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Ice Cap zone has been attacked by Dr.Eggman! One of the residents, Snowflake the Echidna, has sent a distress call to the freedom fighters. Will you answer the call? Or will you help out Dr.Eggman? It's up to YOU to decide!


  • No godmodding
  • No sexual scenes (Kissing and/or hugging is allowed
  • No extreme swearing (Bleep it out, there may be children here!)
  • Don't do Out Of Character (ooc) arguing
  • Have fun!



Clastus The AshLynx





Involved Characters


Snowflake The Echidna (Gaomon332)

Dr. Even Pidra (Milez)

Jade the cat (transitz)

Siron von Sand Cat/Sila the cat (AwsomeSONICfan)

Coco the chao (AwsomeSONICfan)

Sare arterius(clastus, turned hero)


Cyan Link (Milez)

Akozin Link (Milez)

Blackrose the wolf (transitz)

Dr. Eggman (Gaomon332)

Eggman's Robots (Can be played by anyone)

Anti-Villains (They oppose both Eggman and perhaps the heroes as well.)


Anti Mobian Army          (Jaredthefox92)

Iceheart Leon Trotsky.  (Jaredthefox92)

General Sternn. (Jaredthefox92)

Part One: Cold to the touch

(Snowflake radios to the freedom fighters) Snowflake: Hello? Help! Ice Cap is being atta-(static) by Eggman! Please, send some people to help!

Dr. Pidra: Hello, this is Dr. Even Pidra. I am a paranormalist, and temporary freedom fighter! Who is this?

Snowflake: My- My name is Snowflake the Echid- (scream)Get off me! Help!

Saren: Not just eggman you stupod echidna. But Saren Arterius! (Finds a damaged robot with a still working gun.) I'll take that. (rips the robots arm off and takes the gun.) Goodbye useless robot. (Crushes the robot under his foot.)

Cyan: Dr. Eggman has more power then you could ever think of.

(Soon a bunch of tanks appear)

Cyan: Defend our ally...Eggman.

Saren: Alright, but I want the first crack at the echidna. (shouts over to Snowflake) Why don't you just surrender already. We have the might of two armies and soon to be three. As well as seasoned warriors. You, on the other hand have nothing. No allies, no escape and certainly no hope. Surrender immediately and your life will be spared, continue to resist and I will take my time before completely destroying you. (Tosses a black orb that hits the ground shattering and turning into a portal.) Cyan, it will take some time before my dark army comes through that portal, have some of your men protect it.

Snowflake: Not if I can help it! (Snowflake creates a thick layer of ice over the portal) Ha! That should stop your dark army!

Saren: (starts chuckling) are you sure about that (snaps his fingers and a large torrent of flames come out of the portal, melting the ice as it heads towards snowflake.) Foolish girl. What good is any dark army if their arent any giant beasts that can breathe fire. Come "Dark Wolf!!" unleash your power and assist me in destroying this foolish girl. "Dark wolf is about the size of three horses stacked on top of each other"(Dark wolf starts howling and a jet of flames erupts from its mouth as it does.) *Saren shadow walks to the mount on dark wolfs back before holding his chest in pain* Crap, I put too much power into the portal. I should conserve my energy and only fight on the back of dark wolf.

Snowflake: P-please don't hurt me... here! Take my amulet! It's the source of my a-abilities...

Saren: (condescendingly) thank you very much. *Knocks snowflake out with two well aimed punches to the temples* (takes the amulet from her unconscious form and puts it on) Cyan, I have the source of her powers and I knocked her out. Lets take her back to Eggman, He'll want to meet the one who caused him so mich trouble personally. (closes the portal.) Dark Wolf! shrink yoirself down to a more accessible size. (dark wolf shrinks down to the size of a fully grown horse.) help me put the girl on the back of my mount and hop on.

Cyan: Stupid freedom fighters....STAY OUT OF PURE MOBIUS!

(Cyan took a quick look around, about three miles away was a giant wall with loaded guards)

Cyan (points at the wall): That's the border. Here is our territory, here is pure mobius. If your wondering how that is possible, pure mobius owns 1/32 of Ice Cap Zone....since....last year when we invaded it. We're still trying to remove these annoying freedom fighters, as they are starting to resist us. That's why we allied with Dr. Eggman, in order to stop them!

