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Near a small vacation spot near the coast, all is well as the sun slowly starts to dart down over the horizon...But what the vacationers and innocent locals don't know is that there's a dangerous band of pirates ready to plunder the place for riches! And perhaps take some prisoners as well...?


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  • Bobo the monkey
  • Zarextheechidna
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  • Isabella the Spanish Lynx (AR)
  • The Random Rangers - Ryu
  • Paris Harrington the Poodle
  • Noah the Wolf - NLG
  • Vexis Miraluz the Ebondingo


Anyone Else (Lol)


  • Captain Ryder the Hedgehog - Neutral Bad - (AR)
  • Howl the wolf-viotp
  • Pirate Crew of the Raven -Neutral Bad - (AR)
  • Cutter the Pirate-Lawful Evil-(Jaredthefox92)
  • Rukus the Cat-Neutral Evil-(Jaredthefox92)
  • Reens the Hedgehog (aka Sadie Drake, her pirate name! Arr!) -Pure Good- (Reens the Hedgehog)
  • Alastair McQuasar (AU)
  • Malcom "Geo" Wiggins - (Lawful Evil) - Pirate Name: Malcom 'Raider' Rylan - Black Silver
  • Bobo M. The monkey-neutral evil(pirate name:barnacle eyed scurvy jones)(BTM)
  • Zarex the echidna -Neutral evil (Zarex the echidna)
  • Jake the hedgehog-Evil (Zarex the echidna)
  • Captain Thomas Red the St. Bernard -Neutral Evil- (Reens the Hedgehog), captains the Poisoned Rose
  • Crew of the Poisoned Rose -Neutral Evil- (Reens the Hedgehog)
  • Pirates of the monster Kraken-loyal to Captain Barnacle Jones(bobo),Neutral,survivors of the Monster Kraken(BTM)
  • Manikku-loyal #1 Buckner of Captian Barnacle Jones-BTM
  • Chester the ghost pirates -The REAL captian of the monster krake-BTM
  • Blur the hyena(Former pirate and only weapon:Claw)-Blu blur


Early Evening

The sun began to set over the horizon and vacationers danced the evening away at the beach party. In a private area, Paris relaxed with other VIP vacationers. Out with the main crowd a lynx twirls giant fans that are lit aflame for the main act.

"WHOO!" Isabella extinguished the flames as the crowd clapped happily, and she bowed softly as she stepped down from the stage, fanning herself with a normal regular sized set of fans.

"Ahh...much better..." A nice looking boy walks up with a bottle of water, "Gracias cutie~" She winked at him making him blush as she giggled.

A bored looking dingo with an ebony fur coat was talking with some friends. 

"Vexis.. You should go talk to the chick who just performed.." A rust colored jackal spoke, they were a part of the audience for Isabella's show.

"Y'know what.. Fine, if it'll get you off my case Matrix then I will.." Vexis responded, annoyed as all hell before he went to look for Isabella. Grumbling about annoying best friends.

"Ahh~" Isabella sat down as she sipped down the water happily, talking to a few girls.

"I'm getting bored..." Paris groaned softly as she stood up and left the small VIP area to go back to her private bungalow/hut. She walked through as boys whistled to her happily, but she ignored them.

Noah: It's hot you know. *wipes sweat off of forehead* and humid too.

Elsewhere, a young female hedgehog with pirate garb and bandages up one arm watched the group, looking for a little treasure. "Aye, mateys, there be loot here. Ye scallywags wait fer me signal. Savvy?" The crew behind her growled their agreement, and Sadie turned back to them.

Beyond sea coming to land comes a Monkey Captain that yields his sword to his Crew."we survived A Monster Kraken attack Buck'os.and try to steal ye most Booty Ye can find.steal the buckaroos from Ms.harrington over there too."he says as 2 hours upon land is in sight

"Aye Aye, Captain!" The crew shouted

Captain Barnacle Jones smiled as he's an hour before shore.The Crew readied there cannons and sharpen their swords as they chant loudly "Crew of the Monster Kraken!".

Already hiding from the islanders near the uninhabited jungle side of the island was The Raven and captain Ryder was on the look out for not something, but someone as he scanned the beach, his eyes locking on Paris as he grinned, "There ya are..." He chuckled before blending into the shadows and heading back to the hidden ship.

