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Bubonic's latest creations, the Creeperhogs, have recently been unleashed upon Mobius. These unusual creatures possesses quite the explosive capabilities. What will hero and villain alike think of these Creeperhogs? This is sure to be an explosive encounter!


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  • Friendly Creeperhog - The aberration from Bubonic's test chambers; he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Played by Ryu.
  • Kennedy the Chaos Tiger - A Zone-traveling tiger trying to investigate about these creatures. After getting a new left arm and ready to get back to one of the things he was best at, when Kennedy heard there was some interesting things going on in an area, he couldn't stay away. Now, he's determined to find out more. Played by Max.
  • Ethan the Hedgefox - A crystal-manipulating hedgefox tagging alongside Beta, his best friend. When Beta volunteered to take him on an interdimensional adventure, he wanted to join, so he came along with her - now, he's wondering what exactly these things are. With Beta's intelligence and Ethan's positivity, he's sure they'll make it out just fine. Played by Max.
  • Beta the Lynx - The Creation God's amnesiac attendant, Beta sensed the Creeperhogs and was determined to find out more about them. Taking along her best friend Ethan, Beta is assured that these things are a threat, and is ready to destroy... until Ethan tries to convince her otherwise. Played by Max.
  • Calvin and Micah - Two little cat brothers looking for adventure (or in Micah's case, looking to keep Calvin from getting them both into trouble). Played by Ryu.


  • Creeperhogs - Despite being created by the Trolls, they lean more towards Neutral rather than true Evil, given their ability to be tamed and their lack of true sentience. Played by Ryu and others within reason.
  • G.U.N. - Played by anyone.




Bubonic is standing in his lab, staring at a large, pod-like structure. Inside floated a strange creature; it resembled a Chaos Creeperhog, but larger in size, and more powerful-looking. The Troll gently ran a hand down the side of the pod, looking wistful.

"Soon, my dear...soon you will truly be awake...and you will make history in the name of the Trolls...!"

Putty the Hedgehog then walked into the room.

"Is Master's new creation awake yet?" he asked, tilting his head to the side out of curiosity. Bubonic looked over to the Troll made of putty.

"No, not yet..."

He turned back to the pod.

"But she will be soon. Very soon..."

Part 1

(Ryu-Anyone can start here.)

A news announcement was showing on the small TVs inside of Duncan Hills Coffee Shop.

"-civilians are advised to call their local G.U.N agency upon spotting one of these 'Creeperhogs'-"

A few people were watching the TVs, and they seemed worried. With their attentions focused, however, none of them seemed aware of the very thing they were supposed to be on the lookout for; a thing that was currently sniffing around the dumpster outside, looking for something to eat. Finally deciding to look inside now, it found...


Aha! A leftover donut, just ripe for the taking! The hungry green critter crawled into the dumpster to grab its prize, chittering loudly, tail wagging. The dumpster sat right behind the coffee shop, and one of the workers was heading over there to throw out some garbage, when she saw the green creature. With a startled gasp, she dropped the trash bag.

"'s one of those things...!!" she squeaked; the dumpster-diving intruder looked over at her, ears perked up, and the lady backed away, pulling out a cellphone in the process.

"Ohh gosh what do I do, what do I-...n-no, get away from me...!!"

The Creeperhog had started to walk towards her, looking curious. Suddenly, green crystal shards rained from the sky, homing in on the Creeperhog. With a yelp, the cafe worker turned and fled, while the Creeperhog squealed and turned the opposite way, running as fast as it could on all fours as it tried to avoid the crystal shards.

If it didn't look forward, then it'd find itself running into a white lynx with blue stripes along its arms and legs. She had short, blue hair that were accompanied by bangs. The orange-eyed Beta studied it, looking it up and down.

"Target has come into contact with oneself. Battle preparations-" A large black shuriken as big as Beta appeared in a cyan light, and Beta held it with little difficulty. "-completed. Ready for combat."

The Creeperhog practically ran face-first into her with a squeak, backing up slowly so it could see what it ran into more properly. What it saw first, however, was the giant shuriken, prompting it to jump back and stumble, eyes wide.

Beta's eyes glowed yellow and she was about to throw the shuriken before a figure fell. He had orange, spiky hair, lilac-colored eyes and green fur, along with an orange tail. He also had four quills on his sides, one pointing up and one pointing down on each side.

