Happy holidays! Christmas is coming up, so I just made up a roleplay for a snow day. Enjoy!



Part 1

(It is Christmas Eve, and at Mint's house, she is sipping hot coco, and relaxing.)

Mint: Tomorrows Christmas! *sees snow falling* Oh boy! It's snowing! *runs upstairs and gets her coat* Woohoo! *runs out the door*

(Krinkinko bumps into mint)

Krinkinko:Oh I'm so sorry.

Droget:(Throws a boulder snowball at them)

Steel: *opens door* Snow? YAY! *runs out door*

Inferna: *emerges from a rift. closes it behind her*

Mint:*laughs and throughs a snowball back*

Steel: *throws giant snowball at Droget*

Krinkinko: (Makes a snowman and it comes to life then attacks steel)


Mint: OMG, It's a talking snowman! :O

Frosty: That's gone kill you.

Droget: With bad grammer:

Frosty: (takes out snow bazzoka and fires it at mint)

Inferna: *acting quickly, fires a dart of fire at the bazzoka, melting it*

Steel: *ignites lighter and melts the snowman*

Frosty: HAppy birthday. (places a snow atomic bomb)

Krinkinko: Aw man! Get in the house!

Inferna: *returns to the Fire Realm. closes rift behind her*

runner:hey,is there a party or something

Steel: No, but there's a snow atomic bomb.

Bomb: 59....58

runner:*picks it up* a snow bomb,realy *throws it into eggmans base*

(a white hedgehog with cyan streaks walks over. she looks around)

Mint: Bad snowman! *slices Frosty with her sword*

Krinkinko: Nice slashing wants your name I'm......


white hedgehog: *raises one eyebrow.* >.>

runner:*starts shivering* maybe it wasnt a good idea not to bring a coat

Yetti: (Starts eating everyone's shoes)

Krinkinko: Hey givee em back!

white hedgehog: *kicks the Yetti in the head when it gets too close*

(The yetti then puts the white hedgehog's foot in it's mouth)

white hedgehog: >.> *freezes the Yetti*

runner:*goes home to get a coat and buys new shoes*

Mint: Woah! Cool freezing power! *shivers without shoes*

white hedgehog: thanks

Steel: *hands Mint his extra shoes*

Mint: No problem, and thanks! *puts shoes on*


Steel: You're welcome.

Inferna: *returns*

white hedgehog: *notices Inferna* you!


Inferna: *takes defensive position* what are you doing here?

runner:you two know eachother

white hedgehog: she's my arch-enemy. Pyra Fireheart. better known as Inferna.

Inferna: Frost Glacia. but she likes to be called Snap.

runner:oh i see,you enemies cause your fire *points at inferna* and your ice *points at snap*

Droget: Let's ettle this at the coney island

(at the coney island)

Snap: it's more than that. i'm a villain. she's a hero.

Mint: Coney Island? How'd we get here?

Snap: dont know dont care.

Krinkinko: (to mint with his eyes half closed smiling) So what brings you around these parts?

Mint: Actually, I have no clue. We just poofed here.

Snap: that pyro is going down!

Inferna: Snap listen. it's Christmas Eve. we shouldn't be fighting

Steel: Yep.

Snap: i dont care if its Christmas! you must die! *charges at Inferna*

runner:*grabs snap* nope,your not hurting anyone

Steel: *shields Inferna, in case Snap attacks her*

Snap: *smirks* that's what you think. *elbows Runner in the stomach*

runner:ow *lets go* thats gonna hurt in the morning

Mint: Are you okay?!

runner:yea,i think so

Steel: *looks at Snap angrily* You better stop or else...

Snap: *runs toward Inferna and Steel*

Inferna: *puts a hand on Steel's shoulder* i can handle myself. but thanks for your concern.

Steel: *pulls out sword* That's it! *runs towards Snap*

Snap: *smirks. the ice nearby forms together into Frostbite (Snap's sword). slices at Steel*

Steel: *blocks the attack*

runner:*holds stomach* that realy hurt

Snap:*a clone made of ice rises out of the ground behind Steel*

Snap clone: *attacks Inferna*

Steel: *turns around and stabs the clone*

Snap: *slashes at Steel while his back is turned*

Steel: *gets cut* Oh, well. Just a cut. *stabs Snap*

Snap clone: *wound heals. slashes at Inferna*

Snap: *parries and counters with a slice*

Steel: *teleports in front of the Snap clone* Hi!

Snap: *freezes Steel's feet to the ground*

Steel: *ignites lighter and melts the ice and the Snap clone*

Inferna: *puts a hand on Steel's shoulder* that's enough. i'll handle this

Steel: No. I'm not gonna let you get hurt!

Inferna: i appreciate your concern, but this is my fight.

Steel: *sighs* Fine.

Inferna: *flicks her wrist and Searing Edge (her sword made of fire) appears in her hand*

Snap: *charges*

(Sahura-I'm gonna get off. See ya!)

Krinkinko: Hey guys I know a place where you can fight all you like if you help me!

Mint: We're trying to STOP them from fighting.

Inferna: *deflects a slash from Snap* i dont want to fight! im just defending myself!

Darkness: *watching from above see's the bazooka* okay im not even that evil. *jumps off the tree he's on and lands infront of the fighting and stops it by causing snow to fly on everybody* not my best move.

Tikala: an echidna thats watching darkness nearby* yep he cant stop something without starting something else.

Inferna: *melts the snow on her*

Snap: *the snow flies up off of her and compresses into a dozen arrows of ice* i'll show you! *fires them at Darkness*

Darkness: *cracks his neck and then the ice arrows melt as soon as he does* fire is a vampire natural elemnt.

Mint: Inferna, run! She's distracted!

Snap: oh yeah, that pyro is here isn't she? i almost forgot. *charges at Inferna*

Inferna: thanks for yelling my name Mint! *rises a wall of fire between her and Snap*

Mint: *covers her mouth* Sorry! *slashes at Snap* Leave her alone!

Snap: *turns and deflects the attack with Frostbite* it's not quite that easy!

Mint: *dodges and kicks Snap, then slashes again*

Steel: *grabs Snap and throws him*


Snap: *gives herself wings of ice. stops herself in midair*

Mint: *grabs a fire crossbow, and aims for Snap* Are you gonna leave her alone?

Steel: *points pistol at Snap* She'd better.

Vex: *Riding on a snowboard* Wee- *Looks at Snap and everyone else* What are they do-*Falls down* Crap!

Snap:......ugh! fine. for now....

Krinkinko: Helping me might help you take your mind off of fighting!

Mint: What excactly do you need help with?

Krinkinko: My boss gave me a mission to find the secret door to winter wonderland but all my radar is telling me is that it's in this town.

Mint: Really? Sure, I'll help. BY the way, you never did tell me your name.

Krinkinko: My name is Krinkinko kricket hedgehog but me last family name is leaf

(With N, he seems to be used to the cold, despite not wearing winter outfits)

N: [laughs] This is too much fun! [faceplants onto the snow and makes a snow angel]

(N stops and dusts off the snow from him)

N: I wonder what my little brother is gonna give me for Christmas...?

(Later they start searching for the door)

Mint: Hey, look! Someone made a snow angel! *points*

Steel: Door, door, door...

(N spots a really expensive helicopter descending in front of him)

N: Holy---!

J: [jumps down from the helicopter] Merry Christmas, little brother!

N: AWESOME! Thanks, big brother ^^!

J: Anytime for my awesome pilot!

Steel: LUCKY!!!!

Krinkinko: (To mint) Hey, do cats have sensitive noses?

Mint: Well, yeah..*sees helicopter* Wow, that's a nice helicopter!

Krinkinko: (To mint) Picking up anything that smells like a door?

Mint: *sniffs* Well, I smell....gingerbread..Is that what the door is made out of?

Krinkinko: (Looks at the pic) It's made out of gingerbread, cookies, snow, ice, and frozen milk.

Steel: Mmm... gingerbread...

(Inside the helicopter, it ascends with N and J before flying off)

N: Say J, why don't you give something to Selenia? I'm sure she deserves it. ^^

J: What about you, brother?

N: That's on later. ^^

J: Okay... cool! [spots a gift shop] I see it! Catch ya later, N! [skydives down]

N: [chuckles] See ya, J!

Snap: *shrugs* eh, i might as well help.

