Gicandice is on a rampage in Station Square! While she is attacking the city it is up to your characters and their alignments to deal with this situation. If your character is a hero, then they can try to stop her. If your character is a villain they can support her/protect her against GUN and the other heroes. If your character is sympathetic to her then they can just converse with her while she continues on her path of destruction

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  • Jaredthefox92
  • Megaphantaze
  • ETH
  • SB100
  • Clastus the ashlynx
  • Fastpager200
  • Zero1000 the Wolf
  • AnnabelleRich
  • bovothemonkey321


  • free to join


  • No killing Gicandice,(you can beat on her and defeat her, but killing her is not allowed.)
  • Only characters with super strength, or some form of super kinetic force can fight her physically. (Attacking her with non-physical attacks is your best bet.)
  • No burning her cloths off, please.
  • She will not preform any vore.
  • Characters with demon powers are not considered to have super strength, unless specified in their bios.(However, she is very susceptible to demonic powers, they are considered non-kinetic attacks.)
  • Magic characters can cast buffs on themselves, or debuffs on her (other then shrinking,) yet you cannot use magic to give your character super strength if that is not their original abilities.
  • Gicandice will attack your heroes in order to defend herself.

Involved Characters

  • Gicandice the cat                                                                        
    Gi ref

    Gicandice's Uralian version. Picture made by: Lizardman22

  • GUN
  • Perish the skeleton (Villain)
  • Yukon the robot emperor (Villain)
  • Flex the tiger
  • Areya the echidna
  • Jack the Hedgehog (SB100)
  • Patricia the Skunk (SB100)
  • SPARKY (SB100)
  • Issabella the Giant Skunk (SB100)
  • Katherine Bloodson
  • Shreak The Hedgehog (Anti-Villain)
  • Vort the Isolis (Villain, arch-enemy of Shreak.)
  • Saren Arterius (Villain) [*grew bored with the interference*]
  • Fast the Hedgehog [fastpager200] [Hero]
  • Dark the Hedgehog [fastpager200] [Hero]
  • Nathan the Wolf (Zero1000 the Wolf)
  • Beck the Wolf (Zero1000 the Wolf)
  • Chace the Fox (AR, Hero)
  • Hailey the Fox (AR, Hero)
  • Stephanie the Cat (AR, Hero)
  • Cerberus the Chao (Derpythesonicfan, Neutral)
  • Bobo-where ape form (Bobo the monkey, hero)

Neo Miyagi Sakura (leo55566, hero)


Kaiju Kitty/Part1

Gicandice: *Stomps towards Station Square.* Tee hee hee. ^^

Perish: *hovering with his Trash-hover* Nice idea to ask Gigandice to destroy the whole city, your filthy richiness?

Yukon: Sure. With her, this city is demolished and "Yukonized" As I like to say it. Then we can get the whole city in lunch bag 

Flex and Areya looks at Gicandice,shocked."Dang that cat's huge!"

Gicandice: *Turns and looks down at Flex and Areya*. "Hello"! ^^

"Wassup!"Flex looks at Gicandice."You're huge!"Areya looks at her.

Perish: *Notices Flex and Areyna* Boss, little children ahead.

Yukon: I don't see they aren't gonna do anything for now. Keep my Joe X army ready if they will do something for us.

Perish: Yes, your crystal clearness

Areya then sees Yukon and Perish."Who are those guys?"She turns to Flex as he shrugs

Gicandice: *Smiles.* Mmmhmm. ^^

Perish: I don't suggest to take risks. What if those guys are working for GUN?

Yukon: GUN? You mean they are armed?

Perish: No, GUN is an army.

Yukon: Pathetic morons, they'll be crushed like bugs with Gigandice and my magic aura

Areya watches them talk."G.U.N?"

Gicandice: G.U.N....*Gicandice facepalms.* Silly Gicandice, she almost forgot. Daddy told Gicandice to make the bad mean GUN peoples go away.

Yukon: Then we are in same boat. If some of them comes on our way, we get rid of them, one way or another.

Perish: Heheheh, I can't wait to show them my upgraded weapon system.

"We're not G.U.Ns!"Areya and Flex waves to Gicandice

Gicandice: Ok! *Steps over them leaving them unharmed.*

Perish: Why did you left them like that?

Yukon: We don't kill anyone, who is not against us. Although this is an invasion and city stealing operation.

Perish: Sometimes I can't understand your logic, your hard to understand-guyness.

Gicandice: *Steps overs the cities limits and into the city, then she looks around.*

  • People are terrified and confused at her sight. They have heard the stories about Gicandice, but they did not exspect her to be in this location. They then start to scream and run for their lives.*

Gicandice: Tee hee, silly. ^^

Jack, Patricia & SPARKY: (notices the people running away)

Jack: What's with all the running away about?

