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This is Based off of the X-box 360 game, with a Sonic twist. Read the games cover and I mean the actual game AVP3 *2010*




  1. You can have your own character but you must also use either the Marines, Predator's or Aliens
  2. Minimal swearing
  3. No instant kills
  4. No Godmodding
  5. No sexual interactions *Kissing, Hugging and frenching is allowed*
  6. Minimal of 3 custom Marines, Predators and Aliens
  7. You must choose one of either Marine, Predator and alien
  8. Keep all messages in the Pages chat page


JT the Androhog (Sonicstar3000)

Jester the Hedgehog (Sonicstar3000)


Sonic the Hedgehog as The Rookie (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Amy Rose as Corporal Tequila (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Shadow the Hedgehog as Major Van Zandt(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Miles 'Tails' Prower as Ship Piolets

Scourge the Hedgehog as Charles Bishop Weyland (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Shadow Androids and Metal Sonic as the Robot Marines(Sonicstar3000)

Nicole as Katya

Falco the Eagle as Major Falco - a war hero (09jhero)

Hero the Echidna as Colonel Heroic - the stratagist in combat, real name classified, known as Hero to friends and close allies. (09jhero)

JT the Androhog as Brawler

Jester the Hedgehog as Trainee

Irina Gosform Nalfar as War Lord - (Sonicsmansion97)

Ice The Hedgehog as brawler - (Sonicsmansion97)

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk)

Angel Caroso (Gurahk)

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk)

Ivy Prower (Gurahk)

Shine the Hedgebat (Gurahk)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)

Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk)

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk)

GHOST the hedgehog (DRAGONFANG13)


Creeper the mutated hegdehog (DRAGONFANG13) Darkstorm the Halfbreed as Predator Dark (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Storm the Albatross as the Predator Elite

Knuckles the Echidna as Claw Predator

Rotor as Predator Elite

Chaoix the Demon as Predator 2.0 (09jhero)

Spartan Predator (Sonicstar3000)

Shadow the Wolf as Predator Wolf (shadowthewolf and DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Gus Chaos *The Abomination* (Hudhouse)

Joseph the Wolf as Junior Predator (blackmailed into helping them) (Gurahk)


Specimen 6 as her self

the hive as themselves

Gus Chaos *The Abomination* (Hudhouse)

Artifical Hivemind (Codester 66)

Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)


Jet the Hawk as Doctor Grooves


With the Marines

(In a Combat Dropship)

Sonic:*Not used to flying*

Tails: Marlow area is clear permission to return over?

Marlow piolet: Negative Tails continue your simulation

Tails: Roger that Marlow

Jester: When do we land?

Tails: I don't... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT

(A large Warship decloaks)

Shadow: By god

(The ship fires on the Marlow)

Shadow: SHIT EVERYONE STRAP IN, that means your Rookie

Sonic:*Straps in*

Amy: Whats the Matter did they cover this is the simulation

Tails: Blast Wave INCOMING

(The Combat ship shakes and Sonic gets hit in the face by a metal box knocking him out)

(Falco barges in with a large machine gun)

Falco: What are we up against?

(Ice and Irina come on)

Ice: Probably something big!

Irina: You bet, dude

Falco: Well then, FIRE AT WILL!

(Falco rapidly fires in the direction of the threat)

Ice: Hmm... *takes out his rifle gun* I still am confused...

Irina: I fight with my hands...

Ice: *throws a machine gun to Irina* Use that!

Irina: Ok...

Shadow: STAND DOWN,We have a small Xenomorph infestation on our hands thats right a bug hunt

Sonic:*Groans as he gets up*

Irina: Ok... *puts her gun down*

Ice: We need to help!! We already have Sonic down!!

Shadow: Tequila get the Rookie on his feet

Amy: Yes sir *Helps Sonic up*

Irina: Ice....we aren't allowed to help.... are we?

Ice: *throws his gun down* I guess not...

Shadow: Brawler War Lord Take point

Ice: *mumbles* Now he wants us to help....

Irina: Alright! Come on, Ice!

Ice: *growls and goes to take point*

Shadow: *Punches Ice* Get up

Ice: *growls and gets in Shadow's face* What was that for?!

Irina: Ice.... calm down... we have to protect ourselves from the infestation...

Shadow: Nail your taget at a distence, molecular acid is a real S.O.B, Xeno's hate fire as well

Ice: *mouths saying "We shouldn't have to listen to someone as stupid as Shadow" to Irina*

Irina: Yes Sir! Good thing you brought that flamethrower with you, Ice.

Shadow: Alright Move out *Pulls out his Pulse Rifle and Moves*

Sonic: *Still Whoozy so Amy helps him*

Irina: Ice... hand me your flamethrower.

Ice: *throws it at the floor*


Irina: *picks up the flamethorwer*

Ice: We are wasting time standing here... *shouts* Let's move, Irina!!

Irina: Sorry... *walks off*

  • Sharp Hissing*

Irina: Where's that coming from?!

Ice: *stands back to back with Irina* I don't know... but I don't like the sound of it....


Tequila: SHIT MAJORS GONE LETS ROCK *Opens fire*

Irina: *uses the flamethrower*

Ice: *fires his machine gun*

The other Marines get captured and Ice, Irina and Sonic Black out

Ice: *groans*

Irina: *groans*

Sonic: *Pants*

Amy: Ice, Irina, Sonic you three ok?

Irina: I-i'm fine.... *breathe hard*

Ice: We're fine... now back off

Amy: Well you don't have to be rude, but your equipment was destroyed except for your pistols

(JT was leaing against a wall the entire time)

Amy: Jt what is the situtation?

