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Once upon a time there was an ancient race of Red Hedgehogs that listened to there emperor that was very cruel to them but gave them Food with money he stole from them. One day the Hedgehogs rose up against him but were defeated,due to his massive amounts of defences,The emperor thought he had destroyed them all but one sealed himself away in hopes of a better future


You will have 3 rules to follow break them at least 3 times you're out of the RP

  1. No Swearing Crap Damn Ass and Hell are allowed
  2. Keep it PG-13


Alex the Hedgehog - Ronnoc the Hedgehog

Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - Ronnoc the Hedgehog

Dark the Bat - Dark Lunaros

Maria the Echidna - Dark Lunaros

Sonic the Hedgehog-SplashTheHedgehog

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Splash the hedgehog -SplashTheHedgehog

Deraj the fox-Jaredthefox92

Tynic the Hedgehog(Tynic Golden Shine) - Tynic The hedgehog

Dean the Wolf -PabloDePablo

Kiana The Hedgehog - Kiana The Hedgehog

Jack the Hedgehog - Spongebob100

Patricia the Skunk - Spongebob100


Eggman:HAHAHAH the ancient Red Hedgehog will be mine!After studying my ancestors I've learned of a powerful ancient hedgehog that will finally stop SONIC! Egg Pawn!

Egg Pawn:*looks at Eggman and points to self*

Eggman:Yes you! open the tomb!

Alex:*wakes up and jumps out of the tomb,breaking it*

Eggman:HAHAHAHA He's all mine! *coughs* Will you join my army?

Alex:....Why should I?

Eggman:You will help RULE THE WORLD! Test your power on *points to Egg Pawn* that!

Alex:...*streches and knees the egg pawn knocking it over and pushes foot through it's middle*

Eggman:Will you join me?

Alex:Give me...A week my desicion should be made by then...

Dean: *walks into room* Oh look, an egg, his toys, and a red hedgehog. This should be fun. *taps Kinetic Scrambler and gains geokinesis*

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