Saren: I allied with Eggman because the freedom fighters wronged my people, took away their pride. Their land and their honor. So not only is this to regain what was stolen from us. But for the world to remember the fearsome armada of my people and quake in fear because WE ARE BACK!!!

Meanwhile Eggman's forces are detected on AMA radar at Outpost Aurora. The control room starts lighting up with images of hostile forces as Field Leader Trotsky and General Sternn take notice. Soon the high ranking officers are summoned to this room for briefing.

"It looks like the eggheads are becoming bold."

"I think so Field Leader Trotsky."

"Well bravery without a plan is suicide general. If they want to pick a fight with the AMA here then will give them one.First thing's first however, alarm the rest of the outpost and order them to get prepared for battle."

"As you say Field Leader."

A Moebian polar bear gets on the intercom and turns it on. He turns up the volume and places his mouth close to the microphone.

"This is general Sternn to all AMA personnel, hostile forces have been detected in the region. I repeat, hostile forces have been detected near the shoreline of the Ice cap zone. All AMA forces are hereby ordered to prepare themselves for battle and await futher instructions. I repeat, all AMA forces are to prepare for battle and standby for futher instructions. "

Soon the oupost is alerted and is filled with AMA soldiers arming themselves and preparing for defensive operations. Teams scramble to their assigned posts as the base comes more to life. The outposts normal long range listening systems used to spy on it's neighbors to the south is now altered to become a full defensive radar installation in a matter of moments

Meanwhile In A Helicopter above saren and cyan

Jade: so. The distress call came from here?*looks down and sees cyan and saren* ah crud, the erebrokenetic and the linkian empire, just great, ah well *takes out Her sword and Inserts a small circular stone Into It then jumps out*

A military plane flies behind the Helicopter.

"You are in Linkian airspace! Please vertify that you are an ally of the pure mobius or we will shoot you down!" a solider said over the radio,

A car then pulled up, surrounded by army tanks. Then Akozin Link exited the car.

"Brother, where is the freedom fighter?" Akozin asked,

two explosions are seen above akozin and cyan as jade lands on the ground*

Jade: Sorry ako, but the freedom fighter Is coming with me *under her breath* even though Ive been trying not to make another empire my enemy

A bunch of soldiers pointed guns at Jade.

" the Linkian Empire! Your within our borders, which means your now our prisoner...Here I AM GOD!" Akozin screamed,

Jade: *walks over and picks up snowflake* okay and now *takes out a brown circular stone and bites down on It* *muffled* bye! *a tunnel opens up under her and she goes through It, taking snowflake with her*

"Get her! I want her alive!!!" Screamed Akozin,

The soldiers then chased Jade.

Nearby, a chihuahua looked on as she glared, "Who do these burro's think they are...?" She mumbled to herself.

Saren: (mumbles lowly and filled with rage.) Freedom fighters! FREEDOM FIGHTERS!, You dare call yourselves by that title when it was you who took my peoples ancestral land. When it was you who took our pride and left our offspring with Nothing! (points at the winter amulet around his neck, removes it and tosses it into a dark storage portal.) This is the spoils of war that I took from that worm snowflake. Begging like a pathetic coward instead of fighting till the end! Akozin, tell your men to stand down for now, I have a score to settle with these so called "freedom fighters". (in a deep, growling voice)

Dark Wolf, I call upon thee to be moint in this glorious battle! (Dark wolf appears and saren jumps on his back.) Follow the one carrying snowflake the Echidna! (Dark wolf starts chasing Jade.)

Cyan screamed.

"Are you insane? Telling Akozin what to do?" asked Cyan,

Akozin stared at Saren for five seconds, the he laughed.

"I like this guy, he has courage. TROOPS, STAND DOWN!!!" Akozin said,

Marisol blinked as she looked to Jade, " ...Puta." She jumps out and quickly follows behind Jade, "I don't think you have an actual plan, so, I thought of my own to keep any of the good guys from dieing!" She skids to a stop as she turns to look at Saren riding the Dark Wolf, "Time to show you my magic trick." She pulls out two tambourines and they start to glow a dark purple color, and the ground begins to shake a bit, "Why don't you meet MY wolf?" She waves her arms as if dancing as a giant wolf springs from her arms and in front of her, and when it lands it causes a rather huge shockwave and a blue barrier of energy as it howls.

