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All the fun of being in a death trap.

Ready for some classic dungeon crawling fun? In this roleplay your characters are locked up in a dark and dangerious dungeon and have to defeat me, (the Dungeon Master) in order to escape alive! However this dungeon is filled with many a supernatural and horror, can your characters survive to see the light of day? (Free to Join)


  • Jaredthefox92 (Dungeon Master)
  • Xtarhaven
  • Saren

Involved Characters

  • Dungeon Master/Narrator (Jaredthefox92)
  • Malo the Fox (Xtarhaven)
  • Creeps and mooks. (Jaredthefox92)
  • Jherec Miraluz (Saren)

The Rules:

  1. Jaredthefox92 is Dungeon Master and GM.
  2. Normal roleplaying etiquette applies. (No auto-hitting, gmodding, ect.)
  3. Your character starts off with no items and very low mana/energy for about one or two attacks. (No heals for the first three turns.)
  4. I'm thinking of adding some RPG elements into the roleplay, but I will need to think on them. When I do they will be added to the rules.
  5. Your character can die in this story, be aware.
  6. If your character has chaos powers then there is a finite (mana) limit to these powers and they are treated as ordinary spells, no chaos control. They must work like normal spells and require mana for each use.
  7. All characters have hit points.When your character's HP reaches zero then they die, (in special events or when given special item they are allowed to be revived.) However, necromancy can only be done by the DM.
  8. You are allowed to have various alignments and/or betray one another, but you have to kill a member to get their loot. (I will  be referee during this.)
  9. All creeps are not created equal,meaning if there are two dungeon rats one maybe a lvl.1 and the other maybe a lvl.3 when first encountered. Also one creepy may have an item it is allowed to use, (which can usually be a loot bonus one can obtain by slaying said creep as well.) Basically creeps and mooks vary in rank and stats as well as by classification.
  10. Status effects, as well as HP loss and mana consumption carry after each fight. Meaning if you get wounded, a nasty or perhaps pleasant status effect, or if you use up your mana you must heal, regain mana, and ward off any negative status effects you receive otherwise it will effect you in your upcoming battles.
  11. If you have a problem with the rules or something comes up in the roleplay please contact me. While in the roleplay it is my job to make your character's lives a living hell out of the roleplay I'm here to ensure that everyone is having a fun and fair roleplaying experience. If anyone has any problems please either message it in the comment sections or post on my message wall. :)
  12. Both Sonic Fancharacters and other original characters are allowed, Mobians are basically their own race like elves or dwarves. As long as they are balanced any character can join in.


(Free Join!) Dungeons and Demons/Prisoners

Your characters all wake up soon to find they are in a dark and dank place with very little light illuminating through the outside of what appear to be bars of a dungeon. They have been placed in various cell rooms to accommodate their respective sizes. Some have been locked up in simple cells, others have been bottled up due to their smaller size.However one thing is for certain, they are locked away in an previously unknown region.

Jherec looked at the bars of his cell, trying to spot the telltale signs of rust before attempting to kick the bars off.

Through the slight illumination of the conveniently placed torches on the outside of the cell he could perhaps make out what appeared to be rusted sides of the bars closer to their bases. It appears the cell bars are rather old and not as upkept as they should be.

Jherec kicked the bars close to the bases. "Next time ya want to imprison me, maintain your prisons.." He mumbled.

After a few successive kicks he is able to bend the bars until they are pushed back towards the outer side. A few well placed kicks should be able to break them and allow the opertunity to free himself. However, it was still unclear as to where exactly this prison that was holding him actual location was.

Jherec blinked. "Where am I?" He mumbled as he took his first steps out of the prison. 

"Never mind that... First thing's first is to arm myself.."

Soon after Jherec exited his cell he  could easily make out that he was in a dark dungeon that was illuminated by small touches every few meters upon the walls. However something was odd about the cells, they were isolated and thus it was unknown if the other cells were empty or not, perhaps some exploring into the nearby cells could be beneficial to the him? Perhaps there could be something bad lurking within the other cells as well?

Jherec decided to investigate the other cells.

  As Jherec advanced past the cells he would start to hear various and bizarre noises, some of rats, some of strange groaning. It appeared he was not the only prisoner left in a cell. However, he could try to evade what was inside the cells, or perhaps take them on and reap some spoils?

Jherec blinked, he noted that he had no weapons. But he figured he could ambush whatever's coming. So he looked for a suitable location to hide and observe whatever is making the strange noises.

After a few minutes he could make out that the groaning was coming from what appeared to be a strange zombie like Mobian moving around outside the cells. It's purpose was unkown, but it did seem to be interested in moving towards each individual cell and look inside of them.

Jherec sighed. 'Why did it have to be zombies?' He thought to himself as he looked for something sharp in order to jam said sharp object through the skull of the zombie.

Soon something shiny caught his eye, in the corner what appeared to be a small glisten of light was reflected off a small sword protruded in the back of a corpselying upon the ground. IF he was lucky enough he could either evade the zombie long enough to pull it out of the corpse, or if he were fast enough he could get to it before the zombie could strike.

Jherec decided to let the zombie pass before trying to get the sword, relying on the fact that zombies mostly rely on sound to find their prey.

As exspected the zombie moved around sluggishly not noticing Jherec, thus when it got far enough it opened up a small window of opertunity for Jherec to potentially aquire the sword.

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