"Calm down, Beta, we don't know if these things are innocent or not. Let's calm down," Ethan said.

Beta looked at Ethan blankly. "But why? Target was clearly harming civilians. First option seems to be termination." The two went back and forth for a bit, not paying attention to the creature.

With Beta distracted, the Creeperhog attempted to slowly slink away from the two, ears pinned back and tail low; all it wanted was a bite to eat, it didn't ask for this! Ethan saw the Creeperhog begin to escape, and he pointed at it.

"Hey, wait! I just want to ask you some questions, if you understand me! One, are you hungry? I saw you in that dumpster."

The Creeperhog stopped, and looked over its shoulder, perking up now at the mention of food. It squeaked and stood up on its hind legs now, looking towards the dumpster, and then back at Ethan.

"Looks like that's a yes," Ethan said before nudging Beta lightly on the shoulder. She sighed, and a box of pizza appeared in a flash of blue light before falling on the ground in front of the Creeperhog. He jolted a bit in surprise, the box top popping open when it hit the ground, revealing the hot, delicious contents within. It smelled heavenly...! Was this 'pizza'?


Curiously, he picked up a slice in his paws and took a bite; it tasted just as divine as it smelled. Ethan smiled.

"Aw, when you think about it, it's actually really cute!"

"You must have an altered definition of the word 'cute,' Ethan," Beta replied. "The target reminds self of an animal. Considering we are animals, I am confused by its nature."

The Creeperhog looked up at them, ears perked up slightly as he tilted his head to the side. Ethan looked to Beta. "Hey, do you have any more food?"

"I have some breadsticks, but they were my lunch-"

"Beta, I cook you food, you don't need to keep it in your hammerspace," Ethan shot back, causing Beta to mutter "But your food isn't good."

Beta sighed, and a few bags of breadsticks fell from thin air. The Creeperhog perked up and picked one of the breadsticks up in his mouth, starting to happily eat it; this was the best food he'd ever had...! He looked over at Beta and squeaked, tail wagging; he seemed to be thanking her.

Ethan managed an "Aw!" when he saw its tail wagging, while Beta gave it a sideways glance. "Target seems to be thankful."

"Beta, there's really no need to call it 'Target.'" Ethan said, shaking his head before giving the Creeperhog a smile. "Aw, it's adorable!" Ethan beckoned for it to come to him.

Finishing off the breadstick, the Creeperhog walked over to Ethan, head cocked to the side, tail still wagging. Ethan looked at Beta, who shrugged. "I suppose that the target isn't hostile. We should be going."

Ethan replied, "Hey, we're trying to investigate these things, right? This is the perfect opportunity for us to find out more!"

"The target does not speak English. There is no way we can learn about it unless..." Beta took her shuriken out again, causing it to make a loud "CLANG!" against the ground. "...we dissect it."

The harsh clang of the shuriken caused the Creeperhog to jolt in fright, eyes widening as he scampered away from Ethan and Beta.

"Aw, dang it, Beta!" Ethan said, sighing as the Creeperhog ran away. "You're scaring them with that huge weapon of yours! We don't know if we'll get this type of opportunity again!"

Beta gave Ethan a blank look. "I am not completely sure why, but I feel like this is definitely not going to be our final chance."

"Aw, whatevs. No need gettin' so worked up about it now," Ethan said with a shrug. After she put the shuriken on her back, a blue portal appeared in front of them, and the duo walked through it.

Part 2

Back in Bubonic's lab, the thing in the pod was starting to shift. The Troll scientist, busy tinkering with some Chips, didn't notice the movement until a beeping noise was heard from the monitor attached to the pod. He gasped and dashed over to it, eyes wide as he skid to a halt in front of it.

"Is it finally time...?!"

The creature squirmed and attempted to stretch within the confines of the pod, acid-green eyes opening up slowly to take their first glimpse at Bubonic.


A fist slammed against the side of the pod, making Bubonic jolt; the thing in there clearly wanted out.

"P-Patience, patience, my dear...!" he cried, pressing a few buttons on the pod's monitor; the fluid the creature was suspended in stated to drain, and the glass was lifted up once the drainage was completed, letting Bubonic's latest project out onto the floor with a thud.

