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Rockin: I was supposed to meet someone here.....who was it again.......?

Lightning: Donno. Someone just said that. I don't know who it was.

Rockin: do you have any ideas to pass the time?

Lightning: Psh. I'm not good with that.

Lotus: HI !!!!!!

Rockin: you got any Ideas Lotus?

Lightning: Highly doubt it. [looks bored]


Myria:{female lucan Riolu}:Hello.

Lightning: [being sarcastic] Well this will certainly get my spirit to become more happy.

Rockin: atleast theres more either of you know who wanted us to be here?

Lotus: I heard that Lightning *hit him with a stick*

Lightning: [rubs head] OW! I bet you the CEO of Wikia wanted us here.

Lotus: Yep

Rockin: you may be right....hit head with stick + people in room + boredom = ALL OUT BRAWL!

Sakura: Hey people! O.o. Lotz of peoplez.


Claterix:No, Myria, don't hurt them.


Lightning: Claterix is right. If we fight when the CEO of Wikia comes in, we'll be in HUGE trouble.

Sakura: Yup.

Lotus: *hit radom people with a stick* Man this fun :D

Claterix:*Several of his tails wraps around Lotus, trapping her*

Lightning: Please don't make this worse.

Rebaz: don't hit me. i r adorble.

Sledge: hit me, you go flying. Rockin: I could make it much worse....but I won' stop with the STICK

Myria:Indeed. Listen to the other Lucan.

Lightning: Stop, Lotus! Stop bangin' people on the head.

Lotus: Find *drop stick* Happy now.

Rockin: yeah thanks....other Lucan....

Myria:*offers her paw* Myria. Who are you?

Lightning: Good. Lotus has dropped the stick. Ope, here comes the CEO of Wikia! :-D Finally!

Rockin: i'm Rockin

Myria:Good to meet you.

Lotus: Can you put me down Claterix

Rockin: you to, i'v never met another Lucan before.

Myria:THey're mainly concentrated in Tigeroa.

CEO of Wikia: Hello everyone. We have a new feature in Wikia. It is...

Rockin: Hm, i'll have to go there sometime. CEO of WIKIA what is it?

Sakura:Is it something cool?

CEO of Wikia: ...a new toilet!

Rockin: what?!? how does that affect Wikia?

Lightning: Oh c'mon! Are you serious??? A toilet??? That's stupid!

Lotus: *Facepalm* WHAT THE HECK

CEO of Wikia: What? You don't like it? I thought it was the best idea yet! Of course, FBI thought I was stupid...

Lotus: How about new wepons. Whos with me

Rockin: the FBI!?!? and IT IS!.

Random guy: speaking of toilets...... *pulls out doritos*

Lightning: No weapons, Lotus, but I would like some new shoes...

Rockin: ........

Rebaz: *use's thrust kick on the random guy* THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!

Sakura: O.o. Woah.

Lightning: ...i'd like Light Speed Shoes so I can skate on rings...

Lotus: Aww man

Rockin: Shoes? what happened to the CEO

Sakura: Think we upset him?

Rockin: maybe....I hope he doesn't shutdown Wikia 'cuz of us....when I would cease to exist here....

Lightning: While all of you were talking, he walked away mad....

Myria:I wouldn't stop existing. Me and the others are safe within Artemis mental gaurd. As well as all those romantically or otherwise involved with one.

Sledge: considering what our creator's put us through, wouldn't that be a blessing?

Lightning: Donno. Rainbow's been awesome to me. He's so nice.

Sakura: I guess this might be our last day in existance, goodbye everyone...............

Lightning: Why?


Sakura: He might shut down the wiki....................

Lotus: WHAT?

Lightning: Why'd he do that? I could just go and beat him up if you want me to.

Sakura: Welllll.....................Okay...........

Lotus: Let me go get my Sword

Rockin: 'cuz we made fun of his, uh, toilet-thing

Sakura: I'm coming too! This is gonna be fun!

Lotus: Here i got a spare Sword if you want it.

Rockin: we must find him and talk him out of it...or say his toilet is useful and cool....or punch him until he doesn't. options 1 and 2 are my favorites

Sakura:Meh. Talk him out of it is calmer, but punching does sound funner..........................

Rockin: not for me...thats how I got this scar [shows scar on face]

Lotus: Kicking butt sounds a lot more fun than killing them.

Sakura:Oh..well then, I guess we could try talking to him.............

(Guys look at the "Disscussion" page...................)

Rockin: thats why I became a partial pacifest, but whatever, it does sound fun but I'm gonna talk to him. and tell him his toilet is cool.

