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In a large rural AND urban city, storm season has taken a massive turn for the worst - and deadliest. Tornadoes of all shapes and sizes are heading towards the city from the country, but no one even knows it yet. They'll start start small and soon completely obliterate the city. You know what they say. It's calm before the storm...


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  • AnnabelleRich
  • DatNuttyKid
  • Another one of those fans
  • Black Silver
  • Alphonse Uprising
  • The Edgiest Hedgehog
  • Rapid
  • Derpythesonicfan
  • Watrid the Hedgehog/Elitegoat567

Involved Characters

  • Chace the Fox
  • Hailey the Fox
  • Kenji the Fox
  • Stephanie the Cat
  • Victoria the Cat (DatNuttyKid)
  • Reddy the fox(Aootf)
  • Malcom (Black Silver)
  • Arle (Black Silver)
  • Curtis Radical (AU)
  • Shadow the Edgehog
  • Zerofuse the Hedgehog
  • Cerberus the Chao
  • Xai the Hedge-Crucite


As the sun came up on the busy Sunday, it was quickly blocked out by storm clouds as thunder rocked through the country side.

Two people on motobikes rode down the street near the more rural outside areas of town. They pull over and pull their helmets off.

"You hear about that thunderstorm rolling through today?" Stephanie, the cat asked the blue fox.

"I don't think it'll be too serious..." Chace replied.

Behind them, a voice joined the conversation. "I wouldn't be so sure.",reddy soon fell down from a high building as the voice was talking,he was clearly injured

"Me too". A half british/ half American/ half French voice joined the conversation. The voice's owner simpily just walked forwards and joined in.

Then a silver-colored porcupine skateboarded up to the group and got off. "'Sup, dudes. What's shakin'?"

The voice from earlier stepped forward. "Gosh, this got crowded quick." She smiled at everyone and waved. "Nice to meet you all. I'm Jessie, Jessie the Cat."

The porcupine looked to the cat and waved. "Wassup, I'm Curtis." Curtis nodded and smiled.

"Hello Curtis," "Jessie" responded."Hi im reddy.i love the station square mega park."said reddy,reddy looked like he was hiding something in his butt.

Chace and Stephanie soon reunite with the rest of their team.

"CHAAACE!" Hilary seemed distraught as she rushed over to the fox.


"Look! LOOK." The british fox opened her laptop showing a cluster of weather anomalies.


"All of this weird weather it's...Stirring up some serious trouble!" She replied.

"Like what? Twisters? Tornadoes?" Stephanie asked.

"Both!" Hailey replied.

"Sounds like a perfect day for flying, then." Curtis joked.

(Please don't godmod my characters.)

"Jessie" looked up at the sky, watching the clouds roll across it. "We might want to find shelter, and fast..." She moved closer to Curtis, her arm brushing up against his. "Any ideas, Curtis?"

(Whoa, how does she know his name? XD) "Um... first, leave my privacy bubble." Curtis said, moving away from "Jessie". "Second, we gotta... I'm not good at making decisions." Curtis shook his head.

(He introduced himself to her.) "Jessie" looked visibly disappointed when Curtis moved away.

(Oh, right!) "Sorry, I just don't like it when people are close to me." Curtis said.

"This can't be good. We shouldn't be in here. We should go far away." John said.

reddy put on his glasses just in time to see whats going on "HOLY CRAP!"screamed reddy "i wish that shelter of mine wasnt broken...then again it couldnt last a SINGLE tornado"(can i flashback the shelter being destroyed by a tornado?)

(If it makes sense I guess there's nothing stopping you) "Jessie" shivered. "It's getting really cold out here." She nonchalantly looked at Curtis.

Curtis looked back and chuckled. "Good thing I have fur. I'd never survive the winter."

"i wish i thought i was still good at building BEACUSE IM NOT!" screamed reddy

"Jessie" turned away from Curtis and mumbled to herself, "Oblivious fool." She then turned to the group. "Okay, besides Reddy freaking out, does anyone have a plan?"

"The boss wants us to track them...there's something extremely ODD about all this!" Hailey said to Chace and Stephanie.

"From spies to storm chasers. An interestin' job change! Lets do this." Stephanie grinned as she headed to their garage and hopped into a large heavy pickup truck and waited for Chace and Hailey to hop in.

"Kenji will continue to monitor things from the safety of the lab." Hailey mentioned.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA." Curtis flailed his arms around walking up to the three. "Wait a second, what about us?!"

