Small Start Off

Jayla walked around, reading a piece of paper, telling her that she had been invited to a school. She was confused of how these people found out about her, and she wondered why she even applied for the school when she had gotten the letter, but she shrugged it off. She arrived at the school in no time, she looked at it from the outside. She received a glare from the male next to her.

Chase, who is Jayla's older Triplette, was walking behind her. Due to his lack of liking for his sibling, he wanted to stay as far as he could, but also being close as he could. He had his piece of paper in his bag that he was carrying. When Jayla had arrived, he arrived not too long afterwards. He gave off a glare at his sister, wondering why she was just looking at the building. "At least the other fratellos (brothers) aren't here," He muttered quietly.

Chapter One: Classrooms, Classmates, and Other Such

Jayla- *looking at the building, examining it, before being shot a glare by her brother*

Chase- *shot a glare in Jayla's direction*

Tailsalyn: Hello? I'm a new student, Can you show me around? *uses telekinesis to pull the piece of paper bag and looks at it*

Emily:*sees Tailsalyn*

Emily:Hi.Do you know anything about this school?I'm new here.

Shimmer: *teleports near Tailsalyn* Hey, Mila! Do you know were my classroom is?

Tailsalyn: * goes to a corner then uses telekinesis to pull Shimmer* Watch it. Don't Call me my real name in public.*pushes Shimmer and sits down in the corner and pouts*

Shuckz: Hello?

Emily:*walks inside and wanders around*

Hero: *wandering around inside, looking very shy and nervous*

Emily:*sees Hero*Hi there.Do you know anything about this school?

Shimmer: *teleports next to Hero while invisible* Boo! Hi, do you know anything about this school, like that girl said?

Emily:*looks around*

Hero: *shakes his head and smiles sheepishly* Nope, I arrivied just before you two.

Shimmer: *turns visible* Okay, lets go look around the school. *walks with Hero*

Emily:*walks somewhere else*

Hero: S-sure. *starts exploring the school*

Tailsalyn: *looks at Emily and uses telekinesis to get a pencil and her journal.

Journal:Had fun Nope.

Hero: *looks at Tailsalyn, and suddenly a gust of wind blows the pencil and journal back into Emily's hand*

Emily:*takes it*Thanks*erase the message in her journal and puts it back in her bag*

Hero: *tuts at Tailsalyn*

Emily:Lets see...I'm going to explore the cafeteria...

Hero: I-I'll come with you.

Emily:Okay.*smiles and walks inside the cafeteria*

Hero: *follows* So, why are you here? What can you do?

Emily just kept walking.

Hero: Awkward subject then. I wonder what kind of stuff we'll learn here.


Tailsalyn: *uses telekinesis to get her stuff back out of Emliy's bookbag* That's my pencil!

Hero: I thought it was hers....

Shimmer: *teleports in the kitchen and use pyrokinesis to start the cooking on the stove*

Tailsalyn: It's okay. *walks off*

Hero: *shrugs and notices Shimmer* Cool power. What are you cooking?

Shimmer: My family recipe, Turkey Salami and Pineapple Pizza with fresh garden tomatoes from my garden.

Hero: Are you even allowed do that? It looks like it's burning. *uses his power to cool it with a gentle cold breeze*

Shimmer: Thanks, and I forgot to pack my lunch. No one said I couldn't. Want some?

Hero: Sure. I didn't bring a lunch. I'm on the Guardian Diet. Nothing but protein. A change couldn't hurt.

Shimmer: Ya sure? I don't want to change what you want to do.

Emily:*has lunch*so what should we do now?

Hero:: *nods* Positive. My masters always overdo these kind of things. They even make me call them masters. It's pretty weird.

Emily:When is class going to start?

Tailsalyn: I'm having Fresh Pineapple pizza! It's my favorite!

Shuckz: Same thing as Shimmer.

Hero: *to Emily* No idea. *to everyone else* So, what kind of powers do you guys have? *looks at Shimmer* Apart from pyrokinesis.

Emily:I'm more of a magic user.

Hero: Cool.

Emily:How about you?

Hero: Me? Meh, it's not very impressive.

Emily:What is it anyways?

Hero: *shrugs shyly* I can sort of control the wind.


Hero: Not really. It's got its limits and I can't control it very well. That's why I'm here.

