Paris Harrington, heir to Harrington Industries has announced that a MEGA HUGE party be held in one of her many hotels that she owns around the world. Everyone who's ANYone is going to be there, and anyone who ISN'T a somebody will try to make themselves a somebody. You better come dressed like a MILLIONAIRE, cause you're NOT gettin' into this party dressed as a 'commoner'.Celebrities, performances, anything you can think of! You all now how I am about leisure/normal/everyday stuff RPs -w-


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Involved Characters

  • Paris Harrington (Host)
  • Mr. Harrington (Most likely just cameos but IDK xD)
  • Heidi the Peacock
  • Kristy Summers the Dog
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf
  • Chace the Fox (Head of Security)
  • Christian Mitchel the Cat
  • Moros C Nekrozia
  • Chris J the porcupine
  • Bobo M the Monkey
  • Liana the Elk(Fox)
  • Vicenza the Poodle Moth(Fox)
  • Furea Twins
  • Solar
  • Sake
  • Dingy the chao (Z888)
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Visil And Vera (Human Sonic And Amy, Twelve And Eleven)
  • Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)
  • Nate Wright (LeftTrigger)
  • Eric Simpson (LeftTrigger)
  • Zerofuse the Hedgehog (Rapid)
  • Kaitlynn Noyze (Rapid)
  • Masked Lord
  • Noah The Wolf (NLG)

The Guests Arrive!

At the front of the Harrington Tower, a red carpet was rolled out for Celebrity arrivals and coverage for people to watch online and on any other device that streams footage. On the OTHER side of the building however, is where regular every day people were aloud to come in. After being checked at what seemed like an airport security check. But for good reasons after all.

Moros arrived in his regular manner of arriving, though in a black yukata with a grey trim complete with the various physical changes that come along with it, namely a tear in reality.

'Cool party... Wondering if I can get some entertainment out of it?... Preferably in a round of Kings game or something....'

A few guests look on at his attire, a few women staring.

Moros blinks at the stares he was receiving, 'What? Not like it's 'commoner's clothing' or whatever the term was..' He mouths.

A few of the party goers look him up and down, checking him out most likely. Meanwhile on the VIP side of the building, two VS Models arrived - Kristy Summers and Heidi Collinsworth.

A blonde haired Mobian elk wearing a black and white dress( was garnering a few looks from other guests in the party; mainly from male guests. Eventually, a white Mobian Poodle Moth wearing a red dress( entered the party, which caused a collective gasp from the other guests.

Bobo and Chris made it with their dodge challenger.They were both wearing the same thing. A fedora, an Emerald jacket, jeans made of lapis lazuli and boots. They both were in awe when they saw familiar people in rich attire.

Kristy looked to Heidi who was wearing (( )) before straightening out her own dress (( )).

"Have you seen Anna?" Heidi asked her.

"She said she was going to come in a few cars behind with C Cat." Kristy replied as they both headed inside.

Those checking out Moros would notice that he has an overall physique that suggests he runs frequently. 

Moros decided to look for a punch table, mostly because he has zero tolerance for alcohol consumption.

Guests had to take an elevator that lead to the top floor, the penthouse of course, to get to the main event area. Meanwhile, on the VIP side of the building, a long white limo pulled up as cameras flashed quickly and brightly. As the driver opened the door out came Annabelle (( )) and Christian (( )) while bystanders cheered loudly in awe and younger bystanders cheered.

"Some turn out!" Annabelle grinned and winked to the crowd.

Liana, the blonde elk, gulped as she didn't think that many richer and more famous people were going to show up to the party. Vicenza, the poodle moth, on the other, seem disinterested in most the people who should. Vicenza grumbled," I've should have staid home in my mansion in Italy...."

"Bobo" Chris whispered."I know you're a party king, but don't get too over-partied.okay?" He asked and bobo nodded. Bobo entered the tower and acted like A rich and civilized person while Chris was at the group where everyone was.having his headphones on so he can listen to his new song.

Moros inaudibly sighed. Truthfully, he was wondering why he even came to this party when he could have stayed in the void. '.... I really need to get out more often...' He mouthed before he took a drink of punch, inwardly hoping it wasn't laced with alcohol for whatever reason.

"Lets go meet up with Paris and the others." Christian said.

"Right. Don't wanna keep the host waiting~" Annabelle grinned. The two headed inside and headed for the elevators to the pent house while security kept any photographers and interviewers at bay.

[A Jeep would stop in front of the tower, the Jeep being black and on the driver and passenger door, having the emblem of Trinity. Solar would step out with his daughter where two girls would follow close behind, all of them are wearing coats, Solar and his daughter wearing military ones, where (the two girls behind) Alice and Sellie seem to be wearing long, open yukatas, done with a long bow at the waist, showing their hourglass forms, all of their coats are black, though with different trims, Sake's having a turquoise trim, Alice having an, ironically, Alice blue, Sellie's having a hot pink, and Solar's having a white. They all seem to have the matching dress uniform with notable differences. All of them wearing slacks, though Sake's wearing a white dress shirt compared to her father's black. His black dress shirt seems to be a bit big for him. Whereas Alice and Sellie would also have black dress shirts, though the collar of them match the trim of their coats, having a white t-shirt or possibly something else folded underneath of the collar. With Solar and Sake's class, and Alice and Sellie's earnings have lately gotten them transferred to that respective class too. They don't get much photography or interviewing, however.]

Guests gather in the open penthouse party area, Paris nowhere to be seen, most likely waiting for more guests to arrive before making an entrance.

Moros just finds a chair and sits, drinking punch and observing the party goers.

Dingy, Annabelle's little chao friend that somehow goes on random adventures, hops off from behind a limo and walks into the hotel and enters the party. He was wearing a little bow-tie and tiny top hat, with a fancy fake mustache. "Chao."

Liana decided to walk around and attempted to see if anyone would talk to her or if anyone would recognize her.

As Heidi and Kristy chat, Annabelle and Christian walk up.

"Anna!!" Kristy laughs as she jumps up and hugs her best friend, "You look AMAZING."

"So do you girl~!" Annabelle giggled, "Heidi~!" She hugged the peahen next as Kristy went to greet Christian next.

"So has anyone seen our host for the evening?" Christian asked.

"I've seen her dad but not her yet." Heidi said, "You know she likes making her usual grand entrance." The girls giggle and agree.

Dingy waddles around in the fancy party some more, then sees Annabelle and waves at her. "Chao!"

Moros just sat near the punch table and drank punch, not making any sort of verbal noise. Not like he could since he's mute.

Reens arrived quietly, wearing a strapless knee-length gown with sparkles all over and white flats. She tried not to draw too much attention to herself as she made her way to the refreshment table. Seeing Moros, she blushed and poured herself a glass of punch, then sipped at it.

Annabelle gasps softly as she walked over to Dingy, "Hey you~!" She giggled as she picked him up, "You look so fancy~!" She hugs him.