Patricia: (notices Gicandice) I think I can guess. Look!

Jack & SPARKY: (notices Gicandice)

Jack: Whoa! It's a giant!

Perish: Aah, nothing doesn't beat world domination, than to hear people screaming

Yukon: Yes, Run away you fool citizens. Run for your lives and let your new emperor to take your city to his own hands.

Jack: Are you two responsible for this? If it is your doing, then it's time that we teach you 2 some manners.

Yukon: What? We? Who have thought something like that?

Perish: We are only paying a visit in this last days living city. Nothing else *Holds remote control behind his back*

Patricia: If you are lying to us, don't make me use this. (aims her skunk tail at Yukon & Perish)

Perish: Aah, I love the smell of skunk.

Yukon:If you are gonna stop our plan, we have no other choice than this. Perish, press the button.

Perish: *Presses the button, then an airship comes and drops green one-eyed human like soldiers with shields and guns*

Jack: Oh yeah? Patricia, if you please?

Patricia: Certainly (takes a deep breathe & then whistles)

(We can stomping, creating tremors, coming this way, causing the tremors to get stronger & it appears to be a Giant Girl Skunk with blonde hair, purple eyes, 5 eye lashes, a white muzzle, a white chest & 3 vertical Skunk stripes on her back & tail, wearing a Pink Bra, White Gloves, Lime Fuzzy Bracelets, Purple Sweatpants & Lime Boots & her name is Issabella the Giant Skunk.)

Issabella: Hi.

Joes (the green soldiers): *Looking Isabella*

Peirsh: It was only joke, but this is not funny anymore.

Yukon: They haven't seen anything yet. Send me my Yukonizer, now.

Perish: *presses another button and really big robot appears*

Yukon: *Hops on Yukonizer* You want to fight, then you'll have to face us

Issabella: Okie dokie. (grabs the Yukonizer & then starts slamming the Yukonizer at the soldiers multiple times)

Yukon: Aargh! Do something, idiots! *Pressing buttons and the hands of robot tries to punch Isabella with fire and electricity*

Issabella: (barely dodges & then throws the Yukonizer at the green soldiers with her strength) This is fun!

Areya and Flex shrugs and walks away.

Gicandice: *Looks at Issabella.* Miss Stinky?

Issabella: Hello there, I'm Issabella the Giant Skunk.

Gicandice: *Covering her nose.* Phew, Miss Stinky needs a bath.

Issabella: Say, skunks are born with the skunk scent.

Areya and Flex looks at Issabella.They both smell something disgusting and covers their nose."God something smells disgusting."

Jack: Gicandice, why are you rampaging the city?

Yukon: Good thing I have ability to use Magic aura *Uses magic aura to teleport himself out of Yukonizer*

Patricia: Gicandice, it's us, Jack the Hedgehog and Patricia the Skunk!

SPARKY: And my name is SPARKY, Patricia has created me as her special A.I.

Perish: You didn't expected that coming, your persistentness?

Yukon: You expected, then?  I can't believe there's more, than one giant creature.

Perish: I think I have an idea, which will let us in peace *whispers*

Yukon: Aah, yes. 

Issabella: (goes up to Gicandice, waiting for an answer)

Gicandice: Daddy said Gicandice could play, she needs to go outside and get some fresh air. ^^

???: [A soldier walked into the area. It was a figure clad in purple medieval armor branded with a large GUN logo on the front. It held a rifle in one hand and had two pistols and a broadsword at its side. It stared up at the two giants.] "..."

Perish: Hmm, We should only get to a cover of Gigandice, so they don't care about us.

Yukon: Right *Goes behind Gigandice and makes call* Attention, Power muscles. Get ready for any emergency. If the skunk will attack, do so. Yukon quits.

Gicandice: What?

Yukon: Eh, nothing personal information. Just calling some help in need

???: [Aims its rifle for Gicandice, the barrel of the gun glowing red.] "Leave, feline."

Yukon: One reason to it is under you *points the ???*

Issabella: I love to play!

Jack, Patricia & SPARKY: (hops on Patricia's flying broom & flies up to Gicandice & Issabella)

???: "Leave, feline!"

Gicandice: Leave?

Jack: Huh? Who's there?

Perish: Sounds like an invitation on my dictionary.

Yukon: You should leave or we do it for you and not softly

Jack: (to Perish & Yukon) Just stay out of this!

