Another rp..
Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

From 0:00 to 0:37 is the transformation


Same as ever:

  • No Godmodding
  • Don't control other characters that are not yours.
  • As far as romance, nothing extreme.


  • Renée the Hedgehog w/Angel the Chao. (Rosario Cross)
  • Trinity the Demon w/Satan the Chao. (Rosario Cross)
  • Vladitor the Dark (Rosario Cross)
  • Dawn the Fox (Rosario Cross)
  • Damon the Wolf (Rosario Cross)
  • Mark the Fox w/Marcel the Chao. (TailsFan99)
  • Frost the Monkey. (TailsFan99)
  • Memphis the Shining Demonhog/w Lil Memphy (Memphis the light)
  • Zulto Beltsa (played by Xabior, troubled character, P.S. Sorry about using my other account)
  • Gold/Power The Hedgehog w/Goldy The Chao!
  • Mason the Hedgefox(as himself)
  • Wilfre The Fox (Well, the username is -Wilfre~ and i asked Memphis if i can come in to roleplay in this rp, The guy controlling wilfre is....Well...~Wilfre~ 19:20, September 12, 2010 (UTC))
  • Kuru the Succucat (Memphis the light)
  • Brook The Fox (Crazyrox)
  • Rapid the Hedgehog (RapidTheHedgehog 22:26, September 16, 2010 (UTC) plays him)


Part 1

(Inner Renée is sitting on a rock, watching a nearby waterfall, while Angel and Satan play together)

Inner Renée: -thinks- If the legends are true, then the day is close...

Trinity: Still wondering about that? Hm....-she watches the chao play-

(Far away from the forest, Mark and Frost are chatting with Marcel flying around them')

Mark: So Frost, got anything to do?

Frost: Nope.

-Angel flies off, and bumps into Mark and Frost-

Angel: Chao..~Ow..~ -she lands on the ground-

Frost: Hmm?

Mark: Hey Angel, are you suppose to be with Renée?

Angel: Chao chao cha-CHAO! ~I'm trying to get away from Sata--AH!~ -Satan jumps from a tree and onto Angel-

Satan: Chao chao! ~I got you!~

Marcel: Chao chao, chao chao. -Oh Satan, you and your childish ways.-

Satan: Chao >.> ~Shut up~ -he gets picked up by a black hedgehog (Trinity) and Angel gets picked up by a grey hedgehog (Inner Renée)-

Mark: Hey Renée, Hey Trinity.

Inner Renée: You do know the difference between me and the other Renée, don't you? -she turns back into the original Renée-

(Tails, ill put a vid up of Renée's transformation into Inner Renée up there)

Mark: -thinks- What makes her think I don't?


Renée: Anyway..-pets Angel- I hope she didn't cause any trouble..

Trinity: -pets Satan- I'll be over at 'the spot' when you're ready -she teleports off-

Marcel: Chao, chao -No, not at all-

Frost: -thinks- What Trinity said seemed un-usual...

Mark: What makes you say that?

Frost: Mark, just because people read your mind all the time, doesn't mean people can read mine. >_>

Angel: Chao chao! ~I wanna follow Trinity, but teleporting makes me dizzy!~

Renée: We'll walk there then -Angel flies beside and I walk off, singing Dancing in the Velvet Moon to myself-

Mark: Hmm, I wonder what's wrong...

Part 2

-Renée and Angel have arrived at a shrine near a waterfall and many chao are playing around it-

Trinity: You came...I sensed a dark energy here..

Renée: ....I can feel it as well..

(Back where Mark, Frost and Marcel are at)

Mark: Frost, do you feel that...?

Frost: ...Yeah, it feels cold all of a sudden, and this time it's not my aura.

-Dawn walks past Frost and Mark, not noticing them-

Dawn: Hm...where could that be coming from? -she flies in the direction Renée and Angel went-

Frost: Was that Dawn?

Mark: Yeah, she always jumps on me when she walks near me, something really strange is going on...

Dawn: -flies back- You guys follow me! -she flies off-

Mark: Ok! *grabs Frost and flies up with Marcel flying also*

(Memphis is seen running)

Memphis: Where the heck am i *looks around*... creepy barrier, never changing landscape... blood red sea *gasp* scratches the back of his head* what kind of school ground is this...

-Where Trinity and Renée are have changed into a rocky mountain with a black ruined temple-

Trinity: What the-?!

???: I hope you get used to this place, otherwise it wouldn't be any fun...-a purple beamm hits Renée-

Renée: Ah! -falls back- -thinks- Oh man....this can't be happening..

(Back where the 4 are at)

Mark: Hey guys?

Frost: Yeah?

Mark: Have you ever noticed that? *points at the mountain*

(Memphis heard screaming where on the mountians)

Memphis: Hmm what was that sounded like a girl?... I can't let a girl get hurt! *runs toward the scream at the mountain*

Part 3

(At the mountain)
Renée: -thinks- I need to get the rosary off...i can't get it off myself..

(Memphis comes running in)

Memphis: Who screamed here *in a battle stance his aura tails moving around wildly*

Renée: I..did -struggles to get up but ??? blasts me down again- Wah!

???: Don't think you are going anywhere...

Memphis:*looks around* Who would dare shoot a girl from the shadows *runs toward her*

(Back where the 4 are at)

Mark: That voice, it sounds familier.... *senses* It's Renée!

Marcel: Chao chao! -Lets go faster then!-

Frost: I would if I can fly.

Dawn: -grabs Frost- That any better? -she flies up and over to the mountain-

(Back to the fight)

Memphis: *Notices the rosario* what the heck is this...*pulls on it and breaks it off* oops sorry

???: You fool!

-a dark aura goes around Renée and her fur goes a silver-like colour, her eyes go red-

Inner Renée: Thank you, for releasing me at this time...-she glares at ???- As for you..

Memphis: whooaaaa *thinking: who is this girl... (looks at the rosario) a charm... (looks back at her)... Vampire?*

(Back to the 4)
Mark: Anyone know how farther till we're there?

Dawn: Here! -she flies down to where Inner Renée, Memphis and Vladitor are, she drops Frost-

Frost: Thanks

Inner Renée: So called Lord of Darkness?

