A powerful Greater Demon named Arnzarel the Revolting has arisen from the bowls of the underworld and seeks to raise an army of the undead to unleash upon the known mortal worlds.He has also have offered several mortals to willing join him in returns for becoming demons with supernatural powers to serve as leaders for his army as well! If this powerful demonic menace isn't stopped he will eventually take over the mortal realm and use it to wage war against the gods! Will your character be strong enough to face this netherworldly foe or will they be corrupted into serving in this army of the damned? (Free to join as long as you stick to the plot and follow the rules.)






Involved Characters

Villains (Children of Anrzarel /Army of the Damned)

Neutrals(Rogues, mercinaries, civilians)

  • (Free to join)


  • (Free to join)
  • Adofo the King Cobra
  • Asim the RattleSnake
  • Akil the Cottom Mouth


  1. Standard roleplaying ettiqute applies: (No goddmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, auto-hitting, ect)
  2. No chaos powers,(sorry, but please be a little bit more original than that.)
  3. No cursing other than religious words like damn and hell. (Fitting because this roleplay is about demons)
  4. No controling other people's characters.
  5. Don't be a goku.
  6. No killing other people's characters.
  7. You're allowed to "play" on the bad guy side, but your character must be turned to a demon or a undead monster.


At the Docks/Part1

It was a foggy night at the docks in the eastern seaboard of northern Mobius.The Greater Demon known as Arnzarel had recently been double crossed with a partnership by his recent ally and now was seeking a large naval vessel large enough to ferry his loyal minions and children to the east into the country of Uralia in order to set up his own netherworldly lair and acquire more forces for his army of the damned.

Lunari wandered about the docks, getting some fresh air.

"What are we searching for father?" A young shadow fiend with radiant red eyes called out from the darkness while hovering midair about what appeared to be a massive demon with lightly blue colored skin and a dark red robe as they walked amongst the port.

"We need to procure a ship that is worthy enough for our voyage to the country of Uralia." The large demon said in a somewhat sophisticated, yet stern voice.

"Uralia? What business do we have in that frigid wasteland?" The shadow fiend replied.

"This will be our new lair upon this realm, along the way I plan on acquiring more forces and leaders for our army to wage war against the mortals."

The two demons searched through the night to find an abandoned boat large enough to cary enough people effeciently over seas to the content of Eurish.Eventually however Nexus spotted Lunari with his demonic senses. He then landed and tugged on his father's sleeve of his robe.

"I sense a mortal approaching father!"

Noticing the demons, Lunari tried to stay well out of sight, but so much for that. She attempted to fake it and act normal.

"Go forth Nexus, perhaps this mortal maybe of some use to us?" The father demon said to his son as the young shadow fiend flew a bit and landed right in front of Lunari.

Lunari didn't seem to be put off by his appearance. "Hello!" She said, casually. However, reading his aura to a degree, she knew something wasn't right.

Nexus searched the girls own aura with is demonic senses. He could feel that this girl possessed some form of power, and knowing his father this would might be of benefit to Arnzarel. The young shadow fiend scanned around her before while his radiant red colored demonic eyes glew in the night.

"Greetings, mortal." Nexus replied.

Lunari backed up a bit. Getting called 'mortal' like that always made her feel uneasy. She knew right away when he had searched her aura like that. C***. She was a dead giveaway.

"Come, my father might have intrest in you."the shadow fiend replied as he pointed in the direction of the giant sized demon.

Lunari hesitated a bit, but came along with Nexus, silently.

She was soon lead up the dock to what appeared to be a gigantic demon that was at least the size of three adult human males combined, and just as mighty as them combined as well. He wore a crimson red robe with a golden belt. Upon his head were a group of six horns, three on each side. All these horns were covered in decorative gold pieces on the tips. He possesed an revolting light blew colored skin as well as a dark blue demonic tail. His eyes were an unhology glowing of yellow and his irises were glowing red with an unatural glow.

