Because, why not?


There's a new survivor game show like no other. In English. Men and women Mobians/Overlanders are sent to two different islands to see which gender would last a month on an island without the other there for support. The two are given very little supplies, but the islands have an abundance of water and food, as well as various other resources. But to get these resources you must be good in areas of strength and intelligence. Who will win and who will fail?


  • Censor Swearing (Except Hell, Damn, and Crap)
  • No Speeding Up the Roleplay
  • No Sexual Acts (Kissing, Hugging, Flirting, and Maybe Making Out are Ok)
  • No Vandalizing (The Page)
  • No Using Someone Else's Character Without Permission
  • Fighting Must Be Necessary if Your Character Fights Someone Else's Character
  • Have Fun!


Involved Characters

  • Announcer (Fox)
  • Liana the Elk (Assistant)


  • Clayton the Cockatoo (Fox)
  • Ron 'Ronnie' the Jackdaw (Fox)
  • Tye The Hedgehog (Tye)


  • Scruffy the Gray Fox (Fox)
  • Ivory the Wyvern (Fox)
  • Carmen the Spotted Leopard (Anna)


Part 1: Our Contestants

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