Dragonworm's new other roleplay. Only me and the people I invite are allowed.

Rules: All basic rules. Plus, No soft-swearing OR swearing.

Other fun rules: Each group consists of five members. Fanon or otherwise. Each member must make and control one group of Mobians/robots/other.

Grammatical corrections are allowed and recommended.

Have fun! (even if you don't it isn't breaking the rules)

Even Admins have to have groups.


IMPORTANT: This adventure takes place in an alternate universe. Thus no character knows the secret, not even Sonic himself!



Admin rules: All admins must follow all basic rules, but there is an exception: If a player has broken the rules, an admin has the authority to delete the line(s) of speech breaking the rules. If it affects another part of the story, then and ONLY THEN may an admin control another person's group.

Dragonworm is:

  • The creator of this roleplay
  • The only user that can control Sonic in this alternate universe
  • The only user that knows the secret until it is eventually revealed
  • The only user that may edit the rules. I am always open to rule suggestions
  • The only user that has not been told by Dragonworm that he/she may join


Bakuustorm and Dachante have been removed from DPOTS' Group due to overnumbered group. May be swapped with Vitani or CJ.

Future Sonic, Future Tails, Future Mina, Trapezoid, and Persia (Dragonworm) (Note: "Future " is replaced by "11-")

Darkstorm, Vitani, Annastasia Wind, CJ the Hedgecat And Nuthead the Echidna (Scroundernuts)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100), Bada the Gorilla, Bing the Gorilla, Rutt the Moose & Tuke the Moose (Spongebob100)

Kyros the Hedgehog, Rapid The Hedgehog, Fist the Echidna, and Handy The Fox (RapidTheHedgehog)

Kaytlin Fence the fox,Krok the crocodile,Zoro the wolf,OhOh the Peacock,and Twig Fence the turtle (KaytlinFenceTheFox)


Sonic: (looks at arm) This can't be TRUE! NOOOOO!


Tails: I'll get it Sonic! (ties rope to cliff edge) There! Now our hanging campsite is complete.

Sonic: I guess it is.

Tails: I heard you yelling in your sleep last night.

Sonic: Sleep? I wasn't sleeping- (covers mouth)

Tails: Did you say something?

Sonic: No! No I didn't!

Amy: O- kaaaaay.....

Tails: Oh. Hi amy! I didn't notice you.

11-Sonic: WOAH! Tails, I thought we were going to see Riptide's future!

11-Tails: Well, I may have aimed slightly wrong.

11-Mina: As wrong as to go to the past? Hey look! there's you, Sonic. And you Tails.

Trapezoid: Wow.

Persia: Yawn.


The gang overhears Sonic talking

Sonic: How can i keep it a secret? It's really big! Maybe I should tell Tails. Just him. AAAUGH!

11-Mina: What's he talking about? Sonic?

11-Sonic: Don't ask me. This seems to be an alternate universe.

11-Tails: Well we've just GOTTA find out! Plus, look at him. He's driven MAD 'cause of this. How will he get any SLEEP?

Trapezoid: Yeah! I'm DYING to know!

Persia: Why? It's just Sonic: Now Trapz here, THAT would be entertainment.

"Trapz": *shut it you friendless feline* (kicks Persia lightly)


11-Mina: Where did you come from?

Persia: I couldn't be more bored right now. Answer the question, Stasia. Humor the woman. (yawns)

Wind: (Appears) Hey Sonic!

Sonic: Hello, - Who are you?

Future Sonic: We're in an alternate universe. He has no awareness of your existance.

Jack: (Wakes Up) Ow my head, what happen?

Bada: (Wakes up) I don't know

Bing: (Wakes up) I also don't wha happen over here

Rutt: (Wakes up) Man, have I bumped my head on something, eh?

Tuke: (Wakes up) Gee, I hope it's a dream, eh?

Stasia: I don't know I was with my husband at one moment and now I am here.

Jack: Whao, who are you?

Stasia: My name is Annastasia Romonov the Cheeta, but call me Stasia.


Rapid: *drops from the sky and lands on a tree*

Kyros: *lands on the ground safely*

Fist: *walks up to Kyros*

Handy: *runs up to everyone*


Annastasia: And you are?

CJ: CJ the Hedgecat.

Annastasia: I am Annastasia Romonov the Cheeta, but call me Stasia.

Jack:My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Waving to Annastasia)


Jack: We need to find the Others like Sonic, Tails & Amy have you seen them?

11-Sonic: They're right there, Jack.

