An RP where Blood sends letters to random people to go on a road trip to annoy the heck out of whoever they find.




The people who got the invitation to go on the road trip or are picked up along the way - also called the In-Dangers. Add your character here if you DARE!

BloodSonic1 - (played by BloodSonic1)

Will the Echidna - (played by FF212)

Kyle the Hedgehog - (Played by Vamp)

Flab the Demonhog - (Played by RandomFlab 2)

Jeff - (played by Major Disaster 11:52, May 4, 2010 (UTC))

The Annoyed

People met along the way. Add your characters if you feel like having a joke! Or just killing people for being stupid towards you. Whatever your reason.


"Dear Jeff, Will, Kyle and Flab.

You've been invited to join the Road Trip of Annoying People, also called the Drive of Death.


From Blood."

Well? Do they? LETS FIND OUT!

Part 1: Setting Out

Blood: *standing in front of a big jeep looking at his watch* Man, where is everyone??

  • Flab then appears out of nowhere*

Flab: HERE I AM!

(Will appears seconds later on his motorbike)

Will: You called, Blood?

Flab: Dammit Will! You said that if we raced, we can't use our motorbikes (Flab is pouting)

Will: Not me. I think that was Jeff. I wasn't racing. I had know....say goodbye to I'm sure Blood had to with Jaime, and Vic would have with.....whoever his current girl is. Good thing he isn't coming. I'm the echidna in this group, not him (Will laughs, revving the bike) I'm bringing this, more room for Jeff, Shadella and whoever or whatever else he brings.

(Flab stops pouting)

Flab: Meh, i can't blame you for saying good-bye to Maddy. I said good-bye to Yuji as well but she didn't take it well (Flab rubs his leg). Anyway I'll be running instead of going in the jeep, i need to start working off all this ham i ate in the contest last night.

Will: What did she DO to you...actually, no, I don't want to know.

Flab: Well too bad your gonna know! She held on too my leg and cried "Please! Please don't go!"

Will: Oh...I was thinking something worse...sorry bout that. (Will shuts down the motorcycle, taking off his helmet and swinging off the bike)

Flab: NO problem

(Will straightened out, standing beside his bike)

Will: So, Blood, where too first?

(but just before blood can say anything he nearly gets run over by Jeff)

Jeff: Lucky you moved out of the way blood or i would have had to wash the blood of my car again (get it? cuz blood would be all over the car aww screw you guys) so what $h!t hole of a place are we going to?

Will: Nice to see you, Jeff. You bringing anyone with you, or do you plan to pick up people in each town. I mean, I know Shadella doesn't care, but... (Will snorts at Jeff's car) I'm still waiting for my car to finish final refits with Ronan, but my motorbike's good enough.

Jeff: Because you my friend ill over look the fact you snorted at my car and not kill you but yea it good to be back and i have just finished something i have been working on for about 6 years now its the only one of its kind and only i can use it without some sort of painful death want to see it?

Will: Sure, I'll see it.

Jeff: Just remember never to touch it (Jeff pulls out of his pocket a elemental emerald but black in colour) what is it you might be thinking well Will it is a elemantal emerald that i have made by colleting negative energy for 6 years and puting it into this emerald tha i made turning it into THE DEATH EMERALD!

Blood: ok, now, shut up and listen to me. We still have Kyle to wait for (or a reply saying 'no'), so lets get going. Even though that makes no sense, Lets just go. SCREW Kyle. Unless he shows up after i finish my sentence.

Jeff: What are we ment to just leave our cars here or something?

(In a flash of Chaos Energy, Kyle the Hedgehog appears.)

Kyle: Got the message. Let's do this!

Will: Sweet! Jeff, that is AWESOME. I hope Comet doesn't mistake it for an elemental emerald and try to take it. Come on, guys, let's get going! (Will swings back onto his motorbike, putting his helmet on and starting the bike up.

Flab: yeah letsa go!

Kyle: I bought my rocket launcher!

Flab: ?????, Meh i don't need to ask. Just wait a minute. (flab dissapears down the road and reappers with his motorbike) Ican't be stuffed running where we are going.

Will: You could have ridden with Blood or Jeff...

