Due to the first roleplay, I've been compelled to make this an Invite Only roleplay. For those interested, Hi name's Nitro, the creator of this roleplay. Aliens are arriving from dimensions unknown to many mobians, and are compelled to this because a  threat has emerged that threatens the multiverse. The NegaSpace Militia, currently leaded by the Fallen Za Nakrota's artificial daughter, Vultra, is raining havoc everywhere, while the Cyber-Mobians, there enemies, are in a search, for a eons-old artifact. The Kiresatch Obelisk, is missing, and to have been reported hiding somewhere on an uncharted world deemed, "Möbius."

Likewise, the Raggadak Gems and the Chaos Emeralds are also lost there, too. A full fledged confrontation, and war, is inbound, and it will take the aliens, and mobians, to terminate this ferocious adversary.

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Part 1: Beginnings

To kick things off in this event, Vultra, Nakrota's artificial daughter, is locked in conflict with the Cyber-Mobians, a hybrid species between robot and Mobian, which is on the verge of extinction from war between them and the NegaSpace Militia. She is fighting for only two things, domination of the cosmos, and extermination to all that defy her. She also wants the Titanfall Matrix, an object sealed within an eons old artifact, The Kiresatch Obelisk. The obelisk is also treasured by these by these people. 

However, both parties discover that the Obelisk has been catapulted into the void of Space. Vultra is currently investigating each possible area, while Raven dispatches his close sister, Nicole, in an escape pod, so she can reach distant universes. Her travels take her to an uncharted planet deemed, Möbius.

Yet she was already too late...

Raven: (Thinks to himself while patched in to Nicole's optics) "Wherever she is going, I hope she gets there safely. We lost too many to come up shorthanded. The only questions i have mainly circulate around her safety. If she dies, it'll be like a deathblow, something unshakable." 

As he watches, he asks Nicole how her progress is holding up.

" Nicole, have you found anything related to our goal? " I began intercepting signals for help, but we don't have !much time. I need you to try to delay the forces as best as you can. But, please, be safe."

Nicole: "Acknowledged, Raven. I will be fine. However, this idea has turned to scrap, I have traveled through all I can in this flying tin can. The Obelisk in not in range, not for even us to... (Static)... see... if ... Raven,... do you... (Transmission ends)."

Raven starts getting nervous.

Raven:"Nicole! Nicole do you read me??!!?!."


Raven: Dangit, I hope she fares well.

In the meantime, Vultra is currently besieging Cyberspace, her final target after searching several worlds, each one devastated when they claimed not to know where the Obelisk is.

Brawlers start charging into the city, and start attacking innocents and bashing them to a pulp. Bombers were dropping massive tons of TNT from above, While Juggernauts and freights bombard the structures with there artillery. However, Cyberspace is still stubborn as ever, and Vultra is out for Raven and Nicole.

Vultra, now ticked, calls for a massive bombardment on the dimension. With that said, they pulled out all attack groups, grabbed all of the bombers she had, and rained all the TNT at their disposal. The result was equivalent to a nuclear blast. All opposition was eradicated. With that, Vultra easy takes control of the dimension, and Raven is launching a distress signal for[[Click to Continue > by GetTheDiscount| backup]], for anyone capable to hear the transmission.

Vultra,[[Click to Continue > by GetTheDiscount| sweeping]] through the streets, is soon joined by Warlord and Metal Raven, and begin a meticulous search to find Raven and Nicole. Unbeknownst to them, someone had been observing them.

Reens is walking down a lonely street, her clothes slightly torn up from a scuffle she was in. Suddenly, a faint transmission appears over her wrist communicator. "I copy you, whoever you are. This is Reens Maricina reporting."

Ion jumps from a warp hole searching for someone with a unknown artifact. "Dang, where could this guy be!" he said to himself.

Reens strains to hear the transmission, but it starts to crackle and her wrist-com starts to smoke. "Dangit! I knew I should've let Otis fix 'er up for me before I went out today. Now I can't find 'em."

Ion looked at his wrist com and called Corta. "Corta, are you looking for the data I collected for this artifact that we have been researching?" Corta replied through the wrist com. "Yeah, and I can't get info about it; it seems like it's not from our world."

Reens removes her wrist-com and starts to fiddle with it, clenching a screwdriver in her teeth. "Darn thing, always messin' up. I tell ya, I hope his trainin' came in handy for me. Almost got ya..." She removed the screwdriver from her mouth and tried it. "Yes!" She leaned in close to it, trying to hear the call again. "I'm still here, buddy. Over."

Ion started looking at Reens, knowing he is not alone. "Corta, let me call you back."

"Darn, I lost it completely," Reens huffed. "Now what am I gonna do?" She paces slightly back and forth, then feels a pair of eyes staring at her. "Look, pal, this ain't no time for starin' at me. Tell me what ya want or get outta my way."

Ion looked at her calmly. "I leave no harm, I just want to know who you are and where I am?" He told reens.

The two could hear a pair of lone mechanized footsteps.

