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This is a roleplay in which the Q attack Mobius.


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Roleplaying Characters

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  • Dr. Q
  • Dark Dr. Q
  • Q Mob
  • 1337 Q Gards
  • 1337 Q Gard (2nd Battle)
  • Knuckles Q
  • President Q
  • School of Q Fish
  • Q (Fort Q)


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  • Q
  • Queen Q
  • Classic Sonic
  • Camper Q (x5)
  • Dr. Fox
  • Cage Q
  • Q Guard (x4)
  • Silhouette/Shopkeeper/Knuckles


Hello, I am here to tell you the story of a few heroes on their mission to rescue Mobius from the evil Q. Well, let's begin...

Far away, on a mysterious planet, there lives a species named Q. They are cloud-like creatures that wander the universe in order to take it over.

But that's not all. They don't only take over the universe, they kill everyone in it and clone them to make new minions. The evil Queen Q, the leader of the Q, has her eyes set on Mobius. But some people are too brave to fall to the vile Q and they are ready to fight to stay alive...


White House

The president has called several characters to the White House in order to help rescue Mobius.

President: I have called you here for a special reason. A strange species of alien, called the "Q", are attacking our planet. I need your help to save our world.

Rapid nodded. "How dangerous are they?" He asked.

President: Well, they clone their victims. Most kill their victims in the cloning process, though the Blue Q do not. We should watch out for them.

Suddenly, a Magenta-Red Q appears and attacks the President, killing him and creating President Q.


President Q calls in some Blue Q to battle Rapid, then flees. One of the Blue Q charges towards Rapid.

Rapid shot a barrage of energy attacks at all the Blue Q hoping for the best.

Suddenly, the Q transform into Energy Q as the energy attacks fly away. The Energy Q fly towards Rapid.

Rapid anime sweatdropped. He then started to run, trying to dodge them all. "C'mon, what are you guys weak to?!" He said.

Eventually, the Energy Q faded away like real energy...

Rapid stopped running. "Phew! I thought they would never die..." He said while panting.

Rapid notices President Q heading towards Angel Island.

President Q: Hahahaha... They'll stop that "Rapid" for now...

Rapid then was slightly angred. "Crap! I gotta teleport over there!" He said. He tried to teleport, but nothing happened. "Did those Q things take the Master Emerald already?" He asked himself outloud.

He noticed President Q carrying the Master Emerald away.

Rapid saw Angel Island start to fall slowly. "No!" He yelled. He started to run after President Q, hoping he could catch him before anything bad happens.

Before Rapid could get the President, Angel Island smashed to the ground and the White House collapsed, creating a strange warp hole.

Rapid got sucked into the warp hole along with other random people.

Green Hill Zone

Rapid finds himself in Green Hill Zone. He's the only survivor of the Warp Hole, but notices that Green Hill Zone is 2D like in the original Sonic the Hedgehog. Classic Sonic runs up.

Rapid laughed. "You're Classic Sonic! You end up being taller, skinnier, and more of a useless character! Hahahahahaha!"

Classic Sonic doesn't reply. Instead, he points forwards and dashes off, signaling to Rapid to follow.

Rapid shrugged and ran next to Classic Sonic.

Classic Sonic dived into a nearby pool of water and signaled Rapid to follow again.

Rapid hesitated. He then jumped in.

Classic Sonic charged through the water and eventually jumped out. Rapid soon noticed that Classic Sonic had disappeared...

Rapid tried his best to get out the water but failed. He stood at the bottom of the water, drowning.

Rapid couldn't survive long, and eventually fainted underwater. He soon woke up to a strange silhouette above him.

Rapid spit out water. "Ugh...Wh-who are you?" He asked.

The silhouette disappears...

Rapid got up. "Where am I?" He asked himself. It was dark outside. "What are those people doing? They're gathered around a barrel on fire..." He hid behind a bush and spied on the people.

One of them turned around and began speaking gibberish to the others.

Camper Q: RAAAAH!

The Camper Q attack Rapid.

Rapid used an energy barrier. Sadly, a Camper Q was inside the barrier and got Rapid.

The Camper Q smashed Rapid to the ground, almost killing him. It then revealed itself to be a Purple Q. It attacked Rapid and began trying to clone him...

Rapid gave up. "Darn it..." He helplessly said.

Just before Rapid died, the Camper Q was pushed out of the way. Rapid noticed the Q struggling, but he couldn't see anyone. All of the Q soon were defeated as Rapid fainted.

Rapid was bleeding badly, however, it was managable.

Lien-DOS: Oh my! *runs up to Rapid and scans him* You've sustained several injuries.