(J lands onto the soft blanket of snow before heading inside the shop)

Mint: I smell cookies too now! We must be close!

Krinkinko: Hey your a cat so you can eat the frozen milk when we get there if you want!

Mint: Really? Thanks!

Krinkinko: My boss says it might be under some snow so start digging! (Digs with his hands)

Snap: *causes snow to lift up off the ground*


Krinkinko: (Finds the door)Woohooo! Now before we go in I promised you can eat the frozen milk mint!

Mint: Yay! :3 *eats*

Inferna: *looks over at Snap*

Snap: *looking anywhere but at Inferna. obviously not enjoying being so close to her and not fighting*

(The group then goes inside the door)

Mint: *looks around* Cool...

Part two

(The group is unconsious on a mountain)

(4 hours later)_

Krinkinko: (wakes up) Hey in the far off distance I see old fashioned city lights!

(Tries to wake up mint)

Mint: H-huh..? What happened?

Inferna: *wakes up. looks around* where are we?

Krinkinko: Where in the outer reaches of the winter wonderland. Dang my G.U.N. wristwatch is frozen. (Covers mouth realizing he just told he was apart of G.U.N.)

Mint: What's G.U.N?

Krinkinko: It's an organazation that protects people but most mobians hate for some reason.

Mint: And your apart of it?!

Krinkinko: (Stern) Yes I am I enjoy protecting people!

(Back with J, he leaves the gift shop after buying an expensive gift for Selenia and runs off to find her)

J: [runs off to find Selenia] Oh boy, I can't wait to make hmy sister happy! ^^

(Back at the mountain...)

Mint:But they hate mobians! <:(

Steel: Uh...


Krinkinko: No we don't mobians hate G.U.N.! I thought you'd want to come to the wonderland...guess not.

Mint:????? I do...I thought you meant that G.U.N hated mobians..I'm sorry. <:(

Krinkinko: IT's oaky (Starts heading off the mountain)

Inferna: i've heard of G.U.N. i dont hate them though.

Snap: same.

krinkinko: Just don't think of this as a mission think of it as a trip!

Mint:I brought sleds! :D

(They start sledding down the mountain)

Snap: *snowboarding on a board of ice*

Krinkinko: *Gets on his extreme gear* Hey snap I'll race ya!

Snap: *grins* sure!

(Krinkinko accerlerates using extreme speed)

Snap: Snow Boost! *swipes her hands through the air, using her ice powers to exelerate*

Krinkinko: Whoa (Uses head on collision to crash into her)

Snap: *uses ice powers to stay on the board*

Krinkinko: (Plays loud music on his board's radio to distract her)

Snap: well, thats unexpected. the G.U.N. agent is playing dirtier than the villainous hedgehog?


Snap: haha! *obviously enjoing herself*

Krinkinko: (acidently crashes in her and they keep rolling down the hill making a giant snowball)


Krinkinko: HELP!

Snap: *thrusts the snow away from them*

(Finnally at the bottom of the mountain)

Krinkinko: Now we just have to trek 89 miles to get to the town!

Inferna: *runs down to check on them. realises that Snap is laughing*

Krinkinko: What's so funny?

Snap: that was fun!

Inferna: ? *to Krinkinko* i have never seen her having fun.

Krinkinko: (Hands snap an ice extreme gear board) Merry christmas now c'mon we need to get to that town.

Snap: thanks.

Inferna: alright lets go.

(26 miles later)

Mint:Are we almost there?

Krinkinko: 63 more miles.

(23 miles later)

Krinkinko: I'm hungry! Anyone brought a snack?

Mint: I do! *hands him a cookie*

Krinkinko: Thanks (gobbles it up)

(18 miles later)

Krinkinko: Should we sing a song to pass the time?

Mint: <_< I suck at singing....

(10 miles later)

Krinkinko: I lost count, how many more miles until we get there?

Mint: We should be here. We got here 4 miles ago..

(4 miles later)

Krinkinko: Finally made it.....

Part three

(They casually stroll into town)

Mint:This is pretty nice town.

Krinkinko: Yep (blushing) hey want to get some cocoa hot erm..... I mean want to get some fried mint er.... want to get hot cocoa?

Mint:xD Sure.

(At the cocoa shop)

Krinkinko: S-So tell me about your self.

Mint: Eh, my history's the same as anyone elses.

(Sahura- I gtg. I'll be on later!)

Krinkinko: Well I'm... (boom) what was that!?

Mint: I dunno..Let's check it out!

Steel: Ooh, explosions!

Mint: xD

(They go outside and see a giant snowman attacking the tow. He picks up mint)

Krinkinko: Hey put my date down! I mean...I'll save you! (Slashes with leaf blade then it freezes)

Mint: *slips out of the snowman's hand and lands* Thanks!

(The snow man grabs her again and puts her in his hat)

Mint: *pounds on the hat and slashes it* Ha!

(Thay snowman eats her, steel, and krinkinko)

Mint: AHHHHHH! How are we gonna get outta here?

Krinkinko: (Shrugs)Wait for snap?

Mint: You think my sword could slash through him? Or what about a fire crossbow?

Krinkinko: Fire should do the trick!

Mint: *fires the arrow*

(Sahura-I gtg. See ya!)

(a ball of fire comes out of nowhere and melts through the snowman's head. a white hedgehog appeared, grinding on a rail of ice. she jumps off and lands in front of the snowman)

Snap: *forces the snow that made up the snowman to separate, freeing them*

Krinkinko: What do we do now?

Inferna: *walks over, hand still smoking from the fireball* not sure.

Krinkinko: Well I'm bored!

Darkness: *after arguing with tikala about stuff they here the snowman eating them and then seeing it crumble* okay lets just forget about it and have fun okay honey?

Tikala: yeah sure.

Mint: :3 *throws a snowball at Krinkkinko* Snowball fight?

Hector: (Appears out of nowhere) Did someone say Snowball fight?

Mint: I did!

Hayden: (Suddenly runs up) I'm Hayden and this guy over here is Hector. (Points to Hector)

Hector: (Picks up a snowball and throws it at Mint) SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!

[A snowball hits Hector from behind]

Zee: :D Got ya!

Hector: (Turns around and immediatly throws a snowball at Zee's face) HAH!!

Hayden: This is going to end badly.

Mint: *throws snowballs frantically* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Meg: [Throws a barrage of snowballs at random people, including a passing Foxat]

Foxat: Oof! Hey!

Hayden: (6 snowballs hit his face and all of them melt off)

Hector: (Somehow manages to dodge every single snowball) My turn! (Makes 5 snowballs and throws 1 in each direction)

Snap: haha! (hurling snowballs with her ice powers)

Foxat: [Sheilds her face with her book to block more of Meg's snowballs]

Hector: (Starts throwing more snowballs in random directions)

Hayden: (Makes a fire sheild incase any snowballs come his way)

Meg: [Throws a barrelful of snowballs at the Foxat]

Foxat: Eek! [Runs out of range]

Mint: You guys don't like snowballs?

Hector: You'll never manage to beat me in this snowball fight. (Continues throwing snowballs in random directions)

Hayden: (Sighs)

Mint: *builds and snow cannon and fires it*

Hector: Hayden! Could you build me an Ice Cannon please?

Hayden: (Grudgingly makes an Ice Canon)

Snap: *her own ice cannon rises from the snow*

Hayden: This is going to end very badly.

Hector: FIRE!! (Ice snowballs start shooting from the Ice Cannon)

Snap: *firing her ice cannon*

Mint: *fires the cannon* Take this!

Hector: (Adds a fuse to the cannon and lights it and starts laughing evily)

Mint: Take cover! *builds a fort and hides behind it*

Hector: (The Ice Cannon fires the Ice snowball straight at Mint's fort, destroying it)

Mint: !! I surrender!

Darkness: *eating popcorn* lol great movie huh honey?

Tikala: yes it is. *the movies finishes and they walk out* hey wanna go get Espiata and Semirez?

Darkness: nah lets just use this as our honneymoon. we havent had one in a while.

Tikala: okay also its been 13 hybrid years since our last one.

Darkness: holy cow thats long!

(Sahura-I gtg, bye!)

(Hedge: Okay, see ya!)

Mint: Boy, your good at snowball fights.

Snap: *fires her cannon at Hector's* take that!