Vladitor: Gr...shut up, you don't underestimate a demon...vampires like you are below the rank..

Memphis: *walks up to him*... I am a demon and you *looks at him* are nothing more than a mere ghoul

Mark: So did we missed something (?)

Dawn: -facepalm- Mark -.-

Vladitor: What?! Why you little...-he charges up a dark purple blast-

Inner Renée: I don't think so..-she jumps up, tackling Vladitor and the blast hits her- ...didn't think that through...-lands-

Memphis: You are one crazy gal... *Thinking: she is amazing!*

Mark: *fur turns blonde and eyes turn orange and shoots bolts at Vladitor*

Frost: *makes ice blades at arms and slashes Vladitor but misses and hits Mark*

Mark: *has a bleeding mark on chest* Ow! Watch it Frost!

Frost: Sorry. *sweatdrops*

Memphis:... *thinking: I can't fight i'll hurt people...*

Vladitor: -frowns- Stupid attempt at that...why I cou--Inner Renée teleports behind him and knocks him to the ground- Gah!

Frost: *dashes at Vladitor and side kicks him*

Memphis:*just watching them fight aggrevaited that he can't fight like them*

Vladitor: -fires a fire blast at Frost, then sends a water blast at Inner Renée-

Inner Renée: Urgh...-blue sparks go around me, the water paralyzing me-

Memphis:*gasps and then grabs Renee* Hey that's a cheap shot... *looks at Renee* You Ok?

Inner Renée: -frowns- I'm..fine....I just need the rosary back on..

Memphis: Uh right this thing *puts it back on*

Mark: ....

-Renée turns back to her original self and passes out-

Vladitor: ....You will learn not to interfere with anything -he charges up a blast at Memphis and Renée-

Mark: *blocks the attack but injured* Ughh, guess I just did learned!

Memphis: thanks i'll take her to cover i can't fight *runs with her*

Frost: Go quick! me and Mark can take it from here!

Memphis:*panting* This will do... *sets her down and sits down next to her* Man i'm useless *pouts*

Part 4

Trinity: -appears near Memphis- No you're not...actually, no one would actually be brave enough to face Vladitor, as he has the power to send people to the Doom Dimention.

Memphis:... But i can't fight... I hurt people... so I decided that I am going to be a weakling from now on... *looks down in sadness* I can't fight like everyone else can.

(Back at the fight)
Frost: So Mark, do you got the Luna emeralds?
Mark: *eyes widened* N-no...

Frost: Well i'm doomed, and you might live.

Vladitor: You really think you can beat me? ..You guys are just lucky I ran out of time -he teleports off-

Mark: Hey! Come back you creep!

Frost: Wait Mark, where is Dawn and Marcel?

Mark: ....Oh c***!

(Back with Trinity and Memphis)
Trinity: And? The other half of Renée also ends up hurting people when she fights, but that doesn't stop her..

Memphis:... at least she hurt people, *hesitates* i've killed people... I don't want to kill anymore... *looks at Renee* she looks so at peace *smiles* that's what i want, peace.

Trinity: Not really...her past has been trouble, she doesn't even remember most of it...

Memphis:*looks at Renee* How sad... *smiles* is their anything I can do for her?

Trinity: She's been feeling lonley, she doesn't have much friends because of....her other half...

Memphis:... I can relate...*frowns* back home where i'm from i lost a lot of friends when i became a demon..... *thinks about it* If it's a friend she needs, then it's a friend she has in me. *saying it with a renewed hope*

(Back where Mark and Frost are at)

Frost: Can you sense the 2?

Mark: I'll try *senses but nothing happened* *sighs* Nothing, this place is like a maze...

Dawn: There you are! -she hugs Mark, she's shaking slightly-

Marcel: Chao! -Thank god!-

Frost: ....Found them

Mark: Dawn, you ok?

(Back to Trinity and Memphis)

Trinity: -looks at Renée- Her arm got crushed, somehow...and I think she's waking up...

Renée: -eyes open- Huh? -looks around- Where am I? -flinches because my arm hurts-

Memphis: It's alright your safe... *looks at her arm* how did that happen *starts rummaging through his backpack*

Renée: -looks at Memphis- It's fine...I just need find Daw--ow..-holds arm-

Memphis: Stay still you *smiles* there's no need to rush... ah here it is *pulls out some towel and grabs some sticks* Here stay still. *makes a makeshift crutch for her.* by the way Memphis at your service *looking at his handiwork* how's it feel?

(Back with the 4)
Mark: Dawn, do you know where the others are?

Dawn: I think Memphis headed in the direction of the Mystic Blossom Tree...over here! -she flies up to the east-

Mark, Frost and Marcel: *follows*

(back to Renée and Memphis)
Renée: -blushes a bit- It's ok....-looks down- You wouldn't happen to know Mephiles the Dark?

Memphis: Yes he is my evil twin *does a comical evil laugh*... me and him arn't really on speaking terms... you want something to eat?

Trinity: -in Memphis' mind- She's a vampire, remember? -she frowns-

Renée: -sigh- Mephiles....well....he's killed me once...

Memphis:... I'm sorry that's why him and me really aren't the best brother's... I hate him for hurting people and worse yet hurting girls. *looks at her* Ok now i'm worried you look really weak rest *cuts himself on glass while looking through his bag* Ouch i forgot about that. *bleeding a bit*

Renée: -bites her lip and looks away- -thinks- Oh damn it...

Memphis:*remembering what Trinity said* ... Here your weak and vampires need blood right *hesitates a bit but closes in* you can take some of my blood.

(Where the 4 are at)
Frost: -thinks- This whole thing is shivering my spine...

Mark: How much farther?

Dawn: There! Hey Renée! -she runs up to me, accidently knocking Renée over-

Renée: Woah!

Trinity: Dawn, watch it..

Memphis: *catches Renee but it hurts his cut letting out more blood* Dam it! *sighs* I need a bandaid

Frost: I have some healing herbs, can that help?