Dr. Fox: (working on Rapid's cuts) Don't worry, he should be fine...

Mason:Looking at him-What happened to him

Lien-DOS: There's some sort of strange residue in his cuts I've never seen before.

Dr. Fox: I'm sure you've heard of the Q? Well, some of them got him. Fortunately, I was able to beat them before they could kill him.

Lien-DOS: The Q... I think I have a file on them, but it's incomplete.

Mason:We need everything we go Dude...Show us the file

Suddenly, Dr. Fox begins deforming into a Q...

Mason:-flips back holding Rapid-WHAT THE

Dr. Q charges towards Mason and Rapid.

Mason:DARKNESS BLAST -a dark beam hits Dr.Q-

Dr. Q becomes Dark Dr. Q and is even stronger.


Mason:Shooting Dark Dr Q-COME ON DIE

Lien-DOS: Maybe, find a way to contain it!

Mason:shoots a dark cage at Dr Q-

Dark Dr. Q becomes Cage Q, which means he can't move.

Cage Q: No fair...

Mason:Shut up now Lien How do i kill it

Lien-DOS: You might can smother it.

Cage Q: You could drop me off the ocean. Cages don't swim. Oops...I just said that aloud, didn't I?

Mason:-pushes it into the Ocean-

Cage Q: NOOO! (drowns)

Mason:Okay Lien now to wake Rapid up -splashes Rapid with water-

Mason:Trust no one but me and Rapid

Lien-DOS: Oh no, anyone could be a Q.

Mason:-Flings Rapid over Shoulder-Okay lets go

Rapid started sleep talking. "No...He won't get away...MOM!! DAD!!! AH! Zzzz..." He yelled while sleeping.

Mason:Sorry Rapid-punches him in nose-

Rapid woke up and held his nose in pain. "AH GOD!!! THAT HURT MASON!!! SERIOUSLY!!!" Rapid yelled while rolling on the floor. His nose was bleeding badly.

Mason:Hold still...Dark Chaos Heal -the bleeding stops and the pain goes away-

Maso:Feeling Better

Mason:Lets keep moving

Mason:-starts running-

Rapid followed Mason.

Mason:-starting a fire-

Rapid laughed. "You do it the hard way." He shot a fireball at a pile of wood, creating a good source of heat.

Mason:I Dont have fire powers

"Then I'll teach you! Just put your hand in the fire. It won't hurt you if you don't think about the pain." Rapid said.

Mason:Later lets talk about the Q

Rapid nodded.

Lien-DOS: Here's the information I have on the Q: They are an alien race that eat the life-force of their prey and clone them. They come in ten different types, each having specific properties. They become anything they come into hard contact with, this is both an advantage and a weakness.

Mason:so i shot one of them with a dark beam they would just become dark

Mason:messed up

Rapid laughed. "So all we have to do is shoot energy beams at them so they fade away like scattered energy beams!" Rapid suggessted.

Mason:rapid i shoot dark Energy witch is everlasting so im screwed ofcourse i can kill by turning them into like a Cage

Rapid got up. "Shh...I hear something over there..." He said.

Mason:-Makes the melt into Shadows and then does the same to himself-

Rapid looked around. "I don't see anything else..."

Mason:Is it pitch black?

Lien-DOS: Wait, my sensors are picking up something.

Mason:What is it?

Lien-DOS: The signal is fading in and out...

Mason:That makes no sense is that thing broken

Lien-DOS: No part of me is broken! It's these Q, they have such strange properties.

Mason:Hey Maybe we should look for Survivors

Lien-DOS: Yes, and we need to help anyone who's hurt.

Mason:Okay lets go -talking into Wristband-This is Agent Mason looking for Survivors

Lien-DOS: Let me run a scan...

Mason:Hurry it up

Lien-DOS: Someone's over there!

Mason:-turns everyone visible again-Alright lets go

Lien-DOS: *heads over to the area*

They see a bunch of people hiding in a cave. At first, they look normal, but as they get closer they realize that it's a Q Mob!!!

Lien-DOS: More of them!

A third of the mob charges at Lien, another third charges at Mason and the leftover go after Rapid.

Rapid, for some retarded reason, shot a fireball at one.

Lien-DOS: *creates a wall of nanites to shield herself*

All of Rapid's Q become Fire Q and charge towards him like fireballs, but fly right over him and extinguish themselves. Lien's Q charge stupidly straight into the shield and kill themselves. Mason's flee due to what happened to the others.

Murasaki: Why hello there!

Rapid turned to Murasaki. "Are you a survivor of the Q?"

