (breaks free)

Jack: Oh no you don't ! Chaos Freeze! (freezes Nali with Chaos Freeze) Don't worry, I'll get you out. Chaos Flare! (uses Chaos Flare to melt the Ice off of Patricia, making her warm again)

Patricia: (sighs) Oh thank you Jack (Hugs Jack)

Gicandice: *sees the Chum Bucket* ohhh cool toy!

Candice: No Gicandice that isn't...Wait (thinks she can occupy Gicandice and Dr EggPlankton) oh yeah it is! go play with it!

Gicandice: Yaaaaayyy! *head's towards it*

Dr. EggPlankton: (Still inside the Chum Beater) GASP!

Nali: (breaks free) Ice is my element. (jumps on Candice) Now I should probably keep you busy.

Gicanidice: *running towards him* tee hee heee!! Come to Gicandice!

  • suddenly Nali is shot in the back by an ice sickle*

Nali: Ngh... (shakes it off) Hellooo, ice elementists aren't hurt by ice...

Iceheart: *stabs her with an icesicle knife*

Candice; why are you here?

Jack: We've got alot of Villains to defeat

Nali: (to Iceheart) Why are you attacking me?

Iceheart: that is classified.

Nali: (sigh) (continues hitting Candice with her numchucks)

(Kai, Jack-4 Commander, Craig, Layla & Zane tries to tackle Candice down to the Ground)

Patricia: Watch out, Candice !

(wait how are they going to tackle a giant?)

Nali: (freezes Candice) YES! Finally... Heheh...heh... (faints from arm exhaustion)

Dr. EggPlankton: (sighs) Jack-4 Bots, help Nali.

(3 Jack-4 Bots puts Nali on the Stretcher & marches back with Nali back to EggPlankton Land)

Gi: I don't think so! (pulls stretcher from under Nali and throws it at the Jack-4 Bots) I don't mean to be a party pooper, but you just aren't in my Fave Five! (throws numerous Chaos Spears at Chum Beater and Equera Beater)

Candice: so Iceheart tell me really why you are here.

Iceheart: I am merely here to protect Gicandice, you have not been designated as a lethal threat to her, but thease people have. I am here to ensure her saftey. (Iceheart knows Canidce would never kill Gicandice or vice versa, but all the villains might could kill her so he is protecting them, he was leading an assault but his forces are well in control of the situation and he turned control over to Gicandice's father Deraj, the leader of all AMA forces so he could protect Deraj's daughter Gicandice).

Nali: (the fall causes her to wake up) Oooow...

Jack: Watch out ! (spindashes at the Chum Beater & the Equera Beater)

Nali: (growls at Gi and pulls out her numchucks) Shoulda let me sleep...

Dr. EggRey: These fools are distracting me! Hm! (presses the blue button)

Equera Beater: (regenerates) (punches Jack at his face) Bullseye!

Nali: (attacks Gi with her numchucks)

Josh: (kicks Nali) Let me help, Gi. (throws numerous Chaos Spears at Nali)

Nali: Ack! (hit by one) (moves onward to Josh)

Josh: Oh c'mon, Nali. It'll be Ice vs. Ice. You want THIS? (gets his Singe Cannon) I'm sure your fur will be charcoal with this. Bye bye! (activates the cannon systems & shoots fire at Nali) Can you feel the burn? This weapon is the 2nd strongest weapon in my arsenal. (shoots more fire at Nali)

Iceheart: *ignores them and heads towards Gicandice's position*

candice: ok? that was...akward.

Patricia: (notices Jack was hurt by that punch) (gasps) Jack, are you ok?

Jack: (notices the Stars spinning around his heads) Look, I see stars (faints) Goodnight.

Patricia: (to EggRey) Hey, Not cool ! (coats her Tail with Energy & uses Iron Tail on the Equera Beater, dealing heavy damage to the Equera Beater) That'll teach you to never mess with my friends !

Dr. EggRey: Whoa!

Equera Beater: (lands on head)

Dr. EggRey: Take this! (shoots homing missiles at Patricia) Now you can't escape that!

Dr. EggPlankton: Grrr !

