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  • No Extreme Sexual Content. Kissing and cuddling is fine so you can say that they are going to do it, but do not describe it; just move to a new scene for another character or move to the next day.
  • No changing the plot to revolve around your character. What you can do is ask to have a mini-part in the story where it would revolve around your character by making a new side page, with the creators permission. (For instance, Roleplay:Adoption of an Angel/Part: Side-Story: (Character Name))
  • I would prefer it if you asked if you could join, so please don't just join willy nilly. That way I know what to add to the page.
  • No Canon Characters!! (besides G.U.N.)
  • Have fun :3


This Roleplay takes place after the events of The Mechromancer Chronicles | Spoilers

Temporal remembers that after he defeated Jack, the person that made him a mechromancer, he would not hate his daughter, Angel, because in fact, she helped defeat Jack, and G.U.N. took her into custody, and Temporal decides to adopt Angel, but he's got 2 major problems, Eggman is determined to harness the power of a Mechromancer, by taking Angel and a former G.U.N. agent, Noir Ferret want's to kill Angel, and it's Temporal's duty to protect her until G.U.N. can capture Noir and allow Temporal to take down Eggman again, after all that's happened with the Cries of the Fursona Incident or the Halloween Terror Incident, Temporal is determined to protect his family from Eggman and Noir.


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Chapter 1

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