Sonic, Lunari and Nick are taken into the world of the Arabian Nights, to find themselves in an epic resistance against the evil spirit, the Erazor Djinn. The two, who are led by the Genie, Shara, encounter familiar faces... Or are they familiar? How will our heroes stop Erazor Djinn?





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Involved Characters


Sonic the Hedgehog (Lunari64)

Shara, Genie of the Ring (Lunari64)

Erazor Djinn(BTM)

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Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64)

Nickolas the Hedgehog (nickolasds) (usually online)

Dillian the Hedgehog (nickolasds) (usually online)

Reens the Hedgehog/Azucena (Reens the Hedgehog)

bobo the monkey(Bobola in Arabian Nights)(BTM)

Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AnnabelleRich)

lazurus the dragon(BTM)

Hugh the wolf (falls in book) (vitom)

Duban (vitom)

Oblivion the hedgehog(aootf)


Sonic and Lunari are in a small room, sleeping in beds on either side of the room.

"Boy, what time is it?" Sonic asks. He reaches over to check the clock, but instead he picks up a gold ring. "Huh?"

"Sonic, quit talking to yourself, will you? I'm trying to sleep." Lunari says, irritated.

Suddenly, a faint voice could be heard coming from the ring, saying, "You are the blue hedgehog!" The ghost-like transparent figure of a strange girl came from the ring, startling Sonic.

"What?!? What the...?" Sonic shouts, surprised.

"Sonic, I thought I told you to-" Lunari said, sitting up, before noticing the transparent girl. She jumped a bit in her bed, stopping mid-sentence.

"Do- do not be alarmed. My name is Shara." The girl said.

Nick was in the next house, but came in, and jumped at the sight of the Girl.

"Nick, what on Mobius are you doing here? It's late." Lunari asked, as if annoyed. (Lunari OOC: I left Erazor Djinn for you, if you want to use Erazor.)

Reens was walking down her street before she saw the golden light from Sonic and Lunari's house. "What the heck?" She walks to the window and looks in. "Whoa..."

"I saw that strange light, so naturally, even if it was a death bomb of death, I just come stand right next to it." Nick answered. (Nick OOC: Bobo wants to play Erazor Djinn, what do you say?)

bobo was walking home Eating a late night chili dog. when the light came, he quickly dashed to see whats the problem."forget about the chili dog." He said. Already upstairs,he went to the room."what happened here? I-is that a genie!?!"

"I think it is." Nick said.

Lunari nodded, before looking at Shara. "Is that right?" She asked. (Lunari OOC: sounds good to me. Go ahead, bobo, put your name up there!)

Reens gasped. "A genie! I've only heard about those in legends."

Shara nodded. "I am Shara, Genie of the Ring." She said.

"What are you doing here?" Lunari asked Shara.

"I need your help." Shara said, turning to Sonic. "The world of the Arabian Nights is vanishing."

"Vanishing? How?" Sonic asked.

"legend says an evil genie/djinn named the all mighty and powerful Erazor!"bobo said frightened

suddenly, Erazor came out of the lamp and ordered "Yes, and you little ants will get the 7 ring emeralds or else,the living light of you,HA! Let's just say,I'll burn it out. Arabian nights will vanish with you all to death!".then he gets back in the lamp.

Reens hears this and grunts. "Not on my watch, creep." She stays outside the room and watches, waiting for an opportunity.

"Hmm, so what do we do, Hey, why do i have a fire on my chest?" Nick said Nervously. "My Pyrokinesis can't put it out!"

Shara, is he He.....T-telling the truth?!?" Bobo questioning in fear, and he also notices a fire on his chest."sonic! What do we do???"

"Guys!" Nick said. "Shara!"

Shara hands Sonic a ring. "Here. Put this on." Shara said. When Sonic put the ring on, it sparked. "Hey, take it easy!" Sonic said. "Taking you into the world of the Arabian Nights is within my power." Shara said.

"I'm in! Who else?" Lunari asked. She noticed that she had a flame on her as well.

"Let's Go!" Nick said.

Shara nodded. "Ready?" She asked.

"Let's Go!" Nick repeated.

"Okay then!" Shara said, spreading out a magic carpet. Lunari and Sonic got on.

Nick hopped on. Shara hovered alongside the carpet as it went directly into the book.

"Whoa" Nick said. "Where are we?"

bobo followed them in with his extreme gear.but when he got into the book, it just made him go on the carpet with with the others."So, Shara, do you and erazor djin guardians of the world rings or something And is this your home?"bobo asked, then turns to sonic and nick if they know.

Nick Shrugged.

Reens saw them disappear and shrugged. (Switching to Azucena now...)