Chum Beater: (Tries to Punch Patricia, but she's too fast for the Chum Beater)

Patricia: (Dodging the Punches) Oh, a wise guy, huh? (aims her Skunk Tail at the Chum Beater & the Equera Beater & sprays Skunk Scent at both Machines & both Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. EggRey, causing them to cough)

Dr. EggPlankton: ACK ! My Eye ! It burns ! I can't see !

Dr. EggRey: (puts a metal mask before Patricia used her skunk scent) Heh. (laughs)

Clyde: Alright, let's end this!

Jack: (gets up, not feeling dizzy anymore) Right, let's go !

Star Wolf: (ready to shoot)

Nali: (has become BBQd Mobian) (sighs out smoke) You people REALLY want to ruin my fur, don't you? (numchucks become boomerang, throws it)

Josh: Arrgh! (powers up & grabs the boomerang, but it hurts by 25%) Retaliation! (throws the boomerang back)

Nali: (catches it) It's not very effective... (looks at hand to discover ice burn) What the...

Candice: Enough!!!!! *takes her foot and stomps on the ground creating a tremor*

Nali: (lands on her burn) OOOOW!

Josh: Hah. (throws Luna Chaos Spears at Nali) You can't escape these!

Nali: (tries to deflect it by hitting it with her numchucks) Ugh! A little help here?

Josh: Heh.

Nali: I almost never use this but I guess I have no choice... (pulls out a flaming sword)

Josh: Henshin! (transforms to Pyrus Josh via Pyrus Emerald)

Nali: Okay fine! (pulls out the sword, numchucks, and Hammer of Earth out at once)

Josh: (notices that he has a gauntlet on his right hand) Nice. (puts the Pyrus, Aquos, & Subterra Emeralds on the slots of the gauntlet) Now! (presses the red button on the gauntlet) (transforms to Scorch Mud form)

Scorch Mud Josh: (his head has now fire abilities, while his arms have water abilities, & his feet have earth abilities) Nice, huh? This form is only elemental change, not powering up.

Nali: .... O.o (faints)

Scorch Mud Josh: Um... (reverts to normal)

Josh: Whoa... This form wastes energy much... Well, let's do this! (kicks the Chum Beater)

Candice: ok um what should I do now?

Dr. EggRey: Now, try this, you giant pest!

Equera Beater: (punches Candice)

Candice: *takes the hit and gets knocked back* ow! *recovers* oh no you didn't!! *punches the equera Beater in the head section*

Dr. EggRey: Not good.

Equera Beater: (receives heavy damage)

Dr. EggRey: Aaaargh! These impudent beings... Ugh!

Equera Beater: (desperately punches Candice)

Jack: (spindashes at the Equera Beater)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Chum Beater)

Dr. EggPlankton: You'll pay for that !

Candice: Bring it tiny!

Dr. EggRey: Again?! Speed Reader, on! (presses the green button)

Equera Beater: (activates Speed Reader) (smacks Jack on the ground before Jack spindashed it)

Dr. EggPlankton: Hey, I'm now Dr. Eggman's Size, thanks to my Largetron...And don't I'm in a Dr. Eggman like body only with a Blue Jacket with Green Threads, instead of Red with Yellow Threads.

Nali: (wakes up) Hey gained weight...

Candice: (she is 30ft tall right now) You are still tiny to me.

Gi: Still small enough for me! (puts a gun to EggPlankton’s head and shoots)

Dr. EggPlankton: (ducks, dodging the bullet) That was close.

Josh: Hmph. (gets his Singe Cannon) You can't be immune to this, so now feel the burn! (activates the cannon systems & fires a wave of flame at the Chum Beater, burning it)

Dr. EggPlankton: Is it? (activates the Fire Extinguishers, putting out the Fire, revealing that there's no damage again) Well what do you know, my Chum Beater is Fire Proof too. I made this Chum Beater, especially when I'm facing Jack, Patricia & you, Josh Hedgehog !

Candice: is it giant fist proof? *swings her fist towards the head section*

Josh: (gets angry)

Dr. EggRey: Take this!

Equera Beater: (punches the Chum Beater very hard)

Josh: Egg... REY?

Dr. EggRey: I...don't have time to fight you Josh. Well, I have a rivalry battle with this puny plankton!

Equera Beater: (punches the Chum Beater 2 times)

Dr. EggPlankton: Is that all you got?

