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When everybody goes to a chao garden, they visit the Black Market and each buy a chao egg or another pet/pet egg with their rings. But when they leave with the pets fully trained and some get kidnapped by an unknown force of evil, it is up to the survivors and their pets to save them all!


  1. No sexual content: Mild innuendo is ok (Don't go over PG-13/12A!)
  2. No uncensored swearing
  3. Respect all members
  4. If you are talking out of character, use ((-))
  5. HAVE. FUN.



Ivy the Wolbin (RioFan01)

Cher the Panther (RioFan01

Rocai the Cockatoo (RioFan01)

Falco the Eagle (09jhero)

Amy the Budgie (09jhero)

Amanda the Wolf (Bitbyte1214)

Tyler Lynch (Zombiekiller85)

Jordan the Dog (Roblox3ds77)

Sapphire the Wolf (LMMS1997) Sleeky The Newt(Notcreepypasta)                     Pixie the fox (SPop120)

RavenCool the Wolf(        

Spark the Hedgecat (                                                

Spik The Hedgehog (Spike The Awesome Hedgehog)                                                                                          


Ellis the Hedgecat (CasstheHedgebat43)


Add your characters!


Fireflye the ????? (Currently an egg, Ivy's pet, RioFan01)

Cheryl the Chao (Already owned, Cher's pet, RioFan01)

Rocai Jr. the ????? (Currently an egg, Rocai's pet, RioFan01)

Falc the ????? (Falco's new pet)

Lance the ????? (Amanda's egg, Bitbyte1214)

Laser the ????? (Tyler's egg, Zombiekiller85)

Tele the Chao (Already owned,Ellis' pet, CasstheHedgebat43)

Zipper The ????? (Currently an egg, Sleeky's pet, Notcreepypasta) Willow the Chao (Pixie's Chao, currently and egg)

Mini Iblis, Mini Mephiles, and Mini Chaos the Chaos Chao ( RavenCool's chao,

Spottedwing the Chao (Spark's pet,

Sonichao the Chao (Currently an egg, Jordan's pet, Roblox3ds77 (talk) 16:35, April 3, 2013 (UTC))

Red Egg (Spike The Hedgehog's Chao that is currently an Egg.)


Episode 1: The Chao Garden Open!

Ivy: I heard a new chao garden was open!

Cher: Really?

Rocai: I heard too, let's go there?

Cher: Sure. Coming, Ivy?

Ivy: Yeah, why not?

Tyler: i'm in.

Amanda: Me too!

Jordan: I would like to see one so I'm coming Ivy!

Sapphire: Wait up, guys! I'm coming too! (Sapphire grabs his coat, and runs towards the group)

???: (Appers out of nowhere) A new Chao Garden?

Sleeky: Yep. A new Chao Garden.

(Zipper starts rattling)

Pixie: What was that? Ivy? Sleeky? Sapphire?

Sleeky: I think that may have been my pet, Zipper. He hasn't hatched yet.  Pixie: Oh. Ok. My egg hasn't hatched either. When are we gonna go in?

RavenCool: Hey have you seen a Chaos Chao that looks like Chaos?

Mini Iblis & Mephiles: Chaoooooo!

Spark: No.Have you seen a spotted chao?

RavenCool: Yeah, can you help me find my chao and we can get yours.

Spark: Sure.

RavenCool: Ok, look for a chao that looks like Chaos with a bandna on.

Spark:*looks around*Is that it?*points to a Chaos chao with something around it's head*

RavenCool: There you are, Mini Chaos! * Picks him up*

Mini Chaos: Chao! Chao!

Spark: Look for a chao with spots and has a musical note above its head.

Mini Chaos: Chao! * points at a chao with spots with a note.*

Spark:*picks up the chao*Spottedwing!

Mini Chaos: Chaoooo! * Waves to Spottedwing*

Spottedwing:Chao!*Waves to Chaos*

Mini Iblis & Mephiles: * Waves at Spottedwing*

RavenCool: I got these chao near the time I got Giratina.

Spark: Spottedwing comes from my Clan.

Jordan: *comes out with chao egg* I brought out an unborn chao, so I'm naming it Sonichao if it's a boy and Amychao if it's a girl! (doesn't know it's a boy)

(A spark skitters across the garden and goes up to Jordan, there is a poof of smoke and a red hedgehog appears in front of Jordan.)

Spike: original.

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