Sakura: Okay, but you don't wanna lie.

Rockin: yeah I hate lying, it happened to me so many times......but I guess it does have use to the wiki go to the bathroom [runs off to find wikia CEO]

Lotus: *Sharping her Sword*

Sakura: Well, that looks sharp!

Rockin: yes it does....[remembers a bad memory] heh sharp....

Lotus: Only one way to find out *Took a thread of her hair and drop it on the edge of the Sword and slice in half* Yep it sharp Enought

Sakura: Before who go to find the CEO, I think we should wait for the others.

Lotus: Ok

Rockin: [shivers] dike! so...who wants to help convince the CEO to not shut down wikia?

Sakura: Well I think we should wait for the others

(Vamp,Ryu,Lightning,and possibly Shima,)

(Cherry: Shima just logoff) Rockin: yeah I guess.....hopefully none of them have anger issues against him...... (especially Lightning 'cuz he plays the CEO)

(Yea. Let's just pause for a sec. Oh wait! I'll ask Ryu if she's ready, Hold on a sec.)

(i'll have to go so a pause would be good....bye)

(Ok, but I just invited Ryu again.)

(cherry: Its almost my bed time so i got to go sorry Good night)

(Okay bye guys. I'll stick with the pause.)

Lightning: Hello again! I went to the grocery store to get some soda! [pulls out Coke, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Fanta Orange Soda, and Fanta Grape Soda]

Rockin: ooh can I have cherry coke? the normal kind makes me hyper for some reason....

Lightning: Ok, here ya go [gives her a cup of Cherry Coke].

Rockin: thanks [takes sip] so....where do you suppose the CEO of wikia is?

Sakura: I dunno.

Lotus: Maybe there in that big tall builting.*Points to tall builting*

Sakura: Yeah. The others can catch up.

Lotus; Yeah. *Goes into tall buiting*

Sakura: *follows*

Rockin: wow......[follows]

Lotus: Too fancy for my taste *Looking around*

Sakura: I see. But look at all the stairs!

Lotus: Still to fancy for my taste

Sakura: It's gonna take us weeks to find the CEO!

Lotus: Aww man.

Sakura: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh I got an idea! *makes rideable forcefield* Hop on!

Lotus: Ok


Lotus: Lets a go

Sakura: *drives crazily* Bumpy road today!

Lotus: Yeeeeehhhaaaaa

Sakura: *lands* Well folks, thank you for riding Air-Force Field!

Lotus: That was fun. One second * went to the nearest trash can a puke*

Sakura: I warned ya! ;)

Lotus: I'm ok * still puking*

Rockin: ...........

Sakura:Oh hey Rockin! About time you showed up!

Lotus: I'm ok now * stop puking*

Rockin: yeah......that Cherry Coke I had expired 1401 so.....yeah........Hi!

Lotus: Hi Rockin

Rockin: hi! so......this place, the CEO is here?

Claterix:*Apparently out of nowhere* Hope so.


Sakura: What??????????? Where'd you come from?

Lotus: There magical

Rockin: hey Myria! hi Claterix. yeah...

Sakura: Heh. They must be!

Claterix:Nope. not magical.

Myria:Hello, Rockin.

Lotus: Darn it

Rockin: Cleterix matches people and Myria uses aura.....magical? on earth yes, here no....

Claterix:Nah. I just have a habit of showing up when I want.

Sakura: Cool!

Lotus: You must be a ninja like me

Rockin: I knew a ninja once......he showed me his ways.....then slapped me till he fired me.......

Claterix:Not a ninja.

Myria:*looking around*

Rockin: what're you looking for?

Myria:*shrugs* Nothing to do.

Sakura:*Notices the that the door just closed and locked itself.* We're trapped! Rockin: yeah.......just like at the NO!

Myria:*gives the door a bored look* Maybe I should kick it down.

Lotus: I'll help

Sakura: *puts her ear up to the door* I hear someone.......................Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

Rockin: who..oh.....K

Myria:*stands next to Rockin and waits*

Sakura: *whispers* I think they're gone. I say we make a run for it!

Rockin: yeah

Myria:*aura begins burning around her*

Rockin: [steps back] Wow! w--whats that?

Myria:That's me, about to destroy the door.

Claterix:Through training, she's a lot more powerful than your average Lucan.

Sakura: Oh I see. I thought she was going dark or something.

Lotus: *Falls through trapdoor* AAAAAAHHHHHH

(gotta go)



(Bye. Wait who's leaving?)

