Hold on, now. This isn't just any cardboard box. Because of just one small little box, crazy things will happen. This one box will lead people to a whole new world where people you may know of will be found. Because of this one box, people will go from regular old Joes to known heroes! One little box causes all this craziness. So, if you want to be apart of it, why not join the roleplay?


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Current Mission

Let's get into Dizzy World and find the next portal!


  • Flare The Hedgehog - Hurricaden
  • Metal Flare - Hurricaden
  • Dark Flare- Hurricaden
  • Raphael The Falcon (Mr.Zaya)
  • Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)


Part 1: Station Square Park

Rory: [standing next to a park bench] Ah. It's such a nice day out.

Tony: Hi Rory!

Rory: Hey. What's up?

Tony: I just got us tickets to "Pokemon the Movie," we each get to take one extra friend!!! I'm taking Flare!

Flare: Really? Thanks!

Rory: Pokemon has a The Movie? Seriously..?

Flare: So what? Pokemon is cool.

Tony: who are you taking Rory?

Rory: I don't like Pokemon. And besides, I don't have tickets.

Klinx: Hello, I couldn't help over hearing, but does someone need tickets?

Rory: No. Nobody needs tickets.

Flare: Like I said before, the movie is starting in a half hour!

Rory: You never said that, you know.

Tony: LET ME TALK!!!!

Flare: Geez, ok. Sheesh!

Tony: I'll take Anthony with one of my 2 extra tickets.

Flare: Oh no! It's starting in 3 minutes!

Rory: Three minutes? Legit? You just said it was thirty minutes a few seconds ago!


Flare: Uh, Rory? I don't think we'll be going to a movie after all.

Rory: ...What is that...?

A cat named Aurora was walking around...

Rory: Is it really safe here with a robot version of ths guy walking around threatening people? *points to Flare*

Flare: Of course not! Anyway, alright scrap head! Let's dance!

Klinx: *had already started to back away from the whole situation*

Aurora: ..What?

Flare: Tony and Rory! Go find Sonic and Tails! Quick!

Rory: Why would I know where they are?

Flare: It doesn't matter! Just find them!

Flare: Everyone else...consider this a good idea...RUN!!!

Rory: -_- How about I do this. *takes out a shrink ray and shrinks Metal Flare*

Flare: But he still has my powers! He could still burn up this whole city!

Rory: *gets out a paxiglass jar and stuffs Metal Flare inside* Paxiglass minimizes powers.

Flare: Well this is great, the movie started!

Aurora: What Movie..?

Rory: They wanted to see "Pokemon the Movie" which they said was starting in 30 minutes, but it's only been two!

Tony: I have water powers.

Klinx: Err. Good for you.

Flare: Yeah...good for you.

Tony: which means I can stop Metal Flare

Rory: He's already in the jar. Done deal.

Flare: Hey a chaos emerald!'s black, red, and white. well, Emeralds are Emeralds! *absorbs*

Klinx: *blinks* Well, that's nice. Now I'd best be going. *starts backing away again but backs into something. He looks up to see Macro standing over him*

Macro: Uh, hey Klinx who are these people?

Dark Flare: ...ha...ha..HAHAHAHA!!! You will all be eliminated!!

Klinx: I'm not entirely sure... *whispers* But they are a bit strange...

Macro: *steps back when he sees Flare* Is that guy ok?

Rory: I don't know. This is so weird.

Flare: Yes...I'm fine, but you won't be! *attacks Marco*

Macro: AAH! Get if off! *starts kicking, trying to keep Flare away from him*

Rory: Don't make me shrink-ray you too.

DF: *Puts Marco in a death grip*

Macro: Erk! Make him.. stop!

Klinx: *steps behind Rory* I-I believe it may be preferred if you handle this.

Rory: I second that. *points shrink ray at Dark Flare*

DF: Think of what will happen to Macro here.

Rory: It only shrinks the tissues and membrane and bones and stuff from one body. Touching something changes nothing. *shoots Dark Flare*

DF: *has no effect* *right about to kill Macro, but passes out and returns to normal before doing so*

Rory: 0.0 That was... strange.

Flare: *Doesn't wake up but heart is still beating.*

Klinx: I'll say...

Macro: *breathing heavily, picks Flare up off of himself*

Rory: You okay, man?

Macro: I-I think so. But I don't get why he attacked me.

D.W.: *runs up to them* Anybody seen a monster that looks like it's made of tar?

Flares status: (to your right)

Rory: Uh... no. How can a monster look like it's made of tar?

Flare: *Wakes up* D...Did you say "Tar Monster?" W-what happened to me? Hello? I said "What happened to me?"

Rory: You went dark and a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, why would there be a tar monster i-
Monster: *roars and runs past them*

Flare: O_O'

Team Storm was walking down the path of the park.

Jess: So, what are we doing, again?

Burn: (Sighs) We're here to investigate the monster sightings. Apparantly it's made of Tar.

Sparky: I know it sounds fake, but you may never know.

D.W.: It just ran past us! You just missed it. I'll help you catch up to it, though!

Flare: *Whispers to Tony* This day just gets wierder and wierder.

Flare: Hey, uh guys? I'll catch up later. I just gotta think.

Jess: DUDE! Klinx and Macro! Sup?

Sparky: Did the monster look like it was made of Tar? Any other features we should know about?

Klinx: Ah, hello Jess, Sparky, and Burn.

Macro: Hey guys!

D.W.: I took a picture of it. It's in black and white, but... *shows picture of the tar monster*

Sparky: Yikes.

Burn: (sighs) I can take it down.

D.W.: Let's run after it then!

Team Storm: (shrugs and runs after the monster)

D.W.: Wait up! *follows them*

Monster: *stops running and roars*

Burn: (dashes up and breathes fire at the monster)

Monster: *roars and starts running again*

Sparky: (Dashes right up to the monster, grabbing it and not letting go)

Burn: (Fire punches the monster)

Monster: *manages to wiggle out, runs into the field, and jumps into a cardboard box*

Jess: The heck? A cardboard box? This is weird, even compared to me!

Rory: *runs to the box* What happened?

Jess: (runs to the box and yells into it) HELLO?!? Anyone in there?!

(Green liquid spits up into Jess's face and burns a bit)

Jess: (runs around in pain) OW!! Acid in my face!

Rory: What the heck is in there?

Sparky: (looks at Team Weasel in confusion)

Burn: Lets see. (Sticks his head into the box)

Flare: Hey guys! I'm back!

Rory: *looks in the box too* It looks like... a city!

Aurora: (Peeks in) ..???

D.W.: How can an entire city fit in such a small box?

Aurora: I dunno...

Flare: Wait what? A CITY?

Rory: Seems like fun, right? I wanna go in. Who's with me?

Klinx: Pardon...? *looks at the box*

Flare: I'm in! (The box)

Aurora: In..? (she's in)

D.W.: I guess I'm in, too.

Rory: Cool. Anybody else?

Macro: I guess we don't have anything to lose.

Rory: Alrighty. *jumps into the box*

D.W.: *follows Rory*

Aurora: (Jumps in)

Klinx: *goes in the box*

Macro: *somehow manages to squeeze in after them*

Part 2: Portal to Genius Grove

Rory: *gets up* It's like a whole nother universe in here! *turns around* That house looks condemned....

Aurora: W-whoa...

Team Storm: (Falls into the box and lands on their heads) OW!

Flare: And the fact that it's look likes another universe is the thing that appeals to you? I'm concerned of how we got so small.

Aurora: meh..

D.W: But that's the thing. We're the exact same size! Look at the box! *points to the box way too high for any of them to reach* Super high, but it doesn't look any bigger.

Burn: (sarcasticly) Hurrah. We get to have some more interdimensional adventures, guys.

Sparky: Pretty weird, especially considering we went through some very crazy things ourselves.

Jess: You said it.

Aurora: Yup..

Rory: *turns back around* Hey, guys, there are some people over there!

Aurora: Like who?

Rory: I don't know. Let's go talk to them. They probably know about that box.

Burn: (runs over to people) Excuse me. Where am I, exactly?

(They turn around and it turns out they're Professor Utonium, Numbuh 5, and Dee Dee)

Professor Utonium: Why, you're in Genius Grove!

Dee Dee: You guys don't look like you're from here.

Klinx: No, we're not as a matter of fact. We ended up here somewhat accidentallly.

Burn: Genius Grove, huh? What a weird name for a place like this.

An unidentified red, yellow, and orange hedgehog showed up. "It's just a name..." He said with a monotonous tone.

Numbuh 5: I think it was just named that because this is where Dexter's house is and also one of the entrances to Dexlabs.

Jess: (scratches his rear end as he's confused)

Sparky: Humans. I didn't expect any. And what Burn meant was what dimension are we in?

Dee Dee: You guys are from a different dimension? Are you ALIENS?

Utonium: No, Dee Dee. Looking at my dimensions map, I think we're in number 416. And judging by how you look, you probably came from 37, correct?

Sparky: If you mean Mobius Prime, yes.

Numbuh 5: Well however you got here, portals to this place don't open back up for at least 3 days.

Dee Dee: While you're here, I think you might as well help us all out with something.

Jess: Do we get paid?

Burn: (slaps Jess) You idiot! These are people we don't know and that is what you ask them?!?

Jess: Sorry. It's just that the Tar Monster, and we were hired, so...

Burn: (sighs) I gotta control my temper.

Sparky: What do you need? Those two and I are Team Storm: heroes for hire.

Numbuh 5: Tar Monster? One of those got to you? This is worse than I thought.

Dee Dee: My brother can probably explian it better. He's in his "laboratory" and he won't let me "in" until "further notice."

Utonium: There's a manhole entrance to the lab in the backyard.

Burn: (ignores Utonium and goes to Dexter's house, and knocks on the door) Open up!

Numbuh 5: Nobody's gonna answer.

Burn: (turns to Numbuh 5) Can it, kid! I was a prince of an entire dimension, and I'm sure I can gain entry of this thing! (breathes fire on the door)

Dee Dee: Hey! You put the door on fire!

Utonium: What are you doing?

Numbuh 5: Guys, Numbuh 5 thinks he's one of the bad guys.

Burn: (kicks down the door, putting out the fire) Alright, who's in here, where am I, and why are these people looking at me like I burned a house down?!?

Sparky: I'll answer your third question: YOU BURNED DOWN A DOOR!!!!!

Jess: Geez, Burn. Calm down.

Sparky: And due to your attack, I expect a security system to go off in a few seconds.

Numbuh 5: Dude, that house is deserted.

Utonium: But I know what you're trying to do! *presses a button and it traps Burn in a paxiglass cage*

Burn: Let me out this instant!!!

Sparky: He just has a temper! Just let him go!

Utonium: Now why in the world would I let go somebody who's working for the bad guy?


Numbuh 5: He's gotta be! You guys are obviously trying to break into Dexter's house and steal his secrets! We're not gonna let that happen!

Sparky: (to Burn) Nice job, ash-brains. You got us from heroes to accused convicts.

Burn: (Yells and screams loudly)

Jess: (to himself) We're SO dead.

Dee Dee: Is he gonna explode?

D.W.: Take cover!

Burn: (Screeches like a hawk and destroys the paxiglass with an explosion of fire) Dang! I'm not a bad guy! Now, tell me were one is so I can clobber it into submission.

Dee Dee: For once, there aren't any around here.

Numbuh 5: Just go into Dexlabs and talk to Dexter. He knows where they are.

Rory: Why can't he come out and see us?

Dee Dee: He won't come out of there.

Burn: Maybe we can convince him. Lead the way there.

Rapid ran up to everyone. "Sorry fr being so late. I hd a situation to take care of..."