Murasaki: Nope! *Runs towards the Q that ran off*

The leftover Q commit suicide because they know they're goners. Boss defeated! =D

Murasaki: What!! No way!!

They notice President Q creating a warp hole. He jumps in it, but leaves it for them.

Rapid ran and backflipped into the warp hole.

Mason:-jumps into wormhole-

Murasaki: *Follows Mason*

Lien-DOS: *flys in*

Castle Q

They find themselves in a castle dungeon with 4 Q Guards.

Mason:Whoa what the

Rapid fell on Murasaki. "Ow..."

Murasaki: Hey!! You almost smashed my gutiar!

Mason:-helps them both up-Im 230 years old ive never seen this place

Rapid got up with a cut on his forehead. "Sorry about that."

Mason:Lets go guys

Murasaki: Castle Q.......

Q Guard 1: Yep. You are stuck here. Cuz your locked in the dungeon. =D

Q Guard 2: So stay until you're executed and cloned.

Lien-DOS: Oh no!

Murasaki: Ok! *Salutes the Q*

Q Guard 3: She's willing. She's first.

Q Guard 4: Agreed.

Mason:-mouthing-can i turn them into ducks

The floor under Murasaki falls and she finds herself standing next to 1337 Q Gard. The floor closes up above her.

Lien-DOS: Murasaki, no!

Q Guard 1: You can go second.

Q Guard 2: Yeah!

Mason:YOU -charges the Qs-

Q Guard 3: Then you.

Q Guard 4: Agreed.

(Q is plural and singular.)

Rapid yelled. "NO! Kill me instead. Let the rest of them go!"

Murasaki: Go ahead!! Clone me!!

Lien-DOS: What will the Q do with me? I'm a hologram.

Mason:-shoots dark Cages at all the Qs-

It doesn't work because they have bars in between the guards and the prisoners. They Guards taser Lien and then drop Rapid and Mason in with Murasaki, then send in 3 more 1337 Gards.

Lien-DOS: *her signal is disrupted by the taser and she starts flickering* Aah!

Mason:NO! WAIT Let the others go free... i attacked you

Rapid stood there with energy in his hands. "Let the girls go. Mason and I will stay behind. Kill us, not them."

1337 Gards merge and eat all four of the heroes at one time (including Lien)

Leet Stomach

They find themselves drowning in acid...

Mason:Ugh Gross...Wait how am i not dead

Lien-DOS: *still flickering* This- seems to be- a slow acting acid.

Mason:Lien your here too?

Lien-DOS: Yes. And- being inside- this Q- is disrupting my- signal.

Mason:How were they able to eat you

Lien-DOS: Although- I'm a- hologram, with my nanites- I'm also- tangible.

They continue sinking...

Lien-DOS: *Grabs Mason and trys to float up*

Mason:-grabs the ugila-

Murasaki: *Falls Asleep*

Lien-DOS: Murasaki! Wake up!

Murasaki's feet have lost most of their hair.

Mason:-grabs Her-

Murasaki:*Wakes Up* Let Go!!!


Murasaki: Let Go!!

Mason:NOO YOULL DIE-Masons grip is very tight-

Murasaki: *Passes Out*

Rapid helped Mason pick Murasaki up. Rapid began to float up to the mouth.

Lien-DOS: Try kicking the ugila, it may have a gag reflex.

Rapid kicked the uvula.

When he does, a giant Cell of sorts kicked him and knocked him out.

Rapid fell to the bottom of the stomach, burning from the acid.

The Cell grabs the others and hold them down. Lien begins malfunctioning while Murasaki, Mason and Rapid burn. The all are knocked out as the silhouette from earlier grabs them...


The heroes wake up on their own, feeling perfectly fine. However, the silhouette was gone.

Rapid couldn't move. His leg was burned badly. His back was hurt, and his left arm was broken.

Lien-DOS: My signal is better, but what happened?

Mason:his shoulder is slightly burned but he picks up Rapid and slings him over His unijured Shoulder- Someone or something saved us

They notice that all of there wounds are suddenly healed. They look up on the cliffs to see the silhouette again. The silhouette jumps away...

Mason:-puts rapid Down and starts running to the Silhoutte-

Mason sees that the silhouette is no where in site, but he also notices the President Q getting away.

Velocity falls from a portal,landing on his feet,looking around. "How did I get here?" He sees Rapid and the others.

Mason:DARK CAGE -a cage of darkness hits him-

Mason:i think i got him

Murasaki: Yuck!!! I have green crap all over me!!!

Mason:-makes fire attack and hits The President Q-

President Q simply causes the fire attack and dark cage to hit Mason instead, then warps through another portal.

