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Rik the spidermonkey
Rik the spidermonkey
Halo the Legendary Chaos Chao (KayumitheWallaby4)

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6 Months after the events of Quest of Death 5: Final Fight, Luna ran away, but when Black Doom returns, Luna must figure out about her parents death, Melosom's death, and the Chaos Emeralds.



Luna the Hedgehog

Marnie the Fairy

Jamie the Hedgehog


Finn the Wolf

Emily the Seedrian

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Thrash the Hedgehog

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Isaiah The Red Wolf (ITH)

Gorru the Wolf (Niktendo7)

Shadow the Wolf (shadowthewolf)

Finn the Human (CM Punk124)

Jake the Dog (CM Punk124)

Rik the spidermonkey

Halo the Legendary Chaos Chao (KayumitheWallaby4)


Phil the Echidna (CM Punk124)


Jared (Frozen scorp.)


Baby Terra the Hawk

Moon the Echidna (Maryxgil)

Flower "Karina" Prower (KayumitheWallaby4)


Black Doom



Metal Blaze (Frozen scorp.)

Part 1: The Adventure Begins

(Luna is outside, thinking about Melosom)

Luna:(Thoughts) I don't understand, Tails should have fix him, but all he made is another Melosom that is evil, how could he?


Tails: DONE everyone i would like you to meet Melosom The Artaficial Echidna 2.0 *Turns on the power switch*

Matt: I hope it works

Holly: Me too

Luna: Is he like the old Melosom?

Jared: I hope so.

Lizzy: We'll find out.

Tails: *Turns on the power switch*

Melosom 2.0: *Openseyes and stands in the middle of the room*

Luna: Oh thank goodness. (Holds out her hand)

Melosom 2.0: *Grabs luna's arm then flips her over on her back*

Matt: HEY!!!

Metal J.: What the?

Jur: What the heck?!

Luna: Melosom?

Melosom 2.0:*Shoots Metal J with a lazer then flies off*

Tails: OH NO!!!

Sonic: He's not getting away with this *Chases after Melosom 2.0*

Metal J.: I knew this would happen someday. Now I can tell everyone the reason that Nightmare looked similar to Blaze.

Klonoa: It's butt kicking time! (His bambo sword turns into a staff) CHI WO WA!!!!!

Melosom 2.0: *Turns around then grabs sonic and throws him across the ground*

Luna: You're not the same Melosom I always love! You're a villian!

Metal J.: The reason for their similar appearances is that they're related.

Lizzy: But I thought Melosom 2.0 would have feelings like me and is nice and good.

Metal J.: it seems I am at the end of "life." (shuts down permanently)

A Chao walks up to melosom

Melosom 2.0: Hmph *Steps on the chao*



Jared: (holding Jackle chao) At least he didn't kill this one.

Abby: Oh great. First we lost Melosom again and now Melosom 2.0 went all evil.

Sonic: *Gets up* HES GETTING AWAY!!!

Melosom 2.0: See you later fools *Flies away*

(Flashback ended)

Luna:(Shakes her head off) Melosom............ I want you to come back, (Tears form in her eyes) I don't want to be alone........ (Walks off)

(Two men name Hudson and Boris, from Pokemon, hid behind the bush)

Boris: Look Hudson! (Points at Luna's necklace) Her necklace looks like Kanata's!

Hudson: You're right, Boris, since Kanata is dead, we should go after her now. Follow my lead.

(Hudson and Boris followed Luna without her noticing)


Skulpio:(throughing punches)

Jared: (blocking the punches with kicks) How long do ya' think you'll last?

"Great idea," Jesse says, spectating the fight. He pulls out a stopwatch.

Skulpio:(stabs Jared with his poisoned tipped tail)

Jared: (grabs tail, then twists it)

Skulpio:(Breaks Jareds Arm)

(A light watches Jesse, Jared, and Skulpio without them noticing, it flies off)

(With Luna)


Darkstorm:(Doing pull ups on a tree branch)

Luna:(Keeps walking)

Darkstorm: 'Ello Luna Ma'am

Luna: Go away.

Darkstorm: I am no threat to Ma'am

Luna:(Zooms off)

Darkstorm:(Rolls eyes)

Luna:(Skids,starts crying, looks around, sees a fairy being uncounsises, picks up the fairy) Um.... Are you okay?