(Snowflake's eyes starts to open) Snowflake: (Mumbling) F-father... please forgive me...

Saren: Time for the fun part. Dark wolf! merge. (Dark wolf starts turning into a ball of dark energy with dog ears and a fiery black aura and merges with Saren Arterius.) Hmph Hmph Hmph, now time for me to tango. Rushes the wolf Marisol summoned to hold up saren.) Oh yeah, Why would you waste your breathe protecting one who was pathetic enough to beg for mercy, and even hand me the source of her powers. Which by the way, you won't be able to access unless I allow it, and the chances of that happening, even by force. Well there is no chance you worthless freedom fighters. (Starts laughing in a mocking tone as he said this.)

Marisol scoffs, "I've always hated mal culo hacia atrás idiotas like you...prance around like you own the place and all that trash. Like diva's in a broadway show." She grins, "Look who's calling WHO pathetic."

Saren: Pfft, Just go back into the kitchen and make me a sandwich. That's all you are good for anyway, that and being used to send messages to thorns in other peoples sides. Your battered and bruised body is going to help me with that. Plus even if you do beat me, there is still the matter of finding where I stashed Snowflake's little amulet. Which should prove quite impossible for you. So bring it you weak little girl, you and your little wolf pup won't even be that hard to beat (Saren speaks in a condescending tone of voice.) *Saren conjures up a double bladed dark energy sword*

(please note that the first line is the complete opposite of my views of women, so please don't call me sexist.)

"Ha!" She grins, "You're the one that's busy talking about winning all day long...I'm amazed you AREN'T the woman your father was, burro...So, lets see you live up to your gloating, puta..." Her spirit wolf growls as she takes off her coat, revealing her real costume under it, which looks like a belly dancers outfit.

(Saren justs starts to laugh as his eyes turn a haunting shade of red and a psychotic grin appeared on his face) Oh we shall, we shall. ( Saren rushes towards her, swinging his sword around at her and using his momentum to power his attacks) *telepathically to akozin, I have the one guarding Jade distracted, your soldiers should have an easier time catching up to her. The person I am fighting is apparantly a spanish bellydancer does your spy network say anything about her? More specifically her greatests fears? *

"Go!" Her voice echoes as she twirls, sending the spirit wolf pouncing at him as a great pure god like power emits from it. Using her tambourines she created purple and blue energy fields, the soften the blows of his attacks from his sword, "I've seen scarier STATUES in abandoned temples than YOU..."

Saren: (doesnt respond except for an animalistic snarling) *disperses the sword midswing in order to grab one of her arms and applies enough pressure to shatter a man's arm to her wrist while shoving his other hand down the wolfs throat, breaking a few teeth in the process while charging up a ball of highly condensed unstable dark energy.) [Get... out. Get . . . out... my ... head, what... I. I . . . am ... Monster!] (Saren unconsciously started to mutter in a gutteral voice laced with a hint of fear.)

"ENOUGH! I WANT A FREEDOM FIGHTER!!!" Akozin screamed,

"Why?" asked Cyan,

Akozin chuckled.

"To bring them down from within." Akozin said,

Saren: (telepathically to akozin: If you want a freedom fighter than just go after the one who took the echidna, i'm already keeping the one who lept in to stop me from catching her busy.) *discharges dark energy in the form of a beam inside the wolf's mouth.*

"IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME, DO SO USING YOUR MOUTH! Let us call it a night, your invited to spend the night with us at Link Palace." Akozin told Saren,

Saren:What the?!?! (Barely manages to escape taking an ice sword to the chest, instead the ice sword leaves a deep gash in his arm.) Well Akozin, You still want a freedom fighter or should we retreat for now? (Arm regenerating.)

Akozin pointed to to a thousand tanks.

"I think we have the advantage." Akozin said,

A tank fires near ??? and knocks him/her out, he/she is then captured.

"Finally! LET'S GO!" Akozin said,

Later in the fake Link Palace

The palace is destoryed...the decoy.

"Stupid freedom fighters! We seen your tricks before!! You can hid in there forever...because we already infacted with with toxic gasses." a soldier said,

At the REAL Link Palace

Millions of soldiers lined up.