Tailsalyn: Sorry, to interupt but, I am telekinetic and a flyer. Wanna see?

Hero: Sure. I'm sort of telekinectic myself, it's a more basic form though.

Emily:I'm here to try to know more magic stuff.Like shadow powers.The only thing i can do with shadow powers is summon shadows.That's why im here.

Hero: Well I'm here cuz I can't really control my powers. I could try to carry someone with the wind, basically levitate them, and end up throwing them through the roof.

Shimmer: Also I can teleport, can turn invisible, and I have super speed.

Hero: That's a lot of powers! *looks around* So when do the lessons start? Emily:I wish I can learn music too...

Shimmer: Cool, can you sing a note for us? Hero: I think you're at the wrong school for music. I wonder are their combat and stealth courses? *he draws his short sword* It was too hard to sneak this in. I'm gonna need to work on my stealth skills. *he swings it masterfully a few times and puts it back into his rugsack*

Tailsalyn: *pushes Shimmer out of the way* As I was saying, Here I go! *flys around the room*

Chapter 2: Recess

Tailsalyn: Umm. What is this place. This is my first school.

bell rings*

Shimmer: What does that mean?

Tailsalyn: What's kind of swing is that? *goes on  a swing* Wow! This is fun! I usally push people on the swing.

Emily:Want me to push you on the swings Tailsalyn?

Tailsalyn: Sure!

Shimmer: *runs around the school as fast as he can and thinks* What should I do?

Emily:*pushes Tailsalyn on the swings*

Shimmer; I know! Everyone! Lets play lightpole tag!

Emily:How to play?

Shimmer: First you find a lightpole. Then, you start spinning on the lightpole as fast as you can, but anyone can be the tagger. So whoever is the last one who didn't get tagged, they win.

Emily finds a lightpole and goes to it.

Shimmer: Good. Now lets start spinning! *spins as fast as he can*

Tailsalyn:*Jumps off the swing and goes to the lightpole* I remember when we used to do this when we were little Shuckz and Shimmer! *Spins too fast trips and falls* Ow! But I'm Really Dizzy. *Her head goes round and round*

Shuckz Tailsalyn, seriously? *helps Tailsalyn up*

Jayla: *watching the group over there* Recess? Isn't this too...Childish?

Chase: Sush you, your younger than me, what do you know? *glaring at Jayla*

Emily:*getting dizzy and falls down to the ground* I'm....getting....dizzy....

Shimmer; Tag! I win! *tags Emily* So let's do something else.

Zerofuse ran from some custodians and campus security. He had some metal object in his hand. "Give that back!" A custodian yelled. Zerofuse then threw the metal object on top of the school. He ran to Emily, winked, and then ran off.

Shimmer: What's that metal thing on top of the roof?

Emily:*grabs Zerofuse*Hey.

Zerofuse was held back. "Hey" He replied, putting a flame wall in the way of the custodians and campus security. He had a smile.

Emily:W-why are they chasing you and who are you?

Vice Principal Eggman: Okay children. Recess is over, I will assign your teachers.

Emily:O-okay.*to Shimmer*I hope we can be in the same class *does the peace sign*

Zerofuse's smile died down. "I...stole a I could...ditch."

Emily elbowed Zerofuse.

Emily:I think this school will be fun.Anyways i havent got your name.

Zerofuse smiled again. "Zerofuse. But most call me Zero."

Emily:Im Emily.Most people call me Em.Nice to meet you Zerofuse.Hope we can be in the same class.*blushes lightly*

The board (based on powers)

Epsio's Class (invisiblity)


Emily (just added)

Thermella's Class (pyrokinesis)




Miletta "Tailette" Prower's Class (telekinesis)



Mr. Tanka's Class (Gym/Fighting)


Magiette the Magician (Magic)



Crimson whispers class (air powers)


Mr Kcors class (earth powers)


Mrs Retaw (water powers)


Mr Ypoc (copy abilites)



(Tell if I missed anything. - Kendal345 (talk) 22:59, June 27, 2013 (UTC))

Emily:*sighs*Guess this will do.*walks off to find her class*

Zerofuse quickly ran up to Emily and hugged her before going to class.