Mason:-throws off cage with struggle and jumps in-

Velocity sees Jumps through the portal. "Eh why not?" He says shruging his shoulders,jumping in the portal with him.

Lien-DOS: *flys in the portal*

Rapid jumped in the portal, but teleported him in darkness. All he saw was his friends Mason, Velocity, Muraski, Lien, and the newcomer.

Q Mountain

Mason:Whoa were are we

Lien-DOS: We must be at another one of the Q's locations.

Mason:What?!! ugh when will it end

"I don't know when it ends," said a voice behind them. "But it had better be soon, or the whole planet will fall."

Mason:Wow...that sucks

"Now, if you wouldn't mind, could you help me up?" asked the echidna. "Kinda broke my leg running from all those Q."

Lien-DOS: *helps him get up*

"I can help," said another newcomer.

Suddenly, as the Echidna was healed, they felt a blast and each fell to a different place...

Q Valley (Lien)

Lien-DOS: I'm alone. Where'd everyone go?

Lien sees another silhouette. It tells her to follow it, then runs off.

Lien-DOS: Wait! *runs after it*

The silhouette stops and Lien falls into the river.

Q Village (Mason)

Mason:Oh my head

Mason:Were am i

Mason sees the silhouette again. It makes a movement that means "follow me", and runs away.

Mason:-runs to it-


Mason:-runs faster-

Mason:-catches up-WHO ARE YOU

The silhouette reveals itself to be the 1337 Q Gard from earlier!

1337 Gard: HAHAHA!

Mason:-it is suddely a duck)

Q Duck bites Mason and turns back to normal.

Angel Island Ruins (Echidna)

The echidna landed face down in the dirt. "And why the heck is everything exploding!" the echidna exclaimed to himself. He wiped the blood from his nose as he stood up to survey his surroundings. No longer was Angel Island a beautiful landscape. It, too, had fallen prey to the Q, crashed down right into the sea.

And then there was the Master Emerald. Or rather, the lack of it.

"Hope Knuckles ain't off on some adventure with Sonic, cause he is gonna have a job to do when he gets back," muttered the echidna.

Suddenly, the echidna sees Knuckles Q, who attacks him!

"Oh you gotta be kiddin' me!" the echidna yelled. He noticed a silhouette on the mountain side, and with a motion, sprinted up the mountainside. The echidna didn't much like the idea of following it, but he had no choice.

The echidna kicked up some loose dirt at Knuckles Q, effectively blinding it. The echidna made a break for it. He only had one chance. He sprinted straight up the mountain.

The echidna tripped. "Just my luck!" he exclaimed. He was only moments from his goal, but Knuckles Q had already caught up.

"Suck on this." The echidna broke away the ground below himself, plummeting towards Earth.

"Oh God, I hope this works." The echidna plummeted headfirst into the sea, going nearly fifty feet under the sea.

He made it thirty feet back up until he blacked out from oxygen deprivation.

Q Courtyard (Velocity and Rapid)

"Ahh dang whats going on?" Velocity wakes up next to Rapid in an unknown place."Aw hell where are we?"

Knuckles appears.

Knuckles: This is Q Courtyard, of course. The outside of Q Castle. Follow me...

Velocity starts to follow but then looks back at Rapid.

Velocity:So you want me to bring this guy?

Rapid growled at Velocity. "This guy?! I'm Rapid the Hedgehog!"

Knuckles uses his powers and lifts Rapid. He causes Rapid to fly into a portal Knuckles had just created.

Knuckles: You too.

Velocity shrugs and walks towards the portal,but stops and looks a Knuckles.

Velocity:Ya gotta teach me this portal trick..Its very cool.*walks through the portal*

Mystery Village (Jesse)

The Echidna found himself in an underwater civillazation. Somehow he had oxygen, though he was underwater. And he noticed the real Knuckles (who will stay real, don't worry) healing his wounds.

"You were lucky," the Echidna said. "Most of the Q kill their prey. Name's Jesse. Nice to finally meet you. Now where are we, exactly?"

Knuckles: This is a secret village in the caves of Angel Island. My ancestors made it long ago. When President Q stole the Master Emerald, a Blue Q attacked me. I quickly fled my Q counterpart and hid here. When I saw you sinking, I dragged you down with me.

"Convenient, but how do I know you aren't just some Q trying to trick me? I've already been attacked by a look-alike you!"

Knuckles: You do realize that the Q versions have different colors? My Q version is blue with black gloves and brown skin.

"And then you could be a Red Q. How do I know to trust you?"

Knuckles: The bigger Q make bigger clones and the smaller ones make smaller clones. The colors are the same.