"Ohhh... beautiful...!" Bubonic cooed, kneeling down next to the large Creeperhog, who turned towards him with a hiss. He scooted back a bit, hands up.

"Easy, easy... I mean you no harm...!"

The creature seemed to regard Bubonic for a few seconds, before properly stretching her cramped body with a low chuff. It was clear the scientist took a great deal of inspiration from Chaos himself with this creature; a nearly opaque body with solid green eyes, vaguely amorphous in form.

"Perfect...!" Bubonic grinned, clasping his hands together. "Your time has come to make history... Ripley!"

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the reason for the alert on the news was making itself known. The Creeperhog that Ethan and Beta met was more or less an aberration; regular (aggressive) Creeperhogs were starting to show up around Station Square... and it wouldn't be long before a panic broke out.

A blue hedgehog slowed his approach and sighed faintly to himself at the sight. He'd only intended to do a minor supply run to the black market hubs in Central City, maybe grab some snacks as well to restock his workshop supply. For some reason, his stash was shrinking. He shook his head, astonished by the sight.

"Of all my luck..." he grumbled. He slid his hand into his cargo pants and withdrew a fairly oddly shaped phone, and quickly tapped out a message to his allies, looking for confirmation that the beasts were supposed to be running wild, they were still highly volatile after all.

"C'mon, Bubonic... if you chose to release these damn things, they better be ready..."

A small group of them were now in the city, wandering around aimlessly; it wasn't long until some people saw them, and just as expected, it caused a panic.

"Th-They're back! Run!!"

Meanwhile, a Troll General had replied to Frost's message.

"Frost? That you?"

With a grimace, Frost checked the vibrating phone, one eye fixed upon the roaming Creeperhogs. "Please tell me that Bubonic knows about his pets being free, because I'm stuck in Station Square with a group of them." As he sent the text, he tensed his free hand in preparation. The more frightened the locals got, the more likely things were going to get messy.

"Uhhh...I'm pretty sure he planned to release them? He's been cooped up in his lab more than usual, though, so I haven't even gotten a chance to speak to him lately," the General replied, frowning. "Did the things encounter a populated area or something...?"

"I'm in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the United Federation. It's heavily populated." Frost's eyes flicked from his phone to his surroundings and back to his phone, a level of tension he hadn't felt since he'd first defected from his home country. Judging by the crowd's reaction, he couldn't tell if it was just an intimidation thing or one had blown already, though he hadn't heard anything since arriving. With a frustrated growl under his breath, he simply let himself move with the crowd.

"Ooh...uhh, listen, I'll try to get a hold of Bubonic, okay? Although there's no guarantee that he'll be in the mood for visitors," said the General, nodding a bit. He turned and started to walk towards Bubonic's lab.

The Creeperhogs, however, continued to do their own thing, occasionally hissing at the fleeing people; they didn't seem intent on attacking... for now.

There was noises coming from the closed door to Bubonic's laboratory, though that was normal. So was the fact that the door was sealed from inside, no matter what codes the Troll General tried. Clearly, the doctor was busy with his current project. With an under-the-breath grumble about Frost dragging him away from other, more interesting things, the General tapped on the intercom.

"Hey, Doc? Just checking, but were the Creeperhogs supposed to be released into G.U.N.'s territory? Frost's run into a pack of them in Station Square."

Bubonic, already busy with starting his next projects, let out a frustrated groan when he heard the General's voice over the intercom.

"Yes, yes, what is it?" he grumbled as he walked over to the door. "Can't you see I'm-...what...what do you mean Frost ran into a pack of Creeperhogs in Station Square?!"

He dragged his hands down his face, groaning again.

"They weren't supposed to be able to leave the controlled environment I set up! How did they get out...?!"

"I'm clueless on that, Doc. Just going by what Frost told me, I thought you'd ordered the release." The general fell silent for a moment, and as the door slowly slid open, he shook his head.

"If my hive had anything to do with it, they aren't talking about it. Uh... should I inform the higher-ups?"

Bubonic glared at the General from the door-frame, his hands on his hips, before letting out a heavy sigh. Ripley, meanwhile, slunk up behind the scientist, and leered at the visitor with a low hiss.

"Inform them right away," he said, before grumbling again. "This is a disaster...! If they all explode, I'm going to be set back so far...!"

