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The trees and flowers are in bloom and the camping grounds are open! Come and get away from it all by visiting the National Park and Camping grounds of Station Square! You can stay in a variety of lodges and hotels surrounding the large forest or camp somewhere deep within the wilderness! Your choice!


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Involved Characters

The Campsite

The sun slowly inched closer and closer to the middle of the sky as a Camaro with two foxes in it parked and hopped out, looking at the scenery. "Wow...amazing." Hailey said in her usual British accent. "I know! Told ya you'd like it!" Chace replied. "Oh please Chace...I'm a computer hacker, not a survivalist!" She starts grabbing her gear out of the back.

Deeper in the forest a red soldier ant, a cobalt komodo dragon and a black fox were playing a game of long range frisbee. "Catch Moros!" The Komodo dragon shouted, his voice sounding like a cross between a hiss and a growl as he tossed the frisbee, using his control over gravity to increase the force at which he tossed the frisbee. The fox moved to catch it but fell short as the frisbee made it's way towards the Camaro, with the fox still chasing after it. "Phrice! What the heck!?" The ant shouted at the Komodo dragon. "Oops.. Sorry Alastor." The komodo dragon responded sheepishly.

"Hm...?" Chace's ears twitched as he stood up straight, and quickly spun as he caught the frisbee. "Chace?" Hailey asked. "Huh?" He looked it over, "Hm. Where'd this come from?"

Moros ran over and saw that Chace had the frisbee.

Beck entred to the grounds and sat on a chair. Meanwhile, Lunari admired the scenery from the top of a tall tree she had climbed. When she looked over, she saw the group that was playing frisbee. Lunari: They look like they're having fun. I think I'll join them. (She jumps off of the tree and glides down to the ground near the group.)

Alastor turned to where he heard Lunari landed. "Ketaketak... Who are you?"

Lunari: Hello! Hy name is Lunari. what's yours?

"The big blue oaf is Phrice.." Alastor said in a glib tone. "The scrawny red nimrod is Alastor.." Phrice responded in a snarky tone "There is Moros, but he's currently getting the frisbee after Phrice here threw the thing too hard.."

Lunari: Nice to meet you! Can I play? (Holding back a laugh, noticing Phrice's and Alastor's distaste toward each other)

"I guess..." Alastor and Phrice responded. Moros tapped on chase's shoulder. 'Hi, may I have that Frisbee back?' Beck saw Moros and Lunari, along with others. So he headed there. "Hey guys, what are you doing?"

Lunari: We were just playing frisbee. Who might you be?

"Beck. My name is Beck." Beck answered. "And who are you, if i may know?"

Lunari: my name is Lunari.

"Well Lunari, i may think on camping here." Beck said to Lunari.

Lunari: I might do the same.

"Oh! Ah, sorry man." Chace handed it back, "You got some arm if you can throw it that far." He chuckled. "Indeed." Hailey nodded as she unloaded the car. Nearby, a limo drove past with the window rolled down showing a very important looking poodle and others as well. The poodle was dawned with diamonds and gold jewelry with some expensive looking shades as the limo continued towards a Harrington owned camping lodge, very large and decorated nicely.

'I didn't throw it.. Phrice did.' Moros signed as he took the Frisbee and thanked chase before tossing it to Alastor. Alastor caught it by extending the biomass in his arms in order to use them in a manner very similar to the whipfist from the prototype games.

"Oh wow..." Hailey looked on as she watched, "I wonder how his body can do that in scientific terms..." "Uh, Hailey? We're here to relax. NOT work. Now c'mon! Lets find a place to camp out." Chace said. "But...why couldn't we just stay in the lodge?" Hailey asked. "We'll go there if we have an emergency! Where's your sense of fun?!" Chace laughed as he started to jog down the trail with his things. "I left it at home..." Hailey sighed as she followed.

Lunari: I think I'm going to keep exploring. Nice meeting you!

Alastor, getting a mischevious smirk on his face, used that same shifting of biomass in his arms to fling the frisbee at Phrice. Who was currently unaware as the frisbee soared and collided with his head. "Ow! Son of a b****!" Phrice shouted while Alastor busted a gut laughing. "Oh alastor..." Phrice said in a sing song tone as Alastor said 'uh-oh' and ran, prompting Phrice to follow him in a chase of hilarious proportions. 

Hailey and Chace walked down the path, seeing other campers as they soon came across a wide creek of flowing clean water. They decide to camp out here.