Knuckles walked backwards, revealing he was the silhouette from earlie. He then salutes Jesse and runs off.

"Wait! How do I get out of here!"

He sees a portal appear.

"Thank you!" Jesse called to the disappearing Knuckles. "I owe you one!" Jesse cautiously walked through the portal.

"What the heck are those things?" Steve wonderes to himself.

Knuckles returns and tosses Steve into the portal.

Q River (Lien, Steve and Jesse)

Lien is floating calmly in the river...

Lien-DOS: This river seems so peaceful for there to be an alien invasion.

And she notices a Q Fish.

Lien-DOS: *uses nanites to contain the Q fish*

The Q Fish destroys the nanities and a huge school of Q Fish attack Lien.

Lien-DOS: AAH *the nanites being destroyed hurts her, she then trys to fly out of the river*

The Fish bite Lien's feet and drag her downwards.

Lien-DOS: *grabs rocks from the bottom of the river and throws them at the Q*

The Fish simply eat the rocks and spit them back at Lien.

Lien-DOS: These fish are different from the regular Q, they're always fish they don't adopt the characteristics of other things... *starts trying to kick the fish out of the water*

The fish simply bite her legs. Suddenly, a portal appears and Jesse jumps out, then lands on the fish. The fish are stuck underwater and drown.

Then Steve falls from the portal and lands on Jesse and Lien.

Lien-DOS: Oh! Thank you.

Suddenly, Knuckles jumps in and creates another portal, then disappears.

Jesse has to push Steve aside so he can breathe. "Guess I should say it now since I didn't before. Name's Jesse, now if you wouldn't mind, we should get out of here before they find us."

Lien-DOS: I suppose we should go in. *jumps in the portal*

White House Ruins (Frost, Lien, Jesse, Velocity, Rapid and Steve)

"Oww!" He said. "What happened?" He turned around to see the destruction. "Hey this is the White House!" He saw bodies on the floor. He recognised on in particular. "Mr. President!" He checked for a pulse, but couldnt find one. "No..."

Suddenly, President Q charges towards the newcomer.

"Ahgggghhhh! he said as he jumped over on to a pile of rubble. "Freeze!" He froze the President Q in it's trakes. "Frozen Kick." The fox shouted as he kicked it's head off. "Whoops." Sees a Q fly out of the frozen head. "Hey I've seen those things before!"

The Q attacks the Fox, doing major damage, then goes back to the President Q's body. It flees.

Suddenly, Lien, Jesse and Steve fall from a portal and land beside Frost.

Jesse sighs. "This day just keeps gettin' better and better. First I break my leg, then I get almost killed by the Q, then I almost drown, then the president's dead! What's gonna happen next? Am I gonna teleport into outer space or somethin'!"

Lien-DOS: Isn't this where we started? But it's destroyed now...

Suddenly, Jesse is warped to outer space and back.

Jesse throws up on the ground from teleportation sickness. "You can't say (throws up again) that I didn't call that. Got a nice view of Earth gettin' invaded though."

Knuckles (appearing): So... Where are they now?

Velocity and Rapid appear through a portal.

"Why ya askin' me this question? And better yet, how are ya teleportin' around like that?"

Knuckles: You said you saw them. Where are they?

Lien-DOS: He means your view of earth, Jesse.

"They're usin' the moon as a base of sorts. Coordinated, these things. Somebody's gotta' givin' 'em orders."

Velocity:Wow really *backflips* Im game for it..

Knuckles: Great!

Knuckles creates a giant spaceship and hands them each a map.

Knuckles: See that pink planet? Fly the ship there. It's where Queen Q is ordering the Q...

"Dude?" said Jesse. "Why don't we just teleport up there with your portal things?"

Knuckles: The Queen causes me to not be able to.

Lien-DOS: *Scans map* I'll download this to my memory bank.

Velocity:Good *Shreads his map* That mean I don't have to carry one..

Frost: Can someone help me up?

Knuckles heals all who are harmed. The launch to Planet Q.

Planet Q

They arrive.

As they land Velocity is the first to hop out of the ship.

Velocity:*Looks aroud*So this is Planet Q huh?*shrugs*Could of been better..

Unbeknowst to them, President Q is watching them from a distance. He flies to Fort Q.

"We're on their turf now," Jesse states. "They probably have someone watching us. What do we have in terms of weapons, Knuckles?"

Jesse realizes that Knuckles stayed behind.

Lien-DOS: This is such as strange place...

Suddenly, there's a white flash. They find thereselves chained to each other, about to be pushed off into The Great Rip by Queen Q. None of them can use magic or move.

"Fantastic!" Jesse exclaims. "Let's add 'death' to my list of crappy things that happened today, huh?"

