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Welcome to the roleplay of Sonic Dimensions! The story is about Sonic and his friends getting sucked into alternative dimensions, with different versions of their characters!

Make the way to tell the story, by en enemy releasing a portal on the death egg, sucking everyone into alternative dimensions!

Feel free to add your name to the character you wish to RP, and have fun!


  1. Must be 10+.
  2. No X rated sexuality themes or scenes.
  3. No flat out cursing. Censor it.
  4. You may add a certain "musical theme" to a scene if you would like.
  5. No G-moding.
  6. No changing the plot of the story.

Season 1 Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog/Alternative Versions - TheNo1DestinationFan

Miles "Tails" Prower/Alternative Versions - thebigfoot1

Amy Rose/Alternative Versions -

Shadow the Hedgehog/Alternative Versions - Maryxgil

Silver the Hedgehog/Alternative Versions - Megasonicfan18

Metal Sonic - thebigfoot1

Dr. Eggman/Alternative Versions - TheNo1DestinationFan

Metal Shadow - thebigfoot1

Metal Silver - thebigfoot1

Gus Chaos/Demons/Alternates - Hudhouse

?????/Final Boss - Zied_Alpha

Fran the Walking Annoyance/Alternate Versions - Maryxgil

Jared the unknown - Frozen Scorpio

Yuki the Wolf/Alternate Versions - Scroundernuts

CJ the Hedgecat/Alternate Versions - Scroundernuts

Static the Cat - Frost the Wolf

Static Nega (Blitz) - Frost the Wolf

Frost the Wolf/ Alternate Versions - Frost the Wolf

Blaze the Cat/ Alternate Versions - Frost the Wolf

Marine the Raccoon/ Alternate Versions - Frost the Wolf

Mimic the Mockingbird/ Alternate Versions - Frost the Wolf

Crystaline the Wolf/Alternate Versions - Frost the Wolf

Chaos the Hedgehog - Megasonicfan18

Hector the Wolfhog - Megasonicfan18

Night the Bat - Megasonicfan18

Burner the Wolf/Alternate Versions- 14:12, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

Azure the Merhog/Mach Azure75.66.176.166 14:12, October 8, 2012 (UTC)

Sora the Hedgehog/Alternate Version:SilverShadow2001

Kyros the Hedgehog - Rapidthehedgehog

Marabouta - Frozen Scorpio

Sleeky The Newt - Notcreepypasta

carrie the hedgehog angel

True Mastermind Of Story/Rai,Aeon,Hyper Silvadc,God Of The Void/Alternate Forms, Neo Metal Sonic-FlamePrinceFinn

Spark the Hedgecat-

Jake the Hedgehog-

Red The Hedgehog-sonash 280

Neo the Fox / Alternate Versions - Neoexlucky

cavell the tanooki / alternate versions - Meme the fox/Emperor dedede

Season 2 Characters

Nate The Hawk - YoungEezy27

Fox the Fox (15 years old)-Zapor888


Spike The Hedgehog- Spike The Awesome Hedgehog

Sico the cat- AwsomeSONICfan







Metal sonic 3.0

Mephiles the Dark

The Master Planner



The Past counterparts = Nate,Gimzo, and Spike

Melody the muisc hedgehog

Roleplay, Part I: The Death Egg.

(Sonic bursts into the Grand Hallway of the Death Egg, ready to confront Eggman)

Sonic: All right Egghead! Time to give up!

Shadow: *comes in as well* Hmph.

Fran: What he said!

Shadow: *glares at Fran*

Gus: (walks in with dr. eggman suit and rips it off) You fool fathers, you expected the real eggman to be here? He is making his greatest invention far away from here, if you want to learn where he is then beat me in a challenge, or die by carbon dioxide!

Sonic: Hehehe. Another challenge? You don't know me enough to guess I love challenges! (Hops up, and uses Homing Attack towards Gus...)

Shadow: *mimics Sonic's homing attack on Gus*

Gus:*disappears and reappears breaking down a wall and there's a huge machine with eggman on top*

the death egg shakes for a moment.

Gus: Eggman! Start the weapon before these idiots manage to destroy it! We must escape now!

Eggman: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho! There is no defeating me now, SONIC! (Presses button on the machine, and the Death Egg begins to rumble. The machine begins to light up, and suddenly, a white portal appears on the top of it.)

Sonic: Hehe. So your weapon is a...white, mist?

Eggman: Oh, that is where you are wrong! (Begins to run away with Gus, but suddenly, the portal begins to suck in.) Oh no! I don't understand! The machine should have been working properly! GUS! What did you do to it????

Gus: Well Grand father... i changed your device to telaport to alternate dimensions like when sonic met scourge... and the only way to return here is to go through all 249 dimensions this machine is linked to.. then destroy the god of the void at the 250 dimension... *laughs and disappears*

Eggman: Oh, when i get my hands on hiiiiiiiiii- (Is sucked into the portal.)

Sonic: Shadow! We need to get out of here! (Begins to run with Shadow, but the portal spreads out, and destroys half of the Death Egg. Angel Island is suddenly sucked into the huge portal, taking Amy and Tails with it.)

Fran: *gets sucked into the portal*

Shadow: *is running with Sonic but they aren't making much progress with the portal sucking*

Gus: *appears* Drown in darkness! *becomes a darkrai and makes shadow and sonic fall asleep and have horrid nightmares then disappears*

Sonic: Shadow! Hold on! *Shadow cannot run much longer, and is sucked into the portal* ARGH! Eggmaaaan! *Sonic is sucked into the portal...*

Roleplay, Part II: A Weird Frontier

Shadow: *gets up off the ground* What is this place...

Sonic: *Wakes up* Uh...Shadow? Where...where are we?

Shadow: I don't know. *starts walking*

Sonic: *Looks around to see a forest type place* hmm...

Shadow: I'm going to find out where we are.

A wolf appeared from a portal, he seemed to be knocked out.

Shadow: *looks at the wolf, but keeps walking*

Fran: *starts poking the wolf*

Sonic: Who is that?

Fran: I dunno he just showed up!

