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A few minutes ago a seemingly endless storm of small meteors fell from outer space into mobian cities. The meteors were filled with limitless powers that once tapped into could make the wielder of the meteor super powerful! The exact moment the meteors began to fall the new mysterious G-series robots have been acting strangely while our heroes (and villains) discover the power of the meteors the G-series' ruthless hunt for them begins!


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  • Yhis is Smash's Roleplaying Do's and Don'ts Here's an example of Do's, Don'ts, and preferred. I know some of you like script format, but I'd prefer if you used story format like me.

Don't: Sonic: i leik chlidawgs, lulz *gobles 10235t343830850 hcildiogs** *burqs lowdly adn maeks a durr faec*

Do: Sonic: I like Chili dogs, haha. *takes a mouthful of his chili dog, and swallows.* Mm-*burps* Oh, excuse me.


Sonic gave his friend an amused grin. "I like Chili dogs." He assured with a hearty laugh. He took a mouthful of his chilidog, munching happily on it for a few moments before swallowing. "Mmm-" He suddenly let out a loud burp. With a sheepish grin, he scratched the back of his head. "Oh, Excuse me."

That's an example for grammar, mainly. Even I couldn't understand what I wrote in the don't. Here's another example, this time for descriptiveness.

{C Don't: Smash: Spirit Blast.

Do: Smash: Spirit Blast! *throws a punch towards so&so in slow motion, but then breaks out into a high speed seconds before impact, causing a bright flash and powerful knock-back if it hit.*

Preferred: Smash concentrated most of his energy into his next attack, and threw a punch towards Mr. Target's face. He began moving in slow motion, glowing brightly as he was leaving a trail of afterimages. Suddenly he broke out into his normal speed and delivered the blow. A bright flash would occur, blowing the target back if it were successful. "That's...what I call a Spirit Blast."



Villains (In this roleplay they won't matter much anyway (Rule #3))

  • Orochimaru the Snake (wants the power of the meteors for himself) (Numbuh)
  • Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania (also wants it for herself. acts like she's working with Orochimaru) (Numbuh)
  • Jonik the Goat (Wants to sell the Meteorites to get money)

Part 1:The rude Awakening

(The meteors just crashed in several cities into cars, buildings, lawns and other places causing many residents to wake up from their sleep)


Somewhere deep in the forest, just outside the west outskirts of Green Flower City, A meteorite crashed in the center of a clearing. The crash shook the ground, waking up several of the inhabitants of the forest. One of the inhabitants, an orange cat with white stripes, was awakened from the loud crash and sudden brief, but powerful earth quake. She jumped up, frightened from the event, and ended up hitting her head on the ceiling of her small shelter. The shelter shook, and felt almost as if it were going to collapse. But it stood strong, much to her relief. The tremor stopped, and the cat crawled outside and stood up.

Her shelter was very small; just enough to fit one person and made out of wood. She only used it for sleeping and keeping out of the rain. And she could only lay down inside, as it wasn't big enough for her to sit up in. There was a small bedding made out of old cloth from various sources. Next to the shelter was a very large and old oak tree.

The cat looked around, unsure of what had just happened. She suddenly began to feel a mysterious power, coming from the east, and it made her head feel strange. "Something..something's landed here again.." She said quietly to herself. She then began to head east, wondering what crashlanded in the forest again.

Meanwhile, within the city. A familiar blue echidna was thrown out of his peaceful sleep from the sudden tremor. He leaped out of the bed, letting out a startled cry, and found himself at the door before he fully came aware of his surroundings. "What the heck was that..!? Some kinda earth quake?" He wondered aloud. As his mind began to clear itself, he came to realize, that couldn't have been an earthquake. That tremor was some kind of explosion. Worried about the possibilities of what happened, Smash hurried downstairs and headed out the door. He went into his garage, and soon came speeding out on his motorcycle. He didn't know where exactly he was going, but he needed to know just what happened.

(As more metorites gracefully fell out the night sky the metorites started to glow a brilliant bright rainbow color making them easier to see from a distance)

Alasdair gets out of his bed and heads out of his house and to a nearby crater. "I knew it." He runs off heading into a forest.

Dayton:(At his house)WHOA! -rruns outside-

As Smash rode his motorcycle, his gaze was drawn up towards the sky. "Whooaaa..." He gasped softly. The sight was incredible, and beautiful. He knew instantly that these were the things that were crashing, and he felt as if there was trouble right around the corner. He stopped his motorcycle, and looked all around at the meteors crashing. He didn't think that there would be so many. He had no idea where to go from here. Which one would he go after? He ended up sitting there on his cycle, watching them fall from the sky.

"Thunder! Thunder, wake up!" An excited voice cried out. The hedgehog grumbled something under his breath and turned over in his bed. "Wake up, wake up! There's a meteor shower outside!" The boy exclaimed.

Thunder, a yellow hedgehog and a sailor living in Green Flower City, sat up from his bed. He looked down at his little brother, his eyes barely even half open. "There's a wha..?" He asked, sleepily. He glanced over at the clock. "..Zap, it's like 2:00 in the morning. Go to sleep."

"No no, really! You gotta come see this!" Zap protested. Just then, a dark golden hedgehog with long, thick quills walked into the room.

"Thunder. There's an unusual meteor shower outside." He said. "Come take a look."

Thunder glanced over at his older brother. "..Fine." He said as he stepped out the bed. He fitted his feet into his night time slippers and walked out the door.

Outside, the family stood on the wooden planks of the docks, watching the meteors fall from the sky. It was an amazing sight, and it was almost as if the meteors were falling into the atmosphere. Zap was holding a camera, and trying to take as many pictures as he could.

Alasdair: *see's the large meteor shower and stops*

Krinkinko:Ohhh..not again.(He then picked up Krinkinkoy who was at his feet and went to Krinketta's room to calm her down)

(As our heroes were gazing up at the night sky several meteors came towards them and made a soft humming sound like a microwave)


Alasdair: Oh no.

Dayton:-starts running-

(All the meteors land right next to our heroes only missing them by an inch)

Krinkinko:(Sees the meteor fall in not to far from his house)Stay here guys. Krinkinkoy, watch your sister for me. (Krinkinko runs down the stairs)

Nymph: what are you planning Krin?

Krinkinko:I'm going to check it out dumby!

Alasdair: Woah. That was close.

(Krinkinko runs down the stairs then opens the door revealing that Droget is right at the other side of it) Droget:Krinkrink there's a meteor shower!

Krinkinko:I know that captain obvious now m-(they hear the humming and draw out their weapons)

(Back with Alasdair)

Alasdair: *draws his scimitar and axe and chops through the rock ready to attack what might be inside*

(The rock fizzles out and loses it's glow)

(Back with Krinkinko)

Krinkinko:(Walks towards it then touches it, burning his hand)OW HOT HOT HOT! (Jumps into his moat then gets back on land seconds later)

As Smash watched the meteors fall, there was one that caught his eye in particular. Instead of falling into the distance, it appeared to be growing bigger..and brighter...and he began to hear a strange, soft humming sound. His eyes widened in shock and he immediately revved up his motorcycle. "Holy CRAP!" He bolted away from the area, almost immediately hitting 60mph as he fled. He skidded and turned as he hit the brakes and looked back at the spot he was previously at, soon seeing a meteor crash right where he had been parked. Pieces of debris was sent flying in every which direction, causing him to shield his eyes. When he uncovered them, he saw a crater right in the middle of the road. He drove slowly over to the spot, and stopped at the side of the crater, glancing down inside. "Whoa." Was all that he could say.

Thunder as well saw a meteor coming towards them. "Hey guys, That one isn't coming towards us, is it..?" He asked, pointing towards the meteor in the sky.