The general managed a partial salute, immediately turning on his heels and running down the corridor in the vague direction of the throne room. It was possible that the other Generals would be able to come up with a plan, or an explanation, or something. Besides, whatever that... thing Bubonic had with him was, it made him uncomfortable.

With a faint huff, Bubonic closed the door and retreated back into is lab, with Ripley following him. He had work to do, so much work. But the prospect made him giddy, and he couldn't help but grin. Even with this potential setback, if he played his cards right, the rewards would be so much greater...!

* * * * *

The friendly Creeperhog, meanwhile, was in his own little panic; everyone was running around and screaming, and he had no idea why! Even worse, it seemed like his mere presence was just making the panic worse, and he didn't want that! It might be best to hide for a while...

Meanwhile, two little cats were wandering around past the panicked people.

"What's everyone freakin' out over?" the red-clad cat mused, frowning; his blue-clad brother stayed close by.

"I-I dunno, but maybe we should follow their example," he mumbled.

"What??" the other cried. "No way, that sounds boring! I wanna find out what's causin' all this ruckus! C'mon!"

With that, he grabbed his brother's hand and ran off, making the younger cat squeak.

"S-Slow down, Cal...!"

The duo happened to see the friendly Creeperhog, and Calvin immediately started approaching him.

"Hey, I think its one'a those weird hedgehog things everyone's so riled up over! C'mon, let's go check it out!"

The Creeperhog squeaked and started backing away from Calvin, eyes wide. Once he was close enough, Calvin crouched down a bit, keeping his hands visible.

"We're not gonna hurt ya, honest," he said softly, trying to look as non-threatening as possible. Micah stayed behind his brother, frowning a bit.

"I don't think this is a good idea, Cal..."

Slowly, however, the Creeperhog crept towards Calvin, keeping his eyes on the cat's.

"Gosh, I ain't never seen a thing like ya before," Calvin hummed, smiling a bit as the Creeperhog sniffed at his hand.

On the top of a building, a grey tiger wearing a green sweater and jeans along with a grey and purple scarf watched the two with a smile. Ah, so young and innocent. Though I'm technically only about two years old... Kennedy discarded that troubling thought and continued to look over the Creeperhog. What an interesting specimen. These are what brought me here, after all - might as well have a little sense of adventure.

Kennedy levitated down to the trio, immense wind pushing the surrounding area as he fell. "Careful now, boys. That might be dangerous."

The sensation of wind rushing over the three seemed to startle them all, and the Creeperhog quickly backed up away from Calvin with a squeak. The two brothers looked around, confused, before noticing Kennedy.

"Huh? This thing, dangerous?" asked Calvin. "He seems harmless enough, though...!"

"Cal, I think he's right, though," Micah frowned. "We don't know what kinda animal this is..."

"It already seems to have eaten, however, so I wonder what it wants...?" Kennedy said, scratching its chin before smiling at the boys. "I wouldn't worry, however. It doesn't appear to be hostile."

The Creeperhog, having no idea who Kennedy was, didn't want to be touched by him, and jerked his head away a bit when the tiger tried to scratch under his chin.

"Maybe he's lost," said Calvin, frowning a bit. "What if he can't find his family...??"

"It looks like a breed between a hedgehog and a video game enemy," Kennedy said. "It looks more mutated than natural the way I look at it."

The two boys looked at each other, a bit confused, before Calvin looked at the Creeperhog again.

"It does look kinda weird, yeah... but wait, if someone made it, wouldn't that technically make them its family?"

"Hm..." Kennedy started to think about this idea before growling, baring his fangs a little. "What if it was a creation of.... Eggman? That nuisance could be making more as we speak!"

The Creeperhog tilted his head in confused; Eggman? What was an Eggman? Calvin frowned, however.

"Wait, isn't he that really mean guy who makes lots of robots?" he asked.

"Yeah. He was also a large part in my good friend getting roboticized," Kennedy said, annoyed. "But then again... Eggman isn't the only scientist on this planet, I don't think."

"There's probably scientists all over th'planet," Micah piped up. "Maybe one of them made this animal?"

The Creeperhog, meanwhile, seemed to be getting used to Kennedy's presence. Kennedy tried giving it his hand to shake.