Chum Beater: (punches the Chum Beater 4 times)

Dr. EggPlankton: Think again

Chum Beater: (grabs Equera Beater & throws it at Josh, Jack, Patricia & Candice)

Patricia: (dodges, by jumping over the Equera Beater)

Jack: (dodges)

Josh: Ugh. Just battle. (dodges) (suddenly fires his Ancient Cannon at the Chum Beater) Now you can't block that with your shield!

Lunar: Think again, puny plankton! (fires many lunar orbs at the Equera Beater)

Dr. EggRey: .....

(Dr. EggRey was just a copy, he was really Equera the Dark, & the fake Equera Beater just moved my itself because it was at Equera's command)

Josh: Here comes my counterpart...

Equera: How foolish of you, EggPlankton. (levitates on the air & grows energy bat wings)

Josh: The true EggRey doesn't fight EggPlankton?

Equera: Oh, there's my counterpart, eh?

Josh: I don't have time to fight you, my mimic.

Equera: Alright then. This puny plankton never cease to defy me. (charges to the Chum Beater)

Josh: Yeah, same here. But just this once.

Equera: Okay. Now, let's destroy this Chum Beater. (fires a dark beam at the Chum Beater)

  • the fighting causes unwanted attention to be notice*

Gicandice: *comes back towards them*

Gicandice: sis? Gicandice was not told we have party here!

Candice: it isn't *sigh* sure it is a party, why don't you join us.

Gicandice: YAAAAYYYY!!!!!

Gicandice: *walks over and picks up Equera*

Gicandice: hi! ^ ^

Equera: Put me down, you giant cat! (his eyes glows red & burns Gicandice's body) ...Put me down, or else you'll be made to charcoal!

Gicandice: *lets go of him in her hand as she panics*

Gicandice: AHH Gicandice no likes Fire! Fire for cooking, not cooking Gicandice! *she Stop, drops, and rolls*

Equera: (angry voice) Shut up, brat! You can't extinguish easily the fire that burns you, even with that old tip. Ha ha ha! (throws 3 Dark Chaos Spears at Gicandice)

Iceheart: *creates a barrier to sheild her from thoase, and also makes it so cold the fires stop*

Iceheart: (PO'd) How Dare you call Matress Gicandice a brat!?!?! For this you shall die!

Equera: I'm a Dark Ancient. Die? Oh really? Let's see how you do that!

Dr. EggPlankton: (groans) No wonder Eggrey's prematurely annoying

Equera: An..noying?! (gets very, very angry, his eyes turn bloody red)

Chum Beater: (destroys the Fake Equera Beater by using large beams)

Dr. EggPlankton: Anywho...Jack-4 Bots attack !

(Jack-4 Bots appears & starts charging at the heroes)

Equera: EggPlankton... You're a fool to summon that puny robots... (destroys some of them using Dark Laser) Now, it's time to strike that puny Chum Beater. (goes at the Chum Beater) Die. (uses Black Gamma Beam at the Chum Beater, thus destroying its arms) Now you can't do something.

(But the Chum Beater regenerates itself, repairing the Robotic Arms itself)

Dr. EggPlankton: Did you people ever learn that the Chum Beater has a Repairing System that you'll never find inside my robot? Now it's my turn !

Chum Beater: (activates it's Laser Beam Cannons on his shoulders, firing at Equera, thus injuring him about 75% in the process)

Jack: Yeouch, that's gotta hurt. (spindashes at the Chum Beater)

Equera: That's useless to me, impudent plankton. (reduces his damage by 50%) Hah.

Josh: Equera?

Equera: Let's do this. (uses Finisher: Darkness Curse Crash on Chum Beater: jumps very high & kicks the Chum Beater hard with dark energy, also probing the Chum Beater with the finisher's energy blades, thus damaging it by 85%) Whoa. I can't totally destroy it. But my finisher disables healing or regenerating.

Iceheart: *shoots ice sickles into Equera's back* silence now.