Kyle: Aaaaaaaaaand I don't have a car.

Will: Ride with Blood or Jeff.

Flab: don't worry kyle you can ride in my (flab dissapears down the road and reappers with a trailor) TRAILOR! XD

Kyle: Gimme a minute, I'll find a car... (vanishes)

Blood: *jumps into jeep and turns on the engine* Three.... Two.... One....

Will: ROAD TRIP!!!


Blood: *plays "Keep On Rolling" by Limp Bizkit as he drives off*

Flab: so where are we heading?

Blood: *drives with his feet as he opens a map* Hmm.... Well, we're heading west to this city or something..... Basically we're just driving around the world randomly.

Flab: SSHHHHH! don't say that word ..... she might hear you ..........

Will: Who?

(Kyle reappears in a really really really high-tech version of what looks like a cross between the Batmobiles from The Batman, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, and a Ferrari.)

Kyle: Yeah, who?

Flab: if you really want to know *gulp* say the word (flab thinks to himself that his plan is working)

Kyle: Which word?

Blood: *still reading map and driving with feet* "The word"?

Flab: meh doesn't matter

Will: Ham? Please? Flying Fish? Yuji? I DON'T KNOW!

Blood: OK, just stop. Heh... hey Kyle!

Flab: ROMLOL (rolling on motorbike laughing out loud)

Blood: Hey, Kyle! Guess what!

Kyle: Whaddya want from me? XD (listening to iPod with one ear)

Blood: Divide ur IPod by zero.

Kyle: I don't get it.

Blood: It should create a similar effect to asking FLab what 1 plus 1 is - total head explosion.

Will: Or what happens when you saw Vic and Jaime in bed together...oops.

Kyle: ...still don't get it.

Blood: Don't you know ANYTHING about internet memes?

Will: Hey, Flab! DerpShark attacked Vince!

Flab : *peter griffin style laugh* aww thats so rich..... but stop lying ..... vince was killed by another commercialist ..... what was his name now (flab thinks that his plan is about to work)

Kyle: I know a fair bit 'bout them, but never heard that one.

Blood: *sigh* Billy Mays, Flab. Billy Mays.

Will (thinking): Blood obviously didn't hear me before...good.

Flab: MWA HA HA my plan has worked XD

Kyle: So, the point of this is to annoy people?

Blood: Actually, i did, Will. And yes, I can read minds. Kyle,, and yes, we are just annoying people. Flab, your too dumb to have a plan

Kyle: Who wants MOOZIX?

Blood: As long as its not youtube. I cant go on it. Block.

Will: K, I don't care. If we aim to annoy people, get that-

Blood: TACO!!!!!!

(Yuji appears in Flab's trailor)

Yuji: hey all!

Flab: hey sweety (Flab kisses yuji) my plan worked!

Yuji: tehehe (blushes) i guess i have no choice but to stay

Kyle: MOOZIX! (starts playing "Second Chance" by Shine Down at full volume)

Will: HEY! You cut me off! Seriously!

Blood: Explanation later. For now, shut up about Vikus.... *dark look* Now, ONTO ANNOYING PEOPLE!!!!!!

Kyle: MOOHAHA! Hang on a moment...

Yuji: YAY!


Blood: Yeah! LETS GET IT OOONNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( Jeff's phone rings)

Jeff: hello? (phone talk) your talking to him (phone talk) when and how do you want it done? (phone talk) ok ill sent you the bill when its done

( Jeff hangs up)

Jeff: Ok so what are we talking about?

Will: You guys are all nuts. (Will throttles his motorbike up, racing off into the distance, before suddenly disappearing, leaving a flaming trail behind his bike)

(Jeff gets a sniper rifle out of the boot of his car and aims at Will's head but before he can fire Flab stops him)

Jeff: Flab why you do that for?

Blood: Hey, look! A city! And our first stop! i need gas and food. WHOS HUNGRY??? Also, did he just time travel?????

Part 2: The First stop

(Everyone has parked at a gas station and Blood is filling up his jeep.)

Kyle: ...this car sucketh. (vanishes, and reappears in a convertible version of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight) Much better!

Blood: Meh. Wow, still going? I think i forgot to fill up before we left....