Memphis: *shrugs* it's to small a cut to use such a thing just get me some bandaids from my bag there. *points to it*

Renée: -blushes again then teleports- -sounds nervous- Yeah you sort that out Frost..I just need to get away from here for a while untill the blood is gone...-walks over to a glittery pink cherry blossom tree-

Memphis: *comical blink* was it something i said?

Frost: I'll go get it *walks to the bag* -mutters- I have 20 herbs anyway >_>

Trinity: No, she just wants to get away while you're bleeding, she doesn't want to attack anyone...

Memphis:... oh *ears go down* ... *looks her way* she is still struggling with her instincts.... I'm the same

Part 5

-Renée sits under the cherry blossom tree-

Renée: -thinks- He's right, I do feel weak...but I don't hurt friends..

(At the group)

Marcel: Chao....Chao chao? -Ummm.... where's Angel and Satan?-

Angel: Chao! ~Here..~

Satan: Chao...~Me too~ -he's on Angel's head-

Marcel: Chao chao -Oh thank goodness- ^_^

(Memphis' bag is shaking)

Angel: Chao? (What?)

Trinity: ...-in Memphis' mind- You should go talk to her...I doubt she would even talk to me at this moment..

Marcel: Chao chao? -What about what?-

(Lil Memphy jumps out of the bag)

Lil Memphy: Chao chao chao chaaaoooooo -I'm here to save the daayyyyyyyy-

Marcel: CHAAOOO! Chao chao! -AHHHHH! Don't scare me like that!-

Lil Memphy:*looks around* Chao chao chao chao -what where's the action

Memphis: *nods goes to where Renee is and leans on the tree* what's on your mind?

Renée: -looks up at Memphis- I'm not a really good vampire....-sighs-

Memphis: *sits next her* And i'm not a really good demon, wanna trade *smiles*

Renée: -blushes a bit and smiles slightly, my ear twitches- ....

-Trinity tackles a black wolf out from the bushes-

Trinity: Wow you perverted stalker, stop stalking my sister! (Renée)

Mark: Seriously...

Memphis: Who is that?!

Trinity & Renée: Damon...

Damon: I wasn't stalking, I was just passing by..

Trinity: Yeah right (!) You are always around where Renée is!

Memphis:*Rolls his eyes* Creep...

Mark: ....

Damon: **** off Trinity! -he blasts her off, and he looks up at the sky-

Trinity: Ow...oh damn it..I forgot he was THAT type of wolf..

Frost: What type?

Memphis: *guarding Renee* ... you know some freaky people *smiles*

Mark: Whatever happens, i'm ready

Trinity: Arch-enemy of the vampire...

Renée: .....Werewolf...

Damon: -looks up at the full moon and changes into a werewolf- Heh, seems like we have some smart people here...

Memphis:... (Thinking: again i'm useless... how pathetic of me.)

Mark: *fur turns cyan and eyes turns sapphire* -thinks- Gotta be careful...

Damon teleports behind me and knocks me into another tree-

Renée: Wah!

Memphis: Renee!!!! what has she done to you!!?? *glaring at him*

Mark: *teleports behind Renée and catches her*

Memphis: (in his head. ???: Release me you know you want to protect the girl...) Noooo not again *cringes in pain*

Gold: *comes out of nowhere with Goldy* Hey Goldy! Lets see whats going on!


Memphis: (???: Let me out and i will obliterate them) Noooooooooooooooo *roaring in pain*

Goldy: Whats up with Memphis?
Gold: Dont know... So im not gonna do anything jst yet..


Renée: -teleports and tries to hit Damon, but he just knocks me into the water- !!

Damon: How pathetic..

Black: THEIR NEVER TAKIN MY EMREALD NEVER!!!!!!! *sprays Renee with watergun*

(An aura begins to envelope Memphis)

Memphis: *with one last painful breathe* Get Renee out of here I don't want her to see me like thisssss.

(The aura engulfs Memphis and Ragnorok appears)

Gold: *hears* I better do that! *to Renne* Dont go over here! You diont want to see this! QUICK RUN!

Ragnorok: (Roars, sending shockwaves breaking trees through merely that)

Trinity: -dives into the water and gets me out, then removes the rosary- Hope this works...

Renée transforms into Inner Renée-

Damon: About time you came...

Mark: ....*closes eyes*

Ragnorok: *charges up a Demon blast and fires it on all of them*

Gold: *blocks with Chaos Sheild* Whew..

Goldy: ACK! STUPID TINY SHELD! *gets hit*

Mark: *gets hit at the chest* Damn it!


Inner Renée: -makes a protective aura around everyone apart from Damon-

Mark: Where the hell did you came from Mason!?

Ragnorok: I WILL DESTROY ALL WHO GET IN MY WA.... *In head, Memphis: Nooo let me have my body back... I can't let Renee see me like this.*

Mason:band practice -.- the place U were supposed to be FIVE hours ago!

Mark: S*** is happening! No time!

Inner Renée: -looks to Ragnorok- A uncontrollable like what both me and Trinity have been protecting the other Renée from....-jumps up and tackles Damon-

Damon: -tries blasting me, but I hit him again and it hits Mason-

Ragnorok: *With Memphis voice: Reneeee knocckkk me oouuttt......*

Mark: Mason, you should leave before you do something stupid

Inner Renée: Hmph...-teleports behind Ragnorok- Know your place! (I love that quote!) -blasts him then spinkicks him-

Mason:-blasts him to and our attacks collidie-RENEE GET MARK OUTTA HERE!

Mark: *facepalm* Too late...

Ragnorok: *spins and collapses and the aura dissapates Memphis is horrible bruised and burned from the aura*

Part 6

Inner Renée: This was fun..-reattaches the rosary, turns back to normal and collapses, falling into the water-

Trinity: Holy ****!

(Memphis catches her and puts her safely on the ground)

Memphis:... good she's safe *falls unconscious*

Mark: *fur turns orange and eyes turn gold and warms Renée, drying the water*

Trinity: -makes a heal orb and throws it into Memphis-

???: He's mistaken! -a shadowed figure darts past Memphis, grabs Renée and teleports off-

Dawn: O.O Oh my God!

Mark: Damn it!

Frost: Today just isn't our day...