Shimmer; I guess Espio is my first class. *walks off to Epsio's class*

Emily:See you guys after class!*waves and walks off to Magiette's class*

Tailsalyn: Bye Emily! *flys off to Tailette's Class*

Zerofuse put his phone number on a piece of paper and put it in Emily's bag without her knowing.

Emily:*looks at everyone*Bye everyone! Bye Tailsalyn!*walks and enters Magiette's class*Hello?

Zerofuse walked into his class. "Great. School." He said to himself.

Emily:*looks around*

Speedy"oooh Air powers class well thats me then"

Reeper"water powers? guess thats me"

Archer "earth powers or magic hmm tough choice I KNOW both"

Kong thought (he's a mute btw) "i guess i will go to  that copy abilites class " 

Zoom pushed the others out of the way "ooh pyrokenis" he then saw Speedy "oh hey orphan didnt know you would be here obviously you playing with nothing is classed as a power "

In Espio's Class

Epsio: Welcome Shimmer. Have a seat.

Shimmer: Okay.

Epsio: Now lets take a deep breath and stretch out our legs and arms.

Shimmer: *strecthes out his arms and legs*

Epsio; Now lets relax and think about being invisible and volia! You're invisible!

Shimmer: Kay. *thinks and is invisible for 12 mins*

Epsio: Now tomorrow you're going to review what we've learned.

Shimmer: Kay, Bye! *goes of to Thermella's Class*

Magiette: *pops out of a hat* Hello Emily! I'm your teacher Magiette!

Emily:I'm Emily.Your student...

Magiette: Well, to prove your ability, do a magic trick or do something magical.

Emily:Alright.Telepathy:Does this count Magiette?

Zerofuse followed Shimmer. "And our class is...where?"

Emily:Anything else Magiette?

Magiette: Hmmmm. Well can you summon? I can. *summon a magic wand*

Emily:I can too.*summon a lance*See?

Magiette: Okay done for the day. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you're going to start Epsio's Class! Bye, bye now! *disappears*

Shimmer: I think our class is over there, Zero.

Tailsalyn: Mom!!!!

Emily:E-Espio???*sighs and walks to Espio's class*Hello?

Zerofuse sighed. "Let's just get to class." He said, walking into his class.


Zerofuse looked at his teacher. "So what do we do?"

Emily:*looks around*

Epsio: *is visible now* Oh Emily! You're here! Have a seat. Now lets take a deep breath and stretch out our legs and arms.

Emily:*does that*

Epsio: Now lets relax and think about being invisible and volia! You're invisible!

Zerofuse took a peek into Emily's classroom. He attempted to do the instructions given by Espio. He couldn't get it down. he finally decided to give up and went into Thermella's


Thermella: Hi Zerofuse. I see you decided to join us now. Please have a seat.

Zerofuse sat in a chair. "Now what?" He asked defiantly. He then had a fireball in his hand.

Zoom walked into thermellas room and sat down "sup losers"

Speedy walks up to a teacher "excuse do you know where we could find our classes?"

a teacher: What are you're powers?

Speedy "air power"

Reeper "water power"

Archer "earth power and magic"

Kong signed "copy powers"

a teacher: Hmmmm.... Boy with magic powers you're going to be in Magiette class with Emily. Reeper with Mrs. Retaw, Kong with Mr. Ypoc, Speedy boy with Crismon Whispers' Class.

Speedy: ok see you guys at break

Reeper,Archer and Kong waved 

they all went to their classes

Emily:Anything else you are going to teach me besides invisability?

Epsio: Well, I'm your invisiblity teacher, but I can teach you how to camoflauge, if you want Emily.


Emily:Anymore classes im going to?

At Thermella's Class

Thermella: I will NOT have such behavior in my class! Please Zoom have a seat. So today we're going test out our thermel energy. To start off simple, use you're pyrokinesis to start a fire on the stove so Chef Glitter, the school chef can cook a delicious meal.

Grammie Glitter: *smiles* Hi I demonstrate. *usesher pyrokinesis to make a fire on the stove* See, only a pro can do it that well. Now you try. *smiles*

Shimmer: I'll do it first grandma. *useshispyrokinesis to make a fire on the stove*

Grammie Glitter: Very good grandson!

Thermella: Why don't you give it a try Mr. Zerofuse.

Zerofuse looked at the stove. He put his hands together to make a diamond shape. He shot a large blast of fire at the stove, setting the whole thing on fire. "Like that?"