Lightning, his twin brother, glanced up rainbow colored meteorite. "I dunno..if I didn't know better, I'd say it was. But isn't this just..wait..hold up..." He squinted at the meteor, trying to look as closely as he could. His eyes gradually widened as he realized; yes, it was coming towards them. "Guys..MOVE!" He yelled. Startled, all four of them scrambled out of the way. The meteor crashed into the platform, completely going through it and tearing up even more pieces of the wooden walkway above the water. The meteor and the entire platform they had been standing on, as well as an unfortunate fishing boat, had all sank down to the bottom of the sea. Standing a safe distance away, the brothers looked at the big mess where they had once been standing. They were left completely speechless. "...I think we should get on dry land." Electric finally suggested. Silently agreeing, the group moved off the docks quickly.

{C In the forest, The cat approached the crater in the center of the clearing. She began having memories of that one day a mysterious emerald had crash landed in the same way. That same crater was still there, and this one was almost just as deep. Looking inside, she was shocked to find a meteorite. It hummed softly, and was still glowing slightly. "What on earth...?" She asked herself. She glanced up into the sky, and saw through the trees, many more meteorites falling from the sky. "This is..." She didn't finish. She stared into the sky, wondering what was going on.

(The fallen meteorites then floated up in mid air and moved towards our heroes)

Droget:AAAAAH!(Runs away)

Alasdair: Uh oh.

Dayton-driving car-Anyone out here

Alasdair: Here. Over here.

Dayton:Dude get in

Alasdair: *gets in the car* Chaos City.

Dayton:Whats going on

Alasdair: *shrug* I'm trying to figure that out myself.


Dayton:here we are

(Meanwhile with Krinkinko)

Krinkinko:(Steps back)Wha-What the heck is this thing.

Krinketta:(Looking out the window and starts to cry)DADDY!

Krinkinko:No it's alright everything will be A-O.K....I hope.

The cat watched as the meteorite rose from the ground. "Wh...what is this..?" She stepped back as the meteor began drifting towards her. She was beginning to feel frightened. That strange feeling in her head was growing stronger by the second, and she could feel the enormous amounts of energy coming from it. "W-why is it..." Her voice trailed off, and she turned and ran away. She hid behind a tree, peeking out at it.

Smash was more than just a little disturbed when he saw the thing rise from the crater. "W-What the heck..?" He scooted his motorcycle back. "What the heck is this...?" He kept moving back as the meteorite floated towards him. Whatever it was, he did NOT like it. He whirled his cycle around and sped off, hoping to leave it behind.

Thunder and his brothers were staring at where the meteorite had fallen. "The repairs on that's gonna be pricy." Lightning commented. Suddenly, they saw something rising out of the water. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw that same meteorite float above the surface, and start gently drifting towards them.

(with Alasdair)

Alasdair: Can't this thing go faster.

(in chaos city)

A black hedgehog with Blue highlights like shadow's is seen spinning a pole axe walking around aimlessly.

(The meteorite then suddenly broke apart into severaal peices, reshaped itself into a bracelet, and zoomed at each of our heroes then it clicked as it stuck itself to their wrists)

Alasdair suddenly suprised by the wrist band and backflips off the bike, landing on the road, harmless. "Huh? What the hell is this?!"

Black Hedgehog: what the heck *tries to pull it off*

(The meteor shocks him since he tries to take it off)

Black Hedgehog: ARRG DAMIT......*stops hoping to stop the electricity flow*

The cat was caught off guard, and it reshaping itself into a bracelet as it stuck onto her wrist shocked her into falling backwards. She at first had no idea what had happened. But when she saw the bracelet on her wrist, she gasped slightly. She could feel that power coursing through her body. That strange feeling in her head felt a little less unpleasant. What does all of this mean? What's happening to me? She thought.

Smash saw the meteor reforming and chasing him through the mirror on his motorcycle. He sped up as fast as he could, racing down the street at an absurd speed. Any cop would have stopped him right there. Smash saw through the mirror that the object was catching up. And then he noticed the writing on the mirror. "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." His only response was a loud gulp.

The brothers were dumbstruck by the reshaping of the meteorite. "Uh, y'know, I think we oughta get outta here." Thunder said, obviously scared. Before they could move, the meteor reshaped into four bracelets, and in seemingly an instant, had zoomed in and attached themselves onto their wrists. This shocked them all, and Zap even fell over from being startled. They all then felt a mysterious power coursing through their bodies.

"What on earth...?...This is AWESOME!" Lightning exclaimed. "Weird, but Awesome! I feel like I can jump over the moon, now!"

"How very strange..." Electric said, staring at the bracelets. "Just what are these things...and why, why did they chose us? "

Alasdair: What is this power I feel? It's more than Chaos Energy could ever be.

Black Hedgehog: this can't be good

Alasdair: I'll have to live with it for now. *chases after Daytons Bike*

{C (The bracelets start to mystically glow seven colors and an oversurge of power was sent to their wielders)

Krinkinko:Oh, my goodness.This's so strong it hurts! (Falls over crying in pain)

(With Dayton)

Daytons:AGH SON OF

The cat gritted her teeth as the power rapidly grew stronger and stronger. It was getting to be too much, and her whole body was in pain. Eventually she couldn't take it. She began screaming in agony, tears of pain streaming down from her eyes.

Smash was eventually caught by the bracelet. He ended up hitting the brakes on his motorcycle, trying to stop it. Thankfully the road ahead of him was still pretty long. Eventually he stopped in front of a familiar house, looking down at the bracelet. He felt a huge surge of power coursing through his body. "What in the heck...!?" He got off his motorcycle, stepping back in shock. Soon the power started to get too strong for even him to handle. It was painful. Smash was trying to hold back the pain, but it was no use. He then tried something else. He was already skilled in using his own energy, so he tried to use this new energy and harness it within his body. He began to focus his own energy, all the while trying to balance the energy coming from the bracelet.

Meanwhile, Thunder and his brothers had already keeled over in pain. "M-MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOOP!!" Thunder screamed.


Electric was barely standing, trying to overcome the pain. But Zap had screamed so much that he passed out on the ground.

Alasdair: *still running, allowing the painful electricity to fill his fists and then releases it through his palms in an energy beam* HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!


[a green dragon appears]

Dragon: sir, what do you need

Black Hedgehog: MERGE

the dragon glows white and dissapears and the hedgehog grows wings claws and scales other than on his face*

{C (All efforts to minimize the pain were thwarted and in result the pain got worse for EVERYONE and the bracelets started to get hotter and hotter)

Alasdair: *ignores the pain and heat and continues running*

At this point, the only person who didn't pass out from the pain was Smash. He was trying as hard as he could to stop the pain and control the energy. It was getting to be too much for him, and he began to cry out in pain. "URRGGHIIIII!!!" As a last resort, he released a blast of energy, transforming into his high tension state, and tried to burn up the new energy by harnessing it through his high tension.

Dayton:-Yells and stops bike-

Krinkinko:(Passes out)

Krinketta:DADDY! (Runs out the door to Krinkinko and hugs him)*Sniff* Daddy.................................................


Dayton:-goes to forest and hears screaming-Whose there

There was no answer. The screaming had soon stopped, and the forest was silent.

(The pain stops and the heroes' full name appears on the bracelet then the heroes feel soothed)

Krinkinko:Ugh.....Krinketta...who said that?

Smash let out another blast of energy, reaching the next stage in his high tension. And that was when the pain stopped. He reverted back to normal, and let out a sigh of both relief and exhaustion. "That was...p-painful.." He said quietly. "I hope I didn't wake anyone." He walked back towards his motorcycle, glancing down at the bracelet. He was feeling a bit better than he had been before it even placed itself on his wrist. "So strange-Hold up." He held his wrist closer to his face. "...T-That's..That's my name...!" He gasped in shock. "W-why is my name on there...?"

(A voice speaked to Smash inside his head)

???:What you want me to call you Jerry?

(Smash's name on the bracelet changes to Jerry)

Smash's eyes widened in even more shock. "W-WHAT the Heck!? Who are you!?" He exclaimed, looking around. The whole series of events really made him flustered.