D.W.: *looks at Rapid* Situation? What, were you watching Jersey Shore?

Rapid's eyes widened. "I...HATE...THAT...SHOW!" He yelled. "And anyway, who watches it. All I was doing was cleaning the blood I spilled."

Rory: ...Did you just say you spilled blood...?

Rapid nodded. "I have a part time job at the hospital for some extra cash. I had to use this machine to test blood and I knocked over a blood bag and it got everywhere so I had to clean it up." Rapid siad. He showed everyone the blood on his gloves, shirt, sshoes, and pants.

D.W.: Oh. You scared me for a moment! Well, let's go to the lab. Somebody better explain it when we get there. *walks to the backyard and opens the manhole*

Rapid followed.

(After everybody follows D.W. into the manhole)

Dee Dee looks around. Numbuh 5 and Professor Utonium are both preoccupied. She smiles and dances into a secret entrance she hid in the side of the house.

Part 3 - What's up in Dexlabs?

D.W. drops to the floor and lands on her feet. "Lucky rabbit feet, huh?" Rory drops right behind her and lands on his rear end. "Ow! Maybe I should take one of them."

Burn's mini-wings flapped as he accended down the manhole cavern. Jess floated down with him, Sparky holding on tight. Burn landed and looked around. "I hope this "Dexter" is as much of a genius as he's made out to be.", he said. Jess was whispering something to Sparky. "You sure that's going to be a good distraction?", Sparky asked. "I'm sure!", Jess said as he nodded.

Dexter is at some kind of master keyboard device, typing a lot of things. He currently hasn't noticed anybody enter his laboratory.

Jess saw some gadgets: some music instruments? Jess led the Team over and took up the synth board, drums, and electric guitar. "Let's give him a shock.", Jess whispered. Burn started drumming as the start of a remix of Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3.

Dexter jumps harshly, as he is terrified from the random noise. "Dee Dee," he exclaims, "GET OUR OF MY LABORATORY!" He opens his eyes and sees that Dee Dee didn't cause the noise. "Who are yooouuuu?"

"Just some super heroes from another dimension; why do you ask?", Sparky said as he started his gituar riff. Jess started using his tails to operate the synth board.

Dexter's eyes widen. "Another dimeeeeeeension, you say?" Dexter begins to pace around the lab. "Tell me, how exxxxaaaactly did you get here?

Rapid looked around. He found a ray gun. "What does this d-" He shot it and a ray hit a test tube and chemicals got all over the floor. "Oops..."

"Well, a cardboard box, and stop stretching out your words. It's creepy!", Sparky answered as he continued his riff.

Rapid agreed. "Why do you do that?" He asked.

Dexter became enfuriated. "Wwwhy did you knock over me test tyyuuube?! I needed that!" he screamed. "GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!!"

Sparky made an extremely loud sound from his guitar, causing Dexter to stop yelling.

Dexter jumped in mid air from schock. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he fell unconcious to the ground.

D.W. stared at him. "Uh... I think you broke him."

"How can you break someone?", Sparky said as he stopped playing and worringly examined Dexter.

"He's not broke," Rory assured them, "He just got his eardrums blown out by Sparky, over here."

Sparky poked Dexter's ears. "Hey. You okay there?", he whispered.

Dexter twitched a little, and stayed where he was.

A floating robot in the shape of an adult human woman started floating toward everybody. "Good job," she started, "He is 'out cold.' What were you trying to do?"

"Well, it was Jess' idea!", Sparky blurted. Jess lunged on top of Sparky, and Burn lunged at Jess, causing a chaotic Three-Stooges-styled group fight.

"Yeah," Rory explained, "We don't know what's wrong with them."

D.W. steps in. "We were trying to talk to Dexter and ask him how some cardboard box got us here. But they got the bright idea to play the loudest guitar note and KO him."

Sparky, Burn, and Jess stopped at once. "EVERYONE SHUT UP AND FOCUS!", they yelled at eachother.

Everybody looked at the three of them, very annoyed.

Burn and Sparky glared at Jess. Jess coughed and cleared his throat. "You see," he began in a sophisticated voice, "I mearly wanted to have a bit of fun and entertain your friend. However, Sparky's gituar playing went off key so he could get Dexter to stop yelling like crazy. We mean no harm whatsoever."

She robot woman answered, "You must not be from here. It is well known all around the land that Dexter's eardrums are extremely sensitive. I am called Computress. Remind me, what information were you looking for in his laboratory?"

"We are a hero group for hire: Team Storm. We are here to investigate the monster attacks and invasions. One monster, apparently made of tar, found it's way into our relm.", Burn said.

"You must be speaking of the Talon Titan," Computress explained. "He comes from a canyon deep in The Wilds. I do not know how he got to your world, but he probably used a portal. If he did, that would be very bad, because that would mean that there are more portals around this land to your world."

"Oh yay. We have to find more cardboard boxes around this place?", Burn asked.

"Actually," Computress continued, "No two portals in this dimension look alike. There are many different things the portals could look like." A piece of white paper with writing on it came out of her mouth. She took it in her hand. "I have printed out a paper of what all of the portals may look like to you."

D.W. took the paper from Computress and read it aloud. "'Brown Paper bag, gray trash can, yellow sombrero, green headdress, red dictionary, black suitcase, purple wardrobe, blue dresser, and a giant pumpkin?' This is a really random list of things. They're all portals somewhere?"

Computress printed out another piece of paper, this one being orange. She took it and handed it to Jess. "Yes. That orange paper is a list of places that the portals will most likely be."

"Random things causing random stuff to happen? Sign me up!", Jess said. "Do we get paid?", he asked before Burn bonked him on the head.

"No," Computress began, "but think of it this way. If you do not do this, nobody else will. And if nobody else does this, your dimension will be infested with monsters of even worse sorts."

"Alright then. THEN do we get paid?", Jess asked as Burn bonked him a second time.

"Why would I pay you for saving yourselves? We are perfectly fine with give you our monsters. That makes less for us to have to handle," Computess responded.

"We're also saving YOU, so-", Jess began before Sparky signaled him to shut up.

"So," Computress continued, "the first thing you should probably start looking for is the brown paper bag. It's hidden somewhere in an area close to here called Sector V." Computress printed out yet another paper, but much larger and handed it to Rory.

"Is this a map to Sector V?" Rory asked.

"That is a map of this entire area. The green light on it shows where you go to next. It updates every time you find one," Computress explained.

Team Storm was off in a flash. Burn was holding the map, Sparky looked on the ground, and Jess took the air.

D.W. rolled her eyes. "Thanks for remembering to bring us and the other two papers!"

"WE'RE UNFOCUSED, OK?!", all three of them shouted at once. Burn nabbed the orange paper and examined it.

Glaring at the three of them, D.W. snatched the orange paper back from Burn and started walking towards Sector V. "Are you guys coming or what?"

The three sighed and followed the others.

Part 4: Sector V

[After arrival at Sector V]

Rory began staring at the KND Treehouse. "Do you guys see that thing?" he asks. "It's like a giant floating treehouse!"

"How is this, I don't even.", Burn babbled in amazement.

"I have a feeling this isn't the weirdest thing we'll be seeing today," D.W. inferenced. She looked at the map, puzzled for a moment. Then she sighed. "Well, that's a shame. This thing only gives a general area of where it could be. And it looks like it's somewhere up on that treehouse thing."

The Team started running towards the treehouse and went into flying formation, flying up the platform the house was on.

Numbuh Two, Blossom, and Sherri Bird are all on the treehouse. Numbuh Two spots them. "Geez! Animals are just getting weirder and weirder!"

Blossom looks around. "And they're running all around the tree house. What the heck are they doing?"

Jess was hanging by his tail on a branch as Sparky and Burn climbed across the tree.

Sherri looked at the three of them, worried. "Be careful! Don't fall!"

"Do you mind telling us about this place?", Burn asked as he glided down to Sherri.

"Well, this is--" Sherri began. Numbuh Two interrupted her. "I'll take this one, Sherri." He walked over to Burn. "This is the headquarters of the Kids Next Door!"

"The what?", Burn asked in confusion.

"You don't know what the Kids Next Door is?!" Numbuh 2 exclaimed, clearly mortified about this.

Blossom tried to calm him down. "They're obviously not from around here, Numbuh Two." She turned to Burn. "The Kids Next Door is, like, and all kid thing. A bunch of kids get together with missions to stop evil adults."

"But now," Sherri continued, "There's monsters everywhere, so we have to stop those guys from taking over this place."

"Hello, Nurse!", Jess said as he looked at Blossom, accidentaly falling off his branch and landing on his head. "Forgive Jess. He says that whenever he meets someone *cough* attractive.", Sparky said as he jumped down from the tree. "An all kids agency? I'd like to know how that's even possible.", Burn said to Numbuh 2.

Blossom blushed, but also looked a little creeped out. "Well, we get a bunch of kids," Numbuh Two explained, "And we train them and stuff. We use weapons like gumballs and rubber bands and ice cream and stuff. And of course, my 2×4 technology. All the missions we go on are for the good of kids everywhere! Of course, though, you gotta leave the KND once you turn 13. Well, you did. But I'm still in it!"

"2x4 tech, huh?", Sparky asked. He thought and finally settled on a decision. "Is it alright if you can make us some weapons? Specificly, blades. Jess, show them the blueprints.", Sparky said. Then, Jess started going through his pockets, pulling out several papers and tricks of his, such as a Jack-in-the-Box with a punching glove inside it. He eventually pulled out the right papers: ones that detailed three Keyblade-like weapons that could use electricity, wind, and fire respectively. "Making weapons out of food and household items?", Burn asked in confusion.

"Hey, gumballs can poke an eye out," Numbuh Two defended. He took a look at the blueprints. "This is good... but I can do better!" He took the blueprints with him and walked into the room behind him. He then shut and locked the door."

"He won't be too long," Sherri explained. "He's a really fast worker."

"I just wonder what things adults can do to the kids in this Zone, to get them to be like villians.", Burn wondered.

"I think a lot of the stuff the KND does is a bit over the top," Blossom says.

"Like, a mission Numbuh Two had was to get soda to a birthday party for a little girl who wasn't allowed to have it," Sherri continued.

"I'm not willing to question the logic in my Zone, so why should I question the logic here?", Burn said.

Numbuh Two busted open the door with his foot. He had a box full of items in his hands. He was also dragging a large machine with him behind him. "Finished!" he exclaims.

"The Keyblades we gave you the blueprints for?! Man, that was fast! Even Tails would be jellous.", Sparky said in suprise.

"Yep! They're all done. And plus, I found some weird, glowing brown paper bag," Numbuh Two said while he was walking towards them. All of a sudden, he tripped over a stone on the treehouse, and everything in the box fell out onto the ground below. "Whoops."

"I got this.", Burn said gruffly as he glided down to the dropped items. "And it looks like we found another of those portal things.", Jess said as he grabbed the paper bag.

D.W. climed up to the treehouse at long last. "Finally!" D.W. exclaimed. "This thing is like, impossible to climb up!"

Just then, a large group big, robotic catepillar-looking monsters with wall plugs as heads grabbed the paper bag. They began to crawl away.

"Alright, Keyblade: work your magic!", Sparky said as he turned on the electricity in his blade and weilded it back-handed. Sparky proceded to slice one of the monsters in half with a large electric beam.

"Uh..." Dawn said, "what the heck did you do to that thing?"

"He just shot that Caterplug and cut it in half!" Blossom exclaimed. "And did you see the distance between them?"

The group of caterplugs chattered amongst themselves. Then, they combined themselves and turned into a Supercharged Caterplug!