"I should totally get a chao." Kristy smiled.

"Chao!" Dingy smiled as he was hugged, with a heart on his head.

"You look so cute~" Anna set him down as she straightened out her hair and dress before looking over at the others,"Do I look OK?"

"Flawless Anna!" Heidi smiled.

"Perfect as always." Christian grinned as Kristy nodded in agreement.

"OK...I was just on the fence about this dress...I thought it was going to be too dark for me..."

"But the blue brings out your eyes!" Kristy said.

"True..." Annabelle huffed softly.

Dingy put a thumb up with a cute face, noting that the dress looks great.

[Solar and his siblings, and daughter would arrive to the area, though silent. They just sit in their own little group ignoring the others.]q

The Party Begins!

On a nearby stage where a DJ table is set up, a male poodle in a casual suit steps up with a microphone.

"Hello everyone!" He spoke up as the guests looked to him, "I know people are still filing in, but that's alright, better late then never right?" The crowd agrees, "Well, as you all know, I am Mr. Harrington, and this is my daughters get together, and I would like to present her. SO! Give a warm welcome to YOUR host, and my darling daughter, Paris Harrington!!" He gestured to a set of double doors across the room as two servers open them up, and Paris walks through as guests marvel at her dress.(( )) Her high heels glimmer in the light (( )) while her hair bounces softly with each step (( )).

"Lets stop standing around and have some fun huh~?" The guests cheer as the music starts to play. (( ))

[Solar frowns, hoping the music wasn't loud, otherwise the whole family wouldn't be able to hear Sellie.]

Moros blinked, confused in the very sense of the word.

Paris wondered over to Annabelle and the others and greeted them.

Dingy waved at her. "Chao!"

[The Furea family would nod at her as she would greet them.]

Reens simply looked over and nodded, refilling her cup of punch. She wanted to stay as unnoticed as possible.

"Hmm...?" Paris looked over at Reens out of the corner of her eye and blinked before looking to Anna and the others, "I'll be right back." She started making her way towards Reens, party guests graciously moving out of her way.

[The Furea family'd also be roughly to that spot too, but they allowed Reens to take the floor, they were just sitting with one another, having a bit of soda.]

Visil: Vera.

Vera: Yes?

He would speed to the table and steal a glass with Vera's favorite drink, blueberry lemonade, then run up to Vera with it and give it to her.

Vera: Aww, thanks.

Visil: No problem Vera, anything for my favorite friend.

Vera would start blushing as Visil smiles at her.

Reens saw Paris, then turned to get out of the way, tripping over a table leg. The cup of punch flew backwards, spilling all over the front of Reens' dress. She didn't care. "Maybe I shouldn't have come here."

A few party guests laughed at Reens after watching her fall, but Paris glared deeply at them as the other Poppies looked over, Heidi and Kristy rushing over to help.

"Hey, are you OK?" Kristy said quickly.

" Your dress!" Heidi gasped, "We'll fix you right up hun! Right Paris?"

"Of course." Paris smiled, "After all. Reens is one of my new friends. It would be insanity for me to deny helping a friend in need, right?"

"Right!" Annabelle added as she smiled. Paris took Reens' hand, "You'll look irresistible~" She gave a small smile.

Reens looked at them, surprised. "Thanks for the help, but really, I don't know if I should be here."

Moros blinked before waving at Reens. 

Paris scoffs, "Well of course you should. Now do you want our expertise or not...?" The girls waited on an answer. 

"Yes..." Reens scuffed the toe of her heel against the floor as she answered. "Do your thing." 

"Good. Come with me." Paris took her hand while Heidi took the other, "Right this way. I'll be back soon~!" The girls leave the area with Reens and head towards a moe residential area through a pair of locked double doors (( )). Paris walks into another room, a few minutes pass, and she returns with a few dresses (( )). 

"Here are a few I just saw and grabbed." 

"We'll start working on what colors will work as make up~" Heidi and Kristy headed off into the bedroom area. 

"I'll look for accessories and shoes." Annabelle smiled. 

"Count me in!" Christian grinned. 

Reens looked at them fussing about her and shrugged. The peacock dress and the white and blue dress were the ones that caught her eye the most, but she inwardly cringed because she felt as if she had ruined the party. 

"Well then?" Paris started, "Try whatever you like on."  

She went to the dress rack and chose the peacock dress, then went to try it on. She came out of the dressing room and twirled a bit. "Well? What do you think? It's a tad big, but... I like it."  

"if they ask you to rap(which might never happen.),don't go money overboard."bobo glared at Chris. but after a few seconds, Chris chuckled as he looked at bobo in a disappointing way"it's money we're talking about. I ain't gonna turn crazy.unless I touch that alcohol over there." Chris sighed as he tilted his fedora in a different style.    

"I think it suits you." Heidi smiled as she got the make up ready.    

[Solar gazes towards his two youngest siblings.] "Don't you two have any dresses?" [The two respond by looking at each other, straightening their yukata jackets.]    

Both: "Dresses are for suckers."

[Although Sellie mutters under her breath.] "I wouldn't mind wearing one on occasion. Just not this one."

"Well, while you all finish up this mini make over, me and Christian are gonna check on the party."

"OK Anna." Paris nodded.

Annabelle looked to Reens, "Choose any of these heels you like~" She and Christian left the room and went back into the main party area.

Reens nodded after Paris left and sighed, looking at some light blue heels with green accents. "I've never worn heels before, actually." She tried them on, stumbling a little.

In the party, Dingy was drinking some punch from another table.

Annabelle and Kristy wondered around. "So when I saw her, I was just like - 'Ew. That dress needs to go back to the homeless dude you stole if from...' "

"I know exactly what you mean Kristy." Annabelle said.

"If heels don't work, I suggest wedges. They're a lot easier." Paris said.

[Alice seems to have strayed from her family a little, wearing a silk garment with an ironically enough, alice blue trim around it, along with a bow at the waist. Under it is a matching dress shirt, where the collar is the same color as the coat's trim. (Seen here ), it looks like a dress, but it also looks like a formal military jacket, seemingly mimicking both purposes. The silk is in the color of black, or, maybe it's not silk. But it definitely appears so.]

Annabelle passes Kristy some punch.

"So, where's your Jackie boy, hm?" Annabelle asked her.

"He's not feeling well, so he's at home asleep." Kristy sighed.

"Poor thing~"

"Yeah, but I'm heading over there tomorrow to take care of my baby~" Kristy smiles and sips her drink.

[Alice would pass the group, she then would get herself some punch, her hair is white, though at the edges, it's dyed pink. Her hair is done in an elaborate braid ponytail, which reaches the end of her spine, a small bow matching the trim acting as a hair tie is at the start of the ponytail, though it's small enough to where one can only see it were they to look at Alice from behind.]

"Hmph~" Annabelle sipped down the last of her punch as she went back to talking to Kristy.