???:Uh on yourst wrist dumbie! Goodness here let me change your name for ya'. (the name Jerry changed to "Big blue idiot")

Alasdair: *looks at his wrist*

Hedgehog: how does this thing know my name *his bracelet Draelin*

???:Oh, I just shocked you for about 20 minutes and you DON'T think I know your name?! Man,your stupid!

Alasdair: *smiles and looks at his braclet* In-genius. Smart rock aren't ya?

Smash's eyelids lowered. He was not amused. "Okay, look. Why the crap are you on my friggin wrist, number one. Two, Where the heck do you get off insulting me after causing me such excrutiating pain that I thought I was going to die?"

???:Hmm I dunno. I sorta' just attach to the closest living power source. Second,I can insult you if I want to! (The name changed to Mr.That hurt my feelings on his wrist)

Draelin: get off my damn wrist

???:Trust me I would if I could.

Alasdair: How do you work exactly?

"Bah. I don't need to put up with this." Smash grumbled. "Get off my arm and go attach yourself to someone who cares."

???:Hey, pal! I would if I friggin' co-(The voice mysteriously cuts itself off then stops talking)

Draelin: since we're stuck like this then what do you want from me

???:Well first I would..(The voice stops talking mysteriously)

Smash's eyebrows rose. "What? What was that, I couldn't catch that?" He asked.

(The bracelet didn't respond and the name changed back to Smash)

Draelin: huh.....hey you listening to me.....i look like an idiot, i'm talking to a rock i gotta find others

"..That's weird..." He said, quietly. "...Heck, what about this isn't weird?" He then revved up his motorcycle and began to head home.

(None of the bracelets responded)

Alasdair: Hmmm. *runs off*

Part 2:The Chaotic day that followed

(The next day started peacefully the birds were chirping, children playing and no more meteors)

(In Twerunka Jungle)

(Krinkinko woke up with a yawn on his lawn with his two kids next to him)

Krinkinko:(Yawns) did you two get here!?

Droget:(Runs over to Krinkinko)I'm glad your okay I was really worried back there. (Smiles)

Krinkinko:(Stands up and puts his hands on the back of his head)Well you know me I...hey, you got a rock bracelet too.

Droget:Yeah..this thing just sorta' attached.

Krinkinko:Hmmmm....Hey wanna' have some waffles!?

Droget:Sure! (Picks up Krinketta while Krinkinko picks up Krinkinko and runs inside the house)

(In the sky just outside the city)

Pyre: (Flying towards the city on wing's of flame and looking around, seeing numerous area's where the meteor's hit) Look's like the sky's been falling around here. What in Jebus' name happend?

Lien-DOS's body took form out of the computer in the science lab that was her central processor. She was analyzing the large amount of data she had accumulated last night. "Oh my, these energy spikes are off the charts, but they seem to have stagnated now..." She then headed outside, seemingly staring into space as she continued her analysis.

Alasdair walks through the streets alone, fighting through the pain that remained in his wrists the best he can. He spots Pyre and waves him down. "HEY......DOWN HERE."

Pyre hear's Alasdair's yell and fly's down while thinking "who is he and what's he want".

Alasdair: starts walking to him and stops 10 feet away, holding up his wrist to show the asteroid braclet. "You seen this before?"

Pyre: look's at the braclet for a few moments before shaking his head. "look's like rock."

Draelin is walking around and notices Alasdair "hey.........i know him, he works with Sonic" heads over to them

Lien-DOS was still walking, analyzing her readings, when she detected something that caused her to stop. There was a large crater in the ground. She stared at it for a minute then look up to see that the whole street was littered with craters, streching off into the distance. Then she noticed Alasair and Pyre standing in the distance, careful to avoid the craters she ran towards them. "Sirs?

Alasdair looks at Lien-DOS, curious. "Huh? Us?

Pyre: Look's in the direction of Lien-DOS though he dosen't say anything to her. "......."

Lien-DOS come to a stop in front of them. "Excuse me, do you know of anything strange that happened last night?"

Alasdair lifts his wrist to show the bracelet. "This was an asteroid that was nearby my home.

Dayton:-wakes up in forest-huh

"uunngh...ohh.." The orange colored cat finally came to. Her vision slowly cleared from being nothing but a light blur, and found herself stairing into the morning sky. She slowly sat up, feeling...completely fine. What...what happened...? She wondered, rubbing her back. She looked around. Everything seemed so normal. She stood up and dusted herself off. "Something's..wrong..." She said quietly. She then remembered exactly what had happened last night, and looked at her wrist. The stone bracelet with her name ingraved on the top was still attached to her wrist. "I don't understand..what does this mean...?" She looked around, and then walked back into the clearing where the crater was. She looked down inside, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. She wasn't sure what to do now. How was she supposed to react to something like this? ...I think Smash ought to know about this. She thought. ..Yes, I must find him and inform him. And with that, she turned around and headed out of the forest and towards Green Flower City.

Meanwhile, inside the city, Thunder awoke in the same spot he had passed out in. At first he felt drowsy, but then he immediately remembered what had happened that night, and nearly leaped to his feet. He looked at the rock bracelet, and slightly gasped when he saw his full name on there. "T-Thunder...Star..?" He asked, quietly. "..Why Star..? Is that..Is that my last name?" His heart felt tense when he read it. He realized that he never really knew his last name. Seeing this was shocking to him as it caused him to realize that. He looked down at his brothers, who were just barely waking up. "Are you guys alright?" He asked.

"Just peachy." Lightning grumbled as he rubbed his forehead, sitting up into a kneeling position. "The heck just happened"

"I-I'm not sure..." Electric said, feeling a bit dizzy as he sat up. "It's morning...we must have been out all night long."

Zap sat up, shaking his head. "Bracelets are scary." He mumbled.

Meanwhile, Smash was already awake. He was in his living room, on the phone. "..Alright, that's great. I'll be there in about 10 minutes or so. Yeah. See you soon." He hung up the phone, and looked down at the bracelet on his wrist. Now, we're gonna find out just who you are and what you're capable of. He thought. He headed out the room to get ready to leave. Soon, he was just pulling out the driveway on his motorcycle.

Krinkinko:Okay Waffles are ready. (Gets out the waffles and puts them on the table)

(The Bracelets in the forest and in Twerunka jungle started to collect leaves near it while Krinkinko is in his house)

Krinkinko:What the-!? (Steps infront of Krinketta and Krinkinkoy,sheilding them)


(The leaf storm stops)

Krinkinkoy:(Sees his Waffles afe covered in leaves)WAAAAH!

Krinketta:(Eats her leafy waffle)YUM!

Droget:Glad that's..(Droget's bracelet attracts the water from Krinkinko's moat and everyone in the kitchen gets splashed

Krinkinko:(With fish in mouth)We gotta' see the elder.

{C (At the dock Lightning and his brother's bracelets started to pull the water near them and cause a large wave to come near them and the bracelet with Smash collected the air like a vacuum then the air shot out making his motorcycle move faster than usual)

Lien-DOS studied Alasdair's bracelet. "There is a large amount of power in this, but the readings don't match any other asteroid I've seen." She stopped for a minute and looked at Alasdair with a look of confused innocence. "But why would you wear it?"

(All of a sudden Alasdair's bracelet caused a huge dust storm to occur)

Alasdair looks around shocked "Uh oh."

(The sand gets in Alasdair's eyes)

Alasdair turns away, covering his eyes. "AAAAH!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?"

"Oh!" Lien-DOS shouted, stumbling backwards. "Mr. Alasdair? Are you alright!?" She called through the storm, panic evident in her voice.

Alasdair waves his arm to make an Air Barriar to block the dust from the three and wipes the dust from his eyes. "Ugh. Yeah. I'm good."

As the cat was leaving the forest, she stopped and looked around. She was hearing this loud rustling sound. It was more than just the wind blowing past the trees. It sounded much too loud to be that. Confused, she turned around and glanced in the direction of the noise. "W-What on Earth!?" She exclaimed. Right behind her was a tornado of leaves, heading straight towards her. Without wasting another second, she darted away from the tornado. She ran as fast as her legs could support her, already making it outside the forest in the next five seconds. She headed down the path towards Green Flower City, with the tornado chasing right after her.