"It's go time!", Burn said as he held his blade above his head. Jess was randomly shouting and yelling as he flew at the Caterplug. When he landed on it, Jess smacked his blade on the Caterplug's head repeatitly in a comidic fasion.

The Caterplug seemed to chuckle a bit, and flung Jess off of it.

D.W. jumped on its head and started kicking it, but the Caterplug did the same to her.

"I've got to help them!" Blossom exclaimed. "Come on, Blossom," Numbuh Two told her. "They'll do just fine. Besides; this is one of the best fights I've seen around here!"

"Make fun of me, huh?!", Jess said as he lept onto the Caterplug again. Burn shrouded himself in flames and crashed into the Caterplug's face.

The Caterplug fell on his back, wiggled around a little, then descintigrated into the ground.

"See?" Numbuh Two bragged. "I told you they could do it!"

"Thank you for creating these weapons.", Burn said to Numbuh 2.

"No problem!" Numbuh Two said.

"One more thing," Blossom said. "We know a lot of people in this world, and most of them will attack anything they don't see on a regular basis."

"And you guys aren't even from this world," Sherri continued. "Luckily, Numbuh Two made this machine."

"Yeah, and all I gotta do is shoot you with this 2×4 ray thingy," Numbuh Two said, "and you guys will look like humans to anybody who sees you."

"I've got my disguise covered.", Jess said as he glowed and changed into Len from Vocaloid, smiling with confidence. "Hit us.", Burn and Sparky said to Numbuh 2.

"Me too," Dawn said. Rory got to the top of the treehouse, panting heavily. He layed down at the edge. "Hit that guy too. He's with us."

Numbuh Two took the large machine and pressed a few buttons. "Brace yourselves," he said. Then, he pressed another button and and a bright light appeared. When it disappeared, Burn, Sparky, Dawn, and Rory were all humans. "All done! And the best part is you keep whatever abilities you had before!"

To Sparky's suprise, he looked very much like Roxas from Kingdom Hearts in terms of clothing. However, Sparky kept his trademark yellow, spiny hair. Coincidently, Burn looked much like Riku, also from Kingdom Hearts. Burn still kept his red hair, even if it was shorter and neater.

Dawn and Rory didn't look like anybody in particular. Just like this:
Human Dawn

Human Dawn

Human Rory

Human Rory

"Nice, huh?" Numbuh Two said.

"Let's go find those other portals.", Sparky said. "What's next on the list?", Burn asked.

Dawn looked at one of the papers. "It looks like the next place is a place called Peach Creek Commons."

"Lead the way.", Sparky said.

Part 5: Peach Creek

"Gosh," Dawn said, "it would have been easier to go straight here from the other place."

"Are you saying we're lost?", Burn asked.

"One would think so," Dawn said, "seeing as we're standing in front of a giant cardboard fortress with two giant planks of wood with faces in front of them." She looked back at the map. "But according to this map, it's somewhere in here. It doesn't even say if it's inside or not. So vague."

"Cardboard?", Sparky asked as Jess skipped over to the entrance of the fortress.

"Yeah," Dawn continued. "It's all cardboard boxes. Weird, huh?"

The doors seemed closed, so Jess gently knocked on them.

Somebody who seemed to be wearing a sock on his head peeked through the doors. "Are you evil?" he asked.

"If you consider being very popular across the world and having a gifted singing voice, as well as being an android of sorts-", Jess began, attempting to mimic Len, before Burn pushed him away. "No, we aren't. I assure you we mean absolutely no harm."

The person's head came from out of the doors. "It's open!" he told them.

"Unbelievable." Rory sighed.

Jess shrugged and the Team walked in. "Come on, before any monsters show up.", Burn said to Dawn and Rory.

The two of them walked in after the team.

"Welcome to the Ed's Fortress!" The person said. "My name is Edd, but please call me Double D.""

"Well, Double D, we are Team Storm, a hero group for hire. We are on a mission to stop these monster infestations and seach for objects that lead to another universe.", Burn said with his usual serious tone.

"They weren't hired," Dawn corrected. "They're not getting paid. Auburn and I just came 'cause it looked fun. So, what's with the cardboard boxes everywhere?"

"Eddy and I made this to keep the Kankers out!" Double D exclaimed. "They're quite horrifying! Wait-- did you say another universe?"

"Yes, and I said FOR hire, not THAT IS hired.", Burn said to Double D and Dawn.

Dawn stuck her tongue out at Burn.

"So, what brings you to Peach Creek Commons?" Double D asked.

"I just told you: we're here to seach for objects that lead to another universe and stop the monster infestations.", Burn replied gruffly.

"Oh, right," Double D said, emberassed. "I'm sorry; I'm a little on edge. I suppose my listening skills are suffering because of it. You know, I could help you with your search! It's always rewarding to help somebody on an adventure! Why, I--"

"You're bothering these people, sockhead," Eddy interrupted. "You gotta learn to stop talking so much! Hi, I'm Eddy."

"Hi?", Sparky said, confused. Jess was too busy picking his nose to even pay attention. "You were saying about helping us? In fact, are there any areas were a monster attack was recent?", Burn asked Edd.

"Actually, they happen all the time over--" Double D starts. Eddy interrupted him before he could finish. "You gotta pay us first, buddy."

"You're kidding, right?", Jess said as he picked his nose. Burn stared at Eddy in an intimidating fasion. "Show. Us. Where. A spot. Is!", Burn growled.

"You don't scare me, kid!" Eddy said back, rolling up his sleeves. Dawn facepalmed.

Burn's temper was getting hold, and Sparky and Jess backed away slowly. "One last chance, buddy.", Burn growled at Eddy.

"Just give me some cash," Eddy insisted, "and this could all be over. You don't want a piece of this!" Eddy appeared to be flexing, but there was no visible muscle.

Dawn and Rory also started to back away. Dawn then hid behind Jess.

"I've taken on demons. I'm sure I can handle the likes of you.", Burn smirked.

"Yeah?" Eddy said, obviously not believing him. "Well, I've taken on giant... uh... hamsters!"

"Cripes.", Burn said, agitated. "You going to show us a scene to investigate or are you going to act like a numbskull?"

"Numbskulls?!" Eddy exclaimed, steamed. He was about to punch Burn in the face, but Double D and Dawn held him back. "As I was saying," Double D continued, "There used to be a ton of attacks near the trailorville behind this sheild. However, most of them seemed to stop as soon as this gray, glowing trashcan appeared out of nowhere. Interesting, huh?"

Annoyed, Dawn pushed Eddy back and he fell on his butt. "Yeah, I don't need your money anyway." Eddy got up and walked toward the center of the fortress.

"Show us the trashcan. It's one of the portals we needed to find.", Burn said as Sparky glared at Eddy as he walked away.

"Are you crazy?" Double D exclaimed. "I'm not stepping one foot out of this fortress for a second!"

Meanwhile, outside the box, Espio and Clearsky were walking around, when they ran into the box.

"What the heck is this doing in the middle of nowhere?" Espio exclaimed.

"Who knows?", replied Clearsky, "Maybe it's an abandoned treasure!"

Clearsky tried to open it, but it didn't.

"Dang it!" said Clearsky, "I better try harder."

Back in the box, Sparky shook his head. "My pals and I are great fighters, and you should have seen us at the Treehouse.", he said. "We'll protect you, trust us.", Burn said to Double D.

Dohble D sighed. "I suppose there is no other way for you to find the portal that you need. I will go with you." Double D slouched and started walking toward the wooden doors.

"Rory, Dawn! Let's go!", Burn said as he walked with Double D. Sparky and Jess followed him.

Dawn folded her arms and walked with them. Rory followed them.

Double D walked out of the fortress, took a sharp right, and kept walking. Eventually, he stopped and flinched. "Eek! Where did all of these monsters come from?

"I don't know, but keep it down and stay out of sight.", Burn said as he hid behind a tree, examining the group of monsters.

Double D shreiked and hid behind Rory. "Those are the Hydro Hammers!" Be careful! Don't let them smush you!

"I think we'll be fine," Dawn said. "Rory, you better keep guarding Double D!"

"Shhhh.", Burn said as he hid inside the trees and leaves. Jess turned invisible and snuck inside the group of monsters. Sparky was ready to attack.

One of the Hydro Hammers turned around and "saw" Sparky. It immediately started running towards him with his hands ready to smash him. The others soon followed.

Burn and Jess began. Burn dropped from the tree and quietly grabbed a Hydro Hammer and destroyed it in a single slice of his blade. Jess changed into a Hydro Hammer and started attacking the other monsters to cause confusion. Sparky jumped on top of one of the monsters, pinning it down to the ground.

Dawn looked around and found a path with no Hydro Hammers or any other monsters. She motioned for Rory and Double D to follow her, and walked right to the end of the path, where there was a river. She then picked up Double D and jumped across. "C'mon, you guys!" she yelled to the others.

Sparky was off in a flash, while Jess and Burn soon followed after.

The Hydro Hammers tried to follow them. Rory swam to the other side of the river as fast as he could. "That everybody?"

Sparky ran across the river, while Jess flew and Burn glided over. "Yeah. So what about that trash can?", Sparky asked as he shook water off of himself.

Double D's eyes widened. He seemed to be staring at a curly, redheaded girl staning a few feet in front of them "Hey, sockhead!" she said, happily. "Who's your friends?"

"Travelers, detectives, fighters, and musicians. I'm Sparky: leader of Team Storm. The red haired guy is Burn, and the yellow one is Jess.", Sparky said as Burn and Jess conversed with each other.

"I'm Dawn and Auburn here is Rory." Dawn continued.

"We're here 'cause we're bored." Rory said.

"Why are you guys looking for a trash can?" Lee asked. "There's probably one in that stupid fortress the Edds built to play hard to get. Which, by the way, we plan on knocking down with that Trojan Hamburger over there." Lee pointed to a giant, wooden hamburger with her sister on it, waving to them. She then winked at Rory, making him take a step backward.

"We're looking for a specific one that glows and enables anything and anyone passage through time and space.", Sparky said, trying to make it sound legit.

"That's what that thing did?" Lee asked. "Well, you're kinda too late, toots. Some monsters picked that thing up and carried it to the junkyard."

"Where's the junkyard?", Burn asked, getting agrivated by all of the detours their adventure has given them.

"Go behind the trailer park here," Lee explained. "There's this construction site there. Walk past that thingy and go to the road. Then, take a left and go to that giant floaty thingy. That'll give you a busride to the junkyard." She took two cards and gave them to Rory and Burn. She winked and walked into her trailer.

Sparky rolled his eyes and headed towwards the back of the trailer park, Jess and Burn following behind.

Rory's eyes widened. "Yeah, well I'm gonna put Double D back in the Cul De Sac. I'll meet up with you guys later." He picked up a still frozen Edd and started towards the cardboard fortress. Dawn unrolled the map and followed Team Storm.

Part 6: Goat's Junk Yard

"This is the biggest and nastiest Junk Yard I've ever seen in my life," Dawn said when they finally arrived.

"Hm.", Burn grunted in agrivation.

A very, very large guy was standing in front of another trailer next to the large junk yard. He turned and saw them. "Hey!" he said, excited. "Some more dudes showed up!"

"Who are you?", Burn asked the guy.

"Oh yeah," he said. "The name's Coop." he smiled largely after he said this, but lost his smile to see everybody unimpressed. "So what brings you here?"

"This may sound bannanas, but we're lookin' for a trashcan that glows and can let people jump dimensions.", Jess said, trying to make it sound serious.