Suddenly, the door to the penthouse opened and an orange raccoon slipped into the room. He was wearing designer Ray Band sunglasses and a white t-shirt. Over his white t-shirt was an open black Versace coat and a black and white Urban Scarf around his neck. He wore black jeans and black and white Jordan trainers. His fans know him as Young Ringtail, his friends know him as Cassidy the Raccoon. He let loose a low whistle.

"Damn, this penthouse might even be bigger than mine," Cassidy said, obviously impressed by the penthouses design and size.

Back at the party

[Alice looks over at Annabelle.] "Something the matter, Mobian?" [She poured the punch into a wine glass and took a sip, being a human or human-like person, she stood at about twice her size, but still the same body type, having an hourglass frame from how the bow tied at her waist had shown. She could go for modeling herself, although her right eye has an eyepatch over it.]

"Hm." Annabelle's ears twitched as she gave a small smirk to herself and glanced at Kristy, who smirked as well.

"How long do you think Reens will take to get done?" Annabelle asked her.

"When it's Heidi doing the make up...A couple of minutes." Kristy smiled.

"She is so good with that stuff." Annabelle sighed.

"A true talent...So glad she's my role model." Kristy said.

"The role model of a role model."


[Alice leans back, eavesdropping while looking the other way, her sister then arrives, like Alice, she has the same coat, though below it is seemingly a lolita-styled dress shirt leading down to a long skirt, although seemingly it's designed for easy movement and fixed to iron beams, despite having a skirt, she also seems to be wearing slacks as well, regardless, despite the shirt. Although the 'skirt' portion could just be also the shirt itself. Aside to Alice having a bow and quiver, Sellie seems to have a sheath, as if the whole entire family has a military background.]

Cassidy wanders around the party, looking for either someone he recognizes or the host herself.

Meanwhile, Reens was not enjoying the primping she was being put through. She had ditched the heels and was wearing a pair of wedges that matched her dress. A sigh escaped her lips, but she tried to look interested at what Heidi was doing to her. "At least I'll look presentable," she whispered to herself. 

"Sweetheart, the boys will be throwing themselves at your feet...~" Heidi grinned as she stopped, "I think I've done it...~" She showed her a mirror. (( )) 

"Well done Heidi..." Paris smiled a bit.  

Meanwhile, Annabelle looked up to see Cassidy and nudges Kristy as she smiles, "Is that who I think it is~?" Kristy gasps and smiles as well. 

[Were one to look closely what'd be in Sellie's sheath would be some sort of scytherifle. The girls continued their eavesdropping.]

Liana decided to lean against a wall, seeing as no one recognized her. It would be a while before she would wander around again.

"C'mon~" Annabelle and Kristy slowly made their way towards Cassidy.

"Think he'll remember us? It's been a while." Kristy asked her best friend.

"Wow..." Reens stood there a bit speechless. "You really think I look okay? That boys will throw themselves at my feet?"

"Absolutely." Paris smiles, "C'mon, lets show everyone how adorable you look."

Cassidy looked around and soon spotted Annabelle and Kristy making there way towards him. He waved and then walked over to them. "Anna! Kristy! I had a feeling i'd find you two here." He said.

Nate, hanging around on the couch, saw Annabelle and Kristy. "Wow, you two look nice." he complemented.

Reens smoothed her dress down and took a few tentative steps in her wedges, then walked out the door and back into the main room.

[Sake would then come to Reens, cocking her head.] "Did you change clothes..?" [As if she observed everything, she was rather quick to notice, compared to her aunts' and father's coat. Sake had a hood and a long black and white scarf, her whole attire being black, white, and turquoise. The turquoise being the only thing that poked out, aside to her eyes, as the hood had hid her hair. The eyes glowed of red-violet, having very pale skin, as if she never saw sunlight or rarely did. Her face was well-tended to. Although the form looks somewhat built for combat, even if not having a weapon.]

"Y-yeah, Paris and her posse helped make me look better," Reens said with a whisper. "I honestly don't feel as if I look much different. Besides, I'm not used to wearing dresses and such." Taking another look at the girl standing before her, she smiled. "By the way, you look very pretty. I'm surprised no one noticed."

A white, female dog accompanied by a familiar red, yellow, and orange hedgehog walked up to the door. The dog seemed nervous.

"A-Are you sure we're allowed in?" She asked, an obvious tone of nervousness in her voice. Zerofuse sighed and nodded his head.

"Kaitlynn, if you haven't noticed yet, you're famous." Zerofuse replied. He pointed to the small group of people taking her picture along with paparazzi. Kaitlynn took a deep breath and walked on the red carpet, Zerofuse not too far behind her.

"Hmm?" [The girl cocked her head, looking to Reens.] "Me..?" Ah.. "No, it's nothing that big." [She straightened her coat. Unlike most guests, she was human, or at least..appeared so, she stood at a height taller than most of the partygoers.]

Reens tried to reassure her. "Really, you look amazing." Reens tugged on her braid and it came loose. She redid it and smiled.

"It's nothing really impressive. I just picked it out myself.." [The girl shied away a bit, her aunts then stand right behind her, listening in onto the conversation.]

"I hope I haven't embarrassed you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find that punch bowl..." Reens moved away from the girl, silently chiding herself. I just need to keep my mouth shut... everything I say lately just makes things worse... She filled a glass with punch and sat down at a table by herself.

[The aunts snicker, mostly trying to confide Sake in her natural appearance. Though she just responds by tugging the hood a bit more over her head and slightly tightening her scarf to keep it still.]

A few male guests stare at Reens, a couple blushing as they watched her.

"Heyy~! Long time no see!" Annabelle couldn't help but give him a quick hug, and the same went for Kristy.

"What brings you here, hm~?" Kristy asked him.

Paris, Heidi and Christian walk back into the party, a few guests crowding them to make conversation as they made their way to a small sofa and sat down, talking to them all.

Nate was sitting at a table near Reens. He saw her and greeted her. "Oh, hey Reens!"

Reens' ears perked up when she heard Nate. "Oh, hey, Nate! How's it going?" She moved and went to sit next to him, waving slightly at the other male guests. "You look very handsome today."

"I see you got a bit of a makeover." Nate replied, noticing her new style and clothes.

"Yeah, the Poppies fixed me up," Reens said with a slight grimace. "This really isn't what I'm used to, you know. They wanted me to look, I dunno, better I guess? But to be honest, I'd feel better in jeans, a t-shirt, and my Converse. Maybe trying to fit in isn't all it's cracked up to be." She sighed and sipped her punch. "I don't know what to think anymore."

"Hmm. Well, the Poppies seem to have a fetish for ignoring me, despite my... let's say, fame?" Nate said.

[Sake and her aunts would pass by in silence.]

Cassidy hugged the two girls back. "I heard this was gonna be one of the greatest parties of the year. Why would i miss that? Plus I had a feeling i'd run into one of you two here."

[They continued on, still doing their light eavesdropping here and there.]

