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Echo is a girl currently living in Station Square due to some...interesting events. Back in Shamar, specifically Terra Town, she lived a rather sheltered life, being the only child in her age group that lived in the town. Then came Station Square.

Then came Zapor. Zapor was almost the opposite of what Echo thought other kids her age would be like. Adventurous, a little cocky, and a bit ditzy were not the traits she was looking for. Yet, she loved it. Being able to be mischievious, to live life like an adventure, it was almost like one of the stories she would always find herself reading, that was the life she wanted, and who else then Zapor to teach it to her?

Problem is, Echo and Zapor seem to run into trouble all the time, and with an abductor comes to town, it'll be up to the two kids, their friends, a noble girl from out of town, and a mysterious possible-enemy to find the boy who is missing and discover a plot, much too big for a mere child to handle. All while showing Echo how to live a fun life. A hyper active boy, an innocent girl, and a dark and sinister plot to uncover, what could possibly go wrong?



Involved Characters

Echo the Cat (Neo)

Leah the Hedgehog (Neo)

Aero Facade (Neo)

Zapor the Hedgehog (Z888)

Zak the Kirby

Leo (Z888)

Part 1: What could possibly go wrong?

Echo's new house wasn't the best to deal with. In fact, so far her time in Station Square hadn't been that good. Besides being chased into town, she had to go through hours of court to find out if her sister could be her guardian in the city, she had to move into a new house, and buy almost a complete new wardrobe. Her house was fairly good, a two story cream colored home with four bedrooms, but it didn't feel like her old home did. Her clothes looked really nice, Miss Christina made some of her dresses and they were really pretty, but they weren't like the clothes she used to own. It was summer so she had no school, and because of that she had no friends. She was lonely and homesick.

Then came proposition. Echo didn't know who, but someone noticed Echo was fairly lonely, and called...someone to help her. She didn't know who to expect, but her sister mentioned Zapor, a boy whom she met when she first got into town. He was nice but he was also a bit of a goofball, at least, in her mind she was.

Echo sat outside in the daylight, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a purple T-shirt, on her waist was a grey belt with a pocket specifically made to hold her pack of customized cards, her feet were in her normal tennis shoes and she was reading a small story about some magical adventure, she wasn't really paying attention, she was just waiting for Zapor and whoever he decided to bring to show up.

The red Hedgehog, who had his goggles on his eyes, snuck behind Echo. Then flipped and lied his head on the book, smiling and making a V sign with his hand. "Whaddup?"

"Gah!" Echo cried and jumped, sending the book flying. "Don't...don't do that.." She panted.

"Alright. So Fate called me over here, and with a low fee of absolutely nothing, by the end of the day you will be able to live with no regret of anything!" Zapor said. "Anyway, Zak and Leo are inside, so we should go with the first phase (which really depends on when you do it). Pizza!" 

"So, we're going to eat Pizza?" Echo asked. "Like, the bread with cheese and crushed tomatoes on it? How does that affect the way we live?"

"It all works in this system. The pizza is the fuel that lets us get inspiration. The inspiration lets us want to do what we want. And since I have no adult watching, i do whatever." Zapor said. "But now after thinking about it, it is too early for pizza, so we need to skip to the next step. Follow me!" Zapor said, jumping over the fence.

"Where are we going?" Echo asked Zapor and followed him.

"Where ever the wind takes us. The world is our treasure box!" Zapor said.

"Wherever the wind takes us..." Echo repeated under her breath. "Alright, show me what you got."

Zak ran to catch up to Zapor and Echo. "Um, are you sure you should show Echo the stuff we do?"

"Dude, I'm Zapor. What's the worst that can happen?" Zapor said.

"What could possibly go wrong?" Echo asked Zak.

Zak sighed. "Great, my best friend gangs up on me with even though he isn't smart, and now a girl he knows is doing it.." he muttered.

"To my house!" Zapor said, grabbing Echo and running back to his house. Zak turned around to get Leo.

"Whoa!" Echo called out as she was pulled from where she was standing towards Zapor's house.

Stage 2!

Zapor ran through the door of his mansion, and stopped, sort of sending a butler flying to a couch. "So, this is where the magic in the first 20 minutes of everyday in my life happens!" Zapor, realizing that he was still holding Echo, put her down. "Sorry."

"It's fine." Echo said. "Well, it it's just the first 20 minutes, why are we here? 20 minutes seems like such a short time, well, unless you're only awake for 40 minutes, I guess..."

"Nah, this is where it all has to start. I just get through everything so I can go." Zapor said as he led her outnthe house. "Now, the real fun thing is, I get to drive!"

"You get to drive? Don't you need a licence for that?" Echo asked. "I thought you had to be sixteen to drive here?"

"Nope. In Station Square, they practically give you licences. One guy's like, 8 and he drives in a car that goes 120mph. So, your in responsible hands." Zapor presses a button, opening a door in his garage (a large garage), and revealing a row of bikes and cars. "So, m'lady, which do you prefer. A car or bike?" Zapor said.