Yukon: I would

Perish: *Facepalm* And you should be smart

Yukon: Sometimes it's smarter to flee

Patricia: (to the heroes) How's about we reason Gicandice to go play somewhere else like in the country side, ok?

Jack: Got it. (to Gicandice) Now Gicandice, you must go to the country side to play instead of here so you won't go on a rampage, how does that sound?

Perish: Yeah, let's go destroy other city. We are ready to collect this city's ruins.

Yukon: Initialize the collecting *Presses the button, then beam collects ruins from Gigandice's path* There, job is done here

SPARKY: Actually the wreckage is hardly here in this city, about only 3%.

Issabella: Yeah. (grabs Perish & Yukon) You 2 have been very bad people! Back to where you came from! (winds up & then throws Perish & Yukon far away into the sky with her giant strength)

Perish and Yukon: WHaaa!!!

Issabella: (to Perish & Yukon) And stay out you meanies! (blows a raspberry at Perish & Yukon)

Yukon: OW!

Perish: Yow!

Yukon: *to Perish* We still have those ruins of city *Presses the button which delivers the ruins to his base*

Patricia: Gicandice, Issabella, are you two ok?

Issabella: I'm ok and I hope Gicandice is ok.

Jack: We don't have time for those 2 (points to Yukon & Perish) We must make peace with GiCandice.

Patricia: (nods) Okie dokie.

Saren: Sorry, but im not going to let you interfere with the city's destruction and ruin my fun! (shoots at Jack, Isabella and Patricia with a volley of dark energy shots from behind.)

Gicandice: *Approaching Saren.*

Saren: *notices Gicandice* Ah, if it isn't the giant kitty of the hour? Mind if I join in on the fun?

Gicanidce: *Looks down at him.* Hm?

Saren: Obviously these little 'heroes' would stop you from playing like a bunch of meanies, and I wanna play with this city as well. So can I join in? *child like tone as he launches a dark singularity at building, destroying it*

Gicandice: *Watches and claps.* Ok! :D

Saren: Yes! *fist pumps* Now what about the heroes? * creates a small black orb in his hand*

Gicandice: She dunno. *Gicandice then shrugs.*

Saren: Why not go deal with them *points to Jack, Isabella and Patricia* They will only ruin our fun.

(I think Sponge doesn't come on this wiki that much anymore so her characters are not going to show up any time soon.)

(oh, couldn't you add a couple of your hero characters, or even endorse this RP to Neoexlucky, young easy, awkward dingo or maverick hunter sigma?)

(My hero characters are boring, it's my writings style to focus on villains since there are so many "heroes" in the Sonic fandom. How do I even "endorse" my roleplay to these people? )

(You go on their talkpage and 'invite' them to this RP or you could ask them to join.)

Gicandice: *Grinning.* Ok! >:D

Fast:Hi, Ashley!

Dark:That's not Ashley. That's just a giant cat destroying Station Square. Now where the hell did you want to go?

Fast:I forgot.

Dark:Well, while we're here we might as well do some of that "hero" work that we do. And by that I mean I do all the work while you have the series name and just say random Invader Zim and Azumanga Daioh quotes for no reason instead of DOING SOMETHING.

Fastpager200:I promise, I'll get him to do stuff this time:


Fast:Are you angry, chiyo-chan?


Saren: *Grins as he overhears Dark and fasts conversation* Oh goody, more 'heroes' to squash! *tosses the small black orb at them* Incoming!

Gicandice: *Turns and watches the orb.* Pretty...

Saren: *scratches his head* thank you.

Gicandice: *Purrs softly.

Meanwhile, Nathan is flying atop of Beck, which is flying forward.

Nathan: Hey Beck, are you sure you can carry me without any problems?

Beck: No problem Nathan, you are light and slightly younger than me.

Nathan: If you say so... *looks at Gicandice* Whoa! Beck, you gotta look at that!

Beck: What? I don't have time to- *looks at Gicandice* Whoa! What the hell is THAT!?

Nathan: I don't know, but it is so big!

Beck: Let's take a closer look. *flies to Gicandice*

Gicandice: *Her ear twitches.* Hm?

Saren: *looks at Beck and Nathan before casually flicking two orbs of darkness at the two* INCOMING!!!!

Nathan: *looks at the orbs coming* Beck, look out!!!

Beck: *looks at the orbs* What the- *dodges the orbs* What was that?

Nathan: I don't know, but whoever did it must be behind this.

Saren: *pokes Gicandice* Look, More toys to play with! :D *points to Nathan and beck*

Gicandice: Yay! :D *She turns around and faces them.*

Nathan: *notices Gicandice* Umm, hello? What are you doing here?