"Welcome to my glorious home! You'll be safe here, all that are not welcomed are immediately shot, and fed to our citizens!" Akozin said,

At Dinner

"Ever since we first captured that 1/32 of Ice Cap Zone, we had to deal with freedom fighter. Thankfully, they never get far outside Ice Cap Zone. They are seen as rats to me, and everyday we wipe them out in great numbers. Only yesterday, I hatched a plan to rid the few that still live." Akozin said,

Saren: Wow, I'm impressed Akozin. This place is huge. I always did admire the Link empire's ruthless brutality. Not bothering with the political junk that most democracies engage in. Plus I've heard the stories of what you and your brother did to defectors and I'm quite impressed. But tell me something., what did you do to the freedom fighter who threw a sword at me?

"That pest is in our prison, you're welcome to that it home anytime you wish." Akozin said,

"Thank you, Now if you will excuse me. I am going to repay him for my troubles, and for almost severing my arm." (to Cyan) You wanna come help me with the torture of that sword throwing freedom hippie.

A wave hits and the explosion is reversed.

"You see, freedom fighters are terrorists. So we have a secret technology, that undoes everyone of their dumb attacks. TAKE HIM AWAY, BURN THE BODY!!!" Akozin said,

Soldiers come and grab ??? pulling him into the darkness.

"Let's go beat that a**!" Cyan said,

Later at an AMA airfield situated on a hill a good few meters away from Outpost Aurora

Air tower: This is skywatch to Snowhunter Squadron what's your status?

Squadron Leader: Visibility clear and Shriekers are in position, status report.

Shrieker 1: Shrierker one here, all green.

Shrieker 2: Shrieker two, all green.

Shrieker3: Shrieker  here, all  green as well.

Shrierker4: Same here, all systems green,

Shrieker leader: We're all clear skywatch and ready to fly.

 Air tower: Copy that Snowhunter Squadron prepare for operations.

Shrieker leader: Rodger that Skywatch, let's go scramble us some eggheads!

 Soon the AMA Shrieker fighters take off from the airfield towards the Eggman forces at the beachead. They fly in formation and prepare to make their runs on enemy targets. Meanwhile AMA forces fortify their positions around Outpost Aurora.

Saren: Foolish creature, I am going to enjoy torturing you slowly and painfully. (conjures up four dark spikes that impale Coco's limbs. Preventing any movement of her appendages.) Scream for me! Scream!

Saren: (Hears the sound of jet fighters closing in on Akozin's place) S***! I wanted to make you suffer but I have something to do. So tata (dissappears in the shadows and shadow walks near Akozin.) Akozin! we have hostile fighter jets headed for our location.

The Jets flew right over Link City.

"They are going after Eggman, not me. They couldn't care less about us." Akozin said,

"That may be, but if eggman falls the entire plan is screwed up, side's even if the guardian of this place does come back. She's powerless due to her surrendering the source of her powers to me, which was the amulet I tossed into my storage portal." Saren said

"Thousands of our soldiers are protecting them, the enemies won't know what hit them!" Akozin said,

The strike team of AMA jets fly into to intercept the Eggman ground forces.

Shrieker leader: Shrieker one and two prepare for our run, three and four provide us some cover!

Shrieker: Rodger leader!

  • They close in on the ground forces and line up their sights.*

(Yeah, I'm calling bs on that. Even if there was a massive hand they are flying too fast for one to react like that.)

(I have to agree with you on that one tranzitz.)

Writer's Note:Please stop trying to blow up the Linkian Palace with methods that doesn't even make sense. So yes, Iagree with tranzitz.@AwesomeSONICfan

(They're not even after this palace, they're after the Eggman forces heading towards Outpost Aurora.)

(Also where the hell did this palace come from anyway? It would take time to construct a forward installation, especially a big palace in the Ice Cap Zone. Outpost Aurora and the airfield were here at the start of the roleplay and way before this roleplay was even conceived.)