"Um..." She looked around at all the shiny vehicles in front of her. They certainly didn't have this many cars in Terra Town. "Let's go with"

"You got it!" Zapor hopped on a red and blue bike with Echo, and turned it on and drove. He then found Zak and Leo sitting in a pizza parlor with Lexi, which is where Zapor stopped. Well, actually, he just jumped out with Echo and the bike swerved, making it perfectly in a parallel parking spot. "Told you you were in good hands." Zapor said as he walked in the pizza parlor.

Echo couldn't even speak she was so surprised. She got off the bike with Zapor and entered the pizza parlor. "Mmm, what's that smell?" Echo asked.

"The only thing that has everyone on it...PIZZA!!!" Zapor took out money, shoved it in a shotgun, and fired, hitting a cashier in the face. "Give me and my lady friend an extra meaty pizza!" Zapor sat on a table with the others, chanting, "Za. Za. Za. PIZZA!"

"Are you trying to summon the pizza?" Echo asked in a sarcastic tone. "Because I'm pretty sure they just make it for us."

"Nah, we're just really hungry." Leo said.

"Ok, time for stage 3. Using your cuteness to your advantage!" Zapor said.

"Using my cuteness? How would that work?" Echo asked.

"You know how Zapor is rich? Well, he usually doesn't even think about getting his money to buy all the pizza, so he gives someone a cute face and they pay for him." Lexi said.

"And according to most observations, unless your a kirby, girls are cuter." Leo said, with Zak giving a "wait, observations?" look.

"And you are plenty cute." Zapor said.

Echo blushed a little. "S-so what do I have to do?"

"Ok, see that guy that guy over there?" Zapor said, pointing to another man eating pizza. "Try cute faceing him and ask for money."

"And if anything happens, I'll back you up." Zak said.

"Yeah, now you go get that suckers money so we can eat! Go get 'em, cutie!" Zapor said, not really paying attention to what he was saying.

Echo turned to the man, walked over, gave him the cutest face she could make and said. "Excuse me sir could I have some money?"

The man turned and gasped. "Yes. In fact, take my college graduation funds!" He gave her a briefcase of money (his college fund,  like $600) and ent back to eating his pizza.

Echo showed the briefcase to Zapor and his friends as she returned. "Got it."

Zapor stood awestruck. "Dude, last time we got that much, Zak put a guy in a coma."

"His fault. He knows if a kirby makes a cute face, he won't be able to stand all of it." Zak said, folding his arms.

"You guys do know what this means?" Zapor asked.

"She gets to keep the money leftover?" Leo guessed.

"Yes, but she's the cutest girl in our list of friends!...Which is everyone in Station Square basically." Zapor said, still not paying attention to what was coming out of his mouth. 

Echo blushed again "So... uh... what's next?" Echo asked.

"Well, that depends. Do you know how to ride an Extreme Gear?" Zapor said, paying for the pizza.

"A little bit, why?" Echo asked.

"Because we're bout to ride one! Whooo!!" Zapor ran out the door with others following.

"Wait for me!" Echo followed. "But I don't have an Extreme Gear, how am I gonna ride one?"

"Oh..then I can go buy you one! Lexi, you stay here and make sure Echo doesn't lose any knowledge, while me, Zak, and Leo go in the store and buy her a board." Zapor said as a he, Leo and Zak went into the store.

Lexi looked at Echo and cocked her head. "Why were you blushing?"

"Huh?" Echo asked. "What do you mean?"

"Back at the pizza place, Zapor said one thing, you blushed about it." Lexi said.

" was nothing." Echo lied.

Lexi crossed her arms and thought about it for a second, then gasped. "No way! You like him?"

"What? No!" Echo said, then paused for a moment before saying. "Is it really that obvious?"

"Well, apart from the fact that whenever you look at him, you smile and stare, yeah." Lexi said.

Echo blushed more. "Oh no..."

"Don't worry, I won't tell him. I swear it on the girl code!" Lexi said, raising her fist in the air.

"Oh...uh...okay...thanks..." Echo said, sort of confused as to what a 'Girl code' was.

"But if I can say anything, its the fact that each of your eye colors are the other persons fur color. Thats adorable!" Lexi said, laughing.

"We do?" Echo asked and thought about it for a moment. "We do!" She exclaimed finally.

"But if you need to know one thing about Zapor...well, he's complicated, so just keep doing what your doing, and I'm sure you'll be in his arms...snuggling...kissing.." Lexi said, then started laughing again. "Just being another cute couple by the end of today."

Echo blushed again, her entire face turning red. "Oh don't know about that..."

"Haha..Here he comes. Act natural." Lexi said.

Zapor walked out the store with an extreme gear in his hands. "Yo, I got one!.....Are you blushing?"

"Nah, I just told her about those type of jokes Leo's into." Lexi said.

Zak came out. "I thought we agreed not to bring that up. Who knows how corrupt ones mind might get?"