Zoom (started doing acrobatics then punches to make stove light but what he fired was a very powerful fire): thats how a real expert does it

Zerofuse shot a fireball at Zoom. "Shut up." He ordered, charging a fire blast.

Grammie Glitter: Now stop it boys. *uses her telekinesis to push them both away from each other* Zerofuse that was good, but need more practice. I just need the "eyes" on top of the stove to be on fire.

Thermella: And Zoom, PLEASE be more respectful to you're classmates

Shimmer: Yeah.

Thermella: I didn't need to hear you're comment, Mr. Shimmer

Shimmer: Yes, ma'am.

Zoom: i cant belive i left moebius to come here if wanted to do this would got to a candle lighting class

Thermella: If you want to light a candle, why didn't you say so. To light this *points to the candle* use your fire powers to make a little flame on your finger and put you're finger on the tip of the candle like this. *does what she says* See, now Zoom you try.

Zoom "geez it was sarcasm" he thought and litt the candle and the box of pencils on purpose

Zerofuse snapped his fingers and a flame appeared on his index finger. He put his finger on the wick of the candle and lit it easily. "Are you serious? This is too easy."

Thermella: ZOOM! *calls Magiette* And another box of pencil appear on Thermella's Desk

Thermella: I've had enough of you! I more bad thing and you're going to deal with me! And Zerofuse very good

Grammie Glitter: Well, gotta go now! Bye everyone. Bye grandson.

Shimmer: Bye grandma!

Zerofuse laughed to himself a bit at Shimmer and his grandmother. "This is school not a family reunion." He said to himself. He then juggled some fireballs aiting for his next assignment.

Zoom"sorry geez"

Shimmer: *to Zerofuse* I'll have you know that my grandma is the chef here at Ability School.

Thermella: Well now, give me samples of your fireballs and let me see how hot it is.

Shimmer: *give Thermella a sample of his fireball*

Thermella: Hmmm....*puts a thermometer in Shimmer fireball* It's 1,000.7 degres. Now, Zerofuse.

Zerofuse laughed and tossed a fireball the Thermella. "Don't burn yourself." He said. The fireball had a few spots of molten lava.

Zoom made his fire ball it was quite large and blue in the middle

Thermella; I'll try. *takes the fireball* Hmmm..... 34,567.9 degres Farenheit. Not bad.  And it has lava, very impressive. *looks in anger* Now you.....Zoom.

Zoom threw his ball of white hot fire 

Zerofuse caught Zoom's fireball. "What the hell? It's got some blue!" He said, tossing it around.

Thermella: Stop that.

Thermella: White fire and blue fire, hmmmm.... *takes the fireball* Hmmmmm....I'm impressed! It's excatly 100,000 degres Farenheit! Marvelous, Zoom!

Zerofuse got angry and fire started to come off of his body. "Why is mine the coldest? Are you messing with me? You can't be serious!" He said, he flipped a table over and left the classroom.

Thermella: *yells* You're isn't the coldest! Shimmer is! See

On a piece of paper

Shimmer: 1,000.7

Zerofuse: 34,567.9

Zoom: 100,000

Thermella: Even if it was, do be such a soreloser.

Shimmer: *giggles a bit*

Zoom "hell yeah"

Zerofuse walked down the hall. "Stupid fireball wasn't the hottest..." He said, walking to the exit of the school.

Zoom smiled and  thought "once i mastrer my pyrokenisis i finnaly will be able to kill Speedy"

Zerofuse tried to open the door to leave. 'What the won't open!"

Zoom raised his hand"excuse me when  are we going to learn agni kai you know fire duels?"

Thermella: Later Zoom. I'm wonder what Zerofuse doing

Vice Principal Eggman: You're not going anyone Zerofuse. Not until I robotize you! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Vice Principal Eggman: You're not going anyone Zerofuse. Not until I robotize you! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Vice Principal Eggman: Now that I have you little students in this school I can robotize you. That's what the invitiation was for! *grins an evil grin* Little does Chef Glitter now, in the salt that's she's using for the french fries has little robotic bug that robotize you when you eat them. All you student will be MINE! And the teacher don't suspect a thing! HO! HO! HO! HO!

Zerofuse went back to class. "Can I fight Zoom? Or Shimmer? Because this class is so stupid."

