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Mr. Markus Tranquil, CEO and founder of Tranquil corps, was found dead in the The Bellflower Orphanage , with many stab wounds. The main suspect and the one being accused of his death, is Neo Tranquil, the adopted son of Markus Tranquil. Is Neo truly innocent, or did he truly commit the crime?


  • This roleplay is not a combatative roleplay,, so do not start fights.
  • Remember to behave in courtroom mode, do not act stupid for no reason.
  • Be kind to the other players, but act however you think your character should act.
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Neo Tranquil (Neo)

Fate the Cat (Neo)

Leah the Chao-born (Neo)

Time Spinner (Neo)

Masako Haruno the Fox (MHS)

Prairie Haruno the Fox (MHS)

Argent Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Rose Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Aurum the Hedgehog (FroZen)

Zapor the Hedgehog

Lexi the Hedgehog

Zak the Kirby

Miyuki Akuroma (Winterleaves112)

Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)

Krys the Unicorn (Pianoteen)

New characters

The Judge (Neo)

Mitch Bramble (Neo)

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Kasari Blackbear(Fox)

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Sico the cat (AwsomeSONICfan)

Monk the Cat(Monk)

Neil Clements(Monk)


Jack the Flying Squirrel.(RTS)

Part 1: The detention center (Investigate mode)

The group stands in the detention center's interviewing room. They await the accused for the crime, Neo, to come out and answer a few questions. The room is fairly large, but grey and very boring.

"I hope Neo's alright..." Fate said.

"Tranquility will be fine." Time Spinner said. "He always is, don't worry."

Zapor, now caught upwith what is going on,"Someone better have either a good lawyer or a good plan."

Christina looked at Leah. "Tell me," she started to say, "What crime did Neo commit?"

"According to the police report he's charged with manslaughter, he killed Mr.Tranquil, his father." Leah sighed. "But of course, we can't just say that we were in the slums fighting people when that was happening, because then all of us would go to jail. Neo couldn't have murdered someone...right?"

"Well actually..." Time Spinner said. "When the rite of Time Turner is activated, Tranquility does go through another series of events, so it is possible...I mean, more than likely he didn't, but if Tranquility got angry...the idea is not improbable..."

Krys looked indifferent. "Nobody knows if he did it." She said. "But if my horn recharges, Time Spinner or I could use a Time Travel Spell.." She told the group.

"No we can't." Time said. "Envoking the rite of Time Turner causes a paradox, destroying time for a few short moments and rearangeing what happened. No matter how many Time Travelers or writers, or meta's we gather, that moment in time can never be re-visted, because it never was in time." He looked down at the ground. "That sounds weird, okay, basically no matter how hard we try, we can't ever go back to that moment in time, we can't change that part of history. It's not a constant in time."

"Time travel...this is such confusing stuff." Leah said. "I hope I never have to time travel."

No one is sure why but after Leah made this comment Fate starts chuckling.

Masako seemed to have caught on to what Leah was chuckling about, and a snicker escaped her for a second.

"I know I've heard something like that before, but I can't remember what or where..." Prairie said.

Fate tries to answer, but is interrupted by the sound of a door opening. On the other side of the detention center room, stands Neo the Fox. He's wearing his normal white clothing, but his glasses look different, and he seems to have gained a couple of cuts. "Hey guys..." He said kind of sadly. "This...this wasn't the kind of 'grand exit' I wanted to make."

"I still don't understand. What evidence could they possibly have to convict you with? Do they even have a murder weapon?" Masako asked.

"I don't know, they wouldn't tell me." Neo said sadly. "Don't worry though, supposedly there's someone else coming to talk with me today."

"Who is it?"Zak said.

"Do you still want us close by...?" Prairie asked.

"Yes...yes...I would prefer if you guys helped look around the crime scene, or something. I don't know you'd have to talk to the guy. Supposedly he's really, really good. His name's Smash." Neo told the group.

"You don't say?" Argent said. "Now, I know this isn't the first time I've heard that name..."

"Ok, someone good iswatching Neo. What are we going to do?" said Lexi

"I think it's pretty obvs." Zapor said.

"I don't know, but I think he has something to do with the bellflower orphanage." Neo told the group. "That's where...that's where Dad was murdered..."

"Hmm..." Krys thought. Her horn lit. A notebook and an inked feather-pen came from nowhere. In the notebook she wrote with both magically in her control: Thought one: Bellflower orphanage-..... dad murdered. "Do you remember the time he was murdered?"