Megan: [Blinks]

Meg: [Picks up a snowball]

Megan: [Ducks as it sails over her head]

Mint: *takes a snowball and throws it at Megan* C'mon, have a little fun.

Snap: *her ice cannon collapses and she begins throwing snowballs the old-fashioned way*

Inferna: haha. i've never seen Snap having fun!

Mint: Maybe she's got the Christmas spirit!

Inferna: maybe. but that didnt stop her from trying to kill me earlier. i think it's because she's surrounded in some of the things she loves the most: snow and ice.

MInt: Maybe.

Meg: Well, wanna have a spar, Megan?

Megan: no. Just because I'm a Cryo deosn't mean I like snow. [Grins, then sits in the snow and opens her book]

Meg: [rolls eyes] Come on! [Throws a snowball in Megan's face]

Megan: [Shuts her book] Ok. you asked for it! [A snowball form instantly in her hand and it sails over to Meg]

Mint: *grabs popcorns and eats* This'll be good!

Meg: [Unseathes claws and slices the snowball to bits] >:D

Megan: ......................[A giant snowball appears in her arms]

Meg: 0_0 eep.

Mint: Dodge, man dodge!

Megan: [Throws it, and it starts rolling like a bowling ball]

Meg: [Gets run over]

Zee: [blows whistle] STRIKE!!!

Mint: >.< That's gotta hurt!

Meg: [Comes back dripping wet] You win.

Megan: [Grins]

Mint: *throws snowballs at both of them* Weeeee~!

Megan: [Waves her hand, the snowballs freeze in midair, and reverse back to Mint]

Mint: *gets hit* Heheheh! Your good!

Megan: I AM Cryokinetic! [Start humming Blame It OnThe Pop]

Mint: Really?

Megan: [Nods]

Mint: Cool!

Meg: [Wringing out her vest] Literally.

Mint: xD

Megan: I have an idea! [Snaps her fingers, and a giant snowfort shaped like a haouse appears] Come on! [Enters through a door-sized hole]

Meg: [follows]

Mint: *follows*

[Inside, it looks like a mansion, but everything is made out of snow and ice]


Megan: :P

Mint: Nice!

Snap: sweet.

(Krinkinko throws a giant snowball at the snowballers)

Mint: Hey, Krinkinko, what were you gonna say before the snowman came? *throws snoballs as well*

Krinkinko: (Dodges then throws another) I was going to tell you about my history but it's too action packed to care now!

Mint: *gets hit and throws* It's never too action packed for me!

Steel: *throws a giant snowball*

Mint: *dodges* That was a big one!

(An old lady comes out a house)

???: Would you like some dessert?

Mint: Sure!

(The heroes go in and start eating)

???:...and heres some milk for the kitty. (hands a glass of milk and cookies to mint)

Mint: Thank you! :3 *eats the cookies and drinks the milk*

(hours later they are still eating and look a little chunkier)

Krinkinko: Can't eat another bite. (choms on a cookie)

???:Oh dear....well off to bed now.

Mint: Thanks for the cookies and milk!

(The others go to bed and she forces mint to bed)

Part 4

(The next day)

Krinkinko: (Wakes up) Huh why are we in cookie doe clothes?

Mint:*still asleep, but hears Krinkinko talking* What do you mean?

Krinkinko: I mean our clothes are made out of cookie doe!

???:Oh how strange could you fix my furnace first though?

Mint: Wait, cookie dough, furnance.....We're gonna get baked into cookies!

(Before the gang could run the old lady threw them in the giant furnace, cranked up the heat so it would slowly ascend to 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 farenheight, and locked the door with 78 different types of locks)

(Mint's sword starts to melt.)

Mint:Any last dieing words? ._.'

Krinkinko: I think your cute!

(a knock is heard at the door)


Inferna: i sense extreme heat in there

Snap: *knocking on the door* how extreme?

Inferna: *shudders* extreme to the 20th. im surprized all the snow within the mile hasen't already melted..

Mint: *blushes* R-really..? Wait! Did I hear Inferna and Snap? Hey Inferna! Snap! We're being baked into cookies!

(The old lady throws inferna and snap in too then locks it again)

Krinkinko: Inferna use your heat powers!

Inferna: *absorbs the heat, returning the oven to room temperature. unleashes the heat in a compressed beam at the oven door, melting right through it*

Krinkinko: I can't beleive I told mint that and I wasn't about to die!

Mint: *blushes* Heheheh.....

Inferna: *panting* that was almost to much heat to absorb.

Snap: and since when is there a 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 farenheight setting on an oven?! Old lady: If I can't make cookies I'll make Ice cream!(Throws them into the freezer which starts to drop to -90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000krinkinko:N-not g-g-good.

Mint: H-hey! S-snap! Could you use your powers too?

Snap: which is why a pyro and a cryo are a good team. *absorbs the cold, returning the freezer to room temperature*

Mint: Thanks you two!

Krinkinko: Well we can't out because a blast of ice would just freeze the door and there isn't fire in here. I'm sorry if I creeped you out know the cute thing.

Snap: well, i've gotta go. see ya! *her hand is surrounded in ice. she swipes it across the air in front of her, creating a rift to the Ice Realm. she climbs in and closes it behind her.*

Mint:Bye Snap! And you didn't creep me out Krinkinko. Plus, I think she absorbed the ice, not freeze the door.

Krinkinko: So you don't think I'm a creep? Also where should we go next?

Mint: Of course not! And, I dunno......Where do you wanna go?

Krinkinko: To another adventure!

Mint: Yea! But what is that adventure?

???:I want my mommy!

Krinkinko: (Grins) I think we are about to find out!

(the sounds of punching and a familiar voice yelling insults came from outside the freezer)

Part 5

(They run outside to see a kid crying)

Mint:What's wrong?

Kid:My mom and dad were abducted and taking to that haunted mansion on the hill. (Lightning flashes)


Mint: *sweats* W-we'll save them!

Inferna: i've seen worse.


Inferna: yup.

(After they enter the house)

Krinkinko: T-th-th-this isn't s-so scary and the reason why I'm studdering is that I'm c-cold! (lying)(The lights go out and they hear a scream)

Inferna: *creates a flame for light. her face is only slightly unnerved* still not that scary.

Mint: Hello? Anyone Here?

(the room gets cold and giggling is heard, echoing though the room)

???: I'm here

Krinkinko: *Phew* That was close.

(The man steps from the shadows revealing a bloody hockey mask and a chainsaw)

(a cold chill runs past Mint. more laughter is heard)

(The man then started to chase them)


Mint: OH MY GAWSH! IT'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! Wait....*takes the mask off of the man*

(the snow in the house is whipped up into the hazy image of a hedgehog. she floated up behind Mint and giggled again)

(The man's face is a vacuum cleaner and it sucks everyone up and they wake up into a dusty field)

Krinkinko: Scared yet Inferna 0_0?

Mint: I am! *sees the person behing her* H-hello....

Inferna: in the bag of a vaccum? not a chance. *sets the vaccum bag on fire, setting a flame shield around them to protect them*

Krinkinko: This is a feild in a different dimension not a vacuum bag!

Inferna: no wonder that didn't work.

"ghost": *the one behind Mint. leans forward. softly* boo

Mint: *jumps* H-hi...?

Krinkinko:H-hi ghost lady.....scared yet Inferna?

Mint: *between her teeth since the ghost is behind her* I bet she isn't...

Krinkinko:Hey ghost lady are you going to kill us? 0_0?

Inferna: a-a little bit.

ghost: *to giggles. she puts her hands out in front of her and pulls them away from each other as if opening a curtain. a rift opens and she goes inside. after a moment she returns and gestures for the others to follow her*

(They do)

Mint:....M-mrs. G-ghost....Where are you taking us?

(the rift leads back into the haunted house)

Krinkinko: (Tries to open the front door but it's locked from the outside)Let's go upstairs.

Inferna: hold on....

Mint: I think this floor's really weak....

Krinkinko: Then let's go upstairs!

Inferna: hold on... i sense two heat sources upstairs.

(Two heat demons come running down the stairs)

Krinkinko: I'm weak to fire!!!

(>.> she meant body heat. as in, the kid's parents.)