Sonic: Hi guys, whoever you are.

Trapezoid: We heard you had a secr- (muffled by 11-Tails)


Tails, Amy, and knuckles: SECRET?

Sonic: None of you will find out! (runs away)

Tails: We've got to follow him!

11-Tails: Just a sec. (goes in time portal) (comes out with Omega Tornado) I can go in this! (follows Sonic)

Fist: Sonic has a secret? I've gotta find out! *runs after Sonic*

Kyros: *shrugs and follows Sonic*

Rapid: What's the secret? Is it that you love Amy?

Stasia: Who is Amy?

Rapid: The pink hedgehog.

Stasia:I haven't been out and about in a while and being pregnant isn't easy

Jack: Ok, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke, let's keep together with the others ok?

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Ok !

11-Mina: Sonic! Rapid says you LOVE AMY!


Amy: (sulks)

Tails: Why are you not telling us anything, Sonic?

Sonic: This is for your- (sobs) THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD TAILS! (throws grenade at Tails)

Tails: (hit) (tumbles off cliff)


Persia: Even I feel a bit sorry!

Everyone: (gasps)

11-Tails: THAT'S IT! He can't do that to me! Right, Mina?..........Mina?

11-Mina: I'm coming for ya, Tails!

Narrator: And so, Sonic became an anti-hero. What is this secret? And is it worth Killing Tails over?

Story Chapter 2

Darkstorm: *Content Deleted*

Jack: So what should we do now

Bada & Bing: I don't know

Rutt: We gotta do something, eh?

Tuke: Gee I hope we turn Sonic Pure Good again


Jack: (Looks at the Sunset) Well what do you know, it's almost Nighttime


Annastasia:(Smiles and falls asleep)

Jack: Good night, everybody (Falls Asleep)

Bada & Bing: (Goes to sleep)

Rutt & Tuke: (GOes to sleep)

Stasia:(Feels her baby kick)

(In the Morning)

Jack: (Wakes up) Good morning

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Wakes up)


Jack: Morning Everybody, what should we do now? We can't let Sonic be an Anti Hero

Stasia:(Giggles as her baby kicks)

Bada & Bing: Hmmm, Banana (Eats Bananas)

Tails: (climbs up cliff) Oh... Where's Sonic:

11-Sonic: He's gone. But I think he went-

11-Mina and 11-Tails: YOU'RE ALIVE!

Trapezoid: He went in that direction. How about we follow him?

Persia: Yeah!

Trapezoid: Who invited you?

Persia: You did.

Trapezoid: (sigh) Fine.

Narrator: And so, they got searching for Sonic: But Sonic was in a very secretive place.

Sonic: I can't believe it! Space colony ARK. And I'm inside of it's debris.

?????: Hello Sonic.

Sonic: Hello, Eggman.

?????: Who is Eggman? You know who I am, S0-n.

Sonic: Yes. You. Call me by my name, please.

?????: What are you called over there? (points at Mobius)

Sonic: Sonic.

?????: I will not call you Sonic.

Sonic: Suit yourself.

?????: Is Tails in a ready state?

Sonic: Ummm...

?????: And Amy and Knuckles? Have you not been a steward, S0-n?

Sonic: I HAVE!

?????: Then bring them here.

Sonic: I will do just that.

?????: Good.

Krok:*Spying*Sonic is evil.Well he'll be able to help me steal!

Jack: (Spying inside the Dumpster) (Whispering) Oh dear, this isw bad, very, very bad, I don't know who is this man, but I betta find out


Jack: (Whispering) I wonder who is that man with Sonic?

Stasia:(Eyes glow yellow) I see a shackle around Sonic's neck.

?????: Your friends see you, S0-n.

Sonic: Please don't call me that.

?????: All of you are named such.

11-Tails: This is worse than I ever could have imagined!

Tails: I'm right! This is bad!

Persia: I don't get any wireless Internet here!

Everyone: (stares)

11-Mina: What will we do?

Trapezoid: Interrogation!

Tails: ...That's a TERRIBLE idea!

Persia: Right. We must find somebody who is very close to Sonic. Perhaps he told someone else.

Tails: But who's close to Sonic?

11-Mina: .....I am!

11-Sonic: You?

11-Tails: He doesn't know YOU!

11-Mina: No! I mean the younger Mina!

11-Tails: Works for me!

11-Sonic, Trapezoid, and Persia: We're OFF!

Jack: They're getting away

Darkstorm:(Sticks to the Shadows and Follows 11-Sonic, Trapezoid, and Persia)

Story Chapter 3

Mina: Sure, I've known Sonic for quite some time now. What's the secret?