Fairy: Ugh...... Please, stay away from me......

Luna: Hey! Wake up!

Fairy:(Wakes up, sees Luna) Oh... Hello.

Luna: You okay, nothing broken inside?

Fairy: I am okay. Thank you for asking Ma'am.

Luna: Why is everybody keep calling me Ma'am? (Looks at herself) Maybe because I'm from Lunatea.

Fairy: Well, you are very lovely and smart. What is your name?

Luna: My name is Luna, Luna the Hedgehog, and you are?

Fairy: I don't know. I cannot remember.

Luna: WHAT?! You forgotten who you are?!

Fairy: Yes. I saw something blasted me, and everything went all white, and then nothing, I can't remember a thing what happened.

Luna:(Thoughts) I wonder if it was Melosom 2.0.

Fairy: Oh... What am I going to do? Where do I live? How would I survive? What will I do?

Luna: Hey, calm down. I'll help you find your memory.

Fairy: Really? You mean it?

Luna: Absoulutly. I'm sure there's someone here that knows you.

Fairy: Thank you! You are the best Miss Luna.

(Both girls giggled as if a new friendship is born)

Baby Terra:(Crying)

Luna:(Walks up to Baby Terra, picks her up) There there. It's okay.

Fairy: What's a baby doing here?

Luna: I don't know, let's go find her parents.

Terra:(Crying Worsen)

Luna:(Knocks on someone's door, they answered it) Excuse me, is this your baby?

Terra:( Her Parents are dead and she crys worse)

Woman: I'm sorry, that's not my baby.

Luna: Oh.... Well then, is this your fairy?


Woman: No. (Closes the door)

Luna: Well, we tried.

Fairy: What are we suppose to do with the baby?

Luna: I'll let Darkstorm take care of her.

Fairy: Who's Darkstorm?

Luna: A friend of my. (Runs off to find Darkstorm)

Fairy:(Follows Luna)

Luna:(Founds Darkstorm) Hey! Darkstorm! Can you do something for me?

Moon: *is walking nearby*

Darkstorm: Watcha need?

Luna: To watch this baby I found. (Shows Darkstorm Baby Terra)

Darkstorm: My neice, (Hold Baby Terra)

Luna: That's your baby?

Darkstorm:(Runs to the Nest)

Luna: Darkstorm? (Looks at the fairy) He didn't see you?

Fairy: I don't know. Are you the only one who could see me?

Luna: I guess so.

Darkstorm: I saw the Fairy

Luna: You did?

Fairy: Guess you're not the only one who can see me.

Darlstorm: What is your name Fairy?

Luna: She doesn't remember who she is.


Luna: I'm helping her find her memory.

Fairy: That's right.

Darkstorm:(Holding Terra)

Luna: We've been looking for this baby's parents and everybody told us that she wasn't there child. Then we ask about the fairy, but they said no. Do you know where her parents are?

Darkstorm:(Stops) I found the Parents

(The Bloody corpses of the Parents are see)

Luna:(Gasps, looks away) I don't want to see that.


Fairy:(Covers her ears) Why is she like that?!

Darkstorm: Her parents are dead

Luna: .........................................

Fairy: I thought they were alive. Who's gonna take care of her?

Darkstorm: Not me, I have enough mouths to feed

Luna: Her parents being dead remind me of my parents being dead.........

Fairy: Huh?

Terra:(Is hungry)

Luna:(Gives Terra a bottle of milk) There you go, little fella.


Fairy: How did you know that she was hungry?

Luna: I feel it.


Luna: Well, we better go find Marnie's owner.

Fairy:(Didn't follow Luna) Marnie?

Luna: I can't call you Fairy all the time. What do you think?

Fairy: Yes! Yes! Yes! Marnie! I love it! Yay!

Luna: Come on. Let's go.

Marnie: Okay!

Luna:(Zooms off)

Marnie:(Flies after her)

Hudson: She got away!

Boris: Is it the time? (Pulls the rope)

Hudson: NO! (Gets hang up)

Boris: Oops.....

Hudson: Idiot.....


Jared: (still fighting Skulpio, and the sun set by then) Okay, we've been fighting for 3 hours. When do ya' want to quit?

Moon: *sees them* Whatever the purpose of your conflict, you're not resolving it like that.