"There are quite a few people here I didn't expect too see! Like Pitbull over there." Annabelle smiled as she gestured to the rapper.

"And Samuel L. Jackson." Kristy said as well. Christian walked up to the three.

"Hey, did I miss anything?" She asked.

[The three would sit down next to Solar as they would continue to converse a bit, ignoring the loud music.]

"Hey Christian long time no see!" Cassidy greeted.

"Cassidy!!" Christian grinned as she glomped him, making Anna and Kristy giggle.

A handsome wolf wondered over to Reens, "Hello there. I couldn't help but notice you had a complete make over...! What might your name be, hm?"

Reens looked up at him and smiled. "Excuse me, sir, but I was trying to have a delightful conversation with my friend here. Now if you'll excuse me, I would so like to get back to that. I'm sure there are plenty of young ladies here that would love to fraternize with you, but frankly, I am not one of them. Good day." She flipped her braid, barely missing his face, and turned back to Nate. "Honestly, I had no idea what to say..."

Cassidy stumbles back from the unexpected attack hug. "Nice... to see you... too," Cassidy managed to say.

Kaitlynn entered the party. She looked around, overwhelmed by the huge amount of people. She stood there, not knowing what to say. "Zerofuse...this is crazy..." She whispered. She waited for a response, but nothing came. "Zerofuse? Zero?" She looked around and saw nothing. Then she heard a minor conflict. "Lemme in! Damn it I'm with the singer!" Zerofuse yelled. Security had stopped him. "You'll have to go around back with the normal people just like everyone else." The security officer said. After a few more attempts, Zerofuse gave up and went around back.

Kaitlynn felt helpless and alone. She sat in a chair by herself. She had a frown on her face and looked at the ground. She almost looked as if she was going to cry.

"I'll be right back," Reens said as she made her way over to Kaitlynn. She held out a tissue and smiled. "Hey, it's okay. You're with friends now. Well, just me, but still. There's no reason to cry. What's your name?"

Kaitlynn looked up and was about to speak, but someone answered for her. It was Zerofuse. "That's Kaitlynn. Singer, songwriter, blah blah blah. She's famous." Zerofuse said rudely. Kaitlynn sighed. "Ignore him. I'm Kaitlynn Noyze. Thank you for the tissue." She said, wiping her eyes with it. " make up is smearing..." She said under her breath. Zerofuse shrugged. "I'll never understand make up." He said.

Reens took a few steps back. "O-oh, I'm sorry for bothering you, miss. I didn't know you were famous. I guess I should've, seeing most people here are. Please forgive me." She narrowed her eyes slightly at Zerofuse, then pulled out a makeup kit from her side. "I, ah, found this on sale. It kinda matches what you were already wearing so, ah, maybe you could use it?"

Kaitlynn gave Reens a slight smile. "Thank you. And it's alright, I'm not that famous." Kaitlynn said with a small laugh. Zerofuse laughed. "Kaitlynn here has won many awards." Zerofuse bragged. "Zero! Shut up!" Kaitlynn yelled. Zerofuse put his hands up and walked off. "Whatever." He said with a laugh.

"Annoying, isn't he?" Reens shrugged. "I'm glad you're here. Suprised Paris hasn't tried to say hello yet." She sat down and looked at the dance floor. "To be honest... I'm not used to any of this. Wearing dresses and makeup, having random guys come up to me just because of my looks, actually going to a party..." She sighed, swishing the last of her punch in its cup. "It's all new to me."

Kaitlynn laughed a bit. "I don't like huge parties. I like smaller gatherings. Like get togethers and stuff." She said, watching Zerofuse fail at trying to sweet talk girls. She then looked back at Reens. "I don't like dresses either." She said, applying some of the make up.

"I don't like big parties either." Nate blurted out, still at his seat. "It's too crowded for my taste."

Reens laughed and waved him over to their table. "Maybe I could hear one of your songs sometime? I sing too, but, not very well..." she said with a blush. "Mostly I draw manga and stuff."

"Hi, my name's Nate Wright." Nate shyly greeted Kaitlynn. "I'm another... moderately famous person."

"Sorry! Got a bit excited." Christian chuckled as she let Cassidy go.

"Ahem." Paris wondered over to the group, "Think it's time for your performance ladies." She smiled.

"Oh yeah!" Annabelle grinned, "Be back in a bit Cassidy. We have a song to sing." Anna lead Kristy and Christian away as they headed for the stage, where Paris had grabbed a mic.

"So, is everyone enjoying themselves?" Paris asked as the guests cheered, "I'm glad, cause now it's time for some entertainment from my very good friends. Who knows. They could become the next best singing group. Ladies and gentleman, The Poppies." The crowd cheered as Anna, Kristy and Christian took to the stage and started singing. (( ))

Kaitlynn looked and enjoyed the music they sang. "Wow...they're good." Kaitlynn whispered.

"Really good," Reens agreed as she blushed. "Much better than I am, I'm afraid. I don't usually sing in front of a crowd like you would..." She lowered her head in embarrassment, a treble clef necklace peeking out from her dress. "I've never sang in front of anyone."

[Contrary to the rest of the people, the Furea family doesn't entirely seem that interested..more focused on enjoying themselves it would seem.]

"Thank you~!" The three bow softly as the crowd cheered and they walked off with Paris.

"Just you watch, you'll be the next hit group for sure..." Paris grinned as Heidi came up and hugged Kristy.

"I'm so totally proud of you! I can't sing for my life!" Heidi giggled.

Cassidy also approached the trio. "Nice job girls, remind me to put you three on my new album."

Reens clapped as well, her necklace gleaming in the light. "Whoo-hoo!" She looked over at Kaitlynn. "You should go next; show these people what you came here for."

[Sellie would gaze towards the Poppies, cocking her head, though staying overall silent.]

Paris glanced towards Reens and Kaitlynn as she raised an eyebrow.

Kaitlynn blushed. "M-me? I dunno..." Kaitlynn said, very nervous.

"It would be nice. Your singing voice might be good." Nate said.

Kaitlynn sighed and took a deep breath. "Okay."

Paris nudged the others and gestured to Kaitlynn, before the whole group started to look on from afar. Paris took to the stage and grabbed a mic.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe there is a guest here who you all may or may NOT have heard of, who would like to perform." Paris said, and the crowd looks on with intensified interest.

"I wonder who this could be?" Cassidy said.

Reens gives Kaitlynn a gentle nudge. "See? They're already super excited! You'll do awesome. And if you get nervous, I'll be right here cheering you on, okay?"

"Ahem...If you're ready, lets get a move on..." Paris glanced at Kaitlynn.

Kaitlynn nodded. "I'm ready." She told Paris before nervously walking to the stage. As she walked to the stage, she looked at Reens with a smile.

Reens smiled back and gave Kaitlynn another thumbs-up.

This boosted Kaitlynn's confidence and she was a bit more comfortable as she took the stage.

