dr.eggman is now releasing one of his most dangerous assets upon mobius a new and improved army of shadow androids!! with metal sonic and a new blue shadow android at the helm can the heroes of mobius fight off this invasion with the help of a new ally? or will they fall to the horde of androids?


1. nothing out of character personalities must be replicated well or you will not be alowed to be that character any longer!

2.fan characters are allowed to join in at intervals of the story..but nothing overpowerd and you cant use them to change the canon characters personalities!! (example sonic cant fall in love with you character unless it would make sence for him to do so) 

3.no changing the story to revolve around a single character


colemac45 (as shade the hedgehog and dr.eggman)

ScorpioFlame (As Tails, Cosmo and Juliet)

Another one of those fans

Involved Characters

Dr. Eggman

Miles "Tails" Prower (Scorpioflame)

Knuckles the Echidna(Aootf,kinda bad rping as knuckles)

Shadow the Hedgehog 

Sonic the Hedgehog 

Shade the Hedgehog

Metal Sonic

Shadow Androids 

Shadow Android General (otherwise known as shadow android mk2)

Juliet (Scorpioflame)

Red the wolf(Aootf)

Parino the hedgehog(Aootf)


Shyly the Lura Chao (TreeofLifeX9)

Part 1

the story begins with sonic running to tails lab, surprising the fox. Tails dropped a few of the papers he was holding as he pushed his goggles back onto his head.

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