(Sorry I'm about to delete my explosion just act like I never came in


Three of the AMA pilots lock on to the ground armor and mechs below and unleash their ordinance. They fire specialized armor piercing missiles that are specifically designed to counter Eggman's ground armor. The two other jets fly behind them and open fire with their vulcan canons upon any ground forces they see. They're indiscriminate in their assault and gun down any targets on the ground.

m(I didnt put the bs thing...-trans)

Saren: Dark Phoenix! I summon thee! (a phoenix wreathed in black fire descends from the sky) Deal with those shrieker jets (the phoenix screeches as it unleashes a storm of fire from its mouth.) Lets see our unknown assailants handle this mess.)

"Don't. We have don't attack unless they directly attack us. Our forces alongside Eggman's should take care of them." Akozin said,

(Wait, how did they even know those are AMA Shrieker 9 jet fighters? Have they encountered AMA air forces before? That is sort of metagaming if you ask me. Also dragons cannot catch up to jet fighters. )

(Saren was just calling them shrieker jets due to the noise they make, he doesnt know anything about their hardware and weapons capabilities.Also its not a dragon its a giant bird literally made out of dark fire, sorry if I forgot to add that part.)

Writer's Note: Sorry, I fogot to mention that the Linkian Empire has a very advanced spy network.

???":(a cat on a hoverboard comes and flies with a helmet at top speed throwing a icicle at the Dragon and fighting alongside the AMA shrieker 9 jet fighters)

a hail of bullets come from the ground aimed at the cat*

Saren shadow travels to get on the firebirds back but is feeling drained after overrusing his powers*

???:(dodges out of the way)

Saren: Dark phoenix! forget about the jets. Get rid of the cat! (dark phoenix screeches and starts breathing fire at the cat.)

???:Siron von Sand Cat won't lose!!!!!(Siron makes a shield and flies straight at the Phoenix with a huge ice sword and cuts its neck.)

Saren: (jumps off of the phoenix and conjures his signature dark scythe) Prepare to Lose "Siri" (blocks his Ice sword with his dark scythe) Wow, just wow. Is it just me or are all freedom fighters and their allies just a bunch of morons. (condescendingly) Haven't you ever heard of the myth of the phoenix. Or more specifically how the legendary bird was immortal? (mumbling) "Although if it was killed it would be reborn as a baby but I doubt the freedom fighters even know about that." Now why don't you just lay down and die you annoying little cat.

The AMA fighters finish off their straffing runs weakening the ground forces of Eggman's invasion force and then head back to base to rearm and refuel their fightercraft. Meanwhile AMA forces take position in designated areas around Outpost Aurora. There preparing to give Eggman and his lackeys a warm Moebian welcome once he arrives towards their base.

Siron:guess I have to do tatic 2 ( he splashes water in his face and turns into a girl)

Sila:prepare to get hurt now (uses a lighting blade and starts battling saren) hiyaaaa!!

Saren: (uses the scythe to block the lightning sword, amd uses the momentum gathered to vault over the blade clashe and deliver a boot to Sila's head.) " This is so much fun! I want more, give me more!" Saren said psychotically before noticing the male cat has now become female. "Who the, What the! I thought you were a boy!?!?"

Snowflake: *Wakes up against a wall, she feels around her neck* My amulet! Where did it g- Oh... I gave it to that strange man... *Sigh. She stands up and walks out of the cave she is currently in and sees the war that is happening* Oh... my...

Jade: *sitting by a small fire* I'd suggest staying in here, without your powers and all. even though that won't help much.

Sila:water makes me-why I'm I telling you!? (She strikes with a lightning bolt out of a staff )

Saren: *gets hit by the lightning bolt* AAAAUUUUGGHHHH! (falls down to the ground as smoke erupts from the impact.) *weakly* Heh, foolish girl. Kill me and you will never get Snowflakes amulet back to her.

Sila:where is the amulet!!!!?

Saren: Now why would I ever tell you that. What could you possibly do to me that hasnt already been done. Absolutely nothing, sides even if i were to tell you. You wouldnt be able to reach the location. (Cynically thinking: Stupid girl, their is no pain you could possibly inflict on me that would make me tell you anything.)