11-Sonic: We were hoping you'd know X(.

11-Tails: (sigh) Well I know! We could bug him!

Trapezoid: That would be hard...


11-Mina: Yeah. Well there's no shame in trying... Miles?

11-Tails: We're gonna bug him. And stop calling me Miles.

Mina: Before you go, can I have a future autograph?

11-Mina: Okay. How do you like this?

Mina: To my biggest fan Mina. Mina Mongoose. Okay XD!

Rapid: A future autograph. Yeah, clever...

Jack: Wow, I never wwould've guess

Bada: Yo Bing

Bing: Yeah Bada

Bada: Looks like we're having an Adventure

Bing: Sounds Great Bada

Rutt: This adventure sounds scary

Tuke: Gee I hope we don't run into trouble

Nuthead: Yo.

Jack: Whao who the heck are you?

Nuthead: I'm nuthead the Echidna!

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke

Nuthead: I just got Rich.

Jack: Wow, I think we're lost

11-Sonic: Lost? How will we find Sonic now?

11-Tails: (looks and points at Sonic) There. I found Sonic.

11-Sonic: Now isn't the time for jokes, Tails.

11-Sonic: No. That wasn't a joke. I really found Sonic! I was just pointing BEHIND you.

11-Sonic: Hey Sonic! Wait up!

Sonic: I'm TRAPPED!

11-Mina: Now be a good hedgehog.

Tails: Tell us the secret.

Sonic: Hey Tails. Y-You're not still mad over the grenade thing, right?

Tails: (stares angrily)

Sonic: Heh heh...

Trapezoid: I'm bored...

Sonic:Okay. You wanna know? You'll hate me. It's a-


Sonic: Fine, Bossy Botts.

Trapezoid: Heh. Bossy Boo-

Persia: (kicks Trapezoid)

Sonic: I... I... I'm-WOAOAH!

Tails: WHAT?

11-Mina: He fell into a pit.

11-Tails: Pits don't just appear like that. There must be a reason.

?????: YOU FOOL! They could have learned!

Sonic: I was cornered!

Narrator: Who is this "?????", and what does he have to do with Sonic the Hedgehog?

Jack: (To Narrator) No Seriously, you reallly getting in my nerves, do you mind?

Story Chapter 4

Nuthead: Look it's Me!! (Shows a picture of Himself)

Zoro:*Hugs Nuthead*

Jack: Guys, who is that...I don't know what it is? But let's find out (To ?????) Excuse me, but who are you & what are you doing?

Fist: *laughs hard* Your name is Nuthead!!! *keeps on laughing*

Jack: Guys, we need to figure out who is that...I'm not sure who that is, I think his or her name is Unknown

Clunck: I nicknamed Him nuthead Because he's So dumb!!


Jack: Your real name is Jake?

Jake: Yeah and don't Even make fun of it Because mah Momma and Papa got Killed!!!!

Jack: Ok, ok, I'm just Curious

Jake: Ugh. I am so ticked off right now.

Jack: Why?

Jake: Because i....................Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Jack: Are you ok?

Jake: Ok i am Knuckles' long Lost cousin.

Jack: And I'm Sonic's Long Lost Cousin.

Fist: Jake, you're my uncle! My dad is Knuckles!

Jack: Hey, our names are almost the Same, Jack, Jake, Jake, Jack

Jake: Yeah.

Jack: I never would've guess

Jake: So what do we do Now?

Jack: I don't know, but we betta keep an eye on Sonic

Jake: What's wrong with Sonic?!

Jack: I don't know, I just notice something Different about Sonic & I thinks it's his Arm, it has like a Tatoo or something

Zoro:*Kisses Fist*

Jack: Anyone got any Ideas


Jack: About how we turn Sonic back to being Good again

OhOh;Throw a brick at him!:)

Jack: Are you sure & Why?

OhOh:Because,It will cause him to forget things and We tell him he is a Good Guy!

Jack: Oh Ok, as long as we don't mess up, ok?


Jack: Ok, let's do it

Krok:I'm gonna steal a clothing store!'

Jack: Look we need to do something about Sonic, thanks to his Tatoo, this has happen to him

Krok;Sonic's evil,He can help my family steal!

Jack: Krok, why would you do that?

Zoro:Krok family loves to steal!

Jack: Okay?

Twig:They have black Stripes on their sevles so you'll know who they are.

Jack: Ok

Krok;Now I steal!