Mason falls from a portal and pushes them off, then falls off himself. He can't use magic either.

Lien-DOS: Jesse, I do not believe you will be able to make that list. AAAH!

Velocity:I really hate this planet now!

"Yeah nice job dude, now we're screwed!" yells Jesse.

Each of them land face-first on the rock from Center City. They see several Mobians and other aliens wandering around.

"AH MY NOSE!" yells Jesse as the blood erupts from his nose once again. "Ah crap I can't move! How do we get these chains off!"

Lien-DOS: *to the other Mobians* Excuse me? Can any of you help us, please?

Velocity:I want to go home*sniffles up some blood*

A shopkeeper walks up and unchains them.

Shopkeeper: Hello, how did you get here?

Lien-DOS: We came to this planet in an attempt to stop the Q.

Shopkeeper: You are crazy! You think you could defeat the Q?!

Velocity:Lady,we are the best at what we

Lien-DOS: We have to try. They are going to destroy our world!

Shopkeeper: So your heroes, eh? Can't stop heroes. Come by my shop, you can have anything you want for free!

Jesse coughs up some blood. "Let's start with weapons, if you have any. I'll need what I can get."

Shopkeeper: Well, I have one thing very helpful. It's an energy gun.

The Shopkeeper hands the energy gun to Jesse.

Shopkeeper: That won't take care of the Queen, but it'll kill the others. And that's all I have of use.

Velocity:Aww how come he gets the gun? *lowers ears*

Jesse hands Velocity the energy gun. "Don't miss."

Shopkeeper: I have more, ya know.

Shopkeeper hands an energy gun to everyone.

Shopkeeper: I also have some health packs. But only enough for one for each of you.

Shopkeeper hands them each a health pack (which can only be used once).

Shopkeeper: Anything else?

Velocity:*Stomach growls* Any food?

"Come to think of it," Jesse says, "I'm pretty hungry too. I won't take anything you need, though." Jesse wipes some blood away from his face.

Shopkeeper hands them each 15 double chocolate cakes.

Jesse eats his food in two bites.

Velocity eats 3 and saves the rest of them.

Jesse coughs up some blood into his napkin.

"Let's get going," he says. "Those Q aren't gonna kill themselves."

The Shopkeeper nods, grins and reveals himself as Knuckles.

Knuckles: Alright. See ya!

Knuckles creates a portal to Fort Q.

"Wait, I thought you said you couldn't make portals here," said Jesse.

They realize Knuckles is gone and jump in. They arrive at the Fort to see several Q guards, who do not notice them.

"I suggest we sneak past them, no need to give ourselves away early," Jesse whispered.

The Q hear him and charge.

Lien-DOS: They must have very good hearing!

"Let's do this the hard way," Jesse states as he yanks his energy gun from its holster.

Lien-DOS: *pulls out her energy gun* Oh my, I've never used one of these before...

"Just aim, and pull the trigger!" Jesse exclaims as he shoots one of the guards.

Lien-DOS: *shoots at the guards*

Two Q are killed.

The other Q charge towards Mason and Steve.

???: Hey buttheads! *Shoots Fireballs at The Other Q*

"Nice one...wait, who are you?" asked Jesse.

Frost: And how can you shoot fireballs?

???: I'm Matthew The Hedgehog or Matt for short. I can shoot those fireballs becaus of these Golden Wristbands

Frost: Strange, I have a cousin called Matthew, but he's a fox.

Velocity:Yo people.The Q.Remember.

Frost: Oh. Yeah. *Freezes 2 Qs*

Velocity:*kicks the frozen Q's* Alright!

Frost: Great Job!

Velocity:Thanks,but no time for talking...Lets get going...

Lien-DOS: Yes, the Q act fast.

Frost: Ok, come on Matthew. *grabs his arm*

Matt:Woah where the heck are we going. Oh and to clear something up you guys are good right?

Velocity:Man I hope the Queen isnt to hard on us for killing her men when we get there..

"If we weren't," said Jesse, "you'd be pretty dead."

Frost: Most things that aren't cloud things are good, like us.

Matt: Oh Ok then you are good guys

Frost: Got it in one.

Matt: Hmmm im sensing a strange source

A Q sneaks up behind Matt and steals the wristbands right off of his arms

Matt: AH! Get back here!

Frost: I'll freeze. You get wristbands and burn, got it?

Matt: Right---wait hes gon! Where'd he go? D*** i can only survive a day without those things i have to get them back

Frost: Guys, we need to split up. I'll go with Matt to get those wristbands, while you go to the Queen Q.