Sila:ok.....I'll beat It out of ya!!!!!(He uses his staff to make 3 lightning bolts collide into him)

Saren: (Eyes turn a haunting shade of red as he turns into his bonemetal abyss form) Prepare to Die you worm! *warps behind Sila with a bone sword in his hand ready to stab Sila*

Sila:my my my I didn't think I would have to go this far.....(she turns into her fatal cat form and grabs his bone sword and throws it to the ground)

Saren: (Doesn't respond except for animalistic growling and a bit of fragmented, unintentional telepathy.) [telepathy: Who... I. I... Monster. Why. . . . People . . . Suffer. Freedom. . . Fighters. . . . Killed..... Family. Me. . . Kill. . . . Back.] *Saren uses bone manipulation and stabs Sila in the shoulder blade.*

Sila:ughhhh (Sila starts falling to the ground but shakes and flies back into action fighting saren with her fist.)

Snowflake: *Turns to Jade* But all those people... they're dieing... is there truly no way I can help?

Saren: Arrrgh * gets sent flying into the cave where snowflake was at, unconscious and regressing in age until he had the physical strength, appearance and mentality of a five year old due to overusing his abilities.*

Snowflake: *dodges out the way of Saren* Well well well, look what the cat dragged in! *Snowflake grins*

Saren: *regsins consciousness* What!?! Why is my body like this. Its like i'm five years old again! (screams in unholy pain as streams of dark energy starts painfully exiting his body)

Snowflake: *Bends down to Saren's level* Now, where did you happen to put that amulet?

Saren: (voice hoarse from the screaming) Why would I tell you that. You freedom fighters took away my family's ancestral home. Killed my mother and sister, and brutally tortured my dad, To the point where he committed suicide right in front of me. You think anything you do involving torture will make me tell you, when so much worse has happened to me? Don't make me laugh! (Starts screaming as dark energy starts erupting from his body, this time even more violently.)

Snowflake: ("This dark energy looks so... tempting" she thinks to herself) *Snowflake walks into the middle of the dark energy stream* Well, if you won't give me what I want, I guess we will have to swap powe- (Screams violently) Ugh... it'll be worth it in the end... *Snowflake absorbs some of the dark energy, her facial expression becoming more twisted as she does so*

Saren: (Forces the energy to stop coming out.) Heh, foolish woman. You really are as evil as the freedom fighters. Either way, You may have some of my abilities, but someone who just takes others powers will never be able to beat the original user, even if the original user was weakened. (pulls out a syringe from a small dark portal he made behind his back and injected it into the main blood vessel in his arm.) *in head: tat syringe should restore my energy for now.*

Jade: dark vs dark....*takes out a small black stone* should I....? hmm...

Saren: *Eye's start glowing red as he holds his palm out, immediately the energy taken from him by snowflake painfully exits her body. Returning to saren.* "Stupid wench, I am a master erebrokinetic. You cannot beat me with my own element! " *conjures up a dark portal as he takes out Snowflake's winter amulet* "Take it, this entire fight isnt worth my time." (Tosses the amulet on the ground and starts walking away.)

Snowflake: *Puts on the amulet* Grrr... *Her eyes start to turn red* Ha... ha.... I believe you should know... once darkness has appeared... it never leaves! *Snowflake laughs uncontrollably* We all know that... this amulet gives me unlimited access to my ice powers... l-lets's see if it does the same for darkness... *Snowflake launches a Blizzard Bomb at Saren*

Sila:(gets in front of the bomb)ughhhh....

Snowflake: Gah! Why did you do that?! This was my moment... my moment to show everyone that I was not some "Damsel in distress" and you... ruined it... *Snowflake falls to the floor, her eyes changing color rapidly* I- I-father I'm sorry... *Snowflake bursts into tears*

Saren: Foolish girl! who ever said anything about you being a damsel in distress. If anything you showed determination and persevereance even when lesser men and women would have given up! If anything You have show a true warriors spirit and for that I applaud you(walks back over to snowflake and holds his hand out to her) Now, you have a land to save and two tyrants to beat the crap out of.

Jade: Saren, you are technically sided with the linkian's aren't you? so would'nt that include you

Saren: Not anymore, This land has given me something I have been searching far and wide for a long time to find. Inner peace.

Snowflake: *Takes Saren's hand* Father... I will avenge you... *Turns to Saren* Let's finish this meeting... another time...

Sila:wait for me........(Sila passes out from the fight and the hard hit.)

