(Warning: The following roleplay is about a bunch of Sonic OC's going to the world of My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you are not a brony/pegasister, or have a hatred for the show and it's kind, please leave this page in peace. Please do not leave any troll comments in the talk page either. Thanks! -NeoExlucky)

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A simple invention was all it was. It was just to help us with everyday life, and now we're...these things! I don't know how we got here, and I don't know what's going to happen but maybe Time Spinner may be our best bet back to our world. All we have to do is find him, and he should be able to take us back. We just have to do it within three days or...well be stuck as ponies forever. -Neo Tranquil's thoughts

The last time Neo and Cyclone were ponies, they had worked with a strange unicorn named Time Spinner. Time was one of the meta, a group individuals able to speak to those outside of their world. Time Spinner informed the two that being brought to this world was the work of someone outside of Equestria and that the only way to get back was to fix the problem at hoof. The group teamed up to learn more about this and soon they found a large blue box, about the size of a phone booth and Time Spinner went to touch it, the other two were sent home.

Now an entire group of Mobians have come to Equestria and good thing too for the problems come one after another. A foe by the name of Dark Ticker has arrived to cause havok amongst the people, Time Spinner has mysteriously disappeared, and a new meta shows her face but refuses to even look at the situation at hand. What's worse it seems that our heroes normal powers have been drained from them in this visit. Will they be able to quell the darkness or is Equestria doomed?


  • Every character will be a species of Equestria
  • You will need to mention what species your character is in bracket's next to the character's name. The four pony species are Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Crystal Pony but I will also allow other speices such as bat ponies, changelings, zebra's, and mules. Alicorns are also allowed but they ust check with me first before I give the okay for that character to be an alicorn.
  • Cursing according to the SFW is allowed (Damn, Hell, Crap, etc.) and as always other curse words are allowed but must be censored such as: ****, though in Equestria it is conidered bad so many natives will give you dirty looks for it.
  • My Little Pony OC's are allowed as well.
  • The Cannon characters from Sonic are NOT allowed. Cannon characters from MLP are allowed but don't try shipping with Lyra. She belongs to Time Spinner.
  • Character's may have different names in their pony forms. They are still that character though.
  • Super forms do not carry over in pony forms.
  • No one can be an element of Haromy. That's just not fair.
  • Have Fun!







Involved Characters

Neo Tranquil the Fox AKA Tranquility  [Earth Pony] (NeoEx)

Time Spinner [Unicorn] (NeoEx)

Gadget [Pegasus] (NeoEx)

Swift Blitz [Pegasus] (NeoEx)

Herpy (Pegasus, loves reptiles)

Cyclone the hedgehog[Unicorn](Cyclonestar)

Irma Hegine the hedgehog[Earth pony](Cyclonestar)

Crystal Treetop [Earth Pony] (Pianoteen)

Shimmer [Earth Pony]

Penelope [Peagsus]

Kita Lovefight [Unicorn] (MintySwirls)

Part 1: Where in Equestria are we?

There was a large purple flash, followed by a bunch of smoke which resulted in the coughing of Neo. He looked around at the pastel world that seemed vaguely familiar. When it hit him he yelled very violently.

Neo: Celestia Damn it, we're in Equestria!

Crystal: It's been a while since I've been here...

Neo: Yeah, back when *Changes his accent to an american one.* I was Tranquility. Though that was the second time for me.

Crystal: Except you are Tranquility. (:p)

Tranquilitiy: Well, now that I have my pony body back I guess your right.

Crystal: Yeah. Speaking of ponies, are we the only two here?

Shimmer and Penelope appear as a Earth Pony and Peagsus

Shimmer: Um, where are we?

Penelope: We're in Equesttria!

Cyclone:Equestria?From MLP:Friendship is magic?

Tranquility: Indeed, it seems this is our third time here. Well my third time. Your second, right Crystal.

(Just a bit of a warning when Tranquility talks it's in an american accent, despite how Neo normally talks. -NeoEx)

Crystal: Yeah, I once traveled here with Sonic and friends and meet everypony...

Tranquility: Ugh, how could you deal with him? *Looks annoyed.* You think Time Spinner could help us with this one?

Crystal: Time.... Spinner?

Tranquility: Oh right...I forgot you...never mind. *Turns to the rest of the group.* Look I'm gonna warn you guys. Time Spinner is very weird. He's...not normal, even by pony means. Just be careful with him, I don't trust him at all but he's the only one I know who can talk with NeoExlucky.

Penelope; What do mean by weird, though?

Tranqulity: ...You'll see...anyway the question of the day right now is, where are we?

A grey pegasus approaches, he has blue eyes and black hair. His cutie mark is a wrench.

???: Hello everyone! Lovely...you look familiar. *Points at Crystal.* Do I know you?

Shimmer: And who might you be?

Tailsalyn appears behind the grey pony as a pegasus.

???: My name is Gadget, I'm an inventor here in Canterlot.

Tranquility: Wait...Gadget do you happen to have a brother?

Gadget: Sure do! Why do you know him?

Tranquility: Unfortunately...yes.

Penelope: Well, hello gadget! I'm Penelope the Pegasus Pony

Shimmer: Hi, I'm Shimmer the Earth Pony.

Tailsalyn: Hello fellas, quick question: How did we get here?

Crystal: I don't know, maybe there's some ponies in town that could help us...

Gadget:It's nice to meet you folks...say, if you need help I'm sure my brother can help you. He knows the princess...well princesses.

Penelope: Thanks! That'll be nice!

Gadget: Well come along then!

Part 2: The dark skies above

Gadget led the group to a large building. On one side of the building there was a door that read "History in the making" but Gadget took the m through a side door that read "Employees only" as they enter Gadget begins to look around the room.

Gadget: Hmmm...He's not here.*Yells* Swift Blitz?

A purple pegasus mare comes trotting down the stares. She's wearing an indigo tunic with a shield symbol on the front of it.

Swift: Hmm?

Tailsalyn: Is that Swift?

Swift: Yes, my name is Swift Blitz but mosy ponies call me Swift or Blitzy.

Tailsalyn: So Blitzy, what are you doing here? Can you help us get back to our own land?

Swift: Your...land...Oh! You mean...no, no, no. I'm Gadget's sister. You must be talkiing about Time Spinner, our brother.

Crystal: You're related to Time Spinner?

Swift: Indeed, though we do not share our brother's meta powers.

Penelope: Where can we find Time Spinner?

Shimmer: *exames Swift's powers*

Swift: *To Shimmer* You know, I don't like ponies looking into my buisness, especially when it involves my powers. *To Penelope.* That is a good question. Time Spinner hasn't really been himself lately and he went out earllier to Celestia know's where. I don't quite know where he is.

Gadget: Maybe...he went to castle? Or he could have gone to the library.

Swift: I guess either or could be the case.

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