Jared: Alright, I give. (coughs blood)

Isaiah:*walking in*

Luna:(Skids) Hi guys.

Marnie:(Hids behind Luna)

Moon: Hello there.

Jared: Hey.

Marnie: Are they evil?

Luna: Don't worry, they don't see you. Darkstorm and I are the only ones who can see you.

Jared: Hey Luna, who's that you're talking to?

Moon: There's no one there...

Jared: I can clearly see something next to her. It's small, and shiny.

Moon: *looks at Jared, then at the spot* But... Wait. *puts her helmet on* There's a small energy reading there.

Luna: Quick Marnie! Fly away until they're gone.

Marnie: Okay. (Flies off)

Jesse sighs. "Friend of yours, Luna?"

Luna: Um........ I'm just helping her find her memory and you guys don't see her except me and Darkstorm.

Darkstorm: (Decloaks with Terra)

Luna: Darkstorm! What are you doing here?

Darkstorm: Well for starters I am aiding you and then I am finding Terra here a foster home

Luna: And you'll help me find Marnie's memories?

Moon: How do you intend to "find" memories?

Marnie: Tell them I can't remember anything.

Luna: Marnie can't remember anything.

Darkstorm: I know a spell that never fails me when it comes down to amnesa

Luna: No. It's cool, I can find her memories all by myself.


Luna:(Rubs Terra's head)

Terra:(Wants Luna to hold her)

Luna:(Holds Terra)

Terra:(Her Pink eye make her adorable)

Luna:(Sings a lullaby, her mother used to sing to her when she was a baby, to Terra so she can sleep)

Terra:( Asleep)

Marnie:(Whispers) Where did you learn that?

Luna:(Whispers) My mother always sing me this lullaby to help me sleep when I was a baby.

Terra:(Cuddling Luna as if she were her mother)

Luna: Huh?

Marnie: She likes you.

Terra:(Shivering cause she is cold)

Luna:(Pulls out a baby blanket, puts it on Terra)

Terra:(Nuzzles Luna like she is her mother)

Luna:(To Darkstorm) Why is your neice nuzzling me?

Darkstorm: Because she thinks of you as her mom

Luna: I'm a.....mother?

Darkstorm: It is your choice, she won't survive without a loving mother

"Don't look at me," Jesse says jokingly.

Luna:(Thinks about it) Okay. I'll take care of your niece and find Marnie's memories.

Darkstorm: Hey Jesse

"Don't ask me to help with the parenting part, but helping find whoever's memories, count me in."

Darkstorm: Wasn't gonna

Luna: Her name is Marnie.

Marnie: Yes. Please let me join Luna. I'll take care of her.

Luna: Me and Darkstorm are the only ones who can see you. Jesse can't see you.

"I feel like I'm Woods from Black Ops."

Darkstorm: I think Marine ment Terra

"I don't think you get the reference."

Luna: Oooookaaaay. Well, I better go find Marnie's memories. See ya! (Zooms off)

Marnie: Wait up! (Flies after Luna)

Part 2: On a journey with Finn and a blue seedrian

Luna:(Holding Terra) Hmm.... It looks like we're lost.

Marnie: I'm getting scared. We should have got a map.

Luna:(Sighs) You're right. Why was I so stupid?

"And remind me why I was following you..." Jesse sighs.


Luna:(Gives Terra a bottle of milk)

Darkstorm:(Builds a camp fire)

???: Hey Luna!

(It was Finn, Luna's best friend)

Luna: Hi Finn.

Finn: What are you doing here and why are you holding a baby?


Luna: I'm helping Marnie finding her memories and I'm taking care of this baby cause she thinks I'm her mother.

Finn: Oh....


"Marnie is the one over there that nobody can see. Like Reznov in Black Ops," Jesse comments, roasting a weiner on the campfire.

Luna: Me and Darkstorm are the only ones who can see her.

Finn: I see.

????: (Sitting in a tree nearby) (to himself: Thats an interesting story... Coincidence meeting her here.)

Luna:(Notice someone watching them, turns to ????) Hey Gorru.

Gorru: Hey Luna... Uh oh (falls from the tree) Owwe.. What's going on?

Luna: I'm helping Marnie finding her memory.

Gorru: (looks around) The echidnas, or the baby?