Wolf: (Moans)

Fran: Hey it said something!

Wolf: Where am i..?

Sonic: Er...that's what we're trying to figure out.

Wolf: ...Sonic?

Fran: Yep that's him alright! The one and only blue hedgehog!

Wolf: I'm Yuki... the Wolf.

Fran: Yuki, that's a funny name.

Yuki: ...It's Japanese for snow!! ..Or at least i think..

Fran: That's Japan!

Yuki: It looks like we're in a forest... now then. (Circles Fran) Are you a friend.. or a foe?

Fran: What's it look like? I'm not attacking you or nothing.

Yuki: Well sorry! I just happen to do that to every person i meet!

Fran: Oh, well I do this to everyone I meet. *pokes Yuki*

Yuki: (Faceplams)

Shadow: *glares at them then keeps walking*

Yuki: Meh, I'm gonna go fishing.. or maybe bake something.

Shadow: I am going to find out where we are and how to get back.

Yuki: But it doesn't look so bad, Shadz!

Shadow: ...

Yuki: (Sighs) Nevermind.

Fran: Come to think of it this place looks a lot like home, 'cept different. It's basically just like home, only different.

Yuki: ...?

Fran: What?

Yuki: I think i see another person. (Rubs his eyes) Wait.. err, no.

Fran: Another person? I-AAH

Ann: Hello.

???: Ugh..

Fran: *sees ???* *to Ann* Hold that thought, person who looks just like me. *pokes ???* You ok?

???: I guess..

Fran: Good. Wait who are you anyway?

???: CJ the Hedgecat...

Fran: Hmm. CJ.... CJ... TJ... Blue-jay...

CJ: ...What?

Fran: What?

???: Sonic!

Sonic: (Turns to see who called him) Huh? Oh, hey Marine!

Marine: Long time, no see, mate!

Sonic: Are you here alone?

Marine: Nope! Blaze, Static, Frost, and Crystaline are here too.

Blaze: Hello Sonic.

Static: Hey, Thunder! How have you been?

Fran: Thunder?

Sonic: (rolls his eyes) He calls me that everytime he beats me in a race.

Static: (shrugs) Hey, you might be faster than the speed of sound, but I'M as fast as lightning. And we all know that thunder comes after lightning. But I'm not here to brag. Actually, I'm not sure WHY we're here.

Yuki: More wolves?

Frost: (looks briefly at Yuki, then ignores him) ...

Crystaline: (gives a slight bow) Hello.

???: What are YOU guys doing here?!

Sonic: (Turns to see who said that) Huh? WHOA!!


Static: Mimic, knock it off!

Mimic: Aw, you take the fun out of pretending to be someone else! (shapeshifts back into his normal form).

Static: You're a little late if your trying to steal one of the Sol Emeralds.

Fran: Sol Emeralds?

Sonic: I'll explain later.

Mimic: (looks confused and hurt) Sol Emerald? I wasn't going to steal a Sol Emerald from you. ( smiles sneeringly) Not yet anyway. But I think we need to be a little more concerned about what's important. Like, for example, where are we? How did we get here? And is there any treasure here?

Static: (sighs) He's got a point, except for the treasure part. We need to figure out what happened.

Sonic: I can answer that. (He explains everything that happened on the Death Egg.)

Static: Wait. How MANY dimensions did you say we have to go through?

Fran: He said two-hundred and four-

Static: I know WHAT he said. I just can't believe it.

Yuki: It looks like we have a lot of work to do then. What about you? (turns to Frost) You didn't say a word since we met.

Frost: (shrugs indifferently)...

Yuki: Fine, don't say anything. See if I care.

Sonic: So how did you guys get here?

Blaze: We were going back to the Ocean Tornado when a portal came out of nowhere.

Marine: And sucked us right up!

???: System overload!

???: Metal Sonic, your wires are missing!

Metal Sonic: Shutting DOOOOOOWWWWWN...

???: Metal Shadow! Did you pull them out?

Metal Shadow: What are you so worried about Metal Silver?

Metal Silver: Umm... Guys... We aren't alone...

Metal Sonic: Turning back on! Uh-oh. Sonic's here.

Metal Silver: (cries) I wish there were a Metal Blaze for me!

Metal Shadow: Don't cry! You're going to glitch!

Tails: What are you guys doing here?

Roleplay, Part III: Quadruple Explanations

Metal Sonic: ...And that's how I got here.

Tails: You didn't even tell a story! You can't just say that's how you got here!

Metal Sonic: I just have a few motobugs in my system. Oh, there they are! (Stomps on Motobugs) Squishity squish squish!

Metal Shadow: I was in a box when a guy named Gus unlocked me from it. He told me I had to defeat a big monster named Skwish. I failed miserably, so the consequences were being sent here, where I found you guys. Apparently, Skwish is Gus' boss, Skwish is a Red Panda, and Skwish is trying to throw everyone here so when they get back, he will rule the universe. Nothing to worry about.

Burner: I just got here from some explosion. What did that mean?

Azure: Who cares? I believe Egg-head is behind this.

Mach Azure: No kidding.

Burner: What the hamburgers?

Mimic: Will SOMEONE please say SOMETHING that actually makes sense?!

Burner A: OK, so Mimic, who are you and how did you get here?

Burner: Alright, another me? How the juice does that mean anything?

Burner A: Quit complaining. I'm your good side Burner. All positive things are thought up by me.

Burner: Then who's my bad....

???:Outta my way, jocks!

Burner A: That's him. If it isn't Flare the Hedgewolf.

Flare: That's right! I'm here to ruin your day!

Burner: Aw what the heck? There's a female Azure!

Azure: What?

Crysta: That's right, Azure. I'm you from the No Zone.

Azure: What...the...heck?

Mach Azure: Aw (c-word). Crysta, what do you want?

Sora:Ugh my head..........Huh?

Sora:I mustve hit my head pretty hard......Im seeing double!

Sora:MAKE THE DOUBLES STOP!!!!!!!!!-bangs head on boulder-Ok ow ow ow and ow............