Echo began to wonder what those jokes might have been, then slowly realized what kind of jokes they might be and pushed the thought aside. "So...uh...what's next?" Echo tried to change the subject.

"Well we were about to go sorta teach you how to ride one, but Zak heard some dudes talking about some kid being missing so the next step: dropping subjects to do heroism!" Zapor said.

"Someone's gone missing?" Echo repeated. "That sounds awful! Do we know where to find him?"

"Nope! But as most problems go, we go looking in multiple places!" Zapor said.

"S-so where do we start? Do we know where they were taken?" Echo asked.

"Nope! We just usually look for an obvious clue that is overlooked." Zapor said.

"Translation: I have no idea." Lexi said, facepalming.

"Well, we gotta start somewhere!" Echo exclaimed. "Probably outside, maybe a park?"

"To the park!" Zapor shouted as the group ran to the park.

Or they would have but as soon as they ran outside, Echo bumped into a young red hedgehog woman and fell to the ground. "Ow..."

"Oof!" The woman exclaimed. She wore a blue denim jacket over a blue short sleeve top. She has a cyan pants that go all the way down to ice blue heels. She also has a matching cyan hat on her head, and a white staff with a plethora of icy designs on it. "Oh, sorry, let me help you up." She said with just the tiniest hint of a (British) accent in her voice.

Zapor walked back to thered hedgehog lady and Echo. "Are you alright?" Zapor said to Echo. He then turned to tthe hedgehog lady and asked the same question. 

"I'm fine." Echo said, and brushed herself off.

"Oh dear, I apologize, I'm sort of new in town." The hedgehog explained. "My name is Leah, I'm from lycaville, this town out to the west, and-...anyway what were you all doing running of the buidling like that?"

"We were gonna go look for a boy that went missing." Zak answered.

"There's a boy who went missing?" Leah gasped. "Oh dear, I suppose that is reason enough for someone to run out of a building into the street." Leah was silent for moment while thinking. "Well, if there's a boy who went missing, I suppose we should go look for him. I'll go with you."

"Once again, to the park!" Zapor said, with the group (+ Leah) run to the park.

As the group got to the park there wasn't any police there or any people for that matter. The place was quite barren.

"No kids, at a park, on a beautiful day?" Leah asked. "Seems kind of weird."

"Yeah, and an empty ice cream car is out too." Zak said.

"Guys, I think I found something." Zapor pointed to a fence.

Zak walked to the fence. "A white rose and a fence missing an arm. Signs of a struggle." 

"A white rose?" Leah picked the flower up. "White roses aren't really common in the city, why is there one here?"

"That's a good question, don't you think?" A voice said around the group.

"Yeah!....Wait, who said that?" Leo asked.

From behind one of the playsets a man in an all black outfit, wearing a white mask with some crude designs on it stepped out, carrying a large, metal-looking box with a handle on it in one hand. Zapor and his friends might recognize him as Aero. "I did."

"Aero!...Who are you again?" Zapor asked.

"The guy who most likely is behind the crime." Zak said.

"You're barking up the wrong tree, kid." Aero said. "I'm not behind this, but it is an interesting matter." Aero looked over to the red hedgehog. "Leah..."

"Uh...who are you?" Leah asked.

"Aero, but that's beside the point." Aero stated. "Look this is a really important moment, and there is a huge problem with all of the logic here. This guy is taking kids, so you all, being kids, are going after him? Doesn't that just seem a bit illogical?"

"As much logic as to why a  kid is going around holding guns, I think we know what we're doing." Zapor said.

"You can't honestly think you're the only kids going around with weapons, do you?" Aero asked. "This guy taking kids probably has some way of taking them without to much hassle, you cannot possibly think that you can just walk in there and get the kid back." He looked over at Echo. "Some of you might be capable of making sure you stay safe, but what about keeping others safe?"

"I'm sure they can handle it." Leah interjected. "I happened to be quite a skilled magi when I was their age, I think they can handle themselves."

"And if they can't?" Aero asked. "It's not a question of what age they are it's's the fact that we need to make sure they stay safe."

"Well, if you want to keep them safe, come with us." Leah said simply.

"Oh pfft, I don't need to be safe. I got stabbed once and I'm totes fine. Besides, the kid either got A: got sneak attacked. Or B: Couldn't defend himself." Zapor said.

"You were fine, but how would Echo fair?" Aero asked.

"Me?" Echo asked.

"Echo isn't immortal, she isn't like you, Zapor, she can be hurt, she can be killed." Aero noted.

"That's a horrible thing to say!" Leah said.

"And I don't suppose you have any healing magic, do you?" Aero asked.

"What? ...No..." Leah admitted.

"So, basically, if Leah or Echo get stabbed, then that's it, it's game over for them. Echo can heal, but that requires luck from her cards, and last time I checked your group isn't so lucky." Aero said slyly. "So, I'll make a deal with you."

"And what is that?" Leah asked.