Meanwhile, Smash's motorcycle suddenly got a huge burst of speed. "Whoa, what the CRAP!?" Smash exclaimed. He almost lost control, seeing how he didn't even hit the gas. He wasn't ready for it at all. Though it felt exhilarating. He almost felt as if he were in a race. "Ten minutes, huh?" He smirked a bit. "Make it long as I don't get a ticket."

"Hey, um, guys?" Thunder said, trying to get the attention of his brothers. "That wave..doesn't look normal."

"Or friendly." Lightning added, his eyes widening as they saw the wave seemingly increasing in size as it headed towards the. "I dunno about you guys, but I'm gettin the HECK outta here!" He bolted towards the road and ran down the street, soon followed by the rest of his brethren.

(Then dust storm, giant wave, and leaf storms were all sucked up by the bracelet)

As the dust storm was suddenly sucked into Alasdair's bracelet, Lien-DOS stood there, stunned. If she were organic she would have been breathing heavy. Her internal sensors, which had been giving all sorts of alarming statistics, all at once reported everything was calm and normal. Turning her attention to the bracelet she said, "I've never seen anything like that. Is that why you wear it?"

Alasdair watches stunned as the storm disappears. "It attached against my will."

(Then robots walked in the areas where the bracelets where then they just stood still)

Alasdair see's them and freezes, suprised. "Oh Sh*t."

Meanwhile, the cat had just reached the city when she finally collapsed. The tornado caught up to her, and was instantly sucked into her bracelet. This shocked her into forgetting about how exhausted she was, as she immediately sat up and stared at it in disbelief. "Huh?" She sat there, staring at it for a while, completely baffled. Soon, she heard the sound of metallic clanking drawing near. She hopped to her feet, and turned to see some strange robots coming down the road in her direction. Feeling uneasy, she quickly hid behind the nearest tree to avoid detection. What in the world is going on here...? She wondered. Thankfully Smash's house is just right up the street...

Smash had just reached his destination when the turbo boost ended. He parked his motorcycle in the driveway of his friend's house, and headed towards the door. Thinking of it now, it was probably caused by this weird bracelet... He thought as he knocked on the door. "I dunno, but that's the only explanation I can think of." Soon, the door opened and a red cat stood at the entrance.

"Hey, Smash. You're here earlier than I expected." The cat said, looking rather surprised. He stepped aside to let Smash in.

"Ah, 10 minutes was in case I ran into traffic." Smash joked, walking inside. "Anyway..." The door closed, blocking the voices from being heard outside. Neither one of them noticed two robots walking down the road, and stopping in front of the house...

As the four brothers ran, the wave seemed to come up on land and chase them, soon even coming up off the ground. "What the HECK is this!?" Lightning cried out.

"I Don't Know! Keep Running!" Thunder yelled back. It wasn't long before the water had split up into four streams and were sucked into their bracelets. That was when they stopped. Panting and utterly confused, they each looked at the bracelets on their arms. "Can somebody please explain what's going on!?" Thunder exclaimed frustratedly.

"This is scaring me." Zap said in a deadpan tone. "How was that even...?"

Something soon caught Electric's eye. "I don't believe robots are generally supposed to be leisurely wandering the streets around here." He said, standing up straight. The group turned their eyes into his direction, and followed his gaze towards two robots walking down the street. They suddenly stopped, and didn't move an inch. The brothers watched the two robots, curiously, yet uneasily.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Lightning said, quietly.

(Then the robots started talking seemingly at the same time for each hero)

Robots:Hand over the mystical rock of eons now! (The robots' hands then turned into large bazooka's and shot at the heroes)

Krinkinko:Waht the? (Grabs Krinketta and Krinkinkoy and runs behind a tree)

Krinketta:Daddy I'm scared.

Droget:I'm scared too.

Krinkinko:Oh, hush up Droget!

Lien-DOS heard the robot that had approached and turned just in time to see it fire at Alasdair. "Watch out!" she yelled, grabbing his arm in an attempt to pull him out of the line of fire.

Alasdair jumps out of the way, firing back at them. "What is going on?"

(The robots the grab Lien-Dos then start to heat up in an attempt to self-destruct themselves taking her with them)

(Sorry that was me-Sonicfan)

"Aaah!" Lien-DOS shrieked. She then proceeded to disperse the nanites that made up her body. She separated into an indistinguishable cloud and drifted out of the robot's grip.

The cat shrieked and ducked for cover. The blast hit the tree, leaving only a tiny bit of the trunk left to support it. The tree began to wobble, and started to fall down towards her. Quickly, she tried to push the tree away, aiming to knock it over on the robots. She successfully managed to make it fall down in their direction. Without even looking to see if it struck them, she ran across the street, and headed for Smash's house.

"Look out!" Electric cried out as each of them leaped out of the line of fire. They each rolled out of the way in separate directions. "Thunder! You and Lightning take the one on the right! I'll handle the one on the left!" He ordered as he stood up.

"Got it!" The twins said in unison as they got into a fighting stance.

"Wait, I'm helping too!" Zap exclaimed as he hopped to his feet.

Alasdair chases down the robots to attack them. "Come back here, cowards!"

Pyre, having just witnessed everything that had just happend, think's to himself "What the hell just happend? Rock braclet's that can start and subdue a dust devil? Wierd combat droid's?" Pyre then place's his hand on his forehead and sigh's. "This is just goin' to get s***load's worse".

(The robot near the cat's hand turned into a machine gun then started shooting at her while it was chasing her. The robots near lightning and his brothers punched the ground creating mini-earthquake, shaking the whole area. The robots being chased by Alasdair turned around and shot their bazooka at him.)

The cloud of nanites came together and reformed theirselves into Lien-DOS several feet away. "Alasdair watch out!" she screamed.

Alasdair dodges the blast and jumps to the side, firing a shotgun he had on his back. "What the f*ck is going on?"

Lien-DOS was standing there in a defensive position, looking rapidly around from the robot to Alasdair and back. "They said earlier they wanted the "legendary rock of eon". I don't have anything by that name in my files." She analyzed the situation some more, then her eyes snapped back to Alasdair's bracelet. "Your bracelet! They want your amazing bracelet!"

Alasdair hides behind a sheild and shoots one in the chest "Well' I'm ashamed to say, it's not coming off, whether they like it or not."

The cat just barely made it out of the way of the line of fire by jumping behind another tree in Smash's yard. He ran into his back yard, and began banging on the back door. "Help! Please, Somebody open the door!" She cried out frantically.

"W-W-Who-oaa!" Lightning yelled as he fell over from the quake. The rest of the brothers had to crouch down to the ground to keep their balance.

"If we can't approach it, let's just attack it here!" Thunder called out to his brethren. He held his palm out in front of him and a gust of wind began blowing towards the robot. With the shaking, it was even more possible that it would lose it's balance and fall. Electric and Zap proceeded to shoot lightning bolts out of their hands towards the robot as well.

Meanwhile, down in Gizmo's basement, Smash was sitting on a chair while Gizmo examined the bracelet up close. There was a small TV left on sitting on a crate at the far end of the room. "So you say this thing fell from the sky?" He asked.

"Yeah. All kinds of weird stuff happened last night." Smash said. "Came down as a meteor, floated up out of the crater and started chasing me, turns into a bracelet and forces itself onto my wrist, nearly shocks me to death with an overload of power, writes my name on the top, starts talking smack about me, and then shuts up."

Gizmo's eyebrows shot up. "Wha...? Okaaayy...." He continued to examine the bracelet. "Well, I can't get this thing off, nor can I pry this thing open anywhere, but I've picked up massive energy readings lying dormant, Way off the charts. I've never seen this type of energy before, either. But right now, the energy seems to be inactive."

Smash scratched his head with his free hand. "Okay so...what do we do about this?"