Memphis: *gets up and scratches his head* huh what happened?

Trinity: Son of a ****! Vladitor!

Memphis:... *growls and dashes off*

Frost: Him again?!

Trinity: -darts after Memphis- There's a possibility he's in the Shadow Temple, the black ruined temple where you met Renée..

(Memphis Running blazing through the forest towards the temple)

Memphis: *Ragnorok: What do you see in that girl?* Someone to care for... unlike you you'll never know the feeling!

(Rosario: I g2g -.- See you tomorrow guys! Know your place! ^^)

(Tails: Bye! D:)

(Memphis: We'll pick up later then... Bai bai *thumbs up*)

(Rosario: Hey! I'm back!)

(Tails: Cool!)

(Memphis made it to the temple and begins walking up the steps)

Memphis:(Ragnorok in head: What are you going to do to your opponent you can't fight let me use your body) ... I don't know what i'll do but i won't let Renee be harmed!

-In the temple-

Vladitor: You woken up yet, my princess?
Renée: What are you talking about? -is in chains on the wall- What the--?!

-top floor of temple-

Memphis:*looks around* Where is she... come on Renee give me something, anything so i can find you.

Vladitor: Hm..if you are the real one...-he gets a knife and cuts my arm-

Renée: Ah! -closes eyes-

Memphis: *heard a scream down stairs* ... a scream? *dashes downstairs*

Renée: -in Memphis' mind- Look for a door that has a red bat on, it's a dungeon, im in there..

Memphis: *stops and looks around* Renee???... that's all I need to know *begins dashing around the temple iin search for the door*

Renée: -gets hit by Vladitor again= Wah!
Vladitor: So I guess you are the one...heheh.

Memphis: *Feels a shot of pain as if he got hit* Wah... what was that?... eh never mind that... there!!! *sees a door marked with a red bat and dashes through it breaking it down*

-Memphis sees Renée chained up on the wall and bleeding badly-

Vladitor: About time you arrived..

Memphis: *shocked at the sight* RENEE!!! let her go NOW!!!

Vladitor: Not untill I find what I need...-he blasts me-

Renée: Wah! -eyes are a grey-ish colour and fur is pale-

(Memphis fells another blast of pain)

Memphis: Wahhh!!! what is this feeling?! *Ragnorok: Let me fight him...* Is this your doing Ragnorok?! *Ragnorok:No... I can't take this fun little damage you are receiving as my credit* (looks at Vladitor) Grahhh! *goes in for a strike*

Vladitor: -teleports and he makes an orb which goes black, he pushes it into me-

Renée: !! -falls unconsious-

Vladitor: Now then -he blasts Memphis-

Memphis:NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Ragnorok: How pathetic. here I can't have you dying on me just because you two are connected now!* (Memphis blocks the blast and is glowing yellow)

(Rosario: the rp just started and i g2g -.- see ya)

(Memphis: XD aw man and now the plots getting all good oh well see ya soon ^_^)

(Not far away, Mark and Frost are running...while arguing)

Frost: I told you going to the left was a bad idea!

Mark: Just shut up and keep look-! *Mark then see's the battle and eyes widened* -in a upset voice- Renée? no.....

Part 7

Renée: -in Mark's mind- I'll be fine...I just feel weaker then normal..

Mark: -to Renée- Thank god that your still alive....

Renée: -to Mark- Heh...only just...

Mark: -in Frost's mind- Frost, i'll distract Vladitor while you get Renée out of here.

Frost: -thinks- But he can't handle it all by himself.

Mark: -to Frost- Just do it!

Frost: -thinks- Ok ok jeez..

Vladitor: guys really think you can save Renée from her fate?

Mark: I don't think I can... *goes SSJ, fur turns gold and eyes go light blue* I know I can!

Renée: Mark....he's a.....vampire hunter...

Mark: -to Renée- So....Is that why he done this to you?

Renée: -To Mark- Yes...

Mark: -to Renée- Then he's going to pay!

Vladitor: Come on then..-he draws a sword-

Renée: Hey! That's one of mine!

Vladitor: you could have this..-he blasts me again-

Mark: *teleports to it by a second and reflects to a wall*

Memphis: *lying on the floor but gets up* Huh? what happened... did i get beat up?

Dawn: -flies in and hits Vladitor-

Vladitor: Gah! Stupid fox..-he knocks her to the side, making her bleed-

Renée: Dawn! -rosary glows as a dark aura rushes into me, I turn into Inner Renée even when the rosary is still on-

Memphis: *Ragnorok: It's your turn kid...* Huh? (a yellow aura cover's Memphis, Brilliant Memphis has appeared) ... Why are you doing this?... whatever... Vladitor!!! *dashes up to him in high speeds*

Vladitor: -tries blasting Memphis-

File:Janne Da Arc / curse
Inner Renée: -breaks from the chains and darts over to Dawn-

Memphis: *Dodges it with ease* Your going to have to do better than that! *does a mach punch to him*&nbsp

Vladitor: Gah!

Inner Renée: -teleports Dawn, then fires an ice shard at Vladitor-

Vladitor: Yuki-Vampire...(Snow Vampire :P)

Memphis: *fires a corrupted bullet* I didn't know i could do that!?... *Begins dashing around Vladitor in circles*

Frost: I'll go get the Luna emerald *darts off* -thinks- I hope nothing bad happens...

Mark: *charges a energy ball and fires at Vladitor*

{Wilfre} I was watching everything, I jumped down, to join the battle. I went to the side as i watched them upclose.

Vladitor: ....-sets a fire in the nearby corner where I am-

Inner Renée: We need to get out...I can't stand this heat.. Memphis: *growls* Cheater... let's go now *looks at Wilfre* you to kid!

Mason:ummmm hey -punches Vladitor-he he

{Wilfre} I sighed, I guess i'd have to go with these guys and girls. I Ran to memphis, trying to catch up now.

Memphis:*stops* You guys go ahead... I'll hold him back *dashes back to Vladitor*

Mark: *flies off* Let's go!!

{Wilfre} I said nothing, but i was'nt a coward. I ran after him.