Mimic: (looks to Static) And I thought YOU guys were wierd.

Static: (rolls his eyes) You're one to talk... and If those guys have doubles, then does that mean we-

Static Nega: Static?! What are you doing here?

Static: (turns to see his clone) Oh, I should have known I'd be seeing you here.

[Note: Static Nega looks exactly like Static except for coloring and clothing. Static Nega is grey with red eyes, and wears a black and red jacket with a dark red shirt on underneath. He also wears a matching pair of black and red sneakers. He is also wearing a wrist communiacator.]

Static Nega: Likewise...

Mimic: Hey, that doesn't count. He's not your double, he's your clone.

Static Nega: Double? What are you talking a- (he notices that Burner and Azure have doubles) Oh. Never mind.

Mimic: (smiles sinsterly) I wonder if I have a double... [Thinking: Then I can get on other peoples nerves TWICE as much!]

Frost: I prefer not to find out.

Crystaline: Same here.

Sora:Ok I got a bunch of questions in my rock-bashed noggin.1-Who are you people?2-Where am I?And 3-Why does that guy have two people who like him but one of them's a girl that's what confueses me the most.

Static: I'm Static the Cat. And this is Frost (points at Frost), Mimic (points at Mimic), Crystaline (points at Crystaline), Marine (points at Marine), and Blaze (points at Blaze). I think everyone else can introduce themselves. As for your second and third questions, I don't know.

Sora:Well the name's Sora.Sora the Hedgehog.

Static: (nods) Nice to meet you, Sora.

Static Nega: Hmp. (he looks around, partly wondering why he's even there in the first place, and partly wondering what he should be doing.)

Sora:Do you at least know why everyone is here?

A hedgehog aproached everyone with caution. "Friendly or hostile?" He asked, in a defensive stance. He had an alert look on his face.

Sora looked at the hedgehog."Well that all depends.Who are you?" He asks him.

Another voice asks Sora, "Are you talking to me, him, or both?"

"Errr.....both?" Sora says with a shrug.

A newt appears from behind Static Nega (revealing said newt to be the mysterious voice) and says, "My name's Sleeky, but I'm not sure about that..." *Sleeky points to the cautious hedgehog* "...hedgehog over there."

Sora:Well,hiya Sleeky.I'm Sora.

The hedgehog chuckled, but answered sincerely. "I am Kyros. Kyros the Hedgehog. I've come on a business call about a disturbance here. Would you know anything about this?" He asked. He looked at Sora.

carrie runs past them awhile yelling at a shadow figure and chaseing it

Roleplay, Part III:The Mastermind Watching From The Shadows

???:heh heh heh

Unknown Robot:Master Would You Like Somemore Tea??

???: NOT RIGHT NOW YOU (Censored)!

Unknown Robot: Sorry I Asked Boss!

-The Robot Leaves The Room-

???: Now Where Was I??? Oh Yay!

???: heh heh heh Those (Censored)s Have No Idea Whats Going On! heh HeH HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

???: GUS!! GET YOUR (Censored)! IN HERE!

-Gus Walks In-

Gus:What Is It???

???: Send In The Secret Weapon!!!!!


-The End Of Part III-

???:  it nice to see you shadow again

Roleplay, Part IV: The Attack Of The Robots Begin

Sora:.........I have a strange feeling that a unknown enemy has sent a secret weapon after us.........

Crysta: No kidding. I sense a sort of mechanical prescene nearby.....

Flare: Puh. It's probably a stupid robot chicken or something.....

Burner: Wait....does anyone hear a jet engine?

Burner A: Sounds like....(Metal Sonic arrives)METAL SONIC!!!!

-SSBB Squeak Squad Music Plays-

???: A-HA!


-Everyone Looks At Unknown Character-

???: Allow Me To Introduct Myself I Am Aeon,Aeon The Hedgehog!

Burner A: What Do You Want?

Aeon: Not Telling You Have To Take Me Down First!

-Metal Shadow,Amy,Tails,Mecha Shadow,Knuckles,Amy,Fang,Charmy,Espio Appear-

All Eepect Metal Robots: Oh (Cesored)

Metal: HAHAHA! Looks Like Back-Up Has Arrived!

Roleplay, Part 5:Final Battle Part I

-Gus Appears On A Flying Battle Pod-

Gus:Fools Of Them!


Mechas And Metals: Master Gus!

Gus: I Am Back!

Burner: You're The One Who Sent The Robos After Us!

Gus'Yes And No


Gus: I Was Working For Someone All Along!

All Expect Robos:!!!

-The True Mastermind Appears On A Flying Chair!-

?: Hello I Am Gus's Cilent And Master!

Rai: I Am RAI!



-The Heroes And Robots Fight-

-Burner And Burner A Punched Mecha Fang And Mecha Charmy-

-Crysta Used Her Powers On Metal Sonic,Tails,And Amy!-

-Flare Attacked Egg-Robo-

-Sora Attacked Metal Sonic 3.0!-

Sora:Ok ya glorified bucket of bolts! I'm gonna turn you into scrap metal!=

-Spark Attacked Metal Silver- 

-Someone Appears-

Spark: Who are you?

-The End Of Part I Of 2-

Roleplay, Part 6: The Birth Of Hyper Silvadc

-In The White Void-

Spark: ....-Looks Around-

-Sonic,Shadow And Silver Appear-

Sonic: We Don't Have Much Time!

Shadow: Yea We Are Going To End This Battle!

-Silver Appears-

Silver: Me Too!

-The Three Hedgehogs Thansform Into Hyper Silvadc-

Hyper Silvadc: -grows More Powerful- AHHHHHH!

-End Of Part 6-

Roleplay, Part 7: Final Battle Part 2

Hyper Silvadc:AHHHHH!

Everyone:-Looks At Him-

Hyper Silvadc: -Blasts Gus And Rai's Battle Pod-

Eggman: -Comes Falling Out- What Happened?

Eggman: No It Can't Be?!?!

Eggman: Chaos Control Is Begining!

-Everyone Is Teleported To The 250th Dimension-



Marine: At least we skipped 248 dimensions!