Krinkinko: (Runs upstairs and finds the kid's mom and dad) now how are we going to get out!?

ghost: *kracks her knuckles then turns to the door. freezes it*

Mint: Ice is easier to crack! Thanks ghost! *punches the door*

(the snow from outside collects into more ghosts blocking the doorway)

Mint: We must be dreaming! Someone do somethat that'll wake me up!

They all run out the door and find the kid)

Kid:Oh (starts clapping) you made it!

Krinkinko:Huh? (notices the parents are just manikens) What's going on!?

Kid:That mission was just to test my haunted house like it? I'm going to make some money off of it!(Krinkinko chases the kid)

ghost: *in a familiar voice* wait, what?

Mint:<.< Why does that voice sound so familiar?

Krinkinko: Ghost what don't you understand?

Mint: I thought I heard it before for a sec..From someone other than the ghost. Oh, well.

(the snow condenses into a clearer image, and soon became more than just an image. it was Snap)

Krinkinko: Hey snap long time no see!

Mint: Snap? We're you pulling a prank or something?

Snap: yup. i was hoping you would do more than just jump when i came up behind you.

Krinkinko: But you...heres a familiar laugh up ahead. We'll deal with you later!

Part 6

(Eggman is wrecking havoc with his nephew snively)

Krinkinko: I knew I smell eggs!

Mint: Evil never rests, not even on Christmas Eve..

Snivley: Take this. (shoots lasers from his egg mech)

Mint: *dodges, and then fires her crossbow* If it's a fight you want, than it's a fight you get!

Krinkinko: I hate the robotniks! (Throws a leafblade a sniveley)

Snively:OW OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Looks like Kink has a girl friend!

Krinkinko: 0.0.......(blushes) SHUT UP! (kicks him)

Mint: *fires her crossbow again, this time heading for Eggman* Merry Christmas, Egghead.

(This times momma robotnik blocks it with her high heels)

Momma Robotnik: No one touches my baby boy!

Eggman :Thank you mom!

Momma Robotnik:SHUT UP FAILURE!

Krinkinko: What an ugly family. (gets punched by momma robotnik)

Mint: *punches them all, and them kicks them all* >:)

(Colin blocks Momma robotnik from getting hit)

Colin: I hate you mobians. (kicks mint)

Dr. Eggman: Brother?! How were you revived.

Colin: Long story for another day bro.

Mint: *gets hit, and sits on Eggman*Hey, over here!

(Robotnik jr. pushes her off)

Robotnik jr. :Get off of my papa!

Momma:Robotnik my grand baby!

Snively:I'm your grand baby too :(

Eggman: *feels a tap on his shoulder. turns around*

Snap: *floating behind Eggman in her ghost form. evil grin*

Momma robotnik: (sits on her)

Snap: *she goes right through her since she's just snow picked up by the wind*

Krinkinko: (Grins then gives snap the thumbs up sighn meaning finish her!)

Mint: Go Snap!

(Sahura-I gtg, bye!)

Snap: *causes the snow nearby to rise up into the air around her. creates a powerful blizzard above the Robotniks*

Colin: Didn't see that coming!?

Mint: Ha!

Darkness: *comes down on Eggman as a comet* IMA FIREN MY COMETS!

Tikala: *comes out of the ground* no good darky.

Krinkinko: Should we go back to our demension now?

Mint:If you want to. Are you guys coming with us?

Darkness: yeah we got nothing better to do.

Tikala: i do. DEATH METAL! *punches darkness knocking him down*

(They walk out the battle feild)

Tikala: also Darky you cant stop the *darkness covers her mouth*

Darkness: we dont need to go out punching people every time somebody says death metal okay? *tikala punches him anyway* OW!

Mint: O.o Break it up you two!

Darkness: trust me Mint were husband and wife. but im just tired of the DM meme she does!

Tikala: no! i quit that until now.

Darkness: 5 hybrid uyears is not enough!

Krinkinko: I finished my mission, Mint I'm going to head home now. (kisses her on the cheek then heads for themountains but comes back two minutes later) One problem there isn't really a way out!

Mint: *blushes* What do you mean there's no way out? Isn't there a door or something?

Darkness: well i can help..... but.. how far away is it and how much do you REALLY want to get home?

Krinkinko: (to mint) We woke up on a mountain but no door. (To darkness) I just want to get back because I'm bored my friends have a cold but they can handle it.

Darkness: *opens a portal that is normal* then come with me. into hell we go. what i mean is this traveling through hell is faster than traveling up here. but quick thing. i need a scent to follow do you have one of your friends?

Krinkinko: (To mint) Should we go?

Mint: I'm too scared to go......

Krinkinko: Thanks but no thanks Darkness we'll find the door and not use your horifying way!

Snap: i have another way *opens another rift to the Ice Realm* i would personally rather travel through the Ice Realm than Hell.

Darkness: figures... and after all the fricken renovations i did there.

Tikala: oh it needs my inspection then. *darkness facepalms himself* i rule hell but yet she rules it as well. i won control over hell in a chess game with satan

Krinkinko: Now should we go mint? (Looks at Tikala) So you gained control by gambling?

Darkness: well i techinicly wasnt allowed in hell to fight satan but she let me make the moves and everything so technicly i won hell off of Satan

Mint: Yeah, it looks safe.

Snap: *gestures to her rift* we still have this option

Krinkinko: (Walks in) See ya later....cutie. (goes into snao's rift)

Inferna: *enters Snap's rift*

Mint: Where's it gonna take us? Tikala: okay yeah the demons are well behaved and even satan aint complaining.

Darkness: ugh he never complain when there's an explosive woman such as yourself there.

Tikala: meaning?

Darkness: remember ice fiend Dalkostis?

Tikala: that guy.. yeah i remember.

Snap: it's the same deal as when i was a ghost. we enter the Ice Realm then i make a new rift leading home

Mint:Oh, okay. *goes in the rift*

Snap: anyone else goin my way?

Darkness: yeah were comeing. *enters the portal

Tikala: *puts on a jacket and heads in*

Snap: *follows*

(in the Ice Realm)

Snap: *closes the rift. opens a new one leading back home*

Tikala: you know its not as cold as i thought it would be. after we get back want to get Jyscal and the gang?

Darkness: sure why not.

Mint:This takes us to the normal world, right?

Krinkinko: Right!

Snap: yup

Inferna: *to Tikala* it's usually a lot colder. i have a heat field up to keep us warm

Darkness: lol i dont need no fire field! i haz wolf form to keep me warm! lol its because im a werewolf.

Snap:alright lets go home

(A mysterious force makes the portal not budge and the fire feild starts to fade)


Mint: Yay, another adventure!

Darkness: okay WTF!? *looking at a T-Rex thats alaive*

Snap: *facepalms* ugh. i thought we agreed that i rule this realm.

Darkness: yeah you do but apparntly the mysterious voice is causeing the portal to malfunction the flame barrier to fgade and this T-Rex to be alaive

???: Now you will fill my fear! (a shadow inferna starts to melt the snow)???:( a shadow krinkinko attacks snap) Let the fear begin!

Darkness: *cracks his neck* if fear is what you want. il beat it into you!

Mint: Yeah!

Inferna:i cant fight a shadow. shadow? do your thing.

Inferna's shadow:*climbs to her feet* you got it milady. *attacks the shadow krinkinko*

(The shadow krinkinko uses rage punch on shadow inferna)

Krinkinko:Man I'm good!

(A giant snow lion tries to eat everone)

Darkness: demon style doppleganger activate! *his body turns into a demon and they notice that his shadow is a full physical look-a-like of darkness but darker in color and cant say anything*

(the lion eats it)

Snap: >.> ice beasts! defend! *an army of ice beasts march in and begin beating on the shadows and the snow lion*

Darkness: hmph pathetic *undoes his demon form and re-enters it and the doppleganger is back behind him*

Mint: *watches them fight*

Krinkinko: So after this want to come to my friend's castle?

(The snow lion is badly injured then starts to bite snap and she starts to turn into snow)

Snap: RRRAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! ICE BEAST FORM! *begins absorbing energy from the Ice Realm. transforms into a powerful Ice Beast*

Darkness: *jumps up and slices down with his sword and the doppleganger is literaly right there with him because it follows him in every movement exactly unless Darkness gets hit them the doppleganger just stands still because he technicly is a ghost

Mint:(To Krinkinko) Sure!


Darkness: *continues fighting until his demon form deactivates because he used it for to long* damn!