"Organics... Identify yourselves.." A strange metallic voice spoke, the owner of the voice and mechanized footsteps could be seen in plain view. From his oddly green facial coloration to the two gauntlets where hands are supposed to be. Even the mouth like apparatus on his chest. "Identify yourselves or face termination with extreme prejudice.."

Ion looked at the Techno Organic. "I am ion the hedgehog, hero and leader of the core city guardians! what is your purpose!" Ion said.

"Reens Maricina the Hedgehog. I mean no threat. I'm merely seeking out strange happenings that have been occurring here. My commanding officer can tell ya that. Ya mess with citizens, ya mess with me. Got that, bolts for brains?" Reens turned to Ion with a smirk. "That enough info for ya? Ta tell ya the truth, I dunno where we are; I just ended up here when my boss sent me out."

"I do not answer to either of you, Organic filth.." The creature responded, disdain clear in his voice when he uttered the word Organic.

"Same for me!" ion said to reens, he then turns to the creature.

Raven's signal, gets through to them, but is heavily interrupted by static.

"They're coming for me.......(static).....Negaspace alien attack..... Comms station breached......cannot maintain this much longer here....I need GAAAAH!!!--(signal terminated)

Back on Cyberspace, Raven is found by his enemy, and taken to her for interrogation, but not before Metal Raven comes to her with a revelation.

"Empress, emergency message from Warlord. We're down one Cyber-Mobian. Nicole has escaped. "

Vultra becomes angry, and demands answers from him. 

"Where did you hide her?!?!? ANSWER ME!" Vultra demands. Raven however, proves stubborn and refuses to respond.

That's everyone from both sides hear Nicole's transmission. 

"Good Chaos," Reens muttered. "How the heck are we supposed ta get ta space from down here? It's not like we can just build a rocket outta nothin' an' hope it flies." She rubbed her temples, trying to think. 

Xavek snickered. "Find the source of the transmission, kill some aliens, kill more organics and maybe a planet... Nah, I'm not a pyromaniac.." Xavek mumbled to himself. "But a space ship would be kinda nice.."

Ion hears something from his Wrist com, "a fricking rescue mission, down for that!" he runs off in search for the missing in action cyber Mobian.

Nicole, having crashed in Emerald Coast, crawls out of her pod, somewhat hurt, other wise alright. She releases sound waves from her wrist, signalling her well being. Unbeknownst to her, Warlord and Metal Raven were tracking this symbolic noise.

Vultra was pounding Raven into scraps because of him and his stubborn mood. Eventually, she is relieved when Metal Raven brings her news .

"Empress, I have received a sound wave projection." It is from a Cyber-Mobian. Nicole may still be alive. "

"Excellent, Metal Raven. You and Warlord, go to the source. If it is an inhabited world, find any and all information you can. I want to know what is against us.

"Affirmative, Empress." Metal Raven and Warlord fly off to the source.

Vultra spares Raven and discards him like trash. Though badly hurt, he is discarded near a series of launch pods. Since he is in a waste out, they were roughed up bad. Desperate, he climbed into one and waited till the pit opened to release its waste products.

When it did, Raven fires up what's left if it, and hopes it suffices.

Raven launches one more signal to inform everyone of his arrival. Meanwhile, Warlord lands on Mobius' surface. On the other side of the planet. Metal Raven flies off, and latches on to a nearby satellite, enabling him to hear, and presumably see everything.

Ion stopped running seeing Nicole crash landed, "you alright miss?"

Nicole is stammering to her feet."I am. Thank you for your concern. I am Nicole, but I mostly called, "Nikki". I am also a Cyber-Mobian.  But I should explain when we get to a better area."

Ion nods. "I will explain myself once I get you to safety!"

Nicole nods and she trails Ion.

Ion calls Corta for the portal open and she does and they enter it, leaving Mobius and into Coretopia.

Nicole looks around. "What is this place?"

Reens looks around and huffs. "Sure, leave me behind here while ya'll go into fancy portals an' such. At least I ain't been arrested yet cause of my arm."

Ion looks at Nicole, "this is Core City, where I came from!"

Xavek had followed behind Reens. "This city is impressive... For organics..." Xavek complimented, though anyone could tell that there was some condescension in his voice whenever he spoke the word 'organic'.

Reens turned around and looked at him. "I'm not completely organic," she said, looking down at her robotic arm. "I know what it's like ta be labeled a freak of nature. That's the main reason I'm here, besides being on a mission. Sure I care about Mobian lives, but I care about everyone."

"Really?... Do you know the pain of extensive cybernetic augmentation, the kind where you're opened up and altered down to a cellular level?" Xavek asked in an all too happy tone.

"Whoa, buddy, don't get too excited. If you mean having your flesh encased in metal and never being able to remove it because you'll die from the wounds, then yeah, I may know something along those lines." Reens rubbed her arm to make her point, then winced.

Xavek chuckled. "When I say opened up, I mean that in the literal sense, sure there was anesthesia involved but that won't cut it in regards to procedures where they surgically altered my organ structure, fused my skeleton with a strange metal similar to that of a comic book anti-hero, and even partially lobotomized me.. The cellular level thing was something else I prefer not discussing..."