"No...I couldn't find a clock." Neo shook his head.

Lexi, playing with a ripple energy ball in her hand speaks up."Ok, more complicated questions, how did you get to the place of murder?"

Neo stops dead in his tracks, his face freezes, and for some reason, just a hint of something red around him flashes before disappearing. "Oh...that? Well, you see...I...uh...erm..." He moves his head around as if he's trying to avoid looking at anybody. "I just...uh...w-walked right in the front door."

Leah stops for a second. She clocks her head sideways a bit as Neo answers and her eyes, for some reason, aren't reflecting anything in front of her.

Masako's keen eyesight caught onto both details. Though it was obvious that Neo would be voted "most likely to fail a lie detector test", she seemed more concerned with how Leah seemed to... blank out. Was this the result of some outside intereference? Was she going to be next?

"Leah...?" Fate asked. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm...I'm fine." Leah told her friend. She turned towards the others. "Guys, maybe we should go to the Bellflower, Neo will be back here so we can ask questions later. Right now, some evidence would be good."

Zapor has a clueless look, blinks twice, and then says,"Hey guys. Why are we in the question room? Why does Neo look like he went to the big house?"

"Oh boy, T.S wasn't kidding. Well,  I'll fill you in later (again)." Zak says, then facepalms.

"Yes..." Leah said as she looked at Zapor and then back towards the door. "Yes...I think we should get going..."

"I'll just be here..." Neo said as the group was leaving. "Not like there's anywhere else for me to go..."

Part 2: The Bell Flower orphanage (Investigation Mode)

The group finds themselves at an orphanage. There are a few people here and there, a couple of cops and a matron. Leah takes a look around and looks back at the group, where Time Spinner and Fate are giving her and odd look. "What?" She says.

"Leah, what the bloody hell was that thing back there."

"Y-you mean the red locks?"

"Locks!" Time Spinner asks in a surprised voice. "Y-you know about...the psyche, about the magatama?"

"So someone want to tell me what a magatama is?" Lexi gave an odd look.

"Magatama... this, right?" Prairie held up her necklace, which had a white magatama bead as a pendant.

Time Spinner nodded at Prairie. "Where I come from, some people have magatama sight, the ability to detect when someone is lying. When you own a magatama you can see someone's lies, in the form of psyche locks. In the past, I've used evidence and people to help me break through those locks. It seems Tranquility has psyche locks concerning how he entered,"

"And that's why we're here." Leah finished. "We're going to try and find the evidence we need to break those locks. Though...we're going to need someone who can need to tell his attorney about this..."

"If he couldn't even give a straight answer about his means of entry... then that's where we need to start. We should work our way from the outside in. We might be able to find something between the perimeter and the entrance." Masako suggested.

"Do you want me to go back and tell him?" Prairie asked.

Zapor looks around and looks at the sky. It was dark and about 10:30, three hours before he actually goes to sleep. "When did Neo even have time to get accused by this anyway?"

"All day." Time said. "When the rite of time turner is used, it causes a few rules to come into place. Basically we were with a version of Neo that didn't really exist all day, while the real Neo was transferred...somewhere and was able to do whatever he pleased. Although, it seems when the fake Neo died, all of the things that happened to him today, happened to the real Neo. So I assume he remembers all of that, and probably still has him..."

A male cat has a knife inside of him.

"Sheesh, the minute I'm not around some junk happens." Zapor said.

Zak rolls his eyes."So Neo said he just happened to waltz in the door, so we could check there."

"Right." Leah says. "Let go check it out." The group approaches the door...only to find that their isn't a door. It' been taken off it's hinges and now it just an empty doorway.

Lexi has a worried look on her face."Zak, you don't think.."

"Well if we were against Neo we would have clear evidence. If was still had that injection in him and was enraged, he might've tore the door down."Zak said.

"So? That doesn't exactly point to him. I could've tore the door down."Zapor said.

"Right, but you weren't here...and Neo was..." Leah says as she stands up. "Maybe we should check elsewhere."

"You mean like the place he was murdered?" Zapor said.

"Wait, that's it! If we check where Mr. Tranquil was murdered, we might have a lead." Zak said, then gave a wierd look. "Weird, normally you don't say smart stuff like that."

Zapor blinked twice, flopped his ears up and down, and gave a clueless look."What I say?"

Masako looked at Time Spinner and shrugged. "I just hope nobody's tampered with the evidence."

"Doubt it." Time told Masako. "There's enough police here to keep track of everything."