Beck: *notices Saren* Who is that guy, by the way?

Gicandice: Gicandice wants to play! *her tail start to wag.*

Saren: Who am I? Who knows and who really cares? *starts gathering dark energy in the palm of his left hand*

Beck: Well, if that's so i will not waste time asking for. *starts charging a fireball*

Nathan: Huh? What kind of playing?

Saren: *continues gathering energy in his left hand while placing his right hand behind his back, inside a shadow for an easy relocation.*

Beck: *continues charging his fireball, making it bigger, forcing him to use two hands to hold the fireball.*

Saren just chuckled before he poonted his left hand to the side of beck, if he would turn his head he'd notice that there was a fire hydrant next to him, and fired at a nearby fire hydrant. Hoping to drench Beck in water in order to drench him in water.

A high tech copter flew over head as it's pilot glared softly.



"This is um...out there."


"I know it's strange and not in our line of work anyway but do you two want to get paid or not!" The brown haired British vixen quickly said, "As far as we know we don't have any permission to take whoever this is down or at least tell her to stop destroying the place and practically stealing tax payers money. We just need to gather information."

"What she said." Chace said as Stephanie, the pilot nodded.

Beck threw the fireball at Saren, as it already gained his maximum charge, and would explode on contact with Saren or the floor. However, it was too late when he noted Saren fired his sphere to a fire hydrant. "Oh no." Nathan asked to Beck, "What is it?" Beck responded, "Just prepare to land." Nathan then said shocked, "WHAT!?" Then the water hit Beck, causing his wings to disappear. They were both falling, Nathan screamed, "WHOOOOOA!" Beck was falling, apparently hurt. "Ack!" Then they crashed on the ground.

"Ooh, what happened?" Nathan then went to Beck. "Are you Ok, Beck?" Beck got up. "I'm Ok. But we will take care of them. You go for the big cat, i will go to beat that guy." Nathan then ran to Gicandice while Beck to Saren.

Cerberus floated into the city. Nobody trusts a Chao to get the job done. Well, today's the day I show them- WHAT IN THE HECK?! He looked up and saw the battle going on. Looks like there's... uhhh... some kind of cat thing, and the dumb psycho lynx I beat up last time. Here's my chance to prove I'm strong! He rocketed into the air, firing a blast of psychic energy at the gigantic cat.

Saren pulled out his scythe from the shadows and swung it at the fireball in order to cleave it in two and reduce the damage he would normally take. "Hey kitty! Incoming!" He shouted.

"Beck, take cover!" Nathan shouted to Beck while he shot a thunder to the sky. Beck lifted his shield to cover himself from air attacks. Then, thunders fell from everywhere, being able to hit everyone except Nathan and Beck.

Saren activated his ghostly phasing in order to cut the damage he'd receive in half. "Hrnk.." Saren muttered as he leapt off of Gicandice's shoulder, heading towards Nathan.

Beck seen Saren heading towards Nathan. In an attempt to stop him from going there, he dashed to Saren, trying to bash him. "No you aren't going to do it!"

Beck would only go right through him as Saren had activated his ghostly phasing, meaning physical attacks not enhanced by energy are useless against him.

a Giant where ape comes and uses a yell shock wave! the gigantic ape is named bobo the where ape."get away from this town! Miserable humans are dying here!" And he hits her with a building.

"This is too much insanity for me..." Stephanie groaned.

"You wanna get paid don't you?" Chace responded.

Nathan shot a Thunder Bolt to Saren as Beck missed. If Saren would be hit, he would be briefly paralyzed, giving Beck a chance to use a Fire Sword slash, which he would use to throw Saren.

Cerberus looked at the were-ape. Go away! I'm fighting here. Meh. You probably won't care. He looked into the ape's mind. Your worst fears and experiences... Combined into one. Now I'll make you experience them. Cerberus used his psychic ability to make the ape experience all of its worst memories and experiences at once.

Saren smirked and threw his scythe at Nate, just in time to hopefully intercept the lightning bolt as the scythe, due to it being comprised of metal, would be a makeshift lightning rod. Allowing Saren to continue his path towards Nathan and get into close range.

Nathan prepared to counter any attack with his Thunder Maul. If Saren would hit him on close range, he would do a strong smack to throw him to Beck. If Saren was at a distance, however, he would create an electric cut to hit Saren. Beck also ran to Saren with his fire sword to hit him after Nathan or if Nathan misses.

Saren noted that Nathan's maul would be very heavy as a maul is usually a two handed weapon, however that didn't stop him from getting closer as shadow tendrils began to spawn from Nate's shadow in an attempt to harass him by wrapping around his arms. "A Maul eh? An interesting weapon... Take my advice and try loosening your grip on the weapon a bit, with the way you're holding it a decent swing could leave you more vulnerable."