Moros just sighed and started wandering, searching for a camp ground far from others.

Beck searched for a campsite. He found a place where there is just the grass and trees. He decided to camp there.

Lunari climbed back up her tree and looked around. She noticed an old stone building, in ruin. She decided to check it out, and glided down to the ruins. "Something's not right about this place..." Lunari muttered to herself as she walked around.

Meanwhile in the bushes a pair of eyes watch over the campers.

Lunari could sense a presence. She turned around. "Who's there?!?" she shouted into the wind. Whoever was there was being awfully silent.

"The owner of this area, that's who..." From another area a poodle walked out, dawned in expensive clothes, "And I'm going to have to ask you to leave...These ruins are on Harrington property. So. You're trespassing..." The poodle seemed to look very serious. as she was joined by a yellow jacket and a yorkie.

"Oh. I am? Ok then. I'll leave. Sorry." Lunari said, making sure she didn't make them angry. She turned around and ran.

"Hmph. Commoner..."

"Took the words right out of my mouth..." The yellow jacket scoffed, "Now lets set up camp on the coolest spot in this entire forest!"

"Agreed~" The Yorkie grinned as a few of the poodle's body guards set up their separate massive tents.

On the opposite side of the ruin from the Poodle, Jinx was inspecting it trying to find anything of interest.

The poodle sat down as the body guards prepared to make a small fire pit for her and her friends.

Moros walked towards the ruins, drawn towards them by something inside of them.

The yellow jacket turned and looked around, a few wasps surrounding her as her telepathic connection with them hummed softly. She let one land on her finger as it nuzzled against her, making her smile.

Jinx now wandering around inside of the ruins, still looking for something of interest, and also looking out for any other people.

The poodle looks to the body guards,"That'll be all..."

"Are you sure, Paris?"

"Yes." Paris replied, "Me, Tiffany and Bianca have you all on speed dial. After all. I know this park inside out. My family DOES own it now..."

Moros, not distracted by trivial things, kept exploring the ruins until he found what appeared to be some sort of treasure room. 'Interesting... But it's all mine..' Moros thought to himself as he proceeded to enter the room and store everything of value inside a void portal he opened, only keeping the crown and staff on him.

The body guards start to scout out the area quickly to mark down and put up signs saying "Private Property. Trespassing will result in $1,000 fine and Federal Prison Sentence."

Moros saw this but didn't seem to care, leaving the ruins and walking towards them.

Paris looks at her nails as she texts someone, meanwhile Bianca goes walking around the ruins with Tiffany who seems to be complaining and insulting someone she knew behind their back.

The two would find a secret passage way that looked to be forced open.

"What in the hell is THIS??" Tiffany addressed it as Bianca walked up to it.

"Lets see what's inside...besides. Anything on these grounds belongs to The Harringtons..." Bianca said.

"FINE. But I better not break a nail or I'll loose my sh!t..." Tiffany groaned, before the two tried to push open away to figure out a way inside.

The door pushed open with ease, what they find inside is what appears to be a cave full of shiny crystals.

They gasp and Tiffany is about to yell but Bianca covers her mouth.

"Go get Paris. And DON'T yell." Bianca ordered.

Tiffany took off running to find Paris as Bianca looked inside, summoning a couple dozen bees from a hive to surround the entrance along with her, some of them landing on her and buzzing softly as her feelers twitched.

"PARIS." Tiffany said as Paris looked up, raising an eyebrow, "You...LOOK." She ran back off as Paris rolled her eyes and followed, dusting off any specks of dirt from her clothes.

Moros walked back towards the ruins, intent on thoroughly sweeping the place, not worrying about any form of wildlife as they would immediately notice something wrong about moros. As if he isn't supposed to even exist.

The crystals started giving off a humming noise.

Tiffany soon returned to the area where Bianca was as the yellow jacket narrowed her eyes, her feelers twitching curiously as she denied the urge to enter the crystal den.

"LOOK." Tiffany pointed as Paris blinked, her eyes twinkling like diamonds as if they had turned into money signs.

"Well...won't Dad be impressed...?" Paris folded her arms.

Nearby, Chace and Hailey had finished setting up camp and were wondering nearby the ruins.

They would spot Moros entering. Moros picked up the smell of intruders and made a face as if he were snarling as he ran towards the crystal cave.

The caves still glowed in a tranquil manner, a feeling of peace and tranquility emanated from them.

