Since Joshua the Hedgehog thought he could declare war on Arnzarel and his Army of the Damned, I thought why not make a spectical out of it and have an actual roleplay for people to see and join in? So its now two armies clashing against one another in the cold and isolated mountains of Uralia, one the agressor and one the defender. Two armies clash but only one will survive! (Free to Join) Actual rolelpay taking place here.


  • Jaredthefox92 (Owner of the Army of the Damned and Arnzarel the Revolting)
  • Saren 
  • Joshua the Hedgehog (Owner of The Jkirk Federations) 

Involved Characters

Army of the Damned (Defenders)

Jkirk Federations (Attackers)

Note: The ones in Bold are used by User: Joshua the Hedgehog.

  • Joshua the Hedgehog (Faction Leader)
  • Mecha Josh (2nd in Command)
  • General Lester (5-Star Militant General
  • Jex Travis (Leader of Fireteam Jex)
  • Boil Sord (Leader of the Gerado Special Forces)
  • An Mixture of Jkirkian Infantry and Vehicles (These are also used by Joshua the Hedgehog, but can be used by any other commander)
  • Oblivion the hedgehog (high level solider)

Mercinaries and Observers (Neutrals.)

The Rules:

  1. Normal roleplaying ettiquite applies (No-goddmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, auto-hitting, ect)
  2. Observers can observe, and mercinaries can work for either side, but no other major army in the region than the two specified. If they come they must work on one side of the respective opposing forces.
  3. Unless you are supernatural, the weather will effect you.
  4. Super Weapons are allowed, however, only 1 Super Weapon by both factions choice can be used ONCE throughout the entirety of the war (Meaning, use that Super Weapon once, you cannot use it and others again)
  5. Terrain matters, if your characters are fighting on a hill, then they have the advantage, if they are below then they don't. Also manuverability within the terrain matters as well.
  6. Trinity forces either have to pick a side to support, or observe. This isn't their battle, but they can participate.
  7. Keep in mind that the Army of the Damned are fighting on their home turf, meaning they would be prepared.
  8. Both Factors are allowed to build a maximum of 3 forward bases toward the enemy stronghold, but cannot be built upon the mountains.


Call to Arms/Part1

Arnzarel was sitting in his throne room inside his citidel reason a tome that he enjoyed to pass the time away by learning a few meager spells. The demon prince seemed rather bored as he heard the cold wind echoe through the dark and long halls of his citidel.

Mereck was busy researching new ways to induce rigor mortis without having to kill. Naturally, this required alchemy. Something which he was somewhat proficient in.

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