???:HaHa! Now my Snap minion attack them!


???: (The man comes out and he's a goat with a long curly mustache)

Krinkinko: Wait a minute I remember what Rachel told me Thousands of years ago my father was a super villan but a hero split him apart into many peices my dad is the power peice. You must be the fear peice!

Jonik:Correct idiot boy I'm the scared peice, Jonik!


Mint: Go Snap! Jonik: (grabs her scorpion tail and held Krinkinko to the ground because he was about to punch him) No my dear Snap if I was a whole being right now my glare would be enough to kill you! Listen we can take over the world together join me your so strong that's why I'm asking only you my dear.

IB Snap: *glances over at the others hoping they understood her plan* very well then.

Jonik: (Crowns her) I crown you....MY SUPER POWERFUL QUEEN!

Snap: *returns to normal. smirks to hide her disgust*

Jonik: No to seal the deal you have to (smirk) kiss me!

Snap: *eyes widen slightly. struggling to decide* v-very well. *thinks* im gonna hate myself for this

Jonik: (Kisses her and opens a portal to Mobius) Now away we go!

Snap: *stays behind for a moment. as soon as he leaves she spits at the gound and wipes her mouth in disgust. follows him*

Krinkinko: Are you seriously going to take over the world???!!!!!

Inferna: i don't think so. at least, not with him. did you see what she did just before she left? this guy disgusts her. she must have something planned.

Mint: I hope so!

Darkness: well my realm is sepreate because its not Hell.... my realm... is sacred to us Hybrids. and unless i take you guys there then nobody can enter or exit it.

Krinkinko:We have to try if she takes over Mobius were doomed!

Darkness: true but i need some..backup for this fight.

Inferna: right. even if she dosen't like him, she's been a villain for as long as i can remember. she might just go too far.

Darkness: il be back in a bit. *opens a bluefire portal and walks in and it closes*

(on Mobius mobians and humans are peacfully strolling when Snap and Jonik appear)

Jonik: So could you freeze them my queen?

Snap: of course *freezes them all*

Jonik: (Goes into a coney island)YOOOHOOOO I got a burger for you!

Snap: uhh thanks? *thinks* is this guy just using me for my power or does he actually like me? *shudders* gross.

(thick vines come up out of the ground and wrap around Snap, trapping her. Jonik tries to help but is suddenly too heavy to move)

Jonik: (crying) I'm scared! (Screams so loud the vibration rips apart the vines)

Jonik: Are you okay my queen?

(more vines wrap around her. a tree rises up from the ground. three hedgehogs are standing in it.)

Boom: *jumps down from the tree. walks over to Snap* Snap! what are you doing?!

Jonik:N-NO! Stay away from my queen!! (gives them migranes)

Boom: >.> *walks over to Jonik* you want sound? i'll give you sound! *breathes in deeply then unleashes a powerful sonic screech that is almost too loud to hear. despite Jonik being heavier than a whale at the moment, the screech manages to push him back a few inches*

Force: Snap. what are you doing?

Snap: what does it look like? im taking over Mobius!

Jonik: (Dazed) Yep and she married me now hand over the chaos emeralds before we personally put the hurt on you!

Force: *to Jonik* shut up before i shut you up!

Storm: *walks over to Snap* and youre gonna take over with that lozer? *puts her hand on Snap's shoulder* i thought we agreed that it would be the six of us.

Jonik: No she's with me! (Breaks out the vines and pins Storm and force down) my queen RUN!

Force: *growling, his eyes and streaks begin to glow bright, sickly green*

Snap: oooh, you've gone and done it now, Jonik. I would release him immediately if i were you!

Storm: let go of me! Snap, get me out of here!

Boom: *runs out from between Force and Jonik*

Growth: *jumps down from the tree(he was there the whole time, he was just blending in) and runs*

Jonik: (Smirking) His pupils diappear ,his eyes become yellow, his teeth become red and he grows two sabertooth fangs, his hair turns into lava and he grows claws!

Jonik: I'm not the one you would want to mess with!

Snap: *to Jonik* you idiot! release him and run! he's gonna crush you into a black hole!

Jonik: (Smirk) Only if you rin with me!

Snap: go! i'll catch up! i need to help calm him down!

Force: RRRRAAAAAAAGGGGHHH! *Jonik begins to feel every part of his body attracting every other part*

Storm: *to Jonik* run you fool!

Boom: *to Jonik* get out of here while you still can!

Jonik: I'm scared! (Runs while a jonik clone says a spell)

Jonik clone: You are now a foolish force but return to the force in which you came! (Claps his hands and Force turns into a baby)

Snap: *facepalms* you do realise these guys are my friends right? and im fiercly loyal to my friends. change him back.

Jonik Clone: and let him kill the REAL Jonik...I thought you loved me!

Snap: like i said. the four of us can calm him down as long as Jonik and anyone who looks like him is out of his sight.

Jonik clone: (Turns him back and runs)

A random guy: (Who looks just like jonik) Ice cream get your free icecream!

Force: RRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *crushes the guy into a black hole*

Snap: ooookay. well at least he didn't crush the ice cream. *takes a couple cones* one for Jonik. *rolls eyes* i have to keep up the illusion that i like him. *runs after Jonik*


Jonik: Thanks for the icecream now after you freeze the mayor of station square how bout' we go to the movies?

Snap: uhh, sure. why not?

(After they freeze the mayor they watch a movie)

Jonik: Isn't this great :3? After this I'll let you take over Station Square.

Snap: k.

(After the movie)

Jonik: Okay you can take over S.S. now!

(In the snow realm)

Krinkinko: S-So C-C-C-Cold! I think snap might really like this guy by now!

Mint: No w-way! It's apart of her plan!

Krinkinko: I-I-I have m-monitors o-of s-s-s-station square and they look pretty c-c-chumy together.

Mint: M-maybe your right....<:(

Inferna: i hope not. and i cant believe i ran out of power that quickly. it must be the cold.

Mint: I wonder what they're doing...

Darkness: *comes back with 2 human/demons* say hello to my other 2 brothers Dante and Vergil.

Krinkinko: Hello.

Dante: sup!

Vergil: hello.

Darkness: SWARM! *opens a portal to mobious and charges in with Vergil and Dantes behind him*

Tikala: *makeing a fire*

(Back at Station square after Snap took over)

Jonik: Holding a ring and kneeling Snap...will you marry me?

Snap: *eyes widen. thinks* oh no! what happens now? do i agree and keep up the illusion, or do i refuse and give myself away? wait, i've got it! *out loud* you know im fourteen right? i think im a little young for that.

Jonik: Oh please I"m fourteen two besides in our world after we take over there will be no rules.

Cops: (Nod with scared smile)

Snap: *thinks* blast! where are they? i cant believe im saying this but, Inferna, i need your help!

(in the Ice Realm)

Inferna: alright, i think i've recharged my power enough. shadow, go find the others. hurry! *makes a rift to the Fire Realm then another inside it leading to Mobius*

Inferna's shadow: yes milady *climbs inside and goes looking for Inferna's friends*

(In the ice realm) Krinkinko: (Goes in)

Mint: *follows*

Steel: *appears and follows Krinkinko and Mint*

(Back aqt station square)

Jonik: Well...look this isn't for power or anything wel.........40% is but it's also about you Snap!

Snap: *thinks* great. he really does like me!

(elsewhere on Mobius)

Inferna's shadow: Flare! im so glad i found you! we've got to get to Station Square fast!

Flare: tell me why on the way!

(Back at station square)

Jonik: Please tell me why you won't marry me!

(there was a burst of light and Jonik was knocked back)

Flare: *standing where Jonik was. to Inferna's shadow* i think i understand now

Snap: *thinks* flare! i never thought i'd be so happy to see Inferna's meanest friend! ive gotta keep up the illusion! *attacks Flare. whispers to her as she does* i need to make him think im on his side. dont take it personally.

Jonik: (Thinking) she's protecting me! (A ring forms on Jonik and Snap's index finger that reads Just married)

Snap: *eyes widen. thinks* dang! well i guess it's alright as long as i dont let him go too far

Jonik: Now let's take over the world!

Flare: not on my watch! *fires a beam of light at Jonik*

Jonik: (cries) OW!

(With the help of Nyx dark Krinkinko is under control)

Dark Krinkinko:(Tackles Snap) Traitor!