"Greetings little mortal, I am Arnzarel."

"Hello. My name is Lunari." Lunari replied, sounding uncomfortable. Again, she studied Arnzarel's aura, curiously. She spotted something familiar. Grief.

"What brings you out here on this cold and foggy night?"

"Brothers...I sense...a great evil..." Three snakes, dawned in what seemed like Ancient Egyptian clothing wondered nearby. Their story a mystery, it seems that they stepped right out of Egypt itself...These were three Mobian Egyptian Gods who protected the innocent in ancient times, and still do to this day.

"Just traveling, that's all..." Lunari replied.

A strange creature that looked to be a hybrid of flesh and machine walked around the docks.

"Traveling eh? Hm, so are we preparing to do so as well. My son and myself are preparing to go to the east to a country called Uralia, however we're trying to aquire the proper means of doing so." Arnzarel replied.

Lunari nodded, understanding the situation. "There's a big boat over there." Lunari said, pointing. "I heard from the townspeople that nobody's used it in years." She explained.

"I see" Arnzarel stated as he turned to observe the boat."

"Perhaps I may intrest you in accompanying us on this journey?"

"No thanks." Lunari said, somewhat timidly. Having read Arnzarel's aura even more, she realized he was an enemy of Grief.

"Are you sure? You could be quite interested in what I have to offer you." Arnzarel said calmly trying to pursuade here to join him.

"I'm sure." Lunari said, slightly more stern. She didn't want to get into any trouble.

"Very well." Arnzarel simply replied.

Lunari waved as she walked away. "Have a safe trip!" She said, as she walked away. Lunari thought to herself, "I'm going to have to keep tabs on him, though..." She closed her eyes, remembering an old friend of hers. She focused. Boy, she hadn't done this in a while. "Grief?"

"Yes?" A voice in her head replied.

"I just met Arnzarel. I don't know what he's doing here, other than the fact that he's sailing to Uralia." Lunari informed Grief.

"Heh, that loser? Maybe he's wanting to travel there to go bobsledding." the voice inside her mocked.

"I don't know, maybe..." Lunari replied, sarcastically. "He seemed rather serious about this trip, though. " She said. "I get the feeling he's up to no good."

"Then why not stop him?"Grief replied.

"I'm getting to that..." Lunari responded. "For now, I'm just keeping tabs on him. What's his story, anyways? I figured out he's an enemy of yours." Lunari asked.

"Eh, some loser shaman who bugged my girl Helussa and I too much asking us for power, and boy did we give it to him. Heh heh." the voice in her head replied.

"Sounds like trouble." Lunari said. " He was trying to get me to come with him, so I'm starting to get suspicious. I'll keep an eye on him. " Lunari said.

"Sure, if you want."

"I will." Lunari replied.

Meanwhile Arnzarel has moved towards what appeared to be an old, yet crewed ocean liner. Nexus flew up tot he side of the hull of the vessel that was facing the opposite direction of the moonlight. He shadow melded into the port side of the hull in order to infiltrate the vessel and take on the crew who were preparing to head out the next morning. Once the ship had been hijacked and it's bridge secured Arnzarel would teleport to the ship and mop up any resistance left.

The strange creature had spotted the ocean liner as well, feeling a compulsion he activated his cloaking systems and proceeded to hop on board in order to stowaway. "Hm?.. Perhaps I'll get some entertainment out of this.." The creature murmered.

The Egyptian snakes wondered quietly unil they laid eyes on the liner as well.

"This power is...otherwordly..." The King Cobra said to himself.

Nexus moved about under the concealment of the shadows, the shadow fiend leaped from shadow to shadow aboard the vessel until he was able to get to the bridge level of the ship. He then proceeded to seep through the dark shadow cast in the inside of the bridge's door from the outside of the exterior of the bridge and enter the command deck. Once inside he appeared and without warning or  mercy slain the entire crew of the ship as he moved from shadow to shadow to pick them off one by one.