Reens nodded. "Duly noted. Now I just gotta figure out why I'm here." She paced, trying to figure it out. "Darn Otis... sendin' me out with no 'structions."

Nicole turns to Xavek with a revelation."Actually...there's something you should know..."

Nicole presses a button on her arm. Her outer shell turns into pixels, and then, disintegrates. She reveals a whole metallic appearance, as well as metallic clothing In a royal appearance.

She was in fact, a Cyber-Mobian, one of two in existence.

Nicole:(To herself) "I hope Raven is alright..."

On Möbius, Raven crashes in Station square, after having accidentally breaking down a parking lot. However, he was so injured, he couldn't get out. Facing stasis, he broadcasts a may day signal, thinking someone will hear.

Back in core city, Nicole is with the other when Reens and Nicole receive the same transmission.

Transmission: Mayday! Mayday! This is unit Tau-Beta 801-XVD. I am in stasis, and crash-landed in an unknown coordinates, and in unknown territory. Send help.

Nicole: "Hang on, Raven..  I'm coming."

Ion stops her,"WAIT, you not going alone!"

"Ey! You ain't goin' without me!" Reens added. "I ain't just gonna stand round here with nothin' ta do. 'Sides, I might be able ta help somehow."

Xavek just stays silent.

Nicole: "Alright, then. We need to hurry. I know who this unit is, and we have been through quite a lot." 

They hurry off to fond him. While doing so, Warlord has landed on the opposite side of the world. And is currently making his way to an isolated plateau, where a GUN fortress awaits devastation.

Part 2:A found robot, a new loss

Metal Raven, still latched on the satellite, sends received information to Vultra, and Warlord's current whereabouts.

A orange mongoose is on the satellite as it was the Core City Guardians Property. "DAMN SCRAP METAL GET THE HELL OFF!" he yelled at metal Raven.

Reens wrist com bleeps and Otis' face shows, but no sound comes out. "Sorry Oaty, I'm on a new mission now," she whispers as she flicks it off. "Which way we goin' again? I can't see smoke!"

Xavek frowned in annoyance. Evidently just as uninformed as Reens in regards to what's going on.

The orange mongoose still seems to be yelling at Metal Raven, "DON'T TOUCH THAT... NO DAMN IT!!!!"

Metal Raven angrily grabs the mongoose by the mouth, trips him, and presses his foot into his chest, saying:

"Primitive, you will inform this unit with information about this satellite, and your planet. 5 seconds til extermination. "

With metal distracted, Nicole puts two fingers against her ear, causing an antennae like structure to emerge. Her optics show a line bending up and down rapidly, and unleashes her own waves to identify the source. The sound waves originate in a destroyed parking near the center of Station Square.

Nicole runs toward the heart of the city. "The epicenter of the waves is here. C'mon."

Reens nods and follows. "Finally we're gettin' somewhere!"

the orange mongoose simply grins and knocks Metal Raven off of him and throws him off the satellite, "I need to notify Ion about this."

Ion was following Nicole but then his Wrist Com beeps, it was a massage from the orange mongoose. "ion... do you read me... this metal freak has attacked our satellite and has set a weapon on it, Coretopia is near destruction and... "an explosion is heard from the background. "... ION WE ARE...." the transmission ends. "GAVIN!!!! GUYS!!!!" Ion started to get on his knees and Cried, it was rare for him to cry, but knowing his home is destroyed by a Metallic Monster, he then starts getting enraged, darkness and rage started to flow through his body and attacked Nicole, his power was about at Demi-God level.

"Ion! No!" Reens leaps toward him and tries to knock him down. "She's not the enemy! Leave her alone!" Her necklace started to glow with energy and her eyes flashed.

Ion looks at her enraged, "My friends were KILLED BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS... AND BY THAT EVIL METALLIC FREAK.. I CANT TRUST NO ONE... NOT EVEN YOU JOKES!" he knocks Reens with ease, sending her into the rocks due to his power level being so high.

Reens slams into the rocks head-first, and she groans. "Please, Ion..." Her necklace glowed brighter and she turns super, getting up. She slams into him headfirst, trying to knock him down. "I know what it's like to lose everything! All you love and care about; I know what it's like to have it stripped away! I know what it's like to die inside." Tears start to fall down her face. "I know what it's like to have your home destroyed... I know..."

Ion for some reason is not alone, he calms down and his power level drops, he was out cold after the amount of power he was using.

Nicole was shaken, but unhurt. She is surprised to find Metal has attacked his world's satellite, and devastated the city. He is dragged behind a building to recuperate from the trauma he just encountered. 

Nicole: "Watch over him. I will make my way there." She tells the others.

She eventually reaches the epicenter, but the pod was too hot to enter. Using all the strength she had, she fires a pulse beam at the pod. The pod opens, but Raven is charred to a crisp, but still salvageable. Among this, she finds something protruding out of his chest. It was a small computer chip that may have been discarded years ago. Nicole grabs him and the chip and returns to the group. Unbeknownst to her, the situation is bigger than precedented.