The group moves towards an area with white tape placed around where the body once was. There's blood on the ground around the tape.

"Well...this is dark..." Leah said as she looked at where the body was.

Masako appeared to be examining the position the body was in, along with the blood spatters. Perhaps she was trying to determine what direction the murderer came from and what direction Tranquil was facing when he was attacked. "Hmm... did they say how much of a struggle he put up?"

"No. Normally I pay attention to how he was killed." Zapor implied as he started to check the body.

Zak looked and saw that thw window was broken. He then ran and saw bloody footprints near the window leading diner. "I think I found a clue."

"Bloody footprintes?" Time Spinner asked as he looked over the footprints. "Someone stepped in the either the person couldn't see it, or the person didn't care...What do you guys think?"

Lexi looked at the bloody footprints. "Maybe they heard someone come and ran without noticing."

Zapor looked at where it lead to."And it leads to the bar me and my friends usually go to, meaning he's probably still there!"

"First of all, your under-age and that's illegal, Foal. Second, the footprints stop at the window, they don't lead anywhere. Third,the murder happened hours ago, back when we split up in the mansion. He's not there." Time Spinner told Zapor.

"I meant the gun bar." Zapor said pointing to another building. 

"Did he die by a gun, or a mass beating?" Lexi said.

Zak gives a pretty obvious answer. "Apart from the fact that the bullet wouldn't make a big hole which pretty much answers the question, you have to take in account the size of the window, which approximately 21 inches wide and a foot tall."

"Pretty sure he was stabbed." Time told the two. "If they have Neo, it's pretty obvious that he was stabbed. That and there's a tape shaped like a knife over there."

"Hmm, knife shaped tape, bloody footprints that end at the bar with no continuation,  and a wide holed window..." Lexi said, thinking about it all.

"He didn't go to the bar. As I've said, the footprints stop at the window, there is no proof that he went to the bar at. Not to mention, the gun bar is fully open, and if a murderer went through there, it would be crawling with cops and be closed." Leah told Lexi.

"Well maybe he could fly" Lexi put in. "No one ever said what he was. He could've flown to the roof and ran from there."

"If he could fly, then we wouldn't be here right now." Fate said. "If the murderer could fly, then the blood on his shoes would have spilled everywhere, causing a puddle of blood. We don't see any of that here, or on anything outside. He never came out this way. Time, what do you think?"

"Let's see..." Time Spinner said, he looked around the area and walked over to where the tape outline of the body was, and laid on top of it, his body matching the position of the tape.

"W-what are you doing?" Leah asked.

"Checking time." Time Spinner told the group. He closed his eyes and his entire body started to shimmer in a gold light, everyone in the group started to see it, and they all started to see something.

It was dark, the lights didn't exactly work right. You could see a figure in a long black coat, holding a red knife. Markus was hunched over, holding what appeared to be a stab wound. The figure continuted stabbing Markus, stopped, and ran out the door, dropping his knife in the process.

"Well that was enlightening." Time said. "Who ever did this, was wearing a long black overcoat and owns a red knife, but we're safe now. Tranquility has those white clothes and uses a white dagger. He couldn't have done it."

"Except...Neo used to wear that black coat, and the red knife looked a lot like the blood blade." Fate told Time. "We need to find something else. Something that can point us in the right direction...we need to talk to someone who has known Neo for a long time..." She snapped her fingers and pointed at Leah. "Call Zero. We need to talk to Vorpa."

Zapor looks. "But what if it was someone else we knew who wore black?"

Zak thinks as well. "Blade is out of the question beacause he was your wingman on your date with Ec..I mean exciting tutor, Mr. Sheepead! You were studying."

"Vorpa? I didn't know she and Neo were acquainted..." Prairie said.

"Vorpa and Neo both grew up in the underground monarchy." Fate said. "She's probably the closet thing to a sister that Neo has. Her and Neo...and Veela..."

"So where are they now?" Zapor asks.

Zak remembers where th3y went after the fight. "Best guess is that they went to your house. But in all worst case sscenarios, they went back to Neo's house...."

Part 3: Evol Estate (Investigation)

"I didn't expect this." Time Spinner said as the group was led by two maids into a courtyard where Vorpa stared into a fountain, and Zero sat on a bench in front of a piano. He was playing a soft tune on it, it was something no one really expected of him. Leah's eyes went wide with shock, Fate had her hand in front of her mouth, and Time Spinner didn't know what to even say. "Zero, when did you learn how to play a piano?"