Equera: Don't you know that Josh & I are the same? (grabs the icicles from his back & molds it to a long lance) Useless attack. (charges to Iceheart & stabs him)

Iceheart: *Blocks and slices at her* (he is a master of CQC)

Equera: (easily maneuvers, dodging it) Let's do this. (activates Dark Fuestle) Now, taste the darkness' power! (jumps high & does a Rider Punch & Rider Kick in one attack, crashes on Iceheart, leaving a crater [not huge, just the normal size])

(JoshTheHedgehog12: Hey, Equera's a boy, not a girl.)

Iceheart: *gets up minorly hurt, but created an ice armor at the last moment*

Iceheart: my turn. *stares at Equera and his blood starts to get cold*

Equera: (his eyes turn purple) Arrrgh. (activates Dark Fuestle & slaps it 3 times) Now, taste the darkness! (covers Iceheart's vision with darkness, then he executes a Rider Punch at him)

Josh: What's goin' on here? It's very dark. Well, must do this one.

Equera: Noooo! I must finish my attack first!

Josh: Okay.

Equera: (summons dark orbs to attack Iceheart) Well, I'm finished.

Josh: Chaos..... FLASH! (summons a bright light to blind Iceheart & Equera as well) Oops.

(Suddendly a Missile from the Chum Beater has been launched & blasts Josh out of the way)

Josh: What the-- (summons a barrier)

Chum Beater: (keeps on repairing itself slowly by using the Back-Up Regenerator)

Equera: That's impossible.

Jack: Whao, I guess it is unstopable to beat (spindashes at Equrera) We need to stop that Back-Up Repairing System on the Chum Beater, but how?

Patricia: I got it ! (makes an EMP Magic Orb out of thin air) This is my first ever "EMP Magic Orb". With this, I can stop the Chum Beater's Main Control Systems & the Back-Up Repairing Systems. (fires the EMP Magic Orb at the Chum Beater, disabling the Chum Beater's Controls & Repairing systems) Done it !

Dr. EggPlankton: Not good !

Jack: (spindashes at the Chum Beater, taking down the Chum Beater)

Chum Beater: (got destroyed by Jack)

Dr. EggPlankton: AHHHHHHHH!!! (falls on the ground) Ouch! That hurt.

Equera: Inconceivable. How did she make that hard weapon out of thin air?! UGH. That could be a hard thing to do, making that stupid EMP out of thin air! (his eyes turn red)

Kai, Jack-4 Commander, Craig, Zane & Layla: (goes in front of Dr. EggPlankton, protecting him)

Iceheart: *gets ready to attack when he gets a telepathic message* {Iceheart you and Gicandice fall back, you are needed on the south side of the city} rodger. Mastress! Deraj has told us to go and support our men in the south!

Gicanidce: arww no more play time then, ok bye everyone! *waves like a silly kid and picks up Iceheart and puts him on her shoulder as they walk off* (he did not surrender, he is needed elseware)

Dr. EggPlankton: (groans) Wait, where are you going? Come back !

Jack & Patricia: (grins at Dr. EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh Chum Nuggets...retreat ! There's nothing else we can do here.

(Dr. EggPlankton, Kai, Jack-4 Commander, Craig, Zane & Layla all retreated back to base)

(but the AMA is not finished there)

  • AMA 310 "Ravens" hover toward the scene*

Equera: Tsk. (teleports behind Jack) Why did you-- (grabs him) I didn't attack you, so don't attack me again!

Josh: Calm down. Jack's a friend.

Equera: Impossibilities are present to my attacks? ..... And why did that Chum Beater regenerate even I disabled it? Ugh.

Raven squad leader: FIRE!!! LEAVE NONE STANDING!!!

  • dozens of missles are fired from the Raven formation*

Equera: Tsk. (dodges the missile via flexibility) Why are they firing missiles?

  • Jared and Shard show up*

Jared: they want all of you guys dead!

Equera: Tsk!

Josh: Not good!

Jared: ok lets think tacticly here..

Jared: Candice! You swat at them.

Jared: Shard, create a barrier to protect thease other hero's.

Candice: ok

Shard: alright.

Candice: (being giant) *swats at them like flies*

  • the formation starts moving back*

Shard: *creates a think ice barrier*

Jack: (To Equera) Because Dr. EggPlankton had built a backup regenerator inside the Chum Beater for such an emergency just in case the Main Regenerator is broken, but thanks to Patricia's Magic EMP Orb, we've managed to stop the Chum Beater.