Paris sighed as she headed back to her private bungalow and called it a night for the time being.


The Sneaking in the dead of night as everyone was sleeping, Ryder and his crew began to round up any valuables that people had left behind at the beach, deciding to take the silent approach before finally - BOOM! Cannon fire as Paris gasped and jumped from her bed to see Ryder in her bed, crouching over her as he slaps a hand over her mouth.

"Shhhhhhh...Be a good little girl and maybe I won't shoot yer kneecaps off..."

"F*** You!" Paris bit his hand and made a run for it only in a lace lavender nightgown as Ryder growled and followed.

"So ya took the hard way!" He laughed and gave chase into the jungle as his crew started to attack islanders.

"I changed me mind lads... run!" Sadie and her crew members made a break for their ship as the cannonballs fell like rain. The rest of them made it, but Sadie was hit by a cannonball in the head. "Oh me stars n' garters... where be the medic...?" She fell to the sand, unconscious.

"Manikku" Captian Barnacle Jones yelled."swim to land and scare the living Krakens out of we can attack."

"But Captian, which island?"Manikku said

"Both of them, and ye might get promoted".Captian Barnacle eyed jones.

Vexis, who was wandering town during the attack, saw the pirates attacking the islanders. Defenseless, he did the only thing he could do. Which was bolt for the jungle, hoping to evade the pirates.

"Get BACK here!" Ryder growled as he grinned, chasing Paris back towards the beach as Isabella was awoken by pirates attempting to tie her up.

"No!" The lynx jumped up and growled as she grabbed her fans and using the magic inside of them, forced them all back with a large unseeable force as she retreated from her bungalow to see the damage the pirates were doing to the island resort, "Dios MIO!" Her jaw dropped.

In the darkest shadows possible,Manikku comes and sneaks up on Isabella."Ye better give up your things young laddey.or ill take it meself."Manikku said raising a sword upon the lynx's head as tries to get a signal to the Captian."I survived more than a Kraken attack with this sword so I suggest ye give up.".

"I'm no damsel in distress!" She twists and raises her fans as their energy picks up nearby giant pieces of debris and flings them at him as she twists again and raises her leg to round house kick him.

"Clever little girl..."Manikku said and chuckles as he gets up and Irish kicks her in the face then raises up her face with his sword nearly touching her face."give up now buck'o,and we might just let you live.."Manikku said impressed of her.

"I may let YOU live." With the flick of her wrist, an incoming cannon ball from Ryder's ship The Raven comes barreling towards the both of them.

Manikku smiled and answered"deal." Manikku said ,but as he turns around, he sees the cannons of the Raven shoot.reflexes, made him do what he had to do."Damn It Jump!" Yelled Manikku as he leaped away from the cannon ball

"Ha!" Flipping backwards Isabella dodged as well seconds before the cannon ball zoomed by, and she quickly turned around and started running, kicking up stand behind her.

"Agh!" Paris started to fumble as she crashed into the ground and attempted to get back up when a sword was pressed against the back of her neck.

"Get up nice and easy lass..." Ryder demanded with a dark glare.

"Crap crap crap!" Vexis muttered, the sudden attack leaving him in a panic. ".. Hopefully my friends actually left the island on time instead of wandering around and missing their flight.. But I wonder if that performer is okay... "

Sadie woke up with a pained groan. "Oh, me head... I feel like someone decided t' take me out for a pint o' ale and port me thar." She got up slowly, shaking the sand from her clothes, and turned to see that her ship and crew-mates had left without her. "Not again! I've been port behind like a burnt roast goose!" With an irritated growl, she looked around at the cannon fire and tried to find a lifeboat.

"Time to fight fire with fire" Manikku said as he clime up a he signaled a flare,he noticed that there were more ships ahead other from The Raven and The Sea Ghost."there's more?"Manikku worried.

"Ye scaly wags peeped on what it said,Fire the cannons at the ship!" Bobo said as he turned the Sea ghost near the ships

"FIRE!"bobo screams as they fire the cannons at the ships.

"why with this?"Manikku said as he climbed down where the lynx was.

"Yer comin' with me Miss Harrin'ton..." Tieing up Paris's arms he started to take her back towards the Raven that continued its assault on anyone that wasn't it's crew on the island. As Isabella ran she crashed headfirst into one of the Raven's pirates.