(Cherry: Pup i got to go too sorry Goodnight)

(Sahura: Aw. Okay bye guys. I'll pause it.)

Sakura: Lotus?! I wonder how she fell thorug that trap.............

Lotus: Hey i laned in chocalote.

Sakura: *goes thorugh the trap door* Chocolate? Hm..........

Lotus: *taste chocolate* Dark to be exact

Sakura: Where are we now? Besides in a pit of choclate.

Lotus: My guess is we are still in the CEO, but underground.

Sakura: Yup. Now how do we get back up?

Lotus: One second *all of sudden a vine came up to the suface* Going up

Sakura: Woah. *climbs up* This reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Lotus: That because i have the power to control plants.

Sakura: Really? Cool! I'm not sureif I could EVER do that.

Lotus: *Climbing up*

Sakura: Hey I see somone! Oh great............... It's not a good thing anymore.

Lotus: Why?

Sakura: It's the snob Pinky.

Lotus: Who Pinky?

(WARING: MEAN LANGUAGE IS ABOUT TO BE SUMMONED BY PINKY. It doesn't mean anything though.)

Pinky: I am. Hello. I don't think we've met. Why are you with the yellow fleabag?

Lotus: Lotus the Artic Wolf and who yellow fleabag?

Pinky: That-that-that thing! *points to Sakura* Couldn't you tell?

Sakura: Shut up Pinky.

Lotus: That strange i thought you were the yellow fleabag *Points to Pinky*

(Brb. Gotta take a shower.Feel free to continue.)

( Ok but i got to get lunch. Can't RP on an empty stomach)


???: I smell...a SNOB!!


Sakura: ??????

Lotus: What is it Sakura?

Sakura: Oh nothing.

Pinky: Of course it was nothing. You don't even know how to think!

Lotus: Oh shut up Pinky before i bring forth my "PLANTS OF DOOM"

(A bespectacled purple cat with blonde hair is standing behind Pinky.)

Sakura: ?

???: YOU!! (points at Pinky) The snob is YOU!!

Lotus: Hey Pink i think there a ghost behind you

Sakura: Haha! Yeah.

Pinky: Hmph. And might I ask who YOU are?

Ryu: I am Ryu, and I am no ghost! THIS is a ghost! (pulls out Pokeball and throws it)


(The Pokeball releases a Shiny Dusknoir!)

Dusknoir: Nooiiiiirr....

Sakura: Cool!

Pinky: What is that thing?! Get it away!

Ryu: That's Amduscias, my Shiny Dusknoir!

Lotus: Aww it kinda cute

Pinky: KEEP IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Ryu: Aww, are you afraid of my big bad Pokemon?

Lotus: A snob and a scary hedgecat pitiful

Sakura: *laughs*

Pinky: *runs away crying* I'M TELLING MY DADDY! HE'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON!

Ryu: I bet your daddy'll be afraid of Amduscias too!

Lotus: Bring on i kill more mobins then you ever see.

Ryu: wat O_O

Lotus: *whisper* Not realy althought i kill this guy one.

Sakura:Well! Pinky's a snob, brat, scaredy hedgecat, AND a baby!

Lotus: Don't forget tramp since she flrits with you friend Robby the Hedgehog.

Sakura: .............................Yeah! Wait- who said I minded it? Well I do, but, UGH. Nevermind!

Lotus: *singing* All you need is love. All you need is love. All you you need is love.

Sakura: *glares* CHANGE OF SUBJECT! So...............I bet Pinky still crying right now.

Lotus: Yeah i think she is because she don't have Robby on her side.

Sakura: -_- The change of subject thing didn't work at all...............

Lotus: Nope *Singing* Harden my heart. i'm gonna swollow my tears.

Sakura: -_- Okay.......................... Anyway.....When do you think Pinky and her dad will show up?

Lotus: * Looks a watch* 3 2 1

Pinky: I'M BACK!!!! AND THIS TIME I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! *she goes in a mosnter machine*

Lotus: I was right. and aww crap.

Pinky: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *fires missiles at them*

Sakura: Yikes! Dodge 'em!

Lotus: *Dodging* Wait i got an idea.

(Lotus jump in front of Pinky)

Pinky: *fires missiles* DIE!

Lotus: *dodged the missiles* Hey its that Robby the Hedgehog over there * points behind Pinky*


Lotus: *whisper to Sakura* Now let attack now. Show her no mercey.

Sakura:*uses energy ball* TAKE THIS!

Pinky: I don't see-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*falls*

Lotus: COME FORTH MY PLANTS OF DOOM * the Plants of doom attack Pinky*

Pinky: Get it off! Get it off!

