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It's the beginning of everyone's new year of high school. First, second, and third year students are all preparing for a new year of learning and fun! However, you find out that the school is planned on closing next year due to fund shortages! You and your friends try to find a way to keep the school open, and find a cool, fun club idea: School Idols.

At the end of the year, there's going to be a Love Live: School Idol Festival held, and only the top 25 schools are eligible. The winner's prize is $1,000,000 towards the school, which means that if you win, you can save the school! However, it will take lots of work, and we will need 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year male and female students to make this thing work.


  • No godmodding; even though I don't see how that'd be possible in this roleplay
  • Stick to the plot
  • Everything will have to build on, you can just become superstars in a day.
  • Paragraph format


  • Nikki-Kaji
  • Kitty Watermelon(AKA Kitten-Cookie)
  • Darkest Shadow
  • Fox,Fox,Cat

Characters Involved

Chapter One: Beginnings

It's a warm, sunny day in the beginning of August. The streets of Station Square were busy with bright yellow school buses driving all around to pick up the high school students on the first day back to school. Nikki, a second year student, was already fully dressed and ready to walk to MoboHigh, her hair held down with a new red bow. She was exited for the first day, grabbing her bookbag and opening the door, taking in a fresh breath of air.

Meanwhile, two girls were walking to school at the same time. The first girl was a brown fox wearing white and blue clothing. Her hair was long and straight, and her ears were gigantic. The second girl is a fashionable blonde hedgecat wearing a purple shirt underneath a pink jacket, white jean shorts and brown boots. Her hair was short and wavy. Their names? Alexis Petals and Christina Transon.

A small cat was wandering around the school, she was a new girl, transferred from another one. She didn't have much friends. She was carrying a baseball bat, she was wearing a pink-red sweater and blue jean-shorts. She looked around the school, looking at a small sheet of paper.

A purple furred, curly lilac haired Mobian Panda sporting a white top with pink edges around the parts where the shirt begins and stops, as well as where the sleeves stop, a long silky skirt that is colored lavender and linen, and small ankle socks slightly showing above her pink dress shoes, was languidly walking to school, as if she couldn't care if she got there on time or not. However, a blonde, wavy haired, brown Mobian Elk wearing a gold necklace as well as twin gold bracelets, along with a black t-shirt, short deep blue jeans, and black high-heels, was rushing to get to the school, whilst lugging a really heavy suitcase along.

Nikki walked down the streets, closing the front door behind her. Everyone was wearing their respective school colors, chatting as they made their way to their highschools. Thankfully, Nikki's school wasn't too far away, which allowed her to walk everyday and get a good amount of excersize. While walked, she met up with her best friend, Starlight, who was waiting in front of her house for Nikki's arrival. "Hey, Nikki." Starlight said, walking next to the grey hedgehog. Nikki waved back, and the two walked closer to the school together.

The small cat bumped her head onto a locker, which happened to be her locker. "Good thing I came early." she sighed. She tried to memorize the combination, and opened the locker. She put a sticker outside the locker saying her name, "Chilly Mist". She started to run to the entrance of the school. She waited until the bell would ring.

As Nikki and Starlight approached the school, Nikki helped her friend find her locked, since it was Starlight's first year and Nikki's second. Luckily, their lockers were right next to each other as Starlight practiced entering her locked combination and placed her bookbag inside. The bell was 10 minutea away from class access, and the two had all of their classes together.

The two girls enter the school, and find their lockers. Entering the combination into their lockers, Christina starts to design her locker with heart designs and pictures of her boyfriend, Cole. Alexis waited to design her locker, and gets out a five spiral notebooks, a box of pre-sharpened pencils, and a giant eraser. Closing her locker, Christina looked at the grey and red hedgehog. Why? She was a friend from middle school of course! "Nikki!" She tried to call to her.

Nikki closed her locker slightly, looking around and seeing Christina only a locker section away. "Ohayo, Christina!" Nikki replied, waving. She left Starlight to walk over to her other friend, bowing. "So, it's your first year here? Ah, i'm so exited. New classes, afterschool clubs, it's gonna be the best!" as she said this, Nikki looked around. "Uh, have you seen a silver colored hedgehog, a few inches taller than me, super cute?" she asked.

Christina nodded. "You must be talking about Vexx." She told her with a smile. As she looked over behind her shoulder. "Isn't he only a few rooms down, you know, over there?" She asked her.

There was a quick wiff of a familiar pony tail walking into a classroom. The scent of spicy food wafting into the air.

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