"Oh, that," Coop said, "Yeah, I saw some Scrap Scrappers carrying that thing somewhere into that huge junkpile. But it's almost impossible to see inside that thing from out here." His eyes widened. "Do you guys plan on going /inside/ that junk pile?"

Team Storm nodded.

"Ooh," Coop said, disappointed. "Not a good idea, dudes. That place is an infected zone." Coop began to stare into space.

"Um," Dawn asked, annoyed, "what the heck is an infected zone?"

"Well, there's this green goo called fusion matter." Coop beings. "It stings like heck. No, no, it hurts. Like, it hurts real, real bad." He cringed just thinking about it. "Infected zones are parts of certain places that have to be blocked off 'cause of the huge amount of the fusion matter all over the place. And the trash in that place doesn't smell too nice, either. Not to mention the huge fusion monsters inside of there, and that place is a huge maze! It'd what trapped my giant robot."

"We've seen worse.", Burn said. Sparky tapped his foot in impatiance as Jess approched Coop. "What if we were to find your robot, too?", Jess asked.

"I know where he is," Coop said. "He's huge, man! I just can't get him outta there 'cause the fusion matter, like, parylsized him or something."

"We'll get him out and you can figure out what to do.", Sparky suggested.

Coop lit up. "Could you do that for me, bro? I'd SO owe you one!" he exclaimed.

"We're Sonic Heroes! Of course we can help!", Jess said as Burn bonked him on the head for making such a reference. Sparky sighed at the two's bickering, and told Coop "We're Team Storm, actually. I'm Sparky, The red guy is Burn, and the yellow one is Jess. And yes, we WILL help you."

"Sweet!" He said in excitement. "Hey, Jess, how'd you get your hair so yellow?"

"Who cares?" Dawn asks him. "Let's just go, guys who never introduce me, even though I'm not on Team Storm." Dawn walked onto a blue platform. "You go in here, right?"

"Yup," Coop said, eating a burito that he pulled out of his back pocket.

"We thought you would do the introduction yourself.", Jess said with a shrug. Sparky sighed as he headed to the infected zone. "How long has that been there?", Burn asked Coop, pointing to the burito.

Coop shrugged. "I dunno, man. I felt in my pocket and something was soft and squishy, so I pulled it out and here it was." He bit into the burrito.

Dawn had a horrified look on her face. She touched the "Enter" button on the keypad connected to the platform, and the four of them disappeared. They reappeared inside the junk pile.

"Well, let's do it too it.", Sparky said as he started searching. Jess and Burn soon followed.

"Who are we," Dawn said, "the Goof Troop?" She pointed to the ground. "Look at all that green stuff! Isn't that the fusion whatever the fat blonde guy was talking about?"

Sparky crouched down close to the fusion matter without standing on it. He brought out his backpack and found a sample collector. "We'll keep a sample of this and see what we can find out.", Sparky said as he put the sample inside a test tube, putting it in his backpack.

Dawn crouched down like Sparky did, pulling a hot pink glove from her shirt pocket. She touched a small amount of fusion matter on the ground with the glove, and half of it immediately descintegrated. "Whoa!" she exclaimed. She also covered her nose. "That stuff smells horrible after it gets on you. It's not so great before-hand either."

"Thanks, Ms. Obvious. But we need to find it's weakness.", Sparky said.

Dawn smacked Sparky with the half descintegrated glove. "How can you be sure there /is/ a weakness. Why don't we just fly over it or something?"

"Yeah, but what about getting rid of it for this world, hm?", Sparky said as Jess pick him up and flew him over.

"How do you know you can?" Dawn asked him. "If that was possible, don't you think Utonium would have figured it out by now?" She jumped onto a floating platform next to a large building in the junkpile. "And since Fatso said they're Fusion Monsters, and that's fusion matter, that must be, like, their remains or whatever. So even if you can, wouldn't it make more sense to wipe out all the monsters first?" She jumped on three more platforms, onto one that was right in front of a giant spring that led to the building's roof.

"Exactly.", Sparky said as he triangle jumped from wall to wall of junk.

"So what you're saying is that you want us to go around this entire place and defeat all of the monsters everywhere?" Dawn asked, sitting on the edge of the roof.

"At least as much as we can.", Sparky said as he finished triangle jumping.

"Meh," Dawn said, shrugging. "Do what you want. I'm gonna keep looking for the glowing trashcan." She got back on her feet.

"Jess!", Sparky yelled. Jess ran right in front of Sparky and made a salute. "Help Dawn, Burn and I are gonna find the robot.", Sparky said as Jess dashed to Dawn.

"Okay, Jess," Dawn began. "I think the trashcan is probably either in the biggest pile of junk or at the other end of the junk yard. What about you?"

"I say it's where most of the monsters are!", Jess said triumphantly, not getting any enthusiasim from anyone else.

"That does make more sense," Dawn told Jess. "Okay, let's go over there." She pointed to a large area around a robot that stood taller than the building they were on. There was quite a bit of fusion matter around the area, along with at least 10-12 Scrap Scrappers walking around. There were floating platforms that lead to the top of the robot.

"Yes!", Jess said as he looked at the robot in awe. He jumped down and saw that Sparky and Burn were near. They gave him a thumbs up and Jess took in a deep breath. He then screamed in a "Courage the Cowardly Dog" fasion to attract the monster's attention.

While the Scrap Scrappers were distracted by Jess, Dawn jumped from the roof of the building all the way to the head of one of the monsters. She started stomping on the monster's head.

Burn took his blade and sliced most of the monsters in half, letting Sparky finish off the rest.

The legs of monsters that Burn sliced in half continued to run around, kicking Team Storm continuously and brutally. The top halves jumped around and jumped on them. Dawn was still on top of the same Scrap Scrapper trying to make it cave in.

All three looked at each other and pounded their fists together: they unleashed their Team Blast! Jess formed his cloud and Burn spread the fire, and Sparky let down his thunderbolts.

All of the monsters in the entire junkyard immediately descintegrated. All except for one Scrap Scrapper. The one Dawn was jumping on. It turned out to be twice as large as the others. Eventually, however, the robot caved in and Dawn fell inside of it. "Whoa!" she exclaimed. "It's like I have my own monster suit!" She moved around the arms and the legs a little.

Team Storm panted from their attack and saw what Dawn was doing. Jess had an idea. "Hey! Cuz the monsters are immune to the green gunk, why not clean off the robot using it?", he shouted to Dawn.

"Great idea, Jess!" Dawn shouted back. "But I don't think I can jump up on those platforms in this suit."

"We'll help then.", Sparky said as Team Storm lifted up the monster Dawn was inside.

"Wow!" Dawn exclaimed. "This feels so weird! I like it!" She pointed to the top of the giant robot. "To the giant robot head!"

Team Storm carried her over too the robot's head, and decided to take out their instruments and played a remix of Lava Reef Zone in victory and encouragment.

"Hmm," Dawn said. "I wonder how this works." She touched the giant robot's head with her Scrap Scrapper hand and began snapping to the music Team Storm was playing. Just like that, all of the dried up fusion matter all over the robot turn liquidy, and went into her monster hand. "Holy chizz!" she exclaimed. "That was easier than I thought!"

"I'll get Coop! Keep it up!", Sparky said as he ran to the exit and Burn and Jess continued playing.

Dawn snapped again, and all of the fusion matter immediately evaporated. So did the Scrap Scrapper hand. "Wow," Dawn said, "I guess it was too much for this one."

"At least we fixed this place.", Jess said as he stopped playing. Sparky came running back with his legs running in a figure-eight, carrying Coop with much difficulty.

"Whoa!" Coop exclaimed. "You fixed Megas!" His eyes were twinkling with happiness.

"You're welcome.", Sparky said with a bow.

"Oh, yeah!" Dawn said. She jumped out of the suit and onto Megas's head. "Here's the trashcan!" She picked up the trashcan. "What do I do with it?"

"Does the list or instructions we got say anything?", Jess asked.

The trashcan turned into what looked like a gray whirlpool, then it disappeared. A gray trashcan symbol appeared on everybody except for Coop's hands. "Uhm... I think I just figured it out."

"Hmm....", Sparky mumbled in thought. Jess started jumping up and down. "Hey! Can you give us a lift with this giant robot thingie?!", Jess yelled down to Coop.

"Sure, bro!" Coop yelled back. "Where do you guys need to go?"

"Where too, Dawn?", Sparky asked Dawn.

"This place called Foster's Home," Dawn told them.

"I can take you guys there!" Coop exclaimed. "Toss me up to Megas's head!"

Jess made a salute and grew his trademark three tails back, flying Coop up to Megas's head. When he brought Coop up, Jess changed back.

Coop landed on the robot's head and looked around. "I think I'm holoositatin' or something," Coop said, seeming a little dizzy, "'cos you dudes look like creepy mutant animal thingies!"

"Well that's cuz-", Jess began before Burn covered his mouth. "-You're probably so excited over Megas being repaired!", Sparky answered Coop.

"Oh," Coop said, relieved. "That makes sense. Okay, dudes, everybody jump in Megas's cockpit!" He climbed inside and sat in the "driver's seat."

Team Storm jumped inside, and Sparky smelled the strange scent of year old tacos.

Dawn jumped into the cockpit last, closing the roof of it after her. "It smells like old tacos and quesos in here!" she complained. "Why...?"

"So, I like Mexican food," Coop shrugged. "Sue me." He pressed a few buttons and pulled a few levers, and Megas was off. "To Foster's Home!" Coop yelled.

Part 7: Foster's Home

Coop yanked on a string hanging from the roof of the cockpit, and Megas finally stopped. "Here you dudes are," Coop told everybody.

"Whee!", Jess said as he jumped down from the robot. "We appreciate the assistance.", Burn said to Coop with a smile before he jumped down. "Kick some butt for us!", Sparky suggested to Coop before he climbed down.

"Get some air freshner while we're gone!" Dawn said as she jumped out of the cockpit.

"Okay, dudes! I'm gonna try to get myself sane again, 'cause now, all four of you guys look like creepy mutants!" Coop yelled at them. He closed the cockpit, and he and Megas started walking south.

"Hey, guys!" Rory said to them, still in his human form. He ran towards Team Storm and Dawn.

"Wait. Our disgiuse wore off?", Sparky said as he looked to see he was right. Sparky actually felt better, and started doing a Super-Peel-Out in place.

"Don't worry, guys," Rory said. "For whatever reason, Eddy had a spare humanizer thingy and he sold it to me."

"I think Team Storm and I should stay normal. If we need to change back, we'll do it.", Sparky said as Jess and Burn nodded.

"If you wanna walk around looking like... that," Dawn said as she looked the three of them up and down, "Good luck with that. Hit me, Auburn!" She held out her arms and Rory shot her with the ray, turning her human again. "Let's go, everybody!" Dawn said, pointing towards the gates to an extremely tall house.

Team Storm started following Dawn, being suprised by the house's size.

A redheaded woman wearing a green hoodie with a Powerpuff Girls T-shirt was at the gate to greet the five of them. "Hi!" she exclaimed. "I'm Frankie Foster. Are you imaginary friends?""

"What is this I don't even.", Burn babbled in frustration. Sparky sighed. "No. We're not. We're heroes from another dimension, if that makes sense.", he answered Frankie.

"Heroes... from another..." Frankie babbled, very confused. "Oh, man! I'm having that dream again!!" She pressed a button, and everybody in front of the house scattered and ran behind it, except for a large group of people in red jumpsuits. Frankie ran up to them hurriedly. "Don't let them get away!" She screamed. "I'm not having this dream again! And save those two kids with them!" She ran inside the house, and the people in the jumpsuits took a fighting stance, some with large weapons.