Jeff: gas is a waste of money my car is fueled by hate anger and evil and im full of all three

Yuji and Flab: FOOD!!!!! (they enter the closest all you can eat place)

Flab: *sticks his head out a window* back in 10 monutes!

Blood: IM SO THERE!!! *leaves the gas pump and goes in as well, but comes out soon* Dammit, I was too slow.

Jeff: Here blood catch (Jeff throws blood some food and cans of beer) dig in

Kyle: Imma gonna go find me a fast food place. Dun wait for me, kay? (vanishes)

(Yuji and Flab roll out the front door)

Flab: that was quicker than i thought

(Flab and Yuji burp and are back to normal)

Yuji and Flab: MUCH BETTER!

Yuji: i'm still hungry ..... Flab?

Flab: i gots it covered

(flab pulls out his bottomless fridge)

Flab: yes!

Yuji: i love you (yuji dives into fridge)

Flab: wait up! if anyone wants a feast, come on in! (Flab jumps in)

Blood: Aw, sweet! *jumps in as well* GERONIMOOOOOO!!!!!


(Will reappears, an ultra massive smile on his face)

(Jeff see Will's smile)

Jeff: so Will do or see anything dirty?

Blood: Whatchu smiling about??

(flab sticks his head out of the fridge) NEVER JEFF!!!!!

(as Flab re enters fridge, seizure-like colours appear and you see Yuji diving into the river and Blood standing in aaw)

Flab: man, my 'everything in the fridge is food' invention never gets old


Blood: i thought MEPHILES was his dad....

Jeff: He is but i can take his "everything in the fridge is food" thingy away from his.

Blood: And thats supposed to be threatening..... how?

Will: Man, that was awesome. I mean, why eat out of the fridge when you just had a roast dinner with your beautiful girlfriend? That DeLorean warp gear is sweet stuff.

Flab (sticks head out of fridge again) he is and it's not threatening cos i have twelve in my jacket and no-one takes my jacket and..... I WON'T COME OUT YOU GET IN HERE YOU LAZY #$#@#$#$#@#@ OR I WON'T HELP YOU WITH .......... THAT THING!

(as Flab re enters, Mephiles jumps in saying 'freeeeeeee foooooooooooood!')

Blood: WILL! HOW DARE YOU RIP OFF! *leaves to find something to hit you with*

Jeff: Who here likes molatovs?

(fridge disappears cos Flab is now offline)

(sun goes down)

Jeff: geting late i think everyone should go to sleep

(Jeff's car seats fall backwards making a bed)

Jeff: i had tha built in for you know "things" (wink wink)

Will: You and Shadella? (Will had stretched out a basic mat and was lying on it, staring at the stars)

Jeff: You dont miss a thing do you Will

Will: I do notice that Shadella didn't come with you, and also that Brainless is trying to drink oil.

Jeff: He is?

(Jeff looks around and see brainless drinking oil)


(Brainless finding out that people know he is there runs away laughing like a crazy person)

(everyone got into there cars, jeeps and what ever they are driving and said goodnight to everyone else Jeff waits about 10 minutes before starting his car and driving off thinking everyone was asleep but he was wrong. Flab watched him drive away Flab knows why Jeff is driving away but he does not know where. In the morning Jeff came back and parked his car only he was awake so Jeff lied down and had a nap as everyone else was going to wake up.)


Will: Ahh, nothing like a camp-style snooze. Now, who are we going to run into......

Jeff: Shut up im trying to sleep god you guys are so selfish

Will: Wow, the late night visit to Shadella must have really taken it out of you, Jeff. Oh, Brainless just stuck his hand in a deep fryer.

Jeff: What are you talking about i never left (sounding a litle worryed) and screw Brainless for now what i need is something to eat hmmm.... what to eat what to eat i know.

(Jeff opens Flabs fridge and takes out some pizza)

Jeff: Mmmmm... it dont get any better then is.

Will: Actually, it does. Hot meatlovers pizza. (Will disappears, then returns holding a steaming piece of pizza)

Jeff: (Laughing evily) i have a great prank to play on blood just dont tell him ok?

Will: Sure. It doesn't have anything to do with the Vic/Jaime pics Haz sent you and Shadella, does it?