-End Of Part 2 Of 2-

Roleplay, Part 8: The Final Showdown

-SSBB Tabbu Music Plays-

-Rai & Gus Use Their New Invention To Fusion With The God Of The Void-


Hyper Silvadc: -Uses Chaos Blast Extreme-

Vabbu: -Uses Solar Sword-

Hyper Silvadc:-Uses Chaos Atomic Blast On His Heart-

Vabbu: AGRHHHHHH!  -Thansforms-

Super Vabbu: FEEL MY FURY! -Uses Blast Of Death-

Hyper Silvadc: -Dodges-

Hyper Silvadc: -Uses Super Sonic Extreme Boost-

Super Vabbu: -Falls In Defeat-

Everyone: -Cheers-

Ending Or Is It?

-Everyone Gets Teleported Back To Mobius-

Sonic: Good To Be Home

-Sky Turns Dark-

Neo Metal Sonic: This Is Only The Begining MWHAHAHAHAAH!

-End Of The 250th Dimension Saga-

-Begining Of The Revenge Of The Eggman Empire Saga-

Spark: This is just great.

"I know"said Jake

Roleplay Season 2, Episode I:Revenge Of The Nega

-Meanwhile Somewhere In Mobius-

Eggman?: Hehehehehe Those Fools Little Do They Know I Built This Ginat Mecha-O-Fortress! -Takes Off Disguise-

Eggman Nega:Now For My Revenge!

Eggman: Negaitve Squad Come!

-Negaitve Sonic,Tails,Shadow,Silver,Amy,Rouge & Knuckles Appear-

The Negaitve Clones: Yes Master?

Eggman Nega: Destory Them..Destory Them All!

-End Of Episode I-

Roleplay Season 2, Episode 2: The Adventure Continues...

-Somewhere in Bingo Highway, Nate The Hawk rides through Bingo Highway on extreme gear he's just finished grinding off a nearby rail-

Nate: Woohoo, that was awesome!!

Fox comes and starts running by him.

Fox: Well, you seem pretty fast. You wanna race? *time stops and looks at camera* Usually Zapor would be here, but since I'm like an older brother to him and mostly on adventures, This is one of em.*Time goes back to normal*

Nate:Huh you bet! Now do you want me to be nice and use my board or do you want it the hard way with me running?

Fox: Depends, can you run fast at all?*Runs fast at high speeds*

Nate: We'll see...*Jumps of the board and chases after the fox*

Nate:So, what's your name anyway? *pulls up beside the fox*

Fox: You can call me Fox.

Nate: Fox huh? Like uh....Star fox?

Fox: Pretty much. And that gizoid over there is Gizmo.

Gizmo: *Waves*

Nate: Nice to meet you both. My name is Nate.

Fox: So, what brings a Hawk like you into a place like this?

Gizmo: Especially with how much abuse it brings with the pinball course.

Nate: Well I heard that there's been some issues round here lately, something bout some hedgehog look-a-like round here.*Time stops and looks at the camera*.Yes ladies and gentlemen i fear there maybe another sonic clone....*Time goes back to normal*

Fox: Huh, you think it could be Metal Sonic?

Gizmo: Naw, people can easily tell the difference between Metal Sonic and Sonic.

Nate: Whether it be Metal Sonic, Shadow or whatever copy it is. He needs to be stopped.

Fox: Right. So, where do think it is?

Gizmo: *Scans* That way!

Fox: Lead us to it!

Gizmo: Heave, Ho! *runs*

Nate: Hey...wait up!

  • In icecap zone*

Fox: Are you sure that he is in here, its freezing!

Gizmo: Affirmative!

Nate (pointing): Hey! Over there!

A silloete of what looks like Sonic sees them and runs away.

Fox: That guy isn't getting away!*Runs after him*

(Nate jumps up into the air, and using the power of wind, manages to jump in front of the sonic look alike)

Nate: You're not going anywhere!

Sonic look alike:Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!*Pulls out blaster*

Gizmo: Activating defense mode!*Arms become drills*

Nate:*Draws sword and slashes at the Sonic look alike's arm*

Sonic look alike: *Falls and rolls down the cliff*

(Green Forest theme from SA2 begins to play)

Fox: We gotta get hi----*cuts off by avalanche*

Gizmo:Avalanche at 12 o clock!

Fox: *Sees boards and jumps on one* See you guys at the bottom!!

Gizmo: Not if I see you there first!*Goes into drive mode*

Nate:heh heh.....Gravity....(Does the Gravity dive )....Dive!!

Fox: You guys can't beat me to the bottom!

  • Air robos drop bombs at them*

Gizmo: Ah, classic Icecap zone.

Nate: Tell me about it....

(Nate jumps onto one of the Air robos and slices it in half. He jumps of and lands on Fox's shoulder in a clown-espe fashion)

Nate: Wahey!

(At the bottom of the mountain)

Sonic look alike: *Tries to get up*

Fox: Don't try it.

Sonic look alike: *looks around for an exit but Nate lands in front of it*

Nate *pointing his sword*: I'd do what he says...

Red Hedgehog: (near the middle of the mountain)looks like something interesting is happening....

Nate *Sensing someone*: Hmm? *Looks in the direction of the Red hedgehog*

Spike: *in a deep voice* Hi there, I'm Spike The Hedgehog *hops down*

Nate: Hmmph I'm look familiar by the way....

Spike: *defeats some Air Robos before running to the end of Ice Cap*

Fox: Huh, that Sonic clone looks like that full blue robot from Sonic heroes....


Spike: *thinking* That might be Metal Sonic...maybe Eggman is up to his old tricks

Nate: Could be...but why would it just randomly be in the Ice cap zone. Unless it's a trap...

Spike: Might as well find out who he is *jumps to sonic clone*

Sonic clone: *Evil giggles and countdown stars from 3*

Fox: It's a bomb!

Gizmo: Get 20ft back guys!

Spike: CHAOS CONTROL! *uses energy from power gem to teleport just in time*

Nate *After re-appering* Well i guess it was a trap

Spike:*turns to Nate, Gizmo, and Fox* Guys, that was a robot. And where there's robots, there is Eggman, and where there's Eggman, there is something evil going on.