Back on the satellite, or what's left of it, Metal has destroyed the satellite, and discarded the mongoose. Metal's findings about the world based on the received message, and visuals seemed fruitful. But the knowledge in question was never recovered.

"Metal, I do think your exposition on this is done. I see now that this world is infested with primitive organisms, but ripe for conquest. Did you ever find any information on what we're here for?" Vultra to Metal.

"Negative." Metal responded

"Ugh, alright then. Metal, join up with warlord at these coordinates, he is planning an attack there, let us hope he has more luck."


Reens reverts and falls on one knee, then looks over to Ion and moves in front of him, just in case anyone would want to hurt him. She then readies her laser gun and cocks it, just in case.

Nicole returns to the group, and somewhat exhausted from dragging Raven back to where she left them. 

"Okay, I got him." Nicole said tiredly. "He pretty much got scorched in the blaze. He isn't looking too good. I need to return to Cyberspace. But i'm not leaving anyone of you behind."

Nicole summons more power, engulfing her new-found teammates in an aura of pure energy. The aura turns white, and they are sent to Cyberspace. As of now, it is an utter wasteland. Also, it was crawling with aliens. Evil aliens.

Nicole tells them, "I got to get you guys to the armory and Raven to the repair bay. I know this place in and out. Follow me, but stay close."

Part 3: Repairing one, arming several others.

Ion wakes up, but he is badly injured, his body is badly torn, limbs gone, only his body remains, the rage and power disintegrated his legs and arms. he is in a lab with some scientists doing a repair on him, turning him into a cyber Mobian.

Nicole is among one of them, constructing new internal structures to ensure Ion's survival. Nicole crafts steel and anti-rust pistons for the bone-like structures in his arms. His arms are covered in Cyberxium armored plating, as well as installing a shield onto one of his forearms, outfitted with spikes along the rim, and a blade like spike in the middle. The hands are made out similar components, but the left hand is outfitted with a hologram projector in his palm. Both wrists can brandish Atomic blades at will. The hand armor is also made of Cyberxium.

For his legs and feet, his legs are outfitted with hydraulics in place of the top and bottom of each leg, enabling more jump to his jumping. They are secured by coils of Duraxxide, an element that is well resistant to blunt trauma. Neurotransmitters are placed in wires and rods in his legs and feet to act as a nervous system. His feet are enabled to either gain or lose traction depending on the controller of this ability's style. The soles are also outfitted with a hover rocket like bottom, enabling fight and hover capabilities.

A stealth mode is also implanted to help him tread quietly when the time calls for it.

"Alright, done. Hold still, sir." Nicole said.

Reens stands on Nicole's other side, watching this process. She looks at Ion, then looks down at her feet. "Maybe I coulda stopped 'em from doin' this to 'imself. Now I feel like I haven't done nothin' to help ya'll." She flexes her robotic arm and sighs. "Nicole, ah, is there anythin' I can do for ya?"

Nicole looks back at her with a warm look. She pulls a black data chip, roughly the size of her palm and hands her it. "That chip may be of importance. This chip should be implanted into that terminal behind you. I haven't had time to look at it yet,  and I need your help with what comes from that data chip. Raven probably doesn't know that was on him upon the time of arrival."

Nicole, understanding Reens, looks at her arm. "You did what you could, Reens. To me, that is a big help. If you didn't do it, I would've died. You saved my life, and thank you so much for that." Nicole said with a positive tone. "Also, before you install that chip, I sure could use some help with Raven in the repair bay. Care to join, once I'm done?"

Ion was feeling pain due to the cybernetic implants being placed on him, but he has felt pain like this before with fractured legs and a lot more, but this was a whole new side of pain, he is becoming more of a cyber-Cortopian, he then looks at Nicole. "Nicole... thanks for saving me back there, and Reens... thanks for calming me down... but... my friends... is there any way to bring them back?" a tear drops from his eyes. "they really mean a lot to me..."

Xavek looked at Ion with a pitiless expression, having stuck with the group yet stayed silent as he had no reason to talk to them. "They are dead, possibly reduced to bloody chunks and the likes, nothing can bring them back.. So don't even bother.." Xavek said with an uncaring tone, it was clear what his views on life and death were based on how he spoke.

Reens looks at Nicole and clutches the chip tightly in her robotic hand. She nods at Nicole, then turns to Ion and gives him a hug. "It's okay... you did what you could." She grins and gets up from his side. "I dunno much 'bout mechanics, but I bet I can do somethin'."

But just then Corta entered cyberspace as well somehow survived, her arms where gone from the blast on core city. "Ion... our planet... its... gone" she then shouts in pain because of her arms being missing. ion then was surprised to see Corta and smiles, being done with cybernetic parts replacing his lost limbs. "I know... but your safe... at least you are safe." he then looks at Nicole. "hey Nicole... can you help Corta too... she is in pain also."