"Well, we're blipped.", Burn said calmly. "Please! We can be reasonable here...", Sparky said as the guards aproched him. Jess started screaming "We're all gonna die!!!", flailing his arms in fear.

Rory leaned over to Burn. "You sure you don't wanna go human again?" He whispered to him.

"Not right now. We have fools to deal with.", Burn said before he started running towards the guards.

Frankie screamed and grabbed the collar of one of the people in jumpsuits. "Bijou," she said, "Bijou, he's coming! Hit him with that one!" She pressed a button on Bijou's large gun, shooting a large bubble at Burn that was meant to hold him inside.

Burn snapped his fingers as he slid under the bubble and the bubble evaporated due to the heat Burn had emmitted. "Please, guys! We're heroes! We're here to help and Burn is only doind this in self defense!", Sparky yelled in fear as Burn continued advancing towards Bijou.

"That's what he said 6 dreams ago!" Frankie said, pulling on somebody else's jumpsuit. "Kenny, tie him up with that rope gun! Do it!" She pressed a button on Kenny's rope gun, causing a huge rope to fly straight at Burn.

The rope tied up Burn, but he set it on fire with his flame breath. Burn extinguished the fire after it consumed the rope. "For the love of Tracy Yardley! We're heroes!", Sparky called out as Burn started walking towards the guards once more.

"Heroes don't look that creepy unless somebody with a sick mind thought them up!" Frankie exclaimed. She stole another person's weapon and pointed it at Burn. "Don't move another muscle, you creep!"

"I'd rather you wouldn't, sister.", Jess said as he swooped down and nabbed the weapon. "Now can we be reasonable?", Sparky asked, getting agitated.

Frankie screamed hysterically and ran inside the house, slamming and locking the door. The people outside all begain murmuring, then after a few seconds, they all fell to the ground and curled into fetle postion at the exact same time.

"Well, you proved us wrong.", Burn said to Dawn. Sparky grinded his teeth and nabbed the humanizer, changing him and Burn to their human forms. Jess used his illusion power to change into Len.

"Yes," Dawn gloated, "yes, I did."

"Now let's walk up to those guys," Rory told everybody, "and act like nothing ever happened. Got it?"

Sparky walked up to the doorbell and rang it, preparing for the worst.

The door cracked open a bit, and an eye looked at Sparky. "Hola?"

"Yes? Who is it?", Sparky asked while in a guarding position.

"My name is Eduardo," the person said with a seemingly Mexican accent. "Are you a good person?"

"Yes.", Sparky simply answered, going back into his normal position.

"Yay!" Eduardo exclaimed. He swung open the door, showing his purple monster-like appearence. "Hola, friend!" Eduardo said, hugging Sparky. "Frankie, scary monsters are gone!!" he screamed inside the house.

Sparky's tounge hanged out of his mouth as he gasped for air. Burn and Jess walked inside, seeing Frankie. Both were a little nervous about her behavior earlier.

"Hi," Frankie said to Burn and Jess as Rory and Dawn entered the house. "My name's Frankie Foster. My grandma owns this place. How can I help you?"

"We are searching for a certain object that glows. It's supposed to help us destroy the monsters.", Sparky said, shaking a little bit.

"Specifically," Dawn added, "A glowing yellow sombrero."

"Well, I think I saw a sombrero somewhere in the backyard," Frankie said, "but I don't think it glows. Why do you need it? Will it stop this guy from shaking?" she pointed to Sparky.

"I told you we need it to get rid of the monsters.", Sparky said, still shaking a little.

"You mean those fusion freaks that pretty much have this entire house surrounded?" Frankie asked. "Maybe one of those things ha--" Before she could finish, her skirt started vibrating. "Oh man, I'm getting paged an angry rabbit. I'll be back soon. Just scream 'FRANKIE!!!' if you need me!" She sprinted up the staircase.

"Right...", Sparky sighed in agrivation. "Dawn, check the backyard. Roy, stick close to her. We'll search the house.", Burn said as he walked upstairs.

"Wait!!" Eduardo yelled at Burn. He looked around and whispered loudly, "I know where the sombrero thingy is!"

"Lead the way, then.", Burn said as he walked back down the stairs and Sparky and Jess stayed close to Eduardo.

"Are you loco!?" Eduardo asked. "Is to scarry out there! But I know the sombrero is at the center of the muy big bush maze in the backyard! The scary monsters back there stole it and other stuff and put it in the middle of the maze because they no we are all too scared to get it. The maze is filled with the scary monsters and is very confusing!!"

"We've handled worse: we can dispose of those monsters in no time. Jess can also fly.", Burn said assuringly to Eduardo.

"The maze has a dark green cover over it, so you can not fly to the center or see the maze from high," Eduardo said. "It was like cheating for imaginary friends that fly."

"Then bring us to the entrance of the maze.", Burn said.

"Oh no!" Eduardo exclaimed, terrified. He cringed. "Mosters is EVERYWHERE in backyard! There is big sign for the entrance though."

"Fine. We'll go alone.", Burn said as he and Team Storm walked outside.

"Thanks, Eduardo," Rory said, shaking his hoove. "If we can return the favour, just let us know." Rory followed team storm outside.

"By the way, Ed," Dawn added, "That was an empty gesture." She clicked at him and followed Rory. Eduardo scratched his head.

When Team Storm went out to the backyard, they brandished their blades, ready to fight any monsters.

"These monsters look way stronger than the ones we fought last time," Rory pointed out.

"Then lets get rid of them.", Sparky said as he and Team Storm charged the monsters.

One of the Extremospawns cackled. It walked closer to Team Storm and spit Fusion Matter at Burn.

Burn jumped over the Fusion Matter attack while Jess pounded an Extremospawn in the face.

The Extremospawn growled angrily, and it stared at Jess. It seemed to drain his energy.

"Daisy, daisy...", Jess mumbled as he got weaker, but Sparky sliced the monster in half.

Another Extremospawn blew a large amount of fusion matter at Sparky.

The matter hit Sparky's rear end. "Hot hot HOT HOT HOT HOT! HOT!!!!!!", Sparky yelled as he ran across the yard in pain. Jess got an idea. He changed into his normal self and started dancing. "Look at me. I'm a kitty cat!", Jess sang to distract the monsters.

The monsters guarding the maze, and Dawn, were all mesmerized by the ridiculous singing and dancing.

Sparky stopped hurting and joined Burn in destroying the monsters in the confusion.

Eventually, all of the Extremosaurs guarding the maze entrance were destroyed. "Cool," Rory congratulated them. "Now all we have to worry about are the even bigger ones inside the maze while trying to make it through the maze."

"Lets.", Burn grunted as he and Team Storm walked inside the maze.

"Where'd the kitty go?" Dawn asked, dissapointed that the preformance was over. Rory rolled his eyes. "Just come on." They followed Team Storm into the maze. Immediately, there was a fork in the road. "So..." Rory began, "Do we turn left, right, or go straight on?"

"We split up. Roy, go with Jess to the right. Sparky, stay with Dawn and go to the left. I'm going foward.", Burn said before he walked ahead.

"Rory...." Rory sighed. He walked over to the right. "Have fun with that, Burn," Dawn told him.

Burn had a mission, and he wished to do it as soon as possible. He wanted to stop with his daily interuptions, and wished to have some fun back in Mobius. Sparky and Jess explained this to their respective parters as they walked in their designated directions.

When Sparky told Dawn this, she shrugged. "Too bad he didn't really get to do it before this whole thing started. But this is kinda fun. It's like a sub-mission."

After hearing this from Jess, Rory told him that he feels bad about it and he wishes there was something he could do to help.

"You see, THIS is the mission I'm talking about. Burn is usually a very cool guy, but when there's a mission at hand, he wants it done and done.", Sparky explained to Dawn. Jess smiled at Rory as they both walked foward.

"Oh," Dawn said. "I wish the guy would calm down. I mean, yeah, this is pretty serious and chizz. But he could at least try to enjoy being in a completley new dimension that none of us have even heard of. I think it's exciting!"

"He's not too used to change or resposibility. He...used to be a prince in an alternate dimension.", Sparky said to Dawn.

"I might just watch too much TV," Dawn said, "but I thought princes were supposed to have quite a bit of responsibility. He must have been one of those frou-frou la-di-da ones, huh?"

"Not really. He had some good ideas for governing that he gave to his parents, but he was afraid of screwing things up when he had to be king. AND, he never left the castle, under strict rule. He wanted to make actual friends, and to not do nothing. As punishment for trying to escape, he was sent to the military, developing his strength and that split personality.", Sparky explained.

"That must stink," Dawn said. "So he didn't pick up any of the responsibility they teach you at the military?"

"Yeah. He has a great sense of it. Burn just feels like he has to complete his objective as soon as he gets it.", Sparky explained. "He's also a killer detective, and considering he enjoys detective work and this mission only relies on brute force to dispose of the monsters, he's in a bit of a bad mood."

Dawn thought for a bit. "Well, what if... okay, Computress said these monsters weren't always here. So that means they came to this place for a certain reason. And they're strong, but so far, these monsters seem pretty simple minded. So... so, what if there's a mastermind behind all of these fusion monsters coming here? That way, we can figure out who it is, and if we take him or her down, all the other monsters might go. So that's kind of like a mystery, right?"

"So, do you think we can get any leads for him?", Sparky asked.

"Everything that's alive at least has a brain. I think. So, maybe we can defeat some monster, but not completley. If it's possible, we can like crush it... but leave the brain to, like, analyze or something.", Dawn suggested.

"Or even interogate it.", Sparky suggested.

"You think they can talk?" Dawn asked.

"Some of them, probably.", Sparky answered.

"Perfect time to test it out," Dawn exclaimed, "because there's a dead end with one of those giant monsters in front of us!" She took a few steps back.

Burn suddenly burned through one of the bushes and quickly put out the fire. Jess and Rory were right behind Burn, for they were found by him inside part of the maze. He leaped at the monster and held it by the neck. "Lie to me if you're done having teeth. If not, tell me about your leader!", Burn growled at the monster.

The Extremospawn just took one of its tentacles and flicked Burn off of its neck. It then roared angrily.

"One last chance...", Burn growled before he leaped up and pinned the monster to the ground. Jess and Sparky held down its tentacles.

Rory and Dawn held down its other tentacles. The monster furiously blew fusion matter at Burn's face, struggling to break free of everybody's grip.

Burn moved his head out of the way of the matter, and punched the monster with furious power. "NOW TELL ME EVERYTHING!", Burn yelled at it.

The monster started barking loudly and blew a larger amount of fusion matter at Burn's face.

Burn dodged again and breathed a little fire on the monster, getting it to stop barking. "Now, are you going to tell me or not?", Burn growled.

The monster managed to wiggle out of everybody's grip and head-butted Burn.

Burn shook his head and roundhouse-kicked the monster.

The monster went flying into the horizon. There was a slight twinkle when it was completley out of sight.

"Idiot.", Burn growled after the monster was sent flying. "Come on! We got others to interogate. Or at least attempt to...", he said, agrivated.

"I hate to point out the obvious," Dawn said, also agrivated, "but if this one didn't say a word, I doubt any of the others will. Unless, of course, you wanna go find different monsters. But it's only those ones in the maze."

"Let's get the sombrero and leave, then.", Burn said before walking off.

"Ooh, I'm Burn!" Dawn mocked him after he left. "I know how to boss people around! I punch things!" She rolled her eyes and followed Burn.

Burn simply rolled his eyes as they moved foward.

The group walked into a dead end. "Looks like we need to turn back," Rory pointed out.

Burn was about to make a comment about Rory being captain obvious, but he resisted.