Azucena is running along her homeland, her long hair flowing in the wind. She skids and stops, covering her eyes as a bright light comes. "Waah!"

In a palace far off, a female wolf with pink hair dawning royal clothes looked out over the land with a look of dispair.

"Princess Jasmine, it's not safe...Please come back to the inner most walls of the palace..."

"No...I can't just sit back and watch the world completely destroyed..." She answered, her sapphire eyes scanning the skies before seeing the bright light, "What is that...??"

"Yo, does anyone know where to get the 1st ring Emerald?"bobo asked as he noticed that his tail sensing trouble.

"I'm Not Sure! So where are we heading!" Nick said over the loud rushing wind.

Azucena runs blindly towards the palace's gates, then slams into the wall. She shakes her head and runs the other way, slightly looking up at the carpet.

"A Ring!" Nick yelled pointing down. "It's green!"

Azucena saw a glittering object in the sand. She skids and picks it up. It looks like a purple ring. She brushes the sand off and puts it in her pocket.

the Ring flew from the pocket to nick's hand, along with the green one.

Azucena feels the ring fly out of her pocket and she growls. "Hey, that was mine!" She runs below the carpet, trying to catch up to it. "Give it back!"

"You'll have to fight me for it!" Nick yelled jumping off the carpet.

Azucena starts to run backward, trying to fire a magic bolt of energy. Her fingers sparked. "Crap! My powers-" She turns around and almost runs over a cliff. "Aah!"

Nick grabbed her arm and flung her back away from the cliff.

Azucena yelps as she is flung back, then skids on the ground. She jumps up, trying to use her powers again. "D-don't hurt me! I'll give you whatever you want! H-here, want my bracelets? My ring?"

"Ugh, your weak." Nick said boringly "This is boring."

Nick took off with the 2 rings.

Azucena growls and huffs. "Well at least I know he isn't going to try to use me. Azucena Amani Asilah does not get taken advantage of! A warrior genie lives alone!"

Nick ran past her. He stopped.

"Hey, i do need a favor." Nick said.

She paused and looked over at him. "First you say I'm weak and now you want a favor from me? If it's a wish then I can't grant it." Azucena showed him her magic, which fizzed and popped. "What do you want, green bean?"

"DO NOT CALL ME GREEN BEAN!" Nick yelled furiously. "Have you seen any other rings?"

Her ears drooped. "No, not lately. But I can sense their power. All genies can, just ask cotton candy over there." Azucena gestured to Shara. "Sorry I can't help you more. Any other 'favors' you want?"

"Eat this bean." Nick said giving her a bean. "It'll give you back your powers."

Azucena looked at the bean quizzically, then took it from Nick and ate it. "I don't feel real different," she said. "Quick, ask me for something."

"ummm make a lightning bolt appear!" Nick said.

Her eyes flashed and electricity sparked from her fingers. She raised her hand in the air and a huge lightning bolt stuck the ground in front of her. "Sweet! I couldn't do that before! Maybe I can help you guys find the other rings!"

"OK!" Nick said.

Azucena grinned and floated up in the air. "Which way are we going?"

"Grab my hand." Nick said putting his hand.

Azucena hesitated, then placed her hand in his and squeezed it gently. "Okay."

They teleported to the Red Ring.

"There!" Nick said pointing.

Azucena looks and spots it. "This is too easy. Are you certain nothing bad is going to happen soon?"

"W-what are you doing here?" A girl resembling Annabelle Rich in royal Arabian clothing sat at a vanity nearby, standing up and making her way over to the ring, "I don't want to fight you but...The ring deserves to be in the right hands...Are you all planning to know who...?" She asked suspiciously.

Azucena bows. "Princess Jasmine! I suppose you have heard of our quest to defeat the evil Erazor Djinn! I'm certain the rings will be in the right hands because the blue hedgehog- not me- is the one of legendary proportions!"

" hedgehog...!" She blinked in shock as she looked at them, "Then, the legend is true-!! W-where is he?"

"Ugh, a princess." Nick said as Dillian came from a symbol in the ground.

Azucena pointed up to the carpet. "Right next to Shara. Do you trust us now?"

She gave a small sigh of relief while ignoring Nick as she looked up at Sonic, smiling, "There's hope after all...Thank you so much..." She looked back at Azucena, "I will willingly give you the red ring, under one condition...You take me with you. I may not look like it but I can hold up my own... I cannot bare to stand by and let the world be plunged into chaos."

"Hmm, okay. I guess you can join us," Azucena said with a small smile. "The more the merrier, right Emerald?"