"I'll come with you," Aero started. "I have all the powers and weapons I need, and I happen to be able to heal people, but in exchange, once we have the boy, we leave. We cannot attack the man who took the child, as much as I would love to."

"What?" Echo asked. "No, he's evil, doing, lord knows what, but he needs to be stopped. We can stop him!"

"As much as it pains me to say, we can't. He has a higher destiny then you all realize. Maybe one day, you'll figure it out, but for now? We cannot stop him. So, what's it gonna be?" Aero asked.

Both Leah and Echo were silent. "He is pretty powerful..." Echo noted. "Maybe we should take him with us..."

Zapor said a long ugh while head turned a whole 360°. "Fine. But any other evil dude is one we can hurt." Zapor said,

"I suppose you could do that." Aero said. "The white rose is the calling card of the guy who takes kids. So we are at the right spot, but we need to find out where he went from here..."

"So, basically, we're still in square one?" Leah asked.

Out from across the street, there finally was somebody, a person, covered in a large jacket, looking kind of shady. Then another person, wearing the exact same thing joined him, and then another, and then more joined him, until there was about seven of them and they crossed the street towards the group.

"No, I think we're about to get some answers." Aero said.

"I got this." Leo walked up to the men, and cute faced them. "Excuse me sir, could you help us?"

"That...was your plan...-_-'?" Zak muttered.

The men all stared down at Leo, their faces grey and almost unlife-like. Their eyes were were greyed out and they didn't even breathe. They looked over towards Aero, then to Echo, then to Zapor, then back down to Leo. The in the front raised his arm back and slopilly swung towards Leo.

Leo ducked and ran behind Zapor. "You know, i just remembered i forgot Wheelie.." Leo said, then was punched by Lexi.

One of the men stared straight at Leo, and cocked his head to the side before looking over at Aero, and striking right for his face, throwing his mask off nearby.

Echo pulled a card out of her deck and held it up. "Queen of hearts!" She called and threw the card towards one of the men, which changed into a chair half way through and knocked the guy down.

Leah pulled her staff up and aimed it at another guy. "Snow fall!" She called, causing a large ball of snow to smack him square in the face.

Zapor pulled out a pistol and shot a guy in both of his arms

Zak brought out his monondo blade. "Monando: Smash!" He then attacked one of the other men.

Aero pressed the button on his metal machine and pulled a red katana out of the end of it, slashing straight through one of the men.

Leah aimed her staff at another man and a ball of fire shot out. "Flare Blitz!" She called.

Echo drew another card. "9 of Spades!" She called and struck the chair victim with her card like it was a sword.

Lexi did a roundhouse uppercut combo on Zak's guy. "Uh, these guys don't have faces."

Aero slashed another guy down. "What?"

Echo knocked her guy down. "They don't!"

Leah sweeped her guy's feet and made him fall. "Odd..."

Zapor knocked his guy down. "Weird."

Aero grabbed around for his mask. A few green strands of fur could be seen from around his face before he managed to grab the mask and put it back on. "Alright, now, the hell is with these guys?"

Zak walked to his guy, who was K.O'd, and looked at his face. "Well, they don't have faces, and it isn't like they're wearing a mask."

"Right..." Aero pulled the hood of off one of the faceless guys and put two fingers on his neck. "No pulse...either he's a machine, or..." He grabbed the guy's hand and cut his finger open ever so slightly, revealing a bead of pale blood. "He's...dead..." He dropped the hand and moved on to another guy. "They're all dead..."

"So...we fought dead people?" Leah asked. "How does that even work?"

"I'm not sure..." Aero said. "How do zombie's come back from the dead to fight people like they would have when alived? It's not like they're out biting people."

"Maybe it was magic?" Echo asked.

Aero thought for a moment. "...Necromancy!" He turned to cat. "Echo, you are a genius!"

"If it's magic, I can track it." Leah informed the group.

"Right." Aero nodded. "So you and I will go and the kids need to go somewhere safe."

"Yeah! Who needs science when you got two cool people and a pretty genius (Echo, in this case) telling you about magic!" Zapor said.

"So where is somewhere safe?" Leo asked.

"Away from here." Aero said simply.

"Now wait a minute!" Echo said. "We're in this about as much as you are, we aren't leaving, we're going with you!"

"You're all children. It isn't safe for you to come with us." Aero replied. "I'm sure Leah agrees."

"...These kids are powerful..." Leah mumbled.

"Oh come on! We do unsafe stuff all the time!" Lexi said.

"And it's actually fun." Leo stated.

This isn't some game." Aero said. "A child's life is at stake here and you all would only get in the way!"

Echo thought for a moment. "But, you need us."

"What?" Aero asked.

"He's a necromancer, right? That requires someone to be dead in order for his magic to work on people. Zapor is immortal, he can't die, and I have cards that are effective against the undead. We're fighters that you need!" Echo rebuttled.

