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In the city of Nobbel, the people are rather strange and all live to serve a purpose in their life. Everyone has a job and a title that they live with, but sometimes that title can cause problems. When three werewolves are discovered to live in the city, it's up to some people skilled in battle, investigation, and diplomacy to discover how to face these creatures of the night and how to take care of it in their own special way.




Darkest Shadow

"Am I even a part of this?" -MaverickHunterSigma

Involved Characters

Neo tranquil (Neo)

Fey Wayware (Neo)

Zero Evol (Neo)

Kala the Genie (Neo)

Leah Dubio (Neo)

Trinity Moon (Neo)

Ceilia Takashi (Neo)

Ages Tranquil (Neo)

Eileen the Bat (Neo)

Hawke the Falcon (Neo)

Charms (Neo)

Baja (Neo)

Alexander (Neo)

Ren (Neo)

Gaston (Neo)

Lyca (Neo)

Elixer (Neo)

Anna (Neo)

Owain (Neo)

Ether (Neo)

Jason (Neo)

Zapor the Hedgehog

Zak the Kirby

Leo + Wheelie

Lexi the Hedgehog

Eclipse the Wolf

Saren arcturias

Christina the HedgeCat (Piano)

Thresh the Horse (Piano)


Hunter (When killed, can fire one last shot.)

Wolf Cub (When hung, werewolves will get two kills that night.)

Werewolf (Kills at night.)

Seer - Leah & players (May investigate characters at night)

Mason (Part of a secret cult that meets at night, mentioning the word Mason will trigger them to attack you at night.)

Minion (Siding with the werewolves, will try to throw you off track)

Taner (Only wants to die.)

Bodyguard (Will protect people at night)

Mason (Part of a secret cult that meets at night, mentiong the word Mason will trigger them to attack you at night)

Drunk (Has a secret role, but can't remember it, will be unveiled after 4th night)

Werewolf (Kills at night)

Insomniac (Early to rise, can sometimes see werewolves.)

Special Rules

Nobbel city is a very weird place. The way that their society works is that everyone has a role and that they follow certain rules, we as guests in their town have to follow the rules they lay out for us. These are the rules our characters have to follow for this roleplay.

  • You may ask any of the villagers what their role is, but they do not have to tell you what it is.
  • You cannot guard people at night and each player can only send one character out to patrol.
  • During the day we can choose to take out one of the characters, at night though we can only investigate.
  • After a character is killed we will learn their role.
  • Note that I will randomize who out of the villager team will die each night, unless plot calls for me to do otherwise.

Part 1 - New Moon

Ages paced in a large building in the center of town, with Eileen, and Hawke sitting on couches in the same room. A young red hedgehog woman, roughly Neo's age, stood with them. Dark circles hung underneath their eyes, and it was clear they haven't slept for days.

Neo and the team entered the room, followed by man in a suit, the mayor. "I am sure that with you all here, we can start saving this town."

"Yes, let's try." Hawke, a purple falcon with his spiked gauntlets groaned. "It's not like we haven't been doing so in the past four days with no sleep."

"Can I quit?" Eileen, a pink bat with two large glaives beside her cried.

"We need to focus you two..." Ages reminded them. "I'm really glad your here. I haven't slept in days and...I need help."

"With what?" Neo asked in a slight mocking tone. "You've never needed help before, guess you can't be as perfect as Mom and Dad say you are."

"Don't push my buttons today little brother." Ages warned. "For your information, Radon is involved in this which means it's your problem too."

"Are these the Mythic Knights?" Leah, a red hedgehog in a blue jacket, pants, and high heels said. She wore a sea blue beret on her long red hair, and carried an icy designed staff on her belt.

"Mythic Knights? Is that what people are calling us now?" Saren asked.

"It's how I explained you guys to the mayor." Ages said. "This place has some...interesting rules."

"Like what?" Trinity asked.

"Everyone in this town has a role they are born with." Ages explained. "They normally keep these roles a secret. Leah, for an example, is a seer, meaning she is gifted with magic and can see visions of the future. We can ask people for their roles but they do not have to tell us what they really are. There are also rules in the night. Only a hand full of us can explore at night. I suggest someone from my team, Neo, Leah, and a few others in the night for our best bet. We may run into some werewolves ourselves."

"You cannot guard anyone at night. Even though it would be easier that way, some people like to stick to the old ways and let their town die." Leah said looking at the mayor, her father.

"Now Leah, you know you we have to follow traditions. Even if I allowed it the rest of the town would be furious, they already do not like how many people we let into the village."

"We also will lynch people during the day." Leah said. "Killing others at night is a large crime, we need to discuss it every day before we decide who we hang. Once they have passed we can find out what their role really is."

"So everyone has a role?" Neo asked. "What are they?"

"The suspects have been seperated from the rest of the town. In there are 3 werewolves, a tanner, a hunter, a bodyguard, an insomniac, some drunk, and 2 members of...a" Leah told them.

"What?" Zero asked.

"There is a cult in this town, they normally don't do anything bad, but they are known to try to kill people who mention the name of the cult itself." Ages said.

"We also suspect someone to be working with the werewolves." Leah said. "So counting them, there are ten villager suspects." Leah nodded.

"Have you tried normal interrogation?" Zapor asked.

"Apparently it's against tradition.." Saren said.

Christina looked at Saren, "Why though?" She asked him.