Jade: so we have an erebrokinetic, the daughter of a weather lord/god, me, and gender-bender here *points at sila* versus eggman and the links..... pretty sure thats right

Snowflake: Yes, that's about right *She clutches her amulet and looks to the sky* And don't worry, we have weather on our side! [should I make part 2 now? If I do, I'll need a snow pun, I'm out of ideas]

[You could name part two: Lady winter's counterattack.]

[Then that's what it shall be called!]

Part Two: Lady winter's counterattack

ISnowflake: We must take offence against the doctor, does anyone know any unguarded entrances to his base?

Saren: "With those jets softening up the fat mans little invasion force comprised of entirely inneficient robots. We should be able to sneak in through the back entrances. Or I could easily pretend that I have caught you and literlly walk you through the front gate, Seeing as Mcfatso is an arrogant idiot, he'll probably want to gloat at how he has won and stuff and that would be when the time would be right to strike." Saren said.

Snowflake: I agree, the second option sounds safer but... who would you pretend you caught? You can't take all of us, that would raise suspicion, you were equal with Sila so against all of us... nevermind, my point is, the less we take, the better

Jade: I could probably just sneak In through some vents ... or blow up the outside wall

Saren: For the record, I was severely weakened from overrusing my powers and summoning two Dark beasts, plus the berserk form changes didn't help much either. Yet i still managed to kick you collective rears, plus eggman probably still thinks your powerless.(saren stated petulantly, he's still in his 5 year old state.)

Snowflake: *Rolls her eyes* Both of you sound like childr- *Looks at Saren* Yeah, nevermind. Anyhow, It's in my proper interest to take a nap before we do any fighting. Does that sound good to any of you?

Saren: (already asleep, with his cat ears twitching and bushy tail out) [you cannot resist the urge to scratch kitty sarens ears. seriously, please dont resist the urge.]

Snowflake: Look at mister darkness user now! *Scrathes Kitty Saren's ears* [You forced her to! D:] Goodnight everyone! *Snowflake lies on the cold snow* [the cold never bothered her anyway]

saren: (Started purring and rolling over like a house cat)

Snowflake: *Wakes up* What a pleasant sleep! *Turns to Saren* Wake up kitty! It's time to play!

Saren: Meow? (in head: someone must have fiddled with my ears while I slept.)

Snowflake: Tee hee! You need to grow up, literally! Anyhow, are you ready for our... assault?

Saren: (telepathy: I can't really speak vocally due to someone fiddling with my ears while I was asleep. But yes) *tries to age himself until he is sixteen*

Snowflake: Well then, we must get going! *Peeks out of the cave* Ok, there's no one here... I think

Saren: Thats good. Nya! (covers his mouth before he starts to blush.)

Snowflake: Okay... let's go! *Walks out the cave* Is that... no, it can't be... i-it is! D-daddy? [She was hallucinating a vision of her father due to Eggman's amount of pollution]

Jade: uh, snowflake? there's nothing out there, just snow.

aren: (coughing out a bit of blood) Its the pollution that fatty is generating, Its poisenous to those in tune with nature. This is why I planned on betraying eggman as soon as I got rid of the freedom fighters here. Heh, either way I still betrayed eggman. I still plan on living in the Ice cap zone. Away from civilization and the pollution it brings. [saren said weakly]

Snowflake: *Ignores Jade completley* Daddy... I missed you... *Reaches her hand out slowly, tears beginning to form in her eyes*

*A humming noise is heard*

Eggman: Ha ha ha! I knew you'd fall for that trick, you stupid echidna! *Grabs Snowflake and takes her amulet* I always knew you'd betray me, Saren! So I built this! *An anti-darkness robot appears and absorbs some of Saren's energy* Goodbye weakling! *Eggman flies away*

Saren: (Snarling.) "Oi fatso! Do you really think the robot will stop me from implanting my boot so far up your rear the impact alone will cause you to lose about twenty five pounds!"

Sila:ughhhh EGGMAN!! ( She grabs on to eggman on the nick of time)

Saren: Stupid robot. Just because you jave one of my abilities doesnt mean you can beat me. Watch! (saren warps behind the robot in a haze of dark smoke with his hands on the robot.) *The robot's metal frame rapidly begins to deteriorate and rust as saren is revealed to be in his bonemetal abyss form*

Sila:give the amulet eggbrain!!!

