Time is a the linear direction in which things happen, and usually goes in the direction of increased entropy. Entropy is a dangerous destructive form of chaos, and the Chaos Emeralds therefore have incredible warping abilities on time and space. In today's world, there are several pockets of massive entropy, that warp time around them. Luckily, it's not hard to go back when you get lost, but all the pockets are making it incredibly easy for criminals and villains to escape elsewhere in the time-stream. One such villain was (is? will be?) Dr. Melvin Armstrong, designer of the Metal Sonic 2.0. He's stolen the Master Emerald from under Guardian Beryl's nose, then escaped into the past through a pocket made by the ring collection of one Manik Needlemouse. Naturally, Manik chased him, followed by his friend Momentum. Now, he's on the lamb, and thanks to the "multiple choice past" nature of Manik's time, no one knows just where or when they'll end up. Hopefully, with allies through time, Manik and Momentum will be able to return the Master Emerald, as well as foil whatever diabolical scheme Dr. Armstrong has planned.


  • Mild swearing only.
  • Two characters each at most.
  • No God-modding.
  • No flaming.
  • Use common sense.


Part 1

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