Chapter 1: Eggman creates a space station with a laser that can destroy Mobius. Tails created a spaceship to get to the Space Station but it can't fly without 7 Chaos Emeralds. The Heroes must travel though Mobius to get the Emeralds and save Mobius.

So far Mars Seth and Falco are fighting for the 1st Emerald in Green Feild.

Silver and Metal Sonic are fighting in Crisis City and near the end of the battle ??? defeated Metal Sonic.

Omega has been passworded by Eggman so now Omega is trying to destroy its friends but Sonic comes in and now its Sonic and Nux have to fight Omega.

Affter Metal Sonic was defeated a claw from the Death Egg came and brought it to the Death Egg. Silver chases affter this. The war with Eggman has just begun!

The Death Egg was destroyed along with Eggman and Metal Sonic.

Mars didnt get the Emerald from Seth but they team up.

Chapter 2:

Metal Sonic survived the explosion from the Death Egg.

Metal Sonic then captures Cream and brings her to the Ice Cave. But Mighty the Armadillo saw Metal Sonic with Cream and chased affter them.





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Canon Characters

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Sonic the Hedgehog (SilverSonic32X)

Miles "Tails" Prower (SilverSonic32X)

Dr. Eggman (SilverSonic32X)

Knuckles the Edchidna [the youngest person on sonic fanon wiki]

Metal Sonic (SilverSonic32X)

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog(Fain)

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega (SilverSonic32X)

E-102 Gamma (Hero)

Cream the Rabbit

Vector the Crocodile

Mighty the Armadillo (SilverSonic32X)

Espio the Chameleon(Fain)

Charmy Bee


Silver the Hedgehog(Fain)

Blaze the Cat

Gemerl[youngest person on the wiki]

Cream the Rabbit (SilverSonic32X)

Vanilla the Rabbit

Shade the Echinda



Chaos [youngest person on the wiki]

Scrouge the Hedgehog

Tails Doll

Fanon Characters

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Mars the Hedgehog (SilverSonic32X)

Robo the Fox (SilverSonic32X)

Seth the Hedgechidna(Fain)

Falco the Eagle (Hero)

Shaddak (Hero)

Wreck the fox (Nice freaking try broski but I'm English-Fain) [oh very sorry, well then i am the youngest.]

Transford thr Hedgehog (DoomDegree)

Mac (Black Silver)

Jet (Black Silver)

Steameyes (Black Silver)

Chapter 1:  The Journey Begins!

Grass Field

Tails: This cant be good... Eggman's new space station could destroy Mobius! I gotta call Mars...

Falco: (sleeping in a nearby tree)

Seth:*Is in a nearby chao garden spinning his red emerald*

Mars: *Teleports infront of Tails* Whats the problem?

Falco: (hears the sound of the Emerald and opens one eye, almost comically)

Seth:*Has 4 chao sitting on his head*

Falco: (flies down out of his tree) Nice Emerald you got there...

Seth:*Glares at Falco* Don't touch it... *Pets a chao*

Falco: You know, I could power like, sixteen death rays with that thing....

Seth:Well you aren't gonna *Absorbs the emerald and gains a red spine*

Falco: If I really wanted it, you couldn't stop me.

Seth:Fun fact you sound overpowered :L Like Superman

Falco: Fun fact, I have no powers. Fun fact, I'm basically Batman with more bazookas.

Seth:Heh Batman is meh Aquaman is my favorite DC character in my opinion Marvel is much superior...Anyway why are you here?

Falco: (glares menacingly) Marvel.... better..... DC...... (tries to ignore it) I'm here, cuz my death rays need more power!

Seth:Well mate you aren't getting it...

Falco: I could take it, copy it's energy particles, and have my own. You could have it back in two months, tops.

Mars: *Sees Falco Seth and the Emerald* Hey an Emerald... *Flys over to Falco and Seth*

Seth:Oh GREEAAAT someone else who wants to take my prized possesion and turn it into a weapon :l Oh and birdguy I'm not letting you take my emerald to harm people.

Falco: Look, all I want to do is threaten some people who have gained a disliking to me. And maybe incinerate some small islands....

Mars: I need the Emeralds to get to Eggman's Space Station and stop him from destroying Mobius!

Seth:1.I don't beleive you about that space station thing 2.You aren't blowing up any damn islands and if you want to threaten someone use one of those bazookas you have!

Falco: I ran out of ammo last month. And I can't get more because I need the death rays to threaten the guys who give me my bazooka ammo!

Seth: :L Use a weapon that isn't a death ray to get bazooka ammo 

Falco: Yeah, this guy supplies me with ALL of my ammo. Not really thinking ahead, but....

Mars: I have no idea whats going on so. *Gets out Platnium Sword* If you wanna avoid an embarssing beat down give me the Emerald. If you dont wanna we will have problems..