Dawn didn't, of course. "Thanks, Rory. We would have never known." Rory turned around and started to walk in a mopy fashion. Then, he paused. "Do you guys hear that?" He squinted a little. "It almost sounds like... like a Goal Ring."

"That must be the hat.", Burn said. Jess was thinking about other things, not paying attention that much. He started getting an idea.

"How do you think we can get to it?" Rory asked. "This maze is, like, impossible!"

Burn didn't want to burn down any more property, but he really didn't have a choice. He burnt a hole in the hedges, and extinguished the fire afterwards. "Ladies first.", Burn said sarcasticly to Dawn, gesturing her to go first.

Dawn smiled sarcastically at Burn and walked straight to the glowing sombrero. She gestured for them to follow.

Team Storm walked foward, and Jess was still thinking.

Rory followed everybody. "Cool!" he exclaimed. "Four down! I-it's four, right?"

"The paper bag, the trash can, and this. This is the third one.", Sparky corrected Rory.

"Right, right, right." Rory agreed. "So, Dawn, what's next and where can we find it?"

Dawn took out the pieces of paper. "Weird combo," she began. "It's a Green Nigerian Headress, and apparently, it's somewhere in City Hall." She looked more closely at the map. "The are we've been in has been the safest. Apparently, This place's monsters are level 10, but City hall has level 15 monsters, and they're everywhere."

"We'll need everything to get rid of them.", Sparky said, and Jess finished his idea. "That's it! Everything!", Jess blurted. "We need to go back to Dexter, Utonium, Numbuh 2, and any other great scientists! I have an idea!"

"Okay," Dawn said, "But those guys are back in the SouthWestern part of the suburbs. It'll take a while to get there."

Frankie seemed to also be wandering around the mazes and overheard their conversation. She climbed over the bushes and got to where they were. "Hi, guys!" Frankie greeted them again, breathing heavily. "I was just cleaning the maze. Mister Herriman has me do the weirdest things. Anyways, I know how to get you guys to Genius Grove, Sector V, and to Tech Square! You know those monkeys in front of the house?"

"The ones with the weird, purple helments?" Rory asked.

"Yeah!" Frankie confirmed. "Those guys fly people to wherever they want! It just costs some money."

Sparky took out a Ring and held it out. "Do you think this will work?", he asked.

"Heck," Frankie exclaimed, "that thing seems priceless! You could use that to fly to every location and still have tons of money left over! That'll work fine!"

"It's pretty common in my Zone...", Sparky quietly said to himself. Team Storm decided to walk over to one of the monkeys.

Dawn took out another ring. "Here's some money for your troubles," she said, handing the ring to Frankie. She winked at her, and she and Rory followed Team Storm to the monkeys. Frankie began to cheer hysterically, and she began to jump up and down.

"You kids need a ride?" One of the monkeys asked them.

"To Sector V.", Burn said as he tossed the Ring to the monkey.

The monkey smiled largely. "Sure I can! Fellas, these guys need the VIP flight! Pronto!" The other monkeys immediately turned on their jetpacks, picked up everybody, and began to fly at extreme speeds towards Sector V.

Part 8: The Gizoid

By the time they arrived, Team Storm's hair was messed up and ruffeled from the flight. "Thank you.", Sparky said to the monkey.

"No problem, kids!" he replied. "I'm gonna use this money to buy a shiny new helmet!" The monkeys walked into the Tech Shop inside the treehouse.

"There's Numbuh 2, Blossom, and Sherri over there," Dawn said, pointing to the three of them.

"Hey, guys! Can you get Dexter, Utonium, and any other scientists to help you out with something? We have an idea that can help us all!", Jess yelled over to them as he ran towards them.

"Sure!" Numbuh Two answered. "Sherri?"

Sherri got out a device, pressed a button on it, and began to speak into it. "Paging Professor Utonium, Dexter, Mandark, Mojo Jojo, Princess Bubblegum, Edd, Computress, and Plumber Carol to the Kids Next Door Treehouse." Sherri took her hand off of the button. "They should all be here, right about now."

Immediately, All of the people Sherri spoke of walked out of the Tech Shop of the treehouse.

"Hello, everyone. Jess here has an idea for something we can use to fight the monsters.", Sparky said as he pointed at Jess. "A Gizoid! That's what you guys need to create!", Jess said cheerfully. Burn raised an eyebrow. "A Gizoid? Like the one Sonic used to talk about: Emerl?", he asked. Jess nodded.

"Gizoid?!" Dexter and Mandark exclaimed symoltaniously. Mandark pushed Dexter down and walked toward Jess and Sparky. "How do you two nimrods know about our gizoid project?!" Dexter got back up and pulled Mandark down. "I thought that project was top secret! Are you from a fuuuuuuture dimension?" Plumber Carol corrected both of them. "That project's not top secret at all. Everybody here knew about it, too."

Team Storm changed back into their original forms. "We are from another dimension: it might be just a coincidence that your universe has a Gizoid.", Sparky exclaimed. "It's weird how the Gizoid in our world was created in ancient times, yet is enough to match modern technology.", Burn said. "Then tell us what a Gizoid is, to see if the one from our world is the same.", Jess told Mandark.

Mandark and Dexter leaned in on Team Storm, silently examining him. Edd fainted.

"Ignore those three," Computress said. "The gizoid of our dimension was also made in ancient times. I believe Samurai Jack found the one of our time and showed it to us. When Dexter and Mandark saw it, they both tried to reverse engineer their own versions of it to try to understand it without altering it. Princess Bubblegum and Edd tried to find a way to clone it and alter the clone, but this did not work. All four of them are still trying desperately to figure out what it was made for, but none have succeeded. In conclusion, we do not know much about it."

"If it looks like this...", Jess began before projecting a hologram of Emerl the Gizoid. "Then it's the one from our world. The Gizoid was a robot that could copy all forms of weaponry, fighting, and movement abilities with flawless accuracy. It was a battle weapon, and its A.I. could even copy or adapt to the people and things it's around. It had no limitations, and Sonic befreinded it, but it had to be destroyed when Dr. Robotnik took it over."

"Um," Dawn added, "Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, and Shadow also befriended it!"

"I knew that.", Jess grumbled.

"Jingo jango!" Princess Bubblegum exclaimed. "That's exactly it! Except ours is more of a cerulean than a burnt sienna. But I don't know who any of those people are."

"It can copy battle styles, can it?" Plumber Carol asked. "That's very intriguing! I am very sure that we can get that to you right away."

"No!" Mojo Jojo exclaimed. "You cannot have the Gizoid because the Gizoid is mine and I am going to use the Gizoid in an experiment to rid the universe of Fuse and then take over the world!!!"

"Chill, Mr. Monkey Dude.", Jess said to Mojo Jojo. "These people Dawn mentioned are friends of ours in our dimension.", Burn told Bubblegum. "You guys all need to work on the Gizoid together in order to fix and complete it.", Sparky suggested.

"Incorrect!" Mojo Jojo yelled. "I must use the Gizoid for my own selfish needs! Because I, Mojo Jojo, must get the Powerpuff Girls out of the way so that I may take over the world and make it Mojo Jojo land!

"One of those girls is right here!!" Blossom angrily reminded him. She started running at him, but he flew up into the sky.

"I, Mojo Jojo," he continued, "cannot be captured by anybody! And I shall fly to City Hall where the Gizoid is so that I may teach the Gizoid my Mojo Jojo ways!" He began laughing and took off towards City Hall.

"If some quack-pot like that monkey gets the Gizoid, then we're doomed! We need to go, fast!", Sparky said before he sped off. Jess and Burn quickly followed.

"My morrow can give you a speedy ride straight to City Hall!" Princess Bubblegum said to Rory and Dawn.

"Rainicorn?" Rory question her. Princess Bubblegum screamed "SCREEE!!!" at the top of her lungs, and a large swan-like bird flew down.

"Jump on his back," she told them. They did so, and after the princess yelled "SCREEE!!!" again, they started flying after Mojo Jojo.

When everybody finally arrived at City Hall, they all landed right in front of the building. Mojo Jojo turned around only to see Team Storm, Rory, Dawn, and a gigantic bird right behind him. "How did you find me?!" He asked.

"Lucky guess.", Sparky said sarcasticly. He leaped into the air and homing attacked Mojo Jojo.

"I, Mojo Jojo, have not the time for such silly games as battling children from another dimension!" He started running to the City Hall building.

Just then, Bubbles and Buttercup walked out of the front door of the building. "So that's the tour of City Hall!!" Bubbles told her sister. Buttercup looked forward and saw Mojo Jojo and the heroes. "What's with Mojo Jojo and his other mutant freaks?" She asked, angrily.

Sparky decided to try what he thought he couldn't do. He took out his lucky Time Stone and held it in the air. "Time Break!", Sparky yelled as energy fired from the Stone and hit Mojo Jojo, putting him in slow motion.

"Look, Buttercup!" Bubbles exclaimed. "Those things must be on our side!!" She flew over to Sparky. "Hi, I'm Bubbles! This is my sister, Buttercup!" She pointed to Buttercup, who just rolled her eyes and folded her hands.

Sparky introduced himself as Burn flew down and pinned Mojo Jojo to the ground.

Tony: *falling from the sky* "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- ow... OW.... ARAGH!!! crud, im in the wrong dimension, i could have sworn my friends were here... wait... that aura... why are you guys human?!?!?!?!"

Sparky turned around, rahter confused of what happened.

Mojo saw this as a chance to escape. He slipped out of Burn's grip and bulletted to the side of the City Hall building, seeming to be headed for the back of City Hall.

Sparky looked at the Team and they nodded. Sparky grinned and dashed after Mojo. "Toot toot, Sonic Warrior! Deep in space and time!", he sang as he ran to the side of the City Hall.

Mojo got to the back of the building, revealing a vast amount of technology far back in the field that's almost unfathomable. Mojo darted towards the center of it all.

"Toot toot, Sonic Warrior! Forever in your mind! Nothing can survive the will to stay alive cuz if you try, you can do anything!", Sparky continued singing as he zipped to where Mojo was.

Mojo ran to a large object with cylinderical shaped machines all around it. He looked behind him and saw Sparky right behind him. "How did you find this secret area full of secret devices and other secrety secrets?" Mojo asked in a panick.

"Because I'm a hedgehog that can run at sub-sonic speeds. Now where's the Gizoid?", Sparky asked as Jess landed behind him. Burn swooped down behind Mojo, looking very intimidating.

Dawn also landed right in front of Mojo, and Rory popped out from behind her with an intimidating look on his face. Mojo Jojo was pretty much surrounded. However, he still insisted, "I, Mojo Jojo, shall never reveal the location of the Gizoid that I plan to steal and use for my own nefarious purpouses!"

"Time to pull a Batman.", Burn said as he cracked his knuckles. "Should I go for method A or B?", he asked Jess. "Go for A!", Jess replied. Burn grinned and went right behind Mojo. He pulled Mojo's arm behind his back while pinning him to the ground.

"Okay, okay!" Mojo exclaimed. "I will tell you the location of the Gizoid!"

"Tell me. Then I'll let you go.", Burn growled.

"It is under the Great Machine!" Mojo admitted. "That large machine that is surrounded by Nano Stations!"

"How the heck did you get that thing under the machine?" Dawn asked, completley confused.

"It isn't the real one, to be honest," Mojo confessed. "But please, don't tell the Powerpuff Girls about it!"

"Do you mean the Great Machine is a fake, or the Gizoid?", Burn asked as Sparky and Jess investigated the Machine.

"The machine!" Mojo insisted. "The machine is made of paper mâché. The real one is at my volcano. Please do not let anybody know! Especially Bubbles!!"