"Plus, Zak can hack stuff." Zapor said, fistbumping Zak. "And to be honest, two people going to fight a guy, with some dead henchmen, seems you'll need help not getting killed."

"They have a point, Aero." Leah said. "If this is as big as you say it is, then perhaps we should take them along? They aren't the only children to have proven themselves in combat."

"...Fine, I know I won't win this battle." Aero agreed begrudingly. "But we need to act fast. Leah, hurry up and track that spell."

"Right, tracking." Leah said. "The arcane energy is really potent on these guys. They must have been...risen, pretty recently, the caster is somewhere towards the west."

"The west part of town?" Echo asked. "Isn't that near the museum's and stuff?"

"I never really liked museums. They're like zoos for artifacts." Lexi said.

"Or maybe a perfect place for a necromancer to raise the dead." Zak stated.

"A museum...why a museum...?" Aero asked.

"I hate to be that girl, but the trail is getting less visable. We need to start moving." Leah informed the group.

"Right, lead on, Leah." Aero agreed.

Part 3: Yep, things went wrong

Leah led the group towards a district of ancient looking cabins and buildings. Some of these buildings had been there since the start of construction on Station Square. Leah looked around and pointed to a white stone building in the center. "The trail leads right over there."

"The stone building?" Aero asked. "There are security teams in those buildings, right? Shouldn't they know if a child abducter is hiding out there?"

"Not unless the child abductor made them think that he was the kid's parent." Zapor said.

"Or bribed them." Leo put in.

"Or took them all out." Lexi said.

"Well, whatever he did, apparently it was enough." Echo said. "We should head into the stone building."

"The trail doesn't lead through the door." Leah sad. "It goes through the wall."

"So the wall is breakthrough?" Lexi asked.

"No. It might be a permeable barrier." Zak said.

Leah walked forward to a wall and tapped on it. "It's not magical...and it cannot transfer matter...I don't understand how anyone would open a thing like this..."

"I have an idea." Aero said, he pressed the button on his machine and a large mace came out of the top, which he swung into the wall, breaking it down. "That's how you break it down."

"Maybe breaking it wasn't what she meant?" Echo sighed.

"Meh, I break a lot of stuff." Zapor said. The group walked in to the hole in the wall Aero made.

Once the group made their way into the wall, a large staircase extended to down, furthur in. Once at the bottom a fancy looking room could be seen, that looked like a library. There was a fireplace on one wall with a purple hedgehog's painting above it. The floor was hardwood and there were books strewn about everywhere.

"Hm, whoever this guy is, he sure knows how tl keep things in good condition." Zak said.

"How did he manage to get in here?" Leah asked. "Station Square was built a long time ago."

Aero stared at the painting of the girl. "We're not supposed to be here." He said.

"What do you mean?" Lexi asked.

"Dusk Evol..." Aero said.

"Huh?" Leah asked. "The painting says; Alicia Valentine. Who's Dusk Evol?"

"The girl supposed to find this." Aero sighed. "I can't believe I was so stupid to not see it. This place is destined for another..."

"Aero, stop talking so crazy." Echo said. "What's going on?"

Leah grabbed her staff and looked around. "Someone's here." Leah called out. "A mage, I can feel their mana."

"Their whaaa?" Zapor said, looking confused.

"Energy." Zak stated.

Suddenly a large amount of people, similar to the men from before flashed into the room.

"Not this again..." Aero said and pulled his katana out of his machine.

Zapor gets his rifle out, while Zak pulls his sword off his back. Lexi got in a fighting stance.

"Kids!" Leah called. "The magic is coming from outside now. Get out there and find this guy, Aero and I will fight these creeps."

"You got it! Come on, dudes!" Zapor said as his group and Echo ran outside.

As the kids ran outside, they encountered a human man in dark robes, which hid many of his features. He had red eyes, brown hair, had a lithe and weak build, but seemed powerful in a way.

"Hey, release the kid or.....or...just release him." Lexi said.

The man looked down at Lexi and stared at her fingers. "Your fingers would work perfectly." He said slowly in a smooth low voice. "Would you mind donating your fingers to a worthy cause?"

Lexi clenched her fists. "Like what?"

"It's a secret." The man said. "But you won't ever be seeing those fingers again once you do."

"He saying he'll rip off your----" Leo was cut off by Zapor giving him a "yeah, I think we got that" elbow jab.

"So why're you taking kids? To do some uncivilized thing like..force them to do not kid stuff?!" Zapor yelled.

"Have you ever lost someone?" The man said as he walked towards the group. "I lost someone who meant the world to me. It almost drove me the brink of death but....I remembered that I wasn't like a normal human. I have magic beyond comprehension. I can bring back the dead, I can bring back my world, I can bring back my daughter." The man paused. "All I needed to do was rebuild her, which meant I would have to take some parts from other children..."

"Wait, I've heard of that type of thing from somewhere..." Zapor thought, then instantly remembered the situation. "So what part did you use from the kid?"

"Which kid?" The man asked. "There were several..."