"Hm?" Bianca's feelers twitched as she send a few angry swarms of bees his way as Paris made a call to her employees and bodyguards to bring some containers and specialists over to start looking into them.

"My property. MY jems." Paris said sternly.

Moros just emitted a pulse of void magic at the bees, erasing those that went near him, the crystals reacted with Moros' void magic, glowing brighter as if they fed on his magic.

Walking into the campsite a black fured female fox wearing a dark violet cape started to walk around while carrying a broomstick.

Beck finished setting up his tent. "Well, it is ready." Beck then explored the area, finding a cave.

"A tent?" says the mysterious fox woman while holding a broomstick upon her back.

Jinx noticed the group of people near the gem cave, "hmm, just how much treasure is in these ruins?" She has a ton of gold just floating behind her, "I should probably get rid of these..." teleports the gold away, " now lets see if I can snag some of those gems..." she says as she starts to sneak up on the bodyguards and other people.

Moros walked in to spot the body guards, Paris and her friends. A look of wrath on his face as he summoned two ethereal blades. All the while the crystals glowed brighter and brighter. As if resonating with Moros' power.

Beck noticed the guards on the cave. "Hmm, better use that new ability i've been waiting to try." Beck then used his Full Stealth, becoming fully invisible and stealthy. He then rapidly crossed through the guards and got deep on the cave. Then he became visible again. "Wow, i could really get here on so little time? Well, there may be treasure. Just look at these gems." Beck looked at the gems. "Well, i will just go deeper. And maybe stop talking alone." Beck then got deeper on the cave.

Moros pointed his ethereal blades at Paris and her friends, he would tell her to leave but he's mute.

Paris turned around as she glared, slipping some strange glowing gloves onto her hands, "Looks like some ignorant THIEVES want what's MINE. Close it back." Paris instructs one of the body guards, as they seal up the cave once more to make sure no one got in or out, "If you all want to break the law by taking what's rightfully mine, I won't have it...Tiff. Go call my father."

"-!!" Tiffany heads off elsewhere as Bianca stands by Paris.

"Hm...? B....?" Paris blinked in surprise as Bianca glanced at her, stinger at the ready, "Hm. If you're sure..." Paris's clawed gloves crackle with electricity.

Moros opened up two void portals as they began to start firing ethereal blades at Paris and Bianca.

"Move!" Paris and Bianca separate and surround him.

"What in the bloody hell is going on??" Hailey yelled as she and Chace came across the site.

"Huh...?" Chace saw the signs and looked to the ruins, trying to piece it together.

Moros looked at the two, his face expressionless as he fed the crystals part of his void magic.

Bianca suddenly changed course and charged for him, Paris doing the same but taking her time to make sure they didn't miss their opening.

"Would you all just STOP fighting like a bunch of NON-Mobian animals!!" Hailey protested as she kicked the dirt at her feet.

Moros just waited until they got closer before opening two void portals in front of them. 'Try and interfere with me now...'

"Grab 'em!!" Chace gestured to Hailey as the two jumped in quick enough to tackle the two out of harms way.

"Are you OK?" Chace asked Paris.

"I will once you get OFF of me...!" She pushed him off and jumped back to her feet as Bianca flew back to her feet instead.

"Why is this maniac trying to kill you...?" Chace quickly asked as he took out twin pistols.

"There's some kind of cove of valuables on my property and he thinks it's just fine and dandy to steal what belongs to ME." Paris's gloves crackled with energy.

"...And so does the rest of the forest..." Bianca buzzed.

"So...I was right...?" Chace mumbled to himself.

Moros chuckled, having reabsorbed enough energy to speak. "You think that you own these ruins? What a laugh....." Moros muttered as the crystals resonated with his energy. "You are touching property of the void, and I came to remove you from the premisis, whether by force or peacefully... Even if I have to erase you.."

"I bought it with MY own money...If it belonged to someone else they would have bought it before I did. Get with the program you ignorant, selfish, FREAK. Money makes the world go round...It's just how life works. GET use to it." Paris's 'aura' of sorts seems to set out an unpleasent feeling onto the area.

"Hm..." Chace glares at Moros and stands up, "If she bought the property on her own terms than you don't have the right to just claim it for your own like you're a European stealing land from native Americans..."

"Most outdated reference of all time..." Bianca scoffed.