Snap: *whispers to Krinkinko* it's all part of my plan. he can't control me. *kicks him off*

Dark Krinkinko: You two are oficially married and I'd hate to break up a couple. (starts slashing her with two leaf blades)

Steel: What'd I miss this time?

Snap: *blocking the attacks with an ice shield*

Flare: *attacking Jonik*

Krinkinko: (whispers) Snap married the bad guy and says she's playing with his heart!

Steel: *nods* Sad.

Flare: yeah. that's what Inferna's shadow told me.

Dark Krinkinko: Ya' know I think she might actually like him!

(Mint appears)

Mint: Sorry I'm la- Woah, what happend?!

Dark Krinkinko: Snap is married to the bad guy!

Flare: *turns and blasts Snap*

Snap: *uses the oppotunity to her advantage. blocks the beam with a polished ice shield, "accidentally" bouncing the beam back at Jonik*

Jonik: That's okay sweetie (dazed).

Dark Krinkinko: (Jabs Snap on the neck)

Snap: aarrggh! *thinks* i cant keep up the illusion for long during a fight. i'll have to get out of here. *runs over and picks up Jonik.* ice boost! *runs, propelling herself with ice*

Jonik: Tell me the truth honey, is this just some illusion so you can gain my trust then kill me?

Snap: *blinks, surprized* uhh, whatever would give you that idea?

Jonik: (He shows her his big ears) I heard evrything you whispered. (crying)

Snap: *feeling sorry for him. thinks* what am i thinking? am i going soft? why do i feel bad about tricking him? of course, he does genuinly like me. no! i can't give in! and yet.... *looks at Jonik. out loud* i-im not sure anymore.

Jonik: It's okay. (Crying, dialing 911 about to turn himself in)

Snap: wait, what are you doing?

(gtg, brb--Numbuh712)

Jonik: I'm about to turn myself in so you want have to illusion anything else.

(im back--Numbuh712)

Snap: *feeling truly sorry for him. freezes the phone* no. you're not.

Jonik: But you hate me you'll just kill me.

Snap: no. i won't.*smiles* we villains have to stick together.

Jonik: So want to steal christmas or rob a bank?

Krinkinko: (hiding Jaw drops). I hope Snap makes lotsa spaggehti for this!

Inferna: *hiding with Krinkinko* that's not good.

Jonik: Or we could help an orphanage...whatever you want to do.

Krinkinko: I can't beleive it Snap sucked the evil right oughta' him!

Inferna: no. whatever he thinks, she's back to her old villainous thoughts.

Snap: nah. i think im in the mood for something a little more, villainous.

Jonik: Then let's set a hospital on fire and use the ash to make a castle!

Krinkinko: (Crying) I hate karma!

Snap: man that's evil! why didnt i think of that?

Jonik: I t dosn't matter let's just do it!

Krinkinko:She's kidding right? 0_0

Mint: *whispering* Probably not. T^T

Inferna: i just read her mind. she's not kidding.

Snap: yeah. let's go. Krinkinko: She was good and now she's evil!?(Jonik and Snap fly off to the hospital)

Inferna: i thought i already told you. Snap's been evil since as long as i can remember. that winter world you took us too messed with her mind. now she's back to normal.

Krinkinko: Well we need to get them both back in there before the hurt someone. (Hears screams) Too late.

Mint: Let's go!

Krinkinko: Inferna, you comn'?

Inferna: *follows* right behind you.

Krinkinko: How are we going to get them in the door anyway?

Flare: i might be able to help with that.

Krinkinko: How?

Flare: im photokinetic. i'll create a few illusions to trick them.

MInt: Awesome!

Flare: thanx.

Mint: No prob. :)

(they get to where the scream was heard and see a white and green hedgehog fighting Snap)

Cyclone: *notices them* hey Inferna, Flare, nice to see you two again.

Mint: You guys know each other?

Inferna: yup. im part of a team of six. im the Pyro, Flare's the Photo, he's the Aero.

Flare: *runs over and fires a beam of light at Snap*

Snap: *deflects the beam with her ice shield*

Inferna: *whispers to Flare and Cyclone* dont let her strike your forehead. trust me.

Snap: why cant these pests just leave us alone? *grabs Jonik and runs* Ice Boost! *propells herself with a burst of ice energy*

Jonik: Now let's rob a bank!

Snap: yeah.

Krinkinko: UH! We need the chaos emeralds to find the door and force them back in it!

Inferna: i think we might be able to help.

Krinkinko: Be my guest. (Grinds on a air current to find the emeralds)

Inferna: *to Flare and Cyclone* alright guys. you ready to go emerald hunting?

Flare: *nods*

Cyclone: sure.

(the three close their eyes and go into what appears to be a trance. their streaks began to glow and change positions and colors. their fur and shapes changed as well)

Krinkinko: Are you going super already? 0_0

(after the change was complete the three open their eyes)

Cera: no.

Decibal: we have released the beings hidden within us.

Lumina: we are now the three components of the ancient Hypra the Hedgehog.

Krinkinko: Could we get to searching?

Cera: indeed. before sealing ourselves within Inferna and her friends we had spent so long in ownership of one of the emeralds we grew a connection to them. we can track them almost anywhere. let's go.

(They go to the first emerald's location)


Snap: *a bulging sack over one shoulder* so we're ready?

  • a portal opens up and 3 non normal looking demons step out but the third demon reverts to being darkness*

Darkness: Snap. i cant allow you to harm anyone or anything else.

Snap: oh really? and just how do you plan to stop us?

Darkness: me and my brothers dont like to hurt any other living beings

Dante: speak for yourself. i love killing demons that stray to far into darkness.

Darkness: shut it Dante. but if i can have the luxary to ask you something. why did you help this idiot? *pointing to Jonik*

Snap: simple. he likes me.

Darkness: what are YOUR TRUE feelings for him?

Snap: you know, it's never a good idea to snoop in a girls personal business. especially when she can freeze you solid at will.

Darkness: demons dont freeze. neither do Werewolfs Angels or Vampires. but looking back at first you didnt want to be around him.

Snap: things change.

Darkness: that is true. like how i was meant to destroy more than i did but my consiense kicked in and stopped me from going to far beyond salvation.

Snap: is there a point to these questions? if not we should really be going.

Darkness: just trying to give you both a chance at comeing back into the good side.

Snap: *smirks* dont you know? Inferna told you three times. i was never on the good side!

Darkness: yeah but what i mean is at least not causng my job to hunt you down.

Vergil: there's a job for that?

Darkness: talk to Master Reaver bout it. *pulls out a big cros that opens up at the bottom with a machine gun* but for now Snap just try to stay alaive. *dissapears from moving so fast*

Snap: Icicle Spears. *twin spears made of ice appear in her hands* go ahead. try it. i guarantee the ice beings won't be happy to hear that you killed their queen.

Darkness: *only heard* oh trust me they wont have to worry. i modified my bullets to make sure they convert you from evil to good or neutrual after 50 bullets. they only hit the skin then bounce off but the effect stays!

Snap: *smirks* if you can even hit me. Cold Snap! *the temperature began dropping rapidly*

Darkness: *as he's hiding and runnig he fire 25 bullets and 5 hit* hmph try harder cold dosent stop me. *he purposly shows himself because there is a black barrier around him* i love the vampire's black magic for any use.

Snap: i refuse to give up! *twirling her spears around her to create an almost impenatable barrier. the temperature hits zero and keeps falling*

Darkness: i didnt want to resort to cheap tatics *dissapears again and reappears behind Snap and hits 7 more bullets while dodgeing her spears the disappears again*

Snap: *smirks* you wont be able to get fifty hits in time. any second now the temperature will reach -68 Farenheit. *temperature now at -60*

Darkness: true but if i cant use my guns. then my blood can do the rest. *fires off bullets until his gun freezes which is 750 but out of them 25 hit*

Snap: i wasn't talking about your gun. -68 is the point that Carbon Dioxide solidifies without a liquid stage. *temperature reaches -70. dry ice starts falling from the sky, pelting Darkness* just wait until it hits -320. in fact, i think i'll speed it up a bit. *adds a few more Cold Snaps on top of the first, multiplying the speed the temperature falls at. temp reaches -115*

Darkness: hmph. *lets everything hit him on purpose*

Dante and Vergil: BROTHER!