Xavek's left eye glowed red, the circuitry being visible as he attempted to scan the others in the room.

Ion then gets up... he smiles and kisses Corta on the mouth. Corta blushes and held the kiss. "Ion... you are the only one left that I care for now... and I will make it last with you." Corta smiles, so does ion.

"Of course, Ion." Nicole said generously. "Make sure you run some tests on your new powers, first. Give them a whirl for a bit. Come with me Corta, we will get you treatment ASAP. " Nicole escorts her to whe will get her new arms.

Ion nods. Corta follows Nicole in to a treatment room.

In the room lay two arms on the construction table.  They both are constructed similar to Ion's except for a few differences. Both are lightweight, which can help with flight, the left arm has a special "playback" installation. This helps with collecting audio evidence or replay messages collected.

The wrists have Atomic guns mounted on each wrist, enabling firepower. Both arms can call up a barrier to protect herself and others from enemy threats, as it comes out of both palms. On the back of each shoulder blade, are large wings with invisible membranes, which can enable flight or gliding capabilities. They are also silent, allowing her to fly around without the fear of attracting attention.

"Okay, get ready for this. This is a rather delicate procedure, OK?"

Reens waited a bit, then placed the chip in a safe spot on her person. She then went to the repair bay and saw Raven. At first she was a bit horrified, but then she just felt saddened and a little angry. 'Why?' Her mind tried to wrap around all of the events that had happened so far.

Corta laid down on the bed. Meanwhile ion was testing his new equipment and it seems to work fine.

As Nicole worked on to apply Corta's new limbs, She overheard an engine humming to action. It was left at peace, because it usually meant it was charging up.

However,  in the repair bay, the table was shifting toward a long thin wall in the far end of the room. Once it got there, the table seals him under two belts as it becomes vertical. A pedestal rises out if the ground to give him stable ground. Then, two mechanical arms, as wells as some machinery, start to work on the repairs.

Nicole just finished the procedure when she heard the noises. She runs up to see what's happening, only to discover the repair terminal was online, which does that by itself when a heavily damaged machine is in the room. She is relieved, but sees Reens upset. She walks over to her and hugs her. She says while she is hugging her, "I know Reens, its hard on me and him, too. We know what it is like, losing a world, a home. It's hard to process and accept. Raven and I lost this world because of that bird, Vultra, and her army."

Nicole sheds a tear, and rubs Reens's back "We'll get through this. I promise."

Ion then walks in where Corta was, Corta smiles and they kissed soon made out, once they where done, they got dressed and went to where Nicole is at. "what is the matter?" ion said.

Nicole turns to Ion, "Just helping Reens out with this madness. I guess everyone has taken a serious toll on this, huh?"

Reens sniffed and hugged Nicole back. "Thank you so much for making me feel better." She released her from the hug and pulled out the chip. She tossed it up in the air and caught it. "Should I plug it in the terminal now?"

"Yes,, Reens." Nicole said. " we need to know what is on that chip. Oh, and I took time to apply upgrades to your pistol. Your laser pistol can now fire a bigger beam, but it is also able to pierce armor off of lower rank enemies, and is able to fire three lasers at once to create a larger blast radius, and attack harder.

Xavek looked at Nicole with interest. "Interesting... Now the question of letting someone tamper with alien technology or not comes into my head.."

Nicole turns to Xavek with confusion. "What are you planning, Xavek?"

Reens turned and plugged the chip into the terminal. "Uh, Nicole? Ya better take a peek at this." Reens moved out of the way to let her see. The screen was covered with letters and numbers, like a secret code of sorts.

"It's not like I'm planning extremely painful deaths for everyone here.." Xavek said, Nicole could feel the utter sarcasm when Xavek spoke. "Honestly, I'm at a loss as to what the heck is even going on.."

Nicole finds out the text is in Cyberspace language. " Amazing. This chip is coded in Cyberspace text. Let me see if I can break this."

Nicole reads the text off in her mind. The text explains how both Cyberspace and mobius have met in elder times, dating as far back as early civilization. The text also talks about the Obelisk saying that it is "embedded In the keepers of knowledge and power." Going further, the text also talks about something called Axon Terminals. These terminals were protected by three colossal guardians, one at each terminal, which is powered by the Three Raggadak gems.However, two of the terminals are powered by three Chaos emeralds, while one is only powered by one emerald, as well as a gem too. Everything will be answered when each terminal is online, and they triangulate where the Obelisk is.

Ion comes in sighing having depression kicking in.

Nicole looks back toward Ion. "Something wrong, Ion?"

Ion looks at Nicole. "depressed about losing my friends.*

Nicole walks over to him, puts a hand on his shoulder. "I understand, Ion. We all have lost people we cherished dearly,and it is really taxing on us, but what can we do? Simply stand up, and move on; in spite of the inevitable truth that it is hard. You and Corta are survivors of alien attacks, like Raven and I have been." 

Nicole looks back at Xavek with an unnerved look. She started to think he may be conspiring with Vultra, and acting as a spy.