" killed all of those..." Echo started but coudn't finish. "How could you do such a thing?"

"There's a lot a man can do when he has nothing to lose." The necromancer proclaimed.

"Dude, you lost your marbles! You kill all those kids just to bring back one person. If she's dead, she's dead, that's it. How do you think she would feel, seeing as your killing a bunch of people to bring back one person?" Zapior stated.

"I would feel like I'd rather be dead." Zak said.

"Exactly! And with that fairly good chance that ghosts can see everything we do." Zapor added.

"None of you understand the pain I have gone through. You're all insolent children, now DIE!" The necromancer said, pulling his hands back and unleashing a barrage of shadow-like spears. All towards Echo.

Echo quickly pulled a card out of her deck. "Crap, five of clubs!" She said throwing the card to the side. Then pulled another. "Nope, Ace of Spades." She pulled one more. "No!" She said and threw a card of hearts to the side. The spears hit toward Echo causing a huge cloud of smoke.

When the cloud disappeared, Aero stood there, holding a katana, blocking the spears with his machine. "I told you, you need to protect her." He said looking directly at Zapor. "Leah!"

"Right!" The mage girl said, jumping off the roof of the building. "Blizzard!" Sending a barrage of ice at the necromancer.

"Welcome to war, kids." Aero said. "Let's take this guy down."

(Battle theme:

"You got it!" Zapor said reaching in his pocket. "Pistol. No. Rifle. No. Missile launcher. No. Villager outfit. No. Machine gun with a free cup holder....Meh, good enough." Zapor pulled a machine gun from out of his pocket, then scooted to where Echo was standing  and stood right in front of her, and unloaded bullets made of fire at the necromancer. 

The necromancer encased his hand in a black aura and bulled several dead bodies out of the group, immediatly grabbing a bone and forced it to catch the bullets.

Zak fought the hoards of dead people the necromancer summoned off. "Wait, why did he need kid parts if he can just bring back people? just bring her back!" 

"I want my daughter to be exactly how I remember, not to be some walking shambles." The necromancer said. Then shot dark arrows towards Zapor. 

Zapor dodged a couple, than one hit him in the arm. "Ok, if that's what you want, then get a guy to allow you to see ghosts or whatever!"

"But then she is just an unphysical form, something that is not truly alive. I need her to live once more!" The necromancer called out.

"This guy is a lost cause..." Aero mumbled.

"We'll see about that!" The Necromancer called and pulled more corpses out of the ground around the group.

Zak slashed at some of the just risen corpses. Zapor threw a fireball at the necromancer.

Then necromancer turned out from the fireball dodging it. "I'll leave this to you." He said as a huge monstrosity of corpses were pulled together and magically sewn to each other to create an abomination of bodies.

"I have work to do." The necromancer said and disappeared from the area.

"The hell is this thing?" Aero called.

"It's creepy..." Echo said. "And that smell is awful..."

Zapor threw another fireball at it, setting one of the arms on fire. "And it's even worse! Hot dead people smell 2x as bad!" Zapor covered his nose.

"We have to defeat it!" Aero called out, grabbing his katana and swinging at the abomination, dealing some damage.

The abomination howled in pain, and swiped at Aero, knocking him to the side.

Zapor shot a couple more rounds at the abomination.  "Ok, Zak, what's the best way to beat zombies?"

"Keep shooting at it, or go for the head!" Zak went to back slash the abomination. 

(Shulk joke)

The abomination, being the giant, clumsy husk that it is, took the back slash and swiped at Zak.

Leah used her magic to envelop Aero in a green aura. "Get up, Masky, we got work to do."

"Right...let me see..." Aero put his katana back into the machine and held the switch. "Keep him back for a second, I have an idea."

"Right." Leah threw a series of fire bolts at the abomination.

Echo drew a card with a somewhat familiar blue hedgehog holding a scythe on it. "Zero Card: Fist of shadow!" A large shadowed hand came out of the card and punched the abomination, which only seemed to make it more angry.

Zak got knocked back. Zapor came in and shot more bullets into the abomination. 

"Aero, how's that idea coming...?" Leah asked.

"I've got it..." Aero said clicking the machine up. "Zak, heads up!" Aero called pointing the machine towards the kirby and releasing the button on the machine as it fired an orb of colorful energy at the kirby. (Like the smash ball)

(Also, Zapor, look at this thing ...)

Zapor tossed Zak at the ball, and Zak slashed it, causing it to break. Zak was glowing with a rainbowish aura and his eyes were yellow.

Aero pointed to the abomination. "Cut that thing, down!"

Zak shot out a star, which then exploded to make a black hole sucking the abomination in. 

(Final Smash starting.)

Zak splits up into 100 other Zaks, all in Buster mode. 99 of them slash at the abomination, and Zak comes from the sky and finished the final smash wih a heavy slash.

The abomination took all the hits, being as slow as it was, and was destroyed in the process.

"...What just happened?" Leah asked.