Burn stopped pulling Mojo's arm, but still kept him down. Sparky and Jess kicked the fake machine down.

"If he had enough time to make a paper mâché replica of that thing," Dawn pointed out, "That guy has way too much time on his hands." Rory ran up to the kicked-over machine. "That's a sewer cover," he said. "So the Gizoid thing is in the sewers?! Why'd you put it in there?"

"I wanted to put it somewhere nobody would find it!" Mojo told them.

Burn took out some cuffs and placed them on Mojo. "Now you'll surely face the wrath of those girls.", he said as he looked at the manhole. Jess mind started aching. "One of the portal objects is with the Gizoid. I can feel it...", Jess said in pain.

"Ooh... bad news," Dawn added. "That's not the one that's glowing on the map. In other words, it's not gonna lead us to it."

"The object or the Gizoid?", Sparky asked as Burn and Jess dived in head first.

"Neither, dumbo!" Dawn told him, annoyed. She hopped into the manhole with the papers.

"Jeez. I just need some clarification.", Sparky said in anger as he jumped in.

Rory climbed in behind them, closing the manhole behind himself. He accidentally fell on top of Dawn.

"Ugh!" She complained. "I'm covered in sewage!! Why is everybody here such a doofus?!"

Team Storm glared at Dawn for a few seconds in anger before rushing on.

Flare: "Hey Guys! What'd I miss? And also, if you're wondering where I was, I..Went into space, beat up eggman 300 times, grabbed 534 bites to eat, bought some chaos, a flame bird, and met exactly 154 new friends. Whoa. Whats going on here?"

Jess turned his head around a full 360 degrees. He then slid in the muck on his belly and stopped in front of Flare. Jess stared at him for a few seconds while the rest of Team Storm looked in fear.

Flare: "Um...What are you looking at?"

"You did all of those things in not even a day? That's ridonkulous.", Jess said in slight annoyance before sliding backwards to Team Storm.

Flare: "If Sonic can do it, then so can I! Now then, I'm gonna fry these jerks. *shoots flames at Team Storm*

Sparky back-flipped and Jess jumped over the flames. Burn made his wings swing like a cape to absorb the fire. "And who's side are you even on?", he said in anger.

"We don't have time for this moron!!" Dawn said, angrily. She stormed past everybody, angrily stomping straight on.

Flare: "What the--I can't control myself! AHH!"

Sparky grabbed Rory and made a mad dash with Dawn. Jess and Burn soon followed.

Dawn's ears jumped up. "Do you guys hear that?" She leaned forward a little bit. "I think it's coming from there. Follow me, guys!" She turned to the right and started power-walking.

"Let's go before that weird show off shows up again.", Sparky said as he continued running. Burn picked Dawn up and started running. Jess got Rory to grab on one of his tails and flew with the others.

Dawn began to shout out directions. "Left! Left! Right! Jump into that hole! U-turn! Right!"

They followed the directions, but Jess was getting impatiant. "Are we there yet?", he asked.

"If you shut up," Dawn told him, "even you people can hear it coming from straight on."

"I think that means it's really close," Rory reinstated.

"Boy, is she in a bad mood.", Sparky grumbled as they pressed on.

Dawn power walked over to the glowing, black suitcase. "Well, that wasn't too hard." The Gizoid was laying down right next to it. She picked up the suitcase, but as soon as she did, the part of the ground she was standing on shot up into the air, shooting all three of them out of the sewers into who knows where!!

Jess had lept onto the Gizoid just before the ground went up. He clinged onto it in fear as everyone was rocketed upwards.

Rory looked up at the hole that the trap made in the ground. Well, the roof of the sewers. He stood there, staring at the hole in the roof. "Well, that didn't turn out as I thought it would."

"So now what; do we just take the Gizoid here and scram?", Sparky asked.

"Uh..." Rory said, "We don't know where it is. Or Dawn. Or the suitcase. Or Jess."

"Darn. We must have been seperated during the chaos.", Burn said as he recovered from the shock. Meanwhile, Jess was still clinging onto the Gizoid, next to Dawn.

"Oh, would you relax?" Dawn told Jess. She was stood up and folded her arms, looking at him in disgust. "We just landed back in front of the city hall building." She picked up the suitcase and it turned into a black whirlpool, then quickly disappeard.

"We have the Gizoid. So now what? Do we just go home and order a pizza?", Jess asked, still in a bit of fear.

Dawn got out one of the papers and opened it. "We still need to find a dictionary, a wardrobe, a dresser, and a pumpkin." She refolded the paper. "So get your mind away from the fattening Italian food and get your head on straight!"

"Head on straight! Fattening Italian food!", the Gizoid suddenly responded.

Dawn immediately lit up. "Ooh, it's awake! Jess, what do you wanna name him? I think we should name the guy Derian! Isn't that a cute name?"

Jess noticed the Gizoid was a bright red, yet its physique was that of Emerl. "Let's call him Ruby! You know: he's red, Emerl was named Emerl...get it?", he said sheepishly. "Get it?!", the Gizoid copied.

"Let's not," Dawn disagreed. "Ruby's kind of a girl name. How about Redd? That name's cute too!"

"Redd! Cute name!", Redd shouted. Jess sighed and nodded in agreement.

Dawn gave Redd a high five. "He's so smart already! You think he could help us find the other three?"

".........Insufficiant Data. Require data on missing three...", Redd replied in a much more robotic tone.

"Well," Dawn began, "I stole Rory's disguise ray when he wasn't looking, and he's probably with the other two." She handed Redd the shrink ray.

Redd scanned the ray and started walking in the direction of the missing three.

Dawn shrugged and followed Redd.

"He's already copied a lot of abillities, but I guess his personality is in the works.", Jess said as the three walked along.

"Abilities?" Dawn questioned him. "But we haven't shown him any of our powers or anything yet."

"Remember how I felt the Gizoid-I mean "Redd's" power before we even got to him?", Jess asked.

"I guess so," Dawn said. "What, did he absorb your powers or something?"

"No: he's preprogramed with lots of stuff, like how Emerl was. That's my guess.", Jess said as they continued.

"Oh yeah," Dawn remembered. "I forgot these Gizoids are pretty much weapons." She got out a paper. "Well, after we find Burn, Sparky, and Rory, we have to go to some place called City Point, then Offworld Plaza."

Meanwhile, Sparky asked Rory "Where are we, anyway?"

"Uh..." Rory answered, "We're still right in front of the place Dawn, Jess, the portal, and the Gizoid took off. You know, we probably should have gone looking for them...."

"You mean we're still underground?", Sparky asked as he wiped his eyes.

"Oh, yeah," Rory responds, stretching. "Think we should start looking now?"

"Pretty much.", Burn said as he cracked his neck. He then sighed in relief.

Just then, Redd, Dawn, and Jess all dropped down back through the hole that they made. "Meet Redd, everybody!" Dawn announced.

"Redd! Redd!", the Gizoid repeated. Sparky and Burn were at a loss for words.

"You already got him talking," Rory pointed out. "You guys must be like professional Gizoid trainers or something."

"What's our next destination, now that we have-", Burn began before Redd blurted his name out a few more times.

"Good news, bad news, and worse news," Dawn started. "Good news, it's not in City Station anymore. Bad news, it's on the move. And worse news, it's heading for a more dangerous place. I wonder what kind of a freak lugs around a wardrobe through the city."

"Darn, this place is nuts.", Jess said in suprise. "And this is coming from a guy who can pracitcaly warp reality.", Burn muttered to himself.

"Oh, wait up. Sorry, I had the map upside down or something. Or maybe he turned around. But whatever happened, he's heading for City Point now," Dawn corrected herself.

"This is gonna get interesting...", Burn said to himself.

"Yeah," Rory agreed, overhearing what Burn said. "I heard over at Foster's Home somebody talking about how that place is one huge amusment park!!"

"Then let's go!", Jess said as he and Redd ran off.

"Do you guys think they know where they're going?" Dawn asked.

"You mean with the map we just snatched from you?", Jess asked sarcasticly, holding the map in the air. "Snatched! From you!", Redd repeated.

Dawn rolled her eyes, walked up to Jess, and snatched the map back. "As I was saying, let's go to City Point!"

Part 9: City Point

"Wow," Dawn said, looking at the amusement park. "The amusement park in here is really run-down and gross looking."

"Run down!", Redd repeated. Burn was actually getting used to him.

"The map is, like, blipping in a place inside of the park," Dawn said. "I have no idea what that means."

"Look," Rory blurts out, pointing to an empty lot in front of the park. There are three figures standing near the far end of the lot. "I bet those guys might know something!"

"KNOW SOMETHING!!!!", Redd yelled as he ran towards the three figures. Team Storm watched Redd in dismay.

From the distance the rest of the group was at, it seemed that the first figure jumped and hid behind the third. The second lifted his hand and grew largely, with two extra arms on each side. The third seemed to begin snapping pictures as the large one charged at Redd.

Redd moved at near light speed and twitched a little bit. "KNOW SOMETHINGZ!", Redd screamed as he went right in front of the large figure.

"Redd!!" Rory exclaimed, sprinting down after Redd. "Don't hurt him!" He said when he stood in front of Redd so that he wouldn't be attacked.

"Know something?", Redd repeated to Rory.

"Why does he keep saying that? He broken or something?" the shortest, round-looking one said.

"He's basically a baby," Rory bean to explain, but stopped when he couldn't think of the words to say. "But as long as there's no shooting and hurting or anything like that, have any of you three seen a giant, purple wardrobe around here?"

"Oh yeah," said the middle-sized one, who it is apparent is a teenage girl. "The three of us just brought that over from Offworld Plaza. Bloo and I were gonna throw it at this group of bad guys when we realized that we could just get Ben to help us instead. You see, we were gonna go after this thing we saw lurking around the Dizzy World by throwing the wardrobe at it. But Ben would defeat it lickety-split, so we just picked him up and drove him here. I guess we forgot to leave the wadrobe behind and stuffed it in the trunk."

"So, where's the car it's in?" Rory asked, looking around. "I really need to find that thing."

"Actually," started the largest one, apparently Ben, now pressing his wrist again, shrinking him down to about the girl's height and turning him into a human. "after we parked and got out to look for some fried dough that Bloo's been begging us for the whole ride here, the thing we wanted to get stole it and hid it in his lair. We were out here yelling at Bloo at devising a strategy to get the car back and destroy the thing."

"Hey," Bloo defended himself, "I can't help it if my tummy needs constant fried Dizzy World deserts to stay happy. I mean, it's not like I asked for a juice box or anything."

Redd kept silent, almost in a befudled state. Team Storm shrugged at eachother, confused.

"So what I'm hearing is," Rory summed up, "Some creepy bad guy stole your car and our wardrobe and we need to find it in his lair?"

"Yeah," the girl said. "I guess we could have just told the story that way."

"Bla bla blah," Bloo interrupted. "Are we gonna get some fried dough or not? And now that I think of it, I kinda want a juicebox, too!"

" this is getting too weird for you Jess?", Sparky asked Jess. Jess bobbed his head sideways. "It's getting there.", he replied.

"It's way past too weird for me," Dawn added. "It's too bad we kinda need that wardrobe."

"Are you guys sure it's in his lair?" Rory asked. He pointed to an area in the park. "Because the wardrobe and car are over there, right by the ferris wheel with the purple dog on it."

"Oh," Ben said. "I guess we just assumed. Let's go get it, then!"

"Why don't I just go in with my buddies and robot?" Rory suggested. "I'm sure we can handle it, and it won't be too hard to drive it out."