Memphis: *staring down Vladitor now* I'll never forgive you for hurting Renee.

{Wilfre} I managed to catch up with him. "Heh."

Memphis:*notices him and smiles* You got guts kid... what's your name?

Mason:-hotwires a bus and grabs inner renee and throws her in-

{Wilfre} "Wilfre." I replied to him.

Memphis:*looks back at Vladitor* Well Wilfre I don't know how much longer i'm in this form but if it goes south you run got it!?

Vladitor: Not so fast! -he teleports me back and makes a circle of fire around me, blasts both Memphis and Mason then teleports off-

Inner Renée: !!

Memphis: Cheap **** , *dashes in giving him two mach punches*

Mark: *waves arm at the fire making a strong force of wind, getting rid of the fire*

{Wilfre} "I would if i was in a outnumbered situation, but okay." I said, summoning a shield in the middle of Memphis, and Vladitor, after the punches.

Mason:- bleeding alot from the blast-

Mark: *runs up to Inner Renée* You ok?

Mason:ugh well Atleast hes gone (Have we had one chapter without a fight?)

Inner Renée: Yes -turns normal from the heat-

Renée: Let's get out of here quickly..

Memphis: *walking back to the group going back to normal and coughs out blood* ...

Mark: Let's go!

{Wilfre} I crossed my arms, walking toward's them. "I'm leaving."

Memphis:... *walking wobbly* ... I think it was to much for my body *trips* S***

Mark: *uses telekinesis to keep Memphis in balance* Better?

Memphis:*smiles* yeah... thanks *continues to walk with them*

{Wilfre} I sighed once again. I started to walk away. (You guys might need to convince him. <_>)

Memphis: *looks at Wilfre* Hey kid... you did good out there... we could use someone like you helping out.

Mark: Yeah, great fighting

Mason:lets leave -gets in Bus-(NEW chapter plz)

Mark: Where did you get the bus anyway, sister kisser?

Wilfre} ". . . First thing: Stop calling me kid. I dont like it." "Second: If you allow me to join your group, Will my past kick me out of it?"

Memphis:*shrugs* Ok whatever... and no it won't all that matter's is how you act in your future...

{Wilfre} "Okay then. Ill join"

NEW PARTY MEMBER ADDED! WILFRE THE FOX! (For the luls. ~Wilfre~ 20:15, September 12, 2010 (UTC))

Part 8

Renée: -seems troubled- I'll go the long way..-opens the dungeon door and walks up the staircase-

Memphis:... i'll come with... *follows*

Mark: Ditto, I don't feel safe with Mason >_>

Wilfre: Same. *following memphis*

with Maon whose Looking for jessica

Mason:weres jessica

Memphis: *notices the people with them* Jeez Renee looks like you got bodyguards *smiles*

Mark: *roll eyes*

Mason:-spots Jessica-Jessica hia!^.^ (lol they're trying to keep they're relashtionship a secert)

(Tails: Jessica isn't in this Rp)

Wilfre: I'm not exacly a bodyguard. I'm just more safe with other people in the group since they're stronger then me.

Mark: I just like being around with friends that I trust

Memphis:*laughs* that's a nice thought since i'm such a weakling *scratches the back of his head* I can't fight for jack.

Mark: You won't know if you don't try

Mason:-sighs and goes by the the river with a waterfall- Renée: I don't mind...-reaches the exit and gasps- It's snowing! -Dawn throws a snowball at Mark-

Mark: Ah, hey!

Wilfre: Your not much of a weakling. I've seen you fight. *Walks outside, and lays on the snow.*

Mason:-pelts Reneew ith Snowball and laughs-

Memphis: *looks at them sadly* that was not my power... *thinking: I have tried fighting and almost hurt you guys... so no thanks, I can't fight... not with borrowed power...*

Wilfre: *Sits on a tree branch*

Renée: Owch..-makes 30 snowballs with telekenetic and fires them all at Mason-

Mark: *fur turns cyan and joins in*

Memphis: Goes off on his own *pouting* Square one again... and just as useless as ever *throws ice at the lake*

Wilfre: *Jump's off branch, and walks to Memphis* Memphis, Shut up. Your not useless.

Memphis: *looks at him* Sure... I know i have a job *looks at Renee* but I don't know how to accomplish it... I'm sorry you don't know what i'm talking about... besides what you saw back there me fighting... that wasn't me. *looks back to the lake*

Mason:Hits Dawn with Snowball-

Wilfre: Just try and have hope. Thats all i can say. I know what your trying to accomplish, Memphis.

Memphis: *smiles* thanks... i'll try to keep that in mind. *thinking: I will fight to protect you with my own power Renee... soon i promise.*

Renée: -Sings Snow Storm to self quietly near the water-

Memphis: *listening* ... *smiles to himself* beautiful.

Mark: *walks to Memphis* I know, I always smile and listen to her singing all the time

Frost: *comes back with a bag of the Luna emeralds* Hey guys, i'm back

Wilfre: -Jumps in the waterfall quickly, making shield's in the water. I managed to make a small container, So i can sit in private* *The shields remove the water in the inside, and lets air in from above*

Memphis:*takes out a guitar and starts finding the notes to the song Renee is singing*

Mason:mark band pactice i gotta new song

Mark: Maybe later where there isn't trouble...

Wilfre: -Snoozing in the shield container-

Memphis: *sits next to Renee* Care for an instrument for that beautiful song?...

Renée: -blushes- You heard?

Memphis: *nods* Yeah... let's give it a whirl *smiles and then begins playing the notes*

Wilfre: *Mumbling in the water in the shield container* Darkness won't rein light will....

Mizore complete snowstorm song

Mizore complete snowstorm song

The duet beteen Renee and Memphis

Wilfre: *Wakes up after that one snooze* *Get's waterproof ipod out of his pocket of his pant's, then listens to:
Owl City - On The Wing

Owl City - On The Wing

On the wing by owl city*

Renée: -blushes again and sings Snow Storm with the music- (and I g2g -.- school in the morning)

Mark: *sighs and frowns* -thinks- Looks like she's happy with him.... *walks away* (Bye T_T)

Memphis: *happy that he is able to share a moment with her* That was great *smiles* you got a beautiful voice. (Bai Bai ^_^ *does a thumbs up*)

(Rosario: I am back!)