Darkness: *now that he's bleeding* blood Art.... blood encapture *blood from his wounds shoot out towards snap*

Snap: *temperature hits -320. it seems to be raining now, but the rain is coming out of nowhere* looks like your too late. the nitrogen in the air is already liquifing. by the way, due to the nitrogen cycle, your blood is practically filled with it.*creates a barrier around herself using the dry ice*

Darkness: dont be so sure. *his blood hits the wall penatrates it and starts falling on her sticking her to the ground* im not based on physical laws... Demon and Vampire blood combined repel the worlds human blood traits.

Snap: *temperature hits -350. nitrogen freezes* dont think im all out of options yet. as long as the temperature keeps dropping, i have plenty of energy. *twirls her spears and slams them together above her head* Icicle Spears! Acend! Iceberg Halberd! *the spears fuse together and become a halberd made of ice* take this! *charges at him, halberd in hand*

Darkness: *smirks* quick thought. if im still full of energy and your full of energy and my blood is they key to setting this strait dont you think its best to not attack me because my blood can act of its own. *dosent do anything to stop the halbred because it only penatrates 3 inches of his body and cant be pulled out or forced through*

Snap: can't get my halberd back eh? well let's try this! Halberd! Decend! Icicle Spears! *the halberd changes back into a spear and the other one appears in Snap's other hand. she thrusts the second spear into his forehead*

Darkness: *his blood turns pinkish and blocks it with a hand forming out of it and then makes a face with 2 "X" shaped eyes*

Anima: dont try it!

Darknes: Anima! hmph i though it was strange when my blood turned pink but not now. *useing 1 of his free hands he stops the other spear with one hand and collects a small orb of blood and just throws it onto snap which dissolves into her and starts causing the evil to fade away real quick*

Snap: *fighting to hang on to what she sees as her way of life* Icicle Spears! Be gone! *the spears shatter, sending shards of ice deeper into Darkness* I.... will..... not..... give in! *creates a rift to the Ice Realm. thows Jonik in then jumps in herself, closing it behind her before anything else can get through*

Darkness: blood art blood removal! *the blood left on her from shttering her weapons diggs deeper and fights way harder trying to change her and Jonik to good and his shards of ice are absorbed into him and become a part of him makeing him more resistant to ice* time for a nap. *falls asleep falling backwards*

(temperature returns to normal)

(in the Ice Realm)

Snap: *clutching her head and trying to resist the change. nearby ice beasts hear her screams and run to help*

Dante: Vergil Take him out of here. il stay and fight anything that comes out until he's ready.

Vergil: dont die brother.

Dante: same to you.

(In the Ice Realm)

(a knight in ice armor kneels beside Snap)

Knight: milady. what is wrong?

Snap: D-D-Darkness! A hybrid creature named Darkness!

Knight: He did this to you?

Snap: yes. i need a few favors.

Knight: of course! i am at your command!

Snap: i want you to find Darkness. and end him!

Knight: it will be done milady. *bows*

Snap: one more thing. take me to the ancient ruins!

??????: you think that Knight can get your request done? my other half isnt as fragile as he looks. he took it easy on you this time. next time wont be so easy for you because his body naturaly adapts to fighting and the ice inside him is now helping his resistance to ice even more. you and i have a common enemy let us work to end him.

(back on Mobius)

Darkness: *even though he's sleeping he smirks*

Vergil: so more come to try and end you. they have a lot to deal with.

(a rift opens up and a knight in cyan armor walks out)

Knight: *looks around. spots Dante and approaches him. in a friendly voice* hello. do you know where i might find a being called Darkness?

Dante: well yeah. he's my brother and if your after him to get him to undo what he did to that girl he was just fighting 5 minutes ago you might as well draw your sword because im not letting you get to him. *draws a big and demonic sword called Sparda*

Knight: i can't say i know what you are talking about. my nation is at war and my queen sent me to find a hybrid being known as Darkness for help.

Darkness: *not bleeding but there anyway* put it down brother.

Dante: Darkness! your not strong enough now!

Darkness: its easy to regain strength.

Vergil: i willingly gave him blood to regenerate his strength.

Darkness: so you say your looking for me Knight?

Knight: indeed.

Darkness: what for? your Queen's name is Snap am i right?

Knight: no. her name is Frost.

Darkness: alright just testing you Cyan armour is different than ice armour. if you queen recommends the Vercious Vampire King's presence she shall get it.

Knight: she will be pleased to hear that. *draws his sword and slashes at the empty air behind him, creating a rift. sheathes the sword* this way please. *gestures toward the rift*

Darkness: guys go contact Fentes Jill and Verson. let them know il be back shortly.

Dante: yes brother.

Vergil: *open a portal by holding out his hand and dragging Dante who didnt want to go with him*

Knight: coming?

Darkness: yes. *follows the knight*

(inside the rift)

(after taking a look around, Darkness finds he's surrounded on all sides, including above, by endless armies of ferocious looking ice beasts)

Knight: *closes the rift and draws his sword*

Darkness: okay so i let you draw me here... *starts laughing pyschoticly*

Desmont: so Darkness ready to die?

Darkness: *the laughing abrutly stops* Desmont. so your here as well?

desmont: i want Destroyer.

Darkness: and i can control you. we share blood. but you are not a vampire. and you espicaly dont have Blood Art.

Desmont: FUCK! *charges anyway*

Knight: uuuuhhhhhhh..........rrrrriiiiiiiggghhhttt.

Darkness: *in three moves the fight with desmont's ended with darkness ripping out a entirely gray and black soul out of his stomach* Destroyer is too powerful to let anybody use. *cracks his neck but then time stops for 5 seconds to him and he's gone*

Knight: uuuuhhhhhh................

Darkness: *useing the knights sword because he purposly left blood on it controls it to kill the knight*

Ice Beasts: (the ones still surrounding Darkness) *enraged at the sight of their commander's death, they all attack at once*

Darkness: useing my knowledge of elements time to burn! *creats a small volcano to appear after he hits the ground spouting fire* phase 1 done. *starts kicking the fire at ice beasts* phase 2 begins!

Ice Beasts: *hissing and roaring in rage*

(EternalAbyssJustice- g2g had fun man!)

(on the road to the Ancient Ruins)

(an ice knight is walking beside Jonik)

Knight: *carrying Snap* we should be reaching the ruins in no time.

Snap: *still trying to risist the change to good* Jonik....

(the good inside starts affecting all of her subjects and ice beasts but on a level that the body cant stay awake for)

Knight: *faints*

Snap: *hits the ground and struggles to get up* Ruins. *crawling up the stairs of the ruins*

Darkness: *teleports by tracking her scent mixed with his blood finds her but blocks her path* do you want freedom?

Snap: i-i need.....a favor.

Darkness: and just to let you knw Jonik feels this change as well. im not going to split you two up but i will stop this if you promise me that you will never be evil again.

Snap: the top.......of the ruins.....there is a pedestal of ice.....with a large crystal orb on top......underneath the pedestal is a spring.....all i ask is......get me in the spring.

Darkness: *pick Snap up gently and flies to the spring and puts her in it* i do have a code i go by. but just promise me that you wont make my job to kill you. i hunt all evils around the realms. and the way i do that is by killing. i hate my job so much i started converting those who stray. please dont make me end more lives.

Snap: *upon entering the spring she begins to chuckle. Darkness finds himself unable to move. the chuckle grows into a psychotic laugh. stands slowly, all traces of their battle had disappeared, including the affect of Darkness' blood* the way i see it, you've made three big mistakes today: first you absorb the ice shards i stick in you, allowing them to become one with your body. second you allow my knight to draw you into my domain where my power is increased drastically. and third, you set me in the healing spring. the water of the spring heals all wounds, replenishes my energy and reverses the effects of any substance used on one who enters.

Darkness: true but im not the person you should worry about. *his body starts moving anyway* i have more power than you know. 7 entire realms was destroyed because of my sealed power and that is something i will not allow again. *takes out a wicked sword named Sparda* and as i said before. *his power surges higher than possible with the seals on* and once again i forgot to mention i lied. a lot *hold a jar of ice shards and tosses them down the ruins* i took the power out of them. and my last thing *sticks the sword into the spring and containminates it so that she forgets all evil and still heals her but it forces all evil intentions out of her* time... is.... my.... domain.... *his body starts fadeing but the effect stays*

Snap: *blinks* what just happened? i--i'm good now? *takes Jonik back to Mobius*

Desmont: *his body revived after darkness left because he didnt absorb his soul* damnit! my plan failed! (his body just fades out of there)

Tikala: *with everybody back on Mobious* huh? *see's Snap comeing back* wow... he did it. he changed her entire karma or code or whatever to good.