Gizmo shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe come back when it starts doing stuff again?" He asked.

"Maybe." Smash nodded. "

Just then, something on the TV caught their attention. A familiar news reporter was on the screen. "This just in. Several unidentified robots have appeared in several places, and are attacking the citizens with a wide assortment of weapons. Rocket launchers, machine guns, etc. The reported locations of the attacks are Green Flower City, Station Square..."

That was enough for both of them to be concerned. "What the crap!?" Smash exclaimed. "Just what the heck is going on here!?" He ran upstairs as the reporter listed more towns and areas around them.

"Hey, wait up!" Gizmo called out. He grabbed a bunch of equipment and ran upstairs after him.

(At Twerunka Jungle)

Krinkinko:(Panting and bruised)For the last time......I CAN'T GET THIS STUPID BRACELET OFF SO STOP BUGGING ME!

Robot:Resistance is futile green forest creature.

Krinkinko:This is bad..Droget, I want you to get Krinketta and Krinkinkoy outta' here now.

Droget:But what about?...

Krinkinko:I SAID NOW!

(Droget picks up Krinketta and Krinkinkoy and runs off)

Krinkinko:(Bracelet glows)You wanna' dance?

Robot:Negative. I came for the rock of eons. (Charges at Krinkinko as Krinkinko rushes towards the robot fist first)

(The robot near Lightning and his brothers get stunned by the lightning bolts and the brothers' bracelets glow red as they're enveloped with a flaming burning coat of fire)

"What's this?" Electric looked at the flames surrounding them. For some reason, it didn't hurt at all. Their clothes didn't burn either. However, the fire seemed to give him power. "Lightning! Go for the finisher!" He shouted.

Lightning jumped back up to his feet, and charged towards the robots. He moved to their sides, making sure they both were in front of him, and lunged forward. He charged up his fist with both electricity and the flames around him, and plowed it into the robot in front of him. He would knock it into the other robot, and soon knock them both several feet away.

(The robots near the cat at Smash's house charge at her at full speed in an attempt to crush her alive)

The door opened, and a pink echidna with purple hair stood in the doorway. "What is--"

"Look out!" The cat shrieked as she pounced the echidna. She pinned her to the ground as the robots flew in over their heads.

"A-Amber!?" The echidna gasped. "What's going on!?"

"No time to explain!" Amber said as she helped her up. "Those robots were chasing me! Where's Smash!?"

"Smash left a little while ago!" She then took Amber by the arm and ran outside.

(With Alasdair)

Robots:Then we'll have to just kill you. (Charges large beams of energy)

{C "Kill him!?" Lien-DOS shrieked in utter surprise and disgust. "That is horrible!" While saying this she slowly attempted to move closer to the robots, careful to stay out of the line of their fire. But due to the size of the beams she wasn't able to get close too fast.

(One of the robots grabs her neck and starts to choke her)

{C As soon as Smash and Gizmo made it to the living room, A bunch of robots burst into the house by melting the walls and doors with flamethrowers. Gizmo's eyes nearly bulged out of his head. "AAHHH!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Those are the same robots!" Smash exclaimed. Without wasting another second, He sprung into action. He whacked one robot's arm away from him and Gizmo, and crouched down to sweep kick both it and another robot beside him. Gizmo, now furious with the way they burst inside, took out his chaff gun and aimed it at the robots. He began firing small, electrified needles at them. The needles were specially designed to short circuit and disable any kind of machine.

(With Pearl)

Robots:Pink echidna unidintified. Commence plan to absorb her and use her powers. (The robots arm turns into a giant vaccuum cleaner, starting to suck in items such as the door and bushes)

"Absorb and use my powers..!?" Pearl exclaimed. "B-b-but..I don't have any.." She shook her head. "Let's run!" She and Amber dashed out the back yard and ran down the street. "Smash went to Gizmo's house. Let's meet him there!"


(The robots with Lightning and co. quietly short circuit and deactivate)

Lightning stood up, and looked over at his brothers with a cocky grin. "Great job, everyone." Electric praised as he stood up.

"What were those robots doing here in the first place?" Thunder asked, frowning. "And what'd they mean by "Mystical Rocks of Eon"? You don't think...?"

"It must be these bracelets.." Zap said, looking at his wrist. "It does feel like a rock..."

Lightning frowned, feeling almost ignored. Suddenly, his ear twitched, and he looked backwards. "Y'know, I have a hunch that there's a lot more of em roaming the streets."

Electric nodded. "If all those meteors last night happened to fall into this world, then I believe you're right."

(With Smash the needles did noting but bounce off the robots but the needles came in contact with Smash's bracelet then Smash was super charged with electricity and a gained a lightning shield)

Smash and Gizmo froze in place, both surprised by the unexpected turn of events. They fell silent for a couple of moments, before returning to the battle. "Well that was convenient." Smash remarked.

"You're welcome." Gizmo rolled his eyes. He put his chaff gun away while Smash began to beat down on one of the robots, using his electrical charge to the fullest. "If I can't scramble your circuits, then I'll just have to blast you to Kingdom come!" He whipped out his Hand Cannon and began to charge it up.

(The robot that Smash was punching shut down only after a few punches)

Alasdair: *runs out of the alley and runs off*

Lien-DOS barely had time to notice Alasdair running off when the robot attempted to choke her. It apparently hadn't registered that she was non-organic and didn't need to breathe. However, the attack still shocked her. She kicked her leg up towards the robot and released some of the nanites in her foot. The microscopic machines attempted to enter the robot and probe it, as well as possibly shut it down.

(As the nanites came into contact with the robots the nanites turned an eerie red as the changed ourses towards Lien-DOS in attempt to erase her)

Pearl and Amber kept running down the road. Both of them were now worried about Smash and Gizmo's safety, and tried to take as many shortcuts as possible.

"I think we ought to check out the rest of the city, then." Thunder suggested, as he and his brothers walked over to Lightning. "If there's more of them out there, then people are in danger."

"Indeed." Electric nodded. "Let's hurry, then." The four of them then ran off further into the city.

After the robot shut down, Smash quickly jumped to the side to get out of Gizmo's way. Gizmo fired a large plasma shot towards both of the robots, which would have blown them out of the house, if not into the street.

Robots:Analyzing data. Energy successfully identified as some sort of plas....(the plasma causes the two robots to blow up)

(With Krinkinko)

Krinkinko:*Panting heavily staring at his bracelet*I-I don't know this is but it's...WICKED AWESOME! Now I need to find Droget.

Droget:(Comes out a thicket of trees holding Krinketta and Krinkinkoy)Krink! We were almost done for but a bracelet's glowed and we destroyed the robots.

Krinkinko:Well that's not all of them...and what do you mean by "WE".

(The Elder comes where Droget came with a bracelet on his wrist) He bumped into me along the way. I tried to fend them off using my normal strength but I ended up relying on the bracelets powers. Krinkinkoy did exceptional too.

Krinkinko:Well that's good...WAIT,DID YOU SAY KRINKINKOY?!

The Elder:Yes, is something wrong?

(Krinkinko suddenly notices that Krinkinkoy has on a bracelet as well.

Krinkinko:Oh no.

Lien-DOS gasped as she felt her control over the nanites she had sent to the robot slip away. When she saw them turn back to move towards her, she phased out of the robot's grip and focused her attention on building up a firewall against the rogue nanites.

(The firewall shatters and the nanites contenue their deadly pursuit)

Realizing that the traitorous nanites weren't stopping, Lien-DOS had no choice but to turn and run. She did so, while hoping that she would be able to fix the nanites.

(The nanites proceed in their deadly pursuit)

"They're so persistent! They must be locked on to my signature." Lien-DOS said to herself. She then dispersed herself and headed off in all different directions.

Suddenly all of the Meteorites began to speak again.

With Smash,

"Back online bluey!" Smash's bracelet spoke.

Smash scoffed. "Good morning, sleepy-head."

Suddenly a bracelet came crashing through Gizmo's window and attached itself to his arm. Gizmo jumped back, and began shaking his arm in fright.