"I don't know, but that was awesome!" Echo said excitedly.

"Yeah! And so is this!" Zapor then used a Mario Finale, which purposely hit Leo sending him off in a Team Rocket like KO.

"....That actually was awesome." Lexi said.

"I think that Necromancer got away..." Aero said.

"Oh...its a good thing we don't have a cemetary..right?." Zapor asked.

"I don't think we have one." Zak answered.

"So...what happened to the boy?" Echo asked.

"I...don't know." Leah said. "I don't know if we want to know..."

"We...shouldn't be here..." Aero said again. "We need to leave, now."

"Ok." Zak and Lexi walked, with Zapor following in a seemingly good mood.

"...Why?" Echo asked. "You said that before, why shouldn't we be here?"

Aero looked around for a second. "This won't be the last time the Necromancer strikes." He looked over the group. "He will attack once more, and when he does, there will be others who will have to do, what we have just done, and no matter how much it pains me, I have to make sure that a girl...Dusk, is there."

"Why?" Echo asked. "Who is Dusk?"

"The spark to light a fuse, or so I'm told." Aero answered. "She will be the one..."

"The one for what?" Zapor asked.

Aero sighed. "Zapor...there is an order to the way things work." He turned to the group and started to take off his mask. "There is always a cause and effect to how things work. In order for something to happen, something else has to take place. There are many fuses to the story about to unfold, around Neo and his friend, and Dusk is one that will help shape the group forever. The others, though...need someone to cause it, and those people are gone, so someone has to take care of it." Aero took his mask off, revealing a green fox with yellow eyes and very short hair. His eyes seemed to have fire dancing in them. "I'm that someone."

Zapor blinked twice. "What story?"

"I'll tell you later." Zak said, facepalming.

"There is a lot more going on than you all think." Aero said, putting his mask back on. "If you're looking for adventure, I'd say stick with Neo. He's got a lot more coming at him than he thinks..." Aero turned around and pulled his red katana out of the machine. "Oh and Zapor..." He said. "Keep Echo safe." He slashed the sword through the air, and a portal of what looked like red sand started to whirl in front of him, he walked into it, and once through, it closed behind him.

"...I...think we should keep this secret." Echo said.

"Alright. Whatever Areo did is a secret." Zapor said. "Wait a minute, I just remembered! You haven't gotten the last lesson yet."

"What's the final lesson?" Echo asked.

"Well, its more in a form of song. Zak, if you will." Zapor cued to Zak.

(Song starts)

Zak: *imitates scratch record*

Zapor & Zak: We enjoy it while we can, we enjoy it while we're kids, we enjoy it while there's still time to make the most of it!

Zapor: We go around he block and we loiter by the

Both: Mall!

Zapor: The people pick with us so they give 

Both: The cops a call

Zapor: But we can get away with it cuz its a 

Both: Public space!

Zapor: Turns out we was loitering

Both: Just standing in one place

Zapor: I don't wear a suit or a 

Both: stupid tie!

Zapor: I dress with my eyes closed and

Both: I still look fly!

Lexi: *walks up to Leo* You look more stupid than usual.

Leo: Oh yeah well you -groans- and when I don't have a comeback I can always cry..

Zapor and Zak: We enjoy it while we can, we enjoy it while we're kids, we enjoy it while there's still time, to make the most of it!

Zapor: I'm allowed to eat candy its ok to be chubby, it called baby fat, dats why everybody likes me and I don't need to worry bout the calories I ate cuz I'm just a kid with a crazy metabolic rate!....Too far.

Zak: Don't you ever worry about the calories you eat?

Zapor: Who cares if these fall out? I got new ones underneath! 

Zak: I get tons of loot, cuz I look so cute! Where are they coming from? It just doesn't compute!

Zapor: We don't have to worry bout makin ends meet, cuz throw things in the bucket

Both: That we like to eat!

Zapor: Cuz when your still a kid, everything is magic! Yall don't know it yet

Both: Life can pretty tragic!

Both: We enjoy it while we can, we enjoy it while we're kids, we enjoy it while, there's still time to make the most of it!

Zapor: We don't have to worry, cuz we don't have

Both: Jobs!

Zapor: We can sit around all day and hangout

Both: Just like slobs! We don't have to worry bout our resimes or skills, cuz we don't got either, we got no bills!

Zapor: We got all the time that we want to kill.

Leo: What time is it?

Zap & Zak: Its time to chill!

-construction site-

Worker: Whaddya think your doin?

Zapor: Just enjoying not having a job.

Worker: Well you can't stay here.

Zapor: Why, cuz the sight of our freedom hurts your adult feelings?

Worker: No kid, your gonna have to move because.


Zapor: When your still a kid being sick is cool! Auntie gives you hugs and you

Both: don't have to go to school!

Zapor: Stayin home watch TV, all day slackin off! If someone checks on you just give them a little cough!

Zap's Gramps:Are you alright? 

Zapor: *cough, cough*

Gramps: Oooh...