"Hmph!" She prepared herself for battle and gasped a bit when more showed up, but felt her confidence build in her as she began to fight them off.

man swammed to the Sea Ghost and came back onboard.the mad monkey yells,"I saved you,made you one of the Pirate,Gaved ye pants,and ye didn't bring a coin here?"

"I'm sorry sir,but there's more ships than we expected."Manikku replied

"I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!"the monkey yells, then sighs."ye can earn me respect back if you come with me and awaken the lost pirate of the sea ghost."Bobo said as he walked down the ship and awakened the ghost of the seas.

"why have ye awakened me?"he asked

"we ask of you to guide us into victory once more.and we shall give ye life again."Manikku said as the man walked up once more

"let's go sir" bobo concluded and smiled

"agreed." Chester says.

Gelatin: Paris!!!!!

"Move 'em out LADS! Bring what you like too...!" Ryder yelled out as the pirates grabbed Isabella and dragged her back.

"No! Let go o' me!!" Isabella growled and yelled as she struggled to get out of their grip but no avail as they made their way back through the jungle to reach the Raven.

"what's the plan jones?" Chester asked

he laughs."the crew's yours.go wild Captain." Barnacle jones answered

Manikku vanishes again and on the Raven, and then attacks."A pirate doesn't leave a buccaneer behind."he says as he unites them and steal all the things that the raven has."Too easy ya scaly wags."

As it turns out, the ship Manikku looted from was the escape ship, and not the Raven, which was already putting distance between it and the resort as Ryder tossed Isabella and Paris into the brig as he grinned.

"Enjoy your stay ladies..." Ryder grinned.

Manikku yells."Captain, Chester.Why the f**k aren't ye shooting!?"

"Fire the cannons!!" Chester yelled

"and go fetch back manikku!" He added

They did what they were told to do and shot the cannons.

Bobo jumps on the ship and says,"let's go." As he gets his sword out.manikku does also.

Vexis was still in the forest. Lost and confused as to what to do now.

Early Morning

In a separate cell Paris groans as she blinks her eyes open slowly. In another separate cell Isabella is yelling and cursing at nearby crew members in Spanish, words flying quicker than ever as she continues to rage, her face turning red with anger as Paris sits up, her chains rattling as she looked at the restrains on her ankles and wrists.

"What the hell...?" She growled and yanked at them but to no avail.

"Miss Paris!" Isabella called out to the poodle, "You're OK!"

"Of course I'm OK..." Paris scoffed, "Where in the hell are we...?"

"Glad to see you lot are awake.." Ryder's voice chimed out as he walked into the area, his bare chest out, covered in scars and wearing his usual pants with blue sash around his waist, and of course, a bottle of brown liquid in his right hand, probably rum.

"Let me out or I'll END you." Paris growled fiercely, making the pirate captain laugh.

"Ya gotta get out first lass..." He grinned as he held one of Isabella's fans, "I can sense the ancient curse put on these things..."

"Give 'em back!!" The lynx demanded.

"Can't do that lass...I'll be hangin' onto 'em...For the time bein'...Enjoy yourselves, savvy?" He chuckled and left the room as Paris growled, yelling at him and cursing her lungs out.

Vexis looked at the Raven from his vantage point, he had managed to escape from the jungle undetected and grab his hunting gear.

"Well... Here we go... Time to try and play hero I suppose.." Vexis mumbled as he descended from his vantage point and tried the, to him at least, age old fashion of trying to get into an area undetected. By means of crawling around while under the cover of a cardboard box.

Sadie, meanwhile, was set adrift on a rickety lifeboat with a few holes. She used her fingers to the best of her ability to plug those holes, but it seemed not to work as well as she hoped. With a small sigh and a curse under her breath, she looked around for something else. Since the lifeboat had been damaged in the crossfire, more holes started to appear. As she saw them, she cursed a little louder and let go, the boat sinking under her. "Me ship sank! Now I have t' swim all the way t' shore. I wonder how t' captain and his load o' barnacles be doin'. Well, best be startin' off." With that, she started swimming with a piece of driftwood.