"A while ago." Zero said. "There was a woman who taught me, she gave me this piano. Came from the Mystic Down corporation."

Leo and Blade walk through the door. "So I went asking around, and one cop said that the only description was that he saw a white blur go past the door." Leo said.

Zak nods. "Did you tell Ages?"

"Yeah, he's taking it pritts hard. But the other thing is still safe." Leo said.

Zapor nods. "So, what are we doing in Neo's house?"

"Tranquility lives here?" Time Spinner asked.

"No, you're thinking of Tranquil Manor, this is Evol Estate. My place." Zero said as he continuted to play.

Fate approached Vorpa carefully. "Vorpa...? We wanted to ask you something." She said. "How much do you know about Neo's coat?"

"His coat?" Vorpa said in a small voice, the stench of alchohal on her breath filled the area. "Why the hell is that important?"

"Neo's been charged with murder and all we know is that his murderer was wearing his coat." Fate replied.

"Tch, has to be Neo's coat then. When we worked...for him...we all had specially made items. Their one-of-a-kind. Neo's coat was made out of a durable, yet thin material. It was mafe for combat, it can't be destroyed, though we didn't count a rage-filled bullet into the mix, or at least we didn't at the time." Vorpa went back to staring into the pond.

"Was there blood on the coat?" Zero asked. "Or a hole?" Zero stopped playing the piano.

" the coat looked brand new...why?" Leah told him.

"Well, if I remember right, I shot Neo in the heart, and blew a giant hole in the coat's front. The coat's one of a kind so it would of had to have been fixed."

"Except it couldn't have been." Vorpa said. "The only time the material was ever made was to create four combat-ready outfits designed specificly for the person wearing it. Neo's coat, my battle skirt, his uniform, and Veela's armor."

"Wait a minute he wasn't wearing the black jacket after Zero shot him. He was wearing white." Zak said

"Which could either mean that someone stole his jacket to frame Neo for it or when Time turner happened, whatever that is, he swapped back to the black clothes." Blade mentioned. 

"But who would be sneaky enough to get into Neo's house the while we were in the bidding house and kill Mr.T? More importantly, who would have something against Neo?" Leo put in.

"Uhhh, I think there's a lot of people who might have a motive for framing him... but nobody we don't already know or met face-to-fist." Argent said.

"But who knows what happened during the paradox? We can't observe whatever happened in the altered timeline. Likewise, we don't know how deep the wound was when the timeline was shattered." Masako began. "It's a stretch, but if the possibility exists that the timeline has been rearranged from a point prior G.U.N.'s siege on Station Square..."

"You're saying that we're dealing with a different Neo altogether?" Argent asked.

"Wait a minute. Fate, remember when you said how Neo's DNA needed to be almost completely reconstructed when you resurrected him?" Rose said. "Let's say Masako's right and time has been rearranged further back than expected... if the DNA reconstruction isn't accounted for, we might be dealing with a different Neo than the one that led us through the Underground Monarchy a while ago."

"But if the timeline realizes that it made an error, it would have to correct it somehow in order to cauterize the wound... Time Spinner, do you think I'm onto something, or am I just spinning my gears?" Masako asked.

Zapor, completely lost by everything, spoke up. "Ok, I think I got it, but just to be safe, I need you to repeat the entire sentence again cause I wasn't listening."

Blade rolled his eyes. "She means we might be dealing with another Neo, or someone we know might've done it."

"I mean, it's possible." Time Spinner said. "When enacting Time Turner, you throw two different time lines together and make them one. The only problem is that the Tranquility we saw in the building is the one that exists now, the other Neo was destroyed, but...I suppose it could have been our Tranquility that was destroyed...I don't exactly know which one I made not exist...Oh why can't Aselia be here, she'd know which one was which!"

"Calm down Time Spinner... we'll figure it out." Prairie said. "But if what my sister says is a possibility, then we can't rule out the theory that the Neo from the past is involved in this somehow... that would at least provide an explanation to what we saw in the orphanage."

"Then we need to consider the possible events that could've taken place that would allow that Neo to exist in the altered timeline... and why he would be involved in this murder at all, innocent or otherwise. Whatever evidence we find, we need to make sure that it's pointing in the right direction and not a single degree off course." Masako said. "Like his coat... we know it was damaged back in Station Square, but during the vision it was in perfect condition... and it couldn't have been a replica since it's impossible to recreate it. According to this timeline, Neo wasn't shot; that event never existed. But that would suggest that... someone else might have lost their life in Station Square."

