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Your character is kidnapped and roboticized as an android to obey Dr Eggman's moves. He has planned to roboticize all heroes as his soldiers, and as a result to get a big advantage in conquering the world, when the heroes aren't stopping him. However, you wake up from your capsule, totally roboticized. You have got new more powerful powers, depending what powers your character had before roboticizing. Break from your cell and stop Eggman's evil scheme.


  • Your character must be normal (This means, that you can't use characters, who are already robots).
  • Standard Roleplay rules.
  • The character can be hero or evil.
  • Character limit is 2. If using the max.limit, one must be hero and one must be evil (Excluding the maker of roleplay).
  • More rules comes, when progressing




Involved Characters

There's two types of androids: Heroes, who tries to free others and stop Eggman and Villains, who has been laredy programmed to serve Eggman


Zircon the cat (MegaPhantaze)

Blitz the Wolf (DarkMantis)


Dr Eggman (MegaPhantaze. Isn't counted in character limit)

Egg pawn (Played by anyone)

Chapter 1: Life from the eyes of robot

In the secret sentinel, the egg-shaped villain was laughing once again for his geniusness.

"Hohohohohohoh" The genius laughed. "Behold my latest plan: I have captured the heroes from Mobius and roboticized them to obey every command of mine. How the world will react now to me, when they don't have anyone to protect it?" The evil doctor laughed again, then he took microphone. "Attention, egg pawns" He shouted. "Go and release my latest creations. I need to test them out." And so, the egg pawns gone to do their mission.

Meanwhile in the capsule room... (You will continue from here now)

"I feel like a guinea pig in here," a wolf in a red coat complained while in his capsule. Earlier, he had tried to break out, but that effort failed when the glass refused to crack. Now, he just sat there, bored out of his mind.

The door opened and there came few orange egg shaped robots. They planned to release Eggman's creations.

One of them reached Blitz's capsule. The pawn pressed the button and the capsule opened...

Meanwhile another egg pawn opened another capsule, holding a yellow roboticized cat. The capsule opened.

Suddenly, stars slashed the egg pawn. 

A flash, a slash, and then a clank echoed through the chamber as Blitz quickly skewered the Egg Pawn with his sword, then swung it around to fling his victim into the wall. "Big mistake, rust nuts!" Blitz taunted, smirking.

The yellow robot came from the capsule looking herself. "What have happened to me?" She asked dcared. "And where am I?"

Blitz stepped out as well, and also noticed he was a fair bit metallic. "What the hell? Who made me into a robot?" he growled.

"I don't know what happened" Zircon said. "But I want my own body back" She was looking desperately a way out. She saw more capsules. "Wow, I guess everyone else here has got same faith like me" she said.

"Let's bust'em out then!" Blitz said automatically, searching for a way to break the others out.

Zircon was looking the capsules. "hmm, these are made from really hard glass" She palpated the glass. "There must be something, which breaks the glass"

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