Vexis snuck aboard the Raven, in hindsight this disguise was a terrible one and if any crew members were on the ship and saw Vexis trying to sneak around in the cardboard box they'd find it real obvious that someone was trying to infiltrate the ship.

With a loud THUD Ryder's boot came down on the box as he raised an eyebrow, but the attempt to sneak onto his boat coaxed out a laugh from the half drunken hedgehog, "I don't see why yer botherin' hidin' under that damned thing." He chuckled and raised an eyebrow as some of the crew came around.

Vexis jumped to his feet. "It was the first thing I could find.." He said, rubbing the back of his head as he sweatdropped. 

Sadie's arms and legs were getting extremely tired from swimming such a long way, and she was getting sleepy as well from lack of food and drinking water. She tried to keep awake, but her head drooped, and she felt like cursing. Plus, the water was cold, so she was freezing. "I-Is this all I've got? I can't swim any longer... at least I'll die at sea..." With a shudder, she lost consciousness, floating on the plank. 

"Heh, funny." Ryder pointed his pistol between Vexis' eyes as the rest of the crew converged over, weapons drawn, "What brings ya to my ship lad...?" 

With a soft bump, Sadie's plank hit the side of the ship. She didn't stir, but slowly started to sink into the water.  

"Hm?" Ryder's ear twitched, "Charlie lad, go see what that was." The first mate hedgehog made his way over and looked to see Sadie's body, "We got a floater capt! A girl!" Two other shipmates wandered over and went down to pick her up, hoisting her up onto the deck roughly.  

"To the brig with ya." Ryder snarled softly towards Vexis.  

Sadie moaned and coughed, throwing up a little water. Her eyes opened slowly, and she cringed. "Oy, ye don't look like me own shipmates... What be the name of this here ship o' yers?" She sat up a little, holding her head. "Me head feels like a scallywag hit me o'er with a crowbar..."

"In hindsight this was one of my dumbest ideas.." Vexis said in a wisecracking manner as he was taken to the brig, but any of the pirates could tell that Vexis was terrified. After all, having a loaded gun pressed to your head would scare anyone without special training or some form of functional 'immortality.'

Vexis was presumably, and most likely literally, tossed in the brig. He sat up and rubbed his forehead. "That's gonna leave a mark in the morning.." He muttered before looking at the other captives, having to keep his jaw from dropping at their, to him at least, stunning good looks out of an ingrained respect for women and the fact that at he didn't want to make an idiot out of himself for the second time this morning.

He pulls over a small crate and sits on it as Paris glares at him."Listen ya lot." He started, "Ya be my guests, not my prisoners, savvy?"

"Oh yeah. I'm the guest being locked in a cage for RANSOM. That doesn't sound absolutely TERRIBLE now DOES it?" Paris snarled.

Vexis shrugged as if the idea of walking the plank didn't seem to phase him.

"Wouldn't it make more sense for the actual captives to be put to work or something?.. I mean you have a gun, an entire crew with various pointy weapons and guns and a ship that might have maintenance and cleaning issues in the future.. And its not like any of us could run in the first place what with the aforementioned crew with the aforementioned weapons and the fact that this ship is most likely not in swimming distance of land."

Vexis calmly reasoned, despite the fact that he's talking to a pirate who may or may not be trigger happy or shank happy

"No time to a pirate no more."Blur sayes to himse as he gets his claws.he flees the ship that kept him captive and leaped on the other ships.

"I am NOT going to be your personal MAID, you WORTHLESS-" Paris began to have an absolute meltdown.

"Shut it." Ryder pulled his pistol from his belt and pulled the trigger, missing her by a few inches, "That be a warning shot."

"WARNING SHOT?!" Isabella protested.

"Quiet." Ryder got up and put the pistol back into his belt as he whispered for a few crew members to come down to the brig. Turning and looking at Vexis, he smirked softly, "As I was sayin', ya make a good point, but how can I be sure?" He shrugged, "...It'll be an option I'll give ya props for that big brain o' yours. Its just that these wenches are smarter than they look...Sometimes."

"What did you call me DRUNKARD!?" Paris hissed.

"Anyway..." Ryder turned to Hugh, getting annoyed by the very sight of him as he gestured to two crew members, "Get the plank ready." The two headed off and he gestured to the 4 other crew members, "Get this SCUM up there, chains an' all. I'll at least get to relieve myself of one headache..."