"Awww. I'm stuck to a kitty. Can you purr please?" Gizmo's bracelet spoke with a female voice.

Gizmo stopped, looking highly disturbed. "W-Wh..What? Why did..?"

Smash walked over, and looked out the broken window. "Y'know we gotta pay for these damages, right?"

"Oh that's easy Smash. Just go to a bank and hold up a gun. They'll literally GIV-" His bracelet was cut off by Smash whacking it with his other arm.
"Shut it."

Gizmo's bracelet spoke up. "You look a little young kitty. Where's your parents?"

Gizmo just stayed silent.

With Amber,

"Awww. It's a kitty. Can you please purr?" The bracelet cooed.

Pearl and Amber stared at the bracelet for a few seconds. They then continued running down the street. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear anything." Pearl said.

"Uhhmm...Look, we're here!" Amber pointed off towards Gizmo's house. They could see a few burning piles of metal lying on the ground in his driveway.

"Hey, is that..." Amber's bracelet shot forward, pulling her with it towards Gizmo. "IT IS YOU BRITTENY!"

"Oh, hey Scarlet! You got a kitty too!"

"Amber? Pearl?" Smash was startled to see them enter. He looked back and forth between the two bracelets talking.

"I know it's so cool! Hey, maybe we should make them breed."

"Wh-wh-whaaaat!?" Gizmo yelled.

Amber covered her face in embarrassment. "Nonono! I'm so sorry Gizmo, I don't know what's going on!"

Pearl walked over to Smash, staring at the two with a baffled expression. She shook her head and turned to him. "Are you alright?" She asked.
"I'm fine. I dunno about those two though."

Suddenly three robots began to scan Gizmo, Pearl, and Smash. "Copying...99.9% complete." they declared.

"Ah! They managed to catch up!?" Pearl gasped, whirling around to face them. "Alright, now it's our turn!"

"So you were being chased by these guys?" Smash stood next to her in a battle stance. "They're not so tough, but I doubt they're here for a fight this time! Take them down quickly!" Gizmo and Amber rushed to their sides, right before Smash and Pearl jumped at two of the robots and attacked.

Suddenly the room was covered in a bright light and when it cleared up it revealed Metal Smash, Metal Gizmo, and Metal Pearl.

"WEEEEEE'RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!!" Metal Gizmo said.

"What the cra-" Smash jumped back, looking at the three in shock. "Oh lord, Why.

"You existed?" Gizmo asked his metal counterpart, puzzled.

"Why? Why are you here?" Pearl asked, taking a few steps back in shock. Amber looked at them all, somewhat terrified.

"To get the stone of eons genius." Metal Pearl said. "Geez, my organic self is dumb!"

"But you're supposed to be DEAD!" Pearl snapped back.

"W-What are these things..? They look just like you..!" Amber stammered.

"HELL YEAH I EXIST!" Metal Gizmo shouted as he zipped next to Gizmo and whispered in his ear. "Between you and me, I'm the second smartest in that group."

"Second? Who's-" Gizmo's bracelet asked.

"Chao chika choo choo choo!" Metal Kitty said as he flew into the house. Kitty himself looked offended.

"Okay this has gone too far." Smash declared. "You're not getting these stones. We can't get them off even if we wanted to. Which I did. So, tough luck for all of us. If ya still wanna fight, you're welcome to. But you're not gonna get these. I suggest you go and earn your own somehow."

Metal Gizmo whipped out a sword, Metal took out a plasma gun and the Echidna siblings cracked their knuckles. "Have you ever tried cutting your arm off?" Metal Smash asked.

"He got you there." Smash's bracelet admitted.

"Since when did he have a sword..?" Gizmo muttered, annoyed.

"I ain't that desperate." Smash said. "Fine. If that's the way you want it. Try me. You still won't get em."

Without warning Metal Gizmo gave an upward slash towards his organic self. While Metal Pearl began to pund the ground causing the earth to shake. Metal Smash had sat down in a meditating stance and began to focus his energy. "Urrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

Gizmo quickly backed away before he could get hit. Knowing that the only option was to go hand to hand at this point, he fired one last plasma blast at Metal Gizmo and tossed the Hand Cannon to the side. He got into a defensive stance, as razor sharp claws extended from his gloves.

Pearl knelt down to keep from falling, and sweep kicked Metal Pearl's arms. Metal Pearl quickly stopped pounding and as soon as Pearl's leg got in range she began to pound again hard enough to fracture something, but just narrowly missed. Pearl quickly stood halfway and threw a punch at Metal Pearl's head. Metal Pearl gave a headbutt, pushing her back a bit as she began to shoot lasers out of her eyes towards Pearl. "Your not that bad for a forest creature."

She performed a backflip in the air, letting the lasers pass under her. "Forest creature? I think you're a little confused."

Metal Pearl flew towards her and threw a punch towards Pearl's face in hopes that she would guard. Then she threw a punch towards her stomach.

Right as she landed, she ducked under the punch and countered with her own, which connected with Metal Pearl's fist. She tried to counter with an uppercut to her chin.

Smash glared at him. Dang it, we can't fight here. They're gonna wreck the house! He thought. He then dove over Metal Smash's head and stood up behind him. "If you wanna fight me, let's step outside." He said.

Metal Smash had enetered his high tension state. Smash's Bracelet reacted to this and Gizmo's roof flew off. "Now we're technically ARE outside!" the bracelet exclaimed.

"Do you want my bracelet or do you wanna play wrecking crew!?" Smash snapped. "Get out here."

"I did nothing meat creature!" Metal Smash said as he walked outside.

"It was me." the bracelet said.

"Yeah well you wouldn't have if he didn't decide to power up indoors." Smash growled as he turned to face his enemy. "Now come. Show me what you've got."

Metal Smash ran towards Smash attacked him with a rising uppercut, spinning like a piledriver rising into the air.

Smash leaned backwards, letting the attack go right past his nose, but missing entirely. He grabbed Metal Smash's foot, and yanked him back down to the ground.

As Metal Smash drew close to Smash's head he clenched his hands as one big fist and slammed it torwards Smash's head as if it were a club.

With his other hand, Smash caught his metallic fists, though showed a bit of strain in doing so. With him in his grasp, he shoved him down off of him.

Metal Smash fell under him, appearing to vanish into thin air but in reality he was under Smash between his legs. He threw a slow punch upwwards that seemed to move in slow motion, his entire body glowing, vibrating and softly humming all the while once he got around half way he threw a super powerful punch torwards Smash's crotch twice as fast as he normally would.

Smash quickly backed off while he was moving slowly, knowing exactly what he was trying to do. He began to wonder just how many more of his moves was he going to try and use against him.

Due to Smash moving his Metal counterpart was launched intot he air. Metal Gizmo was about to slash at Gizmo when he got a signal. "That's it boys. The mother bot wants us back. She wants us to tell her about some of our enemies."

Metal Pearl spoke up. "But we're fighting us! We don't have to go all the way back just to tell her that."

"Cheeka choo cha-"


Metal Smash groaned. "This bites! Bein' bossed around by a kid!" he flew up high into the air.

Metal Gizmo, Kitty, and Pearl flew up into the sky as well until they were out of sight.

"Well that was lucky." Gizmo's bracelet said.

Gizmo let out a heavy sigh. "Yeah, if that battle kept going..." He looked around the house, practically wincing from the damage done to it. "What am I gonna tell Mom and Dad when they get back...?"

Pearl stood up and dusted her arms off. "I'd say that wasn't too tough, but all these robots sure did make a mess of things."

Smash walked back over to the group. "You hear that? Sounds like there really is someone at the top of all this, after all." He said. "I highly doubt it's G.U.N. this time, despite the fact that those guys' creator worked for them. Somebody else must have known about that incident or found their scraps to revive them. Someone who knows us."

"Let's see if I can ask my friend Tasha for help." Amber's bracelet said. "OHHH AMBERRRRR."