"Thank you. I am very grateful." She bowed and smiled at them before she grabbed the red ring and approached them with it, "And, of course, we will need this."

"4 more to go, I can't wait to show that overgrown pink pot belly leprechaun who's boss!" Bobo said pridefully as he jumped back to the carpet and assured that the next one is in the city.

"You're collecting them very quickly!" Jasmine blinked in awe.

Lunari was on the carpet next to Shara. She nodded, smiling.

Three More World Rings flew into Nick's hand.

"Make that 1 more!' Nick said.

Lunari looked generally amazed.

Another one flew into his hand.

"OK, let's go to Djinn." Nick said.

Lunari nodded in agreement. She noticed that the flame arrow on her was much smaller than when they had started. (Lunari OOC: Holy sh!t, bro! How badly are you trying to rush this RP?)

They Arrived. (Nick OOC: Very.)

(Bobo OOC: I'll make it longer, you'll thank me later.) The last ring was in sight,bobo almost Grabbed it. But the ring glowed up and gathered all of the rings and then a Huge sandstorm came and got everyone. The rings scattered while they were in the sandstorm.everyone got the carpet and covered up everyone.when it was over, the flames were getting lower and bobo was starting to vanish."Guys we better find them again quick!"

Azucena nodded and hovered over the ground. "They've scattered in all directions! It looks like we'll have to split up from here."

"You're right. I'll take this way." Lunari said, pointing behind her. (Lunari OOC: Bobo, I won't thank you later. I'll thank you NOW. And later!)

Azucena floated higher. "I'll go towards the sea. One of them must be over there!" She closed her eyes and sensed the ring, but the signal was very faint.

Lunari took off, in search of the rings.

"I suppose I'll head off on my own to find the red ring. If anyone would like to join me, I'm not stopping you." Jasmine headed off.

Nick's hand filled with all 7 rings. (Nick OOC: DENIED)

(( OOC: Nick SERIOUSLY? Just STOP already, it's getting old as heck and people are TIRED of it. ))

(Nick OOC: Who's posting? Put your name in front of the OOC.)

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(Nick OOC: Fine...)

Jasmine continued on her trek to find the red ring, her sword hanging from her side.

Nick saw Seven Rings.

"Awesome!" Nick said picking them up.

(Nick OOC: Just to clarify, I mean the normal rings from the original games.)

Azucena floated over the sea, then used her aquakinesis to lift the ring from the waves. The ring was green, and Azucena felt better once she touched it. "I found one!"

"I see one, it's Blue!" Nick said before grabbing it.

In a small sand dune Jasmine could sense the power of the red ring as she started to search.

Lunari found one, white in color. "I found the white one!" Lunari said, telepathically.

"I see a Ring, It's Red!" Nick said.

"Got you...!" Jasmine took hold of the red ring as she yanked it out of the sand dune.

The Red Ring flew out of Jasmine's hand, into Nick's hand.

"Hmph. Such disrespect." She went back to where Sonic was with her head held high.

by now bobos legs were gone, so he used his tail as a propeller."Guys, there's some evil guys coming and shadows a bad guy now! should protect the rings,sonic can you help?"bobo said as he found a yellow one. He kept it on his tail.( Bobo OCC:for the sake of the roleplay plz don't おかy?)

Nick found the last two rings. Nick walked to everyone.

Lunari met up with Nick and friends, and did a quick count. "Okay. We've got all of them. Now, where's Erazor? Shara, do you know?" Lunari asked.

Shara nodded. She got out the magic carpet and took everyone to Erazor.

"Erazor!" Nick yelled once at Erazor. "We Have the Rings!"

Erazor Djin laughed and crawled on the floor from the pain of laughing."You guys are FOOLS! You lead them to me!"

"Djin, what are you talking about?!?" Bobo asked.

Erazor took the negative power of the rings and grabbed Sharas arm and got her power."YES, I HAVE THE POWER!!!"he took a new form and left at the sky, thou he lied to the heroes and he was gonna destroy the city anyways.

"No! We need to fight back! Before my dad got captured, he told me 'don't worry, if we want peace for the people and this place, we need to fight for it so we can also se that bastard fly his @$$ away'. He got the negitive of it. We can get the positive power.just each of us, TAKE A RING AND TURN TO A NEW FORM JUST LIKE DJIN DID!!!"bobo said in pride and inspiration(Bobo OOC:sorry about the talk like that.lots of stuff has been happening so I kinda got used to it.)

Three rings came from Erazor and into Nick, Nick used Power Share, and now, everyone was a Darkspine Form!

Azucena transformed and her eyes grew angry. "Let's get him once and for all!" Her powers were all on the ready as she floated.