"Thank GOD." Isabella sighed and huffed as the 4 crew members opened Hugh's cell and added more chains and shackles to him before dragging him out by his arms, up to the deck as Ryder pulled a bottle of rum from a crate nearby, and had his pistol ready for anything as he held it in his hands, waving it around carelessly as he followed the crew members back up.

"Too bad we don't get to watch..." Isabella muttered.

"Hm...?" Ryder blinked, turning around as he caught this.

By this time, Sadie had also made her way around the ship, surveying it. "Aye, this be a good ship, I wager. Me own ship was nothin' compared ta this! An' I wasn't even the cap'n..." She even wound herself around the rigging, checking to make sure it was stable.

Vexis sighed softly. "Least I won't die by drowning yet..." He muttered lightly.

"Ya doin' alright lass?" A hedgehog looked to Sadie, a sword hanging from his hip as he raised an eyebrow.

Sadie looked at him and nodded. "Aye, just checkin' the ropes an' everythin'. Ye never want ta have loose rigging. Even yer captain knows that. Ye might want to tie those knots a wee bit tighter thar. One loose knot and one o' yer buckos goes to the fishes."

"Aye... judgin' from your know how ya must be one of our kind? How'd ya end up on a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean? Did someone attack ya?" He asked.

Blur leaped to the Raven after sinking on ship that was out for gold.The hyena smirked and said."Yo Ho ho and a bottle of eat this".Then glances straight at Captain Ryder.

The majority of the crew pointed their guns and swords at Blur as soon as he hopped on and Ryder pulled his pistol from his waist and already pulled the trigger, missing by mere centimeters as the bullet sped past Blur's face, but still close enough to leave a scratch.

"Ya better be hoppin' back off lad.." He said and raised an eyebrow, as he took a swig of his rum.

Sadie nodded, tying a knot tighter. "Aye, I was with some o' me shipmates tryin' t' snatch a few valuables on shore when thar was a lot o' six pounder fire. We tried ta get off o' t' island, but I was hit by one and knocked out cold. When I came to, me shipmates n' captain had port without me, those scurvy bilge rats. I found a lifeboat while tryin' t' escape, but come ta find out it was full o' holes. Once that sank, I had t' swim fer shore with a plank o' wood. I got so tuckered out that I guess I just fell asleep again."

"Ah, unfaithful bastards..." The hedgehog folded his arms as he listened to Sadie, glancing over at Ryder as he was forcing Hugh to walk the plank before looking at Sadie again, "I doubt the captain will be as rash as that with ya lass. However, he's had bad experience with havin' women on his ship, let alone bein' a ship mate..." He folded his arms.

"Ye worry 'bout yer captain, I'll worry 'bout me own," Sadie shrugged, as if she didn't care what Ryder thought of her. "If'n he has a problem wit' me, he can tell me himself." She took a deep breath and sighed. "Ah... don't ye love this salty sea air? Makes one feel alive."

Vexis glanced at Paris.

"Aye..." He looked to her, "...I don't think the cap't will be willin' ta talk about...Lilac aloud lass..." He whispered to her, "Too be makin' along story short, after kidnappin' her, he opened her eyes to the pirate life, taught her how to fight and she stayed with us for what felt like forever. She was a true pirate...Up until...she thought she wasn't fit for this life anymore...left all of us behind, and had the GAL to attack us with 'er own ship and crew. I'd never imagine seein' that much anger in the captains eyes...After all he did for 'er, to be betrayed like that for all of his hardships...He didn't deserve it. After that day the capt' wasn't willin' to even speak to a wench, but a bit more time passed an' he made himself forget...With the 'elp of some lootin' and the endless rum o' course." He chuckled and stopped, "Rumor has it, he actually loved that wench...and not physically, emotionally...which was a first...But now, he don't have time for emotions. It's all about the adventure, and the wenches that be throwin' 'emselves at his feet!" He laughed.

"Same here!" Isabella responded as Paris glanced at her.

"Do I know you...?" Paris asked.

"O-Oh!" Isabella blinked in surprise, She's addressing me!! What do I do!?

"You were the performer from last night? Am I right...?" Paris asked.