[The Furea family would wait in silence, then resume talking safe for Sellie, who's away from the group.]

"Hmph." Paris walked off stage as a few party goers waited for her to start.

Kaitlynn began to play the song on her phone. As she sang the song ( ) played; she performed to the best of her abilities.

Kaitlynn sighed a breath of relief. She then saw the wolf. "I've never seen him before." She said. She thought he was a little awkward.

"That looks like the wolf that tried to talk to you earlier." Nate said, trying to recognize the wolf.

Kaitlynn turned red. "Me? I didn't even realize!" She said, hiding her head in her arms. She felt rude.

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't specific. It looks like the wolf that tried to talk to Reens." Nate replied, also blushing.

Kaitlynn sighed a breath of slight relief. "Oh. I see." She replied. She noticed Nate's blush and gave a slight laugh.

Reens did a double-take. "Oh, right. Him. He tried to talk to me earlier. He doesn't look that handsome," she sniffed. "Moros, on the other hand... he looks much more refined." She blushed slightly when she said this. 

Kaitlynn giggled at Reens' statement. "Who's Moros?" She asked curiously. 

"He's over there," Reens whispered, pointing him out. "In the yukata. He's so sweet. He makes me almost want to..." She paused, then blushed a slightly deeper shade of red. "He makes me want to sing..."

"Wow, that's a lot of red on your cheeks." Nate said, with a wide smile.

Kaitlynn laughed and nodded her head, agreeing with Nate.

Moros, who was simply drinking punch because he had no clue on what to do during a party, looked around to get an example of what the heck he's supposed to do.

A black and blue fox leaned against the wall with a snazzy jacket that had the word 'Security' lining the back as he looked over the party with his arms folded casually.

"Hey, I'm gonna head down to the game area if you need me." Christian told her group.

"OK! Be careful though, and don't end up gambling." Heidi and Kristy giggled.

"Oh please." Christian grinned and walked down a small flight of stairs were games were being held like black jack, pool, and so on.

Kaitlynn looked around and spotted Christian, taking a small bit of interest in her. Kaitlynn nudged Reens. "Who's that?" She asked, pointing towards Christian.

"Isn't she one of the Poppies?" Nate asked, also looking at Christian.

Kaitlynn shrugged. "I dunno but she looks so cool. I wish I could be that pretty." She said with a slight smile.

Reens shrugged. "She's one of the gals that helped me look like this. I dunno her very well." She turned back to looking at Moros, her blush noticeable on her cheeks by now. "Something must be wrong with me..."

Kaitlynn looks at Reens. "There's nothing wrong with you. You're perfect." She said with a warm smile. She looked at Moros then back to Reens. "Go talk to him." She suggested.

Moros looked at Reens before waving and walking towards her.

Kaitlynn froze up, not knowing he was going to come. She winked at Reens and nudged her with an elbow.

"Oh my goodness, he's coming over here. W-what do I say?" Reens tried to smile as he came, although her face was now as red as a beet.

"Just say hi and introduce yourself. Act normal." She replied, feeling excited for her new friend.

Meanwhile, Christian was playing a game of pool against a few guys, and was winning gracefully.

"I'm not just skilled on the tennis court you know~"

"Ooooh, this is new..." Heidi and Kristy watched Kaitlynn and Reens from afar, Kristy slipping her phone out of her Coach Clutch bag.

"I already know him a little bit; that's not the problem," Reens said with a soft laugh. "The problem is... I think I like him."

Kaitlynn laughed lightly. "Well send some hints." Kaitlynn said, demonstrating things to do.

[A man had stepped in with a mask and hood over his head, he then looked towards Christian.] "Would you like to take me on, then?"

"Well, this is really cute, that's a very dark shade of red on your face." Nate teased, as he got a text on his phone.

"Hmm?" Christian blinked as she and the other players looked over, "I don't see why not. But I don't think security would like to see a masked man walking around. Seems a bit suspicious don't ya think?" She chuckled as she lined up another shot.

"Security can tell from the mark on my coat why I wear a mask." [The man grabbed a cue and twirled it lightly, he then leans onto the cue.]

"Oh man, I feel like I just ate a hot chili pepper," Reens whispered as Moros approached. She tried not to squeak and hide her face, which was getting redder by the minute. 

Nate's text read, "Where the hell are you, Nate?" Nate, put down his phone. "You're already taking long enough to get here, Eric." he whispered to himself.

Dingy walked to Annabelle, hugging her leg as a signal that he was having fun.

'You look nice..' Moros mouthed, trying to start a conversation with Reens.

Reens smiled. "Thank you; Annabelle and her friends made me up like this." Her blush receded slightly, but then she started to sweat. "You look very nice too, Moros."

"O...K?" Christian raised an eyebrow at the mystery man as she put a hand on her hip, "So, 1 v 1 then?"

"Hm? Oh there you are~" Annabelle picked Dingy up with a free hand.

"I should get a chao..." Paris tapped her chin, "Isn't Kristy getting one soon?"

"I think so." Annabelle replied.

"This will be a story to tell." Kristy mumbled as she and Heidi continued to watch Reens and Moros.

Moros blushed lightly. 'So.. What is there to do in this party?'

"To be honest, there really isn't anything to do." Nate said, looking around for his friend, Eric.

Dingy's emotion orb turned into an exclamation point when he heard that Kristy was getting a Chao.

[The masked man waited for his turn at pool patiently.]

"You know, you'd stop looking around like an idiot if you just turned around." a voice said behind Nate. "I know that's you, Eric." Nate said, as his face turned a light shade of red.

Reens nodded, confirming Moros' statement. "All I've really done is sit and talk with friends. I was thinking of singing a song, but I don't know what song would be nice."

Zerofuse returned from his failure of finding something to do. "What the hell did I miss?" He asked, seeing more people by Kaitlynn and Reens.

"You didn't have to sneak up on me like that." Nate said to Eric. "You have to admit, it was pretty funny." Eric replied.

Christian sets up her shot and gradually takes it as she stands up straight. She looks over to the masked man, "Your go mystery man." She chuckled playfully.

"Darling!" Mr. Harrington walked past Reens and the others as he walked over to Paris, "The DJ is here."

"Skrillex, perfect~!" Paris smiled.

"Oh! And a Miss Hayley Williams wanted to apologize for showing up late." He said, making Annabelle gasp.

"Hayley! You didn't even give me a hug yet!" Annabelle headed for the door.

"And one more thing!"


"The patio is open for the guests to roam on."

"Perfect! Thanks so much dad~" Paris leaned up and kissed him on the cheek as he hugged her.

"I'll be with my own group if you need anything." He smiled and headed off as Paris waved and went to converse with other party goers.

Dingy was doing his own thing, but slightly getting lost.

"Everyone!" Paris called out, "If you would like to get fresh air, the patio is available. Just be careful of the pool, unless you plan on swimming of course~" She smiled.

