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Marik's parents have sent him an invitation for.him and several of his friends to go to their private island for a luau. Everything is fine until one night, all of the girls went missing. It is up to the Mobian men to. Find them. But what lies within the island is an unknown tribe who inhabit the island for many years, and the females are.sacrifices.


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Involved Characters

  • (Note: The only antagonists in this Roleplay is the tribe who kidnapped the girls for sacrifices)


It is a normal, hot, summer day in Station Square. All of the kids summer break and they are all on vacation the beach or travel. Marik was just at the Nature Shop, as he went out carrying a bonsai tree back to his home. "Time for you little Bonsai to have some TLC. I'll make sure you are well watered and sunned." He said to the bonsai. Marik love everything that has to deal with plants, flowers, and animals. He walked passed a Florist store, and stopped to look at some huge sunflowers that are beside the shop window. "Fascinating, posture, well tooken care of, and still blooming." He smiled, gazing at more flowers through the shop window.

Cerys the Caraval wandered through the streets, looking at all the flowers in bloom, and occasionally touching them to change their colors. Cerys saw the familiar back of someone's head, wondering if it was possibly Marik. Cerys smiled, then continued to walk down the street, until she reached near where Marik was.

"Hello," Cerys greeted warmly. Marik's ears perked up to hear a familiar British-Irish accent he has known from.before. He turned around and smiled as his brown eyes gazed at Cerys. "My, Ms. Cerys. Such a pleasant day to see you again." He bowed politely while holding his bonsai tree.

"Very pleasent," Cerys agreed, smiling. "I see you're holding a bonsai tree," Cerys observed. Those were her particular favorite kind of tree. She owned many of them within her own home.

"Ah, precisely. I love bonsai trees. They are very small, well unique, and requires enough tender, love, and care for the little one to grow. Plus, I need to give this one a little trim." Marik smiled.

Cerys nodded. "They are my favorite. I keep many in my home." Cerys was holding a book she needed to deliver to her cousin, Tesla, who would meet her around town in a couple hours.

Marik notices the book Cerys is.holding. "Oh, mind if I ask what that book is?" He said, smiling.

"Oh, this? This is my cousin's book she lent me. It was a decent book. Not too interesting," Cerys said honestly. "I'm supposed to meet her here in a couple hours and thought I'd get some shopping done." Cerys smiled.

"Well, I hope your cousin get here soon. You don't want your agenda to go to waste." Marik chuckled.

"Well, hello, there!!" It was the sound of Burg, standing behind Cerys. "How have you been, beautiful?" He said as he puffed out his chest.and smiled, showing his pearly whitr teeth.

Cerys then nodded in agreement. Cerys turned around. "Oh um, hello. I've been well, thanks for asking."

Burg got closer to her. "That book.seems a bit heavy for you, miss. May I carry it for you??" Burg offered in his 'manly' tone.

"It's not that heavy, but thank you," Cerys said honestly. Cerys felt a bit uncomfortable around Burg. Cerys then began to think if all girls felt this way around him.

Out of the flower shop came a spotted black ocelot with lime green hair and eyes. In her hand was a packet of seeds, that for some reason had a flower poking out through it when they hadn't even been planted. As she exited the shop, the ocelot noticed a few people. Her eyes drifted between them as she looked at them. She smiled and went up to talk. "Hello!" She said in a cheery voice.

Cerys smiled at the familiar face. "Hello, Toxicity. How are you?" Cerys greeted warmly.

"I'm doing well. Thanks for asking!" Toxicity responded, smiling.

Cerys smiled. "You're welcome. Glad to hear that."

"Ah, it's see you, Toxicity." Marik.said with a smile.

A Cargay wearing a hoodie walked up. The hood was also up, and he was wearing jeans and long socks.

"Good day, Cerys." Cerys turned around and faced her cousin, Wilson.

"Hello, Wilson," Cerys said with a smile and a wave.

"Tesla should be here soon," Wilson stated, giving everyone a glimpse of his small fangs.

RedToxic was running near a nearby building. He was running from his ultra-obsessed Rival Zackiri. His hologram project was broken, and he was in one of the biggest cities in the UF. "It's either risk the UF finding me and certain death, or risk Zackiri." He thought.

"Death it is then." He decided with little hesitation. He ran out to near the flower shop, and saw Toxicity. "I had to say Death..." he muttered under his breath.

A white wolf with silver streaks was walking across the street, humming his favorite song.

"It's nice to see you, too, Marik." Toxicity aid in a fake British accent. The ocelot looked to see a figure in a hoodie approach. "Hello!" She greeted cheerfully.

Two cats, one green, the other purple walked towards the group talking to each other.

"Hello," Wilson said. "I'm Wilson. Sorry if you can't see my face very well. I have to stay out of the sun," Wilson greeted, outstretching his hand.

Toxicity shook Wilson's hand and smiled. "My name is Toxicity." The ocelot introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Wilson said, smiling.

Twilight the Lycalo was soaring high above the afternoon sky. Summer was here and it was his favorite time of the year for its longer days and how bright the Sun's illumination was. His speed was slow and relaxed and a gleeful smile was planted on his ivory furred muzzle. The cyan wolfbat was simply enjoying this beautiful day to his fullest.

Luce was strolling along the streets, enjoying the day.

Twilight's wings began to ache as he had been airborne for hours. As such, the hybrid slowly descended to the city below. His white soles found themselves on the concrete sometime after and the edges of his azure wings curved to their normal shape. It was such a nice day and Twilight wasn't sure on what to do. There was a fairly sized group gathered at the Nature shop not far from him. He contemplated on acquainting with the strangers, but decided against it. With a shrug, the Lycalo decided to find a place to enjoy this Summer day more.

"Hey guys. How' going?" A female voice sounded. Everyone three figures walking to group. One is a black cat with long, bright, crimson hair. Behind her are her twin white , black and electric blue.marking hedgefoxes. "I hope I am not.interrupting anything. " She laughed a little.

Marik turned at the black cat. "No, not at all."

Cerys smiled at the newcomer. "Hello," she said.

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