"That's why I have a simpler way.. These crystals are unique.. Formed out of void magic.. If you were observant you'd notice they resonated with my void magic... Meaning I can generate more.." Moros said, showing them a crystal in his hands that started growing rapidly while flipping Chase off. 

"Boy, THAT'S mature..." Chace rolled his eyes. 

"When you're a fragment of the dimensional void, you get your kicks in anyway you can.. So the term 'mature' doesn't mean anything to me.." Moros reaponded.

"Tsk. Pathetic." Paris wrinkles her nose in disgust, "How about you come back when I give a f***."

"What ever b***.." moros said as he sank through a void portal.

While all the chaos was ensuing, Jinx teleported into the cave and took most of the remaining crystals before any of the guards or other rich people opened the cave again, "heh, they must not know about teleportation, or they are just idiots, either way, mine now!" She teleported back out of the cave and went to a different part of the forest, the gems magically floating behind her.

The gems, upon contact with Jades magic, simply disintegrate as they have lost the magic they have fed upon for so long.

"Yeah, saw that coming, and that's why I don't use my maigcks for everything" Jinx says as she takes one out of her bag, "wonder what this does other than void stuffs that guy was doing..." She continues walking into the woods looking for somewhere to set up camp.

Beck was deeper on the cave. He was on a zone which was filled of dangers, like columns, and the like. However, Beck was convinced that there was treasure.

Amanda sniffs around to find the traces of a campfire as she moves towards the other's campsite.

"Can you just move along with your life so all this worthless fighting can END? You ALL look like morons. Every singe bloody one of you!" Hailey protested.

"Hm, it looks like noone is around this camp. Perhaps I can find something of value?" Amanda said as she walked into the campgrounds.

Beck found the guys on the cave. "Hey, what happens here?"

Paris growls, "You're slowly annoying me...Away with ALL of you."

Amanda then proceeds to sneak around the camp site looking for things of value.

"Well, i think this is selfishness." Beck then walks near a gem. "If this cave was mine, then i would share the gems to everyone, maybe on a treasure hunt."

Amanda walked up to their campfire area and then proceeded to open their cooking pot. She looked inside and was discouraged as she felt the soup looked unapitizing.Then she proceeded to close the pot and shake her head.

"Hm." Chace looked towards the cave and went to open it.

"EXCUSE you..." Bianca buzzed.

"The gems are already gone. Telling by the echoes I hear from the cave, and the different smells, someone's already beat you too it."


Paris growled softly, "All of you sh!t faced COMMONERS have to steal from the rich just to satisfy your greed....What ever happened to making an honest dollar now a days...?" She snapped her fingers as a group of high tech covered body guards follow her and Bianca into the cave, "You." She gestures to Chace, "Come with me. I may pay you handsomely if I find an traditional minerals in here.

Chace's eyes changed to money signs as he darted in behind her, Hailey rolling her eyes.

Beck then got an idea, the Elemental Minerals. He called Anabelle. "Hey you. If you allow me to take some gems, i will give you this." He then took out a box from his backpack which had each quarter painted. He opened it, showing the Elemental Minerals. "These, are the rare Elemental Minerals from Sylvan Island. They can be found nowhere, and i say, NOWHERE ELSE! They represent Nature, Fire, Ice and Electric elements."

Paris glared and rolled her eyes, remembering what the first 'commoner' said about the crystals they had found just on the surface. She folded her arms, "How do I know a low life like you will keep your word." She glared, hazel eyes piercing deeply.

"Well, i am 19 years old, i am one of the good ones, and the next thing. Touch the minerals. The red one is warm, the snow white one is cold and the green one feels like ivy." Beck then grabbed the Electrite.

Paris glared softly as she looked to Bianca and gestured for her to go over and see if he was telling the truth. Bianca nodded and walked over and grabbed the snow white mineral.

"That is Frostite. It represents the ice element. It feels like ice, but dosen't melts." Beck said to Bianca.

"Hm. Interesting." Bianca hands it to Paris who holds it, and glares, "Hmph. Fine. Take some of the damned things."

Beck handed the box with the minerals, and took some gems. They occupied some space of the backpack. "Thanks."

Neo entered the ruins, with body guards twitching on the ground behind her,"Boy that sure was a time to find something good." She grinned and her eyes flashed silver.

"Hmph." Paris held the box.

Outside a copter landed as a group of body guards got off with an older poodle in a suit. He stepped over the body guards and headed for the entrance as the group followed.