Nate: Right, we've got to find out where the heck he is.

Spike: Yeah *sweatdrops* If we had any idea where he was. He can be anywhere!

Fox: If only we had something to go on.

Gizmo: Like that floating Eggman airship over there?

Spike: Well, that escalated quickly. CHAOS CONTROL! *teleports everybody to airship*

Fox: Alright, we gotta stay alert for any bad stuff. Eggman, his robots, booby traps....

Gizmo: Robotizer machines.

Spike: *sees an egg-pawn* Take this! *fires an energy bomb at the robot, making it explode* Now, we have to get inside this thing.

Nate: Well leave that to me, It's about time i did something helpful anyway...

(The Arks of the Cosmos on Nate's wrists begin to glow and he uses his hands to telekinetically rip a hole into the ship)

Spike: Well, that was easy. *jumps into hole*

Fox: Hmmm, I'm pretty sure this isn't the right room..

Gizmo: What makes you think that?

Fox:Well, this is Eggman's chao room.

Spike: Eggman has chaos? *spots a black Chao egg* Never-mind that, we have to find Eggman.

Nate: I bet he's probably on the Bridge of the ship.

Spike: Let's find him and find out what he's up to! *walks to the bridge*

Gizmo: Well, we should probs deal with that robot over there.

A big robot with an even bigger axe stood before them.

Fox: Jeez, the world just likes putting stuff in our way.

Gizmo: But thats the fun thing about it.

Spike: *gets into a fighting stance* Okay, time to turn this robot into a bucket of bolts!

Gizmo: *Changes arm to a blaster* This'll be over in a nanosecond.

  • 5 nano seconds later*

Fox: Well, that was faster than I thought. Its like Eggman isn't even trying.

Nate: Yeah...need i remind you that all your noise alerted all those guys

(A large batalion of egg pawns surround the group, blocking both entrances to the corridor)

Gizmo: Well, I'm less nervous now that I know that Eggman is trying again.

Nate: Well now it's time for some action!

(Runs to an egg pawn and slices it in half)

Song Plays

Fox: Aw, dont kill them all before I got to get one!*Stabs one with his staff*

Gizmo: Bet you guys can't kill more than me!*drill arms into a robot*

Fox: You're on!*Hits another one off the egg carrier*

Spike: I'm in this! *blows up a group of robots who were charging after them* wait...give me a minute....*red aura surrounds him*

(one minute later)

(Remains of robots surround them)

Spike: Well, that was easy.

  • Knight of the Wind song plays

(giant robots with even bigger hammers drop out of a hatch from above)

Nate: Huh seriously? We just took out an entire batallion of you, ok!

(Nate pulls out his spell book, squawks a series of notes and a portal opens above him. The portal drops his hammer *known as Newton's Hammer* and he catches it)

Gizmo: *Drill arms it through the head* Easy as cake!

Spike: Eggman seriously needs some new material! *energy ball forms in his hand, he throws it at one of the robots, making it explode*

Fox: *Hits a robot, making it collide with another robot* OK, i'm gonna take a lucky guess and say Eggy is saving up the best stuff for later.

Gizmo: Agreed!

Nate: Yeah you're probably right...*swings his hammer  wacking the top half of a robot clean off*

Gizmo: The only thing I don't understand is why he would make it so easy for us..

Fox: Well, he either saved this for Sonic so once he got to Eggman, Eggman would have a trump card, or Eggy McFatpants isn't making these robots.

Spike: Whatever it is, I'll just blow it up! *a black stream of energy comes out of Spike's hands and it heads towards a robot, making a gigantic hole in its chest, sparks flew and it blew up*

Fox: Yeah, thats what I'm talking about!

(5 minutes later)

(Heaps of robot parts surround them)

Spike: Well, now that's over *walks toward the sealed door*

Fox:Allow me, my hedgeifieid friend.*Busts the door down*

Spike: Thanks. *walks into the room*

Gizmo: Alright Eggy, just come out with your hands over your bald head, and we might not beat the living yolk out of you.

(A single chair is in the room surrounded by complex controls, the chair turns to reveal a hologram of eggman in his chair)


Nate:*sighs* Sonic Heroes all over again....

Spike: Eggman, let's get to the point, what are you up to?

Eggman?:Well if it isn't ah.....Wait who are you guys?

Spike: That's Nate, that's Fox, that's Gizmo, and I'm Spike! Sonic couldn't be here so we will have to foil your plan this time!

Eggman?:Well noobs....Let me tell you the rules. Number 1! Always be one step ahead of your enemies!

(Eggman? presses a button and a rumbling sounds through the ship)

Spike: What did you do?

Gizmo: I'm gonna take a bet and say that the ship changed shape like in Sonic Adventure.

(the ship changes shape)

Fox: Knew it.

Spike: I never played that... *sighs*

Eggman?: Well i guess you guys are pretty sharp! However...I cant let you live!

(An Explosion sounds downstairs)

Nate: Not again!

Spike: Hey guys, want me to teleport us out?

Fox: Meh, ok

Gizmo: Why not?

Eggman?:Well then! I guess i can teach you guys rule number 2. The captain never sinks with the ship!

(Eggman? goes to press a button nearby but nothing happens)

Eggman?:Arghhh!!! Nega Tails? Why isnt this working?

Nega Tails *offscreen*: Well sooooory! Maybe if our base wasn't in Rail Canyon....

Eggman?: You fool! You just revealed our location....

(Before Eggman? could finish a piece of the ceiling fell on the hologram projector)

Spike: K. Chaos Control. *they teleport out*

(At Seaside Beach)

Spike: Okay guys, that Tails clone said that the base is in Rail Canyon...that's the destination. Get your grinding shoes on!

Nate: Good thing i have my board

Spike: *switches shoes with grinding shoes*

Fox: *Puts on grinding shoes*

Gizmo: *Makes feet into grinding shoes*

Spike: Chaos Control. *They teleport and they end up at the beginning of Rail Canyon*

(At the base)

Eggman?: Is the Rift ripper ready?

