An immersive multiplayer simulation game known simply as Sburb has released its open beta, people are setting up sessions everywhere unknowing of the fact they are ushering in the apocalypse. Every time a server and client player set up a game another meteor begins it's decent. In order to live, players must create a session and win the game still unknowing of what awaits them after winning the game.

The Game


Sburb is played through a series of server client connections, a minimum of two people is required to play. If it's two players the first (server) connects to the second (client) and gets them into the game. Once that's done, the second becomes the first player's server and gets them into the game. If this is done with more people it works like such. 1==>2==>3==>4==Back to=>1. 

Getting into the game + Server player stuff

The server player's main job is to deploy a set of items to get the client into the game. These items are the Totem lathe, Alchemiter, Cruxtruder and the pre-punched card. The first item to be used is the Cruxtruder. It's purpose is to give the player a cylinder of cruxite and release what is known as a sprite. The sprite starts out as a flashing orb until something is put into it. (Warning: If no players put anything into a sprite. It doesn't go well.) After something is put in, the sprite will take on its attributes. For example: If you put in a frog (or a fake frog) you'll get a frogsprite, whatever's put into the sprite also effects the enemies you encounter when in the game. What the player does next is take the cruxite from the cruxtruder and put it into the totem lathe's vice. They must also place the pre-punched card into the totem lathe's card slot. Once this is done the totem lathe will change the shape of the totem. The totem then must be taken to the alchemiter and put on it's small pedestal. Once this is done an object made of cruxite will appear on the alchemiter's large plate like part, the object must be used in a certain way to enter the game. (The object varies from person to person.) 

Aside from deploying these items the server player can move objects and build, at the expense of what is called "Build Grist" The starting amount of build grist for the server player increases as the chain goes on, for example Server 1:20 Server 2:200 Server 3:2000 and so forth. More build grist is earnt from killing the game's enemies which aren't encountered until the player enters.

Other machines + Alchemy

There are three machines majorly involved in Alchemy. The previously used Alchemiter, the card converter and the punch designix. The first step is to place an item on the card converter, which simply turns it into a thirty centimetre by thirty centimetre (11 inches=Thirty centimetre... I think.) card. Once the card is done you place it into the punch designix to punch the card. Much like the pre punched card this is placed into the totem lathe's slot. The same process that created the game entering item is used to create whatever is on the card. Making multiple items is not the only thing cards can do though. If you punch two cards you can overlap the holes. Putting both cards into the totem lathe's card slot will produce an item that is a combination between the two items on the cards. This is mainly used to create weapons or clothing.


Once the player has entered the game they will be in a land specific to them. For this example I will be using the Land of Sand and Waterfalls (LoSaW). Each land will have enemies similar to their land. For my example land the enemies could be things such as Sandstone imps. Lands will have unique puzzles and lore. However they can be ignored completely. Usually the player will meet the inhabitants of the land, known as consorts. The consorts are animals who have one trait, one interest and are associated with one colour. My example is stupid gold squids that are interested in dancing. The consorts will often give advice and explain the world's lore and give hints to where the gates are.

Prospit and Derse

When the player eventually falls asleep within the game, another copy of them shall awake in a tower on the moon of one of two planets, connected to the planet by a massive chain. These planets are Prospit and Derse. Prospit orbits Skaia, and is generally very bright and golden, and is also home to white carapacians named "Prospitians." Derse is located near the Furthest Ring, where the Horrorterrors are located. It is constantly dark, and the planet itself and the buildings are a flat violet. The inhabitants are black carapacians named "Dersites." The kings of Prospit and Derse are located within Skaia, and will evolve from giant chess pieces to giant carapacians that are altered based upon the player's prototypings, similar to the enemies the players encounter. Whether a player awakens on Prospit or Derse is usually determined by their eventual God-Tier power, which will be explained later.