Reens' face grew a bit paler as she and Moros talked, then she started to sweat. Wiping her forehead with a napkin wasn't helping much so she excused herself and went to the patio to cool down. She sat comfortably in a patio chair and watched the pool water, making a small water ball form from it.

"So!" Kristy and Heidi hop out from behind Reens' place to sit, "Has he asked you out yet~?"

"Wow, cutting to the chase so quickly." Nate said, at the entrance to the patio.

"Aah!" Reens yelped, then turned around. "Who? Moros? I don't think he's the dating type, but I think I might have the perfect song." She pulled out a J-Lo CD and flipped it up. "Maybe I can tell him how I feel this way?"

Reens shrugged and pointed to one listed on the back of the case. ( "This one, maybe?"

Moros just tilted his head. 'Hm?.. Is she okay?' He thought to himself.

[The Masked Lord had then positioned the cue, twirling it a bit before hitting it with a swift jab, without seemingly lining the shot up, the shot would hit it's target, not entirely sinking it, but making it then difficult for her opponents to hit it without having a scratch.]

Masked Lord: "......Which Master Thief? I might know him.. But then again, maybe not.." [He waits for the others' turns.]

[The Masked Lord goes silent.] "......He's not supposed to be here.."

Meanwhile, Cassidy the Raccoon is in a heated game of Texas Hold'em Poker with a bunch of other party goers.

Nate thought of going inside to notify Paris that Reens was going to sing a song.

Paris sat surrounded by other party goers dawned in priceless diamonds and jewelry as they giggled and laughed to themselves.

"Hmm...~" Christian looked at her situation carefully as she tapped her claws on the side of the pool table in thought.

"Hm, this I gotta see..." Heidi muttered to Kristy as the two smiled.

Dingy made his way to the patio, wanting to see what was happening.

Kristy and Heidi kept close eyes on Reens too see what would happen next.

Cassidy and the crowd at the table stop their game of Texas Hold Em to see what is about to happen.

Christian lined up her shot and put her all into it as she gritted her teeth at the outcome.

[The Masked Lord simply watched, taking the hood down and the mask off, revealing to be...

Wait, what?

This so called 'Lord' twirling the cue around is a young girl?]

"Whooooaaaa." Christian blinked and stared at the girl, "You're a chick? Why didn't you say so?"

"I see no need to." [The girl replied.] "A woman that I serve has proven to me. Man, Woman, they're just masks everyone wears. Everyone is same, everyone is equal."

Reens got up and took the stage, although she was a bit worried and nervous. She cleared her throat and shifted a wedge, then spoke into the mic. "Uh, h-hello. I just w-wanted to sing something for a friend of mine." 

"O...K then." Christian looked on blankly. 

Only a few guests paid Reens any mind, others looked on with doubting stares. 

"Is this amatuer night or something?" One guest spoke up and coaxed light laughter nearby, Paris raising an eyebrow from the side likes as Annabelle, Kristy, and Heidi joined her. 

Zerofuse felt upset from that, and looked at the guest. "Hey! Shut up and let her sing! Are you a singer? Can you do better? If not, sit there, shut up, and listen to her sing! God I hate people like you..." Zerofuse said, flames starting to come out of his hands without him trying.

"Actually, YES. I AM." The guest responded with a glare.

"If I keep seeing those flames you'll be on the curb quicker than you can say 'I'm sorry'." Paris glared at the two.

Zerofuse suppressed his flames, but kept at it with the guest. "Well show us then! Impress me!" He yelled, his irises turning a glowing red color. His anger was growing and steam literally came out of his ears.

Kaitlynn stood there. He's gonna get kicked out... she thought. She looked at Zerofuse. "Zero...calm down please. You're gonna get thrown out..." She said slightly scared.

Zerofuse snapped back. "Shut up Kaitlynn!" He yelled. He then turned back to the guest.

"Oh God..." Nate said, covering his face in frustration.

Dingy came out from under the punch table, and adjusted his bowtie and looked at what all the yelling was about.

Reens shrank back a bit due to the yelling, but then nodded to the DJ as her song played ( ) and she started to sing, looking straight at Moros the whole time.

Zerofuse cooled down when he heard Reens sing. He turned to her and sat down and listened, a slight smile forming as he felt he shut the rude guest up.

With the smile from Zerofuse, Reens felt a bit more confident and sang a little louder, hitting the notes perfectly. When the song was over, she did a little curtsy and ran back down the steps, almost losing a wedge in the process. She then sat back down, her face as red as a beet.

Moros walked over to Reens, having to navigate through a crowd of people just to congratulate her.

"Wow, that was one of the best performances I've seen!" Nate exclaimed, surprised at Reens' song.

"About our duet Kaitlynn. We should do the song Game On from Pixels" Hugh FINALLY replying to Kaitlynn.

"Not totally bad. But not absolutely my standard." Paris muttered softly to herself as the rest of the Poppies looked on.

"I liked it... Had no idea she could sing." Heidi said as Kristy nodded. Paris walked towards the stage.

"Paris?" Christian looked over.

"What's she doing?" Annabelle blinked.

The poodle took to the stage and took the mic.


"Don't tell me she's gonna sing..." Annabelle and Kristy shared glances. They knew Paris had never sung before, let alone in front of them or a group of people. Giving a sharp whistle she looked to the DJ who began to play music, and Paris begins to sing.( ) . She pulls out the notes steadily as male guests look on in awe and fascination, and the other Poppies look on with jaws dropped in surprise. As Paris hits a high long note she glances at Moros for a moment or two before finishing the song, guests cheering loudly.

"Thank you..." Paris bowed and was practically mobbed by guests but mostly Anna and the others.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?" Kristy shouted.

"I wanted to surprise you." Paris chuckled.

"Well we sure as HELL are SURPRISED!" Heidi said.

"You KNOW what this means...!" Annabelle said, "We...Can officially be the worlds next Destiny's Child...Or, whatever the hell we want to call ourselves...!"

"Chao Chao!" Dingy cheered, also wanting to be a part of it.

"Oh my God guys this is a new step for Poppies...!" Heidi said happily, "You're gonna be everywhere!"

Dingy drank some more punch, that one being his 3rd one.

Reens looked up at Moros with a shy smile, ignoring Paris and her posse for the time being. "I, erm, hope that was okay. Did you like it?" She blushed and tugged her braid nervously, hoping the song was good enough.

Chace the fox stood in the corner, having watched over the party so far as chief of security.

Zerofuse looked at Reens with a smile and a nod of approval.

Just then the music kicked up as party goers gathered on the dancefloor.

Nate and Eric were both sitting there, watching some people dance. "Huh. I guess a lot of people really like dancing." Nate said.

Moros nodded with a smile, signaling that he did like her singing.

As the guests danced some guys took to the stage as instruments were presented - This was Fall Out Boy.

"Heh heh..." Reens blushed and looked out over at the people dancing. "I'm not a very good dancer. Sometimes I feel like I have two left feet." She looked at her wedges and sighed. "Are you a good dancer, Moros?"

