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New RP! It is meant to focus more on Shanoa and Albus (particularly Shanoa).

Plot (W.I.P)

A powerful demon named Balberith has his sights set on Shanoa the Fox. He plans to capture her, possess her, and then use her powers of Dominus to destroy the universe! And no one is safe from Balberith's wicked influence...not even the love of Shanoa's life.

Perhaps he's even more vulnerable than others...



Those who will try to stop Balberith!
  • Albus the Cat (played by Ryu; I'm not sure if I'll use other charas..)
  • Kita the Fox (Played by; MintySwirls (I can join right? Or is it dead.......))


  • The Trolls (played by anyone; even they're not safe from DL Arkane...)

Balberith and Minions

  • Balberith (played by Ryu)
  • Adramalych (played by Ryu)
  • Minions (played by anyone)

Other Villains


Part 1: Missing Fox

[It is nighttime in Station Square. A lone figure can be seen running across the streets and past the city borders. It's Albus; he looks frantic and worried. His Glyph-enchanted Flintlock Pistol, Agartha, is clutched tightly in his left paw as he runs towards the forest.]


Silent Hill 2 OST - Theme Of Laura (Reprise)

This plays in the background

Albus: Shanoa!! Where are you?! [he enters the forest] Shanoa?!

[He continues to run. A few minutes later, it begins to rain hard, but Albus pays no heed.]

Albus: Shanoa!!

[Albus continues to search the forest. Exhaustion begins to take his body, but he ignores it.]  [ in the shadow of the trees a figure is seen.]

Ragnerok: foolish mortal, i have plans for this fox, and you will not get in my way.[ he then vanishes]