"Who knew my little girl would become a treasure hunter!" He sighed happily and approached the entrance, "Hello? Sweetheart?"

"Dad?" Paris blinked.

Neo had quietly went behind them and started to pocket the jewels, making sure to lay down some false ones into the box.

"Darling! Congradulations."

"M-Mr-Harrington...!" Chace blinked as Hailey followed him inside.

"Yes, me!" He chuckled as a few people went past and started collecting any jems left hidden away in the dirt.

"I'm so proud of you! Finding hidden artifacts to show to the world..." He hugs Paris.

"Daaad..." She mumbles.

Back at the camp Amanda has begun snooping around in the tents to find anything of value. She looked through several of the tents and took small items that would be of use to her. She did however leave most of the technology behind, simply due to her old fashioned ways of doing things and her lack of specific knowledge on how to use most of these devices.

"Hm, there seems to be no trace of campers here. I wonder why?"

A group of excavators comes in and starts mapping out the cave of the ruins.

"This is now ours for the discovering darling. And thank YOU." Mr. Harrington turns to Hailey and Chace, "What can I do to repay you for helping my daughter against those pathetic law breaking thieves?"

"Well you can pay us..." Chace grinned as Hailey rolled her eyes.

Neo stayed in the shadows, her hand feeling the walls and decided to tap into her plant magic and soon petunias spouted up at the excavators' feet and whispered,"These stay with the earth." The plants soon began to move.

Amanda's ears began to perk up and she started to sniff around in the air. After a few moments of sniffing and turning around erradically she stomped.

"I smell magic" she said as she wandered towards the scent.

Jinx was walking by the campsite that Amanda was at, still looking for a place that was away from other campers, so she could analyze the gem and not interact with anyone who would want To Steal The Gem.

The plants opened up, spilling pollen into the air and vines began to ascend the walls of the cave,"One should not mess with the earth." Her eyes, hair and body color became silver with Inner Neo in control.

Amanda's ear perked up. She heard Jinx in the distance faintly and raised up her broom stick. She quetly creeped around closer towards her to get a view of who this other individual was.

"What in the world!" Mr Harrington and the others quickly covered their muzzles, "Take safety precautions please! Go get the masks!" He ordered as the majority of them all ran out.

"NOW what...?" Paris groaned.

Beck ran out while he covered his muzzle. "We gotta get outta here! It's dangerous to stay inside!" He then started running out.

Lunari, watching the entire thing from afar, had a head start. She made her way through the forest at top speed, all while gracefully landing on branches, jumping through the trees.

"Sh!t! C'mon Hailey...!" Chace grabbed the female fox by the arm as they left as well.

Inner Neo watched the scenes unfold and did a silent laugh,"Ah the sweet scent of to return these jewels,"Neo then began to place the gems back into the ground with her ear buds in her ears.

As the group exited, Paris grabbed a gas mask as well as a few others did while Mr. Harrington discussed payment with Chace and Hailey.

Beck, after getting out, went back to his tent.

Amanda started to slowly creep up to Beck from behind.

The excavation group went back inside, and started to dig up any valuables and stash them.

Beck quickly noted Amanda and punched her. This would cause medium damage.

"Move that onto the copter." Paris instructed some of the workers.

"Ouch!" Amanda turned around and raised up her broom.

"Hmph!" Beck then turned to Amanda and drew his sword and shield. "Who are you and what is your buisness here?"

"I am Amanda Moscati, mi buisness is of my own."

"My name is Beck. Are you some kind of thief?"

"Thief? No, wiccia si?"

Beck was confused about Amanda talk. "Your words sound strange. But i think you said you were a wizard. Right?"

"No dearie, I am more of how you say, a witch?"

"Oh, a witch. Alright. Sorry for that punch. I was thinking someone wanted to steal me."

"SI si, by the way. Is that normal sword?"

"Yeah, it is a normal sword." Beck procedded to put away his sword and shield. "Nice to meet you Amanda."

"It's mi piacere."

"Well, what are you doing, then?"

Paris looked over a few random items they had dug up.

"Just enjoying nature, dearie." Amanda replied.

She picked up an old vase that was buried into the dirt, "Hm..." She examined it.

Neo mumbled under her breath, so she couldn't get rid of them...maybe desperate measures were needed, She attacked a support beam causing the cave to rumble.

Beck heard the cave rumbling. "What was that?" He drew again his sword and shield, and looked at Amanda. "I must look what was that. See ya." He then ran quickly to the cave.