Falco: Ok..... You have a sword, you have a.... red spine? And I have this... (pulls out a Ray Gun from his backpack) Looks like you guys brought a knife and a... er, spine to a gunfight.

(The spine is on the back of his head along with his real spines :L)

Seth:*Creates red energy drills around his hands and tunnels away*

Mars: What the!? *Jumps down tunnel and chases after Seth*

Seth:Leave me alone!

Mars: NEVER! *Chases affter Seth*

Seth:What do you want with me D:

Mars: The Emerald! *Gets out Platinum Sword and starts slashing at you*

Seth:Why d'you want it? *Blocks the sword with the red energy drills around his hands*

Mars: Because! I need the 7 Chaos Emeralds to get to Eggman's Space Station.

Seth:Why should I beleive you!?!

Mars: Il show you. *Teleports us to Tail's Lab* Tails. Show him.

Seth: D: NO my chao'll be devastated that I'm gone!

Mars: Relax. Its right next to the Chao Garden.

Tails: Here is a video my space control cameras has seen. The Space Station is getting a lazer ready to destroy Mobius. So if you dont help us all life on Mobius is over!

Seth:Alright I'll help ya lemme get my chao... And by the way I'd make sure I only ever have 2 emeralds on me... *Points at the red spine among his purple ones* Don't touch this!

Mars: Alright.

Seth:Teleport me to the garden!

Mars: *Teleports you*

Crisis City

Silver:*Is throwing boxes at Metal Sonic*

Metal Sonic: *Dodging boxes and shoots missle at Silver*

???: (watching the fight from close by)

Silver:*Uses telekenisis to throw the missle back at MS*


Wreck the fox: *alerts ??? to do something*

???: Hrm... Scan this. (fires at him three times with his arm cannon)

Metal Sonic: Scanin- *Blows up*


???: (grunts and turns to walk away)

A claw comes down from the Death Egg bringing Metal Sonic to the Death Egg*

Silver:*Flies up after the claw*

G.U.N Training Room

Knuckles: so why exactly am I meant to be here?

E-123 Omega: PREPARE TO FIGHT. ENGAGING BATTLE SYSTEMS... *Starts shooting bullets*

Knuckles: *dodges* Omega snap out of it! were friends!


Knuckles: Oh god..

Sonic: *Jumps through window and hits Omega down to the ground* Im here to help!

E-102 Gamma: Omega, you are being manipulated by the Doctor. Stop or I will be forced to protect allies.

Knuckles Finally, thank you.

Gamma: It was necessary. The doctor must be incinerated.

Knuckles: Well- I guess so.

Gamma: I will now destroy all evidence of me being here to remain undercover and overpower the Eggman. (drops a bomb on the floor that begins counting down from ten)

(Gamma teleports away)

Sonic: Well then... Peace. *Jumps out window*

Shadow:*Runs in and teleports Omega away*

Knuckles: Er.. that was weird. *runs away*

Death Egg

Eggman:  Failed agian.. How many times do i have to rebuild you to finally destroy Mobius? My new Space Station will do that though...

Silver:What was that? *Throws Metal Sonics destroyed body at Eggman*

Eggman: *Hits Self descruct button* Why did i add that!?





Silver:*Runs away*





Eggman: YOUR NOT LEAVING! *Hits metal shutdown doors button*

Silver:I have pschokinesis you know... *Teleports away*

Metal Sonic Beta.0.6: *Activates self descruct and grabs Silver before he teleports away*

Silver:*Teleports away out of it's arms and into the city*



  • Death Egg blows up destroying Eggman Metal Sonic and the rest of the robots*

Chapter 2: Old Friends

Chemical Plant

Robo: *Runs into Chemical Plant*  ... Noone is here... Guess il go adventure.

Wreck the fox: Why are you keeping me here?

Chaos: I need information. and you will give it to me.

Ice Cave

(Is where Seth and Mars end up)

Falco: (arrives, shivering) Found you, and I am so freaking cold!

Mars; How the? My teleport must be a little rusty.. c..c..c..cold *7 chao all hug Seth to try and keep him warm*

Mars: My fur is nice and warm... WHAT THE!? *Sees Cream the Rabbit Frozen Solid*

Knuckles: *runs in* *gasp* Man, that was weird. At least we all escaped. *looks up*- Who are you guys?


???: It wasnt them... It was me... AND YOUR NEXT! *Shoots missles at Knuckles Mars Seth and Falco*

Knuckles: WHAT THE- *falls unconscious*

Seth: O.o *Creates a red energy drill around his whole body and drills underground*

Mars: *Gets out Platinum Sword and hits missle back at ??? knocking him down to us*

???: Ok- didn't expect tha- *missile hit's him*

Knuckles: *wakes up* uggh, what happened?

Dark Figure: you were hit by a missile,  amazing that you lived. *reaches inside his pocket for the 3 chaos emeralds he stole*

*A giant hole emerges behind Knuckles*
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