Zapor: *evil face*

-Zapor drawing a moustache on Neo while Fate laughs about it-

Zak: It ain't his fault that he behaves like a dummy, he does a lot of stupid things cuz we find it funny

Both: We don't need an excuse cuz we got imagination! We're using it right now to escape the situation! Because when your a kid, you dream of many things. Like being dentists or wizard cops with wings! We can fight a sharkbearagator with a sword made of swords! Be the best at everything and win awesomeness rewards!

Zapor: See an uderwater castle with a seahorse made of crystals!

Both: Save a mermaids from shark people using golden laser pistols! Pluder the universe in our pirate spaceship, go back in time to teach Eggman how to kickflip! Don't need worry bout our future plans to college, superpowers robot arms thats a substitute for knowledge! 

Zapor: Its okay for me 2 dream dat I'm a cowboy from da west!

Zak: And for me to keep hoping that there's still a chance to grow a chest!

-Imaginary audiance- 

Zapor: Ok, when I point to you, thats your signal!

Both: We enjoy it while we 

Audience: CAN!!

Both: We enjoy it while we're 

Audience: KIDS!!!

Both: We enjoy it while theres

Audience: STILL TIME!!!

Both: To make the most of 

Audience: IT!!!!!!!!

-Audience magically disappears, song ends-

Zapor and Zak take breaths. "And that was the last lesson. You get it?" Zapor asked.

"..." Echo had a look of confusion on her face. "No...maybe just...not explain it to me?"

"I think what they're trying to say," Leah interjected. "is that you are still a kid, and you should focus this point of your life on whatever it is that you find to be fun. Because you won't be a kid forever, and being an adult, is kind of boring." She looked to Zapor. "Did I get that right?"

Zapor held up a board with a star on it. "Yeah!"

"I get it now!" Echo said. "Today has been really interesting."

"Your welcome!" Zapor said.

"Now that ths has been settled." Leah started. "I need to go. I still have to find a solution for my problem. If you'll excuse me." Leah told the children and turned to leave.

"Bye Leah! Good luck on solving your problem." Zapor said.

"What a nice lady." Zak said.

"Today has been really fun!" Echo told Zapor. "Thanks for showing me around!" The cat leaned forward and kissed Zapor.

Zapor lost all the red in his fur. All that red turned into his face blushing.  He started to steam, and he fainted from all the joy.

Lexi looked at him on the floor. "I think that means he likes you." She said, grinning at Echo.

Echo blushed. "I...uh...sort of thought that..."

"So, you gonna snuggle him yet?" Lexi whispered in her ear.

Echo jumped. "N-no!"

Lexi laughed, when Zak got a call from his phone (Snake getting a call ringtone). "It's from Neo."

"What is it?" Echo asked.

"Apparently he wants us to meet him up somewhere." Zak answered.

"Ok, Zak you go find Leo. Echo, you carry your boyfriend to where ever Neo wants us to meet up at. I'll go get Wheelie." Lexi said, running off.

"Alright..." Echo started. "Let's get going..."


Ages sat in his office, looking over several maps detailing what appeared to be a castle and some forests. He looked up from his desk and looked at the group in front of him. Two of which, a pink bat, and a purple Falcon were both his partners in the detective agency, two of which he could count on for anything. The other two however, were different. One was a main in black armor and a white mask, Aero, and the other was an odd looking grey unicorn with brown hair and black glasses. He had a snow white raipier on his belt and he looked like he was looking at everything except Ages.

"So, this is the castle?" Ages asked.

"Yes, this is the one." Aero nodded. "My dad wrote specifically about the castle in the book, this is where it is."

"But, it's locked?" Ages asked. "How?"

"Temporal Locks." The grey mobian said. "An old chronomancer spell, simple to despell, but it's gonna take a pretty powerful chronomancer to dispell them."

"So, why not dispell them for us?" Ages asked. "Last time I checked, you were a decent chronomancer, Time Spinner."

Time Spinner shook his head. "If they were locked, they were locked for a reason. The locks should never be broken unless it is an emergency. Let the locks lay where they lay."

"Boss, let us come with ya." The purple falcon said. "Ya don't need to have all those kids runnin around doin our work for ya."

"Yeah Mr. Ages, I want to see the castle too!" The pink bat whined.

"I can't." Ages said. "There is a certain method I have to follow. I'd take you both with me if I could, but..."

"But?" The falcon asked.

"I cannot tell you why, but I just cannot take you with me." Ages shook his head. "Think of it, like a day off."

"If I may warn you." Aero said. "Wayward castle is full of some of the most dangerous creatures around, and one of the most powerful beings around. Things can go wrong really quickly there."

"Well, then I guess I'll just be really careful then." Ages told Aero and grabbed his spear from the wall. "What do we gotta look out for?"

"Now what, who." Aero said. "There is a girl in the castle, and she may be one of the most important people in the universe." The masked man warned. "You need to go up in the castle, you need to find Fey."