Moon: *watching* *thinks: I don't know why I'm here, these kids won't know anything about it...*

Terra:(Can see Marine and wants to hold her)

"It seems to me to be her friend who also happens to be invisible. Kind of like Tyler Durden in Fight Club."

Gorru: Invisible eh... Well uh... its nice to meet you Marnie.... i guess

Moon: There is an energy signature there, if it's any consolation.


Gorru: So is this everyone?

Jared: (very far away, appears out of a puff of smoke) Okay, now it's time to find some treasure! (starts digging)

Luna: Get back here Jared! There's no treasure!



Finn: Can I help?

Luna: Sure.

Terra:(Wants to hold Marnie)

Marnie:(Flies over to Terra)

Gorru: Luna? What's with the baby?

Terra:(Hugs Marnie)

Luna: She thinks I'm her mother.

Gorru: Oh... (scratches the back of his head) So where's Jur?

Terra:(Hugging Marnie)

Luna: Back at Matt's place, I ran away from there.

Finn: What did you do this time?

Terra:(Eyes get teary at what Finn said)

Finn: Did I say something wrong?

Luna: I don't know.

Terra:(About to cry and Lets go of Marnie)

Jared: (doesn't hear anything, keeps digging)

Luna: Darkstorm, what's wrong with her?

Darkstorm: She is Offended

Luna: What does it mean? (Gives Darkstorm Terra)

Finn: Yeah. What's Offended?

Darkstorm: To cause Dislike

Luna: How come Terra dislikes Marnie?

Marnie: Is it because I'm different?

Darkstorm: Terra loves Marnie, It is Finn saying " What did you do wrong" is what offended her

Finn: All I want to know what she did.

Moon: Terra has a bond with Luna and she felt like Finn insulted her.

Finn: No I didn't. I-

Luna: My true love, Melosom 1.0 is dead.

Finn: Who's Melosom?


Moon: I am.. very sorry.

Luna:(Takes Finn to the forest)

The Bald Eagle fallows Luna

Jared: (faintly hears "True love," then stops digging)

The Perigine Falcan:(Female) Need help

Luna: Are you trying to hurt Terra?

Finn: No.

Luna: Cause it looks like it.

Finn: I don't see why she hates me.

Egle:(Jumps down with Terra) I am Terra's Guard

Luna: Um.... Hi......

Finn: Why are you here?

Egle:(Unsheathes his Egpytian Sword and has it to Finn's neck)

Luna: What are you doing?! That's my best friend!

Egle:(Sheathes his sword)

Luna: Finn didn't make Terra cry! He was talking to me!

Terra:(Tries to say mama)

Finn: Seriously! All I said is,"What did you do wrong" that's all!

Egle:(Unsheathes Sword and has it to Finns neck)

Jared: (comes out of the ground)

Luna: Jared! Do something! He's about to kill Finn! He's too young to die!

Jared: (pulls out silver sword, with golden handle encrusted with jewels) How?

Gorru: Hey, whats going on here!?

Luna: That egale is about to kill Finn!

Jared: I'm going to kill an eagle with a super-expensive sword I "borrowed" from a guy that owns some huge company.

Gorru: That bird better be ready to face my fists of fury!

Jared: That, and it better be prepared to be slaughtered by the ONLY weapon ever made by ATARI.

The Perigine Falcon:(Snaps her partner the Eagles arm) We are here to protect not to kill

Gorru: Then stand down..

Luna:(Grabs Finn, zooms off)

Perigine Falcon:(Grabs Terra and Air Dashes)

Gorru: Why do i even bother... (dashes off behind the eagles) GET BACK HERE!!!

Perigine Falcon:(Uses Love Flower on Gorru)

Gorru: Don't expect that to work on me... (swipes away the love flower)

Pero: I am Pero the Gerigine Falcon Luna Bodyguard, my Partner is Egle the Bald Eagle Terra Bodyguard

(With Luna and Finn)

Luna: Ugh.... Stupid Eagle. (Hears something, goes look around)

(Suddenly, a blue seedrian falls next to Luna)

Luna: AH!

Seedrian: AH!

Luna: You scared me!

Seedrian: I'm sorry.

Finn: Who are you?

Seedrian: I'm Emily.

Luna: How old are you?

Emily: Just turned 11.

Finn: Why were you in that tree?