Lunari, unfortunately, reacted too late. Hearing a few screams, she came running over to the ship. "I should've known..." Lunari mumbled as she came to see what was going on.

"My son must have done his job, now it is time for my performance." Arnzarel said as he teleported to the observation deck of the ship.

Lunari watched Arnzarel from a distance. Meanwhile, she was planning out how to beat him to Uralia.

The crimson-red Hedgehog walked up behind Lunari " Easedropping, are we?....Tsk tsk... "

"Oh, hello. Who might you be?" Lunari asked.

" ....My name is of no concern....But if a name to call me by is needed...I'll go with....Crimson. " The hedgehog holds a black fire in the palm of his hand.

"Nice to meet you! My name is Lunari." Lunari replied.

" Good to meet you too.....However... " The Red Hedgehog's almost-soulless black pupils turn to the sky before turning back to Lunari.

"Yes?" Lunari replied.

" ....I have some garbarge to take care of and limited ammount of time to take it out... " He reffered to The Heroic Alliance as he was doing a favor for Amzarel to wipe out interference.

Lunari gave him a curious stare. 

" ....Hm? Something you want to know..? "

"Oh, nothing..." Lunari replied. She turned her attention back to the ocean liner.

Meanwhile Arnzarel had made his presence known aboard the ship. He had engaged the remaining crew and one by one he slaughtered, corrupted, or tossed overboard each individual sailor as they confronted him. Eventually however he was suppressed by gunfire.

One of the sailors were burnt to a crisp by "black fire" and Out of PURE Dark smoke comes the Red Hedgehog ( Who had left while Lunari wasn't looking. As he hadn't complete the "favor" he was asked. Making him still in debt to Amzarel. ) " Hm...not Major enemies....But i do so need some entertainment for the time being. "

Lunari, not being one to fight, made a break for it. She was going to have to think on her feet, and beat Arnzarel to Uralia by any means.

Arnzarel soon utilized his teleportation ability and flanked the sailors who were suppressing him with their weaponry. He moved behind them and swiped his long and massive tail at them knocking them over as the demonic tail impacted each sailor one by one. As they fell upon the ground Arnzarel surveyed which ones would be the most useful to him to spare, he quickly tossed the worthless sailors overboard and started to corrupt the remaining ones until they were his minions.

Lunari eventually came to a train station. She quickly boarded a train, bound for a city on the way to Uralia. The train ride was going to be long, a few hours at least, so she could get a bit of sleep. After all, it was already getting late.

Eventually Arnzarel took control of the vessel. Using his vast array of demonic powers he litterly was able to possess the entire ship turning it into his own personal ghost ship. Soon the now haunted vessel started to depart from port and move out by itself with only Arnzarel and Nexus aboard to opperate it. The vessel moved at a slow and errie pace as it was illuminated in the night by a ghastly green glow.

As Lunari's train took off, she could get one last look at the port. Just seeing the ship made her uncomfortable, knowing that she had to stay ahead of it, no matter what. Meanwhile, she was thinking about that weird feeling she had, meeting the shadow fiend. He had some ability to read her aura, but how?

"How long will it take us to reach Uralia, father?" Nexus asked Arnzarel who was controlling the ship.

"Paitence my son, we have to cross the entire ocean in a safe manner. We may have to make a few stops before we hit the continent of Eurish."

The crimson-red hedgehog watched on the deck as the ship continued to advance to the continent and thought to himself. " ..... (...My revenge...will be as cold and as swift as death. Once my debt is paid i'll be coming for that resistance of heroes....I have my own plans. But not now. I need time and resources. But for now...I'll focus on my objective. )... "

Lunari would have slept sooner, but remembering that strange feeling ended up keeping her awake. It had sent chills down her spine, having someone else read her aura. However, Lunari did eventually end up falling asleep.

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