Zoom"i'll fight you" a fireball appered in his hands "but  i show no mercy"

Thermella: MAGIETTE!

Magiette the Magician/Magic Teacher appears

Thermella: Make a little seprate cages for Zerofuse and Zoom.

Magiette: As you wish. *make a cages for Zerofuse and Zoom with her magical ability* Bye! *disappears*

Zerofuse melted a bar of his cage. "Really? A cage?"

Thermella: With Magiette's magic, these cages are can't be destoried unless Magiette destorys them.

Zerofuse shook his head. "When can I get out then?"

Shimmer: *waiting for lunch* When is it time for

Vice Principal Eggman: *announces on the speaker* Okay, everyone! Time for lunch! HO! HO! HO!

Shimmer: Finally! *runs down the halls*

Magiette appears

Magiette: You heard Mr. Eggman, lunchtime. *destroies the cages* Bye, bye! *disappears*

Zerofuse walked to the lunchroom. "Stupid cage..."

Lunch Specials


French Fries , Don't forget to eat 'em! - Eggman

Fruit Punch

Vice Principal Eggman: HO! HO! HO! My plan is working! Soon, the students will eat the french fries and turn into robots! With out Miss Glitter, or the students, or the teachers knowing!

Tailsalyn: *walks in* Mmmm! French Fries!

Vice Principal Eggman: *walks in* Don't forget to eat the French Fries! *evil grin and chuckle*

Zerofuse grabbed a handfull of french fries. "They're cold...greeeaaaaat...-_-" He said. He heated them up in his hand, accidentally burning then to a crisp.

Speedy and the others met up in the lunch hall 

Speedy"hey guys after a lesson of doing nothing im quite hungry but im not eating the lunches"

Reeper,Archer,Armod and Kong (he signed): nor am i

the all had packed lunches

Zoom "im not eating this turd on a plate i'll just steal some other kids money and buy a kfc"

Zerofuse overheard Zoom. He walked over to them. "Stealing kids' money? Sounds like what I did in middle school. You'll need some help. I can assist you IF you let me pocket some cash too." He said.

Zoom"i dont need your help" he pushed Zerofuse out of the way and walked off

Zerofuse ran up to Zoom and pushed him against a wall. "Listen here kid. I will beat the living daylights out of you. Think twice about you actions. Got it punk?" He said, he punched Zoom in the stomach and walked away.

Emily:*saw the whole thing and walked to s rable and eat her own lunch*

Zoom rolled his eyes "mobians" he then stole a kids money and got a kfc he then saw Speedy "oh good my mobian counterpart" he clicked his fingers

Speedy "...and then i said THAT AINT MA CABBAGE!"

Reeper"your on fire"

Speedy"i know"

Reeper"no your litraly on fire"

Speedy "HOLY SHIPS!" he then used his air powers to put it out he then saw Zoom and fired an air blast at him "guys get ready to fight"

Zoom "it begins" and fired fire balls at them

Archer made an earth barrier to black them but the burnt throught as lava

Speedy and Reeper combined there water and air power to turn the lava into rock

Emily:*watches them*

Zoom the fired one of his 100,000 degrees fireball at Kong

Kong caught it 

Speedy smiled "do you know what Kongs power is Zoom?"


Reeper"he can take the  full force of an attack and fire it back ten fold"

Kong then fired it back at Zoom but way more powerful

Zerofuse laughed to himself. "Amateurs."

Speedy"i should of killed you last time we met, when you tried to murder me"

Zoom "shoulda woulda coulda Speedy" then fired a fireball at him

this firebal made contact this time

Speedy "ARGH SON OF A BI..." he then fired a tornado at him

Emily:*grabs an extra sandwich and gives it to Zerofuse*want one? Zerofuse smiled. "Uh...sure. Thanks." He said. He blushed slightly.

Zoom then ran up to Speedy and put knives to his throat

Emily made the blades knocked out from Zoom's hand.

Zerofuse pulled Zoom away from Speedy.

Zoom "you have just made a very grave mistake" and fired white hot fire balls at emily and zerofuse

Zerofuse absorbed all the fireballs for Emily, but took the ones that were shot at him. "Leave Emily out of this! Leave her alone. Just you and me!" He said.

Zoom"fine then its settled" he paused "AGNI KAI!"