Renée: -sits down and puts head on my knees-

Frost: Hey, are you ok?

Renée: A horrible memory just came back to me...

Frost: Oh

(Memphis notices Renee sad)

Memphis:... guess my playing didn't do a thing

(all of a sudden Memphis is tackled to the floor by a girl)

Kuru: Yah-hoo-ho I found you Memphis!!!

Memphis: Can't breathe.... get off Kuru.

Kuru: No i like it like this!

Frost: Hey, people need privacy

Renée: ....-looks up and frowns, gets up and walks off-

Trinity: Jealousy Renée...

Memphis: See what you did *takes Kuru off*

Kuru: *thinking: yah-hoo-ho it worked*

(Somewhere at a tree)

Mark: Why do I live here? No one cares for me and no one will want to live with me, if I stay here, i'll never have a family....

???: it's all that Memphis fault... get rid of him and all your problems will disappear!

Dawn: I care for you Mark....alot..

Mark: It's really different Dawn, you're younger then me...

Dawn: So? I still like you..

Mark: How can I marry a person who is 6 or more years younger then me?

Dawn: o.o -she gets nervous- You kinda skipped ahead abit...

Mark: Sorry...

Dawn: -Embarrased- It's's just that you're the only boy who understands me....

Mark: Dawn, I can't date you cause....

Dawn: Your father?

Mark: No...not him...

Dawn: Then what?

Mark: It's....because....I like someone else.... (Sorry, it is growing!! DX)

Dawn: Oh...(Holy christ tails >.<)

Mark: Sorry Dawn... (I said i'm sorry T_T)

Dawn: I-I-I-It's ok -covers her face to not show she's crying-

Mark: Dawn listen to me, you are a sweet, kind and smart girl, i'm sure you'll find someone

(Back with Renée and Trinity)

Trinity: ....You can't go and find'll get killed....besides, getting revenge on Mephiles won't bring your parents back..

Renée: What do you know?! -blasts Trinity back-

(With Kuru and memphis)

Kuru: *thinks:Chance* Hey Memphis we're all alone... how bout we get comfortable *tries to kiss Memphis*

Memphis:*get's up* I have to find Renee... *walks off while Kuru kisses a tree*

Kuru:*thinks: Grr damn you Renee... i'll get him yet*

Trinity: Memphis....Renée's crying, she went off to find Mephiles (You do Mephiles if you can Memphis, I'm **** at acting him >.<)

Memphis: *gasps* Nooo! *runs after her*

Kuru: Hey!!! wait up for me *flies after him* (Sure no prob but i gatta run right now Darn it T_T)

Renée: -sits on a tree branch and sings Yafu Nano Ni to self-
Kurono Kurumu Singing ~ Yafu Yafu Nano Ni HD

Kurono Kurumu Singing ~ Yafu Yafu Nano Ni HD

The song Renee sings

(Shes sees Memphis dash past her)

(Kuru lands on a branch on top of her)

Kuru: You know that song sounds better when i sing it Re-e-nee.

Renée: For once, I agree with you...what do you want anyway?

Kuru: Wow was that a compliment from the yuki-vampire and anyways Memphis is going crazy to try to find you... your lucky you know? *rests her head on her hand*

(Memphis is seen looking around like a moron)

Memphis: Renee!!! where are you!!?? *Thinking: I can't have her fighting my brother... i can't deal with another death caused by our bloodline*

Renée: Why is he? I don't deserve him...-jumps onto the next nearby tree then the next- -thinks- Where is Mephiles?

Kuru: *follows by flying behind her* I could lie to you right now and say your right... but like i say i'd be lying... I think your a good match for him... but it doesn't mean i won't try to get him first *smiles*

Memphis:... (senses the Dna)... Damn it he can't be here *looks around*

Mephiles: *comes out of Memphis shadow* Hello brother *slumps down*

Renée: ...-jumps onto the next tree- I'd probably be dead after a few minutes I find Mephiles, so you should use this time for yourself....(When Renée goes into a cave, the entrance will be blocked, might be a good time for Mephiles to strike lol)

Memphiles: Excuse me brother *fazing out* I have business to attend to *fazes out*

Memphis: What? S*** RENEE! *Dashes off*

Mephiles:*appears in front of Renee* Hello girl *looks at her with his soullsee eyes* (Never said how the entrance would be blocked XD)

Renée: Mephiles..I've been looking for you...

Mephiles: Ohhh... you remember me *slowly walks toward her* then you know I am here to finish the job.

Renée: -frowns- We'll see -fires ice shards at Mephiles-

Brook: -appears out of nowhere- Sorry I'm late! -grins kinda embarassly-

Mephiles: going down swinging huh girl?... *takes the hits but is unfazed and raises his hand*

Renée: ..... -telepathic to Brook- Take off the rosary on my necklace..

Mephiles: No you won't get the chance... *pins Brook on the wall with a Chaos lance*

(Memphis senses the Dna)

Memphis: In there... *runs towards the fight* No it's started,

Wilfre: -Gets out of the container and the lake- What the heck's happening, where is everyone?

(Back to the fight)

Mephiles: As for you girl *raises his hand and fires a chaos lance at her*

Memphis: Nooooo *jumps in front of it and takes the shot to the chest*... Uwah *coughs out blood*

Brook: -frowns- Can I go through one day without a battle?

Renée: Memphis! -closes eyes and the rosary fills with dark energy, turning me to Inner Renée with the rosary still on-

Wilfre: -Followed memphis until he seen him get hit- DANG IT!

Memphis:... (Ragnorok: Touch her rosario boy)... *staggers to Renee* ...

Mephiles: *amused at the site of his brother finally dying* let's see what surprise you have now...

Kuru: *see's Memphis bleeding to death* Nooo Memphis *looks at Mephiles* you Ba****** *rushes at him*

Wilfre: -Creates a shield and tries to heal Memphis and Try's to protect renee at the same time- UGH!

Inner Renée: -thinks- I only have limited power with the rosary on..