Xavek looked back at Nicole, an uncaring expression on his face. Clearly he would rather sell them out to whoever is masterminding this chaos then befriend or save them in anyway.

Looking back toward the group, she explains to them that there is a way to locate the Obelisk. All that is needed is to find the chaos emeralds and the Raggadak gems in order to start up the Axon Terminals, which will locate the Obelisk.

Corta runs to ion and kisses him then lets go. "Ion... I am having a kid... we are parents!" ion stood looking at her in shock but smiles. "corta... I love you.. always."

Nicole just stands there wide-eyed "oh, uhhhh...wow."

Ion looks at Nicole. "its a long story oh now we got to this" He blushes in embarrassment.

Xavek sighs in annoyance. "Well, lets get this scavenger hunt over with... The sooner it's finished the sooner I can forget I met any of you..." He muttered the last part.

"I think I've got an idea on how we can find the lil' buggers. If I can coordinate out wrist coms' signals to detect energy spikes, then we can trace chaos energy from them," Reens suggests, pulling out a screwdriver. "It might be very faint, but if we can at least get one emerald, then we can use that lil' bugger to find the rest of 'em."

Ion Nods, "not a bad choice or idea."

"That is kinda cool, but hang on. Raven has had a strong tie toward the Raggadak gems. Let get him online here." Nicole says.

She tries to start him up automatically with the controls, but they are fruitless to her cause. She tries to fire up his power circuit with electric currents, but then something happened. The terminal started to overload, creating sparks, electrical currents, and the like. A wire is transferring the information into Raven's head. Causing Raven n to slowly wake up from his heavy sleeping.

Raven starts to activate. "Where..........Am I?"

"You're home, Raven. " Nicole says to him.

Reens looks down at his other side. "Glad you're finally awake, bud. Ya took quite a bangin' there. If it wasn't for Nicole's repairs, ya woulda been a goner."

Xavek remained silent. If anything whatever he said would come off as insulting or insensitive thanks to his lack of empathy.

Raven nods  his head toward them. "Thank you, Nicole, for saving my can."

Nicole blushes.

The machines release Raven, and he starts up his new systems.

Raven suddenly gains a flashback. He remembers Vultra was hunting for the Obelisk.

"Vultra.....the Obelisk.....does she have it??!?"

Nicole tells him she hasn't found it, and is still on the search for it. He turns to the primitives.

"Who are these organics, Nicole?" Raven asks her.

"They're my friends, Raven. They are Xavek, Ion, Corta, and Reens. but we have helped each other to find you, and arm up everyone else. Also, I have something you may wanna hear. I found a disk off your scorched body, and let Reens install it. We discovered how to do this. But we need you to help us, Raven. We need to get back to that planet."

Raven nods. "Alright, let's go."

However, a nanite is spying on them, and sending messages back to Vultra. 

"Hmm. Perhaps Xavek may be the key to my goals." Vultra thought to herself.

Nicole engages the teleportation move, but Raven, Nicole, Reens, Ion, and Corta are gone. Xavek remains.

Part 4: A Devious Alliance

(For this chapter, it is a meeting between Vultra and Xavek)

"Friends eh?... What a ridiculous organic sentiment... Especially since they left me behind.. Though I'm not surprised." Xavek grumbled. His discontent and anger seen as plain as day.

"My sentiments exactly." A voice says to him.

A hologram image of Vultra appears behind him.

Xavek was caught by surprise, he quickly turned around and aimed his left gauntlet at the hologram of Vultra. "Identify yourself.."

"Lower your weapon,  Xavek. We have much to discuss." Vultra to Xavek. "I couldn't help but notice your disdain for organics, sir. Perhaps I can help."

Xavek lowered his weapon, intrigued by what she had to say.

"I have been toward this low-life of a world, ripe with the deplorable waste, befouling stench, and intolerable motives of such organics.  I'm interested in making a deal with you, Xavek. You and I have so much in common. Tell you what, I have this that you may have." Vultra pulls up a hologram image of several dozen battalions of machines, matching all in rows, as well as colossal ones that will and blow everything about them apart.

"If we reach an agreement, all this is all yours, Xavek. What do you say?" Vultra asks.

Xavek pondered Vultra's words for a brief moment before nodding his head. "I accept, but what are your terms?.."

"Simple...You help me, I help you. We both benefit. "

"Alright.. So what's next?.. I already accepted the terms and such.."

"I need you to head to Metal, and Warlord's coordinates. They reach a fortress on a desolate plateau, but they are encountering heavy organic resistance. Get there immediately." 

"Got it.." Xavek spoke, an almost excited gliny in his eyes at the prospect of fighting and killing organic life.

Xavek walked closer, his footsteps making a loud clanging noise as his gauntlets changed their firing mode to plasma minigun form. "Let's get this started.."

Warlord : Hm...you must be Vultra's new hire. Metal and I need to extract more evidence as to find the Obelisk. You have the honors of the slaughter, but buy us time, Xavek.

