Aplasia High School is probably one of the weirdest high schools you'll ever see. Between a team of hostile criminals, aggressive SJWS, a group of troublemakers who don't care about anyone, an insane heroic team of misfits, and a no nonsense student council president, it's no surprise it's so crazy. Will the other cliques/groups and regular students survive this journey?

(Anyone Can join. I also encourage people to give ideas for episodes and/or make their own episodes, since it's a Roleplay Series)


Fox, Fox, Cat



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  • Censor Swearing.
  • No Sexual Content. Hugging, Kissing, Flirting, and Making Out are ok.
  • No God-Modding in case of a fight.
  • No Rushing the Episodes/Parts.
  • Ask Permission to use other people's characters.
  • Have Fun!

Involved Characters

1.Vanity the Hawk (Student Council President) (Fox)

2.Gal the Orca (Student Council Vice President) (Fox)

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The Beauties

(The Most Beautiful Girls in School)

3.Heather 'Honey' the Tiger (Leader) (Fox)

4.Ruby the Himalayan Wolf (Fox)

5.Glorya the Cow (Fox)

6.Lagunna the Orca (Fox)

7.Foxy the Hummingbird (Fox)

8.Elaine the Bengal Fox (Fox)

9.Seniti the Chinchilla (Fox)

10.Queen the Prinplup (Fox)

11.Diana the Ermine (Fox)

12,13,14.Pamela, Pandora, and Pala the Pomeranians (Fox)

15.Beau the Panther (Fox)

16,17.Cara and Mia the Lioness (Fox)

18.Serenity the Poochyena (Fox)

19.Sakura the Poochyena (Fox)

20.Sparky the Butterfly (Fox)

Art the Echidna (Scorpio)

The Riches

(The Richest Students in the School)

21,22.Tina and Kate the Border Collies (Leaders) (Fox)

23.Leon the Poodle (Fox)

24.Bastian the Poodle (Fox)

25.Blanche the Poodle (Fox)

26.Cresentinia the Poodle (Fox)

27.Dinora the Chihuahua (Fox)

28.Dantel the Chihuahua (Fox)

29.Alvino the Chihuahua (Fox)

30.Aracelia the Chihuahua (Fox)

31.Flayt the Weasel (Fox)

32.James the Swift Fox (Fox)

34.Ian the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Fox)

35.Gunther the Alsatian (Fox)

36.Shirley the Piplup (Fox)

37.Spite the Red Fox (Fox)

38.Wes the Electric Eel (Fox)

The Cheerleaders

(The Kind, Peppy Cheerleaders)

39.Pacifica the Wolf (Leader) (Fox)

40.Velvet then Black Bear (Fox)

41.Vixen the Cat (Fox)

42.Moana the Orca (Fox)

43.Koko the Hummingbird (Fox)

44.Opal the Crocodile (Fox)

45.Serena the Cat (Fox)

46.Yori the Panda (Fox)

47.Chik the Cyndaquil (Fox)

48.Chiyemi the Hedgehog (Fox)

49.Sparkles the Rabbit (Fox)

50,51.Strawberry and Lemon the Hoatzins (Fox)

52.Karma the Kecleon (Fox)

Death the Hedgehog (Scorpio)

Team Rash

(The Brash, Heroic Misfit Team)

53.Ginger the Fox (Leader) (Fox)

54.Mathilda the Raven (Fox)

55.Runt the Hen (Fox)

56.Rosalie the Swan (Fox)

57.Jeanine the Cheetah (Fox)

58.Susie Q. the Jack Russell (Fox)

59.Thorns the Giraffe (Fox)

60.Molly the Shrew (Fox)

61.Adrian the Rabbit (Tipsy)

62.Kasandra the War Horse (Tipsy)

63.Leopold the Polar Bear (Tipsy)

64.Penelope the Mouse (Tipsy)

65.Helena the Swan (Tipsy)

Petia the Bobcat (Scorpio)

The Athletes

(The Strong and Tough Athletes)

66.Lance the Bull (Leader) (Fox)

67.Gwendolyn the Spectacle Bear (Fox)

68.Eric the Moose (Fox)

69.Sherrie the Pug (Fox)

70.Tallulah the Panpour (Fox)

71.Conley the Pansear (Fox)

72.Cindy 'Candy' the Panda (Fox)

73.Wendle the Polar Bear (Fox)

74.Dijurion the Pangolin (Fox)

75.Wilson the Echidna (Fox)

76.Higgins the Prinplup (Fox)

79.Xander the Falcon (Fox)

80.Chi-Chi the Poodle (Fox)

81.Indigo the Jackal (Fox)

82.Ruin the Cobra (Fox)

83.Jeter the Dire Wolf (Fox)

84.Rhiannon the Black-Browed Albatross (Fox)

85.Julius the Pronghorn (Fox)

86,87.Rai and Dai the Melanistic Mamushi (Fox)

89.Ace the Bat (Fox)

90.Huntley-Hugh the Tiger (Tipsy)

Azalea the Seedrian (Scorpio)