Memphis:... Rennnee... *touches the Rosario and a yellow aura fills it after that he falls unconscious in front of her*

Mephiles:... hmm about time you died now then it is your turn girl.

Kuru: *stops and runs to Memphis* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! he's not breathing *begins to tear up*

Inner Renée: Kuru....get somewhere safe....-draws a sword with a black blade- This sword, Rebellion, destroys all dark beings and demons alike..-thinks- I'd better be careful, it can kill me as well..

Ragnorok: *in renee's mind you better be... you got another passenger now... and I have choosen to lend you my power for now*

Kuru:*wipes her eyes* Right *picks up Memphis body and flies off to a distance*

Wilfre: Well, Im staying. -Eyes glow blue-

Mephiles: What do you fight for girl... Revenge? anger?... let me feed on those negative emotions, let me relish it. *transforms to fighting mode*

Wilfre: Hah. -Unleashes barrage of kicks at mephiles, or tries to.-

Inner Renée: -frowns and a dark red aura goes around me, Rebellion's blade goes pitch black-

Bat: This battle is going to be a big one...I wonder who will win~chu (XD Sorry had to do that)

Mephiles The Dark's Theme ~ Remixed

Mephiles The Dark's Theme ~ Remixed

The battle begins and the death of a friend pushes them on

Mephiles: *Shrugs it off* How pathetic

Wilfre: 'How pathetic' -Mimicked- -Jumps up, and tries to hit him with energy balls-

Inner Renée: Dark Surge Attack! -Rebellion crackles with dark lightning and I hit Mephiles from behind- (I listen to Requiem For A Dream for epic battles)

(Mephiles takes both hits and then dissapears into the floor)

Mephiles:*his voice all around* Do you hate me for killing your family, destroying your past... and for killing your new found... friend hahahaha... love is such a pathetic crutch.

Wilfre: -Fur turns dark- Really? such a pity to be fighting you. -Face dissapears, and becomes pure black-

Ragnorok:*renee's mind: listen to the changing of your surrondings that is how Memphis always found him*

Inner Renée: ....-looks around-

Bat: Mephiles uses this ability to surprize his enemies (XD have Mephiles blast the bat for giving out too much info)

(Mephiles fires a dark lance at the bat)

Mephiles:stupid bat...

Ragnorok:*There renee... here take this and finish him... Memphis is fading...*(A yellow aura cover's Renee)

Wilfre: -Shields renee just in case something backfires-

Bat: -burned and smoking- -cough- And that was an example of what happens if you annoy him -it coughs again and falls- (XD nice one)

Inner Renée: -thinks- Huh?

(the two see a small change in the enviroment a small rip of darkness moving around)

(Memphis: I have to go but i have an epic final in store for this battle so later )

(Mark and Frost comes in)

Mark: Sorry that we're late

Frost:So Mephiles is back huh? (Sorry. Mark has found someone else while playing Sonictopia)

Part 9

Mephiles:*voice heard from everywhere* you are a sad bunch, killing you all would not bring you the satisfaction as it would the girl.

Frost: Show your self you souless freak!

Mephiles:*laughing everywhere* And to think all I had to find your group is home on that Foxes anger towards my dead brother.

Mark: Hmm?

Mephiles:*same deal* Your negative emotions were nourishing and I did you the favor you wanted I got him out of the way for you... something you failed to do.

Mark: *fur turns orange and eyes turn gold*

Wilfre: -Slices the rocks around him were he heard mephiles-

Mephiles: *need it be said anymore* close one boy... *appears out of Mark's shadow* but I don't sense that hatred anymore... you have become a dull blade...

Thunder is heard and it starts raining-

Inner Renée: -thinks- Oh damn...this isn't good...water is one of my weaknesses.

Mark: *blasts Mephiles*

Wilfre: Heh...Heheheheh...*Summons a shield above Renee, Absorbing the rain to give her a bit of power.*

Inner Renée: Thanks Wilfre...

Wilfre: .....N-no.....P-problem.

Mark: .... *sighs*

Mephiles: *gets back up* what a weak shot is that all you had?

Ragnorok:*Renees mind: what are you doing idiotic girl the aura will protect you against the rain strike him while he is taunting*

Wilfre: *Trys to pin mephiles to the ground for her to strike*

Inner Renée: -thinks- Watch that atitude, remember who you are talking to...-teleports and blasts Mephiles-

Mephiles: Gah *knocked back* this power ... what is it?

Wilfre: -Kicks mephiles up to the air for her to strike again-

Mark: *makes 2 fire balls and forms it to a big version*

Memphis: Gah *being knocked around by their teamwork* this isn't possible!?

Inner Renée: Heh...-Rosary glows- .....

Wilfre: CODE BREAKER! -Kicks mephiles multiple times, then moves out of the way for renee-

Mephiles:*trying to fire a dark lance* I won't go out like this...

Wilfre: -Gets hit in the arm- AGH!

Mark: Damn it, why is it taking long for this to charge...?

Inner Renée: -thinks- I need to change back....I'm pushing myself against the seal too much..

Ragnorok:(Renee: one good hit is all that is left combine me with Mark's attack and make it fast)

Mark: *fire ball finished charging*

Inner Renée: -thinks- I can't go against the seal any longer....

Mark: -thinks- I think someone should do a combo with my attack

Ragnorok:*(renee: Go back to normal i'll finish it from here) *the yellow aura leaks out and enters Marks fireball*

Mark: -Thinks- Ready!

Inner Renée: -telepathic to Ragnorok- I can't...I'm most likely to pass out if I do...

Mark: -thinks- Fire! *blasts Mephiles* (Pun XD)

Inner Renée: -thinks- But if I stay like this, I'll hurt myself (XD nice one tails)

Ragnorok: *though the flames*... this is where you go away!

Mephiles: Nooooo! *a huge explosion occurs and the aura goes back into Renee's rosario.*

Inner Renée: -thinks- Huh? Why did..

Ragnorok(Renee: that took more out of me than i would have liked...)