"This power...It's incredible!" Jasmine was frozen in shock as she looked herself over.

"Let's finish Erazor!" Nick said flying up.

when bobo tried to turn darkspine, it tried to erase his tail.with force bobo recovered it,although,it turned bobo into his chaos spirit form! His aura was all colors of the rings."okay Djin, 2 things we need to discus:you have the right to can leave the city and this world in harmony, or you may try to destroy.but thou art we will fight back with the power of justice.if you loose, you grant us all wishes. Deal?"

"whateves!" erazor Said with a smug of a grin on his face.then, he shot everyone with a blast.

Lunari made a quick dodge to avoid the blast. Thanks to her new Darkspine form, her white birthmark on her face had turned pitch black.

Darkspine Nick kicked Djinn in the face.

"Ah-!" Jasmine dodged as well, her white fur turned black and her pink hair turned white.

Darkspine Nick spun, covered in Dark Flames and Dark Lightning.

"Guys, spin around me, if we all Homing attack with our Elemental Powers in unison, We'll kill Djinn!" Nick said to everyone through telepathy.

Lunari nodded confidently. She drew electricity from the static in the air, the way Nick had taught her.

Azucena nodded as well. Let's do this thing! She put all of her powers to their limit as her fur shone.

Dillian came out of nowhere spinning next to Nick, also in Darkspine form, miniature symbols spinning around him.

A red smoke aura came around Bobo and his friend, Lazarus the dragon distracted erazor by firing beams at his eye."You don't owe me anything bobo. Now go get him guys, wh he is still distracted!" Lazurus said as bobo got up from the hit."Thanks lazurus! We really apreaciate it." Bobo said in remorse

Darkspine Nick shot a stun blast at Djinn while spinning.

Everyone homing attacked Djinn.

"Yeah, we did it!" Lunari said, doing a back-flip in midair, hovering thanks to her Darkspine form.

"It may not be over yet," Azucena cautioned. "We still need to be careful. Erazor could jump back up stronger." She clenched her fists just in case.

"You're right." Lunari said, with an angry look on her face. Lunari got ready to attack again.

Erazor crumbled Lazarus and Isaac with an Arabian building.Making bobo burst in tears and turned to his dark form and said"prepare your backside for leaving everyone alone, you shadowy shovel-wielding shameless, six sinister, son of a sneaky salamander." Bobo said before he boosted right through the middle of his hand.

"You puny little brat!" Erazor said as he was about to destroy the world

"G-g-guys." Bobo stuttered."we better get him quick! Or else the book Is gonna end with a wasteland!"bobo said as he wiped the tears off his face .

Lunari nodded, floating over next to him. She readied some electricity.

Azucena growled and readied her powers as well.

lazarus got out from the building and readied a fire cannon from his mouth and Isaac turned fleetway and charged some chaos energy from his heart.Bobo chuckles a little and looked at lazarus and Isaac and asked in a soft voice"Like old times?" And the two nodded and they answered"like old times.". The three boosted in to each other and chaos controlled and they turned in to one spindash with a chaos blast inside.

"When do we release sonic!?!"Bobolais ask as feeling ready.

"Now." Lunari said with a smirk. "Sonic!" Lunari called out, telepthically.

Sonic came from a ways off, in mid-homing attack. He stopped next to the group.

Lunari smiled. "You ready to do this, Sonic?" She asked.

"Of course I'm ready to do this!" Sonic replied, as if it was obvious.

"Then let's get to it!but erazor,don't forget our little wager..." Bobo glared at him while doing his battle stance.

Sonic charged a homing attack, while Lunari drew some more electricity. (Luna OOC: Well, looks like we're finishing without Nick. Oh well.)

Lazarus readied a fire cannon out of his mouth and bobo was ready to light speed boost into the evil genie.

Azucena breathed in, readying her power and trying to stay calm. 

Lunari was starting to get worn out from overusing her electrokinesis, but she couldn't give up. 

"NOW!" Lunari yelled, pointing at Erazor. She fired her electricity, and Sonic used a homing attack.

Bobo boosted with a light speed dash and Lazarus burned erazor djinn. The evil genie trembled by the attacks of everyone"aaah!m-my body!i can't hold it anymore..."erazor said as he got out and came back to his origanal form and released the lamp.bobo laughed so hard because of the victory but came back on track " time for dem wishes.3 for all of us!"

Lunari started to revert back to her normal form, as her birthmark faded back to it's usual white color.

A small portal soon opened up.a black hedgehog wearing a red coat with long quills got shot out of it.He was unconcious.((Doh.i forgot how to spell it))

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