Jeff: No im saving those pics for later

(Jeff sneaks up to Blood's jeep and messes around with the wiring)

Jeff: Now all we do is wait for him to start the jeep and then bang every thing turns on like you know the radio and stuff.

Will: CLASSIC! (Will slides under the jeep, and then pops back out a few seconds later, holding a pin) It can't move very far without this! Hehehe...

Jeff: God im glad i came on this trip anyway what did you mean before about last night?

Will: Jeff, I'm a terrible sleeper. I wake up all the time, because I dream. I saw your car was missing while I was awake at night. I figured you went back for Shadella.

Jeff: Ok i never knew that about you Will we learn something new every day dont we. So how long do you think it will take before we get moving again?

Flab: idk when does blood wake? (Flab's face is covered in ham and Yuji is asleep in trailor)

Kyle: (appears next to them, licking his lips) What've I missed?

Jeff: idk what do i look like a diary?

Flab: a guy wearing a suit holding a pizza (Flab then puts fridge back in his pocket and you hear mephiles crying that it is too dark)

Kyle: Ooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaay then... Did you hotwire Blood's jeep?

Jeff: Ummmm no

Flab: yes you did (runs behind jeff and steals screwdriver) i saw you and will do it

Jeff: Flab remember what i told you about tools you are one of them and you dont use a screwdriver to mess around with wires.

Flab: noo but you need a screwdriver to open the hot wire box thingy XD

Kyle: It's gonna be classic when he tries to start it! (laughs)

Jeff: Oooh so your not going to tell him?

Kyle: Heck no, man! This is gonna be as funny as a barrel of monkeys!

Jeff:Good and barrel of monkeys is not fun making the monkeys attack Flab is fun

Kyle: (snickers)

Flab: i know they tickle (see flab on the ground being attacked by mini monkeys) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Jeff: So are youing going to wake Yuji up for the big show or what?

Kyle: I can do that. (cracks knuckles and points to a nearby rock which explodes in a huge BANG) That's right, I can explode stuff... WITH MAH MIND!!!

Will: That'll also wake Blood...good...

Flab: (puts his arm around jeff) if you have known Yuji for as long as i have known her it is never a good thing to wake her up

oh and Kyle ( all of a sudden boulder goes back together) i can put things back together so fast you can't see me XD

Jeff: (Punching Flab in the face) dont touch the suit its worth more then your life most of the time oh and Flab ( the hill behind them explodes) fix that.

Kyle: Who dares me to blow up Flab's bike?

Jeff: Most of the time me but bad idea right now

Flab (to jeff) done (hill is fixed), (looks a kyle with anger) you do and see what happens

Kyle: Okay, what should I make go boom then?

(Guys, gotta go! Can you pause for me? See you tomorrow! no we cant really)

Jeff: We dont need anything blown up so nothing

Will: Who to annoy now?

Jeff: I don't know but after this i bet we will meet someone if Blood ever gets his fat lazy ass out of bed.

Will: True...

Flab: I HAS AN IDEA! let's ditch blood and end this RP XD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ....... LOLOLOL ....... LOLOL .......... LOL .......... l ..... o .....l

Jeff: Ditching Blood thats a ok idea but Will and Kyle have to agree as well and end the RP are u dumber then Brainless we can't end it now

Flab: give me one good non-insulting, non-food realted, non-annoying related and non-stupid reason

Jeff: Because he make is RP and he has the map inside the jeep and he locked the jeep doors.

(no u cant break eat blow up or remove the doors)

Flab: (climbs in jeep and eats the map) HEHEHEHE!

Will: And besides, too short.

Blood: *comes back* Hey, guys. Sorry Im late, but when you gotta go.... you know... Plus there was that freaky person stalking me....

Jeff: Where the hell did you go and whos stalking you?

Blood: To the toilet, and he looked a lot like you, Jeff.

Jeff: Looked like me hmmm nah can't be him he died.

Blood: Who did what?

Jeff: A old friend of mine but he died of old age.

Blood: well ain't that weird. I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jeff: Good and it's best to keep it like that becuase the less you know the better off you will be.

(come on guys lest keep this thing going so Blood can make it a flash moive and if he don't i will)

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