"But it's my car," Petunia insisted.

"I couldn't let you guys go through the trouble of having to deal with all of that disgustingness in Dizzy World. I mean, look at the place! It's revolting! Me and my buds will take care of it, don't worry," Rory volunteered.

"At least take some pictures," Petunia demanded. "I kinda need some kind of story for my paper, so just snap a few action shots and a group photo or something, and that'll do it."

Burn cracked his knuckles. "Shoot us kicking some monster behind!", Jess said as he and the rest of Team Storm grabbed Redd and rushed ahead.

Dawn shook her head and walked over to the lot. She snatched the camera from Petunia's hands and followed Team Storm. "See you guys when we get out!"

"Before you guys try going in," Ben tells them, "You've got to use that platform up there to get inside," he points up to a very high-tech-looking platform, only being held up by a 10-foot pole. The platform has a ladder connected to it. "There's a force field around it to keep all the Fusion Matter inside."

Team Storm and Redd leaped onto the platform, waiting for the others.

Dawn leaped up right after them, and they all waited for Rory to climb the ladder. "Hurry up, slow poke!" Dawn snapped at him.

"Well, excuse me for not being able to jump to impossible heights!" Rory responded, finally climbing up to the platform. "This 'enter' button must teleport us all inside Dizzy World," he guessed.

Burn hit the button with his fist, agrivated.

Inside Dizzy World, Dawn looked around. There was fusion matter all over the place. On the elevator that leads to the ground, in spots all over the ground, on the rides, there was even some on the concession stands. "This place is totally trashed," Dawn pointed out.

"We have to keep off the ground if that's the case.", Burn said as he glided across the landscape. Jess flew up and carried Sparky. Redd's juetpack activated and followed Burn.

Rory jumped on Dawn's back and she jumped down from the platform to a dry part of the ground. She hopped around, trying to avoid the Fusion Matter but still following Team Storm. "Where'd you see this thing again?" Dawn asked Rory.

"It's over there," Rory pointed to a carousel with the face of a purple dog on it. It had a large number of floating creatures surrounding it. The wardrobe was on the top of the carousel.

"Lets try to do this strategicly. Use stealth.", Burn suggested.

"I got an idea," Rory volunteered. "What if somebody jumps on top of the that giant rollercoaster and shoots at some of the monsters? Then, they'll go after him, leaving the wardrobe unguarded. And if some stay behind, we ambush it!"

"I'll try.", Burn said as the jumped onto the rollercoaster. He slammed on the tracks the make the cart move, while making his flames form a wrist gun to shoot fireballs at the monsters.

The monsters all shreiked. However, only two of them flew after Burn. Everybody got a puzzled look on their faces. "What now, genius?" Dawn snapped at Rory. He shrugged.

Burn then used his hand and pointed his finger like a gun to fire more fireballs. He was actually having fun, yelling "BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!" while shooting.

"I got it!" Dawn exclaimed. "We need tons of decoys and then when all of the monsters are off guard, we go in and grab the wardrobe! We need all the decoys we can get, so somebody should go out and get those three in the lot."

Jess then made an illusion of a thousand of him, constantly multiplying and yelling "DECOY"!

"Or we could do that," Dawn added. All of the Fire Hydras heard the yelling and all but one of them started flying after the decoys.

"Think we can take that big one they left behind?" Rory asksed.

Sparky begun to charge a spin-dash as Redd was ready to throw him.

Rory took Dawn by the feet and began to spin, ready to throw her.

The monster shot fusion matter at them all with the tentacle-looking things all around it.

Redd threw Sparky at maximum force, blasting right through the monster.

Rory tossed Dawn at the same time, sending her flying at the monster.

The monster simply spit a watery, much more diluted bit of fusion matter at Dawn and Sparky, then ducked. The fusion matter it shot at them seemed to be some kind of adhesive, as Dawn and Sparky got stuck to the force field behind the monster.

Sparky started causing friction on the forcefeild by scraping his feet against it at high speeds. The gunk started to melt.

The monster saw this and charged at Sparky. Right before it shot Fusion Matter at him, Rory jumped on its back and stunned it with his shrink ray. "Now!" he said while the monster span around, dizzily.

Sparky spinned the rest of the gunk off and crashed right into the monster with and electrified Super-Peel-Out.

The monster shreiked and descintigrated. "I hope the others didn't notice that," Rory points out. "We better get to the top of this thing and get the wardrobe fast."

Burn was still shooting the monsters, as Jess's illusion army was looking for the wardrobe.

"There it is!" Dawn exclaimed, pointing to the top of the dog's head. "That's the wardrobe!" She proceeded to wipe the slime off of her clothing onto the ground.

"Mine! Mine! No, mine!", Jess's clones yelled as they scrambled for the wardrobe.

"You're all wrong!" Dawn said as she jumped on all of their heads and landed on the dog's head. She smirked as she lifted the wardrobe over her head.

"It was your fault. MY FAULT?! You're me!", Jess's clones started arguing.

"It was all your faults, dummies," Dawn corrected them. She jumped on the same clones head to get back to the ground.

The clones faded away, and Jess shook his head. "Don't let me do that again. Ever.", he said, brushing his tails.

The wardrobe shrunk did the same thing the other objects did. "Moving on," Dawn announced. "Where's the map, again?"

Redd was holding the map. He read it extensivly while simutaniously tossing any incoming monsters.

Rory took the map from Redd and read it as well. There was a surprised, then a terrified look on his face. He then had his normal facial expression again. "Thank goodness we have Redd with us," Rory told everybody, "because the next place we have to go is all the way on the other side of this place, and it's also nine levels harder than the place we're in right now."

"Harder!", Redd yelled as he picked up Team Storm with little effort.

"Nine levels!??" Dawn exclaimed, stunned. "What if we don't make it or something?"

"We make it!", Redd repeated.

"Well, who can argue with that?" Rory asked, obviously motivated by Redd's three words. "But how are we gonna get all the way across this place? That's gonna take forever."

"Not if you take the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. to Mount Blackhead and fly there via monkey," said Petunia, who just appeared at the top of the roller coaster.

"We have more than enough Rings to pay them.", Sparky said, taking one out.

"Wow!" Petunia exclaimed, impressed. "That looks like it's work 10,000 taros! A S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ride to Mount Blackhead is only about 800 taros. Can I have one of those?"

Burn took one of his spare Rings ad threw it to Petunia. Jess was showing Redd "Pokemon White 2" on his DS. Redd scanned each of Jess's Pokemon's attacks.

"Sweet!" Petunia thanked Burn. "I'm totally rich now! The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is in the middle of this tall building in City Station. You can tell by the elevator. It looks like an overweight jetplane."

Dawn got out her PalmPad and showed a video of some Toontown Gags being used on cogs to Redd. He scanned those attacks along with a video Rory pulled up of a Crash Bandicoot video game.

Redd was scanning move after move, and soon his eyes glew green. "We will defeat the enemy and win this fight!", Redd said in a triumphant voice, pumping up his fist. Sparky smiled and Burn shook his head.

Rory began to clap mindlessly and approvingly. Dawn shrugged. "Well, if you're so confident, let's get to whatever building we're supposed to go to in City Station."

"Then lets go!", Redd said as he grabbed everyone and started heading for the station.

Part 10: From the Cities to the Mountains

"Look!" Rory pointed to a very tall building with elevators on all four sides. "I think I found the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. building!"

"Scamper!", Redd yelled as he dragged everyone inside.

"What's the point of having a see-through building, anyway?" Dawn questioned when she got to the inside. Even without windows, she could see all of outside as if she wasn't even inside. There were many, many people running around the building to elevators. "And why isn't there a staircase?"

"Cuz people are lazy nowadays.", Jess said, rolling his eyes. "Says the nutcase who can fly.", Sparky said, smiling and crossing his arms. Jess grumbled angrily. "It takes effort, ya know!"

"We should have an elevator race to the top!" Rory suggested, obviously excited about the idea.

"Boring! We have to, but it's boring!", Redd replied, boarding an elevator.

"Boring?" Rory repeated, astonished. "That's be awesome, thank you!"

Team Storm (and Redd) rode an elevator up to the floor with the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s. Burn held out a Ring. "One trip to...hey Dawn, where were we going, again?"

When Rory and Dawn also got to the top in seperate elevators, Dawn reminded everybody "We're going to Mount Blackhead."

"Mount Blackhead. One trip to Blackhead. Keep the change.", Burn said as he gave the Ring to a pilot.

The pilot shreiked with glee and immediatley hopped into the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. "Hop on in! One trip to Mount Blackhead!" he announced.

Burn hesitated, but entered inside the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. The rest of Team Storm and Redd followed. "Does this thing have a Blu-Ray DVD Player and HD TV?", Jess asked. "Because I wanna watch some Disney movies." Sparky was busy reading his new Batman book, which he had brought along in case of boardom.

As Dawn and Rory entered, the pilot responded, "I have a Sony TV from the 90s."

Jess flopped down on the passenger's seat. "Fiiiine. Sheesh, you'd expect some higher quality stuff nowadays.", he groaned.

"Hey," the pilot said, "this whole vehicle was a gift from a bunch of kids at the Jungle Outpost we're about to go to." He turned on the television and got a remote from his dashboard. He pressed a button and 'American Dragon: Jake Long' started playing. "To Mount Blackhead!!"

When they landed, the pilot immediately jumped out of the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. "Here we are!"

Burn had been meditating the entire time. Sparky finished his comic and Jess was mindlessly drooling as he slept. 

Dawn jumped out of the vehicle and stretched. "This place could very well be a secret hideout! It looks amazing!"

"It kind of is," the pilot told her. "Common out, everybody!"

"What?!", Jess yelled as he fell out of his seat. Sparky and Burn jumped out.

Rory hopped out, dragging Jess with him. "Look at this place!" he said. "There's people everywhere!"

Jess grumbled and cracked his knuckles. "So now what?", Burn said to Sparky. "Any idea of the location of the next item?", Sparky asked.

"Some place called 'Devil's Bluff,'" Dawn said. "Sounds creepy to me."

"I've seen worse.", Burn scoffed. "Then let's get going!", Jess said to Dawn.

Dawn sighed and started walking arounf the base. When coming across one of the weirdest thing she has seen in her life, an anthropomorphic mutant eggplant, she had to stop. She looked at it for a bit. It caught her eye and finally asked, "What do you want?"

"Um..." Dawn began, "Would you happen to know the way to Devil's Bluff?"

"Talk to the monkeys over there," he snaps at her. "Now you gonna buy something or just stand there like a--" he would have continued had Dawn not walked away, shaking her head. "Hey, I was talking to you!" he yelled at her.

With the trest of the group, Dawn pointed out a group of monkeys in purple jumpsuits and Mojo Jojo helmets. "Remember them from the junkyard?" she asked. "They can fly us to Devil's Bluff, too."

"We have Rings to spare, but I'm worried about inflation in this Zone's economy.", Jess said, looking at one of his Rings. Burn was talking to one of the monkeys, explaining the situation.

"Oh, don't worry about us," a monkey assures Burn. "If anything, this is just evening it out. Taros stopped being made days ago 'cause the area was taken over by fusions. This helps a bunch!" the monkey grabbed the ring. "You all ready?"

"Yes. Let's go.", Burn replied.

The monkeys pick everybody up and fly them all the way to Devil's Bluff. It's a vast, boiling hot desert with nothing but sand and large rock formations. The monkeys drop them in a seemingly town in ruins with only one person to be found. "Good luck! You'll need it!" One of them yells as they all fly back to Mount Blackhead. The heroes seem to be left all alone in this huge semi-arid wasteland.

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