Nega Tails: Yes sir....

Eggman?: Excellent! Now that those heroes are on their way here my plan can take full effect!


Roleplay Season 2, Episode 3: Assault on the Base!

(At Railroad Canyon)

(There are robots everywhere to keep them away from the base)

Gizmo: Should we blow them up, or just smash 'em?

Fox: Whichever seems more fun.

Spike: whatever floats your boat. *rides on the rails*

Fox: Hmmm, I feel like I'm forgetting about something important here, but what....

Gizmo: *Punches a hole* I found a hole!

Nate *riding on the rails*:Now if i were an eggman base i'd probably be built at Bullet Station...

Gizmo: Well, down you go!*Pushes Fox in the hole* And down I go*Jumps in after him*

(A unknown figure walks through a hot desert)

Spike: *stares at the figure* What is that?

???: *The masked figure mutters to himself* mission complete...

Spike: Eh...*focuses his attention on the rails*

Fox: Great, now where are we?!

Gizmo: Well, we're in a train.

Fox: So what, we have to go to the front and smash the engine?

Gizmo: Precisley!

???: Now to set off the bomb. *he presses a button, setting of a bomb*

Gizmo: Uh, Fox.My sensors indicated that a bomb is going to go off.

Fox: ********!!! How much time?

Gizmo: I'd say about 4 minutes and 10 seconds.

???: *On a phone* Im done with my mission sir....

Spike: Don't worry. Chaos Control! *they end up at the front of the train* Now what?

Nate:hmppph a sabature!

(Nate whirlwind teleports behind the unknown figure sword drawn an point at his back)

Nate:And you are?

Kuro: Just call me Kuro. And who are you?

Spike: Welcome to the club. Kuro. That's Nate. *points to Nate* That's Gizmo and Fox...*points to them* and I'm Spike...oh god guys, we shouldn't waste time!

Kuro: Im the one who set the bomb... *he shows his Hero Sword*

Spike: O_O

Nate: First off *while eyeing the sword* we might have to spar someday....and two why did you set off the bomb?

Gizmo: Which is down to 2 minutes and 15 seconds until detonation

Kuro: What does it look like? I'm blowing this place down! I'm a villain...

(He reveals his sword to fight them)

Fox: Hmm, well apparently I'm a good guy, so.......*pulls out staff* I'm gonna have to pwn your butt!

Gizmo: Options Mutual! *Blaster Arms*

Spike: *charges red aura*

Kuro: Lets see you try!

(He jumps at the two with his sword and starts swinging rapidly)

Fox: *Deflects them with his staff*

Gizmo: *Knocks Kuro back with a dropkick*

Kuro: Gha.. I wont be able to take you all on right now... I will be back...

(Kuro vanished)

Nate: Great now Eggman is sending assasins....real cliche 

Fox: Where does he get the time to call in assassins with all the robots he makes?

Gizmo: I want to know where he gets all that money to make the robots.

Spike: We might never know....

Nate: Yeah i guess it will forever remain.....One of Nature's Mysteries!!!

Spike: Anyways, back to the mission.

Fox: Uh, shouldn't we get outta here before this place blows up?

Nate:Yeah, Spike get us out of here!

Gizmo: 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Spike: No problem. Chaos Control! *they teleport away*

????: *just as they chaos controled i grabbed Spike's arm, allowing me to follow them*

Spike: okay guys, now we have no--*looks at ???* Okay, who the heck are you?

Gizmo: All permission to eliminate target.

Fox: Go ahead.

Gizmo: *Busts out missiles*

????: Woah Woah?! *takes off hood*

Jake: call me Jake the hedgehog and what did I do to deserve missles geting thrown at me?

Spike: well, a guy did just bomb rail canyon...*circles Jake* now tell me, are you friend or foe?

Jake: *hid my body behind my cape* ...heh...i don't work for eggman or freedom....i work for a high bitter.

Spike: *sweatdrops* okaaaaay

Jake: you know too much about my secret team now. but hey it was nice meeting you and don't forget the name "Destruction The Hedgehog".  *knocks out gizmo and spike and drags them to my secret base and threw em in a cell and locked the door and then pressed the "Highly Advanced Turret And Sheild Grid" button, activateing the sheild*  

Fox: Aw no he didn't!

Destruction: oh yes i did and by the way my true name is destruction. jake is just a disguise name and enjoy your life of prison till my team is ready to talk to you.

(Nate happened to follow his team and Desturction to his base and evaded capture he sneaks up behind destruction while he is talking to the prisoners.)

Nate:Let them go!!!

Fox: Ok, are any of you robot docters, cuz I think Gizmo is out of it.


??? 1: We Strike Fear Into Our Enemies...

??? 2: We Do What We Must...

Destruction: We Never Show Mercy....

??? 3: We Are....

NightShade,Rai,Strikes And Destruction: TEAM BOUNTY!

Nate: Damn you guys are coconuts....(pun inntended) but if it's intro's your looking for.....

(Nate draws his sword and swings it in his fingers finishing with a pose)

Nate: I am The Warrior of the Wind....The Guardian of the Arks of the Cosmos, and the son of the Legendery Wind Master....I am Nate the Hawk!!!

Gizmo: *Wakes up* Alright, you both can join team rocket now. Can you just let us go before I break through this cage, come over there and kick your sorry butt?

Destruction: Oh. it's not us you should be worried about....*pointed to tv screen* It's him...

  • the screen switched to a shadowy face that looked somewhat like neo metal sonic*

??? On Screen: Greetings, Fools...

??? On Screen: I hope you enjoyed my little ice cap destruction gift...because there's more where that came from...

Nate: Not if i have anything to say about it!

Nate makes a hoop in the air with his finger and a ring of pure gravitational energy is summmoned above it. He then throws it and is wraps destructions arm seemingly harmless...

Destruction: Oh please...spare me the trouble. my team and i have nothing do with him...infact he came to us seeking something more powerful than the master emerald...

Nate: Keep talking...