Glimmer Ship

(The Greedy, Hostile Criminal Team)

91.Resiran the Foxlion (Leader) (Fox)

92.Nihilium the Echidnaven (Fox)

93.Mikael Grizzly (Bandicoot) (Fox)

94.Gunter the Coyote (Fox)

95.William the Mecha-Bat (Fox)

96.Gideon the Haunter (Fox)

97.Audrey the Liquid Draco (Fox)

The Edges

(The Goths, Emos, and Punks)

98.Selena the Raven (Leader) (Fox)

99.Choke the Hare (Fox)

100,101.Anoush and Balthsar the Atlas Moths (Fox)

102.Ceil the Lion (Fox)

103.Ryan the Skunk (Fox)

104.Gothic the Akita (Fox)

105.Lolita the Shiba Inu (Fox)

106.Gradenko the Honchkrow (Fox)

107.Ayla the Scorpion (Fox)

108.Mysteria the Fox (Fox)

109.Cece the Hedgehog (Fox)

110.Zara the Seedrian (Fox)

111.Lucifer the Murkrow (Fox)

Echo the Rabbit (Scorpio)

The Musicians

(The Focused, Sophisticated Musicians)

112.Beverley the Howler Monkey (Leader) (Fox)

113.Jezebel the Scarlet Macaw (Fox)

114.Sonata the Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (Fox)

115.Rosina the Military Macaw (Fox)

116.Hattie the Skunk (Fox)

117.Ashford the Howler Monkey (Fox)

118.Fulbright the Lyrebird (Fox)

119.Don 'Donnie' the Crow (Fox)

120.Tanya 'Tawny' the Raven (Fox)

121.Bonnet 'Bonnie' the Rook (Fox)

122.Ron 'Ronnie' the Jackdaw (Fox)

123.Constance 'Connie' the Magpie (Fox)

124.Scruffy the Gray Fox (Fox)

125.Skai 'Sloth' the Skye Terrier (Fox)

126.Pierce 'Pride' the Rottweiler (Fox)

127.Davis 'Diligence' the Devon Rex (Fox)

128.Patrice 'Patience' the Persian Cat (Fox)

129.Louie Finn the Trumpetfish (Tipsy)

Delphinium the Seedrian (Scorpio)

The Debaucheries

(The Dark Troublemakers)

130.Merle the Paluki (Leader) (Fox)

131.Sable the Barnese Mountain Dog (Fox)

132.Una the Chomsky (Fox)

133.Nico the Yak (Fox)

134.Vittorio the Llama (Fox)

135.Maile the Alpaca (Fox)

136.Rico the Gayal (Fox)

137.Jacinta the Salmon Crested Cockatoo (Fox)

138.Leo the Houndoom (Fox)

139.Teo the Mightyena (Fox)

140.Mei-Mei the Red Eared-Slider (Fox)

150.Tasmin the Luxray (Fox)

151.Jasmin the Pyroar (Fox)

152,153.Sammy and Cammy the Bottle Nosed Dolphins (Fox)

154.Tia the Hedgefox (Fox)

The Rebels

(The Light Troublemakers)

155.Chipper the Wood Bee (Leader) (Fox)

156.Puny the Crow (Fox)

157.Huffy the Spotted Hyena (Fox)

158.Hollis the Spotted Hyena (Fox)

159.Diesel the Buck (Fox)

160.Kitty the Fox (Fox)

161.Conrad the Pansage (Fox)

162.Conway the Panpour (Fox)

163.Joy the Vibrava (Fox)

164.May the Vibrava (Fox)

165.Nettie the Skunk (Fox)

166.Gavin the Mink (Fox)

167.Vril the Bird (Fox)

168.Mono the Cat (Fox)

Michi the Meercat (Scorpio)

The Loveshacks

(The Friendly, Flirty Loveshacks)

169.Rudy the Hedgehog (Leader) (Fox)

170.Jen the Cat (Fox)

171.Watermelon the Mouse (Fox)

172.Shiny the Canadian Goose (Fox)

173.Betty the Ewe (Fox)

174.Veronica the Wolf (Fox)

175.Ramona the Cougar (Fox)

176.Heidi the Raccoon (Fox)

177.Bao Pilatus (Capped Langur) (Fox)

178.Heaven the Peahen (Fox)

179.Nevaeh the Peahen (Fox)

180.Nala the Buffalo (Fox)

181.Roxy the Porcupine (Fox)

182.Angel the Black-Breasted Tit (Fox)

183.Shelby the Blue-Footed Booby (Fox)

184.Dante the Tasmanian Devil (Fox)

185.Blunt the Rooster (Fox)

186.Mateo the Rabbit (Fox)

187.Antonio the Polecat (Fox)

188.Jean the Cheetah (Fox)

189.Romeo the Partridge (Fox)

190,191.Rider and Hunter the Vultures (Fox)

192.Viola the Panda (Tipsy)

The Tumblrinas

(The Aggressive, Oppressive SJWS)

