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Since I am now back on the wikia I decided to do this roleplay for some fo the users that know me and my character and for new users to meet my character. For years Nightwing has gone missing and now she has come back to find a lot has changed how will she react to this?


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Nightwing "Shadow" The Wolf

Kikime' The Fox

Fiert The White Hyena

Zircon the Cat

Nudge the Lopunny

Jared (Frozen Scorpio)

Transford the Hedgehog (DoomDegree)

Kate the Bob-Tailed Cat(Fox)

Sonic The Hedgehog (anyone)

Shadow The Hedgehog (anyone)

Amy Rose (anyone)

Silver The Hedgehog (anyone)

Part 1: Reawakening

Nightwing: *is laying at the ground near a shrine knocked out cold with her sword in the shrine*

Nightwing's sword: The Sword of Souls

Kikime': -lying on a hill- Nightwing: -her sword glows indicating that it needs souls to power it and its master-

Sword of Souls: M....Must feed on souls for myself and my master

Kikime': ...

Nightwing: *weakly opens her eyes but holds herself dealing with a massive injury to her chest at her heart* I.....I did it to protect my friends and family along with Cervantes

Kikime': hmm....

Nightwing: *begins to slowly sit up gasping in pain*

Sword of Souls: Master please don't get up

Nightwing: *stands weakly* Silence you the question is where am i? 

Kikime': I sense something...

Nightwing: *howls weakly trying to see if anyone will hear her*

(A mobian rabbit like creature could be seen standing ontop of ledge far from the hill looking through a pair of binoculars)

Nightwing: *Pulls her sword out of the shrine and begins to use it as a cane to walk around*

Kikime': -looks- what is that...?

Nightwing: *her scouter is busted and she walks slowly*

"Rabbit":*smirks to herself, she then turns the binoculars into a round gold trimed yellow gem, then hopped away*

Nightwing: *sniffs around to see if there is a scent she knows*

Kikime': -notices what she is and holds up a master ball- I never thought I'd see the day.....

Nightwing: *sighs*

Kikime': -pulls out her chaos shard- Chaos.. Shift! -vanishes-

"Rabbit":*lands behind Nightwing* Now now, what have we got here?

Kikime': -follows and faces nightwing-

Nightwing: *turns to the rabbit* W...Who are you and where am I?

Kikime': -sees the branch over the Lopunny and throws the Master Ball to it to ricochet off and catch the Lopunny-

Nightwing: *sees the master ball flying towards the rabbit and throws it back with her tail* 

Kikime': -knocks it back towards them-

Nightwing: *regains some of her power seeing the full moon and kicks it back at her* Come out now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kikime': -uses Oni-Chu Aura to boost her power flow and forcingly kicks it back-

Nightwing: *catches it in her hand throws it up in the air jumping after it* Golden Chaos Flame Kick!!!!!!!! *kicks it back with her golden chaos flame igniting from her leg at her with full force*

Kikime': Chaos...Shift! -makes the master ball come to her hands-

Nightwing: *lands on her tail*

Lopunny:*quickly leaps back* What the hell?!! *she then fires multiple shadow balls at Kikime* 

Nightwing: *falls on her back had opened the wound on her chest and she bleeds out her black blood*

Kikime': Chaos TALONS!!! -shoots multiple light needles at the shadow balls causing both of them to explode-

Nightwing: *turns werewolf and attacks Kikime*

Kikime': -axe kicks nightwing at her head kncoking her down-

Nightwing: *due to being very hard headed at times gets back up* Leave that Lopunny alone or deal with one of the Ultimate Life Forms: Nightwing Shadow The Wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kikime': Ultimate Life Form Huh...? I can only say that the "Ultimate" ordeal has been done to death with others... you're not the first....

Nightwing: Iam not like the others you have faced *sharpens her claws* I was trained by Darkstorm The Halfbreed and have also sparred with Rik The Spidermonkey and Cervantes The Wolf

Kikime': really...? I BEAT Rik and Cervantes... along with that stupid sparkling green hedgehog......

Nightwing: *turns normal then turns Darkspine Nightwing* Cervantes is my mate so I would go easy on him *Roars and howls*

Kikime': that's fine... I have feelings for him.. and I also went easy on him

Nightwing: The last time I saw him I gave my life to protect him and my friends and family. *turns normal and the wound on her chest is slighty closed up* I need to go back home to show everyone Im alive *she looks at the locket having a picture of her and Cervantes together and sighs sadly*

Kikime': -giggles okay... that's fine, I was too busy catching a lopunny anyways.

Nightwing: I just need this wound closed up for I can regain my black blood to go back home

Kikime': ....

Nightwing: *holds up her black Chaos Emerald* See ya around Chaos Control! *she heads back to station square*

Part 2 Reunion

Nightwing: *appears in the hospital*

Kikime': -sitting back on the hill-

Nightwing: *passes out again*

Kikime': I kinda wonder where that Lopunny went...

Sonic: (who works there sees her) OMG IT CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *picks her up and puts her in the ICU* I gotta call Cervantes and the others *He calls them and tells them to all come to the hospital*

???: You can call everyone, just don't disturb Cervantes during his training...

Sonic: Its important his girlfriend has returned and she is in critical condition

Shadow: *appears and sees his sister* Nightwing!

???: -looks- ~?

Nightwing: *breathing weakly through tubes to keep alive*

Sonic: The wound on her chest is infected since its been years that it hasn't been treated. If anyone can bring a way to fix her up she might not make it much for the night

Fiert: -pushes him out of the way- I've got this~

Nightwing: *eyes are closed half way while she holds her locket in one hand and her sword in the other*

Fiert: -glows with electric aura- you won't feel a thing~

Nightwing: O......ok

Fiert: -heals and tacts her wound-

???: Dear god, she's still alive

Fiert: and her wound is patched up as well

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(STW7; Sorry bout that)

Nightwing: *comes too*

Fiert: -looks-

???: hello Nigtwing.

Nightwing: *shakes her head coming too* Ugh my head

Shadow: NIGHTWING *he jumps on her almost tearing up*

Nightwing: *She catches him standing up* Its been so long since I have seen you guys

Fiert: -looks-

???: (notices Nightwing's sword on the table and picks it up) Hmm, intresting sword. Haven't seen one like this for thousands of years.

Nightwing: *looks at ???* It was given to me by my teacher/ brother hunter Darkstorm

Shadow: But how can you still be alive we all thought you were dead. Even Cervantes couldnt handle it

Nightwing: I thought I was to but I was just put in a coma for a couple of years and I havent seen the others yet and I know Rik is going to be surprised just like everyone else

Fiert: -giggles a bit-

Nightwing: *flickers her tail* So whats so funny Hyena? *she looks at Fiert*

Fiert: I know those two~

Nightwing: Cervantes is my boyfriend and Rik is a good friend of mine *she puts her sword in its hold and puts on her leather jacket*

Fiert: especially Cervantes~

Nightwing: *puts the locket back on her neck that contains a picture of her and Cervantes* Yeah I know he might pounce on me *looks in the mirror and sees how tattered her clothes have became* But first I need a wardrobe change before I see him

Fiert: but you should know something first~

Nightwing: What?