Matt: C'mon *runs*

Frost: Ok. See ya guys and good luck!

Matt: If i was a Q who stole a power hedgehogs wristbands where would i be??? Yeah i got nothin'

"If I were him, I'd be in the most secure place I could find," Jesse stated. "'Round here, that's probably the Fort."

Lien-DOS: We should find a back way in.

Knuckles (appears): You're already in. And...the wristbands were stolen by President Q. He's reporting to Queen Q, go catch them. It's time for the final battle... Are you ready?

Matt: Whoah man i feel weak

"I'm ready," said Jesse, sniffling through his still broken nose, "but he sure isn't." Jesse gestures to Matt. "Somebody should stay with this guy so he doesn't get himself killed."

Knuckles creates a cloned, not as powerful pair of wristbands for Matt, then a portal to the Final Battle. The heroes jump in.

Final Battle

They arrive and Queen Q orders President Q to attack. He begins firing lasers.

Matt: HEY LOOK IST MY ugh...WRISTBANDS *Jumps at President Q but gets knocked to the ground*

President Q shoots Matt. The cloned wristbands are damaged, weakening even more.

Jesse draws his energy gun and begins shooting at President Q.

President Q eats the energy and fires them back at the heroes.

Lien-DOS: The energy blasters do not work on him!

Jesse yells as he flips his gun around and catches it by the barrel. "They do now!" he yells, rushing in with a mighty swing.

President Q's head falls off and a Magenta Red Q comes out and attacks Jesse, trying to clone him.

Matt: Ugh almost there *Slowly crawls to his wristbands grabs them and puts them on*

The Magenta-Red Q looks at Matt in anger and leaves Jesse almost dead then charges towards Matt.

Matt: Much better ok butt head take this *Produces lightning out of the magenta red Q's energy and uses it against him* HA!

Jesse crawls limply towards his gun, silently crying.

The magenta Red Q goes after Jesse

Matt: Hey look out Jesse! *Shoots a large fireball*

Jesse grabs his gun, spins, and fires.

The Magenta-Red Q shrieks as the fireball and energy beam hit it. It fades away and Queen Q gets mad. Suddenly the President reappears.

Frost: Lets do this president.

President: W-what's going on?

"Well," says Jesse, crawling back towards his team, "I suppose killing the Q brings the man back, huh?" Jesse coughs up some blood. "Somebody get the president outta here."

Frost: Who has the portal powers again?

Knuckles jumps in.

Knuckles: I do. You guys escort the president, I'll weaken Queen Q for ya.

Knuckles pushes them through a portal. They find themselves at the doorway of the Fort.

Jesse coughs. "Mind helpin' me up?" He gestures to his bleeding leg.

The President bends down and instantly heals Jesse. He heals them all, then flees. The heroes race back to the throne room to find Knuckles dead across the floor.

"Oh it's on now!" exclaims Jesse as he charges the queen.

Frost: You'll pay for that!

The Queen shoots a laser at Jesse and Frost, leaving them almost dead.

"And what is with people getting healed all the time anyway, I could really use that right now!" Jesse exclaims as he falls to the ground.

Frost: Same... *gets knocked out*

"Well I'm not going down without a fight!" Jesse exclaims, squeezing off rounds from his energy gun at the queen.

Frost: *hears shots* No. Dont, she will kill you...

The Queen fires a laser back at the energy. They all hit Jesse and Jesse's foot and hand disappear...

"How the **** does that make sense!" exclaims Jesse.

Frost: Thats just weird.

Lien-DOS: Knuckles told us the energy guns won't work on the queen. We have got to try something else!

Frost: I could freeze her.

Lien-DOS: You can try. If she has any of the same form adapting qualities as the other Q she may become ice like which could help.

Matt: Cool ok lets do this!

Frost: Watch my back. FREEZE! *launches massive ice beam*

"I could use some help over here!" exclaims Jesse.

Lien-DOS: *runs over to Jesse and scans him* This is very strange. It is as if your foot and hand have dissipated.

"What," Jesse exclaims in pain, "you think I didn't notice that!"

Lien-DOS: Yes, I was just giving my analysis. Do you still have your health pack?

"Yeah," Jesse says, handing it to Lien, "but how's that gonna help when my limbs are dissolved?"

Lien-DOS: With how extensive the other healings have been, this health pack might help your limbs.

Frost: *straining* Matt, is it working!

Nothing is working on the Queen. Suddenly, Jesse hears a voice in the back of his head...

Knuckles' Ghost:

"Hey, calm down," Jesse says to the group. "I'm thinking." Hey, Knuckles' ghost, what should we do?

Knuckles' Ghost: Haa...