"I guess OmegaCorp isn't calling you 'The Savior' for nothing..." Rose said.

"So who isn't here right now, but was here in the Station Square fight?" Zapor asked.

"There are constants and variables." Time Spinner said. "Tranquility must always go through certain events. Most of what we know about him has happened, he went to Equestria, he fought against Fury, he..."

As he speaks though there is a flash and another person is standing in the courtyard. This one is a boy in a red hoodie and black pants. His red eyes peer out and he's holding a box and a white sword. This human is obviously a child though.

"Kael!" Time calls as he shakes the child's hand.

"Greetings Time Spinner." The boy moves his finger in the air and leaves a purple trail after his movements.

"Everyone, this is Kael Fiora, he's a meta, like me and Aselia, he controls Energy and dimension travel. His kind doesn't talk though, so he has to write to communicate." Time says. "Why are you here Kael? Did something happen in it's Low...where do you come from again? I don't think I've ever been your home."

"Never mind that." Kael writes. "I came to give you these. Z has entrusted you to follow the directions in the  box and I am here to give you a weapon." He shoves both of the items into Time Spinner's hands.

"Kael? Can you make me a unicorn again? All this stuff, it's freaking me out. I have fingers now, I don't like fingers." Time pleads.

"You'd be too obvious. I left the restrictions of dimension travel in place for a reason." Kael wrote and turned to the others. "I need to see some of you. Zapor, Masako, Zero, and Leah."

Masako did a slight bow before proceeding. "Yes sir."

"Sis, where are you going?" Prairie asked.

Zapor walks. "Alright,  but this better not be about Ropaz or anyone else I hate as an enemy."

"In the box there is a vial." Time Spinner wrote. "This is called a Vial of Sands. It's a collective work between three Meta's and a writer. The Vial of Sands is the most powerful thing in the universe. Upon the entity being consumed, time itself will turn back, everything will return to a set time frame, that was deemed to be 15 years ago, before the pure-blood chao-born you call your friend was born. Most evil that has been in your lives will no longer be this way. Millie the Mouse will have someone alive that isn't now, and by doing so a chain reaction of events will be set in motion, causing most evil in the world to no longer be so. Even people who have died will be alive. Because of those villians no longer being evil, abilities that you have learned will be forgotten, you will forget everything that happened before then. Most of your lives will be happy, and only the Meta's and the writers will know of what happened before then. At the same time...some thing will be different. By doing this, you are killing several people who's lives were changed due to the evil. Even one of your friends will no longer exist because of the vial being taken." He stopped and waited for the writing to cleat before he continuted.

"The four of you are the most important people in the world. These events revolve around the four of you because of this. Everyone else here, they just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. So here is what I'm here to tell you. The vial can never be broken, and can only be drunk by Echo the Cat. That reason being, if the vial is drunk, Echo will never have been born. The four of you must give permission to drink the vial before it can be opened, exceptions being made by the writers, of course." Kael thought for a minute and contintued writng."You must not tell anyone about this fact. Time Spinner will know when he opens it and your chao-born friend will learn of it before too long. The writer who gave me the vial says to have faith in your friends." He looks at Zero. "Remember your friendships." He turns to Leah. "Take heart in those you love." He turns to Zapor. "That Loyalty is important." He turns to Masako. "And that justice will always be  served. Remember to believe in yourselves."

Zapor gives a super straight facs, then flops his ears twice. "I think i got it...but just to be safe..tell me again I wasn't listening...wait, are you supposed to be Vitruvious saying that, 'Zapor, you are the special' type of stuff?"

"Nevermind that, Zapor... all you need to remember is that you need to keep this secret amongst us four... and that Echo must never drink that vial." Masako said. "That vial... I'm not willing to sacrifice the lives of others just for our own salvation. The evil that we face now is what drives us to be strong, so that we may protect others. The pain, the grief that we've faced... it's something we all want to forget, but it's also part of who we are."

Zapor's pupils grow small, then big, then back to normal size. " What should we not tell anyone?"

A sweatdrop appeared on Masako's head as she turned to Leah. "I think the less he knows, the better... maybe we won't have to worry about him telling anyone about it if he doesn't even know what it is." Masako said in a somewhat lighthearted, joking tone.

"I agree, drinking the vial is dangerous. We cannot allow others to perish because of something we decided to do." Leah says. "Although, it would be nice if everyone could act like a hero."

"That is a foolish notion, wouldn't you say?" Zero said.