"Y-Yeah! One of the Dancing Treasures Miss Harrington!" Isabella smiled nervously as Paris gave a small huff.

"Just call me Paris."

"You got it!" Isabella said.

'Dancing Treasures huh...?' Paris thought, The fact that the bloodthirsty drunkard pirates kidnapped a priceless girl like me and a treasure hunter must have something in common...

"Sheesh, remind me not to piss you off because you are scary.." Vexis said with a sweatdrop.

"Hmph." The poodle huffed a bit as she leaned her back against the wall.

Sadie bent her head and nodded. "Aye, I'll do me best t' keep out o' his hair, matey. If'n he treated his lady friend like that, I don't want t' be on the receivin' end o' his wrath! Now, if'n ye will excuse me, I need to check the riggin' on the other side o' the ship."

Vexis sighed before sitting cross legged, he was meditating to calm himself down and reduce the risk of his heart giving out, something which nearly happened when Ryder had pressed the barrel of his flintlock pistol to his forehead.

"Just calm down, meditate, then think of a way out.."

"Aye..." The hedgehog raised an eyebrow lightly at Sadie, still making sure to keep a close eye on her.

"UGH..." Paris huffed, "I can't think of anything to do right now...All I can do is sit here... and actually be a damsel in distress for once..." She growled, "I HATE IT."

Before she went, Sadie turned her head in the male hedgehog's direction. "By t' way, I never did get yer name, matey. I don't want to end up callin' ye somethin' I shouldn't."

".. Any of you two have a hair pin?"

"I wish..." Paris huffed in an angry manner.

After the crew got finished watching Hugh get mangled by sharks after the plank walk, Ryder was busy chugging down another bottle of rum.

"Charlie. What about yerself?" The hedgehog looked back at her as well.

"It's times like this where I envy those with special abilities or magic objects.. A simple cell door would be nothing more than an easily removed nuisance..."

"Me name's Sadie Drake, but don't wear it out, aye?" She smiled at him, then started making her way to the other side of the ship, making sure to avoid the captain if at all possible. 'What I wouldn't do fer a bit o' grog right now...'

"I knew I shouldn't have taken that gig..." Isabella huffed, "Even IF it was a free week long vacation.."

"Aye." Charlie gave a light chuckle.

Feeling a little better, Sadie started tightening the rigging on the other side of the ship. Some of the ropes were frayed, so she used the end of her shirt knife to sever them. Stuffing it back into the pocket, she tied the ropes back on their places and tested them for strength by placing a foot on them. "Aye, perfection."

Vexis stuck his hands in his pockets, ruffling through each one until he found his swiss army knife, multi tool, lighter and two black colored spheres.

"Well, looks like my cousin was right when he said I'd end up using smoke bombs at least once in my life.. Any of you two know how to act panicked...?" Vexis asked the two, he had planned to ignite the smoke bombs so the smoke, and the faked panicking if they catch on to his plan, would draw one or two of the pirates in to open the cell. 

If that failed, and there were some openings in the brig, the smoke would at least help anyone searching for the ship find it.

Noah: They might be back...

Another crewman walks in, holding some rum as well. It was the raider.

Malcom "Raider" Rylan: Y'know, kid. Your not getting off the ship. As soon as you free yerself, you'll be captured again and be forced to walk ye' dreaded plank!

Malcom's hook cut through Vexis' shirt, taking the swiss army knife.

Malcom "Raider" Rylan: Yar! Ye' gizmos ain't goin' to help you now! (Runs off with the army knife, giving it to the captain straight away)

Crewmate: Yo' see, Rylan's a killjoy now. Taking away all the gizmos he can find. Really, you could of took his bottle of rum and smash it to cut through the ropes.

"Hm...?" Ryder looked over at Raider as he took the knife and chuckled softly, "Raider, you and yer actions..." He smirked and looks at the knife before pocketing it.

Noah: Hey! Dude! That is a knife that...

Malcom: Look, man. I'm a pirate. What do you expect. I know what I think I should do now. I think you lard biscuits should walk the plank.

"Now that that be done, maybe I can see if I can get somethin' t' eat down below. I'm starvin'!" Sadie made her way down to the galley and looked around, sharpening her dagger on a smooth rock she always carried in her pocket.

Noah: No one should take the gold near the town hall!

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