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(Do to the two college roleplays that are going on right now, I decided to make one since a majority of the people that have been in those roleplays have been gone, even the creators, have gone. I made this roleplay to be a less sloppy, and more organized, version of the two)

The Community College is basic and there are only four years of it. There will be two dorms, a Fraternity and Sorority. Only characters 18 and older can go to the college. The college typically goes from 7:30 in the morning to at least 9:00.




Venom the Echidna

Transitz (who totally didnt have to look up the definitions of sorority and fraternity)




Involved Characters


First Year

Pierce 'Pride' the Rottweiler(Fox)

Nate Wright (HD3D4DTV)

Second Year

Third Year

Albert Shapcott(Ram)(Fox)

Fourth Year


First Year

Tiffany the Dog (AR)

Bianca the Yellow Jacket (AR)

Jinx The Jackal (Tranz)


Lilith the demonette.(Jaredthefox92)

Second Year

Venus the Peahen(Fox)

Third Year

Leisha the Hare(Fox)

Ariana "Ari" the Duck(Venom)

Fourth Year


Part One: First Day

(It was the beginning of college for the third year for Leisha, and the second for Venus. Venus walked beside Leisha as the two were followed by some male classmates)

Venus: Can you believe it, Leisha? You only have two more years until you get your degree! And I only have three! ^.^

Leisha: But you know I'll have to go to a university after this, right?

Venus: Maybe we'll get to go to the same university!

Leisha: (Chuckles) I'm sure we will.

Two well dressed girls walked past, sneering at them lightly.

"Can you,like, believe we made it this far Bianca?" The yorkie said.

"I guess I can, Tiffany." The yellow jacket responded softly.

(The girls split up and walked on to their classes)

"Lets get to class."

"Right." They both head off.

(Venus headed into the English class. As she sits down, some of her male peers compliment her)

Nearby, a female Mallard with emerald green eyes sprints off, late for her own animation class.

Tiffany and Bianca walk into the English class, talking.

(The professor/teacher walked into the room a little while after the students got seated)

Professor/Teacher: Good morning class, and welcome new students fresh out of high school. Even though this is the beginning of the year, I will not be teaching you until tomorrow. I want to see your writing and grammar skills now, before I compare them to the writing skills you will have at the end of this year. Are there any question before I give you the assignment on what I want you to write?

"Hm..." Bianca taps her chin.

Professor/Teacher: No questions? Well, alright...You students will have to write about what happened over the course of last year. Now of course I know that would be considerably hard for some of you, so I'll make it a little easier.....But only a little! You will have to write about the most monumental that happened to you last year. I expect this to be done before class tomorrow. Anymore questions?

Tiffany raised a hand, "Hand written or typed?"

"I pretty sure he'd expect it typed." Nate Wright said, from the upper row.

Professor/Teacher: Typed or hand-written are acceptable, but I would prefer it to be hand-written. I would really like to see how your hand writing skills are.

"Fine. At least I don't have complete trash handwriting..." Bianca said.

"Oh yours is absolutely perfect B~" Tiffany grinned.

"Not that perfect." Bianca gave a small smile as Tiffany's tail wagged.

"Okay, now. This is might be hard because I've been home schooled." Jack thinking to himself.

"Teacher, what if I had home schooled?" He asked the teacher

Tiffany lightly rolled her eyes.

Professor/Teacher: Well, do you know how to use a computer, young man? Most people, homeschooled or not, should at least know how to type on a computer.

"I know how to type on a computer, even this class can do it. Plus I'm Jack, don't called me young man please." He smiled to Tiffany and then looked to the Professor.

  • Soon a portal opens up outside the room and out pops a young female demonette.*

"This must be the place!" the demonette as she opened the door to enter.

Jack: Yes, you're late. Plus, we're having an assignment FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

"Tsk." Bianca rolled her eyes as she looked elsewhere and Tiffany scoffed with a grin.

"Darn it! I'm late!" Lilith exclaims worried.

"Hmph~" Tiffany chuckled at this, rolling her eyes as she looked at her nails.

Lilith then looked at a place to sit down.

Professor/Teacher: (To Lilith) It's alright. Another student will tell you what your assignment is supposed to be about.

(A gold and white feathered peahen motioned Lilith to sit next to her)

"Yeah, not me." Tiffany said to herself as Bianca gave a small smirk.

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