Zerofuse put a flame shield around himself.

Zoom then fired a stream of his fire balls at him

Emily appears behind Zoom with a blade pointing at his neck.

Zerofuse's shield went away and he ran up the wall and backflipped off of it, landing a kick on Zoom.

Zoom"obviously you can deflect fire attacks but what about lightning" he then fired a lightning blast

Emily kicked Zoom and pinned him to the ground

Zerofuse moved Emily out of the way and took the lightning blast. "Emily. Let me handle this." He said. he was stunned from the lightning, but walked back to Zoom.

Zoom looked at Emily "you have interupted an agni kai in my cultere thats punishible by death" he then fired both a fire blast and a lightning blast at her

Zerofuse jumped in the way, taking massive damage. He fell on one knee and put his hands on the ground. He got up and created a white fire. He then made it into a ball form. He engulfed it in flames and had a soccer ball shaped fireball. He kicked it at Zoom.

Zoom grabbed it and was about to throw it at Zerofuse but stopped "ooh why attack the body when i can attack the heart" and he threw it at Emily

Zerofuse again took the hit for Emily. He fell down. He crawled to a wall to help himself up. He shot a fire blast at Zoom, hoping for the best.

Zoom jumped out of the way

Emily pinned Zoom so hard to the ground and pointed a lance at Zoom.

Emily:leave Zerofuse alone.

Zoom electrified the lance "dont point that stick at me"

Speedy"perhaps we should help"

Emily:Tough huh...*eyes and body turn pitch black and aura is all over Emily*

Zoom "a light shows not gonna impress me" he fired his fire blast which he refers to as super nova is so powerfull it can evaporate lava (if thats possible) 

Kong ran infront of it and took the attack and fired it back using his power

Emily:*shoots black beams at Zoom.

Zoom gets out his death cube and fires a beam at Emily

Emily:*made the room turn black and camoflauge in the dark.She start kicking and attacking Zoom* Zoom then surrounded himself with fire

Speedy"thats it he's gone too far" he fired an airblast at him

Emily:*shoot beams at Zoom and Zoom's shadow grabs Zoom's foot and pulls him to the ground.*

Zoom thats it he fired his death cube at the corner of the wall and makes a portal "HEY GUYS NEED SOME HELP"

a with hedgehog with black streaks with duel sikels walked out along with an assassin creed style hedgehog,a stoat who was mussel bound and a monkey who had clearly been experiented on

Zoom "meet my friends in order of how they came out Death,Tom o' hawk, Modra and proget 2.5 x

Zerofuse got up in anger. He walked towards Zoom. His fur turned black and red. "I will obliterate you now." He said with an evil smile. He had a black fireball in his hand. He aimed his hand at Zoom.

Modra walked up to Zerofuse piked him up and said "DONT TOUCH BOSS!"

Zerofuse started to heat up his body, burning Modra's hand. "I won't. My fire will." He said with his middle finger in front of Modra's face.

Tom got out his hatchets and threw them at Zerofuse, pinning him to the wall

Zerofuse made himself hot enough to burn through the wall. He used his lighter to heal his cuts. He then was glowing an orange color. He extented his arms in front of him, creating a barrier. The barrier was in the hall, separating Zoom's group from Zerofuse and Emily. Zerofuse got on one knee. He started to turn pale. Then suddenly, he was on fire. He couldn't control his body temperature. He passed out on the floor from fatigue.

Speedy fired a tornado at them "leave this dimension and never come back"

Zerofuse was unconcious, his body started to create larger flames. Reeper"speedy want any help"

Emily summons a time shield,spins it,then Zoom and his group vanish to another timeline.

Speedy"well thats one way of doing it" he saw Zerofuse was unconcious "Reeper get healing"

Reeper"will do"

Emily:*turned normal*huh...what happend?

Speedy "nothing much (not wanting to add fear into the school) we were training with our powers and it got a bit out of hand"

Emily:*looks at her hand*i just turned to the shadow master didnt i.

Speedy "um"

Zerofuse weakly crawled to Emily. His flames blew out and his fur turned a light red. His inner fire was burnt out.

Emil heals Zerofuse.

Zerofuse sat up. He was still a bit weak. "Ugh...I need something hot."

Shimmer: *enters the lunchroom* Uh............