OhOh;*Flies to Krok And Picks her up*

Bada & Bing: Uh Oh

Krok:Put me down Flying Peacock that leaves a rainbow!

Rutt & Tuke: Please, put her down

OhOh:Put back what you stoled Krok!

Jack: Please

Krok:*Drops Clothes*

Jack: Thank you

OhOh:*Drops Krok*

Jack: Sonic has a Tatoo that makes him an Anti-Hero, we need to do something about it

11-Sonic: Why are you robbing a store? this is about Sonic and his secret!

Narrator: Suddenly, the gang notices something. But what is it?

Story Chapter 5

11-Tails: Sonic, what's that weird thing under the rock?

11-Mina: Fanmail?

11-Tails: (stares) FANMAIL?

11-Mina: It's all I can think of!

11-Sonic: No wait! It's a note!

The note reads: IT'S..........NOT..........A..........TATOO

Trapezoid: Whell if it's not a tatoo, then what CAN it be?

Persia: I can't think of anything.

11-Mina: I vote we don't throw a b rick at him, but go with Trapz' plan: Interro-


11-Mina: I'm not kidding. It's the only way. Come on, Miles.

11-Tails: Don't call me Miles. I'm-

Tails: Tails, right?

11-Tails: (Thinks, "Finally.")

11-Mina: Yup. That's your name, alright. Miles, YOUR name is MILES.

11-Tails: NO U N00B

11-Sonic: (Mouth open, staring)

11-Tails: Sorry.

11-Mina: Can I say something?

11-Sonic: Sure. What?

11-Mina: -gation. There, I finished.

11-Sonic And 11-Tails: (facepalm)

Jack: If it's not a tatoo, what can it be? A mark?

Trapezoid: Could be.

Jack: let's find out.

Trapezoid: I vote for!

Persia: So do I!

11-Sonic: How?

Jack: Ok, Ok, how can we turn Sonic Pure Good again?

Rapid: Maybe I'll just smack some sense into him.

Jack: You mean Knocking him out, are you sure?

Rapid: Yeah. I do it all the time.

Jack: Ok, if you say so

Rapid: Sonic, get over here so I can knock some sense into ya!

Fist: *rolls eyes* Here we go again...

Jack: What do you mean again?

Fist: Long story short, Rapid uses force and brutness to get what he wants.

Jack: Ohh Ok, so what should we do now?

Darkstorm:(Loads his Sniper)

Jack: I don't how Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke & I got here, all I can remember is being Attacked by Jack-4 Robots & then poof, the next thing you know I'm here

Darkstorm:(Removes his fake human skin layer)

Story Chapter 6

Jack: We have to do something

11-Sonic: But what? There's Sonic now!

Trapezoid: Where?

Sonic: OOF!

Persia: OW!

Sonic: Sorry. I wasn't watching where I was- YOU GUYS!

Trapezoid: Fess up!

Sonic: Fine. The mark on my arm is- AAH!

Trapezoid: Not again.

11-Tails: Wait. Look! He's climbing out of the pit!

Sonic: Ungh! I'm up! Okay... I'M ACTUALLY-

?????: SHUT UP S0-N!

11-Mina: Woah... What's with the codename?

?????: CODENAME? He was never Sonic until he-

Trapezoid: Until what?

Persia: Shhh!

Trapezoid: What?

Persia: SHUSH!

Trapezoid: Oh.

?????: Come, S0-n.

Sonic: I'm staying with my friends.

?????: No. Go with your own kind.

Sonic: Amy IS my own kind. She is a hedgehog.

?????: Have you Amnesia? Come with me.

Sonic: NEVER!

Story Chapter 7

Jack: I'm getting confused now

Bada: Me two

Bing: Me three

Rutt: Me four

Tuke: Me six...I mean five

Annastasia:(Her baby kicks again)

Jack: What's that?

Annastasia: I am pregnant ya know?, so mine and my husbands baby just kicked.

Jack: Who's your Husband?

Annastasia: Volcrux the Cheeta.

Jack: Ohhh.

11-Sonic: My best bet is that Sonic isn't a hedgehog at all.

Mina: Then what is he?

11-Sonic: Maybe- Why did you tag along?

Mina: Mina spelled my name wrong.

11-Mina: *facepalm*

11-Tails: How did you spell it?

11-Mina: I don't know, but how's this: From Mina and Miles.

11-Tails: No thanks. *eyes roll*

Mina: I love it!

11-Tails: What?!

Annastasia: So do I.

Jack: Wow

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