"Soon an eaglet wearing a bracelet came crashing through a wall."

"I'm here. What's the-" the bracelet was cut off by the baby.

"Daddy?...Grandpa....where am I? Why am I here? WAAAAAAA!"The baby started to cry.

"SHUT UP!" his bracelet commanded as she zapped him with power, only making him cry more.

Smash's bracelet laughed. "You got stuck with a baby!?"

"Hey! That's not funny!" Smash yelled, smacking his bracelet, but glaring at the baby's bracelet. "How dare you use a baby for your host, and abuse it at that!"

"Don't do that!" Smash's bracelet said as he shocked Smash.

"Then stop acting up!" Smash snapped back, ignoring the shock.

"That's horrible!" Pearl exclaimed.

"Can we really trust this one?" Amber asked her bracelet, both nervous yet disgusted by it's actions.

"Hey, it's not my fualt I got stuck with this crybaby! I was simply attracted to the nearest power source! I couldn't control myself!"

"That's no excuse to abuse him." Smash scolded. "I doubt that kid's much older than two years old!"

"Yeah Kitty, me and Tasha go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*one minute later*aaaaaaaaaay back." Amber's bracelet answered.

"I-I see.." She rubbed her forehead.

Smash folded his arms. "In anycase, let's get on with it. You called her here for a reason didn't you?"

"Right, Tasha. What's going on."

"Hmmmmmm." Tasha took a long pause. "No clue."

"Me either." Smash's bracelet said. "We seem to have lost our memory. Of what happened right before we attached ourselves."

Smash facepalmed. "Oi. I should have known it wouldn't be this easy." He groaned. "Alright, let's recap." He paced back and forth for a minute. "Last night, there was a meteor shower. Those meteors happened to be these bracelets; The Stones of Eons. In other words, you guys. The bracelets then began flying around and attaching themselves to all the citizens of Greenflower City and beyond. The next morning, we're attacked by several robots. I had come down here to ask Gizmo to help me figure out what was going on, before we heard about the attack on the news. Before we could even get out the house, those robots came here. Before Pearl and Amber came, I had only really believed them to be after me, but I was wrong there. Seeing that Amber has a bracelet, and now Gizmo too, I think it's safe to assume that in a little bit of time we're ALL going to have one. But why are these robots after them? And then we were attacked by our metal counterparts, along with some we never even knew existed. That can only mean that whoever it is, they know us."

"They said that they were returning to the "Mother Bot". Gizmo stated. "Implying that their leader is also a robot. But...that's strange, isn't it? Have we made enemies with any particular robots, aside from our metallic selves?"

Smash shook his head. "Not that I can remember."

"Man, if I were you I would have just cut my arm off and get a cool robot one. The robots will be done chasing you AND chicks dig robo arms! Am I right ladies or am I right!?" Smash's bracelet asked.

"Is this guy for real?" Smash groaned.


"This is gonna be a hindrance.." Smash groaned yet again. "Pearl, do something about him will ya?"

Pearl nodded and walked over to the baby. She picked him up and cradled him in her arms. "Shhh..Daddy's not here right now. But we'll help you find him." She cooed.

Shaking his head, Smash looked over at the others. "No ideas, huh?" He asked. "Well, we're not going to find out anymore just sitting around here. We should go and see what's going on in the city. At the very least, check up on everyone."

"That sounds good." Gizmo nodded.

The baby smiled then reached into his diaper and pulled out a perfectly clean picture of a certain elderly frog. "Grampa." the baby sighed as he dropped the picture.

Pearl gasped at the picture. "You couldn't mean...?" She whirled around to face the others. "Guys! The elder of Frog Village!"

"What?" Gizmo was confused.

"What about the old man?" Smash asked.

"He's this baby's grandfather!" Pearl exclaimed.

"Wait, Whaaaaat!?"

The baby pulled out another picture. This time of a green hedgehog with unsettling purple spots. "Dadyyy!" the baby said with a clap.

Smash couldn't believe what he was seeing. "You can't be serious! This is Krinkinko's kid!?"

"But, isn't Krinkinko a hedgehog?" Gizmo asked, confused.

"You think Krinkinko would actually have a child at his age? He adopted em!" Smash said. "Anyway, I bet Krink's just as involved in this as we are. We'd better go find him."

The baby smiled as he flew into the air due to the bracelet. "Want to get to him faster? Grab on!" the bracelet on the baby commanded.

"Well that's interesting." Smash said flatly. "Alright listen; We'll split up. Pearl and I will go and see Krink. Gizmo, you and Amber go into the city and check up on everyone else. Let them know what's goin on, too."

Gizmo nodded. "Got it."

Smash looked back at the baby. "I dunno how I feel about hanging onto a baby, whether he can support my weight or not. But I've got a ride already. Just lead the way."

Later, Smash was still following the flying baby and it began to move fast, faster than his motorcycle could go so his bracelet had to give him an extra air boost. Smash was approaching a plains-like area when he saw a rock in front of him. He hit the brakes, but the bike kept going. "Uh oh."

Krinketta was telling her grandfather a story when she saw her brother flying being chased by a blue echidna on a motorcycle. "Watch out grandpa!"

The Elder caught the motorcycle with his hand but was pushed back a bit. He turned to see his former student and his grandson. "Smash!" he patted him hard on the back. "Great to see you again! How's everything going."

Smash looked up and wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead. "Could be better, old man. Nice to see you're well though."

"Oh you found Krinkinkoy." Krinkinko said with relief. Then his eyes darted left then right. "Not that he was lost because that would be SO irresponsible of me and you know me. I ain't that kinda' guy."

Smash shrugged and shook his head as he got off, along with Pearl. He narrowed his eyes at his bracelet. "Dude, work on those brakes." He mumbled. "Yeah, the kid was in Gizmo's house. But you ought to know that he's got a Stone of Eon on him. That bracelet, I mean. It's kinda been dragging him around everywhere as far as I can tell."

"Yeah, I noticed. Me and The Elder was in the middle of trying to ply the thing off when he went flyin'! Dude, you should of saw me! I pratically went DARK trying to get it off. The Elder even had to go in his Max Power Mode." Krinkinko explained.

Smash shook his head again. "Unfortunately, these bracelets won't come off." He said. "We've all tried everything, but they just won't." He flashed the group a serious look. "However, that should be the least of our concerns."

"Greenflower City was just attacked by a group of robots who want these stones." Pearl explained. "And our robotic selves, the ones you had...I forgot his name, but the mechanic from G.U.N. make, are all back and working with them."

"Yeah, again. I noticed." he, Droget and The Elder held up their bracelets. "We were attacked too but unffortunately they struck in the forest and they were targeting Krinkinkoy as well. I was leading the robots away from him but they still managed to send more. According to The Elder, Krinkinkoy is able to use his powers as well. Which, is see UNFORTUNATELY a certain SOMEONE convinced me that I shouldn't train my kids at this age. And he was right, it would only cause us more trouble. But now he's being targeted as well and I have to fight twice the robots I normally would."

Smash rolled his eyes at his comment. The Elder closed his eyes and folded his arms."Easy Krinkinko. Though you didn't train them they are good at running and hiding. They don't need to train as much as you let on, really the robots aren't much of a threat right now."

"Yeah, the real threats are those metal copies Fevine had made." Smash stated. "And whoever's behind them."

Droget looked at Pearl. "So you mean to tell me Metal Smash and you are back?" he asked shuddering. Pearl nodded slowly.

"Speaking of Fevine, we're headed to the base right now to ask him about this whole robot fiasco. He's a genius you know, if anyone can make something of this. He can." Krinkinko said as he turned and pointed towards the base at walking distance.

"I sure hope so." Smash sighed. "I just can't believe that those things are still intact.." He shook his head. "Alright, let's head there before anything else happens."

Once they got inside they were greeted by a certain stalkerosh fangirl. "EEEK IT'S SMASHY-WASHY AND GIZMO-WIZMO!" she screamed.