"Heh, even as an opponent you are good." Nathan then tried to use his maul, but the tendrils were avoiding him to. Beck took this chance to attack Saren from the back with a Fire Slash of his sword.

"Monkey!" Gicandice said as she stomped towards the where-ape.

Saren was slashed in the back, taking full damage due to his phasing deactivated. "You dishonorable little f***!" Saren shouted as he quickly turned around and tried to sweep Beck's legs out from under him.

Beck jumped over the sweep dodging backwards. He was at a distance from Saren. "You may be strong, but also overconfident." Beck then dashed to Saren on an attempt to slash Saren with his fire sword. Nathan sneaked out to where Gicandice was. "Hey cat, you like electricity?"

"Gicandice likes shiny lightbulbs!"

Ahahaha... Amusing. It's really quite stupid, isn't it. Cerberus mused as he launched a bolt of psychic energy at the cat. He then spied Saren. Oh, looks like the big, powerful SAREN is getting his butt kicked. I suppose I'll help the wolves. He focused on Saren, using his psychic abilities. Let us see... how he handles being forced to relive the worst events and memories in his life. Cerberus looked into Saren's mind. AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! CANNOT UNSEE! He calmed down and attempted to launch his psychic assault on Saren's mind.

"Owwie!" >_<

Nathan seen the bolt. "Where did that come from? Well, i think i will go find out who sent it." Nathan then looked at Gicandice. "You keep liking lightbulbs." He then went to look who sent the bolt.

Saren, who was unskilled with psychic attacks actually started growling in pain, but sank into the shadows to avoid the fire slash. "Fool... Now I know the trace of that annoying chao... Looks like I'll have to deal with him from the shadows." Saren thought to himself, now in the safety of the dark corridors.

Beck missed the hit due to Saren sinking onto the shadows. "What the heck? Where did he go? Well, i think i should be prepared if he plans something." Meanwhile, Nathan passed through Beck. "Nathan, what happened?" Then Nathan responded. "I seen a bolt coming from somewhere." Beck then had an idea. "Nathan, we should leave that cat, Gicandice, i think i heard his name. But anyways, she is too big. We should take care of Saren." Beck whispered to Nathan before they both looked for who sent the bolt.

Saren, still in the dark corridors, tried expanding his range by using his shadow magic to link up to the shadows of Cerberus, Beck and Nathan. Feeling out their energy signatures amidst the chaos

Neo was watching the scenes unfold and felt her emerald glow. "Go out there and kill him." A voice inside told her." Neo nodded and unsheathed her katana, sending a wave of light at the dark corridors.

Saren, who was in the dark corridors, felt a surge of light heading for him. Thus, he panicked and exited before he could take the brunt of the blast, reappearing behind one of the few still standing buildings. "What the?" He murmered.

Neo swung her sword and let out another flash of light,"I thought i told you to remain calm!" She attempted to nail Saren in the stomach.

Neo's attack succeeded. "Ghurk!" Saren grunted as he clutched his stomach.

Her hair then turned silver and she followed up with a round house kick, sending him into the bath houses.

"Grrr, little meanie!" Gicandice said as she recovered and stomped towards Cerberus angrily.

She then proceeded raise her giant fist attempting to punch at him.

"Ow..." Saren muttered from his spot in the wall of the bath houses. "Not.. Dying.. Again.."

When Nathan saw Neo, he was surprised. Beck was confused. "What the?" Nathan responded. "That attack came out of nowhere!"

Saren stood up and began walking from his place in the wall. "That... Is... It! I'm done playing around..." Saren muttered as he stuck his hands into his coat pockets.

Neo went to strike him but landed with his face under her skirt. "Enough!"

Saren, thankfully, could not see anything as a side affect of exiting the dark corridors so hastily. "Get.. Off of me!" Saren raged internally as he willed shadow tendrils to appear and wrap around her legs in an attempt to fling Neo off of him. 

Neo's aura grew menacing,"Unwraps those,"She then smiled. 

Saren stood up and looked at Neo. "I'm done here... This has become more of a chore than it's worth.." Saren muttered as he walked into a nearby shadow while the tendrils just flung Neo away, ironically enough the tendrils tossed her into a restaurant.

She glared,"Once i get done eating, I'll kill you if the giant cat doesn't first." She begins to eat beef stew.

Nathan went to where Neo was. "That was amazing. But we now have a problem with Gicandice." Beck went to Cerebreus. "Hey, you were the one who threw the bolt, don't you?"

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