Lotus: I would not do that if i were you. You are making them angery

Pinky: Don't care! GET 'EM OFF! *punches some*

(Then the Plants of Doom coil her like a snake and tight the coil)

Lotus: I warned you.

Pinky:*in choking voice* UGH!............I...................SWEAR...............IMA...............KILLL............YOU!

Lotus: Not if the my Plants of Doom do it for me. Unless....

Sakura:What do you mean Lotus?

Lotus: Unless she leave alone.

Pinky:*still in choking voice* OKAY.........OKAY...........GET...........ME...............OUT!

Lotus: Ok *snap fingers* Aright boys that enought.

(The plants went back too the ground and Pinky fall down a break one of her nails)

Pinky:Ugh! My nail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *leaves crying,again*

Sakura: Wooooooooo! High five!


  • Saizo: Girls girls, should you really be fighting like this? *Saizo sits ontop of a wall, hunched over and staring at both of them* Violence shouldn't be needed...

Lotus: Who are you?

Sakura: Yeah, who are you?

  • Saizo: Erm... well... *Saizo jumps off the wall and stands infront of the two girls, beating their height by a couple of feet, maybe more.* To put it simply... no one important, haha.

Lotus: Why?

  • Saizo: Ora... *Saizo sighed heavily* If I was someone important you would at least know my name, correct?

Lotus: Yeah

Sakura: Well that means your not famous or anything, but that doesn't mean your not important.

  • Saizo: Right, *Saizo lifted one leg forwards then holds it vertically straight, pushing it close to his body with his arm, stretching his leg.* I could be considered famous in my lands, but even so I'm just another guy... ah, that feels good... *Does the same with the other leg* Being asleep for too long has cost me my flexibility. Oh right, I'm Saizo. What's your names? *Bends his leg at the knee* ahhhh good blood flow there.

Lotus: Lotus the Artic Wolf

Sakura: Sakura. Sakura the Hedgehog.

(Sahura: I gotta. Bye guys)

(See ya)

(Ok i'll pause it)

  • Saizo: Hmmm two flowers, eh? You two will probably make a good pair of fighters... probably. *Saizo kneels down on one knee with the other leg stretched to the side, now stretching his calf muscles.* You two don't look like fighters.

Sakura: What does he mean we don't look like fighters?

Lotus: Oh we are fighters

  • Someone who looks SOMEWHAT like Pinky emrges*

Lotus: PINKY

  • Saizo: Oh? Part of the next generation of heroes? I'm surprised you've not joined one of the tournaments. *does several kicks to the side with quick succession* hmmm still a bit slow...

Sakura: Woah.

????: Cool dude. Anyway I'm not Pinky.

Lotus: *To not Pinky* Who are you? *To saizo* Toraments?

Cupcake: I'm Catrina the Hedgehog. But please, call me my nickname, Cupcake.

  • Saizo: Hah she thinks I'm cool... and yeah, there's a tournament and a coliseum at the moment; the Rising Dragon Tournament and the Trials of Conquest coliseum. *does a few more kicks, going low to high in little time* I should start working out again...

Lotus: *to Cupcake* Hi Cupcake *To Saizo* Dragon Tourament you say?

Cupcake: Welll. I better go. My parents make me take care of mah sister, Pinky. Ugh. Why did they have a hedgecat!?

  • Saizo: yeah, it's a knockout tournament but it's just started, so you should be able to sign up if you wish... I pray that you don't face me or my colleagues.

Sakura: I know we're supposed tp be looking for the CEO, but this sounds fun!

Lotus: Yeah thats sounds fun where do we sign up?

  • Saizo: Well you go and sign up at the coliseums. The Dragon Fist Tournament is close by, but the trials of Conquest has stopped signups for a while now.

Lotus: Lets sign up Sakura.

Sakura: Okay. All aboard Air- Foce fireld!

Lotus: Ok


Lotus: Yeeeeehaaaa

(Sahura: I gotta go,again. <:'( Bye guys!)

(Cherrysan ok bye)

Sakura: Well, looks like we need a ride back. Hop on!

Lotus: Ok

Sakura: *drives back the the building* I think I did pretty good that time.

Lotus: Yay i did not puke this time.

Sakura: Heh heh. Yeah. I say we take a break from finding the CEO.

Lotus: Sure. insted how about we pull a prank on Pinky. Cupcake and Crimson can help.

Sakura: Yeah. I'm sure they'll LOVE that. Now, what prank do you have in mind?