193.Trina the Butterfly (Leader) (Fox)

194.Harmony the Dolphin (Fox)

195.Nova the Horse (Fox)

196.Diamond the Grizzly Bear (Fox)

197.Star the Grizzly Bear (Fox)

198.Eva the Pig (Fox)

199.Pipsqueak the Coyote (Fox)

200.April the Buzzard (Fox)

201.Dawn the Okapi (Fox)

202.Stella the Blue Jay (Fox)

203.June the Python (Fox)

205.Serenity the Koala (Fox)

206.Jasper the Dingo (Fox)

207.Nancy the Lioness (Fox)

208.Marissa the Clownfish (Fox)

209.Henrietta the Humpback Whale (Fox)

210.Gertrude the Bulldog (Fox)

The Geeks

(The Obsessive, Sweet Geeks)

211.Morgue the Bearded Collie (Leader) (Fox)

212.Mallory the Pangolin (Fox)

213.Liana the Elk (Fox)

214.Vid the Rat (Chaotic Good)

215.Andy the Rat (Chaotic Neutral)

216.Colt the Rat (Fox)

217.Wilfred the Horned Viper (Fox)

218.Marlin the Orca (Fox)

219.Cheeky the Rooster (Fox)

220.Everett the Lemur (Fox)

221.Dwayne the Bat (Fox)

223.Damian the Cat (Fox)

224.Otto the Gecko (Fox)

225.Garth the Ferret (Fox)

226.Maeta the African Grey Parrot (Fox)

227.Ossea the Bearded Vulture (Fox)

228.Patricia the Bilby (Tipsy)

229.Synchra the Black Cat (Tipsy)

Kat the Bearded Dragon (Scorpio)

Regular Students

(Your Average Students)

230.Bless/Blade the Wolverine (Fox)

231.Scarlet the Giant Hornet (Fox)

232.Sashay the Killer Bee (Fox)

233.Iris the Brown Recluse Spider (Fox)

234.Zorka the Tiger Shark (Fox)

235.Kenneth the Bobcat (Fox)

236.Verne the Seal (Fox)

237.Anna the Seal (Fox)

238.Sandra the Koopa (Fox)

239.Fermin the Crocodile (Fox)

240.Willow the Raccoon (Fox)

241.Harper the Skunk (Fox)

242.Piper the Fox (Fox)

243.Clyde the Orca (Fox)

244.Aqua the Orca (Fox)

245.Cherith the Orca (Fox)

246.Verlaine the Deathstalker (Fox)

247.Faye the Lovebird (Fox)

248.Darrel the Cat (Fox)

249.Sleek the Cat (Fox)

250.Needle the Ewe (Fox)

251.Cherice the Treecko (Fox)

252.Panthea the Artic Wolf (Fox)

253.Tandi the Goat (Fox)

254.Miyuki the Cacnea (Fox)

255.Seashore the Extinct (Dodo) (Fox)

256.Takumiko the Octopus (Tipsy)

257.Polly-Bea the Jellyfish (Tipsy)

258.Atlas the Hyena (Tipsy)

259.Sweet Scent the Stunky (Fox)

260.Hali the Crocodile (Fox)

261.Sunshine the St Bernard (Fox)

262.Rain the Tibetan Mastiff (Fox)

263.Buzzworth the Honey Bee (Fox)

264.Duchess the Afghan Hound (Fox)

265. Princess the Husky (Fox)

266. Empress the Saluki (Fox)

Others (Villains, Staff, Parents, ETC.)

Daemon the Jersey Devil (Fox) (Villain)

Lennox the Unknown (Fox) (Villain)

Big Blue the Donkey (Fox) (Villain)

Hannah the Squirrel (Fox) (Villain)

Eve the Iguana (Fox) (Villain)

Void the Forever Dragon (Fox)

Aeron the Skeletal Hellhound (Fox)

Briar the Goldenhorn (Fox)

Ellian the Strix (Fox)

Nightmare the Serval (Fox) (Villain)

Perturb the Hippo (Fox) (Villain)

Swank the Lion (Fox) (Villain)

Apple the Squirrel (Fox) (Villain)

Sacro the Bear (Fox) (Villain)

Perjur the Fox (Fox) (Villain)

Vile the Hedgehog (Fox) (Villain)

Destitute the Hedgehog (Fox) (Villain)

Drone the Echidna (Fox) (Villain)

Clash the Cat (Fox) (Villain)

Rebut the Dog (Fox) (Villain)

Hassle the Wolf (Fox) (Villain)

Spooked the Horse (Fox) (Anti-Villain)

Hinder the Horse (Fox) (Villain)

Pushy the Stripped Hyena (Fox) (Villain)

Misos the Wasp (Fox) (Villain)

Krista the Snow Leopard (Fox) (Villain)

Dupe the Dog (Fox) (Villain)

Adora the Fennec Fox (Fox) (Masks herself as a student) (Villain)

Sun the Ninetales (Fox)

Moon the Zoroark (Fox) (Villain)

Life the Fox (Scorpio)


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