Metal: Yes, start showing us waste, or we will waste you. 

Metal and Warlord fly off high above the base, sticking to their word.

Xavek nodded and waited for the first signs of organic life to pop through before he started firing his buster gauntlets in plasma minigun mode.

That's when the alarm sounded. 

Soldier: It's Xavek!! Open Fire!!

Xavek cackled in glee as he aimed his gauntlets at the soldiers and watched as plasma bolts were soon being fired at the soldiers a few seconds later. "Oh what fun!~ Fall to me.. Fall to me in droves!!" Xavek shouted in manic glee, unhindered as the ocassional stray bullet managed to hit his body.

The base then calls for an all out attack on Xavek, launchin everything they have, machine, and all other things in an effort to out him down. Warlord and Metal fly deep being the lines, as they trie to download all possible files related to the obelisks.

Xavek was undeterred, though he did fight smartly, namely finding cover when the big guns came out and activating his cloaking function and his buster gauntlets plasma sword mode before creeping towards the soldiers from shadowed areas and trying to kill them silently if he could.

Part 5:Where the Legend Sleeps

Back on the home planet, the search for the Axon Terminals is on. As it starts, the group needs a clue as to where to find the first terminal.

Ion looks at the radar, "I cant get an exact reading on the first terminal..." he said.

Lunari was continuing her travels, in the forest, when she found a strange looking building. It looked like a small stone altar, with a few gems around it. She figured she would set up camp nearby, so that she could take a closer look.

Raven ties an indirect Approach. He projects sound waves in the sky to try to see if anyone comes up. He know that the gems respond to a certain frequency if they are close enough.  The sound waves continue to arise, until they make their  way to anore

"Any luck?" Corta asked.

Reens looked down at her wrist-com. "I got nothin' but a lil' interference and a faint signal, but I dunno if it's an emerald or not. If there are any other energy signatures, it could come from somethin' else. We gotta be careful."

Raven begins to receive a faint signal, and starts running. His goal is to reach a forest outside the city.

After Lunari had set up camp, she took a closer look at the altar, unaware that it was the first Axon Terminal. She held one of the gems up in front of her, so that she could look at it in the sunlight. Little did she know, she was helping Raven get a better signal.

Reens sees him leave and nods. "Looks like Raven's got a signal. I'll start goin' the other direction and see if I can find anythin'." She took off, grabbing a seemingly dented hoverboard on her way out and jumping on it. All that was left of her was a breeze as she sped off.

As Raven takes off, and gets closer to the forest, the gem's reception started to increase. He didn't know however, someone had already gotten to the Axon Terminal. He did know the signal was increasing.

Lunari set down the gem, and picked up another. It was a Chaos Emerald. "What's this doing here?" She thought to herself.

Raven eventually comes to a cliff, which is as far as he can go. He can see the terminal. But is confused to find it coated in stone. His peripheral scanners identify a camp far off in the distance. "Someone had already got to the terminal. The question now is....who?" Raven jumps down and scans the area. He identifies an echidna holding something. He walks up to her "Hello, miss..." Raven said as he approached.

'Oh! Hello!" Lunari replied. She set down the Chaos Emerald, where she had found it. "Who might you be?" She asked.

"Raven. Raven the Cyberhog." He said to her. "You are...."

"My name is Lunari. Nice to meet you!" She answered, somewhat casually.

"Nice to meet you, too." Raven said with a smile. "I saw your settlement, miss. Do you travel a lot?"

"Yeah, I'm a traveler." Lunari replied. "What are you doing here, anyways? Came to see this thing?" She asked, gesturing toward the terminal. "I have no idea what it is."

"Yes. I saw this as I got here, but oddly, it is coated in stone. It is also so old I can't interface with it. Nor do I know what it does." Raven guides his hands across the surface of it until he accidentally collides with some loose stone near a pedestal-like structure near the base of the structure. The stone was weathered, and in a weak state. He brushes it away, and it falls on the  ground, revealing a circular hole underneath.

"It looks like an object can fit here." Raven said. He then guides his hands straight up to feel some more loose rock. He wipes it aside, and finds three Emerald holes on the side. He then turns to Lunari.

"Lunari, did you happen to find something here?" Raven asked her.

Lunari nodded, picking the Emeralds back up. "I found these emeralds over here..." Lunari said. She held out three Chaos Emeralds and one round gem.

Raven takes the rounded one first, and examines it, sensing it is familiar in some way.  He decides to wait until the terminal is online. He outs in the pedestal. Then, a loud roar of power starts to emanate from the terminal, causing it to start powering up, but it wasn't enough. 

Raven looks back at her in disbelief.

"Lunari, do you know what this is??!?" Raven asked her.

Lunari shook her head, somewhat shocked. "No, I don't." She answered.

Reens keeps flying in the direction she had, then skids to rest. *Pant, pant* "I ain't found nothin' yet. Hope Raven has had more luck than I have..." She pulls out a map and scans it.