Spike: *runs up to the scene* breaking out of there was easy!

Destruction: this power source was originally devloped by a clan of tribe warriors incase the master emerald was ultiamtely stolen....but that's all i know you can call mr. robotic voice there on the screen, The Master Planner,.

Gizmo: Yeah, and he has to hide behind some viliglantes?

Destruction/Jake: no infact he broadcasting his himself inside the building.

??? on screen: DESTRUCTION YOU HAVE SAID TOO MUCH! No matter, i've got something special planned for you heroes.

Spike: *unamused* meh

??? on screen: ....well get going heroes i'll be waiting! *the unknown figure, from control room, opens the shutter to the next elevator*

Spike: oh okay...

Nate:Now to get past your guys

(Nate's arm glows and the band around Destruction's arm also glows)

Nate: Gravity X 30

(Suddenly Destruction falls to the floor unable to move a muscle)

Spike: Thanks. *walks pasts Destruction*

??? on screen: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MY GUYS?! the unknown person voice shifted from a evil robotic voice to a dark eggman voice " fools shouldn't be so suprised...oh right, you've met eggman before. infact you could say me and him are.....related..." the figure start looked like dr eggman only with a white mustache and red eyes "ACTIVATEING LOCKDOWN!"  

Fox: Now what?!

Nate: We rip this base a new one.

(Nate summons up a ball of raw gravity and fires it through a door, ripping a hole in it)

Gizmo: Cowabunga!*Jumps through the hole*

Fox: Booyak Kashaa!!*Jumps in after him*

inside the dimensional vortex of the black hole, a strange red circle eyed figure looking alot super sonic was waiting for them and laughed "Oh goody my boss was right. now it get to slash the blood big demon voice  of you fools till i've felt like i'm had enough."

Fox: I'd lke to see you try, punk!

Fleetway Super Sonic: oh i will....disappeared swiftly and reappeared in random places till and i was so quick, i wasn't even seen or heard when i kept slashing the blood out of fox 

Nate: Hell no!

(Just as the super sonic look a like is about to slash fox again, Nate comes and blocks it with his sword locking the two in a struggle)

Nate: Alright you supersonic look a like.It.Is.On

Gizmo: Like Donkey Kong! *Blasts at Fleetway Super Sonic*

Fleetway Super Sonic:'s not funny. oh and i am not a super sonic look-alike i AM sonic. well a inner-dimensional counterpart as the least. *blocked the blast as if it would just a tiny baby toy*

Nate: And does this super sonic look-alike have a name?

Fox: Urgh....Uh, I think it's Fleetway Super Sonic..

Fleetway: Congrats you have a brain. now let's see if you can use it to keep up with me...*teleported rapidly and started slashing again*

Fox: Why does it always come for me?!

Gizmo: *Headbutts Fleetway off of Fox* PUNK!

Nate: I'll show you who has a brain! *goes to slash Fleetway's head off*

Spike: *charges energy in his hand* Mush Rush! *begins punching Fleetway rapidly*

Fleetway: *yawns and plays with a chaos emerald for abit* You done yet? good, now it's my turn! *fired super blast and then laughed like the devil*

Nate: This is child's play! *The dodges the blast and throws a punch at fleetway's gut*

Fox: *Hits Fleetway with his staff*

Fleetway: *yawned not really careing and didn't feel pain* Did you forget the fact i'm super and that i don't run out of rings or are you just really that stupid. *did a giant chaos blast*

Spike: *gets up* fffff(jingle bells)kkk

Nate: *getting up from the blast* oh yeah how dumb am I!

(The first 59 Secs of this song plays)

(The sky turns slightly dark and we see an gust of wind surround Nate. A blue aura engulfs his body and his body turns pure white. His body then returns to normal colour and his hair stick upswards. His pupils have dissapeared and some light blue tattoos have formed on his arms. He is now floating in the air with a windy aura surround his self)

Awakened Nate: Experience the true power of Babylonians.

(The rest of the song plays)

Nate then throws a punch that is so quick it looks like a gust of wind. It's aimed at Fleetway's face.

Gizmo: His power level....ITS OVER 9,000!!!!

??? on Fleetway's Comm.: Fleetway -Bzzzt- withdraw for -bzzzt- now! 

Fleetway: Come on, boss we just started the fun!

??? on fleetway's comm.: ......*evil dracula robotic voice and this song slowly fades in*  I GAVE YOU A ORDER! WE'LL DEAL WITH THEM IN MY THRONE ROOM! NOW WITHDRAW!

Fleetway: Fineeee. you don't have to use the big voice. CHAOS CONTROL! *fleetway vanished and a ginat metallic door opened with a shinely light marking the exit.

Fox: He's getting away! 

Gizmo: *Scans the door* Whatever's behind that door is trouble.

when the entered the metallic room they came face to face with the Five Evil Villians

BGM Track: Final Fantasy IV DS OST - Battle Of The Four Elemental Fiends

Fleetway: Please did you really think it was over?

Mephiles: We're not through with you yet...

Fiona: Welcome to a world of pain!

Metal Sonic 3.0.: WELCOME TO YOUR -BZZZT!- TOMB!

Sonic?: We've been waiting for this a long time!

Roleplay Season 2, Episode 4: Fight to the Finish against the Frightful Five

Awakened Nate: Seems like Eggman or whoever that guy was isn't behind this and it's this freaky demon voiced guy and the 5 Buckaroos. So i assume it's Metal Sonic, some other sonic look a like, some gender bender version of tails,  Mephiles the Dark and Fleetway.

Fox: Well, this sucks.

Scourge/Sonic?: FOR THE RECORD, I'm Sonic's Inter-Dimensional Double.

Fiona: AND I AM NOT TAILS' Gender Bender Counterpart. Tailsko is. *pointed at tailsko, who randomly appeared on screen*

Metal Sonic 3.0.: I Am -Bzzzt- Metal Sonic 3.0. built by Dr. -Bzzzzt- Agen -Bzzzt- Eggman -Bzzzt- Robotnik -Bzzt- Nega.

Fleetway: Let's skip to the part where we kick your *Censored*.