"Eh, I can dream." Leah protested.

"You all say that now." Kael wrote. "But the vial is very special. That vial was made after a request from someone, it came from the future. I don't envy what will become of you, the path of war is a harsh one. On top of that there is one thing that should be worth mentioning. That vial requires three metas, at this time there are four of them. Neither Aselia nor Time Spinner worked on the vial. So, here's a question for you to think about." He paused before he started writing again. "Every universe that the writers can influence, has a meta. So, who is the meta from your world?" He smiled as he looked at Leah. "You would know, wouldn't you? Just check for MysticDown." And with another flash, Kael was gone.

Zak walks in the room. "If you guys are done, we found more bloody footprints."

"Those would be mine, just ignore them." Zero said. "Apparently a man can't leave bloodly footprints in his own damn house." 

"No, I mean more by the crime scene leading to some forest." Zak said.

Zapor looks in disbelief. "No way. We already covered it."

Zak nods. "Well, Lexi can see it through ripple sense, apparently like Biyakugan (whatever that is or means)."

"Well, I wouldn't say that she was able to 'sense' it using the Ripple... it'd be more accurate to say that she's become more aware of her surroundings as a side effect of her training." Argent said.

"Zero, what do you make of this?" Masako asked.

"Well before we talk about about, you know, investigations and reset buttons and all that, I think we need to have a talk about where our loyalties lie." Zero said. "I think, with the amount of evidence presented to us, we should consider a change in management."

"Management? You mean leadership?" Fate asked. "You don't think Neo should lead us anymore?"

"That is what I am suggesting, yes." Zero started. "I mean, with that...thing...that Neo got injected with, he's kind of going off his hinges. Not to mention all of his anger problems, and the fact that this Neo is from another dimension. We've met three different versions of Neo before, one was the king of the underground monarchy, and another was the original Warlock. The odds of this Neo being a good guy is rather low. We got lucky with our Neo, but Neo is always evil in the other dimensions. It's very possible that this Neo is could be evil."

"This could also be the Neo from our dimension, and it also could be another good Neo." Fate reminded.

"Fate, you met the other Neo's, you know what they've done. Neon, Warlock, and Warmaker were all mass murdering dictators who either wanted to take over the world, or already ruled it. This Neo could be evil." Zero pointed out. "Look, I'm not here to say that this Neo is evil, I'm just saying, we need to think about what happens if this Neo is not ours."

"Well, if this Neo isn't our Neo, I'll let you guys decide what to do with him, mainly because I can't hrt someone who looks or is my friend, and then let either Fate, me, or Zero be in charge." Zapor said.

"It shouldn't come to that. Tranquility and I have used Time Turner before and things turned out fine. I don't believe it that will happen." Time Spinner said.

"But there's a possibility that it could have, isn't there?" Zero argued.


"Look, we shouldn't care if this is our Neo or not." Fate interupted. "Let's think about it like this; Ages' dad just died and we need to figure out how to find his murderer. Sitting around talking about Neo will not help the situation, we need to find out who did this, for our friend." She looked over at Zapor, thought for a minute and then said. "Or for justice in your case. We'll talk with Zero about future endeavors after Neo is set free."

"Alright, alright..." Zero said. "I'll stay here, with Vorpa, and-..." Zero stops as something very loud chimes in another room, Zero rushes to get it and runs out. "Leah there's..." He stops and struggles to continute, looking from Vorpa to Leah. "Damn it, forget about it, I'll go." And with that Zero ran off, leaving Vorpa alone.

"Let's get going to that forest." Fate said.

Part 4: Time Spinner: Ace Attorney (Investigation)

Our heroes make their way into a clearing in the forest. Where they find an odd sight. There are a couple of pieces of metal scattered about, as well as two fallen trees. There are cops on the place, and after some talking some things managed to come to light.

It has been confirmed that Markus was killed at 8:24 PM, with several stabbing wounds and trauma to the head. Green fur was found on the scene of the crime and there is a picture taken of a light green fox in a black coat stabbing someone, something seems off about the photo but no one is quite sure what it is. The culprit was alone and it is known that there are traces of lightning damage around the area that were known to come from someone.

"So where does the trail lead?" Leo asked.

Lexi closed her eyes, and sensed blue footprints leading to another place. "Follow me." She takes off in the direction. 

"Alright." Fate said as she, Time Spinner, and Leah followed.