"Set up the bar! Quickly!" Mr.Harrington instructed for the excavation team to start setting up large pieces of wood to try and keep the cieling up, "Paris, darling, take what you can and make sure you don't get hurt..."

"I am now curious as to where he is to be going." Amanda said as she followed behind him.

Paris gathered some artifacts and left the cave with Hailey.

Beck reached the cave, and seen how the celling was falling apart. "This is bad. If people are still there, they will stay trapped."

Lunari had walked into a small clearing, looking for a quiet place to set up camp, when she felt something rumble under her feet. She wondered what it was, but then it happened again, even harder. Something was definitely wrong, and she had only one way to get answers. She turned in the direction where she felt the vibrations, and ran for all she was worth.

As the excavators tried to steady the ceiling of the cave it got more unstable.

When Lunari arrived, she found out what was happening. She could sense people underground, and she had to get them out. "Get out of there, quick!" she directed, telepathically.

Beck felt the earthquake got stronger, a signal of the cave getting more unstable. "Oh no, this is very bad."

Meanwhile, on the entrace, a purple hedgehog with aa dark green cloak, olive green pants and black sandals entred the park. "Hey, this looks like a good place to pass my time."

"Leave the rest! We'll uncover it in due time!" Anyone else still inside fled.

Lucius sat on a bench. "I may camp here. I just have to look for a good place!"

"I have to save them! I'll go!" Beck entred the cave with his shield over his head, looking for people that was still inside.

The cave was pretty much empty as it began to quickly collapse, anyone else inside had already fled.

"No! Beck! Get out of there!" Lunari yelled through her telepathy, warning Beck.

"Damn, i need to get the hell outta here!" Beck then started runnimg towards the exit while he got out his wings, and when they were out he started flying and spinning like a drill at a incredible speed

The cave finally collapses as the excavators move back onto the sight and start digging through fallen rubble.

Lunari feared the worst. "Beck, are you okay?" She asked.

Beck drilled out of the cave as he did a soft landing. "Whew, that was a close call."

Lunari folded one arm over her chest, and sighed, relieved. She chuckled a bit. "Phew! Everyone's okay." she said.

"Make sure you salvage as much as you can!" Paris barked orders.

"What is going on here?" Amanda said as she arrived outside the cave.

Lunari turned around. "Oh! Hello! Who might you be?" She asked Amanda.

"I am Amanda Moscati." Amanda replied.

"Nice to meet you Amanda! My name is Lunari." Lunari replied.

"Si, ciao Lunari." Amanda said back to her.

"What are you doing here?" Lunari asked, not knowing what else to say.

"I have come to see what was the commotion about, dearie." Amanda replied.

"There was a big cave down here that collapsed. Everyone made it out okay." Lunari responded.

"Ah, si si. That is most fortunate."

"I agree." Lunari replied.

"Well, i almost ended up trapped on the cave, but i just made it out in time." Beck replied.

Paris uncovers a sparkling mineral of sorts.

Lunari looked up at the setting sun. "It's getting late. I should probably look for a place to set up camp. Bye Amanda!" she said.

"Arrividercie dearie!" Amanda said as she waved goodbye..

Lunari found her way back to the clearing she was in before, and decided to camp there. She whistled softly as she unpacked her sport bag, and tied up a small hammock between two trees.

"Well Hailey...We got MEGA bucks...Lets head back to the site, hm?" Chace said.

"Agreed...Thank you again Mr. Harrington..." Hailey said.

"No, thank YOU all. You be safe!" He said, and the two headed back to their campsite and started a fire.

"Well I guess trouble is over." Amanda says as she wanders back to the campsite.

"Marshmallooooows~!" Chace sang as he took the bag of delicious sugary treats out of his bag.

Beck went back to his tent.

Lunari flopped over into her hammock, exhausted. She went right to sleep.

"What about the stories?" Amanda asked.

Hailey and Chace started roasting marshmallows together as the sky grew darker.

Lunari woke up in the middle of the night, hearing a few branches snap. She held her hand out in front of her, reading her own aura. She often did this when she was bored, or trying to go back to sleep.

"Hm....this IS pretty relaxing..." Hailey yawned as she stared at the stary sky.

"Time for bed, hm?" Chace chuckled as he threw some water onto the fire and helped Hailey into the tent with a small lantern before they both turned in for the night, zipping up the entrance to the tent behind him.

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