Saren looked at Christina. "How the bloody hell should I know? I don't live here."

"Unfortunatly, it goes against the ways of the village." Leah told them. "So we'll do investigation."

"We'll also have to talk to the villagers during the day." Ages said. "And if we do wind up with trouble in the night, we'll have to fight it off. So we need people who can fight, talk, and investigate."

"You think Radon is going to show up?" Fey asked.

"I doubt it, but if he's caused something I'm sure there are other people who may show up." Ages nodded.

"Or we could use the tried and true method of placing a silver coin on every villager.. Y'know.. Since werewolves hate silver.."

"We tried that." Hawke said. "Only works when they're in their werewolf form."

"alright.. So I'll play it your way... Mass murder after trial investigations~" Saren hummed the last part.

"So, where exactly is this village?" Zapor asked.

"The isolated villagers are only a few buildings down from here, they're gated off. We try to keep that away from the opening..." Leah said.

"Um, what opening?" Leo asked.

"I think they mean the entrance to the village." Kala said.

"Then let's go hunt...or take down some werewolves!" Zapor said.

"We have to investigate first, remember that Zapor." Christina told him. (I'm kinda lost, what's happening? ^^; - Piano)

(Are you familiar with the game Town of Salem?)

"I'll take you to the isolated part of town." Leah said.

The group traveled for a while between small buildings with people who didn't seem to care for their precense in the town. If looks could kill, then everyone in that group would have been mutilated horribly. Eventually a large gate, roughly twice as tall as the buildings and made of silver. There were very few buildings in there, only eleven buildings were enclosed, one of which seemed much different then the others, with it being two stories tall. "The old mayor's office." Ages said. "That's where we've made camp."

The group passed the gate and entered the office where they've found a large silver circle outside of the building, etched with runes. It was obvious enough that these were for protection, and possibly kept the wolves out. The inside of the building was very nice, with chairs, couches, and oddly enough weapons all over. There were bullets, brass knuckles, glaives, spears, swords, and a lot more all stored in locked cases. All of these weapons were silver. "Okay." Ages said, pulling a paper map out of his pocket with all the villagers names written on it. "There isn't much we can go on, since it's the first day of real investigation, but I can tell you what I know."

"Well lay it on us." Zapor said.

"The people in the isolated part also happen to be doing a bit of work of their own as well. Despite the fact that they have been charged with a large crime, they continute to do their job. That however means there are multiple people outside at night which doesn't really help the situation we're in, but if we find the right people, we might be able to have them help us." Leah explained. "The bodyguard, as an example, can guard people at night since it's part of his role, so having him with us could help immensly."

Saren nodded. "Go on.."

"So let's try to get them on our side then." Ages nodded.

"Well, there are other things too. We should probably note that at night, things are going to get a little hectic with combat getting really prominent, what with the werewolves and all, so be ready to fight at night. Also remember that people are going to lie to us, so we need to find the truth out of all these lies." Leah noted.

"So, the people who lie should be people who might be suspects?" Leo asked Zak.

"...Maybe." Zak told him.

"The problem is that we're outsiders, so anyone could be lying." Eileen sighed.

"I don't really know what else we can really tell you." Leah said. "If you don't have any questions I'd say just wait until nightfall, before we go out."

Lexi nodded. "Would it be a good idea to go look around during the day?"

"You could if you wanted to, I suppose." Ages shrugged tiredly.

"Ok then, me and Zak are gonna go outside. Who else wants to come?" Zapor asked.

"I can show you around." Leah suggested. "Does anyone else wanna come?"

Lexi shrugged. "I guess I'll go too."

Leah nodded and exited through the front door, into the sunny day that was today. This part of town looked like no one was there, with no sign of any activity throughout the zone.

"Not much to see really, but I guess you could meet some of the suspects." Leah suggested.

Zapor looked around, noticing that there was no one around. "Ok, so where are the suspects?"

"Probably still in their houses, not many of them come out during the day." Leah said. "Pick a house and knock on the door, someone will come out."

Zapor shrugged and knocked the door of a random house.

Answering the door of the house was a small child, a little girl who looked to be the age of 8 or 9. "H-hello?" She said in a tiny voice.

"This is Lyca." Leah said. "Sadly, one of the subjects..."

Zak looked Lyca, seeing that she was a still a small child, seemingly incapable of becoming a werewolf and attack people.

Lyca looked a little scared. "Y-yes?" She said. "C-can I help you?"

Zak scratched the side of his face. "Um, yeah..." He then nudged Leah, being unable to come up with words, still with his normal expression.

"These people are some of the people trying to save the village." Leah said. "They were just going around to meet everyone."

"Oh..." Lyca said shyly, obviously not comfortable meeting strangers.

"Yeah, don't worry. We're gonna save this village, then we're gonna do stuff!" Zapor said.

The little girl looked up at Zapor, her eyes wide in disbelief. "Are you really?" She asked.

"They are." Leah nodded.

The girl threw the door open and hugged Zapor. "Thank you!" She said in a very excited tone.

"No prob Bob! By the time we're done, this village will be at least 95% safer! Or my name is long and complicated!" Zapor cheered.

"No make sure you stay safe, alright?" Leah told her.

"Okay..." Lyca said sadly, closing the door.

"I don't know how anyone could think that she is a werewolf, but my father insisted."

"Eh, I'll believe it when I see it." Zapor told her.

Lexi went to knock on another door across from Lyca's home.

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