"I know for a fact Eric's not one." Nate teased. "Yeah, we get it, I'm not a good dancer, Nate. It would help if you stopped pointing it out all the time." Eric replied, embarrassed.

Moros shrugged, he never tried dancing so it'd be apparent that he sucks at dancing.

"Haha~!" The Poppies took to the floor as did the party guests as the music played. (( )) Annabelle and Kristy took a dance circle by storm. They danced very well and Christian joined in, the trio becoming complete. Though they wore evening gowns, this didn't restrict their dance moves.

Another handsome male went to Reens and grabbed her right hand, pulling her to the dance floor. "Let's dance babe," the flamingo said with a smirk. "I'm not your babe," she managed to yelp as he spun her around. "Let me go!" The flamingo then dipped her and leaned in, suddenly pulling away and trying to kiss her. "Stop it!"

[Solar rose up, gazing towards the flamingo.] "That's enough...she doesn't like it, so you should stop."

"Wow. This escalated quickly." Eric said, looking at the flamingo. "It would help if you didn't just sit there and you just helped her." Nate responded, as he got up to push the flamingo away.

Chace looked up and walked over to the flamingo, "Is there a problem here...?" He glared softly.

Many guys asked to dance with Paris, but she couldn't find one 'decent' enough to dance with her.

"It's called not making a scene." [Solar looked down at Eric, rising his eyebrow at him. He stood at two times the height of a Mobian, though why exactly he'd be here is relatively unknown for the most part, due to his species.]

Dingy was sitting down in a chair near the dance floor, bobbing his head to the music.

Eric looked at Solar, confused as to why he was staring at him. " okay?" he said, feeling awkward.

[He grinned at Eric.] "Nothing..It's just that you had a better mind than your're at least...interesting for the most part." [He then sat back down in the chair, refusing to partake into the dance, along with his daughter and twin siblings.]

"Oh. Well, I guess being an F1 driver makes people more serious." Eric responded, referencing Nate's serious personality due to his job. "Still, we've been good friends for a while."

The flamingo backed off and Reens panted, sitting down and fanning herself with her hand. "That was... embarrassing for the most part..."

"And unexpected. He just walked up to you and just said 'Hey, let's dance.'" Nate said.

"Paris! Dance with me!"

"BACK off, she's MINE."

"Hey Paris-" Christian started, "Ever wonder why guys aren't forcing themselves on you?"

"Oh that's easy. Remember that this is my house. And I can have anyone I want here put in cuffs in a heart beat."

"Right~!" Christian chuckled.

In Full Swing

The lights dimmed down as Skrillex took to the stage and the music began to fill the entire top floors of the penthouse. Games are in full swing and even tournaments are having sign ups! Anything from Texas hold em to roulette. Outside the fountain and pool create a calm and cool setting while food and drink was being served for all who desired.

Moros clutched his ears at the dub-step, finding dub-step to be a very loud and a very crappy genre of music to listen to. 

[Solar blinks and puts in his earbuds, not being too fond of Skrillex. Soon enough, his daughter and siblings follow suit.]

Eric and Nate followed suit, both questioning why Skrillex would play so loud.

Reens covered her ears as well, making her way outside to sit by the pool. Before she went outside, she changed out of her dress into a plain blue and white one-piece swimsuit and sandals. She jumped in the pool after kicking her sandals off and started swimming around.

Zerofuse sat down outside alone, not enjoying the party. Kaitlynn noticed this and walked to him. "What's wrong?" She asked. "This party. It sucks. I thought I'd have fun for once. I think I'll leave." Zerofuse said, taking his phone out to text someone back. Kaitlynn tried to get him to stay, but Zerofuse turned away from her and sighed. He started to walk towards the exit.

"I'm gonna go sign up for a gaming tournament." Nate said, getting out of his seat. "Yeah, you do your thing." Eric responded, looking at Zero with a worried look.

Kaitlynn looked at Eric and made movements with her hands to try and tell him to try and get Zerofuse to stay.

Eric nodded his head at Kaitlynn and got up immediately to walk over to Zerofuse. "Hey, man, what's wrong? You got a problem?" Eric asked. 'Of course he has a problem, you idiot!' Eric thought right after saying that.

Zerofuse shrugged, trying not to look bothered with the party. "Just uh...bored. Nothing to do." He lied.

Eric looked around at the activities that were available, then facepalms. "I'm gonna guess you're a very bad liar." Eric said. "I mean, sure, there aren't that many, I'll be the first to admit that, but still."

Zerofuse sighed. "Well none of these things are fun to me." Zerofuse said, not really interested in talking. Kaitlynn then walked up. "Zero, just stay. For me." She said with a gentle smile. Zerofuse coughed. "Geez Kaitlynn. You sound like my girlfriend." Kaitlynn laughed. "Shut up."

Soon Reens got tired of swimming and lifted herself out of the pool. She dried herself off with a towel and sat in a pool chair, just looking up at the sky. 

"You two seem like a great couple." Eric whispered, and snickered after.

Zerofuse coughed hard and Kaitlynn blushed. "Whoa whoa whoa!" Zerofuse said. "We're not dating!" The two of them said at the same time.

Eric chuckled. "Calm down, I'm just joking." he said. "Now to figure out what to do with my time here."

Zerofuse laughed. "I knew that. I guess I'll stay and just sit somewhere." He said, sitting down in a corner alone on his phone.

"I'm sure the party will grow during later hours, so yeah." Eric said.

Kaitlynn laughed. "I didn't even think about that." She responded.

Sooner than later DeadMau5 and Daft Punk over ran the stage as guests joined them up there. Christian surfaced from the pool in a slim white one piece swim suit as she looked over at Reens. She was apparently under water for some time, practicing her breath holding just because.

"Ello Reens." She said and smiled.

"Whoa!" Reens said, snapped out of her thoughts. "Oh, hey, Christian. I didn't see you in the pool earlier. What's up?"

"Nothin' much." She shrugged her shoulders, "Just relaxing for the time being. You should try the hot tub. SO good." She grinned.

Reens grinned back and nodded. "I might just do that. Care to join me?" She got up from the chair and walked to the hot tub, inviting Christian to join her.

"Don't mind if I do~" Christian sighed as she hopped out of the pool and followed behind Reens as she squeezed a bit of the water out of her tail.

Leaning back, Reens sighed in relaxation. "This feels amazing..." she sighed, closing her eyes in bliss. "Hey Christian, you have anyone you, ah, like?"

"Hmm?" Christian blinked as her ears twitched and lay down on her head while she slipped herself into the hot tub and sat across from her, "Well, I am dating an echidna named Markus. The man of my dreams, I swear..." She chuckled softly, "He's Jack's best friend, who's Kristy's boyfriend." She added.

"Oh, alright," Reens replied with a grin. "Glad to know." She played with the water a bit, lifting it up and shaping it.