Lotus: I'm glad you asked. I was thinking about filling her swimming pool full of waterfleas and replacing her shampoo with vinager and her bubblebath soap with baking soda and boom big eplosion. You got any ideas? I would LOVE to hear them.

Sakura: Yours is good. I got nothin'.


Sakura: *makes a force field* Okay! Hop on!

Lotus: Ok.

Sakura: We're here! Man, force field travel is fast.

Lotus: Shall we tell Crimson and Cupcake.

Sakura: Yes we shall! *taps on window where Crimson and Cupcak are play video games games*

Cupcakes: Hey guys!

Crimson: What's up?

Lotus: Nothing much. Say would the both of you like to pull a prank on sister Pinky.

Crimson and Cupcake: Of course!

Lotus: Ok here the plan *Whisper the plan* What do you guys think?

Cupcake: Cool!

Crimson: Eh, I'm always the calm one,but I think I need revenge.

Lotus: Ok lets get cracken. Cupcake you go to the kichen and get baking soda and put in her shampoo bottle. Crimson you put the waters fleas in the swimming pool. and Sakura you go to the kichen with Cupcake and get the vinger and put it in her bubble bath. And I'll set ups cameras so we can enjoy the for furture generations. Any questions?

Crimson: Nope.

Cupcake: No.

Sakura: Nota.

Lotus: Ok lets do this!!!

(Cupcake and Sakura go to the kitchen and Crimson puts water fleas in the pool.)

Sakura: I got the vinger!

Cupcake: I got the the baking soda!

(They head to the bathroom.)

Sakura: *Puts the vinger in the bubble bath*

Cupcake: *Puts the baking soda in shampoo*

Lotus: *Recording Pinky every move* Is everyone done with everything.

All: Yup!


I bet this is all stupid Cupcake's fault!

Lotus: *Still following Pinky every move with a carma*


All:*laughing hystericly*

Lotus: Whos the Fleabag now. *still recording*


Lotus: First you have to catch us.

Pinky: I don't run. I have people do it for me.

Pinky's Dad: I saw what you did.

Lotus: *Whisper to Crimson, Sakura, and Cupcake* We better run now.

Pinky's Dad: It's okay. Pinky needed to have a prank on her sometime in her life, it might as well be today. Look, my little girl's first prank! Anyway, Crimson, Cupcake, tell your friends bye.

Crimson and Cupcake: Bye guys! See ya later!

Lotus: See ya

Sakura: Bye!

Lotus: That was nice of him to let us off like that.

Sakura: Yup.


Lotus: *Turn around* eek Sensei

Sakura: Who's Sensei?

Lotus: He's my master. He the one who taught me and my friends the way of the ninja. I wonder how he find me?

Sensei: LOTUS.

Sakura: Oh. I see. He sounds harsh.

Lotus: Only if you make him mad. Then he punish you by making you run 200 lap around the Hana Villege.

Sakura: Yikes!

Lotus: Meh you get use to it.


LotusL We better make a run for it.

Sakura: I would say, force-field for it.

[cracking sound is heard above]

Rockin: ow.....wait.....who are you?

(sorry, my computors been down for a few days)

(that ok)

Sensei: That none of your bussness. I'm looking for a white wolf with blonde hair. Have you seen her?

Rockin: nope.......i'v been wondering this hallway at the entrance......but nothing.

Sensei: Very well. Good day. * Walk off*

Rockin: [to himself] and I thought Idle was rude and secretive [aloud] I could try and help you...

Lotus: *Cover his and dragged him away from Sensei* Shhhh I don't want Sensei to punish me.

Rockin: {whispers) I guess.....wait..thats his name? how long did it take his parents come up with that?

Lotus: I don't know. his parents are dead. And we do not know what his real name is we call him that, because it means "teacher".

Sakura: I see.

Rockin: oh good.......and your his apprentice?

Lotus: No i'm one of his pupli.

Rockin: oh....and this white wolf......? whos that?

Lotus: Are you color blind. Its me.

Rockin: once I was after this scar got here [points to scar on face] but the color came back after a week, but anyway.........why are you running from him? disobey him?

Lotus: Eh long story short. I unmask him, becuse my name was draw out of the hat.

Rockin: wow....thats bad.....uhhh you mind if I help you find a place to hide? the place is hu--wait.whats the consequence for lying to him?

Lotus: Running 200 laps around the HanaVillige.

Rockin: oh man.....I unintentionally lied to him.....

???: Ha! hese Mobians may be good assistants for my destruction of earth i'll go ask them tomorrow

Sleeky: Hi, an I la- wait, what Mobians? Us?... Never mind... anyways, am I late?

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