That's really not that helpful mate!

Knuckles' Ghost:

The voice fades away...

Matt: Ill distract Queen while you think of a plan *Jumps on queens head covering her eyes* HAHA!!!

Frost: Um. Anyone have a chillie dog. I caught a cold. *sneezes*

Matt's hands (and wristbands) a destroyed in an instant. Frost's though about his cold causes his tail to start to disappear.

Frost: No! My Tail!

Matt: Gah! D*** it will take a whole hour for these things the regrow

The sad and angry thoughts of Frost and Matt are causing Queen Q to grow larger, them to be in more pain, and Q to fill the room. Suddenly, Lien finds a file on the Queen. She figures out the weakness is happiness.

Matt: Gah! Well frost this i think this is how its ugh going to end.....

Suddenly, everyone figures it out at once.

"Shut up and calm down!" Jesse yelled. "The more mad and scared you get the more it takes of ya! Lien, help me up! We're gonna finish this!"

Jesse suddenly was risen to his feet by nothingness.

So was Matt

Matt: Woah cool i am so happy right now i feel so much beter for some reason but i dont care! I'm Happy!

Jesse draws his energy gun. "World's gonna be a ****uva lot better once you're dead!" he exclaims, firing his weapon with practiced aim.

Matt: Cool my wristbands are back I'll Help *Shoots a bright energy beam at Queen Q's head* C'mon just a little more power!!!!!

Jesse continues to rush in closer, firing his weapon as if his life depends on it. Which it really does

Matt does the same

Matt: Grrrrrrrr THIS HURTS BUT I AM HAPPY ITS WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse flips his pistol around and swings it at Queen Q's head.


"I'm havin' barbe-Q tonight!" exclaims Jesse, continuing to bludgeon the queen.

Matt: COME ON!!!!!!!!! *Uses so much power that tears come from matt's eyes*

"What are you guys not gonna help, shoot her or something!" Jesse exclaims.

Matt: Grrrrr! THROW ME YOUR PISTOL!!!!!

Jesse throws his pistol over his shoulder and begins beating the queen with his fist.

Matt: Thanks ok i have never tried this before but it will work *Matt attaches the pistol to his wristband and fires 4 bullets into the lazer to triple its power* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Their fighting simply makes it worse.

Matt: *Wristbands run out of power* GAH! *falls to the ground feeling very weak* Dang its just not working......

Jesse hits the Queen one more time then jumps back. "Alright new plan listen up everyone! This thing weak to happiness, let's make it the happiest thing in the whole **** world! Any other ideas that's all I got!"

Suddenly, all of the heroes see an image of what they love the most.

Matt: I see.....Jesus' face right in front of me....

"Okay newer plan focus on the thing you like most go!"

Jesse falls to the ground in pain as he tries to attack.

Matt: Jesse Calm Down! Focus on what you are seeing.......

Matt's happiness is turning the Q into flowers. Queen Q is shrieking and shrinking.

"Hey you can't win, 'cause even if you kill me I'm goin' to heaven!" exclaims Jesse in pure bliss.

Matt: Continue Shreiking Queen Q but before you die just remember we didnt want to do this but we had no choice *Continues to stay happy*

"Ask Jesus for forgiveness before you die dude!" exclaims Jesse.

Matt: Queen Q say it with me I admit i am a sinner......

"Yeah me too mate! I've cursed three times in the past day!" exclaims Jesse. "And Jesus WILL forgive you just as he forgives all his children.!"

Matt: Say it.... I Beleive Jesus died on the cross for our sins

"Dear Lord, forgive this pour soul for her sins, and redeem her through you. Amen." Jesse prays.

Matt: And she commits her life to you and wishes to live with you forever lord.....Amen.

Queen Q's shrieks turn into sobs. She slowly sinks to the ground...

Queen Q: ...Th...thank...thank you...

The Q dissipate and everyone who was killed suddenly appears. (Yes that includes Knuckles!)

Queen Q: I'm...I'm so sorry...

Matt: Its ok you are forgiven......

Queen Q looks up at Matt. But she isn't a Q anymore... Whoa, I can't believe who it is!

"And if we can forgive you, Sally," says Jesse, "God can forgive you. Let's go home."

Matt: Woah did not see that coming....

"I'd simply like to say this: it's been an honor serving with all of you," says Jesse, getting slightly teary-eyed.

Matt: Is there anything you want to tell Sonic? I'll make sure to to get your message to him

Sally (crying): I'm fine...

Matt, Jesse, Sally and Lien all walk off to get home...

I'm so sad. It's over. Here... I made this for the RPers who stuck until the very end.


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