(Gizmo didn't come with them; Pearl did. Gizmo took Amber into the city to check up on their friends.)

Krinkinko raised his eybrows. "What about Krinkinko-Winko?" he asked with a sly smile.

"No." Rachel said flatly as she frowned.

Smash's eyelids lowered as he let out a heavy sigh. "Hello, Rachel." He greeted flatly.

"Is Fevine here?" Pearl asked. "We kinda need to see him."

"Uh-uh!" Rachel siad as she folded her arms. "Your not passing until one of you guys go on a date with me."

Droget facepalmed. "This is hopeless."

"What-the-crap, no." Smash sputtered angrily.

The Elder smiled. "I'll do it!" he said, seeming extremely happy.

Rachel grinned. "Right this way then." she then led them down a long hallway.

"YES! I am so tasting Rachel's lips tonight!" the Elder whispered in victory.

"You're....creepy." Smash muttered, disturbed.

The team then went into a room with a giant computer and Fevine asleep in a giant chair, snoring loudly.

"Yo Fevine! Wake up." Smash called out from the doorway.

Fevine woke up with a start. "I'M SORRY FOR EATING OUT OF YOUR TRASH CAN MRS. JOHNSON!" he yelled terrified.

"What." Smash and Pearl said in flat unison.

"I don't think that's something you wanna be blurting out." Pearl said, sarcastically.

"Huh?" Feveine got out of his chair revealing he was only wearing his boxers and he hadn't shaven in a while and a piece of pizza was stuck to his head.

"Oh, it's just you guys. Ignore what I just said about eating out of trash cans...uhh what can I do for you guys?" he said sheepishly.

"Should you really be so unkempt at work?" Pearl muttered.

"Ahem." Smash cleared his throat. "Let's cut to the chase. No doubt you know about the meteor shower last night. We've got a problem concerning it. Several unidentified robots have banded together to retrieve the meteorites, using any means necessary. And amongst them, are the robots you created last year or so. The metal copies of me, my sister, and a few others."

"Oh man..this just got worse for me." Fevine's boxers started to ease down. "NO YOU STAY UP! YOU HEAR ME!? STAY UP!" he screamed as he pulled his boxers back up.

"Recently I made an army of robots called the G-series. If sucessful they would replace each and every army in the world. Though, to make them functional I had to build a powerful chip out of an asteroid and implant it into each and every model. It was hard work and-" Fevine's boxers started to fall down again. "I TOLD YOU TO STAY UP DAMNIT!" he pulled them up again.

"Anyways. I took them for a test killing spree and they were a sucess! But after last night something jammed their circuits and they've been out on a murderous spree in an attempt to find the asteroids which the call Rocks of Eons. The only data I have on the rocks is that they don't come from this galaxy, they're from pretty far out in space. So far some would say it's on a different dimensional plane."

Smash folded his arms, and groaned in annoyance. "Have you learned nothing since the last time?" He scolded. "Knowing full and well how your training robot clones of us went haywire and started a killing spree, you went and made a whole army of soldier robots!? This is pretty much the same thing all over again, yet ten times worse."

Pearl facepalmed. "Not to mention replacing every army in the world with robots is not only a bad idea, but too farfetched and crazy to be accomplished." She looked up, "That aside. we have reason to believe that there's an individual robot leading them."

"I've been making robots all of my life! I can't stop!" Fevine protested.

"And how many of those robots went haywire?" Krinkinko asked flatly.

Fevine started counting on his fingers. "Give me a minute...I'll need extra fingers to answer your question."

Smash's eyelids lowered halfway. "...seriously?"

"Ugh! The city was infested with them, and so was Fox Forest!" Pearl exclaimed in frustration. "Let's just say more than you can count!"

Fevine faceplamed. "But seriously can you guys LEAVE?! I have a very tight schedule and I need to get to work on my sit ups, push ups and ab crunches!"

I doubt this guy ever did a single sit up in his life. Smash snarked in his mind. "Fine, whatever. Kick us out and let us fix while don't give a crap about the mess you made, why don't you." He turned around and left the room.

"I knew you'd understand Smash." he said with a heartfelt smile.

Pearl gave a look of disgust before turning her back on him.

"Well that was pretty unhelpful." Smash remarked, once they were out the room. "But we did learn a little bit from him."

"And now back to girls in bikinis!" An announcer said from Fevine's room.

"He's doing ab crunches suuuure." Krinkinko complained.

Smash's eyelids lowered in disgust. "why hasn't he been fired yet."

Pearl tugged at her hair from both sides of her head. "While we've wasted time here, who knows what's going on in the city?"

The Elder folded his arms and closed his eyes. "He said the robots activation had something to do with space right?"

Smash nodded. "I believe it might have been the Rocks of Eon entering orbit." He suggested. "Right when they showed up, all the robots made it their mission to collect them." He tapped a finger to his forehead. "But what's bothering me is this..."Mother bot". There is someone, a robot most likely, who is at the top of all this; The one leading them all. It bothers me because if the mother bot is a robot like the others, why is she--er, it, not just taking orders like the others?"

"Well I have a..."the Elder trailed off for a bit. "...friend who's sort of a nerd but he knows a lot about astronomy. I could call him if you'd like he would get her literally ina n instant. Course...I would need one of your cells because mine died."

"Talking to me all night.." Rachela added with a smile.

The Elder chuckled sheepishly.

Smash raised an eyebrow. "Holding off my question about how he'd get here in an instant, but exactly who is this person, old man?" He asked, flipping open his cell.

The Elder scratched his head. "Curse this old age. Uh..his first name started with an "O". I, it was "P", wait it had soemthing it do with voices...was it Soprano...." he snapped his fingers. "His name is Suprano! That's it! his number is kinda long it's 6543-58467490-99086755467-98756578644635477."

Krinkinko folded his arms. "Is that even a real number?"

"I'm sure it is Krinkinko....I think."

Smash's eyelids lowered halfway. "You sure you ain't goin senile, old man? Not even half of those numbers can fit on a phone's screen." He said. "Not to mention regular phone numbers are only supposed to go up to 10."

"I'm positive Smash. Try it."

"Oh Smashy-Washy, never doubt my Eldy-Weldy." Rachel said as she hugged The Elder.

"okay, I'm gonna need you to never say "Eldy-Weldy" again." He flatly remarked, before dialing the number.

"For the last time I will NOT buy your girl scout cookies!" the person on the other line shouted.

"what the crap." Smash asked flatly. "I ain't sellin--..." He held down the phone, staring at the elder. He tossed the cell to him, "It's for you."

The Elder answered it. "Hello? Suprano it's been-......No this isn't a joke....What do you mean you're busy?....Can't you help a friend out?....I AM your friend....I AM nice to you your jsut jealous.....You should help me because I'm your friend.....No you can't have Rachel!....You can have my trust....Don't you dare hang up.....I'm outside the GUN base enar Station Square....Yes..Okay bye." he tossed the phone back at Smash. "He'll be here..."

With a poof of smoke an Elderly frog wearing a wizard hat appeared in front of the team. He smiled. "It's been ages Smash."

"Suprano!? Gramps he's EVIL!" Krinkinko yelled.

"Not evil, simply misunderstood." The Elder replied.

"I don't have all day Waizu!" Suprano said, irritated.

Smash took a step back, grimacing at the sight. "You know him, Smash?" Pearl asked, shocked.

"Eh...sorta." Smash muttered an answer. "But um, like he said, We don't have all day. So let's get straight down to the point. I'll leave the details to you, old man."

The Elder nodded. "A robot designer named Fevine made an army of robots using chips amde after asteroids. Last night the meteor shower jammed their circuits causing them to go on a hunt for the asteroids due to a command given by "The Mother Bot". They call them The Rocks of Eon and they attach themselves to the closest living beings. They enhance your mystical power and can talk. These Rocks of Eons come from very far in space." he turned to Smash. "Did I get all of it?" he asked.

"Pretty much." Smash said. "That's our case in a nutshell."