(thick vines wrap around Snap)

Boom: *walks up to Snap* alright. lets try this again. *in Knuckle' voice* ARE YOU CRAZY!? *his own voice* you abandon us just like that? for him? *points at Jonik*

??????: *the vines are cut by an invisible force* why dont you back off!

Force: *lands between them* why don't you?

(more vines come up to replace the others)

Reaver: because she has seen my number 1 pupil Darkness and what he is capable of. *with the flick of one of his 4 hands force is sent flying in the air smashed against the ground 5 times then chocked* but compared to me Darkness pales in comparison

Storm: *appears behind Reaver* i'd run if i were you. fast.

Reaver: nothing has killed me yet. so why bother? *useing another hand he prepares an attack as a diversion meant to almost kill force* if you wish to see HIM alaive again you will back away because my wings arnt nice when used for killing.

Storm: i wasn't talking about me.

Force: *stands up. his eyes and streaks glowing a sickly green color. a low growl emenated from his throat* no one strikes the great Gravos "Force" Kilopound!

Jonik: Snap....this feeling of this what christmas is all about?

Snap: i think Darkness did something to me.

Storm: *runs*

Force: *takes a step toward Reaver. Reaver finds himself suddenly too heavy to move*

Jonik:What do you mean? He did something to me too. I'm also good now! But is this what christmas is all about?

Snap: *shrugs*

Boom: *to Jonik* alright, quit it with the sappy Christmas lesson.

Jonik:No I've benn through alot and.

???:(Starts to absorb Jonik)Hush it!

Jonik: (Struggles) Snap!, Help me!

Snap: Icicle Spears! *twin ice spears appear in her hands. she stabs ??? with one*

(By the time it lands a hit the absorbtion is fully complete)

???: I am Darbonos the jealous half of the ancient warrior!

Jonik:S-Snap I love you! (Then the absorbtion is complete)

Darbonik: Hmph I'll kill you all you ants!

Krinkinko: SNAP RUN!

Force: *hears Darbonik and turns to see whats going on. sends Reaver flying and turns his attention to Darbonik* you want crushing? i'll give you crushing! *Darbonik finds himself too heavy to move. every part of his body begins to attract every other part*

(After all of the parts attract eachother he's in a closed ball and he spindashes Force)

Krinkinko:Snap, RUN now you'll die!

Snap: not this time! *freezes Darbonik*

Force: ggggrrrrrrRRRRAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! NO ONE STRIKES THE GREAT FORCE!!!! *creates a powerful gravitational pull inside Darbonik, causing him to begin collapsing in on himself*

Dabonik: OOOH OUCH! Man that sure are for of yourselfs. (Starts a snowstorm)

Krinkinko:Can't see!

Force: i dont think you understand. at this very moment you are being crushed into a black hole.

Dabonik:Oooh that makes all of us. (Expands the blsck hole and they get sucked into a weird denomic snow demension)

Boom: that's it. when Force fails, it's my turn. take this! *unleashes a powerful sonic screech at Dabonik*

Dabonik:(Clutches ears then throws a giant snowball at Boom)

Snap: *causes the snowball to explode, sending smaller snowballs flying at Dabonik*

Dabonik: (Jonik slightly in control) Snap his weakness is sharp things and fire combine the two somehow!

Krinkinko:How do think were going to do that, Snap?

Snap: well.... i have these spears *lifts spears* and, i think i can handle the fire too. *begins absorbing cold from around the spears, heating them up untill they caught fire* that should do it. *thows one spear at Dabonik's head, then runs over and stabs him with the other*

Dabonic:Aaah I'll kill you! (Beats her minto the snow)

Krinkinko:(Jabs Dabonic with his leaf blade)

Growth: Snap! *appears from a nearby tree. slashes at the empty air on either side of him, creating two rifts. sticks his hands in the rifts. vines come out, wrapping around his arms, then his body, until he was covered in vines. the sink into him and he transforms into a leopard like creature made of plant*

Plant Beast Growth: nobody hurts my--urm---friends! *charges at Dabonic and slashes at him with razor sharp thorn claws*

Dabonik:NOOOOOO! (Fires final ice storm before spitting out jonik)


PBGrowth: Jungle Fang! *continues attacking Dabonic, his attacks growing stronger and faster untill he was nothing but a blur of green and red. when the attack ends, Dabonic is reduced to a half-dead, bleeding body. Growth transforms back to normal and collapses to the ground, unconsious.*

Snap: *sits up. sees Growth and whats left of Dabonic* Growth....he--he protected me? with Jungle Fang? after i betrayed him for you?

Jonik:Yes and now you'll leave me.....(hands Growth a heal pill and starts to walk off in the storm)

Snap: *stands and runs after him* no i wont. what gives you that idea?

Jonik: Well how you said After I betrayed him for you sounded like you and him were going to kick me to the curb.

Snap: of course not! he might want to but not me!

Growth: no.....*struggles to his feet* I want see you happy......Snap.

Krinkinko:Well none of us will be very happy if we stay here!

Force: already working on it. i might be able to reverse the pull of the black hole that sent us here. but it's risky. i've never tried this before so i have no idea exactly how.

Krinkinko:Instead of xcompressing someone think of stretching someone.

Storm: wait. i just thought of something. when Growth transformed. he accessed his own Plant Realm in order to get the power needed for the transformation.

Jonik:So we open another portal?

Storm: right.

Snap: allow me. Growth's too weak to use any of his powers at the moment. *opens a rift to the Ice Realm* alright everybody. lets go. Storm you and i will help Growth.

Storm: *nods*

(The go inside)

(inside Snap creates another rift back to Mobius and they all enter)

Mint: So....

Snap: So....

Jonik:Want to head to the movies?

Snap: sure.

Mint: '._. You two really DO like each other..?

Snap: yeah.

Mint: Creepy....No offense.

Snap: oddly enough, none taken.

Jonik:After this could me and Snap move to a house in the winter wonderland.

Krinkinko:Hey Mint, I'll buy for you!

(Sorry this is Sonicfan919 on his friends computer and account)

Mint: Buy what..?

Krinkinko:I'll buy the candy when we go to the movies.

Snap: *to Jonik* sure Reaver: *after coming out of a vortex because time froze while i wasnt able to edit, BTW its EAJ but to lazy to log on.* now i must find Darkness is the vortex of time.

(At the movies)

Jonik:So which movie should we see?

Tikala: i really dont know. but anythings fine as long as you two dont mind.

Snap: agreed.

Mint: Yup!

Tikala: oohh i know this guy! (goes over and talks to the ticket person and gets free tickets for everybody) Darkness owns this place.

Krinkinko: (To the ticket giver) Five tickets to cloudy with a chance of hedgehogs please! (The giver gives him the tickets and the snacks)

Tikala: uhh hello Krinkinko? thats what these are for. (holding tickets)

Krinkinko:I know I was just telling her what movie and getting the snacks.

Tikala: good.

(they all see a small shadow run into the movie they were going into)

Mint: This is fun. ^^

Tikala: Espiata come out here. (the small echidna girl walks outs)

Espiata: how did you know mom?

Tikala: im just that good honey.

Mint: Aw, you have a kid?

Tikala: yep. she's me and Darkness's only daughter. say hello honey.

Espiata: hi! im Espiata! mommy? where's daddy?

Tikala: i dont know sweetie i dont know.

Mint: Hmmm, I wonder where he is...

Tikala: either way i know he's safe.

Mint: How?

Tikala: oh i just know him. he always had a thing for fighting but it was always a fight against survival. but he is alive because all things have connections. and his isnt gone yet.

Mint: Cool.

(in the realm of time)

Darkness: *sleeping while regaining his lost strength from his fight with Snap*

(At the movies)

Mint: Should we go find him...?

Tikala: no. reaver left to do so.

Part 7

Darkness: *having a reoccuring nightmare* no! no! DAMNIT DEMONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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