Sonic:Ice scout ahead, Irina with me

Ice: *growls* Irina, ignore him... Let's go...

Irina: But!

Ice: Let's go!

Amy: Goddamn it Ice Sonic Is in charge you take orders from him

Ice: *glares at Amy* I don't listen to anyone else but myself

Sonic:(Has his Gun at Ices Skull)

Ice: What is your problem? Irina will be much more safe with me... How can I trust that you'll watch over her?

Irina: Ice.... Just please.... We have no one else to listen right now.... I'll go with Sonic...

Ice: *groans* Fine... just be careful...

Sonic:(Picks up a pulse Rifle) We'll need them (His Motion sensor beeps)

Ice: *walks off with his machine gun*

Irina: Ice.... so what are we going to do, Sonic?

???:(Low growl)

Falco: Uh guys, we got more of these things.

Irina: *gasps* Not more.... Ice!! We got more of them!!

Ice: *jumps in front of Irine* Where?

Irina: You're quick....

???:(Fires it Plasma Caster)

Ice and Irina: *duck and roll*

Ice: I've got this.... *fires his machine guns*

Irina: *fires Ice's flamethrower*

???:(Grabs them From behind)

Irina: *screams in terror*

Ice: *growls* LET US GO!!


Irina: Just what are you?

Ice: And whatever you are, LET US GO!

Darkstorm:(Tosses Ice and Studies Irina)

Ice: *gets the floor* Ugh! *sees Darkstorm* You leave her alone! *grabs Irina's hand and carries her*

Irina: Woah!

Ice: Come on... let's get you out of here.... *runs off*

Darkstorm:(Grabs Ice by the Throat and Extends Wrist Blade)

Ice: *puts down Irina* Why hurt me... what good will you gain from that?

Irina: Stop! Leave Ice alone!

Darkstorm:(Tilts his head and Drops Ice)

Ice: Ow.... *growls* Irina... stay out of this...

Irina: But Ice!

Ice: No buts, Irina!

Darkstorm:(Kicks Ice in the jaw and Roars in Ices dishonor)

Ice: Ugh! *growls* Why would you kick me?

Irina: Are you ok, Ice?

Ice: I'm fine.... just stay out of this...

Darkstorm:(Turns on Tranaslator) You are a fool

Ice: I am not a fool.... I am a fighter...

Irina: *places hand on Ice's shoulder* Ice...

Ice: *slaps Irina's hand off* Don't touch me...

Darkstorm:(Roars) Women for my kind are smarter and stronger

Ice: *laughs* Irina is weak.... I'm stronger than her... actually anything is stronger than her...

Sonic: Ahem (Has his Pistole aimed on Ice)

Darkstorm:(Walks to Irina) You alright?

Ice: *growls*

Irina: I'm fine...

Darkstorm: Ok (Helps her up)

Sonic: Amy we have allies

Amy: Marines?

Sonic: No

Irina: Why are you helping me?

Sonic: You heard the term "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

Darkstorm: I have

Ice: Put her down... now...

Irina: Ice.... it's ok...

Ice: No it's not.... first he attacks us then he "claims" he'll help us... I bet you one day, he'll kill us when we are asleep...

Darkstorm:If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it already

Irina: *gets scared thinking about it*

Ice: Damn it, Irina! Knock it off!

Darkstorm:(Puts Irina on his back and walks to a small opening)

Ice: Ah hell no!! *follows behind Darkstorm*

Sonic: You Jelous Corpral? (Follows Darkstorm

Ice: I'm not jealous... I just don't her taken away!

Darkstorm: That is Jealousy (Kicks down the wall)

Ice: *growls* Let her go!!!!!!!!

Irina: Where are you taking me?

(They enter a labratory)

Darkstorm:(Sets Irina on the Bed and scans her for the Hard Meat Embryo) Your clean

Irina: *looks scared* Wh-where am I?

Darkstorm:Your in a medical facility

Irina: Why am I here? Am I in trouble?

Darkstorm: Relax, miss

Irina: *lays on the bed and thinking to herself* Oh Ice.... I'm so scared.... I should have listened to you.... what if he kills me....

Darkstorm: I would not dare turn bad blood, that kind of dishonor will result in banishment

Irina: Ok... How come Ice can't come?

Darkstorm: He has shown dishonor towards me, I don't tolorate that

Irina: But he's my friend....

Darkstorm:(Pulls ice in)

Ice: *growls* Let me go!

Irina: Ice!

Ice: Sweet jesus, woman.... you almost gave me a heart attack!

Darkstorm: She is clean, no sign of parasite

Irina: Dude.... you ok?

Ice: I'm fine, Irina.... jesus.... why can't women understand us men....

Darkstorm: (Growls a warning)

Ice: Hmph.... *grabs her hand* Come on! Let's get out of here and find Sonic...

Irina: Ok...

Sonic: i am over here, They are with us Ice

Ice: *growls* This is ticking me off....

Sonic: You are under orders Ice

Ice: *stomps his feet* I shall not listen to a pest like you!

Darkstorm:(Grabs Ice's throat) Obey your Commanding officer

Ice: Fine!!

Darkstorm:(Lets go and Pounds down the door to get out) Not safe here

With the Predators

Darkstorm:*Jumps into the arena, Growls* 2.0 where are you brother *Ally way* Sister Wolf I know your here

Shadow Wolf: Heh

Darkstorm:*Growls* Tomarrow is the Hunting trail were I become leader of you and 2.0 *Growls*

Shadow Wolf: Whoa relax Dark

Joseph:...... null

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