(The smoke clears and Mephiles is seen fazing out)

Mephiles:... *clearly annoyed* You all will pay soon... I will make sure of it... at least i can relish in the fact... that i killed my brother! *laughing maniacally and fazes out into nothingness*

Mark: *reverts back* Insane freak...

Bat: *still burned* the battle took... A long time~chu (>_< had to do it)

Inner Renée: At least he's gone...-holds arm, thinks- I've pushed my limit against the seal...-flinches in pain- (Don't blame you lol)

Ragnorok:(Renee: Hey girl you better get a move on and find Kuru and my host... that means NOW!)

Inner Renée: -to Ragnorok- Urgh..I think I see what he has to put up with, you're so annoying...

Ragnorok:(Renee: at least with him i could take him over... but anyways get MOVING!) (Jeez he is demanding I hate a character i made oh boy -_-")

Frost: You should revert Renée

Inner Renée: I wish I could Frost, if I did, I would pass out, and a certain 'someone' is being a bit demanding so I'm pushing my limit to shut him up..

(Kuru comes flying in but she is weak)

Kuru:*panting* Memphis is dead... I gave him all the reserve energy i had but it didn't work *her eyes are red from tears*

Ragnorok:(Renee: he isn't dead... he is alive but just barely. he is in a comatose state.)

Inner Renée: Kuru, take me to where you were with him -thinks- Thank you for telling me, but don't bother bugging me if I stop, you're pushing me, so it's your fault if I pass out..

Kuru: allright follow me guys...

Ragnorok:(Renee: I can see why he cares for you... but i hope you are ready for what you are about to come in contact with.)

Mark: ...

Inner Renée: ...-follows Kuru-

Kuru: Here we are *in a clearing Memphis is seen laying on the floor his wound closed up*

Ragnorok:(Renee: his wound has healed... from the girls energy but it is not enough to sustain him... I need to reenter, but I alone no longer possess the strength to bring him back that is why i need you to come with me into his subconcious and force him awake with our combined power... or is that to much an ordeal for a yuki-vampire?)

Inner Renée: -thinks- It's fine for me....but I'm worried about the effect it would have on my other self..

Ragnorok:(Renee:She will be fine since she will be the one entering with me... Memphis appears to respond more to her than you at this moment... this will break your time limit rule until she return's into your rosario...)

(I have to head out now be back in 20 min)

Inner Renée: -thinks- I'm not surprized actually...

Mark: So what can we do?

Ragnorok:(Renee: mark can come with us... he must see the events that can unfold with hatred in ones heart)

Mark: -to Ragnorok- Ok then

Ragnorok(Mark: Memphis thinks highly of you now let's see if his opinion is the right one. let us go hold Renee's Rosario and we shall depart to the realm of his subconcious)

Mark: *nods*

(Mark faints and the Rosario dims)

(inside Memphis Subconscious)

Mark: So this is his subconcious?
(Ragnorok is a ball of light in this realm)

Ragnorok: yes... but he is deeper still we must navigate through his memories to find the spirit of his present mind.

Renée: My other self is better at this sort of things...

Mark: Lets get walking then

(They see a child like Memphis run by him being chased by other kids)

Kid Memphis: Hahaha you can't catch me i'm to fast!

Kid: Hahaha no fair your to fast!

(Back where they're at)
Mark: This must be his childhood

Ragnorok: Yes he was a carefree child... but he was always different from the rest of his friends...

Kid: I can't get that apple *tries jumping it's to high*

Kid Memphis: ooh... *jumps up with ease to the highest branch* Here ya go *smiles*

Kid: thanks Memphis

Kid Memphis: No problem hahahaha *laugh fades as they walk on*

Renée: -looks down and thinks- I'm not too comfortable seeing this...after....what happened in my past..

Ragnorok:I know what you are thinking Renee... Bare with me if you truly want to help Memphis.

(walking on)

Ragnorok: He soon discovered he was gifted with extrodinary power's taking down whatever threat came to his home... He had a blood line which allowed him to do this.

Mob boss: just what the heck are you!

Kid Memphis: I'm not a what I'm Memphis, Memphis the Light

Renée: -sighs and puts head in hands-

Ragnorok: But after his bloodline was discovered ...well

(Kid Memphis is seen in the center of kids crying)

Kids: Freak, freak, freak *continue chanting it*

Kid Memphis: *sobbing* But i thought we were friends

Kids: *continue chanting freak*

Kid Memphis: *gets up angered* Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!! *A bright light occurs and flames are seen the kids are gone but the chant continues, Memphis is not seen but a silouite of a form of a creature is seen and it walks away into the flames*

Ragnorok: that is when i was born to keep his monsterous insticts in check... but i fell victim to it as well and became a thing of hatred for Memphis.

Renée: -listening while fiddling with my rosary-

Mark: What a sad story....

Ragnorok: He need help to move on... and look at that we found him...

(They see a kid Memphis crying sitting in the middle of a room with all the Memories circling around the room*

Ragnorok: Go and bring him back... and be ready for a fight with what he really is...

Renée: -thinks- I can't fight...

Ragnorok: Nonsense your a yuki-vampire... besides i'll back you up and mark should also... now go... we have no time to waste he is fading fast.

Renée: -Thinks- That's not me fighting though....

Ragnorok:... it is unwise of me but... do you want to swap out with your other self...

Renée: ....If swapping with my other self causes trouble..then no.....I'll try it (>.> one of my friends want Renee to just be based off Moka, since Lillith/Trinity is based off her sister >.>)

Ragnorok:... Oh well i did something stupid then *inner Renée appears next to outer Renée, seperate beings gasp* oops... oh well get moving no time to fix my mistake (-_-" it is your choice in the matter she is your character after all)

Mark: Are you okay, Renee?

Renée: It's fine..-rosary glows and Inner Renée disappears, switching with me-

Inner Renée: Let's just do this..

Kid Memphis: *stops crying and looks up* are you going to play with me?(

(aand i g2g >.> Can you edit Renee so she's like moka plz? It would be great help if you did)

(Not a prob i'll edit her to moka version just change what you don't like and Bai bai )

(Tails: G'night Rosario)

Wilfre: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!! -Destroys a large rock nearby him in a matter of seconds, And dissapears-

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