"And I know who you got the hots for." Christian grinned softly.

"Oh Boy! Skrillex! He's really good!" Noah shouted unexpectedly.

Reens dropped the water she was playing with and blushed. "Uh, yeah? I mean, he's cute and all, but... he'd never go for a plain Jane like me. He's probably looking for someone sweet and kind and pretty and with a good sense of humor and, well, I don't think I'm the gal for him. True I sang a song for him, but it won't make him fall in love with me."

"Really?" Noah softened. "That's sweet."

A Mobian Elk stands near the ledge of the balcony," I don't believe she was talking about you..."

"Aw, c'mon, you're absolutely adorable Reens. If you keep saying that stuff out loud Annabelle's gonna give you the match maker treatment..." Christian whispered.

Visil was a bit drunk at this point, blabbering gibberish

Visil: Grrrbluuub, y-y'know Vera I-I---I love y-y---

Visil then collapsed, leaving Vera confused and standing over him, unable to know what to do.

The song Skrillex played ended. Everyone in the night club were confused, except Noah. "Serves him right." he mumbled.

"Annabelle... Hmph. To be completely honest, I'm getting a bit tired of her trying to control things. If she tries a matchmaking thing it won't work. I don't know why I'm even friends with her. Popularity isn't everything." Reens suddenly stood up from the hot tub and got out, wrapping a towel around herself. "If anyone asks, I'm leaving soon."

Christian scoffed softly as she listened to Reens, "After all the stuff she did for you Reens? Buying you clothes, taking you out to parties? You really don't get out much do you, hun? You need to understand, Anna doesn't usually often make friends with people like you, as down to Earth as you are. And she can't help but be controlling. If you knew about what she went through years ago, you'd understand...but fine. Diss a perfectly fine friendship." She narrowed her eyes and got out of the hot tub as well, diving back into the pool gracefully.

Noah smiled "I don't know what to do for this guy. We'll just let him sober up." He said.

Annabelle and Paris took to the roulette tables and participated in a few rounds, cheering filling the area as spectators looked on.

As Deadmau5 took back the stage, Noah looked around. He saw The new NFL slots, Pink Panther Slots and more "NO UNDERAGE DRINKING!" signs.

Heidi and Kristy laughed and wondered over to a bar where they ordered drinks, and happily signaled the bartender to slip them in something before they started sipping down the beverages.

Reens stopped short, clenching her fists. She turned around and huffed. "I didn't ask her to do any of those things! I didn't ask her to take pity on me or buy me clothes or do my makeup or come to fancy parties! I... I didn't ask her to be a part of my life! And if I don't understand something, fine! Let her explain it to me sometime. I'm going to give everything back. At least she has a daddy who loves her!" Reens eyes filled with tears as she ran into the house again.

"So I am only to go anywhere and do stuff except drink." Noah told himself "Just non alcoholic..."

Christian resurfaced and watched her run off as she huffed and folded her arms under the waters surface.

"Did you see how Reens was looking at Moros?" Kristy smiled.

"So cute~" Heidi grinned.

Noah popped out of nowhere "Hello, what are you doing?" He beamed "You do realize no one under 13 is allowed to come here."

[Solar and his siblings look at Sake. Who is just sipping from her own canteen, closing it wearily as a silver aura is behind her, clearly giving a fifth presence to the party of four.]

Solar: "I think you should probably realize that no one under eighteen is allowed to be near the bar, kid. At least in Trinitarian law."

Noah: I am not at the bar.

Solar: "You're pretty much near people saying this, near enough to talk over this excessively loud music, so technically, you're at the bar."

Noah: This is not the bar, okay? You're mistaken.

"Get lost already, my brain cells are committing suicide the more you stand near me..." Kristy groaned as she and Heidi continued to talk.

Solar: "I'm pretty sure I'm not if you're telling someone they can't go to the bar when they're sorta. There, you know?"

Sellie: "Maybe he's just lost.." [Sellie's grin turns different, from the usual warm smile she had on her face, it turns to a grim grin.] "Or maybe he's lost a few brain cells." [The grin turns back to the smile as she looks back at Noah, it's unsure if she's either happy, or is choosing to be a snark.]

Dingy was relaxing in the pool.

Eric went up to check on Nate, when he almost bumped into him. "Where the hell did you come from?" Eric said, surprised. "Eh, there wasn't much to do." Nate replied. "That's no surprise to me." Eric said.

Reens ran right past everyone and almost bumped into Paris. She apologized, then went into the bathroom and changed back into her dress. She came out of the bathroom without wearing her shoes or jewelry that had been bought, and her makeup had been scrubbed off of her face. Finally, she went out of the house again, lifting her dress so it wouldn't get dirty.

"What's up?" Annabelle asked.

Panting, Reens ran as fast as she could in her dress away from Paris' house. "I'll give her the dress back. Her and Annabelle. Being a Poppie isn't what I want!" Soon it started raining, and Reens ran under an awning to keep the dress from getting wet. Her feet were aching, and she sighed. "Christian probably hates me now..."

"Brr... it's getting cold out here... I hope the rain stops soon," Reens muttered with chattering teeth, pulling her dress closer to her. "I'm so stupid! Stupid for running away, stupid for thinking I could change myself, stupid for thinking Moros could love me... And now I'm in the freezing rain because of how stupid I am!" She whimpered, then started to cry.

Heidi and Kristy met up with Paris and Annabelle at the slots they ha set up. Soon Christian came back inside after drying off and getting dressed again.

"Hey C Cat, what's wrong?" Annabelle asked.

"I'll explain later." She huffed sadly and folded her arms. Annabelle sighed and shrugged as she went back to the game.

"Well, you seemed happy when you were with Kaitlynn," Reens replied, feeling a bit uneasy. "Why are you asking me for help? If anything you should be with her and not me." Her hands balled into loose fists, ready to defend herself at a moment's notice.

"You need to stop playing before I put you on the street corner!" Heidi laughed as she OWNED a game of roulette.

"Read 'em and weap." Christian grinned as she had to use both arms to rake in the chips as she played.

"Where do you think everyone is going...?" Paris muttered as Annabelle shrugged.

"Beats me. But if they're missing the party of the decade there's gonna be nothing but negative gossip." Annabelle sipped her drink.

Chace the fox watched them all from the party area upstairs. He raised a concerned eyebrow as he took his hands out of his pockets.

Finally stopping to rest, Reens looked back at where she had came. "Almost home," she breathed with a sigh of relief. Turning around, she started walking the rest of the way to her front door.

Paris wondered over to Chace who was still on duty, chatting with a few girls. She mumbled something to him as he nodded and she went back to the party.

Reens reached her house and went inside, making sure not to bother her father passed out on the couch. She took off the dress, her shoes, the makeup, and redid her hair the way she always had it. Finally, she collapsed on her bed, taking a deep breath before falling asleep.


Noah: I am tired too.

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