Patricia: (Giggles) (fires Magic Orbs at the Raven Squad)

Josh: Oh. (facepalms)

Equera: That's a big joke.

Josh: Ugh, shut up.

Equera: Enough! (fires dark beams at the Raven Squad)

Josh: Patricia, please create a psychokinetic barrier, while we attack the Raven Squad.

Equera: I'll also attack. (Thought: Managed?! Did you really have effort to destroy that robot with such easiness?! No way! I made hard efforts to damage that stupid beater by myself, but with that EMP, "that was easy"?! Not on my watch, Mobians. Hmph!)

  • the Ravens retreat*

Jared: we won!

Shard: does this mean the good guys won?

Jared: at least here I think.

Jack: Great job Patricia & Equera, you guys have hold them off

Patricia: Thank you Jack

Candice: so what is next?

Jack: We have to figure out a way to stop Dr. EggPlankton & the A.M.A. Forces from attacking downtown again, but how?

Jared: I do not know anything about this "EggPlankton" guy, but I assure you the AMA is not over witht his yet, see they control anouther planet like Mobius and have more men then GUN and us. They may be iniateing multiple simultanious assaults to soften up or......

Shard: or?

Jared: DRAT!!!! We fell for it! they wanted us here! *gets stressed* Deraj you clever fiend! You WANTED us to be here and fight! (he is talking to himself facing the sky, which is ironic becuse Deraj is his anti, so he is kind of talking about himself). You wanted us to win!

Jack: What?

Patricia: Are you ok?

Candice: no he isn't *shrinks to normal size*

Jared: *paceing around ranting* It was a ploy, a hoax! We where duped! Deraj sent thoase two to keep us buusy here so we could not be elsewasre!

Jack: Actually, Dr. EggPlankton is using his Chum Beater Battle Suit to distract us while EggPlankton is making new army of Chum Beater Jack-4 Bots.

Josh: And the true EggRey will arrive soon.

Jared the fox: That is not our primary threat right now, when Deraj sends an assualt force on a city, just to distract us and the other Freedom Fighters, whatever he is after is highly important. Possably could have even be a superdevice that G.U.N has made. Candice and I can fight robots anyday, but I fear whar Deraj's plan was today.

Jack: Look, we don't have time to argue. We gotta stop ALL of our Enemies before they destroy downtown.

Freeze: (running around, stabbing random people then swallowing them) KUKUKUKUKUKU!!! This is the life. Anyone who agrees with me, say I! (swallows another person)

Jack: (slaps Freeze) More like Die to me. You spit them out right now !

Freeze: (grows a huge smirk on his face, then crouch's, and then jumps incredibly high, and fly's away)

(Suddendly Jack teleports up in the air & then tackles Freeze to the ground)

Jack: Yeah !

Josh: Oh, Jack. Don't tackle him that hard. I'll take care of him. (sees Freeze)

Jack: Alright, Josh. I know that

Josh: Okay. (smiles) (goes to Freeze) Excuse me? Are you Freeze the Unknown?

Patricia: And what are you doing?

Jared: *stressed and walking around*

Shard: oh dear he is stressed isn't he?

Candice: yes. I think so.

Freeze: (huge smirk on his face) (eyes wide) (struggling to get up) Kikikikikiki. (gets up)

Jared: KEKEKEKEKE? AHHHH ZERGLING RUSH!!! *starts running in circles panicing*

Candice: what?

Shard: me and Jared where playing Starcraft all last night, he might be a little paranoid today, he contacted me this morning saying he had a nightmare where he did not construct additional pylon's

Jared: I..Must...Construct...Additional...PYLONS!:

Candice: *facepalms* ugh! you two and that silly game!

Jack: So, what should we do now?

Gi: (frowns) I was beaten by a skunk. I can't believe that she beat the Chum beater in her regular form and I couldn't beat the suit in my dark form.

Josh: (is annoyed) Yeah, you're correct. That's some kinda impossible... (eyes flash) Uh, what's your name? (to Gi)

Gi: I'm offended you don't know. The name's Gi the Hedgehog.

Narrator: And so, with the two Doctors defeated, the heroes and anti-heroes depart, ready to defend Station Square another day. 

(The End)

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