"Hey, Fate..." Masako began. "You overheard what they said, right? That they found evidence of lightning attacks? Neo doesn't use lightning from what I remember... no, Warlock and I are the only people involved in this that can harness that element, right? Do you think she might be involved in this?" Masako trailed off for a second, but spoke up again before Fate could answer. "Oh, but wait... Neo can utilize different abilities by drinking other people's blood, right? Would Warlock have a reason to force Neo to drink her blood? At the very least, it would explain why there was only one unsub involved..."

Zapor was following the froup, but thinking in his mind. "What if Fate finds out about the date I went on with Echo? How would she even go off?"

Zak saw a black coat on a tree branch. "What the?....."

"I...I don't know if she would risk making Neo drink her blood..." Fate said. "Warlock is a dangerous's a title and a person at the same time...being Warlock changes you...and that comes with a few...other things...Like for example, having Chao-born blood in your body. If Neo drinks chao born blood...bad things don't want to see that part of him. Seeing him like that will break your heart..."

"Right, so let's get to investigating." Time Spinner said as he surveyed the area. "Alright, clue number one, the murderer appears to have lightning powers, something that Tranquility could quite possibly have due to his blood drinking, but we also know that there are plenty of other people who have lightning in the world." Time turns to the coat and stares at it for while. "The coat appears to be made out of a fabric which I have seen before, problem is, that fabric is not native to mobius or any planet in this universe, other problem; I've been to Aselia's home, I've been to Equestria, I've been to all of the color dimensions, and I've never seen that fabri before."

"Wait, so the fabric isn't from, like, the black dimension?" Leah asked.

"No, that fabric comes from somewhere else, somewhere I don't know. So!" He turns around and starts pacing. "That means that...if that's not possible...he'd need a bucket of...and where exactly could he do he couldn't have because the place is covered in weapons...He'd have to be a girl!" Time Spinner grabbed Fate. "Do you know what this means?"

"No...start over..."

"Okay, that fabric comes from Amenia, a universe just like mobius but everyone is the opposite gender." Time began. "I've never seen that fabric before, but I've felt that fabric before, Aselia wears it, says it's very valuable and she keeps it on the inside of her coat. In order to attain the fabric you have to go to Amenia, aquire a bucket full of Triene milk, and pour it on a Sivern tree, which he can't because the place is covered in poisonous weapons that kill anyone that is a man, meaning that in order for him to be here he'd have to be a woman that can travel through dimensions, which he is neither."

"So you know what the coat is made out of?" Leah asked.

"Time..." Fate suddenly said. "Open the box..."

"What?" Time said.

"Open the box..."

Time opens the box to reveal a handful of junk, each with a certain label on it. There was a sword with a revolving hand guard, a vial full of red liquid that said 'For Leah, just drink', another orange vial with some odd symbols on it, a couple of photos of Kael and a young girl in a yellow dress, and a picture of something rather old. A picture of a light green fox in a black coat stabbing someone with a red knife.

"Erm...what?" Time said. "I think this is for you..." He gave the vial of red liquid to Leah.

"It all makes sense now." Fate plucked the photo out of the box. "Our past is coming back to haunt us." She turned to the others. "Once upon a time, Neo, myself, Zero, and a couple of our friends; Christina, Nikki, Emily, Tailsalyn, Shimmer, oh who was that other- nevermind. Once upon a time we all got trapped in another dimension where we met the first Warlock, whom we killed. That warlock was a father figure to a...a..."

"To two kids..." Time finished. "A boy and a girl. The boy would leave to forge his own destiny in his father's image and became a mass murder, named Neon and the girl went to exact revenge from what we've done, a girl who just so happens to be the meta from Mobius...the one not discovered..."

Leo chimed in. "So...what's so special about the box?"

Zak grabbed the black coat in the tree and ran to the group (which he then swallowed the coat to save for later times).

Lexi pops her head up. "And who are these friends?"

"We're...not exactly sure..." Fate said. "I barely remember how our time in the color dimensions was, I don't remember any names of people we met there."

"I don't know the girl and she's the important one. I mean, an untrained meta trying to get revenge? That's not gonna go well." Time stepped in. "The point is, Neo did not commit this crime."

"Well that's good because I found a black coat that looks like his." Zak then coughs it up.

"'Just check for Mystic Down...' have I clashed blades with the meta already?" Masako found herself deep in thought again. "If that's true, then that meta's also an Observer with knowledge of every possible timeline. And in the future she wanted to create, Time Spinner was meant to die in the Underground Monarchy. But she didn't seem very concerned when that event didn't occur... which means she might've found another way to forge that future. I get the feeling we're being manipulated, that she's been trying to lead us towards some end. She must've gone through quite a lot of trouble to convince us that Neo murdered his own father... for Neo to be betrayed by his own friends and locked away... very well then. We'll play this game of chess then. It's our turn now, and our next move needs to put Neon behind bars and set our friend free."