Shard The Metal Sonic: The Battle won't be fair that way junior!

  • shard comes in and fights along side the heroes*

???: He's right!

  • silver comes from the ceiling*

Silver: It's time we end this!

Awakened Nate: Alright now this party's getting started. I've got dibs on Fleetway.

Fox: I got dibs on Tails' female counterpart! No not you Tailsko.

Gizmo: I call dibs on the uglier version of metal sonic!

Shard: I call dibs on Mephy!

Silver: Dibs on Green Iblis Trigger!

???'s Voice in background: ATTACK MY MINIONS!

Mephiles: .....

???'s voice: MEPHILES ATTACK!

Mephiles: no. you said i could have my own personal army if i served you this far now pay up!

???'s voice: Fine.

  • the entire area shaked and the army of recolors come in and along with the frightful five (minius Mephiles) attacking the heroes who starting the assault*

Awakened Nate: Damn....5 top enemies and an army of bad guys vs 6 Heroes. Start the epic music!!!

(Solaris phase 2 music plays)

---Cliffhanger--- DUH DUH DUHHHHH!

Ranking System: SSS Rank!


Sonic Dimensions New Year Special 

Silver: I'm glad you called a truce for the new year, Mysterious guy

???: Are you kidding i won't miss this for the world!

Nate: Wow, a truce I'm surprised this ain't how villains usually spend new years.

Fox: Yeah, I just thought that they try making their New Years resolution to be killing the heroes, but this is a shocker.

Gizmo: I just did a scan of the room and even Eggman is here.

Spike: Wooow...

Nate: Alright Back to the action...

---Switch back to regularlly scheduled battle---

Roleplay Season 2, Episode 4: Fight to the Finish against the Frightful Five (continued)

The 6 heroes clash with the army of bad guys with a mixture of blasts and slashes.

Awakened Nate *uses his sword to slash through a row of recolors and then shoots fe others*: Crud this is gonna take a while.

  • a crash through the ceiling happened and eggman nega came out screaming*

Eggman Nega: AHHHHHHH!

  • Bam! Splat!*

Eggman Nega: OOF! Ugh...

Spike: O.e

Awakened Nate: Eggman Nega!? What happened to the original Eggman?

Eggman Nega:  Eggman's been in a deep sleep in inside a capusle eversince the dimensions thing was finished.

Eggman Nega: Now he's in a eternal sleep but it was not by my hand that eggman is locked away...

Eggman Nega: Chaos...Metal Sonic....Biolizard...Iblis..."Him"...they did it and they were pulling the strings the whole time...

Eggman Nega: I was used...for some little plot.

then the big monitor in the room turned on to this evil face:

DeathScale zpsc6eaad9b

BGM: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story: Fawful's Evil Plan

?????: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!

?????: Don't worry, Nega. Your Help didn't go all to waste. ?????: But you did bring a new era. allow to inlighten you.... ?????: You see, i've been here on mobius the whole time.

?????: Watching you heroes and anti-heroes. finding your weakness and spying on you when you least expected it.

?????: take a look at the "Book Of Great Mobian Heroes"

  • the monitor showed photos of pass great heroes and there was a mysterou

s bird-like figure in the background of every photo even the present generation of heroes* ?????: Every battle. every practice match. every place. I've been there.

Nate then powers down to his normal form.

Nate: Psssh every practice in THIS universe. I haven't even used full power once in this universe, so all of your records are incomplete.

?????: Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! I've been everywhere. every planet. every galaxy. every star system. every comsos. every universe.

?????: and to survive my wait of watching your countless battles pratices...and matches i've been feeding off my own hatred and now the gears are in motion and it's time to finally destory the generation of heroes ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Nate: Oh Yeah? You and what army?

Spike: Robot army .-.

Nate: I know dude...dramatic effect

?????: I don't need a army to finish you when i have all the time in the universe...

?????: Infact as you been catching after me. your city is under attack and my minions are destroying everything and to top it all of. i sent one of them to the babylon temple for a little "Re-Modeling"...Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!

BGM:Naruto OST 1 - 7 The Raising Fighting Spirit

Nate:*in a dark low tone* You did,,,,,,,what,,,,,,?

?????: You heard me. oh and if you try to hunt me down it's useless. i'm broadcasting this message from somewhere faraway from here. so goodbye and i'm gonna have to shut you down and gentlemen..and girl allow me to give you your walking papers.  *activates ticking time bomb that was rigged inside the base's core*

?????: Have a nice afterlife.....-The Screen turned white- -END THANSMISSION-

Nate stands there shocked and boiling with anger...the sky darkens and black electricty crackles in the air. A deep dark rumbling noise can be heard and it echoes throughout the battlefield. Everyone stops what they are doing as they turn to see Nate, who is now floating in the air, chargng his power. His body then produces a red aura and his feathers turns Perfect Nazo red. His eyes turn yellow and they lose their pupils.

Nate: They did WHAT!!!!!!

Metal sonic 3.0: Cannot detect power le---

Nate rushe over to Metal sonic and punches a gaping hole in his stomach. Metal sonic falls to the floor dead before he hit the ground.

He then turns to the remaining four villains and gives them a hard cold stare....

-then the bomb went off and the entire place started to trigger a machine that turned rail crayon into "Frost Canyon"-

-The Giant mecha mountain palace that the base was inside started to crumble as the entire canyon started to flood with water as the now ice mecha palace fell apart-

-then in a faraway distance, a golden babylonian light could be seen by anyone for it was coming from the temple-

Roleplay Season 2, Countdown To Chaos!; The Showdown! Part I


Fiona: Let's Move, Scourgey!

Scourge: RIGHT!

-scourge grabed metal sonic and left through the door-

-all means of chaos control was blocked by special generators-

Mephiles: .....Grrrr...that double-crossing backstabbing fool! he used us for his own personal plans without giving what we wanted in return! -disappeared into the darkness-


-the giant escape pod was broken through by what seemed to Nate,Spike,Gimzo as if they entering for the first time-

The Other Nate,Spike,Gizmo: O_O 

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