Tailsalyn: The french fries are crunchy.......

Shuckz: *Makes a fireball*

Grammie Glitter: Oh, no! A fellow pyro down. Zerofuse drink some of my spicy hot antadote. It's made of pure 100% hot lava. Drink up! Emily is suspisous about this school

Emily:Somethings wrong here...

Down the Hall

Vice Principal Eggman: Well, the French Fry Plan didn't work out. Well, I guess we're going to try something else to try to robotize the students! HO! HO! HO!

Commander-BOT: Yes master! Beep-laugh, Beep-laugh, Beep-laugh!

Back in the Lunchroom

Zerofuse drank the drink. Fire came out of his hands. "I feel a bit better, but still a bit weak as well."

Grammie Glitter: Hmmm...I guess we'll have to find something else to cure you 100%.

Speedy walked up to Zerofuse and Emily "im Speedy by the way"

Zerofuse weakly waved to Speedy. "Hey Speedy." He said, struggling to sit up.

Mr. Tanka: *walks in* Hello, I'll be your gym teacher. Follow me to the gym room.

Zerofuse followed the teacher. His fire powers slowly came back to him. They walk in the gym

In the Gym

Mr. Tanka: Lets get our blood flowing by running the track 1 times. Everyone outside.

Zerofuse ran outside and ran around the track once. "No biggie teach. Now what?"

Mr. Tanka: When everyone comes back the Vice Principal ask me if he can play a game for you all to paly.

Zerofuse nodded.

Shimmer: *walks in* Finished.

Emily:*walks back*done Tailsalyn: *walks back in* What's next?

Mr. Tanka: Well I-

Vice Principal Eggman: Well, I see that the others are still outside running, but the game must go on! We're going to play......DODGE BOMBS!!!! *starts shooting bombs rapidly* These bombs are made Magiette's magic. So Magiette or someone else who was taught Ms. Magiette can disable the bombs, but if not these bombs can be destoried! HO! HO! HO! *continues shooting the bombs rapidly*

Emily:*starts disabling them*

Vice Principal: Ugh! That pesty Emily girl is disabling my prescious bombs! *starts shoot more than earlier*

Emily:*send in clones and they start disabling the bombs*

Vice Principal Eggman: *starts shooting 15 bombs per second*

Archer makes a barrier out of the ground

Three for the bombs blow up the barrier.

Vice Principal Eggman: HO! HO! HO!

Emily and her clones disable all the bombs that are threw by Eggman

Shimmer: Thanks Emily.

Vice Principal Eggman: Uh? NO! You little girl, you disable all my bombs! You're going to pay for- erm, I mean you get an A+. *shakes her hand*

Emily:*made her clones vanish and looks at Eggman's hand*

Vice Principal Eggman: *hides his hand* What about it? Okay students you should get ready for the next thing.

Emily:what is the next thing?

Vice Principal Eggman: Swimming class! Go to the school pool!

Everyone goes to the school pool

Ms. Salmonia: Hello! I'm the swimming teacher. I know I'm a fish so it's easy for me but I'm going to teach you all the secrets I know about swimming.

Zerofuse instantly ran away from the water. "NO! I'm not swimming!" He yelled.

Ms. Salmonia: What's with him?

Shimmer: He has a fear water. It messes up his fire powers.

Ms. Salmonia: Oh! Then just, hmm......well.....erm....just sit on the bench 'til class is over.

Zerofuse nodded and sat on the bench. He looked at the water in fear.

Ms. Salmonia: Now lets see how much you float on the water. Now everyone jump in, jump in.

Emily goes inside the water

Shimmer jumps in.

Ms. Salmonia: Good, good, everyone else now.

in crimsons whispers class

Speedy:im here sorry im late

Crimson whisper: its ok

in mr ypocs class

Kong signed "sorry im late i got lost"

Neo: "Kong, you can copy powers?"

in mrs retaws class

Reeper" am i too late?"

in magietes class

Archer"hey miss"

(Suddenly the main school doors fly open as Annabelle walks in, a group of photographers following close behind) Annabelle: That's right~! Annabelle Rich here~ Actress, model, singer, and everything else rolled up into one~! Go ahead and admire, I know you want to~ (She is surrounded by people) You all are so sweet~! So, who would like to join my posse~? (she smirks)

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