"Well, it's nice that we have that knowledge now, but good luck trying to communicate all that to the court. As far as anyone's concerned, this is all moonspeak to everyone but us. We need more information, more physical evidence." Argent said.

"...We could try breaking those Psyche-Locks from earlier." Prairie said.

Zak seems annoyed. "Hello? Black coat that has a strong resemblance to Neo's? Part of the case?"

"Well that would be easy...if Neo hadn't killed Neon..." Fate said. "Neon nearly killed all of us and then Neo just...stabbed Neon to death..."

"I don't doubt it. Stabbing things seems to be Tranquility's thing." Time Spinner said. "But the meta is the one we have to deal with. Let's see, how many enemies do we have now? The doctor, Warlock, the meta, Millie's army, and Millie herself?"

"Zak, the coat is evidence, yes, but it's from another dimension, and we can't use other dimensions in court. That coat is almost useless." Leah said.

"Your a kirby, right Zak?" Time said. "You know, eating that coat should grant you some of Neo's powers."

Zak looked at the coat, and back at T.S. "Huh, never thought about that. But if I get any moves that iinvolve me enraged to use certain moves, you owe me 20 rings." He then eats the coat and gets a hat that resembles Neo.

Blade looked at Zak. "Feel any different? "

"You, uhh, wouldn't happen to know how he fights too, would ya?" Argent asked Zak.

"...Keep in mind that we are dealing with a meta here. As long as she's involved, we need to assume that life and death hold no meaning. We all know what the metas are capable of doing; Time Spinner alone unleashed a phenomena intervention that altered our timeline to save Neo and Ellie, and Aselia shattered the reality of the black dimension and gave Warlock the knowledge of an Observer. What we don't know is what this meta is capable of, or what limits the writers may have imposed on her." Masako said.

Zak scratches his head. "I think he uses his knife, and gets angry. A lot."

Blade looks confused. "So we're dealing with a meta that framed Neo? Good greif." He face palms.

"Let's just think for a minute, okay?" Time Spinner said. "We're dealing with some...interesting powers here and when we consider how many different meta powers there are, she could litteraly control anything. She could control illusions, nature, light, physics, tartarus for all we know the meta could be anywhere, but that's not the point. Our problem is that we need to release Neo without putting the meta on the spot. She cannot go to jail, as much as we need justice, we need her to be calm. However, there is one way we can get this done very quickly." Time Spinner turned to the others. "Firstly, lets see if Tranquility has diplomatic immunity, does anyone know if he's from another country or maybe he's related to royalty?"

" Neo's just a normal mobian. He isn't royal or anything." Fate said.

"Okay...then what if we-" Time began.

"Guys, we have a problem." Leah said darkly. "We need to go, Now."

"What's wrong?" Fate asked.

"Remember when Zero left? Looks like someone was attacking a bunch of cities." Leah said. "Reale City and the Zue garden are under attack and I just got a picture from Zero." She turned her phone to the others. In the picture Zero is laying on the ground, bleeding profusly and kneeling next to him is Fury and Millie, trying to help him.

"What the hell is happening?" Fate asked.

"Whatever is attacking the city caused Millie and her group to team up with Zero." Leah said. "Guys, if this thing caused our worst enemies to team up with us, then whatever is attacking the cities has to be really powerful."

Zapor looks at Zak. "You think it's the meta we were talking about?"

Zak looks back at Zapor. "Not sure. That could be the best guess or Millie had to have made something extremely powerful."

Blade takes out his katana blades (pun). "Then we better get there fast." Blade takes off running followed by Zapor, Zak, and Leo.

"Right." Fate said. "I'll get get everyone, you guys head right to Reale city."

Leah stares at teh vial she was given. Opens it and takes a drink. "Oh..." Leah said as she finished the vial. "Oh, that was blood..." Her eyes widen for a bit and she smiles. "Alright then! Let's get going! To reale!"

Time Spinner cocks his head at her for a moment then shrugs and follows Leah.

Masako nodded her head and followed along, her sister trailing close behind her.

Rose and Argent did the same.

What happens next for our hereos? What is going on in the other cities, and who is causing all of this? Find out in City under Fire!

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