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They Brought the World Back into its original form....Defeated the Border Lord.......And Created New Emeralds To Seal The loose negative and positive energy.....and now..the legend of Sonic and His Friends has been brought to a close....The tale of Sonic the Hedgehog..from the first adventure to defeat Eggman to the defeat of the Dark Angel. It has been written into legend. Now a new generation of heroes must be taught in their predecessors footsteps. This is Angel Academy.


I will be all the teachers..... The series will be focused on a group of students. That's Us. They will be put to the test. of almost everything Sonic and Friends have been through. There will be many Dangers along the way......But with a goal in mind these youngsters will be the Next Generation of Sonic Heroes.


Sonic Jr. (Just Call him Sonic) (Apallo)

Shadlin (Apallo)

Silvana (Apallo)

Daniel The Armadillo (Mr.Zaya)

Ethix Kumamoto (mr.gameandfight)

Ono The Wolf (mr.gameandfight)



You can be a teacher in Combat or any other type.

  1. Sonia Flores The Eagle (Apallo)

Part 1: Let Year 1 Begin!

Silvana: =sighs= Where is that Boat

Jack: I don't know, it must be somewhere.

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