Overnight, while everyone sleeps, a strange godly entity appears in the sky and curses the entire population of a whole continent. It forces all people within to bind their soul to an object in their dream, and upon waking up, you find that the land you live in is now in complete chaos, and communications with the outside world have all been shut-out. The god appears once more, explaining the objective of it's "game," it shall force all who live within this area to compete against one another in a survival-style game for their life. It then leaves, and you are left to group together and unfortunately comply with this being's orders. Will you work together to survive, or suffocate in the madness?



  • No Godmodding
  • No swearing beyond the standard allowed vocabulary
  • Keep most romance "behind closed doors." (Saying that two kiss or whatnot is okay, but please just don't go further than that)
  • No more than 3 actual characters (side-characters have no limit, they will be plenty and should be short-lived given the style of story this should end up as)
  • If confused about something, just ask on the talk-page


  • Although regular fighting might be the basic style of competing for participants, other styles of competing are allowed (though might be used more for jokes)
  • If one were to win a competition, the loser will be turned into whatever object their soul is bound to, called "Materials." Materials will come more into play later.
  • The Roleplay will follow a "day" format, where parts are pretty much just split up by a single story-day for each
  • Although it might be considered Godmodding based on how many, players can come into the RP already possessing Materials from defeated opponents, but the amount will vary based on how far into the RP they're introduced.
  • At the start of the second day, Hunters will be dispatched to take out the weaker teams. These can range from generic soldiers to actual characters, and are generally supposed to be more difficult than normal.
  • If your character DOES lose, one can offer up Materials to revive them. How many it requires will be based on how far into the story a character dies.
  • Form-Changes and Fusions require Material to initiate, varying on how powerful the form is.
  • Most Material-hunting can and probably should be off-screened


Involved Characters/Teams


red rebels

  • bleed the wolverine(another one of those fans)
  • REKEN the echidna(another one of those fans
  • uterus the fox(another one of those fans)





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