Awakening on either planet has it's ups and downs. Prospit-dreamers can see past, present, or future events through Skaia's clouds, but must not look too long or an eclipse may occur and they will be blinded until cured. Derse dreamers are in the thick of things, being on the planet of the games antagonists, and must watch out for assassins, but on rare occassions may hear the incomprehensible murmurs of the Horrorterrors, which when deciphered, can cause many great and terrible things to become known.

Dream Selves

Once awakening on either Prospit or Derse, a copy of the player shall awaken inside of a tower on the moon of their planet. These "Dream Selves" are what the player truly wants to be (ex: a paraplegic now being able to walk, people with synthetic limbs being fully organic again, etc.) and seem to have monir powers that would otherwise be abnormal, such as levitation or the ability to sprout and remove extra limbs at will. Dream Selves tend to be like tired/sleepy people, and are generally more lax and absent-minded. Dream Selves can be interacted with by other Dream Selves by awakening them after their corresponding player arrives on their planet, but this will immediatly put the alternate player to sleep in order to awaken his/her dream self.


Early on in a players quest, they will begin to hear a voice from seemingly nowhere. They must listen to what this voice entails, as they will not be able to communicate for long. These are Exiles, or Carapacians who were sent to the original planet many hundreds of years after all life had been wiped out and only sand and ruins remain. These beings may encounter their host player later on, as this was before they may have been exiled. The main goal of Exiles are to eventually meet up on the original planet and recreate life there. Exiles can be either Prospitian or Dersite, and any member of either side may end up becoming one's Exile, and the general concensus is that half will be Prospitian and half will be Dersite.

God Tier

God Tiers are the highest levels of power one can achieve in Sburb. A class and aspect will be generated and bestowed upon a player upon entering the game, and may have very slight use of their powers once they realize it, but the true power is much more difficult to obtain. There are two methods to obtaining god tier.

  • A player with an alive Dream Self must have recently died while on their Quest Bed

Once this occurs, the Dream Self will begin to obtain similar injuries to that of their normal self. If the corpse of the original form is placed on their planet's Quest Bed before their Dream Self dies, then they will ascend to God Tier, with both the original self and Dream Self merging into one being.

  • A player with no alive forms must have their deceased body placed on a Sacrificial Slab

Located in the center of their Dream Planet's (Prospit/Derse) moon, will be a large slab with an aspect icon carved in. The player must somehow die while on this slab. Once doing so, the player will instantly rise to god tier and will spawn where they already were.

Simply achieving God Tier does not mean you are now the strongest one can be, as their are many things to do once achieving this goal. This could range from curing your planet of whatever problem it may face (whether it be eternal night, famine, or other such things) that were caused by the player's Denizen to simply mastering your aspect to seamlessly use it without issue. It also reflects a time of self-discovery once obtaining this rank, by using their aspect and classes to learn more about themselves than they might have already known and about the game itself.

(To determine your character's class and aspect, please read this and this)


Depending on the player's Aspect, one of Twelve Denizens will spawn within the depths of your planet and will not only command the enemies the player will face and be the cause of the great struggle your consorts face, but will also be absolutely crucial to successfully beating the game. Once achieving a high enough power, a player may find and visit their Denizen. What will occur afterwards is a lengthy conversation between you and your Denizen in a bizarre language ONLY you and it can understand. The player is then given a choice, to either befriend their denizen and continue on with the game with their newfound information, or fight their denizen to obtain enough building units for The Ultimate Alchemy.

Meeting your Denizen early can cause them to awake prematurely, and this is not advised at all for any player ever. Players will find that their denizen, even when the player is at God Tier, will be an immensely powerful enemy. Fighting them at a low level can easily cause death or fatal wounds on the player that may never heal.

As stated before, the spawning Denizen will be determined by a players aspect, but there is one exception. The rare Denizen Yaldabaoth, who can rarely spawn in any one players world regardless of class. This Denizen is known for giving very extreme choices and is overall very powerful compared to other Denizens, often described as the strongest of all Denizens and the "God of All Monsters."

(Will further update later)



  • Character name (CLASS of ASPECT) (LAND OF ___ AND ___)


An Apocalyptic Game: Act 1

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