Back with Raven, he says," this is a terminal. An Axon Terminal. One of three on the planet. I'm a little surprised that it still functions. I had been informed that these Terminals have been Out of Commission since Cyberspace had been trading with early civilization mobians and the like. I wonder why though."

Raven takes the nearby three Chaos emeralds , and puts them in the corresponding hole. It's internal power was humming up into life. Sparks were emanating from its base, slowly working towards the top. The energy caused a shockwave of power to shoot out in all directions. Then, its projecting sound waves out of the top of the terminal, an indication of it functioning. But then, there came a greater cost. Lunari and Raven, hear the ground rumbling below them,  as if an earthquake was happening. Then, ground was being lost as it started to create a hole, eventually taking them inside it. But upon their descent, the ground restores itself. Trapping them. They are unconscious upon impact. But they do not know the behemoth that awaits with their presence.

Part 6: El Niño

Raven at some point, activates from stasis, and is confused by their whereabouts, and texture of where they landed. The ground, oddly, was metallic, and felt like steel. It was also dark, and couldn't see Lunari, or where they are.

"Hello?!??! Anyone here??!??!?" Raven shouts as he got to his feet.

However, one of the guardians, named El Niño, is a colossal guardian in their location, in stasis, but is slowly rising due to the sound f primitive voices echoing off the walls.

"Raven... I'm over here..." Lunari mumbled, as she woke up. The darkness in the room didn't faze her. She could sense where Raven was, so she made her way right over to Raven.

"Whew! OK, so, are you hurt? Any injuries?" Raven asked her.

"No, I'm fine." Lunari replied.

Raven is happy about that.

They here what sounds like thunder, a loud sound of thunder. They look around, but cannot determine the source because the darkness surrounding them made it hard to see. Raven walks around, and eventually stumbles over something small. What happens next wakes the guardian up. The device in question was a sensor, a power sensor that traps him in an energy dampening field. The field was luminescent enough to get a glimpse of the guardian. But, the light got in its eyes, and woke it up.

The guardian starts hovering off its pedestal, clearly in no mood for guests. The guardian started creating a massive thunderstorm above them. The ground above them was leaking with ground water, and making its way inside. As it came down, it progressively got heavier to the point of it becoming a downpour. El Niño was trying to drown them. The water eventually covered floor, and began to rise. It just enough to short out the device, and allow Raven to escape. He grabs Lunari, put her on his back, activates his hover shoes, and takes flight. 

However, he couldn't break the  soil above them.

Lunari, like most echidnas, could dig. It wasn't her best skill, but she had to try. Slowly, she started to dig through the soil. "I think I can make it through this soil. Just follow me!" Lunari yelled over to Raven.

Raven follows through, and tries to fire at the guardian to buy her more time. He fires a Radio-kinetic beam at one of El Niño's eyes. He did injure it, but it does minor damage. However, a key difference in the weather was noticed; the precipitation rate had slowed down, which leaked through the ground less frequently. 

The weather quickly picked back up after he recovered. He looks back at them, and laughs. Then he claps his hands together, creating a large amount of electricity to spread out in all directions, but it makes contact with the water, electrifying it. To matters worse. He tried to take out Lunari by punching the earthly wall behind him. He was trying to make her lose focus, and tumble into the water. Raven managed to her focus, but he began to feel the water touch his shoes. 

"Lunari, we're losing time!! You gotta hurry!!" Raven said in nervousness

"ATOMIC BOLT!!!" A voice came out of nowhere and energy pierces through the El Nino's Eye and killed it just by one blast, it can be heard from above them.

Reens, meanwhile, has kept going in the direction of the map, even though she still feels lost. As she looks down, she spies something glittering in the sand below. She picks it up, turning it over in her palm. "I dunno if this is a Chaos Emerald or that other gem they were talkin' about, but I better try to communicate." She turns on her wrist-com. "Hello? Nicole? Ion? Corta? Anybody? I found a gem out here, an I dunno which kind it is."

"Reens I am here, what is your status?" Ion said to Reens.

Meanwhile Corta is researching information about the artifacts back in a lost lab. "Wow... no information... there has to be information... damn logic!" she is confused on the fact that she could not crack the code.

"I'm fine, Ion! I think I found one of the gems we're looking for, but I dunno if it's a chaos emerald or the other gem we need. I need a rendezvous point, so I'm sending you my location now." She sends out a strong signal, showing Ion where she is.

Lunari picked up the pace, and finally made it to the surface. "Made it!" Lunari shouted as she climbed out.

"understood... I am on my way..." ion dashes away from the others and runs to reens at the rendezvous Point, located in his radar.

As Reens flips the gem into the air, she sees Ion and waves, catching it on her head. "This is what I told you about," she says with a smile and tosses it to him. "Can you tell which one it is?"

"(Coughs) Hello ? Is anyone receiving me? If you are, I'm updating my coordinates, now." Raven says to them.

Lunari yelled down the hole she had dug. "Raven, come on! Get out of there!" Lunari yelled.

Raven climbs out. "Coming. Thanks for the save."

"Hey, it's the least I could do." Lunari replied.

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