Emily: Looking for a tower.

Luna: What tower?

Emily: Can't tell you. It's a secret.

Pero:(Appears Next to Luna) Before you freak out, I am not here to harm anyone (Hands Terra to Luna)

Luna: Terra.

Terra:(Trying to say mama)

Luna: Why would Terra think I'm her mother? I'm a hedgehog and she's a hawk.

Pero: Your the first thing she saw

Luna: But I'm 15 years old. I can't raise a baby.

Finn: That's right.

Emily: Okay. I'm confussed.


Jared: (pops up from under the ground) TRY DYING THREE TIMES IN 1 DECADE!!!

Darkstorm: I died Thousands of times in 1 one Mellenia

Jared: Oh.... well, I'm bored.

Darkstorm: Wanna spare Jared?

Jared: Do you mean Spar? (pulls out silver sword with gold handle encrusted with jewels)

Darkstorm:(Unsheaths Soul Edge Katana)

Jared: A katana vs. a silver and gold sword that I had to nearly risk my life to get. I like my odds.

Darkstorm: You Foreget this is the Famed Soul Edge Katana the most powerful soul blade in the World the mast of all soul Blades

Jared: Well, then. Let's see if you got that right! (charges toward Darkstorm, with the sword firmly gripped)

Luna: Jared! Darkstorm! Stop it!

Finn: A fighting contest is not going to be killed! This is stupid!

Luna: Yeah! Like you guys!

Emily: Awkward.

Jared: (stern voice) I'm not an idiot.

Finn:(Whispers to Luna) When will he learn he is?

Luna:(Whispers to Finn) Until he looks at a mirror.

Jared: I said.... I... AM... NOT... AN.... IDIOT!!!!!!!!

Darkstorm:(Sheathes Soul Edge katana)

Luna: We didn't say you're an idiot.

Finn: We said you two are stupid.

Jared: What's the difference?


Emily: He's kinda cute.

Luna: Emily....

Jared: .......

Luna:(Whispers) He's stupid and doesn't know anything.

Jared: I heard that. And yes, I do know stuff. If I didn't know anything, how else would I own an entire company.

Luna: T_T


Finn: Um.... Wasn't Emily with us?

Luna: Great. Let's go find her. (Zooms off)

Finn:(Flies off)

Marnie:(Flies after them)

Pero:(Grabs Terra and Follows)

(Luna and Finn found a tower, Emily went in, Luna and Finn went in as well, Marnie flies after them)


Marnie: Wow. So cool.

Luna: What is this place?

Finn: I don't know.

???: It's the Tower of Spirits.

Luna: Tower of Spirits?

???: Yes. My name is Anjean. I am the guardian of this tower.

Luna: I heard of you. Sonic told me about you how you save this tower.

Anjean: Indeed.

Gorru: How come I never noticed this place? I've atleast travelled these lands for quite sometime now...

Anjean: People who visits this town must never know this tower.

Gorru: Hmm... So why guard this tower?

Anjean: I'm just waiting for someone to come.

Gorru: Really? For how long?..

Luna: Like forever. Right?

Anjean: Indeed.

"New plan. How about I stand here, and help this guy, until you guys get done doing whatever it is you and Tyler Durden are doing," Jesse suggests.

Luna: Marnie's a girl.

Anjean: Marnie?

Luna: A fairy I find.

Anjean: Hmmm......

"I'll take that as a yes. Have fun with Hank Evans."

Luna: You're helping me Jesse.

"Fine, I'll help you guys and Reznov do whatever it is you're doing."

Emily: YOU! (Ponits at Luna) What are you doing here?!

Luna: I followed you?

Emily: Aunt Anjean, can you tell this hedgehog to go away?!

Luna: She's your niece?!

Anjean: Indeed she is.


Pero walks toward the Tower

"This is getting real interesting, real fast."

Gorru: It sure is...

Emily: You shouldn't of followed me!

Luna: I'm sorry.

Gorru: Wait. Since when have we been following her?

Luna: Me Marnie and Finn followed her. You guys followed us.

Gorru: Oh yeah.... Why were we following her?

Luna: She just left us while we were talking to Jared about being an idiot and being stupid.

"I'm following Luna because I think she has dissociative identity disorder."

Luna: You're following me because you're helping me find Marnie's memories.