Eggman: I'm afraid our little game ends here... *shoves Sila off of him* If you truly want to save your "friend" come to my base. I doubt you will though, Im going to robotosize this brat!

Saren: Well Sila, you got any friends that will pop in at any second? its one of the few things you freedom fighters are good at.

(Apparently Eggman is so incompetent he forgot about the AMA's hidden base.)

(Nah, he just isn't worried about them, his robots are stronger than them. Probably.)

Snowflake: Gah! You aren't my father! Get off me! SAREN! HELP!

Saren: theirs one thing your fat @$$ forgot, I can shadow walk. (appears right next to eggman) and guess what. Your clock has just expired. (Saren sparta kicked eggman in his giant nose as hard as he could without killing him and grabbing snows amulet.) Tata now eggman (grabbs snow and shadow walks back tothe ground floor.) Suck it fat@$$!

Eggman: Silence echidna! You shall be the first of your friends to go!

(Um no they're not. Eggman's robots are easily taken down by AMA forces, and they have been for quite some time now. AMA forces are well trained and fierce, plus the'yre armed with some of the best arms they can buy from the Turantan weapons manufacrure, Nevell Scott.  Eggman has serious issues with the AMA.)

( What I meant was, robots like Metal Sonic could probably do a decent amount of damage to them/their base. Plus, he has a hostage, the one responsible for snow, they wouldn't let him kill someone that important would they?)

(Actually they have a ton of EMP weaponry and weapons designed to take on Eggman's robots. Actually yes they would, they're Moebians and not primal Mobians.They really don't care about individual casualties that are not result of their own forces during a firefight. No, that is for their leaders to worry about, while they would try to rescue the hostage that isn't going to stop the AMA from engaging Eggman's forces.)

( Let's just keep this ooc talk to a minimum and just say that the Tails Doll isn't exactly a robot, alright?)

Eggman: *holds his nose* Ah! You stupi little- *notices Snowflake putting on her amulet* Goodbye! *laughs and Flys away in his eggmobile*

Snowflake: My amulet feels quite a bit... heavier...

Soon another Shrieker fighter arrives and it locks unto Eggman's mobile to engage him. The pilot unleashes it's vulcan canons sending round after round at Eggman.

Eggman: Ugh, things just aren't going my way... *dodges some of the shots but one gets a good hit on his floatation device, making him spin out* Argh! TAKE THIS! *Shoots a powerful laser straight at the cockpit of the Shreiker*

Snowflake: M-my amulet... it's beeping... wait this isn't my amu- *Explosion*

The Shrieker goes down but more AMA forces arrive.

Eggman: More?! Grr... *Radios back to station* E 109-Mleta? I need support!

Saren: (see's an explosion) Snow! (Saren rushes over to the explosion to see if snowflake is ok.)

Snowflake: *Her arm is badly bruised, she just managed to get the fake amulet off in time* Ow... it hurts... so much...

Saren: Great, just great. The first person here I could actually call a friend is hurt and I'm essentially useless! Is this what those heroes felt when I crushed their friends! (in a regretful tone)

Eggman: *Flies away from the AMA and back to the cave* Bwahahaha! You really think I would put a simple explosive device on that amulet? That wasn't my only trap, you see, earlier when I grabbed Snowflake, I took my time and planted one of these in her head *Holds up a chip* A robotisization chip! *A grin goes across Eggman's face* In approximately 5 minutes, Snowflake will become part robot! The chip will take over her brain and- No, I won't spoil that part... Have fun dieing!

(you realize a chip like that would have to be inserted into the brain right?)

(she wore the amulet and it was planted in her neck, sending signals through her bloodstream telling her brain what to do, at least that's what I think would happen)

(thats totally incorrect, what you are thinking of is the nervous system.)

(Okay then, I'll change it)

Saren: Oh Eggman, You seem to be forgetting one tiny fact about me. (opens up a portal to grab his Revenant tacticsl multi purpose anti materiel rifle) You forgot that I have an anti materiel rifle and I'm an expert shot. (Takes aim at eggmans hovercraft/chair thingy and pulls the trigger.)

Eggman: *Hovercraft gets shot down and he falls into the cave* Gah! W-Well that's not going to help you with Snowflake, she'll be robotisized and I'll have that power all to myself! Mwahaha!

Snowflake: My head... it hurts...

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