"Well, do you two boys have phones?" he asked. The Creeperhog pawed curiously at Kennedy's hand, not really understanding the concept of a handshake. Calvin frowned and shook his head.

"Err, no... we don't," he admitted. "Sorry..."

Kennedy lightly grasped the Creeperhog's paw. "Well, it couldn't have been Eggman - I don't see his logo on it, and it's currently not trying to kill us... Do you have any knowledge of other questionable scientists in this dimension?" asked Kennedy.

Calvin again shook his head.

"Nope; that Eggman guy's really th'only one we know about," he said. "I guess we could ask around, though? Someone's bound t'know."

"That's a good idea. It'd probably be best for you to direct me, however," said Kennedy, scratching the back of his head. "I'm not exactly from around here."

Oh yes. Yes. The Creeperhog enjoyed that very much, and he started to purr heavily, eyes closing in contentment. His quills might've been pricking Kennedy's hand a bit, though. Calvin nodded, smiling.

"Okay! Let's go," he said, starting to walk down the street, gesturing for the others to follow him. "C'mon! It's time for an adventure!"

Kennedy nodded, slightly patting the Creeperhog and starting to levitate and follow the boys. "Let's go find out what this thing is." Then, he suddenly stopped. "Wait. Is it okay for you two to be doing this right now? Are you allowed?"

Calvin halted in his steps, eyes widening a bit.


Micah bit his lip but said nothing.

"...of course we are!" Calvin said, even though their grandpa would likely never approve of this adventure.

"Well then, that's nice," Kennedy said, flying forward. "I do feel like the younger generation needs to have a bit more adventure in their lives. Now.." Kennedy said, looking around. "Who to ask?"

Calvin was relieved that Kennedy wasn't going to march him and his brother back to his grandpa's place. He frowned a bit, looking around as well.

"...good question."

The Creeperhog had sat down and started to groom itself.

Kennedy flew to the nearest civilian, smiling nervously as he said, "I apologize for using your precious time, but do you happen to have any knowledge of nearby scientists?"

The civilian blinked, frowning.

"Scientists...? Well, uhh... there's doctors in Station Square; I don't know about any scientists, though..."

"Sorry for asking!" Kennedy said, turning around before stopping. "But... do you know any labs or corporations?"

"Well, there's a G.U.N HQ near Station Square; they're probably bound to have scientists or something there," she said.

Kennedy smiled. "Thank you for the info!" Next, he turned around to the cats. "How'd you boys like to go to GUN?" He then looked at the Creeperhog. "You, too."

"GUN? I've never been there before," said Micah. "Hopefully we find a scientist there that can help us, though."

The Creeperhog seemed less than thrilled by this idea, however.

"Right then," Kennedy said, not noticing the Creeperhog. "Let's go." He began to slowly fly forward, hoping the boys would follow him along with the Creeperhog.

"Golly, what's it like being able to fly?" Calvin asked as he and Micah walked after Kennedy. The Creeperhog let out a nervous squeak, but ended up trotting after the three Mobians anyways.

"...exciting, I suppose," Kennedy said. "I've had thousands of years of practice however, and when you travel between dimensions, your skills have to be top-notch. There isn't exactly a lot of room for error with me." Kennedy's eyes widened. "Oh, I haven't even introduced myself, have I? My name is Kennedy McLeod."

"I'm Calvin!" the older brother chirped. "And this is my brother Micah!"

The little group was getting closer to the G.U.N base, now.

"How did you two come across these natural mysteries, anyway?" asked Kennedy.

"Ya mean the green critter?" Calvin asked, thumbing over to the Creeperhog, who was still nervously following them. "Well, everyone was gettin' their underwear in a twist for some reason, so we wanted t'see what it was. And then we found this guy. I dunno what everyone's gettin' all upset about, to be honest."

"I wonder how many there are," Kennedy said, starting to accelerate as they got closer to the base. "I mean, they appear about as harmful as a Flicky. I'm not sure what the fuss is, but I can't go ten minutes without hearing yet another scream."

The two boys and the Creeperhog now jogged after Kennedy, with Calvin shrugging.

"Yeah, it's weird; it's like people are treating them like horrible monsters," he said, frowning a bit. They had soon reached the base; stationed outside were a curvy female foxidna and a lean male dumbo rat, neither of whom seemed to notice the approaching group right away.

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