"No this is Tyler Durden," he says, poking at the spot where Marnie happens to be floating.

Marnie: My name is not Tyler Durden! It's Marnie the Fairy! Remember that!

"Who said that?"

Marnie:(Flies to Jesse) I did!

"I'm assuming since that came from my ear that this is the person who is completely invisible. Just so you know, I can't see you."

Anjean: Emily, dear, would you help him see this young fairy?

Emily:(Nods, throws powder at Jesse's eyes)

Terra:(Teary Eyed because she is scared)

Luna: Sssh.... It's okay, there's nothing to be scared of.

Terra: Mama (She doesn't want her memory gone and Begins crying)

Jesse falls to the ground. He laughs. "No matter how many times you punch me, I won't see her."

Darkstorm:(Throws Angel Dust in Jesse's eye's)

Emily: I didn't punch you, I just throw powder dust in your eyes.

"Felt like a sucker punch to the face. Besides... oh hey, who the heck is that?" He looks at Marnie.

Luna: Marnie. Like I said.

Marnie: Tyler Durden, huh?


Darkstorm: Oh boy

Finn: Who's that?

Murmaider:(Pins her Lover Darkstorm to the Ground)

Luna: I think you that reminds me.

Murmaider: How?

Terra: (To Luna) Mama

"Like I said, Hank Evans, humor," Jesse laughs to Marnie.


Luna:(Grabs Terra, puts her in a blanket)

Anjean: It seems this little fellow thinks you're her mother.

Luna: I know, but why? I'm not a mother. I'm a protector of Lunatea.


Luna: Finn. Hold Terra.

Finn: Okay.

Luna:(Gives Finn Terra)

Finn:(To Terra) Hello. How are you?

Emily: How cute!

Anjean:(Holds Terra) She is very special.

Gorru: Hmm... Terra reminds me of something important I must consider for the future...

(A being appears behind Darkstorm)

??: Its been a while old friend

???: Who are you? (Is an apparant echidna-like figure wearing a dark robe)

???: The name is Shadow,Shadow the Wolf

???: Ah... Shadow... a name I have not heard since the Great War. *Takes out Excalibur, wearing a glove made from the Orange Chaos Emerald* Now, if you don't want any bloodshed, I'd suggest you back up. Slowly.

Shadow the Wolf: Ha I live for bloodshed *Taking out the Sword of Souls and her Black Chaos Emerald* Try me I have been trained by Darkstorm

???: Good. *Takes off hood, revealing a Red Echidna* Now, we FIGHT! *Takes a quick, thorough slice through Shadow's eye* Chaos PUNISHMENT! *Starts stopping time and slicing Shadow apart, first the other eye, then the chest, then the neck, then slices apart the right leg*

Shadow the Wolf: *Vanishes and then reappear behind the Echidna kicks him into the air* Chaos Wind Scar! *While the wind scar hits him she starts healing quickly* You going to have to do better than that since Iam immortal!

???: *Instantly heals* I guess a battle between immortals will do no good. Anyway, I'm Phil the Echidna. Sorry about trying to hurt you. *A human walks into the clearing with a yellow dog* Yo, Finn and Jake, whassup?

Finn: Hey Phil. Long time no see!

Jake: Hey bud!

Shadow the Wolf: *puts her sword away* Its ok your attacks didnt even phase me and nice to meet you Phil.

(Luna, holding Terra, Finn the Wolf and Emily came out of the tower)

Luna: Why are you following us, Emily?

Emily: I want to help you.

Finn the Wolf: Well that's nice.

Luna: T_T

Shadow the Wolf: Greetings

Phil the Echidna: It is an honor.

Jake & Finn: Hey!

Luna: Uh... Hi.... I'm Luna the Hedgehog and this is my friend Finn the Wolf.

Finn the Wolf: Hello.

Emily: Um... What about me?

Luna: Oh.. And this is Emily.

Emily: Emily the Seedrian! I just turned 11!

Marnie: ................

Luna: Hey, it's okay, Marnie. You'll be fine.

Finn the Wolf and Emily:(Look at each other confussed)

Luna: So I should know your names.

Moon: *followed everyone but had been watching from a distance*

"I still don't understand, but I don't really care," Jesse says simultaneously serious and carefree. He sees Moon, but quickly averts his attention, not caring that they're being followed either.

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