"I don't know what's going on anymore," "Jessie" remarked, scratching behind her ear. "Spies? Storm chasers? Wait, why the heck would we CHASE this storm? And who the heck is Kenji, and why is he in- safety of the lab?" Her eyes lit up. "I want to go there."

"First of all. Get out of our private business," Stephanie glared, "Second. That's none of your concern and third, I recommend you get to safety."

"Sorry, but we have work to do!" The three jumped into the truck and headed off down the road towards the heart of the storm.

A funnel of air began to form in an empty field as the group looked at the cloud movement from afar.

"There's the storm..." Hailey pointed out, "But the structure of it is absolutely...Weird!"

"Weird how...?" Chace asked.

"I-I don't know! With as much intel as I'm geting it should be on the ground...but there's nothing there!" Hailey responded.

Back with the others... "They were a lot of help," "Jessie" groaned. She looked in the direction the truck had gone, seeing the funnel of air. "Guys, this looks bad."

"I got an idea!" Curtis found a rusty car, picking it up with two of his hands and throws it straight towards the twister. The car disappeared in the wind. This clearly didn't do anything at all. "Well, I tried." Curtis lifted his arms up.

"That was impressive though," "Jessie" remarked nonchalantly. "I suppose we could try to find that lab..." Her eyes twinkled as she said this.

"...Did some idiot just try to throw a danm car...?" Stephanie said.

"That's as useful as shooting a ghost." Chace muttered and Hailey huffed.

"I thought I could kill it!" Curtis whined.

"Guys look!"

The funnel of air started to swirl, and a tornado quickly touched down and seemed to go idle for a moment or two as the three watched.

"It's touching down!" "Jessie" cried.(btw reddy is a normal citizen with no powers what so ever but can fly if the winds are strong enough)"CRAP! CRAP!"reddy screamed "Just get in the van!"reddy said"well,my van,"reddy soon pulled out his tails but he didnt notice he did

"I' confused!" Hailey looked at her tech, "I've never seen something so...complex!"

"Should we be worried...?" Stephanie said worriedly.

"I think we should be scared senseless!" Hailey said back.

"Screw this, man! It's so not radical!" Curtis retreated to the cabin of Reddy's van.

"WE ARE EITHER STORM CHASING OR RUNNING AWAY!"reddy said,he soon went into a dark corridor and another van drove out of the dark corridor "if you guys are running away you should probably get in here,if your storm chasing look at the bag,and DRIVE IT"reddy shouted "BESIDES!!OUR LIVES ARE ON THE LIVES,",reddy shouted,he drove the van closer to the other van,reddy started to shiver

"Nonono." Hailey looked at her charts, "This storm is all over the place and THIS tornado hasn't even begun to move yet!"

as reddy was driving away from the for some reason not moving tornado reddy looked at curtis "yo curtis?"

(( OK...He would not have been able to hear her say that. Hailey and the others are in their own truck directly next to where the tornado had landed. Even if he was nearby there would be no way they would hear each other ._. - Anna ))

((kk gonna delete my previous post and change it)

"I reaaaally don't think we should be here..." Stephanie put the truck into drive as debri began to fly by.

"Agreed..." Chace nodded.

reddy would find stephanie's truck,reddy would drive beside it,reddys van window would open "hey guys!"said reddy

(...Fuck this roleplay. I'm out of here.)(so...)

(( O...K...? - Anna ))

Malcom: (Holds on to top of the truck) DRIVE YOU SON OF A TROLL!

A van in shambles, with a makeshift rocket booster strapped to the top, pulled into the area. Xai stumbled out, holding on to his hat and some kind of scientific equipment.

"CERBERUS! YOU LAZY JERK, GET OUT HERE!" Xai struggled to make himself heard over the wind.

Cerberus floated out of the van drinking a soda, not bothered by the winds whatsoever. "What's the big hurry- MOTHER OF EDISON." *Cerberus drops his soda*

Watrid hung onto a bar. "Damnit. I am stuck. Wait, I have a nice wingsuit!" *Floats away*

Reddy flew out of his van and was plummeting into the tornado.he seemed to be heading to the tornado without resistance

(A helicopter flies by and comes down to the van. Arle was inside it.)

Arle: Come on, Malcom! Jump on!

Malcom: Arle! Did you...

Arle: No time to explain! Just jump on!

Malcom: Ok! (Jumps onto the helicopter)

The helicopter flies off, but a rope ejects from it. The rope clings onto a luxury caravan with Aiday, Sturm and Mac in.

Sturm: What's going on?

Mac: Woah!

Aiday: What the hell?

The helicopter, with the caravan in grasp, flies away from the tornado.

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